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REVIEWS OF Flaherty Physical Therapy, Inc IN Massachusetts

Abdulaziz AlAjaji

From my experience, this place is the place to go in this area. I really recommend it. Very friendly staff, and the therapists are so helpful. I really appreciate the quality time I spent here. Special thanks to the therapist Lisa who is is very helpful and friendly.

Maureen McCaul

Matthew Dickie

I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to flaherty physical therapy. There staff is very knowledgeable in their profession.

Erin Canzano

Shannon Rose

Very friendly and helpful therapists!

G DeFeudis

Great place. Knowledgeable, friendly, organized, clean, low key. Great experience and a feeling that you will get results. I enjoyed it myself and my 13 year old daughter said "I get a good vibe in that place" after her first couple treatments. I would highly recommend them, and I have been to several PT businesses over the years.

Maria Lucia Lombardi-Butler

Kevin always took the time listen to my concerns and explained the importance of each stretch/exercise we did. Also gave me a manageable home exercise routine. Great experience

Michael Donahue

The facility is clean and well maintained. My therapist was Elena, who was recommended by my primary physician. She was knowledgeable and encouraging with a positive attitude that is infectious. All of the staff I came in contact with were friendly and helpful. I was very satisfied with my experience here and I highly recommend the Northborough location.

Jo-Ellen Franklin-Briggs

Great ease of scheduling after a debilitating bout of vertigo—I could get help quickly when it was needed. This practice offers vestibular therapy for vertigo that other practices simply are not equipped to give. It’s a relief to be given the tools to manage a condition that otherwise disrupts your life! Thank you again.

Scott MacCausland

Great experience with Flaherty Physical Therapy. I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Everyone there was very helpful, specifically worked with Michelle who did a great job.


Quality of care is outstanding from the physical therapists at Flaherty PT. Kevin and Elena are very experienced and listen carefully to you. Treatment is tailored especially for you. It was easy to make appointments and billing was also easy. I would recommend going here even if you've tried other PT places in the past. I had a great experience here.

Sarah Gustafson

Great experience

Dylan Torpey

I got back into shape really quick and the staff is excellent! If you can choose anyone pick Elena she is the best. Everyone in there is very helpful and kind. A very nice environment to be apart of

Tucker Montague

I came in very pessimistic about my injury because of the circumstances of it; however, through the treatment, coaching, and overall support I got here I was able to make a complete recovery in much less time than I expected. I would highly recommend taking your business here!

Matt C

I Had a great experience with Kevin my physical therapists. My recovery was quick and I would definitely suggest this establishment for anyone else with lower back problems.

marc bowles

Awesome people that know what they're doing. Couldn't ask for better therapists!

Susan Storlazzi Torpey

My first experience with Flaherty's Physical Therapy was for my 13 year old son who had a back, sports related injury. Elena was his PT. She was amazing! worked him hard but with great care! Weeks after he had completed PT he relapsed a bit because he stopped doing the recommended exercises Elena had given him. He went back to Elena and she quickly got him on track again! Weeks later I decided to give Physical Therapy a try with Elena for an old knee injury which had become chronic, trying to avoid surgery for a tear in my meniscus. Well I am thrilled to report that my knee is fully functional and I have avoided surgery. Elena is exceptional at what she does! Even weeks after I had my exercise program down she was constantly watching me to be sure I was doing everything with the proper form. In addition the staff at the front desk are extremely friendly and helpful and the owner Kevin is also wonderful! The overall atmosphere is welcoming and extremely pleasant. I am a little sad that my treatment is over! I highly recommend Elena and Flaherty's Physical Therapy.

Joe Spellman

This is the best physical therapy center I’ve ever used. The people are all very knowledgeable and friendly. A special shout out to Lisa who helped me with my back problem. Highly recommend !

Scott Remillard

Unfortunately for me i have had the need for post sergury PT several times for serious sports injuries. Fortunately I recently found Kevin who has provided me with the best care I have ever seen. Top notch facilities and staff. Would personally recomend Flaherty PT to anyone.

Maria Paquette

The best place to go for physical therapy. Elena was my therapist and I enjoyed working with her very much. She is knowledgeable, thorough, and passionate about what she does. Thank you Elena for helping me with my recovery!

Elaine Grady

I started my PT experience post-op left knee meniscus removal. I was set up with my post op exercise routine. The staff worked hard with me. Unfortunately I ended up needing a total knee replacement. The exercises and work that Michelle did with me resulted in a very successful rapid recovery. 8 weeks post op and I have 130 flexion, full extension, and very limited pain.

Scott Foley

Professional staff, knowledgeable, pleasant atmosphere, excellent equipment and very accommodating scheduling. Excellent!

Barbara Warren

This has been one of the best Physical Therapy experiences I have had. The entire staff is friendly, courteous and professional. My therapist Laura made my sessions interesting by not only reviewing what I had previously learned but also introducing new exercises and than varying them so my sessions were never boring.She always listened to my concerns and answered any questions I asked. I definitely would recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy to others. It was a great experience.

Jon Luzzo

My Primary care physician highly recommend Flaherty's for my knee condition. After completing my therapy, I know why Flaherty's was so highly recommend! The facility is clean, plenty of equipment, and staff is extremely professional, accommodating, and friendly. My therapist was amazing and made the appointments fun. I can now resume the activities and exercises that my knee held me back from performing. Thank you Michelle C and Flaherty's for making such a difference!

Anthony Francalancia

Absolutely zero complaints. Quality service, honest feedback, and noticeable results. Thank you Dr. Flaherty!

Hannah Nezuch

Great people and workouts. Feel great

Marion Buricatu

Brent Bottamini

I'm traditionally not keen on seeing doctors, and a prior PT experience several years back was not pleasant. However, following surgery for an Achilles rupture I had no choice. Speaking with my surgeon, I explained my concerns and asked for his recommendation. Without a moment of hesitation, my doctor recommended Kevin and the team at Flaherty. OUTSTANDING recommendation!! Kevin and the entire staff were supportive, thoughtful, engaged and prepared for each therapy session. What is more, my time line for recovery was exactly as Kevin initially predicted. It was a pleasure to be in the office each visit, and while I obviously hope that no additional injuries require future the north side of 40, that may be a fanciful aim. In which case, I know where I will go for care, without a moment's hesitation. Thank you, Kevin!!

Jessica Hein

Such a great place! Staff is super friendly and they make sure you get the most out of your appointments!!

Amber plante

This place is great! The therapists are all really nice, friendly, and they truly seem to care about your wellness! Highly recommend!

Edward Damiata

This has been a top of the line experience for me. The facility and staff are excellent. I would recommend them to anyone in need of PT

Fariba Hakim

Excellent facility and wonderful staff. I started going there with a chronic pain in my ankle and Elena worked with me and showed me how to manage my pain and also make my muscles stronger. I highly recommend this place and my wonderful caring and knowledgeable PT Elena.

Emily Chehade

Excellent experience with lisa ! She helped to get my shoulder feeling great again !

Amy Bell

Thank you Flaherty Physical Therapy for once again putting me back together! Thanks to Michelle C, my knee is just about perfect now. Between a broken ankle two years ago and then a knee injury a few months back I’ve spent a lot of time at Flaherty and I can say without a doubt that the entire staff is just amazing. I have and will continue recommending Flaherty Physical Therapy!

Bob Olson

I had a great experience at Flaherty PT. I had been working with another local PT provider after rotator cuff surgery but was not making good progress. I decided to move to Flaherty PT where Kevin and Elana put me on a different program and the results were so much different. I started to feel better very quickly and as I progressed thru the program my progress continued. I would recommend Flaherty PT to everyone.

Robert E Dietrich

Flaherty PT is excellent. The therapist you start with is the one who follows you through to the end. My physical therapist was Lisa and she was excellent. Moreover, she offered a great deal of insight into your regime and how each step in the process is designed for you to regain full functionality. The physical facility and the supportive staff also deserve kudos.

Mark Donahue

Kevin and his team are top notch professional therapists who work in an outstanding facility with state of the art equipment. Kevin is a caring, compassionate therapist who is not afraid to challenge you to take responsibility for your own recovery. He has been of great assistance to getting me back up and active after significant knee surgery. I have also seen his work with older patients and he is excellent with all age and skill groups. I highly recommend both the facility and Kevin.

Andrea Young

I went to Flaherty PT after a work-related leg injury and surgery after reading many very positive reviews, and I’m happy to provide another positive review! My main therapist, Elena, is amazing in her knowledge and developed a thorough, progressive treatment plan. She worked with me to ensure proper form, answering all my questions along with fully explaining the goals of each exercise. With her help I quickly regained flexibility and built the strength back up in my leg. To top it off, Elena is a ray of sunshine and positivity (!!!) with her encouragement and motivation! I also saw Kevin on occasion and while his approach was was a bit different, the endgame was the same - to help me regain full function to get back to the activities I love. Since my appointments occurred over a 6+ month period, I was in the office frequently enough to observe the interactions of the other therapists and their patients, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. They truly care about each patient’s outcome and work hard to achieve each patient’s goals. The office staff is also very helpful, friendly, and accommodating. It truly felt like family there. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if/when I need PT again.

Ioan Buricatu

Outstanding physiotherapy, highly recommended

J Camp

All of the staff at Flaherty's are amazing and extremely knowledgeable. The facility is clean.

Mark Akerson

My experience at Flaherty Physical Therapy has been tremendous. The entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and I highly recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy.

Kristofer Swedberg

Best physical therapy offered in the area -without a doubt. Staff is extremely friendly and clearly show that they care! Would recommend to anyone

Bonnie Brodmerkle

I love Flaherty Physical Therapy! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. The place is immaculate. I have been for 2 different problems and will do so again. My therapist, Michelle, would explain and demonstrate as many times as needed.

Nancy Cox

I was very happy to find Flaherty Physical Therapy and Elena is awesome!! She put me on a great program and I have seen tremendous improvement in my physical ability. Everyone is friendly, welcoming and informative. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation! Thank you to the best PT in the area, I got my MOJO back.

Terry Crean

smross .

I've had the pleasure of working with Michelle as my PT and she has been more than professional yet very caring. I pulled my hamstring and she has worked me hard, ensuring a fast recovery. I can't say enough good things about Michelle and the entire staff who have always made me feel welcome during my visits to Flaherty PT.

Jason A

Benjamin Guerriero

I had a great experience at Flaherty’s, Kevin and all of the therapists are fantastic and helped me to fully recover and return to all of my normal physical activities.

Shannon Ahern

High quality excellent care! Kevin & Elena take a personalized approach with each patient and really listen to your goals. I was amazed at the improvement I saw in just 4 weeks! I now have a manageable program that I can do at home to keep me on track & feeling good.

Stephen Lee

Very happy with my experience at Flaherty PT. Staff is friendly and professional. Open, clean, well organized environment. Michelle took great care of me and helped me to progress further than I expected in working with knee issues. It has definitely helped to put off knee replacement for a while. I highly recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy.

Ed Auzenbergs

Submitted by Nathaniel Auzenbergs (18 years old) - When I came into the clinic, it was difficult for me to walk or run in a normal manner. After a few weeks of the exercises and therapy by the Flaherty Physical Therapy team, my foot progressed very well and now I am able to fully run and exercise without restriction. I feel no residual pain now, and I'm ready for a very important and physically active summer. Thank you!

Anne Wilcox

After completing therapy I can now say that this is the best I have felt in a very long time and I could not be more greatful. The staff is extremely knowledgable and personable and I enjoyed coming each time. If you're looking for quality, reasonable physical thetapists look no further, you won't be disappointed.

Chuck Marden

The entire staff was outstanding! Elena was my therapist and did a fantastic job rehabbing my right shoulder after surgery. The value of her knowledge not only helped me after surgery, but also in the gym correcting routines and using proper form. I am much better after three months with Elena and I can now resume full activities. Thanks Elena! Also thanks to Kevin and Lauren.

Corinne Kelley

Flaherty Physical Therapy was absolutely incredible! Michelle was extremely knowledgeable when it came to muscles and training. She was intentional with the workouts rather than simply giving a list of stretches and easy exercises. I healed much quicker than expected. The staff here is amazing and I would recommend them 100%!

Aidan Hill

Ashley Kiely

Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will alter my first impression of this place so far. I am a dance instructor that is seeking to reduce chronic low back pain due to a bulged lumbar disc, and to increase overall flexibility in my hips. I read over the many positive reviews of Flaherty PT online and saw that I could easily submit a free screening request right through their website. When I submitted the form, I was notified that I would be contacted within two business days to discuss scheduling. I hadn't received any call in over a week, so I called today to schedule an appointment over the phone, referencing my previous online request. I was put on hold for five minutes while the receptionist, who "didn't handle" these online requests, inquired within. I was told that my submission couldn't be found, which was frustrating. I continued with the general intake and scheduling process and was told that some paperwork would be sent to my e-mail to fill out and bring into my appointment tomorrow. I am now at the library because I do not own a home printer. The paperwork is nowhere to be found in my inbox, and it has been over four hours since that call. Now I will have to make an extra trip back here to print the paperwork, if it even makes it to me. I am hopeful that Flaherty PT will be able to help me achieve my physical goals, but I am definitely disappointed so far with the customer service and ease of scheduling an appointment. It just puts a bad taste in your mouth when you experience these types of easily avoidable issues before you even walk in the door...

Jack Koziol

Team did an excellent job - I had a hip replacement, Kevin developed a specific program for me to rebuild strength in my leg and put me on a path to a return of flexibility. I could also take what I learned and use that in my own routines at my own gym. I am very active and have full doctor clearance after only 3 months. Highly recommend.

Teresa Ricciuti

Flaherty is the best! The therapists are compassionate and really care about helping you heal. The treatment I received while undergoing PT was incredible and I cannot recommend Flaherty enough!

Katie Morway

My son has dreams of playing in the Big Leagues some day. When his pitching arm was injured, his doctor didn't give him a good prognosis. But when we started seeing the Mojo Officer, Kevin Flaherty, my son was playing again within a couple of weeks! We are so thankful we found him and recommend him highly to all our friends!

Mike whelan

They are very experienced and knowledgeable crew at Flaherty PT. Very proactive programs for there and at home. Very helpful working through daily pains and answering questions to help at home. I would recommend my friends and family to go to Flahery PT in the future.

Anna DiVecchio

Sean Pendergast

AWESOME !! I could not be more pleased with my recovery from extensive rotator cuff repair. Started back in November without any ability to move my left arm. Now actually BETTER than 100% as the exercises are strengthening muscles I neglected when working out in the past. Michelle L and Kevin were both extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly how to push me just enough to speed recovery without risking any injury. Even though I didn't expect to enjoy it, the atmosphere was so great that I actually looked forward to each PT session. I would highly recommend them for any orthopedic rehabilitation. Sean P

Tom Schaefer

Kevin and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. The office is always in immaculate condition and they always greet you with a smile. I would highly recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy to all.

Matt Mugford

Lisa and Alyssa are wonderful. They will definitely find the route of any injury or muscle pains you have.

Kerensa Erminelli

Cortney Jones

Such a great place! Easy to schedule and great with my 10 year old!

Patrick Kelly

Awesome experience. Everyone who works there is friendly and welcoming. The therapist do a great job making it an enjoyable and effective recovery.

Mary Griffin

Jamison Loizeaux

Great attention to the patient. Office staff very helpful.

Daniel Moynihan

Therapy with Kevin helped enormously. The facility is new and attractive with abundant and easy parking. I am pleased with the results of therapy and recommend Kevin enthusiastically

Mark Baker

Went to Flaherty PT after my total hip replacement surgery and they were fantastic! I lost quite a bit of leg strength and flexibility after the surgery and have regained most of it back in a short period of time thanks to Lauren at Flaherty PT. Lauren is very knowledgeable and professional. She pays very close attention to your progress and needs. Kevin and his staff are excellent! Highly recommend and wouldn't go anywhere else. Mark B.

Victor Rivera

The best place to go for therapy,the therapist are great.

Evelyn LaCroix

For the past 5 years I have had a lot of pain in my left knee, which my doctor told me was arthritis due to my age. I went to see Kevin and he treated me for tendinitis of the IT band. After about 6 weeks of physical therapy I am totally pain free. Highly recommended Flaherty Physical Therapy.

Josh Sacco

Flaherty Physical Therapy makes it their goal to help you recover fully and so you can go back confident, without pain and stronger than ever.

Medha Nadgir

I came into Flaherty PT in a wheelchair in mid July last year and now 8-9 months later, I am feeling almost ready to be back doing one of my favorite activities - hiking!! Thanks to Kevin and the others at Flaherty PT for the wonderful implementation of the treatment plan! Kevin, I am looking forward to sending you a picture of mine from Everest Base Camp next year!

Max Wisbey

Great Place to recover from an injury, I am now very comfortable and confident after my time at Flaherty’s. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to get back on their feet after an injury or accident. Love this place! Staff are brilliant and very accommodating people.

Chip Collins

If you a looking for PT look no further. As soon as you walking in the door you will notice that the staff was very friendly and welcoming. It was very nice when receptionist would greeting by name and a smile. Making you feel important. Kevin was very thorough with explaination of the exercises and set me up with a great home program. Thank you Flaherty PT for getting on the road to recovery. It will be nice to play catch with my kids again.

Michael D'Errico

Michael D’Errico -Excellent is the best word to describe flaherty pt. I could not be happier with my results !!! Thanks again to Michelle L. You are the best

Bruce Field

I couldn't be more pleased with the success of my treatments. The staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable. They take time to listen and to educate a patient in reference to the biology of the problem and, therefore, the reason the techniques being employed are successful. All excercises are well explained with written diagrams, drawings, and video exposures for post session follow-up. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing help.

Bridget Brady

I am extremely grateful to Flaherty for not only providing the support I needed to avoid a secondary operation, but for being a kind and welcoming place to go to. Kevin and the other therapists there took the time to understand me not only as a patient but as a person, and set me up well for long term success.

Shelley Majewski

This was a very positive experience ! All of the staff are so pleasant and upbeat. The front desk staff are especially friendly, efficient and helpful. The care is very individualized to your physical needs. You always have the undivided attention of your assigned therapist. Michelle L. was the perfect therapist for me. She was patient and kind and provided a challenging program to help best meet my goals. As part of the program Flaherty would like you to follow-up with them in 60 days to make certain you continue to make progress after your individual therapy is completed. I would highly recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy for anyone requiring this service. Thank you to the entire team!

Maria Petrovsky

When I brought my 10 year old daughter to Flaherty, she was barely able to participate in any physical activities but tomorrow she is going to a dance competition! Thanks to Lisa, Kevin and all staff for bringing her to this point! She really enjoyed coming here and I would like to share her own experience "It hurt to dance and jump around after I sprained my ankle but now, I can do all of those things without pain. The staff is really nice and friendly and I really recommend Flaherty!

Jennifer Briggs Jenkins

Kevin is excellent ~ he is knowledgeable, patient, and just as important, he listens!! He helped me recover after my second knee surgery. Highly recommend!

William Straube

The staff and facility are excellent. After my knee replacement, they pushed me and encouraged me so I was right on track with my surgeons expected recovery time. Highly recommend for any treatment needed.

Meaghan Parker

I absolutely loved Flaherty Physical Therapy. Everyone is so nice and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend Flaherty to anyone.

Halie Tolba

My experience was wonderful! I came in with severe back pain that prevented me from doing almost anything - sitting, walking, exercising etc. I was miserable. After working with Lisa, I am back to my normal, active self! At Flaherty, the physical therapists are attentive and knowledgeable - I felt completely comfortable handing over my recovery to Flaherty.

T Reed

Went to Kevin after I experienced some swelling and pain in my knee related to working out. Rather than simply treating the pain in my knee, Kevin looked at the big picture, and determined that my knee pain was likely caused by deficiencies in my core and hip strength. I worked with him over the course of 4 weeks to strengthen these areas and I am happy to report that I have seen a major improvement in my knee. I had never been to a Physical Therapist prior to this, and was skeptical about what we were going to achieve, Kevin exceeded my expectations and I am back at Crossfit feeling great. Thanks Again for all your help!

Michael Steinberg

Great experience in all phases of therapy from checkin at the front desk, making appointments, intake evaluation, learning new exercises, and getting hands on work. My strength, flexibility, and overall activity surely improved thanks to Michelle, the therapist I had for all my sessions. I would definitely recommend FPT for anyone’s PT needs.

Sean Curran

The facility and the staff are great. I started working with Elena 3 weeks after my surgery and she was fantastic. I have made a full recovery and I can honestly say that without her I would not have had the same success. I highly recommend Flaherty PT!

Dennis Marshall

I have been having problems with my neck and back since August of 2018. I started therapy with Michelle Caty and Kevin Flaherty since then. They have been very professional and helpful and as of today they discharged me and I am 100% pain free. I would highly I repeat highly recommend them to anyone!

Lori-ann Bibbo

My experience was great! Everyone is sweet and physical therapist Elena has taught me how to care for myself at home and future care. Overall its been great and I would recommend Flaherty PT to my family and friends..

Gregory Hurter

GINI Urella

I am pain free after my therapy. Happy to resume full activities. Thank you! Just in time for summer.


Great staff, environment, and results

Christina Bruneau

On a recommendation I decided to go to Flaherty PT for my issues with Vertigo. I was looking for some strategies to use and I gained a lot more knowledge of my condition. I was provided exercises that could help improve my overall health as well as vertigo. It was a great experience and I am so glad I chose them. I would highly recommend Flaherty to anyone!

Tracy Ferro

When our daughter hurt her wrist, she was extremely frustrated that hockey had to be put on hold! Our Sports Medicine Dr. recommended Flaherty PT, and we could not be happier with the process and the results! Kevin not only taught her the exercises needed to bring her wrist back to full strength, but he worked with her to make sure she was fit and ready to get back on the ice as soon as possible. The staff was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable, and the facility is very clean, fresh, and welcoming. We have and will continue to recommend Flaherty Physical Therapy to friends and family.

Jeffrey Peters

Rehabbed here for 3+ months in the Spring/Summer of 2019 post double hip replacement surgeries. My PT Lynne was amazing and the care and customer service received from Lynne and the front desk staff was great! Highly recommend this therapist & facility. Thanks again! :)

Robin Lewin

Great place for physical therapy. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Hannah Murray

Julianne Roderick

Sierra Cooksey

Before I started to go to Flaherty for my shins, I could barely participate in gymnastics and now after 2 months I have seen much improvement with my shins and I'm back to 100%!

Beth Martin-Dangler

Flaherty PT is wonderful. I have been treated there twice, first for a foot injury and second following an auto accident. Each time with excellent recovery results. The facility is bright and clean, filled with great equipment and tools for recovery. The therapists are professional, kind and so personable; I always felt like I was with caring friends. Special shout out to Michelle and owner Kevin. Can't say enough, this is a top notch business, highly recommend.

Janet Wainwright

Staff were wonderful. Don't rush you at all. Will fit time in according to your schedule.

Joanne LaChance

Wonderful healing experience. Warm caring, professional treatment from all the staff. My physical therapist, Michelle C. was excellent. Highly recommend Flaherty Physical Theraphy for treatment and recovery from any injury.

matthew madamba

Flagerty Physical Therapy gave me a wonderful recovery experience. The therapists were always happy to help with whatever problem I gave them and never failed to create a fun environment. Would highly recommend to anyone who is recovering from any injury.

Matthew Cohen

The entire team at Flaherty is dedicated and thorough, they put together a great treatment plan and gave me stretches and exercises to do at home even after treatment to keep my back in shape. I highly recommend them.

Bill Dibenedetto

I spent about eight weeks working with the Flaherty team to rebuild strength and balance diminished in a recent surgery. They created a progressive program for me to follow while there twice a week and at home. I experienced great results right away. Elena, my therapist, was super focused on my form which is key to getting the best results and was quick to notice other physical issues which needed to be addressed to help me getting fully back on board. She , along with other staff members were very accommodating with scheduling as well. This made for a customized program and the results have been just great. Very professional group !!

susan OLeary

Flaherty Physical therapy is a dynamic practice. The therapists are skilled, the environment is comfortable and well equipped. All of the staff are welcoming and accommodating to your needs.

Lois Kirk

My experience at Flaherty Physical Therapy was outstanding!! I was diagnosed with chondromalacia on my right knee and could not walk upstairs without a lot of pain. I also was unable to walk and stand for any length of time without knee pain. After working with Michelle C., Kevin and Lisa (before she had her baby) for the past three and half months I am now able to do all of the above without pain!! With the support of Michelle C. and Kevin I was able to learn so much more about my body and how it works and what I need to do to stretch and strengthen my muscles prior and post exercising. All the PT's were so professional and very nice and knowledgeable! I have been to other PT facilities and this one is exceptional and by far! the best!! Thanks also to Kevin who helped me get over vertigo, as I had never experienced that before. He was so helpful and helped me with what to do while I was going through this. I was able to complete my goal to get back to being active and taking care of myself and it truly has all to do with the wonderful support that Flaherty Physical Therapy gave me!! I can't thank you all enough and especially Michelle C. who has been my constant support weekly! I feel very fortunate to have been under the care of you Michelle C. and Kevin. I will most certainly and highly recommend anyone who needs PT to go here!! You all are amazing!!

Lyndsey Ouimet

I couldn't be happier with my experience at Flaherty Physical Therapy. All the employees are extremely welcoming and helpful! Kevin was so great and was extremely knowledgeable. Overall, Flaherty Physical Therapy made me feel confident in my recovery. No better place for physical therapy around!

Ashlea Mirsky

Achilles tendonitis brought me into Flaherty Physical Therapy. After several weeks of rest, I was not seeing improvements. Elena's treatment and the exercises she prescribed were exactly what I needed. I saw improvement and was able to get back to my exercise routine and activities.

Shelby Morrison

Amazing physical therapy.

Jamie Smith

Flaherty Physical Therapy is an amazing and welcoming place and helped me feel so much better. I can’t wait to come back for pirate day!

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