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REVIEWS OF True Sports Physical Therapy IN Maryland

Devin Lemuel

I really enjoyed the atmosphere the minute I walked in. The therapists there are great at what they do and really know their stuff. I go there so much I was offered a job position at the front desk and I love it!

Alex Taylor

Tim at True Sports is an amazing therapist. I’ve seen him for my back. I’m a former athlete but now working at a desk all day really took a toll on my back. Tim and his team did a great job of figuring out what was causing me pain and giving me the daily exercises that helped me get pain free throughout my work day. Tim also put together a program for me to work on at the gym so that I could go from my desk to playing sport without any issues. This place is not your usual therapy clinic. They only have Doctors of Physical therapy and they spend every minute of time for you 45 minute appointment with you. They even stayed late when I couldn’t get an appointment slot to work. I won’t go anywhere else!

Grace Hurst

Absolutely love the people there, so sweet and super helpful. I definitely feel a lot better and stronger because of them. Nicole Clark is my trainer and I definitely connect with her, Also love Tim!

Matt Popeck

rehabbing after a hip scope (labrum repair and hip bone shaving along w pelvic floor repair). currently 4 months post op and feeling great, personalized workouts 3x a week and back and forth communication with multiple pt’s at this location. amazing work highly recommended!!!

Matt Tilley

Best in the business!! TrueSports has taken care of me on numerous occasions and allowed me to maintain an active lifestyle. I’ve battled serious patellar tendinitis for a year while away at school (to the point of painful walking). I tried PT at school, rest, and PT again to no success. TrueSports made an immediate difference once I returned home, identifying the possible causes for me and performing treatment exercises. I am a former Division I baseball player. While my career has just ended, I still enjoy exercise and activity, such as: basketball, strength training, speed training. Because of TrueSports, I am on the path to full participation in these activities.

Robert Martin

Kirk Haslbeck

Nicole at the Performance Barn (True Sports PT) is a fantastic physical therapist. I came to the Performance Barn after struggling to rehab my knee at other PT facilities. Nichole used a gradual approach to strengthened my knee without aggravating the injury. I am back to light jogging.

Yael Esterson

From the moment I walked into True Sports Physical Therapy for help with my knee pain, I knew I was in the right hands. Throughout this process I had the opportunity to work with many of True Sports’ amazing therapists - Scott, Yoni, Mary, Ian, Tim, Ken, and Chelsea - and each one treated me with the utmost care and concern. From pre-surgery pre-hab, to helping me make the decision to go forward with surgery, to post-surgery rehab, they walked me through each stage of the process and I truly felt supported and cared throughout it all. I spent the majority of my rehab working with Scott who helped me gain the confidence and strength to work my way back from a cartilage transplant to my previous activity level, including running. There’s a huge mental component of rehabbing an injury/from surgery and Scott truly helped me through the challenging times by letting me take the time I needed, when I needed it, pushed when I needed to be pushed, and supported me through each up and down of this long process. Long story short - no matter what your activity level - True Sports is the ultimate place for people of all activity levels, athletes of all levels, gym goers and non-gym goers alike and treat every person and every injury with the same care, concern, and respect. They truly care about their patients and want to see success from everyone!

Tubers 1

My experience with this facility was outstanding. Tim helped me rehab through a minor knee injury over the course of several weeks. I really appreciated that a majority of the exercises and suggestions were ones I can continue to work with on my own. Staff was courteous, conscientious, and truly cared about their patient's current and future health. Beautiful facilities as well. I will actually miss going!


Tim thoroughly explained my plan of care and completely understands my performance goals. My rehab skills easily fit into my day and I started feeling better immediately. Their hours are really convenient, too!

Olivia Weinrub

Tim Stone at True Sports did an amazing job helping me rehab a knee injury prior to my surgery and post surgery. He did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable and coming up with creative and fun exercises to help me get stronger and enjoy my rehabilitation process. I would not want to put my care in the hands of any other facility besides True Sports.

Fitzhugh Reese

True Sports Physical Therapy is the only option for athletes that are serious about their recovery. Tim Stone is an excellent physical therapist that works with athletes managing their recovery, and building them back up to come back stronger than before. I have worked with physical therapists from all over the country and can confidently say that True Sports Physical Therapy is the best in the business. Working with True Sports is a must for anyone serious about their recovery.

Joycelyn Au

All therapists I have worked with (Yoni, Tim, Jon, and Nicole) have all provided quality care throughout the time I have been going to TrueSports. I've been working with mainly Tim, Jon and Nicole for almost a year now, and I've enjoyed every session with them. They are always fun and always challenge me to my limit, while still constantly keeping updated to adjust exercises depending on my pain levels and injuries. Super glad to have been able to work through my injuries in an athletic facility (that always plays lit music) with therapists that clearly care and put in their best for their patients.

Jenna Baverman

Tim is amazing! His level of care is unbeatable and his devotion to his patients makes it so easy to choose True Sports for PT. Anytime I need to be seen, he prioritizes finding me an appointment. He always finds a way to get rid of any pain I have. Lax Dr is the best!

Seth Hoesman

Huge shoutout to John Gardner at True Sports! I had strained my quad a couple of times during tennis and John had me back on the court stronger than before in a couple weeks. The focus on sport specific movement was fantastic. This was far and away my best rehab experience with a variety of exercises to continue to strengthen the movements that caused my injury

Arianna Silvestri

Love them! They make Physical therapy a fun and exciting part of my day!

Tamia Strickland

True Sports Physical Therapy is the best place to go if you have an injury. I am a dancer and injured myself a while ago. I did Physical Therapy somewhere else but didn’t have a good experience with them. My friend then recommended me to go to True Sports and I loved everything about it, from the facility to the faculty. One of the many amazing things about True Sports is the one on one training you get with the trainers. All the trainers are professional and have a lot of true sports experience. Not only are they physical therapist but they are also athletes which allows you to really connect to them personally. The therapist there really care about their patients and through your experience with them, they make an effort to get to know you in order to make sure you are receiving the best training possible. If you’re looking for an amazing physical therapy facility with faculty members who truly know what their doing and make your experience enjoyable then True Sport Physical Therapy is where you want to be.

Donna Watkins

I have been very pleased with Nicole's overall knowledge and understanding of my physical issues and needs, as well as her commitment to improving my physical health.

Megan Walton

Without True Sports PT, I would not be pain free and most likely be taking right bench back because I was unable to play. With the brilliant mind of Nicole, she has done what other physical therapy places could not, bring my long journey of pain to an end. I will be forever grateful. Not only are Nicole, Tim and Jon walking brains, they are GREAT company with a smile always on their face and play some snazzy music!

Mike Moore

Tim Stone did an outstanding job helping me bounce back from a tough surgery and get me back into playing shape. He was very helpful and supportive and I could tell he truly cared. I'd reccomend him and the entire staff to anyone I could.

Michael Rhodes

Jill Hack

Love this place and the staff!

Sara Moeller

(this is a long review) Being a D1 athlete at the highest level, I have been in and out of physical therapy for years, but when I got injured my Junior year (tornACL, medial and lateral meniscus tears, LCL, MCL sprains and microfractures), I specifically told my surgeon I wanted to go to TrueSports. I have worked with them over countless hours and I see and feel improvements every day. Jon and Tim are the best of the best and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. They are so knowledgable and love their jobs and will do whatever it takes to get athletes on the court, in the pool, or on the field. They push me day in and day out to be a better athlete and they have helped me tremendously (mentally and physically) to get me back on the lacrosse field when others have doubted me. They are sports specific which is great because I do exercises that will help translate on the lacrosse field. The environment is great and it makes going to PT enjoyable! They are also super flexible with scheduling and will do whatever it takes to get you in. They are a huge part of my success in being a college athlete! TrueSports is the best in the business.

Erin Baehr

Tim Stone and the True Sports Physical Therapy team are the best! Tim has helped me rehab from a serious tendon tear, before and after surgery and with other more chronic issues. His expertise has been invaluable to determine which therapy exercises, strengthening and stretches are ideal. He is attentive and caring, and able to think outside the box and address what I need at the time. He has also worked with my son to help prevent minor sports-related aches and pains from blowing up into bigger issues. I cannot more highly recommend this excellent team and facility.

Dana Murphy

I would not trust anybody but Dr. Tim Stone and TSPT with my rehabilitation. While the facility and equipment is amazing, it’s the therapists that knock this place out of the park. Tim is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, and personable. He truly cares about his patients, their goals, and what he needs to do to get you back to doing what you love. Compared to the care you will receive at a “chain” PT clinic - this place is truly cutting edge. Look no further!

Jack Sweeney

Yoni and his team got me back to playing a week after a serious ankle sprain. They know exactly what to do about all injury’s and have the modern technology and treatment to treat them. Would definetly reccomend

Jimmy Lyons

This place is the swankiest place to get your physical therapy on. Dr. Nicole Clark fixed my knee pain and got me back to playing baseball in no time 10/10 would recommend.

Michael Ippolito

Tim and the staff at True Sports are on another level. They pushed me to the limit each session helping me get back to D1 Lacrosse. As a college athlete, Tim is as good as it gets. I highly recommend working with him if you want to rehab an injury and take your game to the next level.

Ian Kadish

True Sports is simply the top of the physical therapy game. Their staff is knowledgeable and insightful as well as extremely communicative. I was so impressed by the extent to which they genuinely cared about my goals and health. True Sports is the standard to which I compare all other intervention methods. I am so thankful for the great work they do!

Ben Smith

Simply the best Physical Therapy out there for serious High School, College, and Professional athletes. Knowledge base and patience to work with non-athletes as well, but capable of delivering a high level experience and commitment to the top athletes in the world. I have had the opportunity to work with True Sports for 5 years and I would not be able to play at the level I want and maintain my physical health without their PT. Focus on sport specific and full body movements, up to date innovative techniques, and unique relationship building make True Sports a no brainer. Highly recommend on all levels.

Nick Borsa

Best PT around!! Great experiences with these guys. For all your physical therapy needs, this is the place to be

Erin Murphy

Scott Meushaw

I work In the healthcare field and have worked with many physical therapist. It wasn’t until I had knee surgery did I need to have physical therapy. I went to one place that was probably the worst experience I’ve every had. My goal is to get back running and I started Searching online for a new place when I came across True Sports. I was super excited that they had an office in Howard County right near my house. From the time I first called to schedule my appointment to my first vist has been nothing but amazing. I have felt cared about and you know they really want to get you better and moving again. I have been working with Nicole and she is amazing. She really cares about her patients and truly wants to see you succeed and get better. All the staff there are awesome from the front desk staff down to Tim and Nicole. I recommend this place to everyone that is looking for a place for physical therapy. I would recommend this place to my patients in a heart beat.

Doshia Hackett

My experience with True Sport was a blessing. Tim and Nicole knows their trade to helping you with your injuries. Also, Amanda is on top of scheduling appointments to fit your needs. I highly recommend their services. The key is to keep all appointments and do your homework they give you it helps between therapy sessions. I will truly miss going to them. Tim/Nicole - Keep doing what you are doing!!! Thanks

Madison Griffin

I play D1 lacrosse and have been working with Jon, Tim, and Nicole. They are all amazing to work with, making therapy fun while pushing you so you can come back better than ever! Highly recommend!!

Jenna Kraft

I had the absolute pleasure of having Tim as my physical therapist. The Howard County location is an exceptional facility where I rehabbed from an ACL reconstruction, all while doing lacrosse specific drills on the turf, which allowed me to develop physical and mental confidence. Tim is an outstanding physical therapist who understands the need for sport specific rehabilitation before a patient is truly ready to get back on the field.

Laura Laport

Dr. Stone and the True Sports team in Woodbine have been instrumental in our daughter's recovery from ACL/Meniscus surgery this summer. He does a wonderful job of communicating the recovery process timeline and helping her understand that each PT workout is a building block to achieve her goal of returning to play sports. We are so very grateful for the great care!!

Emig Family

Tim and Nicole are great! Our appointments are mixed between these two therapists. They are great at communicating with the doctor and making sure each other is up to speed on the previous session. I like that they video some of the exercises and send to you so you can review them at home. For a teenager that comes in handy! Love that they have evening appointments. And if you are already doing work with E.A.T.S. they will work with the trainers and let them know your limitations.

Linda Bell

Ellen Virden

A couple of months ago I tore a little sumpin’-sumpin’ in my calf and resting just wasn’t doing the job. I desperately missed tennis and getting back to it was a priority. I heard great things about Tim Stone from several friends and they were right. He’s the perfect balance of patience and pushing. I’m back on the court and will continue to strengthen to maintain the hard work and progress we’ve achieved so far. If you hate an Australian accent, however, he’s probably not the guy for you.

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