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REVIEWS OF Synergy Physical Therapy IN Maryland

J Wms

I was very pleased with my experience at Synergy Physical Therapy. All of the staff members were professional, competent and personable. My issue was resolved during my treatment period and by keeping up the exercises recommend by Dr. Ko I continue to be pain free almost 3 months later. I would highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy.

Zlaya Novacic

I heard about Dr. Ko from a friend and I immediately recognized high level of service. Dr. Ko and his crew are very knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and fun to work with. This is not my first time to go back to Dr. Ko for help. I am an athlete, playing soccer, volleyball, etc.,which almost always result in some injury. His ability of understanding the problem, detailed explanation of the issue and proper exercise regiment, brings almost immediate results. I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Dr. Ko and his crew. Thank you Dr. Ko and rest of Synergy group. Zlaya Novacic

Lynn Swidersky

I cannot say enough superlatives about Dr. Ko and Synergy Physical Therapy. I was referred to another physical therapy practice by my orthopedist prior to complete knee replacement surgery, and it was managed like a production line with too many patients for too few physical therapists. I was reminded of Dr. Ko who I had used for my knees two years prior for a trip to Alaska and enjoyed the experience, and was able to hike the tundra in Denali. The staff that Dr. Ko has selected at Synergy create a positive environment from the moment I called for an appointment to being greeted for each appointment with friendly smiles that made me feel like I belonged in the practice. They are efficient, and tailored a regime to fit my needs. Mr. Kong, the massage therapist, has a unique gift of making you feel relaxed and addressing you individually. Mr. Kong also takes a personal interest in your care. Dr. Ko has developed a team who work toward each patient reaching the limits of the exercise, but they are patient and work to reach the level the patient can achieve. Dr. Ko, himself, took a personal interest in helping me through discouraging days, and took the time to answer all of my questions including what I could expect of the knee replacement. Thanks to Dr. Ko and his staff I am able to ride my bike with my husband, something four months ago, I did not think I would be able to do. My Thanks to Dr. Ko and his entire staff. I will need to have my other knee done in the future, and I will be returning to Dr. Ko and Synergy for their superior care. Thank you Synergy!

Sally Whitley

Upbeat, pleasant environment with highly competent, empathetic staff. I came here with an unusual injury that had resulted in significant atrophy in my dominant hand. I had nearly resigned myself to having problems using my hand for the rest of my life, but Dr. Lee and staff personalized a treatment plan for me that has allowed me to overcome the injury entirely.

Mathew Adler

Synergy put together a comprehensive plan that helped me find relief from chronic neck pain that I have had for years. I would highly recommend Synergy as I have already done with friends and family who have also benefited from their expertise. Thanks, Dr. Ko!

Jeanne Dugan

While it is no fun to need to go Physical Therapy, Dr Ko and his staff make it extremely pleasant ... they are good humored, patient and very professional. I really like the multilayered approach to treatment and the massage therapist Mr Kong is excellent.


Thank you Dr. Ko and your staff for the excellent care that you provided during my physical therapy recovery. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and professional which made the experience even better.

Tami Dockendorf

The help and support I got was fantastic! I was given different ways to help my problem with the assurance I could always follow up with them again in the future. Very friendly!

CamBinh H

Thank you very much for your help Dr Ko, Michelle, Angie, Kim and the rest of your crew. You all are very nice, friendly and helpful. You helped me get better every day and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I came to your office the first day with the help of 2 crutches and when the last day finally came, I walked out of your office without crutches and having a big smile on my face. Dr Ko, you are a knowledgeable and an experienced therapist, I will definitely recommend you and your practice to my friends and family.

Cassandra C

I have had back problems for 8+ years, and have been to a multitude of doctors, and specialistx. Unfortunately their fix was temporary. My situation had gotten to a point where my quality of life was diminishing. My treatment with Dr. Ko enabled me to get my quality of life back. I highly recommend him.

Willa Boze

My daughter was a patient at Synergy several years ago. When I needed physical therapy after my recent surgery, she said you must go to Synergy. I am glad I took her advice. From the moment I walked in the door for the first time, I got the feeling that the personnel here really cared about my well being. I was greeted by the office manager, who was very pleasant and concerned about scheduling my appointments. At each therapy session, Dr. Ko was always encouraging. Without his encouragement, I do not think I would have progressed as fast. The technicians were also very concerned about me getting the most out of each visit. Dr. Ko and the technicians made sure I was doing the exercises correctly. The technicians stayed with me while I was performing the exercises. I have been to several other physical therapy establishments in the past, where I was on my own to do the exercises. So, I really appreciate that there is always someone with you at Synergy. I cannot say enough about how positive the experience was at Synergy. If you are looking for a facility where the staff is always cheerful and genuinely concerned about your recovery, this is the place for you.

AOTB Member

Sometimes, when my grandkids aren’t around to remind me that the “Spring Chicken” phase of my life has passed, I overdo it a bit. Three months ago, I injured my neck and needed PT. Thanks to Synergy Physical Therapy---and 17 visits later (which I actually enjoyed) I am all right now! Dr. Ko---diagnostician, prognostician, and therapeutic guru all rolled into one---and his team were incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging, thoughtful, and funny! With treatment requiring three major phases each visit (including 12-15 different types of stretches) it pays to keep a sense of humor. No offense to the SPT staff, but I hope not to see them again. However, I’d be in good hands if I had to. Mr. KR

Carmen Izzi

I had surgery in April to repair my Torn Rotator Cuff. I was looking for another PT facility and Synergy PT was highly recommended. I could not be more pleased with the staff at Synergy. The entire staff was extremely friendly, deeply concerned about my well being and took their time to help me with all my exercises to make sure that I was doing them properly. I spent 4 months doing PT, I was just released yesterday, 8-30-18. My shoulder feels great and I was given an exercise program to follow at home to continue working on my strength and mobility. I would highly recommend Synergy PT to anyone looking for a Physical Therapy facility to help in your recovery. Carmen Izzi

Denise .Elmore

I started going to physical therapy at Synergy after a knee injury. My friend had highly recommended Dr Lerman. I received a very thorough evaluation from Dr Lerman and began going twice a week. Dr Lerman is very caring and developed a customized list of exercises for me to do at the office as well as at home. The staff there is wonderful. They are all very professional and nice. Even if you don't want to exercise, they make it fun and give you lots of encouragement. I want to give a special shout to Angie who had a lot of patience and was terrific to work with. My knee is much better now thanks to Dr Lerman and the rest of the staff.

Toni Zepp

Everone in the office works hard and helps each other out. They keep an eye on you ensuring correct form without being overbearing. I accomplished my goals of building strength in my lower back with the help of all the technicians and especially Dr. Lerman. Thank you.

Daniel McDonald

Absolutely worth all 5 stars and a strong recommendation for anyone else seeking out therapy. I came in 2 months ago for a tear in my rotator cuff (shoulder) and found the whole process here encouraging and informative. I learned things about my aesthetics and muscle rehab that I would have taken much longer to discover on my own. Your service and help with my recovery was greatly appreciated Synergy. Big shoutout to Dr. Ko and all of the team that helped me on my recovery!

Tim Mace

Synergy was the BEST PT group I have ever worked with! I went in with terrible neck and shoulder pain. Two months later I am pain free. The staff and doc are outstanding! They make sure you do all the movements and exercises precisely in order to get the full affect. Also they are always on time and never waste a minute of your time while you are there. I was very skeptical about going to PT when my doc told me I needed to go. I have had PT before and had poor results. I just wish I could still go. What a great group. I highly recommend.

Billy Boy Puddin Pop

The rehab process was perfect. I progressed every week until I was well enough. The staff was wonderful and made it easy to show up every week

Laura Morandi

I worked with this team after diagnosis of bulging discs in the neck. They are super friendly and very knowledgeable. After a few weeks, I feel great and I also feel like I have been given the tools I need to continue my healing AND more importantly, to prevent further injury in the future. I would definitely go back if needed and I absolutely recommend this facility and the staff! Thanks guys!

Andrew Bagley

I spent more than two months with the Synergy crew treating a pinched nerve in my neck. The whole team was great. From warm greetings upon arrival to encouragement working through well-selected exercises to expert manual traction, each part of the Synergy experience was very positive. I will miss the team, even if I won't miss the time commitment required for PT!

Hyunhwa Kim

I suffered knee pain for couple monthes. After getting taped by Dr. Ko the pain was gone pretty much intantly. I can excercise now with no pain. Staff there were so friendly and nice. Would recommend with no hesitation.

mary ann Azzolini

I had a torn meniscus and needed physical therapy after I had surgery. I can not say enough about the wonderful staff and doctors that are at synergy in Maple Lawn. They are not only caring, they guide you through the exercises from the start of your session through the end. They are always friendly, happy to see you, happy to work with you and actually make it fun to go to therapy. I went for 26 sessions which ended yesterday and I actually had mixed feelings about leaving these people behind. I feel like the personal service that they gave me made a world of difference to how well and fast I was able to heal. They want you to get and feel better. Thanks to all there for making me feel like a part of a "family".

Betty Lee

Dr. Ko came highly recommended by my Physiatrist Dr. Aaron Twigg. Dr. Ko is very personable and definitely knowledgeable and easily identified the impacted areas and path to treatment. I felt I understood all my options and was counseled accordingly. The facility is very easy to find, very clean and the rest of the staff is very professional and helpful. I have already recommended other family members to visit Dr. Ko for physical therapy needs.

s Port

Very positive experience on several occasions working with synergy. The therapy I received was far better than what I’ve experienced through other providers. What makes them better? One-on-one attention which ensures the exercises are performed correctly, preventing further injury along with manual therapy from Dr Ko. The appointments are easy to get and it’s been an overall pleasant experience on all occasions. I recommend Synergy as a great place to rehabilitate.

Theodore Jaeger

Great experience with Dr. Ko and his team. Personalized attention each visit and a well rounded approach to healing, with stretching, strength training, muscle stimulation and massage.

Jeff Jollie

Always looked forward to the therapy sessions because they were caring and committed. Got me back on track in short order! Many thanks!

Dawn Turney

I highly recommend! I was told that I likely needed surgery, but that I could try physical therapy if I wanted. After receiving care at Synergy with Dr. Ko and team, I haven't had pain, weakness, or numbness in months.

Lucy Carruth

I was recently treated for shoulder tendonitis at Synergy PT. Dr. Ko was very knowledgable and a good listener when it came to understanding my goals. My treatment plan was spent on and worked very well. My sessions with the Synergy staff were effective and fun! Michelle was great at keeping me on track and breathing! The staff worked really well as a team in Synergy's open environment. I have already recommended to colleagues.

Nicholas Nezis

Gabby Spann

I had such a great experience growing at this facility! Everyone was incredibly helpful and with their help, I could see and feel my body get stronger over the course of my treatment.

Rachelle Chvala

The employees here are wonderful. Very professional and very friendly, nice and kind. I went three times a week for 6 weeks and never had a bad experience. In fact they made it enjoyable under the circumstances. I highly recommend this office for all your therapy. I improved beyond my expectations and am ahead of schedule with my healing. Thank you to them all.

Diana Newman

I have received physical therapy at Synergy for two separate injuries over the past year. I am very impressed by the knowledge and skills of the therapists and support by the assistants. Office is very well run. I am a professional in a related medical field and am most impressed by this evidence-based physical therapy practice.

Fran Horan

Dr Ko and Synergy PT staff did a great job treating my frozen shoulder. It was pretty locked up and constant pain. I know these things take time, but even after the first visit I noticed some improvement which was encouraging. I also like to ask questions and learn about how the body works and what is wrong, and Dr Ko was great in explaining things. Assistants were friendly and attentive to making sure I executed the exercises correctly. Administrative tasks (billing, scheduling, etc) went smoothly.

Cherry Tree Park Condo II

After knee replacement surgery I chose Synergy for my therapy. It was a great decision. Dr. Lerman and the great staff were wonderful. Always encouraging and kind. I would recommend Synergy - Maple Lawn to everyone. Thanks, Donna

Rebecca Albarran

The best place that I've been to for physical therapy. The staff are all friendly, professional, courteous and are with you every step of the way while you are doing your exercises. The office is clean, and appointments are easy to get. I would recommend Synergy Physical Therapy to friends and family.

Natalya B.

Just finished my PT with Dr. Ko and the team at Synergy. I had upper back/neck problems for almost a year and the first PT place I went to insisted on working on my lower back. Not sure how that was supposed to have helped me, but Dr. Ko knew right away what needed to be done. The PT I received was comprehensive, included some needles, as well as massage and exercise. I worked on the exercises at home as well. As a result, 13 visits later my back really feels great. I appreciated Dr. Ko's multi-faceted approach to my treatment and not just prescribe a set of exercises that I could have just as well done on my own without the help of a PT. Great experience and I would highly recommend.

Tufty Tufterson

As a physically active 58 year-old, my body has required p.t. for a variety of maladies including my right shoulder, a tendon behind my left knee and my thumbs. This has brought me into contact with four different local therapy outfits in the last decade or so. They have all accomplished their objectives of making the offending body part operational again. Synergy (Dr. Ko et al) was my most recent p.t. involvement. The physical plant is the most commodious of the four I've been to. New, clean and spacious. Dr. Ko and his staff (including Masseuse Mr. Kong) are very pleasant, very capable and don't waste a minute of one's visit. I guess it is hard to complain about any of the therapy outfits as they were all promptly successful but certainly if Synergy is convenient for you they are an excellent choice.

John B

Synergy Physical Therapy provides quality professional care for a wide range of ailments. Dr. Ko and his wonderful staff are currently treating my second knee rehabilitation in three years after treating my lower back problems a year earlier. I keep coming back because of the professionalism, relaxing atmosphere, and the friendly, courteous, caring staff. Pain is no fun, but getting better really is, and knowing that is a possibility, makes it that much easier. I would highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy as a source for physical therapy, therapeutic massages, and individualized care solutions.

Angela Praisner

Probably the best experience I've ever had with any type of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic or rehabilitation. Dr. Ko runs an exceptional practice in a very clean and well maintained office. I have been to many physical therapists who run you through the routine while juggling to many other patients at the same time. Dr. Ko and the staff at Synergy value your time and respectfully spend the time you need to understand the mechanics of your body. They are extremely knowledgeable about the specific ailments you have and offer suggestions on how to help the pain. Dr. Ko listens to your needs, addresses questions you have about your progress and spends one on one time working with the patients individually. The massage therapist, Lynn is absolutley amazing. I like the practice's approach to healing and really appreciate the time allotted with Lynn as part of the treatment to promote blood flow through therapeutic massage. I'd have to say my time with the practice was life changing and I recommend them to anyone in need a top notch physical therapy program.

jamie omalley

I just finished a 5 month physical therapy program with Synergy, and cannot say enough good about this office. From the first time I walked into the door, I was treated with great care and compassion. Before I began at Synergy Physical Therapy, I had never needed rehabilitation. Dr. Ko and his staff pushed me and motivated me through every step of the process, even when I feared the "what-if's" or became frustrated. I felt as if my success' were celebrated with me as I hit each progress marker. Their masseuse on staff, Mr Kong, is incredibly knowledgeable of the muscles and how the body works, and teaches you something each session; which is a great bonus! You will leave Synergy Physical Therapy feeling stronger, and smarter!

Debbie Bleakney

Dr. Ko and his staff were very effective in treating both my back pain and my foot (plantar fasciitis). Within 8 weeks my foot is feeling much better, less pain when I walk and my back movement is much better. They are friendly, professional and great team.

Charlene Hustead

Synergy PT was a very positive experience. Very friendly and helpful staff. Thank you Dr. Lerman for your encouragement and patience. I will recommend Synergy to anyone needing PT.

Kathryn Betts

I started to have chronic migraines everyday, and my neurologist suggested this practice for physical therapy for my stiff neck. I've been going there for about 2 months now, and have had a major turn around; My neck is more flexible and stronger, I have only had couple of migraines since, and no longer need migraine medication. They have great hours, the office is nice and clean, the staff is welcoming, and Dr. Ko listens to my concerns and thoroughly answers any questions I may have about my treatment. I am sure that without this physical therapy, I would have never been able to function during the days. The best part is that I know, with a little more treatment, I won't HAVE to go as often. I can go whenever, like maintenance on your car, to make sure that I don't start having my migraines and have to take medication; Because why would I want to take a medication when I can get even better results with physical therapy and relaxation at Synergy? I would suggest this place to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Sylvie Schafer

Dr Lerman and all of the staff are wonderful! I switched from my last physical therapy place because the techs there mostly ignored the patients, and was very happy with how attentive everyone at Synergy was. They will even do the exercises with you to keep you going! Dr Lerman is knowledgeable and gentle. After going twice a week for a few months I'm going to miss everyone there!

Jim Snider

My wife did a lot of research before my surgery. She knew it was important to choose the correct therapy for my recovery from Shoulder Replacement. We chose Synergy Physical Therapy in Fulton Md. because of their reviews and proximity to our home. I have had a fair amount of injuries over time and been to Physical Therapists previous. The staff was noticeably different than most I have been too. I felt as though I was their only patient and was always attended too. Dr. Rachel Lerman was my therapist. She was excellent. Her expertise and input into my recovery was exceptional. Angie and the whole staff was encouraging and informative. I told them they were like my parents and called them the "Posture Police". They made sure my techniques were correct and never left me un-attended like other Therapy Centers I have attended. I attribute my recovery to the professional personal crew at Synergy. I recommend them and appreciate all that they have done for me. Jim Snider

Sandra W.

A great experience with the most professional, caring and attentive staff. Made my journey through therapy pleasant and the results of the exercises and techniques used and prescribed by Dr Lerman have greatly improved my issues. I highly recommend their services.

Richard Stum

When my doctor referred me for therapy for spinal stenosis to Synergy Physical Therapy he commented that many other places didn't get this one right, but Synergy did. Don't know about the others, but they came through though the process took time. From the beginning everyone was so friendly and fun as well. Dr. Cho was excellent, willing to share how the process worked and the value of the exercises. He cautioned that many give up when relief is slow, but that it would come, and he was right. Although complete healing was not possible as the issue was calcification around nerves, any and all tingling and numbness was completely removed, and the pain was nearly gone. He left me with a regular exercise routine that will lessen the possibility of the symptoms returning. Awesome job!

Nilesh Chokshi

Darlene Chokshi I have been a patient at this office for treatment of severe neck and shoulder pain. The therapist has given exercises to do at home and during the treatment. The fact that I can do this exercises at home has enabled me to control my pain. All the staff is very competent and friendly. It makes visits enjoyable. I would highly recommend this practice.

Bob Nolan

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Ko and the team at Synergy. When I tore my rotator cuff and labrum playing with my kid, I thought for sure I was going to need surgery. Two months later, I'm back to a full range of motion and pain-free. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic. They were always on the ball and attentive, even when the clinic was busy. It was a great crew to work with.

Kimberly McMahon

Started a little hesitant in the concept of Physical Therapy but now I truly understand the value! Dr. Ko offered an understanding of why he required the particular stretches and to what end they would gain. Within just a few sessions I felt better and in just a few weeks I am now more comfortable than I have been in years! Plus, I finished with instructions and exercises to maintain. Additionally, Dr. Ko's entire staff is warm and friendly. Lastly, at the end of each session, Dr. Ko has a Lynn offer a message! It was just what I needed to sooth the worked muscles. What a great added benefit! She was terrific!

Jenna Chun

Review is a little late but this is a great place! The physical therapist and staff are supportive and friendly! I came to this place for pt for a car accident and they were very accommodating and worked with that insurance. Thankful and would definitely recommend anyone to come here.

Steve Newman

I have had chronic lower back problems (right side) for years. Finally got to the point where I almost couldn't get up out of bed in the morning the day after moving some furniture. My wife (a Synergy client as well) recommended Dr. Ko and I went to see him. He recommended dry needling for my back. He explained the procedure and the relief was immediate. He also suggested that I change my posture so that my spine is straighter. After four weeks of 2x per week therapy and exercises, I can say that I am pain-free. Dr. Ko's treatments, and working with his staff have changed my life. I recommend Synergy Physical Therapy most highly. It's truly amazing to have no more pain after suffering for so long.

Willie Stewart

I had an awesome experience what's Synergy physical therapy! I've never had physical therapy before so I wasn't really sure what to expect but I was totally Blown Away by the level of care and by how quickly I recovered from my injury. I was really happy with the fact that I never had to wait, as soon as I came in I started my exercises with a staff member, saw the doctor and was on my way. It was like a well-oiled machine.

Sarah Kelly

I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy. I loved the friendly, professional staff and excellent service! They certainly make you feel at home, but most importantly; they use a variety of personalized techniques unique to each patient’s needs. In just a few weeks of physical therapy, I was able to feel my back and sciatic nerve pain decreasing. I also appreciated the fact that throughout the sessions, they educated me on how to find effective solutions to relieve my pain while driving, at home, and at the office. Thank you Synergy PT Staff!

Kathleen Sheedy

The excellent and supportive staff worked with me for more than a year to recover from serious leg injuries. They were literally there for every step of the way as I had to learn to walk again. The treatment and assigned exercises/stretches have got me to a point even my orthopedist didn't expect.


Very well run. Never waited to go through my exercise routine. All staff members were professional and friendly, they definitely got me up and running again!

Rafay Ashar

The staff was extremely polite, supportive and caring. They were all knowledgeable and provided me with the best possible care. They made physical therapy fun, and gave me hope. I can not recommend Dr. Lee enough. After having gone through several physical therapist, I have to say she is the best that I've seen. She cares about her patients on a personal level and gives you the individual attention that you need to get better. But please do not mistake her for a magician who will instantly make everything right. She and her staff will give you the utmost care, but you have to follow their advice and instructions, and give your 100% as well. I would look forward to going to physical therapy everytime and this was just because of the environment that Dr. Lee and her staff had created. This is the only place I would recommend to anyone. There is a reason why Synergy Physical Therapy only has 5 star reviews from everyone who has gone there.

Joanne Rusk

bernaad2 .

Let me share a rare find; a gem of a rehab clinic! I’ve been to several rehab facilities over the years for an assortment of ailments and have not been overly impressed with the staff or the regimens. But when I was faced with a total hip replacement I was really motivated to find the best rehab facility possible. I inquired at work and Synergy Physical Therapy came highly recommended by several young athletic colleagues. I interviewed with Dr. Ko and was immediately impressed with his professionalism and his projected plan of action for my recovery. After my surgery, and once I was released to start my rehab, the initial plan was started and adjusted regularly as my stamina, muscles, and balance progressively increased. The staff was always cheery, attentive, and overly helpful. From technique, form, and progression I was monitored, challenged, and rallied every session. The whole team was caring, professional, and helpful every step along my path to full recovery! Would I recommend Synergy Physical Therapy to others… you bet!

Vivian Rizzo-Fruits

I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy Fulton to anyone. My experience with Dr. Lerman, was wonderful. I broke my ankle in three places and dislocated the ankle too. She helped me to walk again. Many thanks to Angie, Kim and Michelle for helping me with my recovery.

Dave DeMarsh

I have been to a couple other PT centers and Synergy at Maple Lawn supersedes. Dr. Ko was attentive to my needs and zeroed in on the cause of most of my pain. My perpetual headaches and neck pain are way less and I believe if I continue the stretching / strengthening exercises he prescribed they will stay manageable. The dedicated team make sure you stay challenged and keep you on track. I highly recommend this office for anyone needing physical therapy.

Daniel Glover

Very knowledgeable, personable and professional! I have/will highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Dr Ko was great at providing just the right mix of stretching and strengthening after my shoulder repair. Too bad there's not another star to check...

Mary Ann Souder

Husband's experience with Dr Ko and his staff has always been positive. Supportive and helpful in his journey from beginning to end. Very pleased with the results he has received with PT. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a supportive physical therapy office.

Judy Faudale

I recently finished a few weeks of physical therapy at Synergy Physical Therapy in Maple Lawn. My experience there was wonderful. Dr. Lerman and her staff are great! While I wasn't looking forward to the pt experience, I was quickly surprised by how much I enjoyed my time there. The whole staff is welcoming and truly care about my recovery. I not only healed and learned, but they knew how to make it fun too. It was a very good ending to my work days. I highly recommend Synergy Physical Therapy!

Rachel Bonaparte

I had surgery on my back years ago and was told about 8 years ago to go to physical therapy. I figured I could just do the exercises on my own andddd that landed me right to Dr. Ko's office. Dr. Ko's knowledge is unmatched! It is clear that whoever works for him or with him should count it a privilege. It also helps that the place is extremely clean, staff are very knowledgable, and if there was ever a wait, it was less than 5 min. 98% of the time I would have to come dressed because even if I got there about 5 minutes early, they would be ready for me. What was amazing was that they treat you like family from the first day--they ALL remember your name by the second visit (even staff that I hadn't met...was so strange haha, but amazing because I am terrible with names) and they have your paperwork ready for you BEFORE you walk through the door, which made for a very smooth process. One thing I loved about the place was that you can tell it's a teaching facility--from the staff to the patient...whether you are a new employee or new patient, by the time you leave, you will know the names of the exercises (or at least yours), be able to do it on your own, and even show someone else if needed lol! I went to PT at a time where I never would let anyone touch or massage my lower back, to now having built my back muscles and feeling more comfortable and not worrying about back spasms and signs of sciatica. I don't care where I move, if I ever have another PT issue, Dr. Ko is who I am seeing!

Heather Teitelbaum

I had the opportunity to see both physical therapists over the course of my treatment. They were excellent, knowledgeable, and effective in treating my symptoms. I would also note that all of the staff were friendly and professional every time I was there. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


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