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REVIEWS OF FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers IN Maryland

Michelle Ortega Diaz

Super friendly and helpful when I called looking for a place that also provides aqua therapy. I give them 5+ stars for their friendliness, professionalism and going out of their way to assist me.

Jonathan murphy

Rachel Ritvo

I am a Parkinson's (PD) patient diagnosed in 2013. Combining medication with weekly workouts with Bob Seymour, a trainer with many years of working with PD and PWR! (Parkinson Wellness Recovery!) trained, I have had a remission of symptoms. FYZICAL is well equipped, well maintained, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Definitely deserves the five star rating.

Ronald Riley

ALL I WILL SAY : If you want to work with dedicated physical therapists that actually give 100 percent and know their craft, GO THERE!!!!!!! You will not be disappointed.

Jane Dunie

I've been very upset about my attacks of Vertigo/Meniere's. I went to a neurologist and he said it was not meniere's but a problem with my inner ear canal. He referred me to Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center near my house. The prior year I spent about 9 months at another PT company for Frozen Shoulder. I was a little nervous about going to a new place. From the minute I walked in, I was greeted by Carman and Melody. It was at that moment I felt comfortable and at home. My Pt Therapist was Danielle Tate. I have never had anyone in the medical field share so much information with me. We did the PT and she gave me easy to understand handouts so I could do the exercises at home. She gave me her phone number and email address and said to contact her with any questions. Well I did that several times and rec'd fast and informative responses. She is so bright and knowledgeable in her field. A few times she wasn't available so my appointments were with Betsy. Same great service. They are by your side through the therapy and I loved that we could talk about general things too. I am waiting for another diagnosis about my problem and if it turns out I need PT, I will definitely come back here.

Annette Cain

Regan at Fyzical is amazing! She is committed to getting each patient healthy. Everyone there is great about treating your symptoms, but also in finding the cause of those symptoms. I've been to other well-known physical therapy locations and Fyzical has out done them all!

Corey Rodgers

ProCare3 ' s therapists used more than one way to treat my pain. From trigger point dry needling, manual therapy and the wonderful exercises you guys showed me YOU saved me from surgery! Thank you so much.

Debbie Stone

Everyone I worked with was very professional, and I always felt that they were dealing with me as a person, not just as a patient.

Suzy Minino

m saglibene

DR. RJ Williams was really great. He gave my husband and I such a feeling of relief! He understands the physical aspect of the body (duh) and ALSO understands the toll that pain can have on a persons mental health which is something we havent seen before with any Dr.. We are excited to see the progress my husband makes! Also, they accept Medicaid and the facility is clean! Even at 7 am all the staff was smiling and friendly!

Karen Huggins

I have been going here for awhile.It is so nice to not have migraines. I have really been helped. Everbody at fyzical treats you with respect and are very professional. I look forward to going to therapy. Thanks guys

Kelly Bjorkman

Karen Buchanan

I've just been going for a few weeks. Everyone there is very caring, helpful and are really interested in your health and safety. They are clear and explain what's going on with what I'm doing. They are organized and know their stuff. It's a clean and friendly environment.

Antonio D'Orsi

The entire staff at FYZICAL has been great. They all put everything into their job and it really shows in the way they care for you. I have never felt rushed in any way and my pain and needs came first. Finest team I've seen!

myeshap1 P

RJ Williams

Breana Moore

This place employs people who have terrible customer service skills. They are arrogant and dismissive of patients and seem to think that poor attitudes make for good business. I would highly recommended not even trying this place for those reasons alone. I will admit I was hesitant about the whole thing after being told how they spelled Fyzical. They take their profession just as serious as their name, not at all. Rude people work here. Beware.

Rhonda Deems

BodyQ - whole body health and wellness assessment - unique way to measure physical fitness. Thanks for a great appointment!

Janaeha Sims

I just wanna say this is a good place . The time cares for their patients. I'm very great full for Andy and Laura. They help me get and excersise plan to together for at home. So when I'm not at therapy and still work out to improve my strength. Thanks again. For all your help.

Jessy Culp

Greg Eloge

Heidi and Scott are the best in the industry. Trying to get me back to my normal every day life as quickly as possible. Thx fyzical

Lori Radke

The entire staff is awesome. Friendly, positive atmosphere. I would recommend them to everyone. I feel they work hard to get people back in shape. I want to thank them for helping me so much.


Gary Zaversnik

Was very satisfied with the results after a pec and shoulder strain. Scott, Heidi and the rest of the staff were very professional and fun to work with. Would recommend to anyone considering physical therapy.

Nancy Murphy

I am so grateful to the wonderful team at Fyzical. I can walk again, and I couldn't have done it without their help! My thanks to Kwame who welcomed me back and signed me up, Carmen who is always so friendly and registered me, Melissa who gave me a strengthening program I like, Sabrina who gave me the know-how to improve my balance, Danielle who taught me the stretch that gets my gait click-free and taped my knee to get the kneecap where it belongs, and Bill who assessed and advised and cared. I am thankful to everybody for all of this and for creating and maintaining the atmosphere that encourages and makes possible a happy recovery. My thanks to you all!

Steve Maggid

“THE BEST CARE YOU COULD EVER HOPE FOR! No words can truly justify our gratitude and appreciation for Bill Rolle, and the entire staff at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Center of Rockville . My wife and I have been patients there and members of their Wellness Program for 19 years!!! It is because of this brilliant and compassionate team that my wife is able to walk and even exercise!! She had a complicated femur fracture just six months after our daughter was born. We were not sure that she would ever be able to walk normally again or carry our new baby. Through Bill and the teams excellent care, she was ultimately able to walk normally again. A few years later I herniated 2 discs in my lower back. Once again, Bill and Sabrina were there to get me back in shape. We had joined the wellness program, and under Jenn and Melissa's talented care we were both able to exercise routinely again and get back into shape. They encourage and challenge us to work hard on maintaining our health. Through the years we have had occasional injuries and setbacks, and the whole team has been there with their expertise to treat us. Each and everyone there is professional and an expert in their field. They are caring and always going the extra mile to ensure that we are getting the best care. From Carmen at the front desk, to the assistants, they all treat us like family. We could not possibly thank them enough for all they have done for our family!” Drs. Steve and Mindy Maggid

David Davenport

I attended 5 weeks of physical Therapy after hip surgery. They are Very courteous. They are all about the patient and to make sure everything goes according to the Doctors plan. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know.

Masaru Maeno

Sandy White

Love how nice the staff is. Working with Lobat was awesome. She always makes me laugh


My mother is a patient. Her back pain is much less and her balance has improved greatly! Thank you to the caring and knowledgeable staff.

Tara Langdale-Schmidt

Very clean office. Went there for my pelvic floor issues which they were able to assist with. Thank you.

Anita Pierce

I love this plac! The staff is caring knowledgeable and compassionate appointments are always on time and they're ready to help you in any capacity my hat goes off to the people at physical vestibular therapy God bless them all

Brahmaiah Jarugumilli

A fantastic experience that helped my severe vertigo and imbalance to a much better state. Grateful to Dr. Lobat patiently and steadily driving my progress very professionally and diligently.

Dawn Masuda

Susan Ure

This place is Awesome, the best, aware and talented therapists I have ever been treated by and there have been a few in my past. They are kind, compassionate and listen to what your concerns are. The front receptionist is organized and does an awesome job also. R.J. General Manager, has an excellent staff and cares about his staff and patients. I also see Annie one on one for Pilates. She is a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist. My improvement from my treatments make me so hopeful about getting better. I wish I could see her every day! Any doubts you have about therapy, the entire staff at FYZICAL will change your mind and make you better!! Give them a won't regret it

Susan Miller

Scott is great. So is everyone else.

Lin Aung

Samantha Reznicek

Janelle Ziegenfuss

I’ve had lower back pain for years. Finally decided to try physical therapy and this place is amazing. The therapists are so knowledgeable and professional. The equipment is top notch. I’ve been getting PT for about 4 weeks. I’m not completely pain free but I’m definitely on the road to that and for the first time in years I believe that is really possible. Thank you Fyzical!

Glenn Barrett

Omaha Longhorns

They are a great bunch of people who really care about your well-being.

Kirsten Arredondo

The staff at FYZICAL is truly compassionate. There is a genuine concern for my health and well being. They openly discuss options on my treatment and we make decisions together on next steps. It is a refreshing change to healthcare in the valley!

Chris Schroeder

Great friendly careing staff to help you through your healing process

Kathy Conrad

This is the best wellness center!

Eugene Lazar

Chickie T

I came to Fyzical by referral from my Primary Care Physician. I was uncertain as I walked through the doors as I expected more of a medical facility. It is far from that and offers so much for Vestibular Balance that I needed. After getting started I found the facility quite impressive and the staff is fantastic. They are very detailed and thorough. I have gotten very personalized care and can't say anything but good things about it.

Bill Quigley

The therapy area needs a privacy wall between it and the waiting area... you feel like you are in a fishbowl while getting therapy.

Cente Luis

The best

Heidi Teahon

Nancy Nesser

I had been dizzy for 10 months before I finally got referred to them and got results. I had seen several doctors and none of them offered me any relief. The physical therapist immediately figured out the problem the first time I went in! She continued to work on the correction until I had no residual dizziness. Now I am progressing through their proprietary therapy and making great strides. I also have Parkinson’s Disease and they are incorporating some therapy for that as well. lf you need balance therapy or help with Parkinson’s ask your doctor for a referral.

Alan and Eleanor Singer

I have been coming to Fyzical for one year and will be forever grateful for all they have done for me. I saw Danielle for Balance Training after experiencing three falls and three concussions in 3 1/2 years. She is extraordinary as is Linda who I saw for hip bursitis. In nearly 84 years of living , having two hip replacements, a partial knee replacement, spinal decompression, plus garden variety orthopaedic issues, I have seen many physical therapists at a variety places too numerous to count. Fyzical is the finest; nothing or no one comes close. Thank you to everyone for a superb experience and extraordinary outcome.

Muriel Curry

Mary Norris

I have had a very god experience at Fysical for two different types of physical therapy and will return. It is a new place and the therapists are all very upbeat and encouraging. It feels much friendlier than normal PT places.

scott bahe

Kieth Boetel

Scott was fantastic with reducing my back pain.

Heather Warner

I would recommend Fysical therapy and balance center to anyone. My therapists Heidi and Scott have gotten me back to enjoying activities with my family. When I started I had constant pain in my neck and headaches. I'm happy to say I am pain and headache FREE!

Leah Kolar


Jess Nanar

Lee Mendenhall

Love Eric and Kaitlin both very skilled at their profession

kelsea faust

Edward Smith

Pam Welch

I want to thank Scott, Heidi, and Samantha for being so nice, helpful, knowledgeable, and motivating in working with me to get back to normal. Going to see them each time was a pleasure and I felt encouraged and successful. Thanks again!

E Ann Peet

This place is awesome, like going for a workout with a bunch of friends. Everyone is so nice and helpful, I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!

Sarah M.

I cannot thank this team enough. They have been with me through it all -- my foot pain, my knee pain, and now my headaches. It was Dr. Chelsey who helped me realize I did NOT have tarsel tunnel. She also her who helped me diagnose the post concussive syndrome that has been plaguing me for 7+ years. This is truly one of the best teams you can hope to have on your side. They care about your health, well-being, and will do what it takes to get you back to pain free life. They also tend to you one on one, which I really appreciate. There's someone with you the entire session. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Go to them!

Sara Carter

I did not care for Amber who checks your hearing and tests your eyes with the googles!! She called my name from the waiting room and did not look to happy! She brought me into the treatment room and just shuts the door and says I’m Amber I’m going to put these testing goggles on you now! And does not explain to me first what the procedures she is going to do entails ! I removed the goggles and told her I’m an RN and why is she not explaining to me first what she is going to do before just slapping this googles on me and putting them very tight on me! She had a bad attitude also!

Jennifer Wall

Awesome place!!! Working with them is easy and they truly care!!! Amazing group of people!!! Highly recommend this place!!!

Juice Man

Right next to Primerica office

Christi C.

Physical therapists are friendly, but billing is a nightmare. If they use an ice machine named Game Ready and you have BCBS they will code it for pain, even when you state you have zero pain and insurance will not cover it. Billing department unwilling to look at chart/recode and not a patient advocate. Don't go here unless you have hundreds of dollars to pay for ice.

Tom Travels

The staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient focused. The therapy sessions are informative and every therapist I have encountered are genuinely interested in the patient's well being and work to resolve the issue at hand. The front office team members are courteous and are pleasant. They try to accommodate your schedule and and are proactive in working you in. Simply the best group I have ever worked with and I trust them completely. The owner has certainly imparted his professionalism on those who work with him. Great group! Terrific care!

Trentin Jones

This place is awesome! I personally know the owners and can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism and good character. I definitely recommend checking them out for yourself!!!

Stacey B

Laura Roman

Awesome staff, very nice and supportive! They absolutely helped me get better and reach my goal! Definitely recommend this place!

J Jac9300

Highly recommend an evaluation here. My mother was evaluated for balance and fall risk and the Physical Therapists are very professional and thorough and have taught my mom a lot. My mom has really made a lot of improvement with building strength and balance which has helped her confidence level being out and about navigating through parking lots or busy, crowded places. This has really helped her be less fearful about staying active. My mom had such good results I decided to get evaluated too in order to maintain strength and balance and prevent future issues. I am so glad I did! They are very thorough and give you exercises to build strength and maintain function, balance and independence. I really can't recommend Fyzical highly enough!!


Caring and professional staff.

Mo Smith

They have a great staff and they are flexible with scheduling. A great experience

Liz Peet

Friendly people, really know what they're doing. They let me know what each stretch is for, and show me the progress I've been making with regular measurements.

Alannah Ariel

Words cannot describe the relief from pain and dizziness I have felt since day one at Fyzical. The staff is awesome, the methods used to treat are so beneficial and my overall health has done nothing but improve since I have been here. I began treating after an auto accident that left me dizzy and in so much pain. All I can say is Thank you to this wonderful staff!!

Linda Beckman

One visit solved my dizziness problem!

Spencer Parness

Due to surgery my balance was not steady. I went to Fyzical as my Doctor suggested for a period of 8 weeks at 2 times per week. I was evaluated by the head therapist and he explained the method of treatment he would recommend to improve my balance. All the therapists I worked with for each 30 minute session were very professional and very knowledgeable in how to give me the best exercises need to restore my balance. I was totally cured and I will miss their care and guidance.

elizabeth peet

Getting better isn’t just about going through the exercises, it’s also about positive attitude and a team of people helping you overcome the struggles and setbacks. Scott and his team are fun and inspirational and have helped me to feel better when I was feeling my worst. I definitely recommend them!

Amanda VanVeen

This review is mainly for Iris, their massage therapist. I have seen her twice now and my back feels much better than previously. My posture is also better after our last session. She asks what you want to focus on each time, keeps the room dimmed and calming, and checks on you throughout (but not too oftsn) to make sure the pressure is okay. I will definitely continue to see her.

Celeste Cheatham

Dj Kawecki

Only place I would ever Go for physical therapy!! Very friendly and helpful! Thanks for all ur help

Maureen Bognar

I have been greatly helped by the therapist in attendance who ensures that he works diligently on my shoulder. I feel a lot better than when I first walked in. Thank you.

Madeleine Scott

Fyzical has high level vestibular and balance programs. I would highly recommend!

Karri Maloney

I recently had an early morning appointment with the Henderson location. For 30 minutes I waited for my appointment to begin and it is a 40 minute appointment. While I waited, I did some exercises on my own. They're unprofessional and not really geared for people who want to see progress in their rehab, not to mention when I made a complaint to the "Doctor ", she defended, and cosigned his dishonesty. If you are in need of serious physical therapy for an injury or something like a knee replacement or something, time is of the essence. I strongly recommend that you look else where, and save yourself time, money, and frustration. There were other instances also. I guess it is a lesson in what happens when you let things slide.

Sapphyre Wolf

I have had issues with my knee since I got hit by a car in 1997. Scott and Heidi have done a great job in helping find therapies that help ease that pain and exercises to strengthen it so that I can be more active. I started going here after my daughter had great results as well.

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