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REVIEWS OF Forever Fit Physical Therapy & Wellness IN Maryland

A Google User

I used this location for PT from a broken collarbone and fractured hip I incurred in a bicycle accident. My PT was Erika Meusenberg and she was excellent. Very caring, thorough and knowledgeable. She restored my shoulder ROM to where it's better than my uninjured shoulder. This was done with a combination of truly hands on joint actuation work, massage and dry needling. I also had a session with La La, another PT there, when Erika was out ill. She was also great.The staff there is also very friendly and helpful. The assistants are there to help the patients with their exercise routines after the PT has worked with the patient. They are either graduates in PT or current undergrads,. I have been involved in sports and related pursuits all my life and am very happy to have gone there. I can now get back to my pursuits and I picked up a great set of exercises that I can continue to use in the future.

Rockie C

I have been going there for couple of years and it is a wonderful place. The people are very nice and do look out for what really best for you. For anyone who is looking for physical therapy this is the place to go.

Sarah Porter

Kevin Smith

I'm pleased with the service.

Kathy Cook

I have received physical therapy from Forever Fit for several different issues. Each time the issue has been accurately diagnosed and ultimately resolved in a timely manner with the knowledgeable therapy from both the physical therapists and the PT techs. All the staff at the practice are professional and friendly with a high degree of customer service. It is well managed and provides excellent physical therapy while being respectful of your time with all appointments taken as scheduled. I highly recommend Forever Fit.

Garett Taché

Excellent staff. Lala & Christine are very knowledgeable and great to work with.

C Hough

I’ve been very impressed with my experience here. I highly recommend Erika. She came up with the right plan to get me on the road to recovery quickly. With Erika’s experience and Colleen's assistance on my exercises, I’ve been able to work on my progress at home. I didn’t expect to be this far along already. As a business owner, it’s clear to me that this is a well managed operation in every aspect.

julie ramirez

Dr. Choose is an awesomely patient and very experienced PT! So happy to have found her and thrilled with how much she has helped my knee!

Sara Fry

LaLa really helped me close the gap with my diastasis recti. I was really pleased with how the staff accommodated me, including 2 kids 3 and under in tow when I came for therapy. I also appreciated the flexibility their hours allowed and the online access to exercises resources to help me stay on track.

Kat S

I’ve had an absolutely amazing experience working with Erika and receiving dry needling at Forever Fit! I’ve had neck and upper back pain for the majority of my life due to postural issues. When I became ill with an infection, the pain became unbearable due to muscle spasms, which also contributed to severe migraines. Erika suggested we try dry needling- and it changed everything! Massage, acupuncture, and other medical interventions with neurologists were insufficient to even touch the pain, but dry needling provided miraculous relief. It not only addressed the new acute pain, but also the pain I’d had my whole life. Erika is a very experienced, kind, and compassionate physical therapist. I simply can’t say enough good things about the clinic and highly recommend them!

olufunmilola adewumi

It really help me alot and I will recommend forever fit physical therapy to everybody

Pritma Irizarry

I had a c-section in December and was curious to find out more about how women recovered from that type of major surgery. I found out about pelvic floor PT and made an appointment to see LaLa Cho at the Burtonsville office. 10 weeks later and I am so much more ahead in my recovery and healing than I would have been had I not done the physical therapy and tried to just do it on my own - I probably would have hurt myself too in the process if I was on my own. From my first appointment, LaLa helped me to better understand my restrictions and the challenges that would face me during this recovery period. The education alone was so helpful. However, I my rating is more based off on how effective and supportive LaLa was was a physical therapist. Being a postpartum patient came with a lot of stress and emotion for me. I didn't know what was going on with my body or why I couldn't do certain things which made me feel extremely vulnerable and upset at times, and I was still adjusting to new motherhood, trying to manage my time/sanity, and transitioning back to work as well. LaLa listened to me each week and took her time to address my physical needs as a patient. She coached me on how to speed up my healing at home, and made recommendations that were realistic and attainable for my lifestyle. I am so much stronger and confident today because of LaLa's guidance and therapy and I am grateful to have been able to find such a personable and relatable therapist who also really knows her stuff. And LaLa is just fun and awesome as a person! :-D Another note about the practice in general - the office staff were great and the PT aids were wonderful as well. Thank you to everyone at Forever Fit PT!!! <3

Tommy Tavenner

I came to Forever Fit with, literally, a PAIN IN THE NECK. The condition was chronic and most irritable. Erika patiently and diligently worked with the entire neck and shoulder area to get me back to a stable condition. Erika used manipulation, dry needling, massage and other exercise-related procedures to bring me back to my Comfort Zone. When Erika was not available, she placed me Christine, as careful and professional as Erika. And the support staff is AMAZING!!!! Highly recommend this office for any/all physical therapy needs!!!

Valorie Herbert

I was referred to Forever Fit by my physician and I am very please with his recommendation LaLa Cho is a excellent physical therapists she is very knowledgeable passionate, nice and caring. She's always concerned about how you feel. I would refer anybody to go see LaLa Cho. Your great LaLa thanks for working with me I really appreciate everything your doing to help me back to a full recovery.

William Schell

Arthritic hip feels so much better When I finally went to my ortho for my aching hip and back I thought I would be getting a hip transplant very soon. He recommended Forever Fit for physical therapy. Best move ever. It took a few sessions before I started to notice improvement. Dr. Ciara Pickles would coordinate each workout based on questioning me about progress, pain and mobility since our last session and also on my home workouts she prescribed. After a few sessions improvement became more noticeable. After 12 sessions I have been on my own for over a month now and know to reduce pain and increase mobility I have to follow the workouts she prescribed for me. So much better at this point in my life than a replacement. Thanks to Ciara and Forever Fit

Michael Linton

Working with Erica on my shoulder rehabilitation was very informative

Sharone Gray


Liz Balog

Wonderful care and Erica M is so knowledgeable and great to work with. Best care ever. Highly recommend.

Jan Tannen

I've had three joint replacements in a little over 2 years and could not have survived the challenging rehabilitation without the help of the supportive staff at Forever Fit in Burtonsville. Special kudos to LaLa Cho who was there for me every step of the way . . . literally! I also recently tried a deep needle treatment with Erika Mesenbourg and confident I will see excellent results. She is a true professional as well. I highly recommend Forever Fit!

James Gruber

Outstanding!! The staff here is professional, friendly and determined to make you better. I looked forward to my sessions and made a full recovery. I can't thank them enough.

Cathleen Carey

Great experience! I went here for my knee that has been giving me issues for 8 months. I worked with multiple of the PT's there, though mainly with Krista (who is AWESOME!) No matter who I worked with, the care was phenomenal. I loved the easy-going social atmosphere along with the needed care. I hope I don't have to go back, but if I do get injured again, I would definitely come back here!

Carol Stewart

Very professional team! Christina was awesome.

Donna Karlsons

My experience at Burtonsville has been great. I came with a difficult hip injury and Erika patiently worked with me as I wanted to continue some level of activity throughout our treatment. She added in dry needling and it was literally the turning point I needed to finally get this injury moving in the right direction. Healing is a long and slow process, but with a dedicated therapist that keeps at it and most importantly tries different exercises and stretches to make things better - I was lucky to find her! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome as I am back to doing so many of the workouts I love to do! Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!

Anne Hornsby

I have had hip and lower back injuries. Erika M. has been a fantastic PT, and I've healed. She adapts exercises to suit my body and my needs at the time, and she can do this because she really understands which muscle does what, and is highly knowledgeable in general about multiple aspects of the body. What a difference after treatments with her. Highly recommend her and Forever Fitness!

Derek Jackson

I've had a great experience with Forever Fit in Burtonsville. I have a hip injury that's not very common along with related pain in my back and elsewhere. I searched extensively for a PT who could handle a challenging injury like this. Erika came highly recommended, and she's lived up to the billing. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and her treatments and program have made a huge improvement for me. She, Colleen (who usually leads me through my exercises), and the rest of the staff there are always very warm, supportive, and helpful. I HIGHLY recommend Erika and her team!!

Ondrej Sroba

I highly recommend Forever Fit in Burtonsville, MD and all it's staff. Erika Messenbourg, DPT is the most helpful and knowledgeable physical therapist I have ever had. I received treatment for my back and elbow pain and now I am in remission. I would return to this location without hesitation if I need physical therapy again. Thank you, guys, you are an awesome team!

Julie Morris

Thanks to Dwight and the other folks at Forever Fit, I'm well on my way to a full recovery from my injury. Dwight was a great PT, very informative and understanding. I've been to a lot of PT's and this was definitely one of my best experiences yet. Without a doubt would recommend Forever Fit!

Robert & Karen Cassagnol

Thirty eight years of nursing had taken a toll on my back, but with stretching, needling and strengthening, Erika got me back in shape. My experience with Erika was outstanding. She is kind, patient and encouraging, but like a good coach, has expectations. Be aware, physical therapy is a commitment and if your not willing to do the work, don't waste their time and yours. I spent 11 weeks at Forever Fit allowing me to observe all of the staff. They are a great team, competent and dedicated to their work!

Sydney Thom

I had the pleasure of working with PT LaLa Cho. I was referred to her by another patient of hers. As a new mother that's just a few months postpartum with weak hips and abs, she gave me very helpful tips and exercises for me to do with her and at home. The print outs were especially useful. The printouts came with images of real people completing the exercise with detailed steps and reminders next to the image. Each visit LaLa walked me through all the exercises and those to do at home. She was also encouraging and realistic about what recovery looks like. She's a fun personality in general and easy to talk to. I'd recommend any new mother (particularly those who've recently given birth) and women looking for a great women's health pelvic program to check out LaLa.

David Grosh

I had struggled with shoulder pain for years and after getting treatment here I am finally able to return to the activities I used to enjoy. Erika is incredibly knowledgeable about injuries, I highly recommend her! I also learned a lot about what not to do throughout the day and when I'm involved in sports or activities to prevent injuring it again. Also the rest of the staff here is very helpful and friendly.

Bryan Gard

My back and leg pain are much improved thanks to the PT's at Forever Fit. The whole process was made as simple as possible so that I could focus on improving my pain level with proper workouts and movements.

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