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REVIEWS OF Fitness Forum Physical Therapy-Annapolis IN Maryland

Ted Armour

I sincerely want to thank and commend all the staff and therapists at Aquacare Physical Therapy- Fitness Forum of Maryland for the 24-plus sessions of therapy. I received. Thanks to their attention I am now much more comfortable. My chronic balance problems, muscle and back pains, neuropathy, and general lack of mobility are now either resolved or reduced and bearable. The introduction to Anodyne Therapy was great and I have purchased a personal Anodyne for home use for my continued diabetic neuropathy treatment. The therapists and the assistants were always attentive and helpful. They treated me as both a patient and a person. I am a combat related service connected, medically retired Army veteran. The treatment, concern, and care I received at Fitness Forum was superb and better than any I received in military and Veterans Administration facilities. Thank you so very, very much! Fantastic friendly professional staff. Best PT ever.

Sarah B

I would highly recommend the PT programs at Fitness Forum PT in Annapolis to anyone with sports injuries or looking to prevent injuries. Both of my daughters showed great improvement in their jump and running form after completing the ACL injury prevention program. Genevieve makes it fun for the kids and they look forward to going to see her. The rest of the staff is very friendly and they are always on time with appointments. A++++++++++++++++!!!

Jan Taylor

Tiara Smith

This place is the best my son had knee surgery on his MCL an without the rehabilitation he got at fitness forum his knee would be still really weak an pop out of place But he is now better than before he plays football an don't have to wear a brace anymore thank to fitness forum the best I know Thanks Gen Good-Malloy for all you did to help my son

Rex Belcher

This place is great they got me in immediately rearrange schedules called with cancelled appointment so that I could get treatment as quickly as possible the therapist were very understanding and make sure they explained everything completely so that I can understand it and treatment has gone well nothing but Improvement Best decision I ever made to cross the bridge to Annapolis for treatment can't go wrong here they're the best

Alice Christman

They focus on pain relief and functional fitness. This means: you will feel better AND be armed with the tools to keep feeling better after you move on (sadly because they are so nice). I went in for a bad neck and came out with a new perspective on how to strengthen the right muscles to stay healthy. I also know they are a resource if things act up again. I am SO grateful they are here - not only do they get PT but they are also incredible about checking on insurance and managing the admin side. So impressed. AND they are open at all kinds of hours. This is your PT.

Paula Vercammen

While the services provided were adequate, the billing and customer service leaves much to be desired. I was told they did not accept my insurance, but could pay $75 out of pocket for the visit. When I got to my appointment, they asked for my insurance anyway and said they would submit it to see how much would be covered out of network. I received a bill for $260, of which my insurance covered less than half and now they are making me pay the balance - not the $75 they told me it would be since I let them submit it to my insurance (their recommendation). Billing department and local office unable to do anything to help, didn't get back to me when they said they would, AND I am being charged for a service ($130) that nobody can seem to tell me what it is for and the person who performed it is on maternity leave, so I would have to wait until she returned. By then, I'll be in collections. Would not recommend unless you clearly know up front what you are being charged and get it in writing. How can they bill insurance $260 for something they would accept $75 out of pocket? No wonder insurance costs so much money. Very frustrating.

Martha Myers

Staniya Garrett

Fitness Forum Annapolis is a great place to go for physical therapy. I dislocated my knee in school from dancing. Ms. Gen work it out for me so I was able to go back to dance. Thank You so much Ms Gen!!

Paul Bennsky

I have only been for 2 weeks of PTand I feel that it is helping with the problems with my spine and right leg with both the water and land PT. I have been working with Michelle and she is great to work with. I tell my friends about your service that you all offer. Thanks Roberta

Gina Calabrese

Fitness Forum has the most knowledgeable, helpful staff!

Stanya Garrett

I have been a Client of Fitness Forum Annapolis for some time now and all the Staff I have dealt with is nice , friendly and very knowledgeable. I will definitely have to say it’s because of their Director/Lead Therapist Ms Gen GoodMalloy!! Wow she’s so sweet, so thoughtful and extremely compassionate with all I see her indulge with. Ms Gen’s aura is felt all through the facility and she has taught her Staff quite well!! Being hurt is a upsetting moment but going to Fitness Forum and having Ms Gen as your therapist makes the healing process bearable. Thank You

Maggie Peterson

FItness Forum Annapolis made recovering from injury as enjoyable as it could possibly be. The entire staff was very knowledgeable and encouraging throughout the process. I will definitely be recommending to any friends in need of PT.

Linda Huffman

Michael Monahan

The folks at Fitness Forum are friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I got to work with several of the therapists there and was happy to get to know them and get each of their different perspectives. They listened to me about my problems and my goals. I would definitely return there for PT again.

jane good

Very well-run Physical Therapy practice with knowledgeable and compassionate therapists.

Mike Walden Plumbing

Monica Pasko

Saint Andrew's Admissions Office

Wonderful people!

Bridget Burgess

Great! 5 Stars!

Robert Dalton

Jimmy Romero

The best!

liz beatty

The staff is super friendly. They go the extra mile. The Therapist’s bedside manner is Simply Awesome. She’s so caring. You just want to be a part of the family. You feel the Love. ❤️

Michael Melton

As a "stubborn boy", I rarely like to go to the doctor. After weeks of experiencing a sore back, I took the advice of a close friend and called Fitness Forum and made an appointment. I was skeptical at first, but after my first appointment with Tara, I felt better! I continued to receive treatment over several weeks, always working with Tara or Gen, and after a while, I was pain free! Everyone at FF was fantastic and pleasant to deal with, but Tara and Gen specifically deserve a huge shout out for turning this stubborn boy into a believer when it come to PT services. I will absolutely return I ever experience similar ailments.

Jason Corrigan

Tara Collins was my Physical Therapist for my Lymphedema Treatment. Her passion, professionalism, and welcoming personality made it very comfortable to engage in treatment. She is very knowledgable about Lymphedema and makes it easy to understand as she walked me through treatment. The entire team at Fitness Forum is second to none! Every person has a heart of gold and it is like a fun family gathering with purpose when you walk through the doors!

Tonya Finnegan

Carla is a wonderful PT! She will push you to do your best!! I will miss her!

Fred Etzel

Very friendly staff all in one visit

Susan Dirren

Michael Siehl

They have nice Therapist> And they are opened 6 days a week and most of the Holidays AACPS.

winsome duncan

Emily McAuley

Efficient. No wait times. Friendly staff. Professional in their field. Excellent P.T.

Shannon Doyle

I have been seeing Carla since July 2018 neck pain and migraines, and have been treated via dry needling and traditional PT exercises. Fitness Forum staff members are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, and genuinely care about your well-being. Carla in particular has been exceptionally attentive and caring. She is very experienced with PT and dry-needling, and works with you each week to ensure your treatment plan is helping you improve. I am so grateful that my neurologist referred me to Fitness Frum, and that I'm lucky enough to be able to work with Carla each week. My head and neck pain have greatly improved over the last few months, thanks to my treatment from Carla at Fitness Forum, combined with treatment from my neurologist. I have gone from 3-4 severe headache days per week, to an average of 1-2 every other week. I highly recommend Fitness Forum for PT, and especially Carla for dry needling.

Cindy Borchardt

Easy parking and appointments.-)

Sandra Cawley

Very nice, caring, my physical therapy has been really helpful.

Andrea kiel

Jen, Lisa and the entire staff have been absolutely wonderful and kind,.

Natalie Spong

The therapists at Fitness Forum have helped me get back into shape after two knee surgeries and a couple of back surgeries. They are knowledgeable, use a variety of techniques, and are encouraging and supportive. There are so many Physical Therapy groups around Annapolis, but I keep going back here because they're great.

Diana Davis

Sara Carpenter at the Fitness Forum is amazing. I started seeing her a couple of weeks ago for a low back injury and she provided exercises that have really strengthened my body. The pain has improved and I’m able to do more with my small children. She is great at listening to what her patient needs. She gave me exactly what I needed within limits. A wealth of information!

Bonnie Greenberg

Amy Scheib

Charlie Stinchcomb

Great therapists!

Sue Schneider

staff was great.Individualized my care plan

paul winter

Margaret spent more time on my case than any doc did Should be 6 stars Thanks very much

Keziah Watkins

I highly recommend this place to anyone who need a great physical therapist...I love coming here but I'm being discharged today so i'm feeling sad because i'm going to miss the staff here... I'm doing so much better thanks to Carla... Carla is a amazing therapist and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a good physical therapist . She's friendly , caring, thoughtful, patient, helpful and she always gave me the right exercises to do to make my knee stronger..... Thanks for a wonderful experience at Fitness Forum

Anastasia Samaras

Jeannette Twigg

I came here 6 weeks ago for knee and back pain and its the best therapy I have ever received!!! The staff takes their time and listens to you so they can individualize the treatment. They offer different modalities like water therapy, dry needling, pelvic exercises and regular PT. The therapists are really well qualified, I worked with Lisa Zimmerman and Christina Prince specifically and they are amazing. The PT techs, Jimmy & Sydney are really helpful and personable. The front desk staff are great and efficient. I would really recommend you try this business if you need physical therapy of any kind. Thank you Fitness Forum for leading me out of pain so I can be more active and on my way to better health!!

Thomas Eades

I am very satisfied with my experience. Carla, and the crew were extremely polite and made coming to therapy enjoyable.

Fred Batzold

Marguerite Tallant

Kyle Acker

Best run clinic I've ever been to. Staff is knowledgeable and kind, was able to explain everything to me while being super patient. Gen and Tara are the absolute best, hated having to get surgery but not dreading my recovery specifically because of those two.

Patty Shreve

Valerie Hartwell

Loved the professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring staff!

Raymond Bourgeois

Lisa Zimmerman is an outstanding physical therapist and I highly recommend her. She has been specifically treating me with dry needling for severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders and, for the first time, I have received lasting results. I am grateful for her bright and caring nature and her expertise.

Leslie Byrne

These people are the best in the area. I have had a lot of experience with PT over the years. Some of the places even cause more damage. Be wise in your selection.

Mardell Mullaly

Barb Carey

David Paad

Fitness Forum is a small busy practice. But, the Physical Therapist is never to busy to provide un-hurried therapy. They have always started my treatment on time. I also appreciate the warm "Hello" when I arrive. A professional P.T. practice for great physical therapy.

Martha Harwood

John Schorpp

The staff at Fitness Forum is very professional and courteous, and their services are therapeutic and effective.

Jennifer Terry

Such a great office ! Staff was amazing and made my son very comfortable . Especially Gen Good-Malloy . Means a lot when people work so kind and great with children that are in pain. Thanks guys

Mark Wiggins

August Kruelle

I have been to several physical therapy facilities over the years, but in my opinion Michelle Rude is the best therapist that I have encountered. She is thorough in her analysis, very talented and professional. Obviously knows her craft well. I would not hesitate to recommend her (and have).

Grant Dehart

Mary Doerschner

Millie Steel

Carla was very thorough.and very professional. Loved her personality.

Holly Baca

Karen Rees

Linda Basiliko

Gen is so knowledgeable about so many conditions and takes extra time To make sure you are making progress all the time . I feel so strongly about the skills and caring attitude of the people here that I referred my sister here.

Stella MacDonald

Fitness Forum in Annapolis deserves 5 stars. The staff is very professional and friendly. I received exceptional care and was pleased with the treatment given. They helped me gain my confidence back after my accident. I would certainly return if the need arose.

Billie Chappelear

vickieann717 .

I have had to visit this business twice for different injuries and both times I have received exceptional service. The staff is very friendly and go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Lisa is great at Dry Needling and Karen does excellent Rib Work.

Michelle Schneider

Tara is awesome! Kind, caring, knowledgeable of woman’s issues. Only after a few sessions with Tara I can see improvement.

sarah escalera

I was evaluated by Cristina and she was able to provide me a program to help with my SI joint pain. Besides Cristina I also saw Gen who specializes in dry needling and had the ability to further help with my discomfort. Both therapist are great! Also Audrey and Amy were always helpful and welcoming when i walked into the clinic. If anyone needs PT in the Annapolis area I highly recommended this clinic!!!

George Garrett

Fitness Forum in Annapolis is Awesome. I have been working with this Group of Great Therapists for multiple aches and pain, and if was not for Gen and Karen, I probably would not be able to walk. Gen was able to diagnose problems that the doctor who sent me to them didn’t see, and Amy is so awesome with billing and scheduling appointments you in timeframe that is best for you . Fitness Forum of Annapolis is Awesome.

Mike Pappas

The entire team at Fitness Forum makes you feel special when you are there. They really take the time to get to know you and work with you in a way that suits your personal situation and needs. Everyone is friendly from the time you enter until the time that you leave. This is the best PT experience I have ever had.

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