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REVIEWS OF Dr. Wesley Wang, PT, DPT, Physical Therapy For Athletes IN Maryland

Kathleen Taylor

Wesley Wang is the ACL (and PT) whisperer. Could not have gotten through my injury without him. He is so personable and really takes the time to get to know each of his patients. Every person's PT is different and he really emphasizes a safe and hardworking environment. I have returned to sport so confident because of the work I have done with him!! Even after I stopped physical therapy, he continues to make sure I am doing well and stronger than ever. You need a physical therapist? No. You need THE physical therapist and thats Wesley Wang

Claudia Rojas

Dr. Wang I’ve been out for 4 months because I injured my hip flexor. And all the other doctors were doing many things to figure out what’s wrong with it. But I decided I needed to go on to a more experienced person and someone who deals and treats others that have sport injuries. The first day I had an appointment with you, you knew what was wrong with me. It was my lower back pinched nerve. And no other doctor knew that. Not even with the MRI they couldn’t figure out my pain. But thank you so much for treating me right and making me a stronger person. I can use the excersises you have showed me for the future. I was out for four months but then I went to you for 3 weeks and now I’m back and I’m better. I will tell all my friends who have injuries to go to you because you know what’s right and what’s wrong for the specific injury. Thank you so much now I can finally sprint on the field without any pain. God bless you! I feel better than ever. Kevin

Jonathan Hsu

Wesley's awesome! I'm a professional dancer and injured my back 5 days before a show. He made time for me in his busy schedule and within an hour of working with him I was able to move my back again and performed with no problems.

Zee Kazi

I am a football player from Sweden with an ACL injury. I’ve been training with Wesley for about six weeks and it’s been amazing. My knee feels so much stronger now and I’ve learned a lot from him. To all the Injured athletes out there, Wesley is the man to help you get back to the sport you love.

Jacqui Moss

Wesley is not only an amazing physical therapist but also an amazing friend and someone easy to talk to. Wesley has helped me overcome numerous injuries. He always goes the extra step to ensure that I feel healthier walking out of a session. No matter it be seeing him for my torn ACL or for a sore hamstring, Wesley always makes sure to fit me into his schedule even if it means staying way later than he originally planned. He challenges you while being extremely supportive. I couldn’t ever imagine a better physical therapist. I highly recommend.

Emily Martin

Wes is the best! I came to him after 4 months of physical therapy at another place for my ACL. I was stuck in one place and I needed to pushed further if I was going to get back in time for my upcoming season. Immediately after working with him for just a few weeks, I could see changes in my physical appearance and my mental state. I gained more confidence throughout our sessions and I was continuously pushed and encouraged to do more than I thought I could do. He incorporated situations that I would face on the court which helped me gain a lot of confidence back. Without him I would be where I am today. I stepped on the court for the first time with 100% confidence that my knee was stable and I was able to do everything I could prior to surgery. Wes is unlike any physical therapist I have ever had and I’m so lucky that I got the chance to rehab with him. He is very knowledgable and professional. He made sure to answer any questions and fix any problems that I might have had. I would definitely recommend going to him for ACL rehab or any other injury!!

Elise Nikolich

I am recovering from an ACL reconstruction surgery and worked with Wesley immediately post op and for about a month 5 months from my surgery. In the one month working with Wesley twice a week at HealthyBaller, and went so much further than the 4 months prior with another PT. I noticed improvements in everything; I am now stronger, more mobile, and more confident. As a basketball player, working with him was really encouraging because he knows what it is like and how hard it can be. He pushed me but also reminded me not to push myself too hard. I would recommend Wesley for any type of injury but especially ACL. He certainly knows how to get it done!

Amanda Banfield

Dr. Wesley Wang is amazing! I’ve worked with a lot of PTs over the years for various injuries and my experience with him has been the best by far! He not only helped me feel confident and comfortable with my performance ability in my sport (soccer) after a severe ankle injury, but also created a fun and supportive environment every single session. It’s very clear that he loves what he does and truly cares about his patients and their success. I recommended him to my orthopedist for future patients and I will continue to recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a great PT.

Saud Siddiqui

Wesley is an incredible PT that will help you reach your goals. I had suffered from a chronic knee and shoulder injury that prevented me from being able to play sports and weight train. I tried multiple PTs (3 to be exact), and none were able to get me any progress. Wesley was able to sit down and really listen closely to my issues, was able to diagnose the problem, and then built a plan for me to recover and gain strength. I only spent a few months with him and made amazing progress. I can now play the sports I want to play and have been able to weight train safely and effectively.

Beth Ellinport

Without hesitation will always recommend Dr. Wesley to any recovering athlete. Have never met a more intelligent and passionate Physical therapist. Wants the absolute best for current and long term goals.

Eugene Becton

My experience with Wes was beyond expectation! I came to him with a hip flexor problem that had been hindering me all rugby season. After expertly tailored exercises and stretches I was able to strengthen and rehab my hip flexor to peak performance. I am grateful for his work, and I am back to playing at the competitive level I was at pre-injury

Elaina Jaffe

Wes is amazing! I reached out to him about pain behind my knee the week before a big field hockey tournament, and he was able to see me twelve hours later. He holds hour long sessions which allow plenty of time for rehab. We talked through what may have caused the injury, did some stretches, ran on the turf, and he was able to diagnose the injury and provide exercises to alleviate the pain. When advising me on how to prepare for my tournament with an injury, he considered the possibility of increasing the pain as well as the importance of my playing time which showed he cares about my lifestyle and not just recovery. After seeing him, he continued to follow up with me throughout the week to check in and see how I was doing. He's a great PT!

Grace McCormick

I am a high school lacrosse player and underwent corrective surgery last summer for a severe bunion which had caused me significant pain for several years. In order to fix the bunion, I had to have a plate, 5 screws, and 2 pins put in my foot. Eight weeks after surgery, I began PT with Wes twice a week. He was meticulous in putting together a program for me which allowed me to regain full mobility and strength in my foot. He approached my PT program looking at me as an athlete, not just getting me back to normal day-to-day activities, but assuring that I was properly prepared to return to the field. He made sure not just my foot had regained proper functionality, but that I also had regained ankle and leg strength to prevent future injury. I have had other PT experiences which did not compare to the care I received from Wes. I would recommend him highly to anyone recovering from injury or surgery, especially any athlete who wants to get back on the field stronger than they were before.

Madelijn Ewers

I’m a volleyball player and tore my ACL last year, Dr. Wesley was so helpful in directing excercises specifically for helping me get back to volleyball and regain my strength, he also gave me great tips for getting my head back in the game. Great experience, and couldn’t reccomend more for recovering athletes!

Karin Martinson

Dr. Wang and his team helped my daughter recover as quickly as possible from her injury -- a very thoughtful approach that allowed her be ready for playoffs. And best of all -- she loved to go. We decided to continue with strength training even though she is fully recovered because she got so much out of it. Highly recommend!

Paige Merz

My experience with Dr. Wesley Wang was incredible. I went to him about 6 months into my recovery and automatically saw huge improvements. He pushed me to work hard every day and he challenged me with sport specific excersizes that helped me feel comfortable when I got back to playing soccer. I feel 100% better now and I am back to playing full time. He is a great guy and a fantastic PT, 10/10 would recommend!!

Benjamin Jones

When I tore my ACL during the second game of the football season, I thought my knee would never be the same. Three days after my surgery I found Wesley. Right off the bat I knew that Wesley was on my side and was committed to getting me back to the game as soon as possible. Throughout my sessions with Wesley he was constantly encouraging me to do my best. After a couple of months my strength in my knee was back but my confidence wasn’t. There were sessions where I would give Wesley a funny look when he wanted me to execute some new move that utilized the cutting ability of my knee. After much hesitation on my end Wesley said “I would never put you in a situation that would put you’re knee at risk”. Wesley knew what I was capable of even before I was.Wesley helped me overcome both my physical and mental barriers during my ACL rehab. It’s been about nine months and sometimes I forget that I tore my ACL, not even a year ago. I would 100% recommend Wesley to anyone who needs a physical therapist.

Kristie Loo

A month ago, I started feeling frequent pains in my shoulder for weeks after playing volleyball. Seeing Wesley for 2 sessions was helpful and effective. He showed me different stretches and exercises that didn’t require much equipment, which made it easy to perform at home. Frequently incorporating those simple movements into my daily routine eventually led to my recovery. Wesley is super friendly and resourceful! He constantly puts his patients first and makes the most out of every session. Highly recommend finding him for sports related injuries!

Luke Calhoun

I went to Wesley for physical therapy for my ACL rehab. It was a great experience! Wesley was great and was able to get me ready to return to sports in the timeline I wanted. I made so much more progress with him than I imagined. Would 100% reccomend for any physical therapy, espcecially post ACL surgery!!

Pedro Rodriguez

Wesley was an awesome physical therapist! He helped me out with my ACL rehabilitation and got me back to playing basketball again. What set Wesley apart from other physical therapists is that he has experienced an ACL injury and rehab before. He knows what the journey is like and is with you every step of the way. He is great at motivating you and challenging you day in and day out. Beyond all that, he doesn’t just see you as a patient, when you are doing a session with him you are his priority. Overall, I had a great experience with him and highly Recommend him to anyone looking ACL rehabilitation physical therapy.

Abby Waldvogel

Had such a a great experience working with Wesley! In just 2 days I could really tell the exercises were working, he is a really great physical therapist and a super nice person.

Marshall Decain

Absolutely awesome to work with. Wesley came in everyday with great energy and a positive attitude working to move me forward in the right direction. He was without a doubt the sole reason I was able to make it back to season in time. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Lisa Byskov

I have had a series of sprains in the past year and Wesley has done an outstanding job of making sure that it would not cause permanent damage through many physical therapy exercises that I can do at home as well as right before a game etc. He is really good at making physical therapy a fun experience for the patient as well as forming a good relationship with the patient. I would highly recommend him.

Caroline Hertzberg

Wesley Wang is the best!! He helped me to recover and strengthen my groin after I strained it, and now I'm back, pain free and playing with confidence! On top of that, he has become a friend and I'm almost sad that my injury is feeling better because I always had so much fun going in for Physical Therapy! I highly recommend!!!

Annette O'Keefe

Best physical therapy experience I have ever had! Very professional and knowledgeable. Treated multiple of my injuries and rehabbed them fully. Cares a lot about patients. Best health care decision oh can make as an athlete with an injury is to come to see Wesley!

Ersin Levent

Wesley did a fantastic job working on my shoulder (torn labrum). With his help I was able to strengthen and stabilize the shoulder, instead of getting surgery. Wesley was very patient and attentive to my needs, and even took extra time outside of work hours to make sure I was progressing well, and to make sure that I could continue to improve even after my treatment was finished. He tailors his approach to fit the specific needs of every client he works with, so that the result is optimized no matter what your goals are

Jenna Troccoli

Dr. Wesley helped me work through both a quad strain and lower back problems. Not only is he super knowledgeable, he is also extremely passionate about physical therapy and determined to help his clients return back to full strength. His PT sessions are productive and he gave me specific strength exercises and stretches that I could do at home. I highly recommend Dr. Wesley!!

Kelsey Shea

Working with Wesley was a fantastic experience. I came to him with lower back pain experienced after lacrosse games and practices. He diagnosed the problem and worked with me to strengthen my back and core to correct the pain and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. His positive attitude and flexibility to work around my schedule made working with him fun and easy. Wesley’s unique approach is perfect for anyone recovering from injury.

Ashley Hong

I have had a series of ankle sprains/re sprains over the past 8 months causing lingering pain when I would play soccer or make lateral movements. Wesley made sure to watch my ankle extremely closely to see where it was truly at in terms of strength. I only went to see him 3 weeks before I left for college and in that short amount of time he gave me exercises to strengthen my ankle. He is amazing and i have already seen improvement.

Ellie Carson

I do not think I could get through my ACL injury without Wesley Wang. He goes so much further than any other physical therapist, passionate about the field, his patients, and constantly striving to learn more so that he can benefit those around him. He made my rehab his priority, and completely changed my knee for the better. Not only did he push me to physically get stronger, but he consistently helped me improve my attitude about the process overall and focus on what is important. I gained so much confidence in my knee and myself because of Wesley, and he continues to help from afar by checking in weekly with me now that I'm back at college. He is the best of the best, and anyone in the DC/MD/VA area would be better off by having the chance to work with him.

Sophie deBettencourt

I play basketball for my high school year round and during the spring, I run track to stay in shape. This year, I had shin splints that eventually developed into a stress fracture. I was in a boot for 6 weeks and then continued my rehab for a few weeks afterwards. Dr. Wesley was great for my rehab because he trained with me even while I was in the boot. I was able to keep up my strength training and he was great at finding accommodations for my injury. At all of our workouts, he was focused, attentive, and always made sure I got the most out of our time together. I highly recommend him for any athlete who needs PT!

William Kao

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Wesley Wang for my physical therapy (PT) after ACL reconstruction (patellar tendon graft) on my right knee (and also one meniscal repair and one partial meniscectomy – both of the meniscus were torn in the same knee). I am an avid recreational athlete who loves playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, and running – sports that involve a lot of running and cutting, and I wanted to be able to return to playing again without worrying about the knee. I learned that Dr. Wang had also experienced an ACL tear and had gone through the surgery and rehabilitation process himself. Having a physical therapist that knew exactly what I was going through was a great comfort during the PT process to build up my leg and knee strength again. I highly recommend Dr. Wang if you are looking for a physical therapist who will go above and beyond for your PT, and especially if you are a serious athlete. I really appreciated how during the PT process, Dr. Wang took the time to get to know me and my goals for PT, he answered all the questions I had, explained the benefit of every exercise I was performing, and how he kept adding new exercises to challenge my leg and keep my progress going. I am happy to say that I was able to return to playing the sports I love, and these days I don’t even think about my knee while I am in the middle of playing (which is great)! Afterwards, I am proactive about icing my knees for the future’s sake, but other than that I am thankful that I don’t have to worry much about the knee anymore.

Cristin George

Dr. Wesley has helped me so much this past year with any injury that I go to him with. I've had a great experience in PT with him, and this has allowed me to return to my sport fully. He also gives me great exercises to do before I play in order to prevent injury and strengthen my muscles. He is very thoughtful and truly cares about his patients. He checks in with me to make sure that everything is going okay and to make sure I am staying healthy! I would 100% recommend him to anyone seeking a Physical Therapist!

Frank Ortiz

Dr. Wesley Wang was an integral part of my recovery after struggling with hip, knee, and lower back pain for the past couple of years. It was very easy getting in touch and he was always quick to respond if I had questions. He helped me to identify and understand my weaknesses and where I was missing important ranges of motion and control. He tailored and clarified specific exercises that have changed my life/ perspective and helped me kick off to a new version of myself. Very grateful- Thank you!

Margaret Lohrer

I am a college athlete playing lacrosse at Boston University and just recently underwent FAI/labral repair hip surgery. Wesley is by far the best thing that has happened to me since I got surgery. I truly would not be where I am today without the help of Wesley. When working at Healthy Baller with Wesley I experienced the best combination of physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and speed and agility work. He is so passionate about what he does and is always ready to come in and work and make others better around him. I have now confidently stepped on the field for the first time since my surgery in August. One of my favorite parts was when Wesley ran me through a series of speed and agility drills that directly mimic lacrosse drills or even game-like scenarios. Wesley took into account my thoughts and responses to exercises, drills, and everything. He promoted a positive work environment and helped me stay positive throughout the whole process, which is something I had really been struggling with. Wesley has been the best physical therapist I have ever worked with.

Ellen Kiernan

Wesley is the absolute best PT anyone could ever ask for!! He always comes in ready to give his complete attention to make sure you get what you need out of your time at HB. He is one of the most devoted, caring, and genuine people I’ve ever met, and this truly resonates in his ACL program. He constantly checks in with his patients both mentally and physically to make sure they are ready to come back to their sport 150%. I would not be where I am now without Wesley Wang!!!

Lekha Kachoria

Wes has become more like a friend to me through my time working with him and is one of the best physical therapists in the area. He introduced to me exercises I didn't even know existed and really motivates me to go to my full extent during a workout. While keeping a strict professional life, he is still a very personable guy and stays in touch with his patients well. My experience with him was phenomenal and he would be my first recommendation to anyone that requires any PT!

Kathryn Koehl

Dr. Wang provided late phase ACL rehab for my 16 year old daughter who was recovering from a serious soccer injury. Dr. Wang established a great rapport with my daughter and provided a ton of ACL recovery insight in order to get Emma back to non contact and then full contact play. Dr. Wang was instrumental in providing guidance to our strength trainer on specific strengthening and mobility exercises which resulted in my daughter coming back stronger than ever. She is back playing soccer and looks even better than she did before the injury. Dr. Wang is one of the best ACL resources in the DC/VA/MD area and I recommend him highly!

Marley C

Dr. Wesley was amazing and very professional. A year after my surgery I was still in pain and very behind where I wanted to be. Three sessions after seeing Dr. Wesley my ankle felt better then I ever expected. I was able to stop wearing my ankle brace and feel sturdy and strong again. He really changed the way I could play.

Audrey Shebby

Dr. Wang was not only a terrific physical therapist identifying my daughter's issue and putting a plan together to address, he is also kind and very responsive. We were able to have her seen within 24 hours and timing means a lot with sports injuries.

claire kaplan

Dr. Wesley did a fantastic job in helping me come back from my injury and return to my sport at full strength. I would highly recommend him to any athlete seeking physical therapy for an injury!

Steve Shuman

My son is a dancer and was sidelined due to back pain. After several weeks of doctor visits and physical therapy elsewhere, he saw very little relief. On a recommendation, we visited Dr. Wang and after one session he felt much better. After two sessions he was back on stage winning awards and feeling great! I absolutely will recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who asks!

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