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REVIEWS OF Active Life & Sports Physical Therapy IN Maryland

Jackie Fullerton

I received exceptional care at this facility. When I started therapy I was in moderate to severe chronic pain and didn't know what to do to handle it in order to return to my activities of daily living. My therapist, Ian, helped me understand, accept, and work through my chronic condition more than any other professional, taking the time to talk and offer individualized suggestions to improve my holistic health. He also recommended unique services like dry needling, which was provided in the same facility. I now feel as though I have the tools I need to manage my condition and am in less pain than I've been since my failed surgery. I highly recommend making an appointment at this facility, it was one of the best decisions I've made for finding my footing on my path to recovery.

Laura Peet

Active Life and Sports is amazing! I had a streak of injuries in a 6 month period that required therapy for a dislocated elbow and fracture in my ankle. I mainly worked with Brooke during my long stint in physical therapy and she is an outstanding physical therapist. She is positive, encouraging and empathetic, outside of being a highly skilled professional. There were days that I wondered if I would never be able to do a simple task like wash my face again, but with her skill and encouragement she kept me progressing forward. On my last visit to my orthopedic doctor, he was happily astonished that I had recovered full range of motion in my elbow. I didn't realize at the time that this often isn't the case with these injuries, but this is what this group of PTs does and just one example of their attitude and skills. The entire team creates a warm and inviting environment at Active Life and Sports. By the end of my PT, I knew every employee that worked there and they knew me. This is not a typical experience as most of us know and I give great kudos to these employees for making the human side of the experience such a priority. Thank you all for everything and especially to Brooke. Yes Brooke, I am crying again as I type this because you know how emotional I get. Just like when I rang that bell for the last time when I was finally released from your care! You were my Rock for 6 months and I don't think that I can ever fully repay that debt. XOXO

Leigh Kessler

Joe Palmer of Active Life and Sports is the best physical therapist I have seen, bar none. After 2 years of suffering with a painful leg injury, Joe was able to get me pain free and back to running and playing volleyball. No other therapist was able to do that. Joe is the only physical therapist I would ever go to in the future.

Riley Simon

Ali is the best ever

Ines Horlacher

When I first began at Active Life, I was convinced that this was just a step I had to take before surgery and I told my PT Brooke that. She gave me a sweet smile and we just began working. Fast forward a few months and I don't think I have felt this good in years! Not only did Brooke listen to me and challenged me, she takes the time to get to know her patients. She was always very clear in her explanations and thoroughly answered any questions I had. I also had opportunities to work with some of the other therapists and each time I was met with someone who knew my situation which tells me that they took the time to read my file. The office ladies and "PTs in training" were just as wonderful and knowledgeable! Everyone works together to create an easy going, healing environment. The entire facility is very well run, always on schedule, never crowded, and very clean! They can't be beat!

Barry Smith

I would highly recommend the fine people at Active Life. They are cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable and above all, good therapists. I went to another therapy provider and was very disappointed in my physical progress. I felt I was wasting time and insurance money. I was in search of a new therapist. I was recommended to Active Life by a friend and I couldn't be happier with my physical progress. Brooke has done wonders for my shoulder pain. The other people there are very friendly and courteous too. I learned that not all therapy providers are the same. If you need PT, go to Active life. Brooke and her associates are the bomb!!! You will not be sorry.

bob b

Only 5 stars because I can't give 10. Ian is an outstanding and extremely knowledgeable therapist and all of the assistants are very pleasant and attentive.

Dave Whitson

Anna Fink

They are very professional. Even though the space appears a bit basic the therapists and staff have been really good. I feel that they have worked hard with me to recover.

msk1216 .

Dee Schindler

s. Meyer

Joanna Campbell

I am so glad that I found this place! I saw Mike and Kim for my sprained ankle, and not only were they knowledgeable about my underlying condition (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), but their staff worked with my crazy schedule to make sure I was getting the best care! The wide range of exercises and therapy options kept the appointments interesting, and their positive attitudes were infectious, which ultimately helps in the healing process. I will be requesting referrals to Active Life & Sports Physical Therapy for any other injuries that arise in the future!

Erin McDonald

Karen Richardson

I have been going on and off to Active Life & Sports PT for years. I've always had great physical therapists. Ian was my most recent therapist. He helped me with my lower back, shoulder and hip pain. Unable to sit for longer then 30 minutes without excruciating pain. That isn't the case anymore thank God and Ian. A few therapists also treated me for vertigo several times. The effects were immediate. My entire family uses Active Life and Sports PT when we need help. They are like a family to us. We can't thank them enough for all they have done for us. We would encourage anyone to go there. Only great experiences. Everyone is professional to say the least. Very thankful for all of the individuals who work in this field.

Renee Phillips

I highly recommend Active Life & Sports and their friendly, knowledgeable staff, for those needing physical therapy. Although I have worked with several of the staff to some degree (all of whom are very knowledgeable and friendly), the main therapist I see is Ellen Hangen. She is amazing!! I have seen her on three separate occasions- after a car accident, after knee surgery, and then the last was after experiencing basically a frozen shoulder. She saved me from having to have surgery on my shoulder!

Mike Zoran

Ray Tolentino

Everyone who worked with me was exceptional. They worked very hard to help me to be pain free. But, unfortunately Physical Therapy could not help this particular problem.

Ed O'Loughlin

I highly recommend Active Life and Sports for any physical therapy treatments needed. Many years ago I had a frozen right shoulder (adhesive capculitis), and AL&S was recommended by my doctor. After weeks of treatment I regained 100% range of motion in my shoulder. In March of 2016 my left shoulder had the same problem and I went back to AL&S because of my complete satisfaction years before. My assigned physical therapist was Ian Sikora who not only is an excellent PT but has an exceptional personality. Ian kept me informed about my condition, prognosis, reason for various treatment exercises and importance of continued home exercises. Everyone at AL&S is friendly and willing to help from the front desk to the guy who gets you a warm towel.

Denise Moreno

Very professional and knowledgeable staff from the receptionists to the techs to the therapists. Very nice and clean place.

Hilma Schleifer

Joan Marr

I have been a very active participant at Active Life & Sports for over one year. Having had two Rotator Cuff surgeries and then an Arthroscopic Knee surgery with complications, Brooke McIntosh and the staff at Active Life & Sports have always had my best physical & emotional interests first and forefront in their care of me. I will be spending much more time the coming year in their care and highly recommend if you are in need of physical therapy to make this your first and last stop. You won't be disappointed! They are truly AWESOME!

Carol Munroe

I came into Active Life and Sports the end of September 2016 unable to sit or walk due to a severe leg injury. Within 3 weeks Joe Palmer had me walking (with a cane) and sitting again. I have continued PT for 3 months and am amazed at the results. It is only with the encouragement of the friendly helpful staff, the expertise of Joe Palmer and confidence he has instilled in me that I have come this far. I highly recommend this place.

Tiffany Trice

Marie Gordon

Great place for PT. The staff is professional and very devoting to the patient.

Pat Mugrage

After going to several docs to aleviate my sciatic pain, no one helped. I was prescribed pain Meds, X-rays and a brace and a cane. Nothing helped. Asked to go to therapy at Active Life. They had previously helped with a different issue. They would be my last hope. After my first week, 3 sessions, I could tell a difference. My pain was lessening. After the second week, the pain was even more improved. I'm so happy I don't have to live my life around that pain. Sometimes I even forget it altogether. I'm still going to therapy and will continue until it's totally gone. Thanks to Mike Smith, I would recommend this company to all my friends and family......Pat

Mary Stapleton

I began seeing Christina Penny for a herniated disc in my lower back at Active Life and Sports and she was fantastic! I worked with Christina prior to, and after surgery for the herniated disc. She was very knowledgeable about the injury, the surgery and the recovery process. She also made it a priority to understand what my goals were with rehab and worked with me to safely incorporate all my favorite sports (running, biking and swimming) back into my life.

Bill Schafer

I had a nagging problem post hip surgery. Joe Palmer diagnosed the problem and in a few short weeks with only 2 appointments per week the problem has resolved. But what is better is that he has given me follow up exercises to get the hip into better shape than it was before I had a hip problem. There is no one there that does not seem to enjoy what they are doing. What a wonderful office. I recommend it to anyone that needs a good physical therapist

Alicia Dean

For the Lutherville location: You are in very good hands with Christina and the staff at Active Life and Sports. They helped my neck and back issues immensely. They are in a great location with easy parking. The office is very clean and they always take you on time. Christina P is very astute and takes her time in evaluating your issues and finding the right approach for healing.

amanda trombetta

All of the staff at Active Life and Sport are all very friendly and were extremely welcoming. They worked around my schedule and the therapist bent over backwards to make sure they were 100% doing whatever they possible could to help me out with my injury. I would highly recommend to choose them as your physical therapy.

Nawal Shafik

Sara Senter

These guys are fantastic and knowledgeable. Ian is the best!

Ernest Feist Jr.

I think the personal and every thing is great and I believe every one would enjoy going there.

Marcy Sortino

Jamar Russell

Staff is very knowledgeable!

Deb Offerman

Super helpful, knowledgeable, patient, and personable.

Morgan Barnes

I recently went to Joe for dry needling. I had a lot of pain/ soreness/ tightness in my hip flexor/ hip / oblique area. I tried to work it out on my own with a foam roller, stretching, and a massage, but the tightness remained. It got to the point where I was in pain with every step - running and walking. After the dry needling, I am a firm believer in it! The process was fairly uncomfortable, but it worked so well, I would definitely do it again. Within 48 hours, all of the pain and tightness went away and I put in 8 miles a few days later with no pain during the run or after. I would definitely recommend Active Life and dry needling.

Brian R

I have been very satisfied with the facility, the professional staff and the therapy I have received at Active Life. I felt as if I was a part of the therapy plan for my particular needs and recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Palmer and his associates for any physical therapy you may need.

Dolores Galagher

I am extremely impressed with the professionalism of the therapists and office staff at Active Life and Sports. As you walk in, you are greeted in a very friendly manner which sets the tone for the rest of the visit. The therapists are extremely qualified, and they are able to mix

Tasha Kearney

After months of therapy on my hip, which was first thought to be brusitis by the orthopedic, I was making improvements, but still had constant discomfort daily. Some days were worse than others but never a day without some sort of discomfort. The next diagnosis from the orthopedic was sciatica, a new course of therapy was in place. After a month, with little change or improvement, I was introduced to a technique called dry needling. Not gonna lie, it hurts but the results are well worth the short amount of pain that I endured. Joe Palmer is awesome!! After 4 sessions, I am just about pain free, finally! My journey has been a little over 8 months. Today, I no longer have constant, daily "toothache" style discomfort. I would recommend this technique to anyone who is having a set back in traditional therapy methods! Talk with Joe, he will guide you in the right direction. Thank you to all the staff and therapists at Active Life and Sports, you guys truly are a blessing!!

Mary Trotta

Michael Pollack

I would like to thank Ian Sikora and the staff of Active Life & Sports for the support and encouragement throughout my therapy. I am a 63 year old that had my Achilles Tendon reattached. From the start of how to use crutches the proper way going up and down steps with confidence to a full recovery of walking, my experience was excellent. From the friendly greeting at the front door to the smiles of all assisting therapist made my recovery easier to cope with, thanks again...

Robert Butera

I came to this facility for a shoulder issue and the therapist listened carefully to my symptoms before developing a care plan. He has kept me informed as to what to expect from the treatment. The staff was and continues to be very friendly, understanding, and attentive.

Robin M. Harris

Brooke is the absolute best! This was my second round of cervical spine surgery and she worked out every ache, pain and kink. I have had many rounds of therapy pre and post surgery and no one has ever been more passionate about what they do to get you feeling better. Thanks Brooke for bringing me back to life and sending me on my way better than I started.

William Cockey

Active Life and Sports is a terrific place if you need physical therapy. I have gone three times in the past five years and have had success each time. Each therapist is very thorough and detailed when it comes to setting a step by step plan while in the facility and while on your own. All the staff is super friendly. They have become my first choice for PT and all five members of my family have used them in the past 8 years for various injuries. Ian is my current therapist and he really takes his time and explains the process. I am on my way to quickly healing. My issues have been neck pain and frozen shoulder. My family members have had ankle, knee and shoulder related sports injuries. Thank you Active Life and Sports!!!

Shannon Pyles

I've gone to Joe Palmer at Active Life for a couple of running-related injuries now. He is a great listener and takes into account all of my symptoms. He used dry needling to treat nagging pain in my right Achilles, and the problem subsided. He provides exercises to strengthen the weak areas so the pain doesn't come back. I definitely recommend Active Life for anyone needing physical therapy.

Chris Ridgeway

Lets just say that this was recommended by friend and she was correct about this place. The staff is super friendly and are willing to work around your schedule. Ian is one of the therapist that worked with me and he was awesome. He gets to know you and your activities, that way he can get you back to what you love. For example: never heard of disc golf, he researched and came back to me the next visit with new stretches that pertained to this activity. Hoping not to need therapy anytime soon, but if I do I will be going back. Plus you get to hit a gong when you're fully recovered and who doesn't want to do that.

Susan Radtke

jennifer barrow

I recently strained my calf muscle at work, and was experiencing a lot of pain walking and doing regular day to day activities. I was told by my Orthopedic specialist that I would have to start physical therapy. However, from the moment I stepped through the door on my first day, until my last day of therapy, I knew I could count on seeing the smile and comforting conversation from my therapist Brooke! It did not matter how my day began, I knew once I left therapy for the day, that I would leave with a smile. Brooke helped me understand what extactly was wrong with my calf, and created a personal routine to work on during therapy and at home to help me recover and get back to work! Brooke's kind and caring ways made me become very comfortable and actually enjoy therapy, even dry needling days (which I secretly hated, shhh...don't tell her) were ok because she was there to talk me through it and comfort me during the pain! Brooke, is truly an amazing person and a reason why I will encourage and recommend anyone who has to go to physical therapy to choose Active Life!

Louise Zecha

Really top rate Therapists!

Carrie Weaver

I came to Active Life and sports after suffering from debilitating headaches for over 7 months due to a concussion/Occipital Neuralgia diagnosis I received last summer. I had seen various doctors, taken different medicines, all with returning headache symptoms. I came to see Joe really believing nothing was ever going to take the headache pain away. After several visits I noticed more and more improvement, which really gave me hope. I am so thankful for Joe Palmer and all of the wonderful techs who helped restore me back to normal function. Through the use of dry needling, stretches, and manual manipulation, Joe was able to get me back to my normal self in about 10 weeks. I am so thankful a friend recommended Active Life and Sports, and got me connected with Joe.

Richard Utz

All the people are great to deal with ...from the receptionists to the therapists assistants and the therapists. They will push you to get better but not beyond what you are capable of doing. Thanks for getting me through my back surgery and knee replacement.

Julie Allen

Learned a lot of knowledge about keeping healthy afterwards as well as my physical therapy recovery from a back fusion. Extremely pleased and highly recommend! Ian was my physical therapist so I can highly recommend him! He’s very good at explaining things!

Charles Marsheck

The therapist takes the t time to listen about problems and concern. They are very specific about goals and progress. Appointments start on time as scheduled. I feel like I am making progress.

Lindsay Silverman

When I originally went to Active Life and Sports, I was in so much pain that it was affecting my daily life. Within a few visits I was feeling much better. The staff (especially my Physical Therapist, Brooke) was extremely helpful when it came to relieving my pain and getting me back to full strength, no matter how long it took. I am forever grateful for the experience I had there and would recommend them to anyone who needs a physical therapist!

Nicholas Bonomolo

Such a great experience here! Brooke is amazing and got my back feeling better in a very short amount of time! Would highly recommend her for back muscle pulls and getting you to feeling amazing in no time!

Angie Taylor

Clean facility, therapists are well informed and give clear instructions.

Maggie Kazmierski

Best PT staff! Will never go to any other PT group!

Carole Gittings

Active Life & Sports PT is a welcoming and encouraging organization. They know the best way to approach your physical problems and help you to relieve that problem. The facility has everything you would need to conquer your difficulty in movement and will help you to reach your optimal potential in life.

Donna Gallison

Great staff, flexible, compassionate and knowledgeable.

Gene Shirokobrod

Sal Jeppi

I came to Active Life and Sports for physical therapy after rotator cuff surgery. I can't express in words how grateful I am to Joe Palmer and is exceptional professional staff. I was made to feel more like a friend/ family member than a patient. Joe and his staff gave me the one-on-one personal physical therapy I needed to regain range of motion and strength in my shoulder. When my surgeon released me from physical therapy, I was actually sad to leave my friends at Active Life and Sports Physical Therapy. They truly cared about getting me better. If your an individual seeking physical therapy and want to experience a caring, exceptional staff, Active Life Sports Physical Therapy is the place to come. I know your experience will be just as outstanding as mine.

David Dorzey

I cannot say enough great things about Brooke. From the first day to the last, she always took the time to listen and explain the how's and why's of my total rehab journey from Lower Back Surgery. While the entire staff there is great, Brooke really is a shining star. I can not thank her enough for getting me back on the road to an active lifestyle, and I will miss her and the titanic machine. Thank you Brooke!!!! And it only took me 3 months to write this review

Kathleen Gibson

Active Life and Sports was amazing!! Everyone is so nice and make you feel very comfortable. The facility is super clean and the equipment is very nice. I saw Brooke and could not have been happier with my experience. She answered all my questions with no problem and was always willing to work with my schedule. She actually made it fun! I am so happy that I chose to go to Active Life and Sports. I would highly recommend them.

Kristen G

I went to see Joe Palmer for an ongoing issue with alignment and muscle spasms in my back/hip that other PTs had been unable to completely address. Joe quickly identified the issues and has since helped with several other issues that have come up. I have and will continue to recommend Joe and Active Life and Sports to others who are looking for best-in-class physical therapy services.

Patrick R.

John Wilkins

I first came to Active Life after shoulder surgery in October resulting from a work injury. My therapist is Brooke McIntosh. From my first visit, Brooke gave me a thorough evaluation based on the doctors physical therapy plan. After 3 weeks of being in a sling and not using my right arm, I was feeling recovery would be long and arduous because of the pain I was experiencing. But after working with Brooke, it became evident that I was in the right place to recover from surgery. Brooke continued to keep me focused on the therapy, and now two months into physical therapy, I have made more progress than I ever thought I would. Brooke has encouraged me with every new excercises that is added to my recovery plan.I feel confident that I will make a thorough recovery and resume a normal active life. I don't know who sent me to Active Life for my therapy, but I'm sure glad I am here to make my recovery. I highly recommend Brooke and all of the staff from Active Life to anyone who needs professional and compassionate care. John Wilkins

Frank Muher

I worked with Ellen Hangen for my post-concussive issues. She was extremely knowledgeable and very caring. My evaluation took a long time, but at no time did I feel like she was rushing through anything. She took the time needed to do the best evaluation possible. I would highly recommend Ellen and her office.

Barbara Signorelli

I have used Active Life & Sports PT a couple times for different reasons. They are very accommodating with scheduling. Ian thoroughly explains what he is doing and the reason behind it. The facility is clean and the staff is professional and friendly. I hope not to return, but if I have to go for PT again, I will go here.

ashley alston

I absolutely LOVE this therapy. I have worked with about 3 of the physical therapist and they are absolutely amazing. I've had 2 knee surgeries one in March 2017 and May 2017. I had a really bad torn meniscus and reconstructed my ACL . My first surgery took 8 hours. My second one was 2 hours . My doctor name Dr. Packer at the University of Maryland Orthopaedic (Texas Station in Timonium) is absolutely AMAZING and he cares about ALL his patient I highly recommend going there doctors office is amazing and very professional, all appointments are exactly on time and no waiting you get in and out to be seen . I'm extremely thankful he was able to redo such a horrible injury . It's been a bumping road but with the amazing help with Allen at the physical therapist she has been tremendously great at her profession. I've experienced all the crying and everything but she pushed and promised me that we will get through it. It's now June 29,2017 and we are at the stage off taking me off the crutches (I have been on them since February ) and now learning how to walk all over again. I can't thank her enough. I highly recommend going here, great staff, clean environment. If you see Allen as your physical therapist tell her Ashley with the really bad torn meniscus sent you she will remember who I am .lol

Matthew Lebrun

The people there or awesome. I Went in there yesterday and I could barely walk. I saw Mike and Megan What still in pain when I left but I woke up this morning feeling like a new person very little pain. I will never go anywhere else. Thank you you guys are awesome

James Jordan

Two weeks after my shoulder surgery, I began physical therapy with Brooke McIntosh. She was a very caring professional who worked with me to regain mobility, range of motion and strength in my left shoulder. I truly appreciate her one on one attention and expertise in helping me to get back to "normal"in just 2 months of physical therapy. Thanks so much Brooke and the rest of the friendly staff at Active Life & Sports PT in Perry Hall---- Sherrie Jordan

Tom Irwin, Jr.

I have worked with Ellen for many years through 3 back surgeries and now an injured shoulder. All of the PT at Active Life are very thorough and knowledge. The staff is always warm, welcoming, and accommodating. Everyone here is caring, friendly, and takes the time to learn your name. A top flight practice that I highly recommend.

Mary San Juan

From the moment you walk in, to the moment you walk out the front doors, it's guaranteed to be a great experience! Everyone is SO welcoming and friendly. They take the time to get to know you and are always attentive and helpful. I was lucky enough to work with a few of the Physical Therapists (Glascow, Joe, Mike, John and Brooke) and they were ALL wonderful! I highly recommend Active Life & Sports, it's the best option out there!

Donna Koluch

Sherian Kelly

Devin Johnson

Brenda Bon Levine

Brooke has been helping me recover from a shoulder injury and then post surgery since August, 2015. She is knowledgeable and skilled at targeting ways to increase my strength and endurance. It has been important to know that my personal recovery goals are consistently being addressed. The fact that I see so many people from my neighborhood demonstrates the professional level of therapy available at Active Life and Sports. I would recommend them to anyone.

Michelle Horseman

FANTASTIC staff! I came to Active Life and Sports following neck pain due to weakness following shoulder surgery. While I primarily see Mike, I have worked with a few other PTs and everyone is professional and extremely knowledgeable. With their guidance I have gained the confidence to start working out again, which I was extremely hesitant of following the shoulder surgery. Thank you to the entire team - front desk staff included - for always making my visits enjoyable and productive! Update 6/2/18 After my bicep tenodesis therapy ollowing a bicep tenodesis I ended up with 2 herniated discs in my neck (completely unrelated). I went back to Active Life in an attempt to treat my pain without surgery. Ian took great care of me and Mike (who I worked with for my shoulder) always made it a point to check in when we were there at the same time. While PT definitely helped with the pain, surgery was necessary. Following my cervical fusion in September 2017 I worked again with Ian and occasionally with Mime and Kim. All 3 were very knowledgeable about my present levels and provided great exercises and hands on treatment. It was clear that they work as a team there. May 2018 was the first chance I had to dance in the showcase for the ballroom studio I've been with for over 12 years. When I watched back the video of my dance I noticed that my left arm (the one that had shoulder surgery and the side of the cervical fusion) looked as though it had never been injured. I can't thank the staff at Active Life Perry Hall enough for their attention to my treatment and getting me back to something I love where I look and feel as though I had never been through a surgery!

Tom Ellis

I was referred by my ENT at GBMC for a problem with vertigo. He assured me that my problem was easy to solve and that the therapists at Active Life & Sports would be able to solve my problem in short order (only a couple of sessions). Though he gave me a list of rehab programs he recommended Active Life as his first choice-GOOD REC! My therapist, Ellen, put me through a series of tests and confirmed my ENTs diagnosis. Just as he had predicted, in only two sessions, problem remedied. A great experience!!

Kelly Gentry

I love active life and sports. Mike Smith is great and really cares about helping people, and the rest of the staff has been fantastic as well. They’re super flexible and I like the hands on approach of this practice compared to some other places I’ve gone where they just set you up to do exercises then send you home. I would definitely recommend it.

Jeff Burrill

After 6 months of excruciating pain in my elbow, I decided to go to PT to try and get it fixed. Kim McCole was my PT and quickly diagnosed that a lot of my pain was coming from my neck also. After explaining the process we decided to do dry needling. While uncomfortable at times, the results can not be denied. I am now 100% pain free. I appreciated that Kim kept me and my thoughts as a part of the process the entire way through. Kim is a great PT and I would definitely return to Kim for any future problems.

Nick-Al-Josh Mom

I have been a patient off and on for a number of years. In recent years I thought about writing a review because I consistently encounter about 20% of the same staff that comes across as egregiously condescending and this percentage gives off bad energy. For example, during small talk certain staff make innuendos and treat me like I am faking your injuries. Bearing in mind I was hit by a car about eight years ago with ZERO chance of law suit or anything remotely close to financial gain. Yet, the same staff give off strong vibes that I don’t belong in this facility (if you get my meaning). I also have reactive airway disease and significant difficulty sitting up due to hunched posture. My point is, it hurts to know my declining health is real yet, it is always the same staff that makes it seem like I am a hypetchondriac. As much as I fought against my better judgment to not write a negative review, today was my tipping point. I received an appointment reminder call from Amanda and advised that I have my primary insurance number but I ordered new cards following being robbed so I don’t have my secondary insurance number. Amanda explained that we might need to cancel my appointment until my new cards come in the mail. I asked whether she could do a search for the secondary number since I had been a patient for a number of years and I also worked as a credentialing specialist with UMH for a number of years so just wondering could she assist with getting my secondary number. Her exact response was, “I will see what I could do” followed by hanging up on me. I called back about five minutes later (allowed a little extra time to rule out whether the call dropped). I spoke with Tammy who identified herself as the office manager then advised that owner, Michael Wah is the next in the chain of command. I only asked about the chain of command because when I told her what happened she replied, “I was listening to the call and not sure Amanda hung up on you.” On some level, I understand Hippa privacy laws regarding some medical facilities discretion to retrieve a patient secondary insurance number. My concern is how the call ended and the reoccurring theme of the same staff speaking to me in a condescending manner as well as making excuses to justify rude service. I decided to hold off on scheduling my reinstatement because this incident is reminiscent of the plethora of other incidents where a percentage of staff treat certain patients as if they don’t belong. I hate to say it like this but enough is enough. Not to mention, over the years l, during small talk when the topic comes up about me being a business owner, the same staff tends to heavily scrutinize the idea of me having a business in ‘their’ neighborhood. I literally end up having to show my website and photos of me in a leadership role in order to break the energy of “no way”.....”you own a business.” Yes “way” I own a business and I finally feel I have had enough of not being treated as a valued customer at your establishment. I feel it is so important to mention a few of the staff exceed expectations. If you can tolerate placating and those that make certain patients feel they don’t belong, this place has a lot of potential.

Dawn DiBattista

I love Active Life and Sports! their staff is wonderful, always a pleasure to work with and to be around. From the front desk to Therapists and techs/assistants to billing, everyone is great!! I recommend them to everyone I know that is in need of their services! Dawn DiBattista, Parkville, MD

Paula Cockey

Finding a physical therapist close to home that is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and empathic is a dream come true. Focused on my individual needs, Mike Smith has provided me with hands on therapy elimating aches and pains in both my knees. He explains methods and procedures so that I clearly understand and can take an active part in my rehabilitation. The equipment is clean, the staff is professional and scheduling appointments is very easy. I highly recommend the Active Life and Sports!

Kris Hodges

GP Barnes

From the staff at the front desk to the therapists doing "their job " in the training area......they all deserve 5 stars. Been taking my 93yo Mom there for some "leg" work. She looks forward to each visit and raves about her therapist, Ian. We drive 40 mins for each visit..2x weekly. Pass by quite a few PT facilities.....need I say more!!??

Paul Massari

Chuck McDonald

I have used (Active Life & Sports Physical Therapy) for both back surgery and hip replacement and have been very please with their services. At this time I'm am working with Therapist (Kim) on complications from the hip surgery . Kim is an excellent Therapist that's knows her job and makes me feel very comfortable, and even make it fun! I have work with other Therapist when Kim was not available, Ellen, Brook and others. Even Joe the part owner. And the front office is great to work with. Tammy and the other office staff make it easy to schedule appointments and filling out paper work and insurance information. I would highly recommend them to family and friends and have already done so.

Grant Welbourn

I've come to Active Life For two different stints in rehabilitation on my leg and ankle over the course of 2 years. The staff was very welcoming and responsive as they were great at communicating the treatment and teaching me about my recovery. They were also great at keeping me motivated and assisting me in challenging myself. During my time I worked mainly with Kim and Ellen. They were very knowledgeable and were able to also help identify another issue when I reached a plateau that required another procedure on my leg. However; this second procedure allowed me to return to physical therapy and complete my rehabilitation after 2 years of being in pain while walking and completely unable to run. I am very thankful for their hard work and enjoyed my rehabilitation with them.

Donna Radcliffe

My physical therapy experience at Active Life and Sports was extremely positive and helpful. The team of therapists worked professionally and collaboratively with me. They assessed my problem, planned effective strategies and monitored my progress throughout. I would definitely use their services again and highly recommend this physical therapy practice.

Sharon M Flowers

Very good, personable and professional. Would definitely recommend to others.

Catrina Kolar

I absolutely love my doctors and the staff at Active Life and Sports! Friendly, intelligent, and great to work with. I’ve also never had to wait for an appointment, always prompt and on time. Five stars all around.

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