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REVIEWS OF Riverview Physical Therapy IN Maine

Felicity Eubanks Colangelo

Greg was able to diagnose the cause of my back pain and begin working toward more efficient, pain-free mobility almost immediately. I experienced a reduction in pain much faster than expected. More importantly, I now know how to reduce chances of future issues/pain and have tools to support keeping my back healthy. Greg is extremely skilled and dedicated to improving the lives of his clients. I will definitely be going back to see Greg if I have any future need for PT!

Gail Seiler

I first came to Riverview Physical Therapy about 6-7 years ago with acute shoulder pain and lack of shoulder mobility. How fortunate I am to have started with Greg Knapton who set me on a path to recovery using postural restorations techniques. I recovered fully in about 6-8 visits and was immediately “sold” on PRI breathing which aligns the body internally and gives us true “good posture”. As a personal trainer, I introduce clients to the advantages of postural restorations breathing too. Today I am offering a special shout out to the Windham office physical therapists Nancy and Derek who recently let me visit and observe PRI in clinical settings. Not only did I learn more, but could hear firsthand, other patients’ success stories using PRI and their own praises for Riverview PT. Thanks everyone!!

Ahammod Ali Nehaluddin

Carol Ridlon

Many, many thanks to Greg and Derek for all the support you gave me as I recovered from my broken arm. Your combined knowledge, your expertise in your field, and the unwavering encouragement from both of you, gave me the use of my arm back. I am so grateful to both of you , and would absolutely recommend Riverview Physical Therapy to anybody in need of PT.

Beth O'Malley

Greg was recommended by a trainer when I was having some knee pain, and over the course of several months, helped me make some postural adjustments that have had long term-benefits for the knees, but also back/shoulder and neck discomfort, as well. It was really helpful to know that the underlying problem was being addressed. Riverview PT’s staff is great, and the front desk pros are very proactive about contacting insurance and making the payment end go smoothly. Very grateful to Greg and team.

Otis Klingbeil

I was getting rehabbed here for an ACL injury, and my experience overall was fantastic. They were super flexible fitting into my schedule, offering times that worked for me. Greg taught me how to align my body properly so my knee and entire body in general was able to move more effectively. The atmosphere was welcoming and encouraging, and I would highly recommend Riverview Physical Therapy to anyone recovering from an injury.

Diane (DeRice) Arris

A friend recommended Greg Knapton to me as a well-regarded physical therapist I should plan to see after my knee replacement surgery in March 2019. I took her recommendation and could not be more pleased with my experience at Riverview Physical Therapy. I credit that to Greg, as well as Derek, and the entire staff. They were genuinely invested in my treatment and recovery. They also made scheduling, and billing/insurance communication easy and painless. I have since referred my husband to Greg, and he has also had a very positive experience. Thank you, Greg!

Frances Buerkens

I did 14 sessions for a back injury. I got worse - not better - with each session. Greg Knapton did not deviate from his one-size fits all handouts (developed in the 90's?). I kept asking what I could do differently or who else I might see for treatment, but Greg had no suggestion other than to "keep doing the exercises he provided" and "rest". Sessions with Greg were short (20 minutes) and generally involved him shouting across the room at other clients and colleagues to assist their client overload. My body atrophied, and delayed my healing by over a year. I am an intense athlete, and have built up to walking and rock climbing again because I met Chris Pribish at U-Med Gym in South Portland. Within 30 minutes of meeting Chris, I was on my feet and quickly able to do basic activities like walk around the block because he knew how to help. Chris focuses on his clients and adapts 'one size fits all' methodologies to meet your needs. (I asked Greg if he knew Chris, and he affirmed that he did - but never suggested that I see him or anyone else.) I will never recommend Riverview Physical Therapy or Greg Knapton to any athlete as a result of this poor experience. Find someone who will focus on you!

Greg Marsters

After knee replacement surgery I was referred to Riverview Physical Therapy by both family members and neighbors. I was very please to be able to work with Derek (who is also Titlest certified if your a golfer). His approach to working with more than the immediate need of the knee included breathing and posture exercises. I am very pleased with the results of our sessions and highly recommend Derek and the rest of the staff. Very professional and easy to talk too. Thank you!

Joe Schacht

As an owner and operator of Dynamics Fitness in Portland and Scarborough, I often have opportunities to refer clients to a physical therapist and I don't hesitate to refer them to Greg Knapton of Riverview Physical Therapy. I have used him myself on occasion as well. Greg has a passion for what he does that clearly differentiates him from other therapists. He has a very high energy level, strong commitment to his clients, and experience and technique that clearly set him apart. I recently referred my 67-year-old mother to him after meniscus repair surgery and she believes she would not have recovered so remarkably without Greg.

Patrick Keenan

I am so grateful to the therapists at Riverview Physical Therapy in Westbrook, especially Derek and Greg. They helped me recover from a shoulder injury and surgery that resulted in a bout of frozen shoulder. Their dedication and expertise provided me with tools for recovery that continue to have a positive impact on my health and wellness. I can't wait to get back to whiffle ball this summer. If you are seeking a physical therapist I strongly recommend that you consult with Riverview. They work with a broad range of patients and will help you.

Ramzi Rebeiz

Karen Winslow

I have been a client of Greg Knapton’s for almost 20 years. He has gotten me back “on my feet” more times than I care to count! Greg is the consummate professional. His knowledge and commitment to his clients is unmatched. He is always searching for the best treatments to help his clients achieve success. His office staff, also, is very professional, welcoming and knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend Riverview PT to anyone.

Barry Longyear

Torn rotator cuff right arm, could barely use the thing, thinking about major surgery. 2 1/2 weeks with Craig and I have full range of motion, use of my arm, and getting stronger all the time. Craig gave me suggestions that helped other problems as well. Professional, effective, and entertaining. Just what I needed.

Rita Madore

Katherine was such a pleasure to work with and really helped me get back on my feet! It had been 12 years since my last time needing therapy and visiting Riverview. There were a few new faces, but I was happy to have had another great experience with the therapists and office staff. Thanks for taking such good care of me

anthony esposito

I worked with Greg and he was awesome. I had some pretty serious back pain a discomfort and in just a few short weeks I feel amazingly better. I really didn’t expect the results to be this good! Thank you Greg!

Kortney Seeley

In working with Greg I was able to learn how to move my body to alleviate my back pain. He was a great to work with and I am over all pleased with my results. He is very capable of handing multi patients at one time but if your looking for individualized attention through out your appointment I wouldn’t suggest working with him as he often is juggling multi people at the same time. The office is always clean and stuff was great, scheduling was also not a problem.

Jessica Gagne

After 6 weeks at another facility having no progress I switched to Riverview. As a personal trainer dealing with a shoulder injury I was starting to get very upset about my lack of exercise & my high level of pain. After working with Ted & Greg for a short amount of time I was able to increase my strength & workout pain free. If you’re not making progress with traditional PT gives Riverview a try. They approach injuries & healing in a different & very effective way. I will send them any of my clients that need a PT referral. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Liz Gagnon

Riverview PT offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to physical therapy which works on the biomechanics of the entire body vs. solely focusing on the problem area. These guys are the first group of therapists I have worked with that not only understood the level of fitness I need to be at for my job but also created a plan that focused on returning me to full capacity.

Matt Bourgoin

Greg and the entire staff at RPT are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and caring. I went to Greg with knee pain from years of running and he helped me figure out the problem wasn't with my knees, but with the alignment of my hips. He taught me how to reposition my body and worked on my running form. I'm now able to run pain free! While I was there, I saw many people being treated for all sorts of various symptoms. The common thread for all of them is despite the hard work, sweat and sometimes being taken out of their comfort zone, they were all smiling their way through their appointment. I would highly recommend RPT to anyone who wants their body to feel better and stronger again. Thank you, Greg and staff.

Kathryn Violette, RD, LDN

I am an athlete and swim coach based in Baltimore, MD. Growing up in Maine and swimming for the Westbrook Seals I was familiar with Riverview PT, so when I was home briefly for the holiday and needed to see a PT, Greg Knapton was the first person to come to mind. Not only did he fit me into his schedule for an emergency visit (was only home for 48 hours) the service at Riverview was fantastic from the moment I walked in and spoke to the receptionist from the time I walked out the door. I have been a swimmer my entire life and coach elite athletes currently; I know that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” especially when it comes to overuse injury or poor body positioning. With Greg’s techniques I was walking and standing with less pain and understood my basic body positioning 100% more in a single appointment. He was able to offer me numerous easy to understand instruction sheets and more importantly, empowered me with knowledge. For those who understand PT is a process and are invested in learning how to better care for themselves with movement I would absolutely recommend Riverview PT. Thank you to all the fantastic staff and therapists!

Judy Kirk

My 11 weeks at Riverview with Katherine was a wonderful experience. She explained every exercise that we did, and why it would help. I was having back problems for the first time and after my time with her I was feeling great !! Thanks Katherine .

Joseph Coppolino

My passion has been running for many years and over the last 5 years, I have been an active triathlete. Regardless of your level of activity dealing with injuries can be tough. If you want to get back in the game quickly with a plan for remaining injury free, Greg Knapton and the Riverview PT team provides excellent personal service along with a comprehensive recovery plan. So, if you’re struggling with a persistent injury that’s holding you back I recommend Greg Knapton at Riverview PT. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to get back to your routine!

Tom Kostopoulos

Guy Senechal

I've worked with Greg Knapton at Riverview in Westbrook since 2004. I've had some complicated challenges and Greg and his team have been very effective at keeping me healthy and active. I highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking physical therapy. You won't find a better team.

J. Craig Anderson

As a sufferer of chronic back pain, finding Riverview has made a big difference in my life. They helped me when others could not. I highly recommend them.

Michaela Susbury

I have been seeing Derek Milone at Riverview PT in Westbrook for a couple months, and have experienced amazing progress with my TMJ pain. Derek is very knowledgeable in his field and a great physical therapist. He is excellent at teaching how everything works and the benefits of the exercises he has me do. I would recommend Derek to everyone! I even had my Nana see him for her hip and knee surgeries and she absolutely loved him! I also wanted to mention how wonderful Laurie is at the front desk. She always has a smile on her face when I come in for my appointments!

Ellen Pringle

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Greg Knapton on 2 different occasions over the past couple years or so after having a difficult c-section and post partum period. With the stress of being a new parent, sleep deprivation and normal life stressors, I began experiencing increased pelvic, low back, and right shoulder pain. After chiropractic care, personal trainer at the gym, exercise, stretching, yoga, foam rolling, massage, acupuncture....with little improvement, i was referred to Greg by Orthopedic associates. My provider there spoke of Greg in highest regards and didn’t want me to see anyone else...I could quickly understand why once I began working with him! He knew what my body and neurological system needed as soon as he watched my gait while walking. He’s a great teacher and has changed my life and my outlook on the mind/body connection and my understanding of creating new neural pathways and changing negative habits. I have empowerment and more BODY AWARENESS now (with exercises and breathing techniques)because Greg’s teaching and knowledge base is like magic. He is a miracle worker in my eyes. It hasn’t been easy, and from my perception, he wants for his patients to achieve well being by promoting independence and empowerment. I could go on and on. The other staff at Riverview PT have been tremendously helpful, Laurie especially with assisting me in my scheduling issues and everyone has been so patient and kind. I would recommend Riverview physical therapy to anyone, it will help you if you do the work :-)

L. Flanagan

I've had both Heidi and more recently, Catherine, as my therapists at Riverview and they were professional yet personable and expert at what they do. I was helped tremendously and now just need to remember to continue doing the exercises they recommended! I would highly recommend this practice!

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