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REVIEWS OF NOLA Pelvic Health IN Louisiana

Melissa Ambrosino

I cannot recommend Sara enough! The idea of going to pelvic floor PT can feel very intimidating especially in a vulnerable time as a new mom. Sara makes you feel so comfortable. The clinic is small and intimate and you never feel like you are just another patient they have to get in and out. The small touches are so thoughtful, like real sheets on the exam tables. Sara helped so much with scar pain following a childbirth tear and with stress incontinence from weakened pelvic floor muscles. I no longer have to worry about sneezing, coughing, or jumping! And I feel like at least half of our sessions were also new mom emotional therapy as well. Her services are so needed as we all work to change the postpartum culture and increase support for women and families.

Sarah Mack

I am so grateful to have been treated by Sara! I went to Sara because I was having pain during intercourse after having my baby. Not only did she resolve my pain issue in just a few treatments but she also addressed other issues that I had thought was normal after having a baby!

Morgan Tapley

It was such a pleasure working with Sara! She was very thorough and is very easy to feel comfortable with. I’m forever grateful for her help! You won’t regret picking Nola Pelvic Health for your recovery.

Lee Lulu

Sara is a committed, smart, real, and tenacious physical therapist, not to mention an all around wonderful person. After years of trying to find help for my chronic pelvic pain, Sara was my hero. She made me feel instantly at ease with her confidence and her knowledge. Even in uncomfortable situations, she has the gift of making you feel relaxed and safe. She is THERE for you. Her humility and ability to connect with her patients is genuine. If you need someone's hand up your vagina to help with your pelvic pain, it should be Sara's :)

Mia Escudero

First off, Sara is amazing and you should be running to her office to see her or booking a session with her online. Why is Sara awesome? So many reasons. First off, she is so welcoming and friendly and beyond knowledgeable in her field. She takes the time to assess your needs and how she can best assist you. I first went to her when I was 36 weeks pregnant, knew I had developed a diastasis and beyond giving me exercises to do before delivering, she helped me practice proper breathing tactics for delivery so I didn't destroy my pelvic floor, gave me needed advice on what to expect after both a c-section and vaginal birth and really calmed my mind about all that was about to happen to my body. I then went back to Sara 8 weeks after delivering to help with my diastasis recti. She assessed my gap and gave me exercises to work on at home. When I came back 2 or 3 weeks later for another appointment and expressed that I didn't feel like I could probably engage my core while doing those exercises and simply felt like I couldn't execute them as I needed to be doing, she didn't hesitate to work with me and find modifications to those exercises to make them work for me and get my core engaged as needed for healing. She also gave me notes on how to continue with those exercises as they progressively got easier as my core got stronger! How amazing is that?! If you aren't in the New Orleans area to go to her office, seriously do yourself a favor and schedule an online session with Sara - I promise you won't regret it! I am forever grateful for the care she gave me and will be a patient and personal fan of hers for life!

Adele Wiedemann

Sara is such a warm, knowledgeable and understanding presence. After dealing with pelvic pain and symptoms of IC -- and finding few answers in the MD community -- I was referred to Sara by my acupuncturist. It was a real turning point for my health. My symptoms have been considerably alleviated with Sara's help, and I have learned important tools to help manage my symptoms.

Alison Barker

I'm so glad I found Sara! She is leading the revolution in women's health care when it comes to multi-disciplinary PT with an emphasis on the elusive pelvic floor that everyone including your yoga teacher talks about but healthcare systems seem to lack resources for. There are so many ways our systems are connected that our healthcare puts in silos; I learned a lot from Sara about ways to take better care of my body, wisdom about postpartum in general, and got so much better in diastasis recti, leakage, pain, and transitioning to physical fitness. Go see her!

Abby Eades

I went to Sara when I was pregnant and had lower back pain. She was very thorough, hard working and genuine. She helped me prepare for delivery and issues after deleivery. She offered helpful advice and resources that she had learned from her pregnancy and experience as a PT. After meeting Sara I wanted to get a bumper sticker that says “I love my PT!”. Sara took care of my body and soul! Very grateful.

Anna M

I had an extremely positive experience working with Emily. It definitely was not uncomfortable as she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work in this field. She is very patient in explaining what to expect before, during and after each session, helpful in demonstrating exercises, and most of all, very encouraging. I have felt tremendous improvement and am now passionate about spreading the word about pelvic floor PT!

Marcy Crouch

Sara and I go way back. I've known her for many years as a colleague, friend, and mentor. She is the real deal. She is not only smart, but she is innovative, kind, and funny. As a PT myself, I am very picky about who I see for my issues, and Sara has (on more than one occasion) helped me and accurately assessed my problem. Go see her, you won't be disappointed.

Eliza Henson

It is so nice to finally have a practitioner like Sara here in New Orleans. After my daughter was born I suffered terribly with pain from my SI joint- my chiropractor was unable to offer relief (although she is fantastic), but after a handful of sessions with Sara I was able to function in my daily life again. Prior to seeing Sara I was unable to walk without pain, much less carry my baby, 9 months later I am able to carry my daughter in her Ergo with no problem and have recently started running (for exercise) again. I could not be happier with the care I received at NOLA Pelvic Health, or the results I've seen.

Stephanie Truitt Smith

I am so grateful to have been able to work with Sara! I started to see her in my third pregnancy (wish I would have found her sooner) and she helped me tremendously to strengthen my weakened pelvic floor. I had no idea what to expect after giving birth for the third time and she guided me in a way I truly am so grateful for. She taught me multiple PF and breathing exercises to practice on the daily that I would have never known to do otherwise. Her professionalism and intelligence in her field is admirable and so so impressive. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s the coolest chick around just all around relatable as a mom and woman! I didn’t even see my OB postpartum, and just went to Sara, bc I am THAT confident in her! 100% recommend her!

Ann Marie Cunningham

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to seek treatment from Sara after giving birth. Postpartum checkups are lacking in many ways, and Sara is so very thorough and amazing at what she does. It was incredible how much better I felt after my first session. She is super knowledgeable, and her skill is on point! On top of that, she’s a cool chick with a sweet personality!

Jen Meinen

I wish I would have met Sara before I had my first baby! I had some significant diastasis and other pregnancy related issues after my third baby. She is so knowledgeable and supportive of post partum pregnancy issues, and truly works with you to create a recovery program for YOU and YOUR schedule. I would recommend her to anyone PRE or POST partum!

Sharon Burgamy

Sara is amazing, I highly recommend her! She helped make a seemingly awkward treatment not awkward or uncomfortable at all. She explains things well, makes sure you feel comfortable the entire time, and is such a genuine, kind, compassionate and funny person!

Jessica Holton

Not only is Sara very informative, she helped me feel comfortable and hopeful regarding a very intimate issue. I left her sessions feeling better educated and equipped to improve my pelvic floor following my second vaginal birth. I always felt comfortable and supported not only as a woman but also a mom. I highly recommend visiting with Sara if you are expecting or recently have had a baby, she is a wealth of knowledge that can benefit all women!

Angela Wagner

Sara is one of the most loving, giving, and amazing individuals that I have ever met. I had severe and chronic pelvic pain for years. It affected me on a daily basis. I had gone to several doctors, physical therapists, taken medications, had injections, etc. I was totally desperate and my massage therapist encouraged me to see Sara. After a few months of treatment, I was (and still am) pain free. I went back to her to prep for my second baby and to prepare for a V-back which was totally successful. She listens to you, she cares about you, and she does whatever it takes to make sure you have an empowering experience. Thank you Sara. You are a treasure!

Jenna Liphart Rhoads

Sara is amazing! She is very thorough and made me feel comfortable with a somewhat awkward topic.

Anne Silva

Sara Reardon is an absolute rock star! I can't begin to tell you how many physicians I went to seeking help for my pelvic floor and she has been the only one who I have found any help and relief from. After a few months of consistently going, I was able to find complete relief of all my pain. She not only treats you during your sessions, but she also educates and provides you with all the tools you need in order to maintain your health out of her office. She's warm, welcoming, EXTREMELY knowledgable, and knows what she's doing. The only regret I have about Sara Reardon is that I didn't go to her sooner!!! If you are having an reservations about pelvic floor therapy, DON'T! It will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself :)

Jennifer Coleman

I am grateful to have such a caring, innovative, energetic, empathetic, full-body thinking pelvic PT. Since January, Sara has helped me with a longstanding diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction and a recent Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis. She has given me many tools, stretches, ideas and also added to my confidence and fortitude to continue on my path to wellness. New Orleans is lucky to have this native back in town!

Sandra Simeon

Sara is the best Pelvic Floor PT in New Orleans!! She has helped me tremendously treating my tailbone pain. She is an expert w an impressive amount of knowledge and capability to handle difficult & painful problems related to Pelvic floor health. I was always comfortable and felt I was recieving the best care possible in her very private clinic setting. I am thankful for Sara & my time working w her. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of PF PT.

Lelia Gowland

You don't have to pee when you sneeze! Before I saw Sara, my body was raw from labor, delivery, and caring for a newborn. What she facilitated is a kind of transformation. I feel at ease in my body and like it's far more my own. Sara is an incredible physical therapist and delight of a human. I was honestly a little sad when I "graduated" and no longer needed to see her anymore.

Anne Tanpolat

During my short stay in New Orleans, I was very happy to have found Sara; in Europe we do not have this kind of pelvic floor therapist. Sara was really nice l and gave me a lot of helpful advice on self-treatment to handle my pudendal pain. She is very knowledgeable and informative about the subject. Thanks a lot Sara!!!

Lauren Lucia

I am so thankful to have found Sara. She is super knowledgeable, informative, innovative and will go the extra mile to help you. I've suffered for seven years from pelvic floor dysfunction and connective tissue dysfunction. My life did not feel as fulfilling and I was lacking confidence and pride as a woman. I had no interest in sex for the longest time due to the excruciating pain it caused. After working with Sara, I am now able to get through the day without experiencing constant pain and irritation. I am also able to have sex with little to no pain. Now, I am able to feel whole. I am able to feel like a woman again.

Anna Dearmon Kornick

Before I worked with Sara, I was in so much pain. At one week postpartum, I struggled to walk - not exactly the best position to be in while taking care of a brand new baby! Working with Sara was so easy - she made me feel comfortable every step of the way, and was careful to educate me on all things pelvic health. [My health teacher definitely skipped that chapter back in middle school!] Sara not only helped me by relieving my pain and helping me strengthen my muscles, she also helped me build the confidence I needed to thrive as a new mom. Not to mention, she has such a warm and friendly personality! As a result of working with Sara, I've experienced real results and have a game plan for moving forward. I recommend her to any new mom experiencing pain postpartum. You don't have to live like that, and Sara is the best person to help!

Rivka Paul

I received amazing care at Nola Pelvic Health! Sara is generous, knowledgeable, intuitive, and kind. I had apprehensions about pelvic floor physical therapy before our first session but, as soon as I met Sara and we talked about what necessitated my visit and what I hoped to gain from this experience, all my fears and insecurities about this therapy were transcended. The work that she does is so important and life-giving, and I am so thankful for the ways this therapy has assisted my healing.

Madina Papadopoulos

I saw Sara 3 months after giving birth and she played an important role not just as a pelvic floor physical therapist, but also postpartum guide. She helped me navigate the new waters as a first-time mom trying to care for a new baby but also tend to an injured body. She is in incredibly attentive, highly knowledgeable, and very caring. I am so grateful to have found her.

Mary Mecca

Pain during sex was something I had practically accepted as normal part of my life for many years. I had lost all hope and feared I would never experience pleasurable sex again. I also was having issues with urination: from starting to pee, fully emptying, and uncomfortable, sometimes stinging feeling with urination. The skin around my labia and vulva was so pink and red and I had many tests done that all came back negative for infection. Skin doctors and OBGYN's alike had no solutions, and no answers for me. I was having pelvic floor spasms, very real, very physical pain, and was told by numerous doctors that it was simply all in my head. After trying many types of therapy, from changing my diet, to e-stim, acupuncture, skin creams, hormonal creams, and more, I got a recommendation for pelvic floor physical therapist Sara Reardon, and quickly, desperately, made an appointment. The results have been life changing. I feel normal, like a regular woman, able to enjoy sex again finally! She did internal massage vaginally and rectally, using extremely gentle touch and always asking for feedback of what was comfortable for me. She also did skin rolling and dry needling on sensitive areas of my body where I had scar tissue from abdominal surgery. In addition to working with her in person for around 5 months, she taught me a wide variety of skills so that I could continue her work outside of appointments and help myself when I moved away. She taught me how to use vaginal dilators properly, how to breathe through spasms and correctly engage + release my pelvic floor, as well as how to massage myself for more healing to occur. She was always patient, professional, and kind. I feel incredibly blessed, and so thankful to this woman every day. After years of struggle, frustration, anger, and desperation, I have my FUN vagina back! Nowadays I feel almost no pain down there, and when I do, I know exactly what to do to help myself. THANK YOU SARA!

Monica Payne

I feel very lucky to have found Sara as a care provider in New Orleans. I had a great experience with her, and would recommend her to any woman in need of greater pelvic health. She is knowledgeable, kind, forward-thinking, and passionate about her work. Although I have been to my last appointment, I consider her to be a vital part of my team, if future issues arise. Thanks for everything, Sara!

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