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REVIEWS OF Magnolia Physical Therapy IN Louisiana

Lyla Clayre

Magnolia therapy has been an amazingly positive experience. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone experiencing pain in their daily life.

Michelle Violets

Shoeless Eric

This place is awesome :-) the staff is professional, smart, and friendly. I was amazed to find out the Myriad things the shoulder is supposed to do, and happy to see the ability to do them coming back day by day. Thanks Magnolia!


5 stars is the St. Claude location because they are a team of therapists that works together for each client as individuals betterment. I will LOVE to name each therapist but not necessary all of their hands are BLESSED !

Stephen Adduci

Professional courteous - great results - personalized treatment plan team workers work to make you feel a ease

Edmond Cagnolatti

This is my third time coming to Magnolia. Dr.Ryan has been very helpful and informative. Katie and Laurielle have helped me through my exercises and whenever I have a cocern they are addressed. Magnolia on St Claude has a very welcoming enviroment. I will continue to refer Magnolia to all of my friends and family.

Kristen M

I have been treated twice at the Magnolia PT Marigny location. Ryan, Katie and the rest of the staff are patient and easy to work with. Their attention to detail during treatment both times has gotten me back to doing my normal activities without pain. I'm truly grateful for their help!

Pete Addicks

I hobbled in, I strutted out. This place really helped me feel better and get more sleep. They also rehabilitated a 14 year old shoulder injury. Feel better, living better, sleeping better. Life is better thanks to these cats. If a doc says "go to Physical Therapy" I recommend seeing these folks in the Marigny.

Nunya Biddness

When I was first referred here, i was skeptical that physical therapy would do anything for the pain I was having. Now I am pain free thanks to the attentive and caring staff at Magnolia Physical Therapy. I am ecstatic with the results and would recommend them to anyone.

Mario Mora

I've had a great experience when coming to Magnolia P.T. Everyone here is so nice and really help you forget that you're coming here for therapy. The attention that the therapists give you is by far the best. They'll answer any question you may have and always answer it with a smile. I feel much better after leaving Magnolia. They gave me the right tools to keep myself healthy as I go through life. Many thank you's to Magnolia!!!

Joshua Saybe

Najah Mousa

I came to MPT because of an ankle injury that I had. The staff was more than kind and attentive to my needs. The exercises were difficult at first but once I was able to Edson strength they became easier. I want to thank the staff here for the great work they do. I would refer everyone I know that needs physical therapy to Magnolia physical therapy!!!

appleovereasy .

Excellent staff and highly professional.Make you feel right at home while really taking the time to get to the cause of the area in pain. Have never had any long wait problems ever. Staff is super friendly within being very qualified.I enjoy watching the time and patience the staff shows to the other patients. Highest recommendation.

SaQuita Anderson

Hortense Langs

My experience was overwhelmingly positive. Ryan, Katy and the techs especially David,ZZ gave me such wonderful care. I have recommended you to my family and friends! Thank you, Thank you,Thank you. Hortense Langs

William Tyler

At Magnolia Therapy has helped me tremendously. The staff at Marigny is the best. Dr. Marek and Kattie works wonders. Kelsey and Laurielle are wonderful to work with!

Gerard Mahlmeister

Staff is friendly, helpful and the physical therapy works. Thanks Magnolia

Coleen Maidlow

I love this place! I came for an assessment to talk about longstanding aches and pains, the kind you just get used to after a while. The amount of improvements I've made in such a short amount of time are incredible. Everyone on staff is super friendly, welcoming, and helpful.

Jo Nicholson

Noah Samors

Magnolia Physical Therapy on St Claude is a great place to go if you need it! The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to fix the problem. The physical therapy technicians are also fantastic. They are always there to make sure you're doing the excersises correctly and always there to answer any question you have. It's always a pleasure going in to my appointments (I know, it's shocking to have fun at your doctors' office, but it's true!) I highly recommend this place for anyone who is in need.

Ann Costilow

I have had/am having an overall great experience here! There have been a few times when someone wasn't available to help me and I had to wait to be instructed on the next step... this could probably be tightened up on a little bit...and a little organized .... The two most attentive staff members are Lo and Kelsey they seem to pop up when I need somebody to help me adjust things! Undeniably, coming here is given me my life back... they have me on a combination of dry needling and physical therapy and I think the main thing that has been different is the DRY NEEDLING some of the different exercises are very different than what I'm used to, and I have run the gambit of other places...chiropractors and physical therapy exercises... it is obvious to me that the staff and the atmosphere here are working very well I highly recommend Magnolia physical therapy!!

detroit brooks

My experience at Magnolia has been great! Both of my therapist are great and very attentive to my needs. I'm looking forward to more great results. I choose Magnolia because a few of my friends have referred them to me. So far so good.

Kaitlin Hanrahan

Hayden Womack

The staff here is super friendly and welcoming! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs relief from pain.

Andrew Dreis

Magnolia always takes great care of me. Friendly, knowledgeable staff in a fun environment. I always leave feeling a little stronger. happier and closer to full recovery!

Nadine Zumot

My experience at Magnolia Physical Therapy has been very transformative and educational to say the least. I have learned many valuable lessons about movement, and how to take care of my body, and how the quality of my movement will have long terms effects on the quality of my life. The difference in my posture is very notable, as the whole shape of my back changed, even my clothes sit better now! The staff members are dedicated, professional and courteous. They all seem very happy to be there, which makes a big difference on the environment of the clinic. It is usually quite busy, but not once have I felt rushed, everyone takes their time to answer your questions and check your form, etc.. To Dr Ryan Marek and his team I will forever be grateful! I HIGHLY recommend this place for all your aches and pains, and for achieving optimum performance in your sport of choice, and day to day life.

Merletth .

The therapists at Magnolia are Great! I have had some great improvement in my hand and my wrist because of Magnolia. I would highly recommend it.

Sarah Isabelle Prevot

100% Excellent! The best physical therapy care in New Orleans!

Louise Macfadyen

In August had an accident that injured areas of my spine and damaged the functionality of my left hand. Magnolia PT were the first people who took care of my problems in a caring and supportive way, and added a cheerful and personal touch to their treatment. I would highly recommend this place to anybody who needs physical therapy.

Aurora Foster

Absolutely wonderful clinic! Kind, accommodating, and helpful PTs and PTAs. Already feeling better after just a few weeks.

Bartek West

I basically just randomly pointed to a map to find this place, and it was the first piece of real luck I’ve had in a while. I couldn’t be happier with this team of people. They’re knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly, and, most-importantly, they give you a sense that they really care about your healing and wellness. One thousand stars.

Julia Frederiksen

The staff here is incredible! I highly recommend this clinic for physical therapy (-:

Becca Chapman

This place changed my life and saved my career. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable, and they care about you as a person (not just a patient). I feel at home and safe there. I would highly recommend them to ANYONE!

Kelsey Johns

My experience at Magnolia Physical Therapy is always successful. I come in for wellness visits with minor concerns/questions for my body-such as aching, exercise techniques, or soreness. However, I always leave on such a positive note. The soreness & aches are gone and I feel educated and confident on what exercises I should be doing daily. The therapists and technicians are always very helpful and patient with you. Your care is their number one priority. With all of that being said, I highly recommend going to Magnolia Physical Therapy, you wont be disappointed!!

Jill Tatarski

I've gone to other physical therapy offices around town and none of them compare to Magnolia! They explain everything so clearly and make PT an enjoyable experience. I cannot recommend them enough!

C Johnson

I have had a wonderful experience at Magnolia. The therapist are very knowledgeable and the techs are super helpful. I've worked with both Derek and Christina and they are excellent. They know exactly how to key in on your difficult areas and work with you to resolve issues. They are both very compassionate and thoughtful. Laurielle and Kelsey are the best. They do their work helping the numerous clients with ease always making sure we are comfortable and happy. They make it easy to come to therapy every session. You need more workers like them.

Andrea Heming

Excellent staff and facility. Multiple routes to take for healing.

Madelyn Edens

The staff here is very competent, professional and friendly. They make a point to explain everything they are doing & asking you to do. While the atmosphere is very relaxed, you know that this is work and it's all being monitored for improvement. I have really enjoyed both the work itself and the results

Robert Goggin

Everything has been going very well since i have been comming here.Ican't belive it took me so long.their a wonderful group of people.They all work so well together.I am real glad i found this place.They have done a great deal for me. Robert E Goggin

Lisa Dours

Magnolia Physical Therapy is a wonderful place to get therapy. The therapists and techs are top notch and make you feel like family. I would recommend Magnolia to everyone I know.

Stephanie Kawalski

Magnolia Physical Therapy is the best! I started physical therapy after a running injury in my hip and having had back pain on and off for years. The staff at the Marigny location is not only super friendly, but I also appreciate how they really take the time to explain your treatment plan, help you understand where your pain is coming from, and answer any questions. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to get through my day without back pain, and I can thank Magnolia for that. Would highly recommend!!

Walter Davis

This is my second time coming to Magnolia for therapy. The service here is great.

Charles Duplessis

My therapy at Magnolia has been a great benefit to me: my knee movement has improved and my ‘muscle tone’ has become better- I appreciate The VA and my doctor for their recommendation.

laurielle stansberry

I got into a bad car accident a few months ago and after going o the doctor i found out i had whiplash, therefore my doctor referred me to therapy. My therapist Ryan recommended therapeutic dry-kneedling. After getting kneedled multiple times and following up with my exercises i feel like I have a brand new neck!!!! Thanks so much to all of the Magnolia staff for making me better.

Adriana Morales

Emily Posner

These folks are amazing and have helped me recover from a traumatic car accident. I'm grateful to their professionalism, work ethic, and knowledge!

marla dixon

Aside from being caring, knowledgeable, and results-oriented, the staff at Magnolia Physical Therapy are friendly, realistic, flexible & supportive. I have seen greater physical progress during my time here than at many other physical therapy or chiropractic practices.

Jacob B

Great staff who remember you and make you feel welcome

Janice Chaney Skinner


Leah Champagne

Can't recommend them enough. The staff at Magnolia Physical therapy are caring, funny, kind, thoughtful and so well-informed...the best in the city! I feel completely cared for during my appointments!

Charles Hazouri

My second session with Magnolia. The crew at the healing center is the best. My current session post surgery is going very well. I feel amazing thanks to them.

king gold

The staff at Magnolia is very hands-on, the atmosphere is very relaxing but productive, and everyone is always willing to help. Thank you to everyone at Magnolia for helping me be my best.

timothy thomas

magnolia has been very good to me. I came for a knee and then shoulder rehab. As a drummer they have helped me gain my strength and my confidence. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff that helped me on my road to recovery

David Barnes

Great experience, great professionals, great results!

Oz Cooper

Entire staff is very, personable, knowledgeable and professional!!!

Lycia Ferguson

The staff at Magnolia Therapy are wonderful and the services are great. They have been so helpful through my recovery process. I would highly recommend them to anyone in pain.


Magnolia has been a lifesaver in my recovery. When I first started coming here I could barely stand up for five minutes at a time without being in extreme pain from a back injury. They got me moving again and helped me re-train my body to function more appropriately. I am so grateful and will miss the staff when I get discharged.

Michelle Robert

After an automobile accident I tried many different things to relieve my neck pain and tight muscles. The therapists here are very knowledgeable, and instructed me on what exercises I needed to do to regain range of motion, and reduce pain. They also performed dry needling which helped break up my tight muscles. I highly recommend Magnolia Physical Therapy!

Bryan Arnold-Cazenave

I had hand surgery a few months ago and my dr suggested I do physical therapy a few times. I went here and Ryan the physical therapist gave me a consultation and he was very informative.. Needless to say I went 3 times per week for over a month and my hand is almost back to normal!!! I can't say enough great things about the entire staff , from Cristin at check in to everyone else there... they make everyone feel comfortable and at ease with any pain you may be going through. They know everyone by name when you walk through the door!! If I could have given more stars I would have!!! Great team here!!!

S Labowitz

Magnolia helped me get back to normal life, to exercise and even talk with people without always rubbing my neck, trying to get comfortable. The entire staff went out of their way to welcome me in a way that felt genuine and warm. My life is active and the therapists made sure to tailor my activities to getting back to the level I was at, not just to being pain free.

Michelle McRae

Gennel Gibson

Overall Magnolia was a wonderful place to come to therapy. I will recommend Magnolia to all of my family and friends. Thanks to the awesome techs Lo and Kelsey for keeping me on track when I wanted to cheat through my exercises.

Deandra Carr

The therapist overall were very engaging and concerned but over booked. The appointment time is not actually the time you get serviced. The wait is usually 20 to 30 minutes or later than time given. More updated equipment would be appreciated. Improving the accounting department is a MUST for more accurate billing. I've gotten billed for services that I already paid for. This is my second experience with Magnolia Physical. Therapy and on both occasions I have had billing problems. Your attention to these matters would avoid improper charges to the patient bank account.

d fluence

Magnolia is a great. I am on the road to recovery. Peace and Love

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