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REVIEWS OF Natural Wellness Physiotherapy IN Kansas

Richelle Bloom

Courtney made the physical therapy experience great. I have been to other PT's and felt like nothing was helping. Courtney takes the time to get to know his patients and wants them to feel better quickly. He spends the time you are there showing you different things that are easy to do but don't require expensive equipment . I will be returning to him in the future for my physical therapy needs.

Abigail Anderson

As a Pilates instructor, I have clients that experience pain or joint limitations that need to see a Physical Therapist to help determine the issue and a solution to pain free living. I don't hesitate referring my clients to Courtney. He has a deep knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and an overall understanding of healthy movement to prevent injuries. I feel Courtney (Natural Wellness Physiotherapy) and Core Strength Wichita have similar core values of helping people achieve their personal best so that they can live a quality life that is pain free. Personally, Courtney has helped me with my vertigo, tension headaches, and a foot issues. Without reservation, I would could call for an appointment today and starting moving better so you can live better.

Matt Magnuson

I sustained significant back, neck and shoulder injuries in a car accident on January 3. After 7 months of chiropractor visits, cryotherapy, inversion tables, float tanks and a few second opinions, I began a 10 session treatment plan with Courtney Morse. My improvement has been progressing at a much faster rate over 9 appointments than anything else I have tried. Pain levels have dropped. My mobility has improved. I am able to do things around the house or as part of my fitness routine that I could not do just a few months ago. I wish I would have known about this practice back in January--I think I'd be further along in my recovery by starting this treatment sooner. The best part is 1 on 1 attention. I spend a full hour with Courtney each session. I can't think of a time in 43 years that I spent an hour with any practitioner genuinely listening and taking the time to understand my condition and personalize my treatment versus rushing me in and out in 5-10 minutes only to have the rest of my treatment from a nurse or assistant who is going to give me the exact same template therapy as every other patient. He has also been instrumental in teaching me how to ease my way back into a fitness routine which is not anything that any other doctor has been willing to help with. He teaches me several work out movements and stretches that I can do each day as "at home physical therapy". This is a money and time saver over the other doctors who want to set me up for 2-3 appointments per week. He also gave me links to videos to help guide me thru my at home therapy for maximum effectiveness. The way that Courtney Morse operated Natural Wellness Physiotherapy is how ALL medical practitioners should operate--if so I think we'd be a much healthier and pain free country.

Junior Hutto

Great Guy! If you are hurting Courtney will fix you up.

Helena Klassen

I have suffered from one chronic pain syndrome after another for the last 12yrs and seen one therapist after another and lost faith in any therapist or exercise helping me. I read up on dry needling and it made sense to me and wanted to try it. Needless to say, I feel better than I have in years! It's astonishing how much can be accomplished in one session and I'm seeing health benefits in other areas of my body that I didn't expect the dry needling to effect but it has helped my muscles calm down and relax that no other treatment could come close to. Courtney is undoubtedly intelligent and knows what he is doing. I am indebted to him for helping me with my slew of chronic pain diagnosis's. If you have pain, you need to see him!

Nancy Schellhamer

I started seeing Courtney 3 weeks ago for Planter Fascia. I had been diagnosed with it in December 2018 and had dealt with severe pain in my right foot. I went through physical therapy at advanced physical therapy, and spent 2 months getting my foot scraped.After that therapy I was still in extreme pain and was told that I would have to wear inserts in my shoes for the rest of my life. I was referred to Courtney and scheduled an appointment with him, I was shocked to learn that I did not have Planter Fascia all my pain was being caused by my right hip and back and right calf. in my second week with Courtney my pain was cut in half and I had several moments with no pain. I am impressed and thrilled to have found a therapist who has helped me so much. I am now on my third visit and see an incredible difference in my foot as well as my low back is not hurting all the time can't wait for my pain free life. I also can wear flip flops again and no inserts in my shoes. I highly recommend this therapist he is well worth it.

Shaley Shumate

I’ve had back pain for years and it took one session for Courtney find the issue and we went straight to work. It’s been a couple months now and I have no back pain, and have gotten so much strength and mind-muscle connection in muscles I didn’t even know were neglected! Amazing experience and such a friendly and comfortable atmosphere!

Anna Klassen

Courtney is intelligent and dug to find the root causes to my chronic pain and misalignments. I have done physical therapy in the past and never have I had anyone close to Courtney’s level. Courtney actually puts his hands on me; he assesses how my muscles/ body react to different pressure and positions, shows me diagrams of what my body is doing and explains it in a format I can understand, then provides enhanced treatments that relieve pain immediately. He continues to teach me basic in home exercises to ensure I can be successful with his treatment. Great hands on experience in a comfortable atmosphere.

becky way

Finally got relief from a year long chronic shoulder pain. Very happy with my therapy!

Erin D

Dr. Morse does an excellent job of listening and putting the client's goals as his #1 priority! I highly recommend his personal approach to physical therapy.

Skylar Anderson

My squats were awful. My hips hurt, ankles popped, knees hurt, and shoulders were messed up. Of course I waited until my hip was affecting my squat at the gym to go see someone about the problems. Courtney was amazing! I was nervous at first and I dislike most doctors but Courtney put me at ease with his humor and in depth explanations of all procedures and injuries. He asked plenty of questions to make sure he knew exactly what was going on. All of my issues are gone and if I have anymore I will definitely be going back here. Thank you!!!

David Arst

Courtney is extremely knowledgeable and is helping me with severe back and leg problems. I highly recommend him. David Arst former National and World triathlon champion.

Drew Walters

I had been suffering with lower back pain since 2016. It was never to the point that I couldn't stand up or kept me from sleeping at night but it was getting to the point that I couldn't golf as much as I wanted or I would quit a round because it started hurting. I was always hesitant of PT because I'm busy and didn't think I had the time. I started seeing Dr. Courtney a few weeks ago what I've enjoyed the most is he doesn't talk over my head about what we're going to do he makes it very easy to understand. If anyone has been putting off PT I would encourage you to give Dr. Courtney a try.

Shaun Delmar

Personalized service and time taken to understand the issues. Physical therapy certainly isn’t “cookie cutter”, so I appreciated the attention to detail and really listening to my concerns.

Christine Seale

I have tried physical therapy before but was less than thrilled with the results. Dr. Courtney really knows his stuff and invests time into his patients to discover and fix the root cause. AND there is an end of treatment so you’re not having to go back for infinity treatments. If you are looking for a GREAT PT, look no further! Give him a call.

Chelsea Liz

Courtney’s customized therapies have given me new range of motion and long-term resolution of persistent and debilitating shoulder and knee issues.

Gavin Shank

Before I visited Natural Wellness Physiotherapy I had knee and shoulder pain and stiffness in most other joints. Today I can walk up and down the stairs with no problems, I have more range of motion in my shoulder, and overall I feel better than I ever have. Thank you!

Courtney Stueve

I’m a weightlifter and have been struggling with hip pain that has hindered progress. Going to Dr. Morse not only improved my strength but he helped me understand proper positioning to help strengthen the muscles that are causing the hip pain and guess what!!! Hip pain is getting less and less apparent! With his knowledge and exercises he has prescribed, we think hip pain will be gone in a few short months and leg strength will make a strong comeback! He knows his stuff! I HIGHLY recommend.

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