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REVIEWS OF Body In Motion Physical Therapy IN Kansas

Susie Sundberg

Prior to undergoing knee surgery, I researched places that offered P.T. services. I noticed that "Body in Motion" had so many positive reviews; thus, I decided to pursue help there. They were able to get me in quickly after my surgery. I've worked with Chelsea and she is knowledgeable, friendly and patient. She usually gives me exercises to do at home which we have practiced in therapy and has tried different treatments in order to help me feel better. The P.T. places I've gone to before have had each P.T. working with two people at a time. At "Body in Motion", they give individual attention to each person. Everyone there is extremely helpful and friendly!

Charlotte Ronan

The therapists at Body in Motion are amazing. I have been going there for at least 15 years. They have some great classes to keep me moving too.

Anson Kibby

I have dubbed Sushma "The Goddess of PT." She really knows her stuff. I am in awe of her knowledge of the body and how it moves and works. I have been to other physical therapists, and Sushma stands above them all. I am so grateful for how she has helped me with a hip problem that I've been dealing with for years.

Wendy Vasos

Body In Motion has changed my life. Sushma is more knowledgeable than any physical therapist I have worked with. She understood my pain and provided exercises and guidance so I am able to help heal myself. She doesn’t want patients to have to keep coming back. Refreshing and happy to be able to move! Thank you Body In Motion!

Kim Vittorino

Scott Jones

Simply the best physical therapy clinic in quickly identifying and effectively treating physical impairments

Roger Coldsnow

Chelsea and Body in Motion Therapy are incredibly professional. I have worked with several other KC therapy groups and none are even close. Chelsea constantly changes my routine to recognize not only my progress but what remains to be done with regard to goals and objectives. She constantly explains how it all fits together.

Vicki Riffle

Anne Canfield

I had an excellent experience at Body in Motion while recovering from a broken leg. I was worried I would never be able to bend my knee fully again after two months in a wheel chair. Working with home health therapists, the furthest I had been able to bend the knee was 56 degrees, and I despaired of reaching the goal of 90 degrees or beyond. My therapist at Body in Motion - who holds a doctorate in physical therapy and teaches at the college level - worked with me over many weeks and ultimately my knee was able to bend to more than 120 degrees, the "gold standard." I felt as if I had a wonderful partner guiding me in this hard work and a convenient and pleasant place in which to work. I'm glad to be well again but miss seeing my therapist, Emily! I can't recommend this place highly enough!

Sherry Stiles

Highly recommend! They made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. Very friendly staff, very knowledgeable!

Ron Reed

My many weeks of physical therapy regarding my left hip post surgery was superb. My therapist, Chelsea Pritchett was highly skilled , very affable and representative of the whole staff's attitude and competence. I expect to get myself back soon for more follow-up!

Julie Dickerson

Chelsea is great! She was my physical therapist after two different surgeries. Her delightful personality (which does make a difference!), her gentle manner and her knowledge of the human body make her a wonderful PT. I would highly recommend Chelsea to anyone needing physical therapy!

Robert Beachy

Personable and personal care at a comfortable pace. They care about progress and the little things that make rehab visits worth looking forward to.

Brett Creason

I came to Body In Motion having experienced the worst of health care “professionals”. My Surgeon was not helpful and uninterested in addressing my concerns and my previous physical therapist either lacked the knowledge or want to address my concerns and struggles. I decided to pursue another physical therapist when certain aspects of my rehab were not getting better and I ended up developing other symptoms that had nothing to do with my accident but turned out to be a result of neither my surgeon nor previous physical therapist being able to identify and remedy my struggles. The qualities I respect most about my therapist Sushma Patel at Body In Motion was her professional curiosity, no nonsense attitude and organization. During my first session, she had me walk away from her, toward her and then gave me a pretty intense stretch/massage session. During this process, she was asking me questions and I could tell she was putting some pieces together in her head. She then told me what was going on, why I was struggling with certain aspects of my recovery and what I needed do to work through it. She was able to figure out in 15 minutes what neither my surgeon nor previous physical therapist could in almost two months. During my next session, we began the program and I could immediately feel it working the areas that were giving me problems. It also turns out my previous therapist was either having me do stretches with the incorrect form or not correcting my incorrect form which led to the other symptoms I mentioned before. As I continued Sushma’s program and gained the flexibility I needed to walk with the correct form, these symptoms decreased and subsided. I was soon making progress with leaps and bounds and am now close to “good as new”. I have learned that just because a person has a doctorate or a degree in the medical field does not mean they are going to have your best interest in mind or have pride in their profession to work for the best outcome of their patients. My surgeon and previous physical therapist seemed to only care about going through the motions enough to be able to bill my insurance company. If you feel you are not being heard or your concerns are not being addressed by a “medical professional”, go somewhere else. Trust your gut. If I ever need physical therapy again (knock on wood), I will be going to Body In Motion.

Jean Pallotto

Sushma is fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Gets to the root of the problems and sets a great treatment plan. She has helped all our family members with various sports and nonsports related issues.

David Halsted

As a surgeon I respect and appreciate Chelsea's professional knowledge and skills. Body In Motion was recommended to me by my Internist and I am happy with and thankful for that referral. If you want that personal touch, I suggest you see the P.T.s at Body In Motion.

Caroline Jeffries

Good experience. Therapist explains each activity well including purpose. Handouts for home exercises clear.

Shirley Spiegel

Joanne Commins

Body in Motion is an awesome place! Their staff is friendly and make you feel so comfortable. Sushma is very knowledgeable and one of the best in the field!

Grant Burcham

First class care and expertise.

Jill Turner

Sushma is a magician! She has helped me over the years with a variety of problems and has given me attention and a forward looking plan to send me on my way each time. The plan works! She is smart, attentive and funny and makes going to physical less of a burden and more fun!

Igor Perel

I came to Body in Motion for severe back pain that could not be treated with surgery. I didn't want to use heavy medication, but I knew that I needed some focused, individualized attention that I wasn't getting at other physical therapy places. Sushma and her team have provided a compassionate, superior service that has helped me to gain long term relief and enabled me to make great progress in my recovery. I've really been impressed with the compassionate care and support from Body in Motion.

Angie Schreck

Sushma is very personable and SMART which carries over to the staff she hires. I like the attention of a smaller clinic and the individualized treatments. The body in sync concept is an awesome idea and adjunct to the formal therapy. I can't wait to take a class!

Nancy Robinson

I can't thank the folks at Body in Motion enough! We have 8 family members who have been helped there and we're all grateful for the care we've received. Appointments are always individual, one-on-one time. It's a special place.

Dan Sweeney

Richard Hilliard

I am a repeat patient to Body in Motion. In 2012 I was treated by Sushma Patel involving post operation pt to my neck and arms. The Pt was results driven - daily exercises and visuals via handouts with diagram. My recovery time was shortened as a result of the Physical Therapists efforts. I am currently attending post operation physical therapy for my ankle and the physical therapist is Chelsea Morey. She is Professionaal and thorough. As s former DI athlete is explains the therapy and again I received visuals handouts with diagrams of the exercises. Additionally I received electronically how to videos if the tasks/ exercises to perform. I have immediately felt the improvement in my ankle- less pain more range of movement- I highly recommend Body in Motion!

Renee Kelly

An amazing place for innovative rehab and therapy, from traditional methods to integrating Pilates. The staff is more than professional and communicated with my surgeon with ease. .Everything combined kept me on the healing track after hip surgery

Isabella Pallotto

Sushma is the best physical therapist in Kansas City, especially for back problems. I highly recommend Body in Motion PT. The doctor told me that I would be out of sports for 6 weeks but after seeing Sushma once I was back to low impact activity the next day. She is highly knowledgeable and understands that the body often needs to be gently realigned before starting any physical therapy exercises. She uses stretching as a form of manual physical therapy. Such a friendly office too!

Bobby V

I have now used Sushma and her team for the 2nd time due to my hip replacement. She and her staff are extremely knowledgeable about the recovery and rehab process. They take their time to make sure the patient is comfortable with not the process and progress. Communication is at the forefront to make sure everyone is on the same page. We were successful in getting back to 100% on bit hip and knee replacements. They are simply the best at what they do! I highly recommend Body in Motion!

Carol Bargfrede

Body in Motion helped me regain my strength and stability after recovering from hip stress cracks. My Physical Therapist, Sushma Patel, explained exercises so I understood the "how", "why" and "what to expect". Never pushing more than I could handle kept me excited about the process. I felt better from my first session. After completing physical therapy, I think I'll try a PT led Strength & Balance class, Pilates or Yoga. A real fan, Carol Bargfrede

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