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REVIEWS OF Hands On Physical Therapy IN Indiana

Elsa Venezzio


Thank you Hand-on Physical Therapy, for an excellent job on me. Because I couldn't bend my fingers of the right hand for 6 years, product of an accident. Now I can bend my fingers a little. I hope to reach 100% soon.

Effie K

The staff is very professional, from the front desk to the therapists to the billing department. All are knowledgeable and helpful in accommodating scheduling around a busy mom’s day. Overall an excellent experience.

susil thapa

Amazing service with full of amazing people. The front desk people are sweet and caring. Overall the service they provide in their office is excellent and patient care is on top. I love going there and meeting these good people, therapists including. I have met owner of the clinic once and he is very attentive, caring, and full of enthusiasm. He is willing to help in any way. Would recommend this place to all.

kumari chauhan

There are no words that can describe the patient care and hospitality of this office. Staffs are extraordinary. Therapists are awesome. They focus on the speedy recovery. Varunda my therapist is the best I know. She goes out of her way to help her patients. I would definitely recommend this place and would encourage to tell your family and friends to try this place.

Maryjean Seeward

This place is horrible, their billing and services are HORRIBLE they are in possible to get in touch with, ... I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE EVER!!!!!

Daquana Purnell

I love this place so much it’s a experience that I love their real professional each and every time. I love the staff wherever I am it’s worth the travel.

Andy Urueta

Been here a short time but I’ve had a great experience, very friendly staff and I started to see results soon after I started going. Would recommend to anybody looking for physical therapy care.

J .

Five stars 100% goes to therapist Vurunda. Her professional but caring style is wonderful. She really takes her time to work with you and is so amazing at answering your questions. Not to mention her personality is superb!

Jason Vachon

Very friendly staff that work miracles! If you need physical therapy this is the place to go. The staff is very knowledgeable and atmosphere is so relaxing.

Alexander Lawson

Leonard Russo

I have been here fora short time and I am progressing better every time I get here

Luke Kim

If someone has to say modern hospitals are the solution to get physically better and walk again, then Hands-On Physical Therapy could make one to not only get better, but to make them run and jump as well. Today, we have so many people who are diagnosed with musculoskeletal issues. And we mostly see people in canes, wheel chairs or even support because people may think that there is nothing that could bring them hope to see they can stand and walk again. Office as professional, and expertise such as Hands-On clearly shows you how everyone even who may be in injury to let them know that there is an opportunity and chance to stand up once more with an open hand offered by these great intelligent and skillful physical therapists. One of their spectacular members, Dr. Blair Oh is probably the most talented I've seen. It's hard to get schedule with her, but that clearly shows how amazing her skills are for others to desire treatment just as I want to be treated. After several treatments by her, I could definitely say Hands-On Physical Therapy is my number one and I am confident that there are great professionals just as her too in that team. It's never easy to find someone to help you to get better and make you stand strong once more, and I would recommend someone to try meeting a great individual physical therapist like Dr. Blair Oh and any other therapists in Hands-On.

B Mousis

I have been coming to Hands-On Physical therapy for neck and back pain and highly recommend their expertise. I have spent so much money on acupuncture, massage, chiropractic care, to no avail, felt defeated thinking that I would have to live with this pain forever. Finally, now, I'm very optimistic that I will be back to my normal life, thanks to Hands-On. My therapist took the time to discuss my posture, lifestyle, and even gave advise on how to set-up of my work station as well as went over exercises and stretches that I can do at home to help the process along and prevent strains in the future. They've done their job well. I feel grateful.

Nelly Gamarra

Stacy McBride

I had the good fortune to be referred to Hands On physical therapy after a rotator cuff surgery. I found the facility to be clean and well equipped. The support staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. I would recommend this facility to anyone. My therapist was Andrew Grando and he was great!

Apollon Zoumpanidopoulos

I am a basketball player at my school and sprained my ankle bad during the match. I could barely walk, let alone play, and needed fast and good results to get back in the game. I saw Helen and Anoop at Hands on and they made my ankle like it never happened. Thank you guys. You are awesome

Jillian Delgado

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff and care my mother is receiving here at Hands On Physical Therapy. Samantha, the front desk manager, is empathetic, kind, and extremely accommodating, she has been there every step of the way making sure everything is going smoothly for us and that my mother is receiving excellent care. She goes above and beyond to make sure you get the appointments that are convenient to you and that you are being seen with little or no wait time. Samantha and the front desk staff will always acknowledge you when you walk in and greet you with a smile. Vrunda the physical therapist is positive, informative, and thorough. She listens to my mother’s concerns with compassion and is always giving positive feedback. The owner has given us fabulous advice and positive energy which has helped tremendously. All the staff is friendly and willing to help! I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get well and be surrounded by good people and positivity.

Angelo Guadagno

Hands on therapy is the only place to go for your physical therapy needs. Ken, the owner, was amazing With my wrist injury recovery. He was caring, understanding, and dedicated to helping me become pain free. My experience was so incredibly, I am now bringing my two daughters there for Dance Acro injuries. Hands on Therapy is the only choice for my family.

Aleta Diaz

Denyse Winters

I have just completed 8 months of the most dynamic,comprehensive OP PT following Left Total Knee Replacement,complicated by a rupture of my quadriceps, with 2nd surgery, April 2018. To complicate matters, I was born with partial limb deficiencies: short right leg; both arms above the elbows; wearing prostheses and functioning independently and actively for 65yrs+;43yrs of them practicing as an occupational therapist. I'm explaining this so you can appreciate how great Ken,Andrew were as my PT's to teach me how to walk again;and be instrumental in getting my life back again! I also want to thank Grace,Robbie,Qui my PTaides; Greg(PT student);Colette,Joanne,Maureen for helping me reach my goals! If you've got challenges to overcome,this isTHE BEST PLACE! Plus we all had the best time!!

Indira Samaria

I walked into the clinic and the owner immediately started me on treatment. Doctor Blair, she is an amazing PT. Very warm, attentive and very caring. She knew exactly what was wrong with my left hip. I will miss everyone here. Nessa and Vita, very helpful and very sweet assistants. The staff at the front desk are very accommodating and very sweet as well. -Indira Samaria

Riskallas .

Marcial Gough

chris lopez

I’ve been going to this place for a couple of months and I love it. They treat you great and at home. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Yasmin Mohareb

Great environment, talented therapists. Saw improvement within months with a brutal partial ACL tore.

Teri Geddes

Best physical therapy I've ever had. The team is professional, competent and caring. My back feels like it did in my twenties! I love this place and am grateful for the service I received from everyone. I can hike again! Amazing!

M Culhane

My therapy team of Sean and Paola has literally got me back on my feet again. Everyone I've met here is knowledgeable and professional, but also so kind and encouraging. My husband came here after his hip surgery, and his outcome was exceptional. I know I'll be back to Zumba soon!

Andreas Vavas

Just another pt mill, walked out of my second session after watching my therapist sit around telling people what to do next while not watching what they were doing. Waited an hour to get my co-pay back. Definitely do not recommend this place.

kc s

Great staffs and services. It worked!

Lasha Carpenter

I have to say after 16 years of going to physical therapist. And never feeling better and even feeling worse and in more pain. This is the first office and treatment where I have felt I'm actually getting help. They have a unique approach to physical therapy, they use massage, pressure that reminds me of acupuncture, which until now acupuncture then medication was the only treatment that helped. They have been kind, they explaine what they are doing. And really seem to know what is going on with your whole body. Not just the area you think needs help. I really can't say enough of how impressed I've been. I'm so happy I have found treatment that have given me some relief.

mary paretti

This has been our first experience with physical therapy outside of a hospital setting. My husband and I are very pleased with the therapy he has been receiving. The therapists are great. The office staff are very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend Hands On Physical Therapy.

Irene Gardner

The staff at Hands On are great! They listen to your thoughts and pain complaints.Both Matt and Emily work well together and consult each other if they feel like the patient is not progressing. They both have their specialties but they are both willing to try new ideas. I have gone to both and they are friendly, down to earth people who welcome you in and assist you in retuning back to activities. I appreciate both for getting me back to less pain. I can't brag enough about this group! If you need help after surgery or to try and prevent surgery-----these are the people to see!

Austin Lauer

Mary Tucker

Matt took care of my medical problems and brought me up to speed in a reasonable amount of time. I am glad to have been sent there! The staff was very helpful and easy to work with.

Teesa Yacco

For the past four months I have been seeing Emily Wilson for pelvic floor pain. Not only has she been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in her area, her work has also helped with my entire body and mindset! I highly recommend Emily! Everyone at Hands On is friendly, accepting and respectful! Wonderful clinic! :)

Rita Mackey

Marilyn Tuttle

Elizabeth Duff

I'm no longer in pain. The staff is very caring. I'm amazed. Thank you.

Deanna Frahm

professionals who provide excellent care with great results!

Robin Rye

I went in with intense pain. Matthew listened carefully and made a plan for healing. I am already better after 2 visits

Claire Pavlinec

Had a very successful rehabilitation from my Achilles tear. Great therapy with great compassion but a clear drive to get me 100% as soon as I was able. Highly recommend.

Rajiv Kumar

This place therapy. .was very heplful and improved my wrist. In the beginning was weak and gradually it got stronger and everyone is nice and know what their doing also understand the patient. I recommend to anyone in needs of help. The facility is clean and comfortable.


I needed to thank you all for all that you have done for me. Not only did you treat me with care and compassion through out my treatment, but now I can finally get back to the old me who was fun and outgoing. Helping me understand my problem and why I was suffering has made such an impact to my recovery which I was not expecting. Thank you all for the extraordinary work you do and helping me. All the best to you all Georgia

Bertha Ware

I Bertha being coming to hands on physical therapy almost 2 years as process there where many problems I had with different parts of my body and coming here made it possible for me to come and be apart of the program I was in concerning my health they made it certain I had just what I need to complete my acquisition I love them so much that I want to come back again and again.. my hip my Ankle my legs enjoyed their help in working my poor body back to life . I love it here at hands on

Carmen Memoli

I highly recommend Hands On Physical Therapy. It is obvious that Ken and Andrew are two Physical Therapist that truly care about helping you rehab. The staff is always friendly and helpful. It is a nice experience.

Stephanie Lisica

My father, Edi, has been coming here consistently for two months after a surgery for a completely torn Achilles. He could not be happier with his progress and with all of the staff. They are extremely friendly and there are no long wait times! Highly recommended!!

Catherine L

The staff is amazing and caring. Joanna goes beyond to help you with insurance issues. I am happy for the staff efforts. Ken and Andrew are amazing doctors well educated. They work with u and help u achieve good health. I would recommend them. I known Ken for years and I trust him.

Ali Hussein

My experience here has always been great and the people at the front desk are very polite and helpful, very clean and up to date.

Jim G

Tremendous caring staff, wonderful treatment that provides true natural healing!

Marissa meyer

Everyone is great but working with G I have to Thank you Dr. Gianna for helping me bounce back from my shoulder surgery!!! You're wonderful and caring!

Vanessa R

Hands on physical therapy truly helped me get back on my feet. Since last year I suffered with severe Siatica that left me not able to get out of bed. I been seen by many doctors, and prescribe many pain relievers and muscle relaxers which none of them helped. Samantha encouraged me to make an appointment and get seen by her doctors which I’m so glad I did. Therapy has truly helped me a lot and I couldn’t be more grateful. The staff is amazing, the environment is friendly and I would recommend this office to everyone who needs the proper treatment . Thank you HandsOn. Aooooooooowwwww !!!!! ( cardi b voice )


I had a frozen shoulder. I was in extreme amounts of pain, and had a massive loss of movement. I could not work. My son told me about Hands on and we were going for therapy together. Thank you Hands on I am back at work

Emily Santosuosso

At the end of June I tore my ACL playing lacrosse. I thought that my summer was ruined but Hands On Physical Therapy helped me so much. The physical therapists are amazing and so welcoming. They truly want to see you get better and will do anything to help you. Everyone is very personable and friendly as well. I am truly grateful for how much they have helped me.

Sean banks

Hands On PT was an amazing experience. The staff was friendly and flexible. They were also genuine in their approach and plan for my recovery. They provided amazing services and I would recommend them 10/10 times.

Marissa Panetta

They are great here! I’ve gone to many PT places over the years and their approach is very different and helpful. I feel a lot better and they really are hands on in improving my issue.

Frank Domenico Cipriani

These people really care. They are basically miracle workers. I am so grateful for their care.

yazmin Hernandez

I have to say unfortunately, I’ve been through my fair shares of physical therapies. However, this has been my best experience at one. Thank you to the staff for a great experience and always showing that you care. Especially, Samantha who continuously go above and beyond and excels in always helping me and making this easier with every visit. Great job, keep up the work. I highly recommend.

Gustavo Ramos

Hands on Best place ever!!!!!!! I'm very satisfied with all therapists also great service!!! 10/10

Sunil Thapa

I don't know where to start because this place is just amazing. The office has this positive vibes when you walk in, it makes you feel good already. They make you feel like home there. Not to mention my whole family goes there for the therapy. Amazing amazing place with good physical therapist. Must try this place and see how they work the magic.

Ahmed Elkhodary

Irene Davis

Andrew and Gianna are wonderful, but Ken should be a physical trainer and not a physical therapist since is approach is... no pain no gain. The one session I had with Ken was excruciatingly painful. I have left Hands On and found another physical therapist to continue my rehab because of Ken. FYI Ken is the owner of both the Toms River and Brick N.J. locations.

Jayne Geissler

I can not rave about this place enough. The care and the people are amazing! Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I started with knee pain that kept me up during the nights and limited my mobility during the day, which was so frustrating for me because I am such a walker. Now, after 8 sessions, I experience no pain while sleeping and was able to complete the Susan Komen Race for the Cure earlier this month! Thank you Hands-On for giving me back my life!

Sparkles A.

I have used them for at least 4 injuries and I am still a young pup at 42. They care, their knowledge is superb in their area of expertise. I completely trust them with my health and recovery!

Jure Abicic

Very friendly, organized and knowledgeable staff who helped to improve my injured foot!

Antonio Cinquemani

Jaime scheelje-BADANI

Nice staff; amazing therapists...

Ross Wellinger

Hands On is amazing. The entire staff has been extremely welcoming and helpful since day one. All of the PTs are knowledgable and thorough. They go above and beyond for each person they work with. The office itself is very spacious and up to date. I'm about a month post knee surgery and already seeing a lot of progress.

Joe Smacks

Great environment, friendly staff, Therapy office that listens and cares!!! will defiantly recommend this office.

Eileen Neyra

Amazing service! The staff was so nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a therapist. They really know what their doing!

Jazmin Andon

I loved the flexibility in hours and the therapists are amazing ! I worked with Blair the last few months and she was awsome. Staff is super patient and friendly!

James Santangelo

I have been a patient of both Ken and Andrew, I personally recommend you see them if you ever need a Physical Therapy! They helped me recover from a double knee surgery procedure and years later they helped me recover from a devastating back injury, allowing me to avoid surgical intervention. I can't say enough about how wonderful the whole staff is! Without these guys I would not be able to walk around freely as I do today.

Deborah Cerbone

I highly recommend the entire staff at Hands On Physical Therapy of Toms River. I had a total knee replacement and Andrew has been so patient with me and reassuring that I don't know how it would have turned out without him and his staff. I feel blessed to have gotten to know them. Thank you all so much!

merina thapa

I am very pleased with my experience at Hands-On PT. They treat their patients with professionalism and care. I am also delighted with all the people that I meet at this place, extremely friendly and helpful.In addition, appreciate their willingness to answer questions, and most importantly convenient appt schedule that works for you/ appointments reminder. "Big thanks to all".

Michele Carrillo

My Daughter in law recomended my mother to come in and see therapist Dr Blair to work on her bilateral knee pain and im so glad she did. My moms able to walk alot more now without using the walker, and has more stability . Thank you so much to everyone who helped in her recovery, from the front desk to the clinical area. Will definalty recomend this facility to everyone I know.

Chris Vassiliou

Everyone from front desk to the financial department are always willing to go out of their way to help and that is something you don’t see everywhere. Hands on Physical Therapy has the tools to actually pin point where the pain is and to treat it effectively. Thank you everyone for all your support and helping me get back to my daily activities when I felt helpless with my Knee / back pain. Your smiles and support helped me truly in my 3 months of treatment. Thank you Dr. Blair and aids for all your guys are the best...I highly recommend Hands on a Physical Therapy if you truly want to get better..

Andreas Vassiliou

I have been going to Hands On for a few months now since my Knee surgery, The entire staff that this place has are really out of this world. Everyone here is always wiling to help and accommodate in anyway needed. The Therapists are all Great and with the equipment they have, which i have not seen anywhere else, were able to create a treatment plan for me which targeted at my problem and not elsewhere. In a few short weeks I will be back to my full activities and I thank all, from the secretaries in front who where always able to give me times I can make , to my awesome Therapist Shaun. Thanks guys for everything and keep up the GREAT!!! work...P.S. the renovations are awesome AV

John M

I generally don't write reviews but I feel that I should do that for Hands-on Physical Therapy because it has been my best experience so far in terms of efficiency of treatment, friendly and warm environment and advanced physical therapy and I feel that this should be acknowledged and rewarded. Kostantinos Rizopoulos is an extremely knowledgeable person who loves his job, cares about his patients and goes far beyond his role of supervising his team by having a real impact on each person. From the very first time I met him, he showed a genuine and real interest on my case, he was deeply interested to understand the reasons of the visit and try to help me from many different perspectives. He cared about me first as a human or as a friend and then as a professional which is something remarkable and highly appreciated. He spent a lot of time discussing many different perspectives of the issue, identify potential reasons of the problem and propose a specific set of concrete physical treatments to deal effectively with the issue. His knowledge on his specialization area is unparalleled and has helped me understand better the reaction of my body to certain external factors and exercises. He constantly seeks to implement innovative and highly efficient techniques and that is one of the many reasons he has a very accredited reputation and he is so successful in his specialization. The rest staff is super friendly and warm and they always make you feel comfortable and very welcome. Thank you for everything. This level of professionalism and caring about people is unique and should be always recognized and rewarded.

Michael Burdette

I have been seeing the staff at Hands On intermittently for several years now. I used to have to get cortisone shots in my back twice a year in order to deal with the pain from a bulging disc but their style of therapy has made it possible for me to forgo the shots. They teach you how to treat yourself at home with stretches and the like. The entire staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Dolores Caracappa

I recently had spinal fusion in NYC at Hospital for Special Surgery which is rated as the top orthopedic hospital in the nation. For folks who don’t live in NYC, HSS created a network of rehab providers in the tristate area. Hands on PT is the ONLY in-network PT facility in Ocean County. To be in the network a provider has to complete a rigorous application process which includes ongoing onsite inspections. HSS demands excellence in everything it does. That’s how I KNOW I’m in the right and BEST place for my PT!! I’ve had much PT over the years at other facilities and I can honestly say that none compares to the PT I am getting at Hands On! Andrew is outstanding! He is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly, caring, etc. The same goes for the entire staff. I can’t recommend them enough! My special needs daughter had a total knee replacement a month ago, also at HSS. Ken is her therapist and I can’t praise him enough! My daughter can be very difficult to deal with. Ken has been so kind, understanding and patient with her. Because of him, she is doing fantastic and much better than I ever did after my knee replacements! If you need PT do yourself a favor and choose Hands On PT!

Brandon Jean-Pierre

The staff here are excellent. The attention to detail, personalized programs and clean interior makes this my go to physical therapy spot

Renzo Loaiza

Honestly, some patients here looked miserable. Myself didn't enjoy the therapist here. Some therapist are to aggresive and lazy. They rub your leg for 5mim and you're done. And funny how the director of the place saw me and said you'll be good in weeks. Save yourself and go somewhere else.

ruth esther rodriguez

Vickie Taylor


Manoli F

This place is great! I enjoy my sessions here. My physical issues started from gym related activities. There is a mix of exercises, therapist time, and massage/stimulation time. I look forward to every session and have noticed a clear improvement in my symptoms. They evaluate current behaviors and habits and recommend alternates to remedy the pain causing situation. I highly recommend Hands On for relief of any physical pains.

Kris Kahle

Diana Pita

Naomi Baresel

I had my first ever physical therapy experience recently. It was with Dr. Emily Wilson at Hands On Physical Therapy and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Emily was personable as well as professional.

Marilyn Norman

Leslie Vosler

Sheryl Weissel

Great place for your Physical Therapy. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable.

Paul Nemetz

Sherell Jones

Jeremy Caraballo

My Experience at Hands On Physio care was the best!! Everyone starting from the front desk to the clinical were very professional .. I would defiantly recommend to everyone I know.


Hands on physical therapy is amazing. The people are really nice and help you a lot. Especially Vurenda, who is a really helpful doctor.

Patricia Weiss

Wow! The staff is amazing knowledgeable and professional—-they ha e helped me tremendously for my vestibular imbalance.

Danielle Burby

Everyone at Hands-On Physical Therapy is fantastic! The front desk staff are professional and thoughtful—they make a point of remembering your schedule and making sure you can get an appointment when you need one. My physical therapist, Blair, is so knowledgeable and has done so much to improve my injury. I am constantly impressed when she is able to guess things like how I sit during the day and the position I sleep in (as well as recommend modifications that will help me!) just from working on my injury. I work with Nessa on my exercises and she is very attentive and fun to talk to. She makes the experience enjoyable! I highly recommend!

MD Teofana

This is my second round of physical therapy here at Hands On, after 2nd knee surgery. Everybody is nice,professional and beyond helpful. Aftet my initial thoroughly detailed review with Dr. Kosta, the front desk ladies were very accommodating scheduling my future appointments. Blair and Nessa are the ones helping me recover while patiently answering any questions I have. They also gave me a comprehensive list of excercises (with photos) for me to do at home, to make sure my recovery is healthy, not accellerated but neither slow. Definitely Recommend!!! Thank you "Hands On Team"

Mani Singh

The stafff is so friendly, the doctors are so nice they take care of everybody. I’ve seen a huge change in my body now. I go there twice a week and the waiting time is very Little. One of the best thing about this place is scheduling which is very convenient.

Katerina Sachinidou

I'm so amazed of the way everyone in there makes you feel. They don't see you as a patient but as family. They help you in any way they can. Especially the billing department when I had a problem with coverage. Vicky was such a great help. She went above and beyond to help me and she did. I'm so grateful to her and her team. My initial evaluation with doctor Rizopoulis, made me realize where exactly my problem was and with his guidance, the therapist and Vicky's help, my road to recovery has been awesome. Thank you so much. Please keep up the good work. We need people like you in the field. God bless you all.

Jonathan Perr

Friendly and Professional. Worked with Sean after knee surgery. He tracked the recovery process at each session and adjusted the therapy plan to help speed the healing process along.

Patrick Stanley

As a professional baseball player, major shoulder surgery is a devastating thing to have happen. The surgery was very successful, but the extensive rehab program I had ahead of me had me concerned. I knew the moment I met Ken that i was in good hands. During my initial evaluation, he asked me a lot of questions and had excellent knowledge on the injury I sustained. Ken pushed me to my max every session because he knew my goal was to get back on the field fast, but more importantly, healthy. The staff at Hands On Physical Therapy was very accommodating to my lengthy program and inconsistent schedule. I feel blessed to have been sent to Ken to rehab my shoulder. His professional work ethic and one-on-one approach made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be back on the pitcher's mound in better shape than ever. I can't thank Ken and his staff enough for all they have done for me. As I write this review I have been cleared to join a team and continue pursuing my dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player.


Went through a scary time with my neck. The staff at Hands On were professional and knowledgeable. While doctors were baffled the PTs at Hands On had me initiate the right treatment which had me back to 100% in 3 weeks. Would recommend to others.

mike durkin

This place is phenomenal! I had ACL surgery in February and went to another physical therapy place near my college, they didn’t do much of anything there. But the second I started my treatment here I realized how much I had been missing out on. Each visit Andrew adjusts my program to keep things interesting and so I’m always improving, I definitely would recommend this place to anyone I know! These guys are the best!

Leslie Aguilar

I really love this place, they take care of you as a family especially Mrs. R. Patel she is so nice and kind.I highly recommend this place. I was in the wheelchair before, now I have started to walk with the walker. Thanks to all.

Nicole Arriaga

I have been getting physical therapy here for over 6 months. Everyone is very nice and I really appreciate that they have always tried to move and reschedule my appointments because I have little kids and things always come up. I have been treated by several therapists and was happy with them all. Thanks so much!

Michael Iturrino

The staff at the front desk are very polite and thorough. The therapists are knowledgeable and very helpful.


I have had more broken bones and torn body parts then I even care to mention. Ken and his staff have worked on me after double shoulder surgery, double thumb surgery, ankle surgery and knee surgery. They are pound for pound the BEST set of therapists you will EVER find. DO NOT go to anyone else. You want to heal the right way, this is the route to go. Thank you Ken, Andrew, Karen and the rest of their GREAT staff.

Jana Ziegler

Wonderful PT office. The staff is welcoming and accommodating; everyone is friendly and helpful. The office is always clean and pleasant. It is lovely to be surrounded by such cheerful professionals, especially when dealing with something as uncomfortable as PT. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Alejandro Ghietti

Very friendly staff, great & profesional . They are doing on excellent job, my back is improving after each therapy

Rosalie Bishop

Many thanks to Hands On Therapy for the excellence in the wonderful care and compassion in the therapy you gave me — Ken, Andrew, Grace and Collette. The girls at the desk are also very friendly and helpful. I wouldn’t go any where else. I recommend Hands on to my friends and relatives.

Rose Hooley

Everyone remembers your name. Super clean and attentive staff. I’ve never had a bad day, even when they make me do single leg squats ❤️ 10/10 all day every day

Surfina Adams

I have been to several places for physical therapy and Hands-On Physical therapy is the best. Everyone from the staff at the front desk to the aids as well as the therapists are all friendly and knowledgeable. They all remember your name and the most important part is that they really care. They are very experienced and considerate. I highly recommend this place for physical therapy. Why are you waiting, go now!

Evelyn Diaz


N Salinas

If you need a physical therapy in Astoria, this is the place to go. The receptionists will go above and beyond to accommodate the schedules that work for you. The physical therapists and aids are very patient and highly skilled. Everyone is professional and friendly. After a couple of weeks, I already noticed a difference on my frozen shoulder. I would totally recommend this place.



Jamal James

I very much adore this place. Every day the staff has been very accommodating in getting the best care to get myself stronger from my injury and back on my feet. Literally. And they’re also very informative with any questions that I need answered on my progress and recovery. I’ll make sure to come here for any PT in the future! You should too!

Tatyana Diaz

10/10 would recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy. The staff are very friendly and very helpful to get you back on track! thank you for everything ❤️

Stefanny Brand

Thank you! I have found a place where they actually care and take the time to work with each patient. The therapists are very professional and really focus on your specific rehabilitation ( they have magic hands) They are on time, and the therapy has been very effective so far. I have seen progress for a problem I been dealing with for about 7 years. Thank you very much.

Megan Kenna

Incredibly helpful and friendly staff! The place is perfectly air conditioned and very clean. Helen, my physical therapist, is amazing and has done wonders helping me recover from a hip fracture. The physical therapists and the aides listen to how I feel about the workouts and adjust their plans accordingly. It’s a great feeling to be so involved in my recovery plan. Would highly recommend this office to anyone in search of a PT!

Mits Akos

This is by far the best physical therapy facility that I have been to. They do all possible to accomodate your needs from appointments to therapy. They are all very pleasant from the Doctors to the therapists to assistants and ofcourse the front desk girls who are always pleasant and greet you with a smile.

Nanette Alexander

Linda Vernon

I've been a client of Hands On for several different issues. I couldn't be happier with the response of the staff and the results! My improvement has been amazing. Staff members are not only well-educated professionals, they are caring, empathetic listeners. They are informative, open, and thoughtful as they develop custom treatment plans for each patient. They are flexible in their approach, modifying activities as needed. Hands On was highly recommended by my orthopedic surgeon at OCR, Ft Collins. The practice was also recommended by my family practitioner in Cheyenne.

Ronald Bruellisauer

Michele Harris

Very thorough. Takes time to assess the problem and explain the course of action. Staff is very personable.

Nancy Valdez

Mel Hamburger

Emily is the best. She is very caring, through, etc.

Bart McClellan

Matt and Gip did an excellent job on me they tried there best to get me pain free. But they can't fix bone spurs.

Shayne Moore

When I first came to HANDS ON THERAPY I couldn’t even put my feet on the floor & I was in a wheelchair looking to get back to my normal self. Fast forward to the two months ago so now I’m extremely excited that I’m improving to get back on my own two feet again. Hands On is the best therapy I ever had in my life & I have to give it 5 star. THANK YOU HANDS ON

Melissa Caraballo

My family loves this facility, everyone is so friendly, and the amount of care and respect that is shown throughout the office is great. I will recommend all friends and relatives to go there and spread the word. Thank you Hands on Team

John Cicero

Amazing staff!!! Very polite, and very professional. Will recommend anyone to come here!!

George Stamboulis

Carlos Mencias

hands on physical therapy staff are amazing. i was involed in a car accident suffered back injuries and neck, i been taking therapy Doctors are amazing the best therapy i had so far, also the front desk staff is amazing with beautiful kind young ladies very helpful ... back n neck feel alot better ever since i been taking therapy with hands on physical therapy... Thank you guys

Sara helton

My son (age12) has been here many times and we absolutely love the service and attention they give him. The office is always clean and everyone is very helpful. Would highly recommend for anyone but especially younger people who might need this service.

Lina Naranjo

I love coming here the front desk girls are amazing samatha and yissel and laura very professional.the physical therapy bair she's very nice i love here hands sean is very nice and helen too.Nessa is very nice person.i can't get over bairs hands very gentle.i will recommend this place to alot of people.i have no complaints!!!!

Sligh shooters Urgitano

I am extremely satisfied and impressed with the professionalism of the staff, the cleanliness of the facility and the punctuality of the appointments! I highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of therapy.

Wilma Santos

I called to schedule an appointment, and had the pleasure of speaking to a very nice young lady named Samantha. She answered all my questions and concerns, and went out of her way to ensure that my insurance was in network with her facility. I've been suffering with vertigo for over a month, and I feel confident that I made the right decision in choosing Hands On Physical Therapy for my care.

Daisuke Makino

Great staff! Highly recommend for those who need PT

Donna Moy

I am Soo glad to have found Hands-On Physical Therapy ! Everyone here is Great and offers their own unique attributes that make this a Wonderful place to get treated. You can rest assured you will be taken care of from beginning the time you enter, throughout your session to the time you leave. I've worked with two therapists so far, Helen & Anoop, who are both Fantastic, knowledgeable and friendly. Today I met a fellow patient who also told me she's very pleased with Vrunda. During your session, you can expect to be pushed (& sometimes pulled) to your limits, but you always leave feeling so much better than before you come in. The support staff are all also incredible. Moe & Patrick are very helpful in the gym offering tips to help get the most out of your workouts as well. Vida, Tammy & Kayla are always very helpful too. There are others whom I haven't worked directly with as yet, but you can tell that the entire staff from the Therapists, to the Assistant Therapists and everyone on the adminstrative team at the front desk, Tulasha, Laura, Eleni all care about making the patient's experience, the best possible. Kudos to Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulous and the management team for creating such a Special place of healing through hiring (&/or training) people to perform at their best. Thank You Everyone ! It's so nice to be in Good Hands at Hands-On Physical Therapy !

Shantel Burrell

I’ve had a injury on my knee since I was younger and always had pain throughout the years that just wouldn’t ease up . I searched and tried numerous places but this place here !!.... let me tell you .. From you call to speak to someone so you can make an appointment you already feel comfortable. Once you get there they all make you feel at home . Everyone there is so friendly and warm . Omg especially Samantha she starts talking and you feel so welcomed . She definitely takes care of you and explain everything and help you out . Even if she’s not there not one person I could say didn’t help me . They are all awesome . The place is so clean . Nice music to keep you relaxed . Then once you go in to the therapist they take care of you and get you better to what you need in no time . Best decision I made by choosing them . I will recommend them to any and everyone !

George Fragkos

What a great experience! I am so happy that I chose Hands-On Physical Therapy for my wrist treatment. They brought me back to my work so quickly and pain-free!

Anthony Colon

I am so impressed with there great customer service that this office has. Front desk is very friendly,organized, and knowledgeable, they always have coffee for me and all the patients. The physical therapy is excellent I’ve been to other places and didn’t get the same service they offer great hands on therapy. I’ve seen great improvement in my knees after receiving therapy the pain was really bad in the beginning but it got better. I’m very thankful for there service.

Anita Guadagno

The staff is absolutely dedicated to understanding the patients needs and correcting the problem. My daughter had a gymnastics injury that could have taken her out the season however with the knowledge and expertise of her therapist, she was back in only a few weeks 100% rehabilitated.

Hem Thapa

I recently started my therapy here for my legs and I already see a great improvement. Sean is my physical therapist. He is great. In Astoria this is the best therapy place I know off. I would recommend this place to everyone.

Prince Deux

Great staff! Great vibes! All PTs and PTAs know what they’re doing. They helped me with my knee pain and thanks to them, now I can go back to playing ball.

Joanna Garcia

Love this place! The workers remember you and are always so nice and helpful. They helped me so much with my knee injury.

Dawn Durkin

Hands On Physical Therapy is fantastic!! The staff is exceptional from the receptionists to the owner and everyone in between, with a special shout out to Andrew! My husband, son and I have all gone here for various injuries, and I can honestly say we wouldn't go anywhere else.

Juan Hernandez

My experience was great and especially, when they were able come across my physical needs and treatments that I needed. All the necessary testing and examiners were meet. Remember, health is wealth! Be well and thank you all

Cynthia Pierre

Customer service is excellent I have seen a major difference from when I first started. Staff is very friendly I would highly recommend this office to anyone. Always call patient’s right away there is no wait you get seen exactly at your appointment time.

Tatjana Lazarevic

Anoop is my physical therapist. He is one the best. Also everyone in this office is very friendly and welcoming. Its been two-three weeks i been going to office and i can see progress on lower back. everyone is kind, polite, and amazing. Can’t ask for a best place for a physical therapy than this. One of the best in Astoria.

Michael DiMasso

Hands on physical therapy is hands down the greatest rehabilitation facility I have ever been too, and I’ve been to a lot. Not only in regards to rapid physical improvement in recovering from my injury, but the staff goes above and beyond in making sure you get your appointments in no matter if you to make inconvenient last minut reschedules (which I’ve unfortunately had to do too many times ) and are very kind about it. They truly just want you to heal as fast as possible. Hands on therapy is hands down the best rehabilitation facility for fast results with a caring staff.

Janis Kucich

Staff are caring (from reception to therapists), and really take time to work with clients. Highly recommend.

Ashley Deleon

Best PT place I have been to yet! Doctors are very nice and care about you and your diagnosis. As soon as I arrive I get tended to. Front desk help is the best! A very warm and loving family environment. I definitely recommend this office!

Manny Hernandez

My experience at Hands on Physical Thearpy is Awesome and I would definitely recommended to anybody who suffer pain such as back pain and Etc . They treat me like family here and that great when you feel love going thru a situation of pain. They always on time , making sure I’m in my comfort zone .Every week I’m getting better thanks to the team here , I definitely recommed coming here to make your self feel young again . Thank you Hands on physical Theatpy

Samantha Diaz

I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is suffering with pain and needs the proper treatment. The Therapist and Staff are truly AMAZING!!! Thank you for all your help!

Quinn Carpenter

Hands On is great! My foot is noticeably healing every single week. Michael, my therapist, and all the other staff, including the front desk, are amazing and so kind. I appreciate all of you!

Sharon Rondinone

To Ken and Staff, Your staff is very caring. The best I have ever had for physical therapy. You have worked tremendously hard to get me back my strength and fix my neck. Also, the transportation you provided me to and from your facility was beyond helpful. Thank you Thank you, Sharon Rondinone

Minoo Pajounia

I have visited a few physical places but nothing was like my experience with Hands On PT. The staff was amazing, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. They use a new technology of ultrasound that I was able to look inside my knee that was hurting and they showed me my exact problem. Thanks to them I am back to normal and running around with NO pain. Highly recomend them.

cathy esquibel

I have never had physical therapy before and was quite happy with my Therapy. They make you feel real comfortable and do a great job at helping you to move and sleeping better with out pain. Highly recommend this place.

Lissy Currie

A more gentle approach to PT based on research. Effective!

Rebecca Lynch

Very knowledgeable and professional. Therapy directed specifically to the client's needs, not generic.


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