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REVIEWS OF Legacy Health Partners: Dr. Chris Wight, DC IN Idaho

brody hart

Rocky Novack

Myriah Pope

Kaleb Phelps

I have accoiated with Dr Wight for several years. My impression with him is that he is extremely competent in chiropractics and keeps up with technology. He is also a very honest and kind man.

Russell Paskett

Dr. Wight has been key in improving my neck mobility as well as increasing the distance I can turn my head. In addition to the great improvements in my neck, he has also been very insightful in improving my overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Wight.

Russell Jenkins

Got my DOT physical

Marival Penfold

Love it

Nathan Hawkes

I had a slow progressive problem with my lower back. After a massive snow fall here in Idaho - and my attempt to do quite a bit of shoveling quickly to rid our driveway of 8" of snow, I ended up with the worst sore muscles you can imagine. After 5 or 6 days of no improvement, I came to my senses and visited Dr. Wight. With a few simple adjustments over a couple month period, I am proud to say that I am as good as new. Dr. Wights comprehensive and common sense approach worked well and makes sense. Dr. Wight was concerned with giving me proper treatment that would not only fix the problem, but he has also been educational in preventing any future issues. For that I am completely grateful. I would highly recommend coming to see what Dr. Wight can do for you, even if you aren't in pain (yet). Nathan Hawkes

Fokue Gaming

Ann Johnson

In 2007 I started losing vision & when it came back my head hurt so bad that all I could do was go to bed & hoped it quit. I went to many different Doctorsa they just threw a prescription @ me and wanted me out of their office. I started going to Dr. Wight about 2 years ago for back pain from my job a year and a half later I realized I don't get the migraines any more.

D Johnson

I swear by them! Doctor Wight saved my shoulder and back when the doctors said they have to do surgery to fix them.

Dean McInelly

Spent almost 2 hours there, for a 10 minute appointment. Because they insist on using outdated tablets

Dustin Christensen

My name is dustin I went in for.a pre employment ua and my first one was 2 degrees to low the lady said so they said i had to be observed the next time they brought water out and said wen i was ready to let them know 15mn later i was ready and let them know well i had to wait 2.5 hours to ua because the doctor didnt want to get out of bed and come to work they r very unprofessional and i wouldn't recommend them to anyone

Jerry Hansen

Excellent care, awesome staff. Highly recommend.

Sovanah Neilson

Dr. Wrights office has been great. I have been late to all of my appointments and they still see me right away as if I had been on time. They are nice, friendly, and helpful. I have greatly enjoined each visit. They put their harts and soals into helping all of their patrons to get and feel better. Thanks to all of them.

neras fulgencio

Yah i parked For only hours! And i said im sorry! But u still wanted me to pay 150 dollars. Such a heartless doctor!!. U didnt even give a warn my car. U locked it!!! And i had to go to work that time! And i paid the eton towing 150 dollars just to get my car back!. Are u happy now? U ruined my day.

Nathan Harrington

Good people.

Eric McCowan

Very friendly place. The care is great. I would definitely recommend to a friend. I am in the middle of my treatments and I am seeing some awesome improvements.

Tyler Pincock

EVERYONE has back pain! That's NORMAL, right?? I have been dealing with lower-back issues for years. After receiving x-rays, I learned that I was actually quite misaligned. Two days before Thanksgiving 2015, the chiropractor adjusted my spine---neck to hips. On Thanksgiving day, it snowed heavily, and due to established law, sidewalks must be cleared. My children and I shoveled the walkways. We had lots of fun. After about three hours of work, shoveling the walks for neighbors as well, I realized that my back did not hurt, AT ALL! Typically, with thirty minutes of shoveling, my back is unable to continue functioning properly; but we were out there working for three hours! I was so excited, and VERY pleased, with my new found freedom from limitation. FREEDOM!! I also then realized that I had been sleeping better without waking up with a backache and/or headache. Granted, it doesn't always happen that someone feels better after just one adjustment, but I SURELY did, and I absolutely appreciate the help I have received, and I feel MUCH better!

Chris Haro

Best place for all your physical needs

Yalon Yandle

Always professional and extremely helpful and knowledgable. They have always been able to take care of my issues. Thank you to everyone who works at Legacy! You're the best!!!

Jason Martin

My experience here happened 2 years ago, and I wouldn't have left a review if not for recent events. I took my wife here when she was in extreme pain, I thought maybe she had an out of place rib. I mentioned this to the chiropractor, and without even testing anything he said, 'Oh yeah, definitely out of place rib' and proceeded to attempt to fix the problem. He made things worse by not investigating the issue. We decided to never return, but didn't make a big fuss about it. 2 years later we receive a bill for $5.00. We call them and say this was in error, and they said that when we came they didn't charge us the right co-pay, so we owed $5. This isn't my problem that your office doesn't know how to do their own job, so we asked if they could just waive it since it was TWO YEARS AGO; they refused. Very unprofessional place. With all the great chiropractors in town, you should never have to resort to going here. I certainly hope your $5, which we paid, was worth a 1-star review.

Clyde Acor

Adam Samson

Rhett Borg

Jennifer Andrus

I have really enjoyed my experience at Wight Chiropractic. The staff treats you like you are their most important patient. The doctors really take their time to get to know what your specific needs are and set goals to help you get better. They provide many options of treatment including massage! I would highly reccommend them to anyone considering Chiropractic care.

Jerrica Goldstein

Love this place

Chelsea Burnett

Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and very fast at what they do. You will not be disappointed by your visit!

Zanshin S

Dr. Wight has been keeping me and my family in working order for several years now. I am more than satisfied with his service and his clinic.

Emily Whitmore

Roberta Velasco

They r the very best chiropractor in town . They will work with you on it best way to help get u back to normal as possible . Won't go to anyone else . The massage s r amazing

Douglas Brown

Great doctor!

ethan buchanan

They've ways been very friendly and helpful, helping me solve problems I have had for years and havent been able to take care of.

Brad Smith

Casey Burnham

This place is incredibly slow. Make sure to bring a quilt to knit, because you'll have plenty of time. I've been waiting for over an hour for a drug test.

Tiffiny Peterson

The staff is amazing and so fun and friendly. I appreciate all they do to make sure I get the best care and treatment possible. I especially like how thorough everyone is with making sure I get what I need and that they help me feel better and stronger each week.

Bethany Christensen

Staff is very accommodating and kind. Dr. Wight is fantastic and thorough!

Shelby Rehwalt


Only place I go love the experience

Myaliesa Bingham

Best chiropractor in Idaho falls! Excellent treatment, excellent staff

N Pincock

You won't find a friendlier staff then at Wight Chiropractic. Our whole family has been going to see Dr. Wight for the past 4.5 years, and we have always been extremely pleased with the treatment we have recieved. I would recommend them to anyone without the slightest hesitation!!

Aaron Hansen

Dr. Wight helped me feel great again. Thanks guys!

Gillie The Kid

My company uses this place to get all their employee physical tests and certifications.

Reba DeCent

The staff here was very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere was great, and I was able to relax here (not something that I tend to do as a new patient anywhere) which helped the healing process. They made sure that my visits were what I felt was best (with their recommendation), and I wasn't pressured to increase/decrease appointments. My recovery plan was my decision.

Jim Howard

I first became acquainted with Wight Chiropractic when Dr. Wight began working with the Bonneville Football Team and my son had his physical and then saw him for treatment for a knee injury last year. More recently I began having some lower back pain which prevented me from enjoying an active lifestyle. After a couple of weeks seeing Dr. Wight my back is feeling better and I am on the road to recovery. However, that is not all, Dr. Wight is working with me to strengthen my core muscles so that this will not happen again. I appreciate his time, effort and knowledge in helping me to maintain an active lifestyle. Thank you. :)

Julie Taylor

This place is great! I came in a year ago with horrible sciatic pain, and Dr Wight figured out a game plan for how to fix the problem, not just crack my back and call it good.

Christopher Lee

dan black

Ahxir Jackal

The gal that helped me take a ua test was very helpful and in all honesty very beautiful haha

Barbara Higley

My daughter had a rib out and he was wonderful. She felt better in minutes. Would recommend Dr Wight.

Vanessa Brown

I really liked Dr. Wight he is an excellent Chiropractor, but his front office staff it totally inept. They have the poorest bookkeeping I've ever seen, you will be over charged and they will blame you and not take responsibility. After dealing with this office billing issues I switched to Livingston Chiropractic and have be way more satisfied

Janelle Peters

Dr. Wight and his staff are incredible. They do a great job of treating you like family and helping you feel better!

Ryan Smith

Tony Lo

Great place

Matt Allen

I have been coming here for months and do not regret a moment of it. They are well priced and professional, and do quick and efficient work. I'd recommend them to anyone with any kind of pain.

Brady Ulrich

Dr Wight and his staff did an amazing job helping me out with back and neck issues after an automobile accident!

Nameless A

Didn't get any relief from work done from Mr. Wright. Horrible to work with. Thought I was paid up and he came out with another bill and sent it to the wrong address which I didn't give him because I had been living at that residence for the past eight years.. Sent me into collections and wouldn't even talk to me so I could work it out.. Don't go here!! You'll regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise, I wouldn't even send my worst enemy here!

Scott Smith

Best massage ever!

kevin grover

Jeff Trafelet

Such nice employees, great experiences, I liked the service I got, felt important.

Spencer Trejo

Love Chris and his staff. Always very helpful.

kathy Jennings

Adam Hansen

The staff is top notch! Wonderful ppl to work with! Professional, yet friendly. I'm always happy to see them when the opportunity presents itself.

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