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REVIEWS OF TherapySouth Athens - Physical Therapy IN Georgia

John Glisson

I have suffered with vertigo for years. I went through seven weeks of therapy with Brett and his staff and it improved tremendously. If you have vertigo, this is the place to go.


Love it! The staff are all professional, experienced and very friendly. They are knowledgeable about my rare conditions and have excelled at helping me with what I need. They have also been very helpful with payment. I honestly look forward to my visits there and I'm very pleased. I'd recommend this clinic to anyone!

Richard Bruce

Very professional staff very concerned about your needs very descriptive of what your needs are and very respectful really nice place clean friendly atmosphere I would recommend it to anyone

Irina Williamson

Terence Johnson

Ashlee Teasley

They are just wonderful!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank y'all! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kathryn Strickland

I have been suffering from terrible vertigo since September 23,2018. I have gone to two ENT doctors and three different physcial therapy offices, but my Dr Bryan Norris suggested I go to TherapySouth Athens. Needless to say I didn't feel that it would do any good to go to another therapy office. I went and Bret Joiner was the one I saw. I only wish I had been sent there first because Bret has helped me so much! He did the same procedures as the other two, but he did it correctly. The others never told me I shouldn't move my head for at least 24 hours ,so the procedure didn't work because I would move my head and the crystals in my ears to go right back out of place! If you need therapy for anything definitely go to see Bret Joiner at TherapySouth on Prince Ave in Athens Ga! You won't regret it!

Chrissy McGee

The service and environment is excellent. Angela and the team made my experience wonderful. Their expertise helped me to recover. Also, their personalities made me feel comfortable and welcome. They are now my go to place for physical therapy services. Thank you guys.


I loved it. Everybody in there is very friendly and professional. I've been going for physical therapy for over 6 months and every time I was there they treated me like family. Thanks to bret and nidhi I'm walking and running again.

Ann Crowson

I went to Therapy South for treatment of Vertigo. After being diagnosed by my ENT, I had one session with them, which was unsuccessful, and 3 weeks of sessions by a referred audiologist. The problem persisted and the ENT suggested vestibular physical therapy treatment. I chose one of the facilities recommended which was close to my home and had two weeks of sessions there. Still the problem persisted. I decided to regroup for a few weeks and see if it would go away on it's on. It didn't. I remembered the ENT had suggested another vestibular PT in Athens. So, I called and got the information for Therapy South. On my first visit Brett Joiner did tests the previous therapists had not done. He gave me a treatment based on his assessment and just like that the vertigo was gone. He explained everything he did, why it worked when other treatments had not and the science behind it. If my vertigo ever comes back I will definitely start with Therapy South!

Shelia Davis

Brent and his staff is the best I would recommend therapy South to anyone. they get up front and personal thank you Brent. they take care of there customer

Matt Morris

I have had 6 ankle operations and 2 knee operations, so you can believe me when I say that I know a thing or two about going to physical therapy. Throughout my many stints with therapy, I often left my appointments feeling like I had just wasted my money. In fact, on most occasions, I never finished my prescribed number of visits. That all changed when I found TherapySouth. The staff there was great, and the environment was awesome. It all started with Ruthie at the front desk making sure that my appointments were made at times that were convenient to me, and letting me know exactly what my insurance would cover. That was a welcome change to the place I have been previously. I was treated by two therapists, Angela and Bret. Both were very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and fun. Most of my treatment was done with Angela, who was great. It didn’t take long for me to know I was in good hands. She took the time to do a full examination pointing out several small things that could have a large impact. While she treated my ankle (which was our main focus) she also made sure to give me other exercises to help alleviate hip, back, and knee discomfort. She made sure to push me, without making it too uncomfortable. She gave me exercises I could do quickly throughout the day rather than a large regiment that had an unrealistic time commitment. Each visit built upon the last so I never felt like “I could just do all of this at home.” I left each appointment feeling like I had made progress and that I had someone committed to getting me back to my previous activity level. Of all my therapy experiences, my time at TherapySouth is head and shoulders above the rest. If you are in the Athens area and in need of physical therapy, I can’t recommend them highly enough!

wanda jackson

Will Ferrand

The team over at Therapy South is fantastic! They not only diagnosed my running injury, but through their great work I was back in shape in no time. What I really liked, too, was that they helped me understand why my injury happened and how I could prevent it from reoccurring. Just recently, I was able to run the Peachtree Road Race 10K in Atlanta, and that is something I definitely would not have been able to do without them! If you have any PT needs, Therapy South is the place to go.

Ruthie Andrews

Catherine Rush

I have had lower back pain for years. I lived with it too long! When I retired, I thought the pain would ease for all of excuses for the pain used while working were gone: stress, bad office chairs, lack of regular exercise. I picked up a regular exercise routine upon retirement, but found my back pain was restricting my exercise and everyday activities. I got referred to Bret at TherapySouth Athens to see what PT could offer. Bret loosed my tight lower back muscles with light stretches , manual massage and heat and electronic muscle therapy. My back was better, but the pain remained even after 6+ sessions. Bret suggested dry needle therapy. I was hesitant at first, but after some research and further conversation with Bret, I decided to try it. I am glad I did. When I left the appointment that day, I wasn't sure it worked, but I knew it felt different. I continued to stretch and drink plenty of water when I got home. By evening, I was sure the pain was gone. I felt continued muscle tightness and some tenderness where the pain had been, but the pain that kept me up at night that accompanied me everywhere, even restricted my ability to get certain shots with my camera was gone. I remain on a program of stretching and strengthening daily both on my own and in group classes at the Y and am hopeful I will actually be able to dance at my daughter's wedding in three months. Thanks TherapySouth Athens for addressing my years of lower back pain and setting me on a path for strengthening my back so I can enjoy the physical activities I had planned in my retirement.

Michael Hansen

I tore my ACL in the Fall of 2014 and began my rehab with Athens Therapy South in November 2014 after surgery. I had a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend Therapy South enough. Dr. Joiner is very knowledgable about the rehab process and guided my knee rehabilitation perfectly. As of right now I'm about 6 months out from my surgery and my knee feels great!

Matt Cheek

Awesome place!! Staff was friendly and knowledgable, would recommend to anyone.

Cammie Speed

Love this place! The therapists are very knowledgeable and I saw real results! Plus, they are so friendly, caring and fun to be around! Will miss my days at Therapy South!


Love atmosphere...staff extremely friendly

Samantha Anastasi

Mitch Davis

From the moment I walked in the door at TherapySouth, Athens, I felt welcomed and knew they were concerned about my health. I felt welcomed. The staff was professional, courteous, and extremely efficient. From scheduling, to treatment, to follow-up instructions, the team went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered and I was comfortable with where I was in my treatment. I can't recommend TherapySouth Athens enough. I am grateful my physician referred me and feel as if not only was I a patient, but also made new friends who genuinely cared about my health and treatment and took great pride in seeing me improve and feel better. Thanks TherapySouth, Athens!

Luis Carreno

Excellent PT services, superb customer service and treatments geared toward recovering and strengthening injuries, very professional staff all around, the facilities are in excellent shape and the music is great, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending TheraphySouth to all my friends and family!

Kristina Ries

Brandon Perdue

Came in for an FCE test because of an injured shoulder the quack went so far as to say on the over head portion "patient had to switch arms 40 seconds in,pain levels increase from 4 to 9 but can still preform the task normally" what kind if sense does that make? Now I'm even struggling to get a second opinion for this garbage there is A LOT that I cannot do but they say I can so THEY must be right

Michael Longwell

Excellent service

Mervin Francis

Maria Fitzpatrick

Larry Davis

Great experience! Highly recommend them 100%!

Bin Conowen

Therapy South is amazing! Angela gave me the use of my hand and wrist back. Therapy South you always work with your Therapist unlike SPARC where your therapist is so overbooked you only work with the your Therapist for a few minutes each visit. I highly recommend Therapy South.

Meg Doster

These people literally "brought me back to life"! Love them and appreciate each one in the group! Thank you, TherapySouth Athens!

Nancy Callahan

Thorough and caring staff. They are equipped for any type of rehabilitation.

J Ovington

Every positive thing others have said I can exclaim times ten! Bret Joiner & his team are THE BEST in the area, don't waste time going anywhere else. I've been going to them for years now with a myriad of injuries and credit them with my sense of well-being. Bret Joiner is a compassionate expert healer, and Ruthie's sunny smile at the front desk will wipe away anyone's pain in a snap! These people are in a class by themselves, and I stay indebted to them for all they have done for me and my aging (and accident-prone) body and soul. Bret also specializes in golf injuries. And I needed his dry-needling technique for tennis elbow and it worked like a charm. I do a maintenance program there for my knee issues and always look forward to the exercise ~ need I say more? :)

Ivey Rhoades

Bret and Nidhi have taken care of me and my husband for the past 5 years or so. I send everyone I know with PT issues here.

Ronnie Amos

richard steed

The staff at Therapy South are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I never had to wait to start each therapy session and was always welcomed when i entered the clinic. They genuinely cared about my issue and my healing/progress. I feel like they are all well versed and educated about various injuries and protocols for therapy. I actually looked forward to my sessions with Bret and his team. I will definitely choose Therapy South again for any future pt needs, Kelly Steed


Had a really great experience every time I've had to go due to my back and will not use anyone else but therapy south athens!

John Federline

Awesome if you need thorough and caring treatment for any injuries or physical issues. The staff is very accommodating and professional to take care of your concerns. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for any physical therapy, the place is Therapy South!

Payton Pulver

This place is great! A really great physical therapy experience!

Kamdien Parks 12

I have had nothing but good experiences with Athens Therapy South. Dr. Joiner is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I have chosen this facility on two different occasions for two different surgeries. I was very pleased, and highly recommend Athens Therapy South if you are looking for a place of friendliness, that carries a feel of Godliness thru their employees. The front office staff, Ruthie also is very cheerful, friendly and professional, and is also willing to help patients with whatever. She is a jewel. If I ever have to seek physical therapy again, I will surely chose Athens Therapy South, and I am a little prejudice, Brett Joiner is my favorite. There is no regrets! Fay Pope

Lisa Pasley

I can not say enough about the professionalism and level of genuine care at Therapy South. They were always flexible the few times I had to reschedule and worked with my insurance company (Tricare) which is notoriously difficult to bill for insurance. I am only 25 and developed some mobility issues from years of sports/training. I was reclined to my house most days and had extreme difficulty sleeping because it felt like my back and leg were strained. It got so bad to the point of daily depression because I could not do any of the old activities I knew and loved. Dr. Joiner and the rest of the great people there worked with me on a weekly basis to get back into running, going to the gym, and just being able to lay down on a couch without having to constantly re-position myself due to pain/discomfort. They truly gave me my quality of life back. Thank y'all for all you do. Best Seth

Tony Dittmeier

I, Trisha Dittmeier, was referred to Therapy South in Athens, GA by my ENT, Dr. Norris, because of two severe vertigo attacks and continued dizziness for weeks following this. The therapy I received there was excellent, and I was so relieved to know they could help me. Brett Joiner, my physical therapist and owner was so professional, caring, and knowledgeable about my problems. Right away, he gave me such confidence and relief that my dizziness could be alleviated. Brett, and the entire staff went to great lengths to explain the Ventricular System to me, so that I understood the reasons for my vertigo/dizziness, and the steps they were using to remediate it. After several weeks of therapy, and doing ventricular exercises at home to strengthen me, my dizziness totally went away. Two months later there have been no more vertigo attacks as well. I. highly recommend Therapy South - Athens, to anyone who has Vertigo/Dizziness issues, and would definitely use them again if I have any further need of their services. They are certainly the best!!

K Staton

Alex Gaba

Greatest PT experience

Mandy Stinson

The staff at Therapy South is professional and courteous. I went in with incredible back pain from a bulged disc and with their help I was off the pain killers and muscle relaxers after about 4-5 appointments. Once the pain was alleviated, they worked with me to strengthen my back in hopes of preventing future discomfort. All around great crew.

Wendy Longwell

Great vestibular therapist. Bret has answered questions the doctors couldn't about my progression and he has helped me to regain some confidence in my ability to function. Don't take your balance for granted.

Tonya Ford

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