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REVIEWS OF Reid Clinic Sports Physical Therapy and Spine IN Georgia

Julian Yew

I don't give many reviews, but Reid and team deserves this 5 star review. I walked in with a pinched nerve in my neck that multiple chiropractic treatment was unable to address. I've never considered physical therapy or believed in it until I was treated at Reid's clinic. Reid was able to identify the source of my pain on the first visit and sufficiently address it. Was I skeptical? Sure but that quickly went away. I understood the treatment, and was given tools for home care. It's been a month since I stopped the visits and am still pain free. I hope I don't need to, but if I do require further physical therapy I'd return to Reid for care.

yesica hernandez

Amazing staff! Caring team that is sure to exceed your expectations

Mildred Moses

I was referred to the Reid Clinic for neck and back injuries and was in a great deal of pain. The staff responded to my needs with a level of professionalism and courteousness that was very impressive. I highly recommend Reid Kelley and the Reid Clinic for your physical therapy and spine care needs.

Elaine Russell

I recommend Reid Clinic for Physical Therapy. I limped in with a tear in a tendon in my foot. After two months of therapy I walked out without a boot or wrap on my foot. It was a pleasant experience. Reid and his staff are great!

Mike Batchelor

Push beyond capabilities!

Rich Adams

Referred by orthopedic surgeon for knee pain. Positive and friendly staff, made paperwork for insurance easy, but most importantly, did and excellent job on my knee which is still vastly improved 2 months later.

Scott Vanderlip

Spent 10 weeks with Reid and his terrific staff following shoulder surgery. I could not be happier with the results and the great treatment I received at the Reid Clinic. Scott V.

swati rao

Sam Bussey

Two months ago, I pinched a nerve in my neck, causing severe pain and over thirty percent weakness in my right arm. I was not at all optimistic that this sort of nerve damage could be repaired, at least not very soon. But the Reid Clinic battled back with all sorts of high tech approaches and, after 11 sessions, my arm is now back to full strength. Aside from their effectiveness, the staff is friendly, fun to be around, and dead serious about fixing your problem. I wish I could give them ten stars.

J Reinhardt

***Need physical therapy after knee replacement surgery - Reid Clinic is the top notch and you receive 1st class treatment***. I highly recommend Reid Clinic!!! I cannot stress enough how great Reid Clinic is! Reid is the top notch physical therapy professional who knows his stuff, cares about you and he will get you back on your game again. They take the time to listen and to explain. Reid personally did all the manipulation on my knees (total knee replacement) every visit. The office administration is well run, location is convenient - they are the best! They get you in for your appointment within 5-10 minutes of arriving. I highly recommend Reid and his staff. I appreciate all the one-on-one attention he and his team have given me over the past few months. I would highly recommend Reid Clinic to my family and friends.

rod ingebretsen

My wife had suffered a fall and our physician had recommended Reid's for therapy. It was wonderful! The staff was helpful and very patient. Her results were outstanding. In fact, when the insurance had been exhausted, she signed up for additional sessions because they were so helpful. Great Place!

Renee Vaughn

Reid Kelly has worked with me providing rehab for two major surgeries and I highly recommend him and his staff for exceptional levels of care and excellence. This clinic provides a unique, individualized treatment plan for each patient in an atmosphere of professionalism and healing. Reid has exceptional manual therapy skills and spends time every visit with each patient. Unlike larger "chain" rehab clinics, this clinic and therapy team will provide the highest level of care each visit. Please check them out!

Sarai Zyzniewski

I broke my foot (5th metatarsal fracture) in May 2017. Surgery was not required but I was in a boot for 10 weeks. A month after I stopped wearing the boot my foot was still very swollen and stiff - causing me to constantly limp. My podiatrist recommended going to Reid Physical Therapy. So glad I did! After about 2 weeks the swelling noticeably went down and I finally stopped limping. Between the foot massage, the exercises and icing I am now able to run/walk again (I am a runner). He is always available to answer questions and he takes the time to explain what to do and not to do to promote healing. His staff are all wonderful. I highly recommend Reid!

Bill O'Loughlin

For several years I have been suffering from back pain due to 2 bulging discs in my low back. I finally broke down and saw a neurosurgeon. He referred me to Reid Clinic for 6 weeks of physical therapy. After working with Reid and staff I'm feeling much much better. I'm starting to get back in the gym and am feeling ready for our big ski trip coming up next month. Reid is very knowledgeable and the staff is friendly and professional. I would recommend Reid Physical Therapy to anyone.

Heather Ramsey

Love the team at Reid Clinic. They helped me rehab from a sports injury and guided me through injury prevention. Would highly recommend!

Preston Judy

For the past three years my wife and I have used Reid for various physical therapy needs, knees, back, and foot ailments. Not only have we been extremely pleased with the results but the hospitality and friendlessness of his staff has been tremendous. In all cases we have left with a positive results. We have also recommended Reid to many other people that have needed physical therapy and have heard not nothing but rave reviews. I highly recommend Reid Clinic for your physical therapy needs.

Zia Kabiri

Best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to. Skillful, professional staff and clean office environment.

Andy Arem

I had total knee replacement surgery on 10-9-18. I went to Reid Physical Therapy for my rehab. Reid and the staff were exceptional! I was on the tennis court hitting after 6 weeks which is not suppose to happen! I am 3 months post op and am about 90% . Thank you all very much. Andy A.

Lynne Becker

The guys are the greatest, its true that physical therapy is the best medicine. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Donna Litton

Great care from the entire staff at Reid's to help me recover from a broken foot. Front desk scheduling and insurance billing were very easy to work with. Great PT team, good equipment. First class team.

Amanda Gowland

I have been coming to see Reid for about 5 sessions now for a minimal disc bulge at L4. From the very beginning him and his staff educated me on my condition and how to properly workout to avoid further back pain. I'm happy to report that after 5 sessions, I am feeling MUCH better! Reid and his team are not only exceptional at what they do but they are also very knowledgeable and professional. I drive 45 minutes out of my way to get the care I need. They have definitely surpassed my expectations. If you are in need of physical therapy, look no further. Reid is your guy.

Robin Behn

I've been to a number of physical therapists in the past. Reid and his whole clinic are lightyears better than anyone else! I lost both my ACL and MCL ligaments in my left knee and had two surgeries within a month. When I started seeing Reid after all that, I was in non-stop severe pain and couldn't move my knee at all. Reid and his staff gave compassionate, expert, motivating, and personal attention to my recovery. I actually looked forward to going to PT each day. It's Reid's own clinic, and he worked on my knee every time I was there. His small staff is composed of just four thoughtful, highly skilled and likeable assistants. Within a short time I knew everyone at the clinic, and they all knew my challenges and progress. Everyone there has great patience, attention to detail, expertise, and true devotion. They work as a team. The whole clinic has a very professional, friendly, calm, encouraging vibe. Every patient is treated with respect and close attention. Reid treats each patient as an individual and knows exactly when to to the next level of therapy, etc. Reid's special skills in hand-on manipulation, on top of all his other skills, helped tremendously in my healing from all the muscle atrophy, swelling, and scar tissue. His patience and persistence were contagious. Over several months, I went from being unable to move at all to being able to walk again. I can't rate them highly enough! RB

Sanjay Dhutia

Mr. Reid very knowledgeable. Staff friendly and courteous. This group knows what they are doing and spend enough time with you. I see a significant improvement in my mothers balance and walk after bringing her to reid physical therapy.


I am a 63 year old male with arthritis in both knees and a neck injury. My doctor wrote a script for me to visit the ReadClinic for physical therapy. I work for a living doing heating and air conditioning-install and repair and climb ladders, walk up and down stairs carrying heavy equipment every day. I thought, after my first visit, that this is the stupidest way to get better by more activity and exercise, I get more then enough on my job. Boy was I wrong. After eight 1 hour visits over an eight week period my neck and knees are improved more then I ever thought possible. Reid really works hard on the injured areas with massage above and beyond what I would have ever expected in both his time and personal energy expended. He really cares. The young woman that work along side him are really knowledgeable, friendly, and hard working on your behalf as well. My take on the whole health care industry is that it is like a commercial cattle feed lot. Get em in, fatten em up, and send them on. Not at the ReidClinic, I was shown real care and attention that I never expected to find anywhere and it made a big difference to making me better. Bryant Baker

Debbie Johnson

Great PT!

Andrew Schmidt

Great! I feel so much better and in shape. The staff is really thoughtful and helps out greatly during the excercises.

Patty Hampton

I have been treated by Reid for the past 18 months to help with neck pain and range of motion. I sit at a desk all day long, and this has caused a lot of discomfort for me. I have tried chiropractic, shots, and other physical therapists in the area. Nobody has been able to help with my pain until I started treatment with Reid. He is very easygoing to work with and he employs techniques that actually do work. I would recommend to anyone needing this type of treatment.

michael schneider

After a total knee replacement surgery last October, I needed to find a physical therapist to provide the rehabilitation necessary to get my knee and my motion back to normal. Not ever having gone to a physical therapist before, I didn't know what to expect. I interviewed several clinics and therapists and after talking with Reid, I knew he was the right choice for me. Reid personally did all the manipulation on my surgical knee every visit. His excellent. extremely personable staff worked with me and explained all of the exercise routines that Reid prescribed for my therapy. The entire staff is very professional and very friendly. They made me feel comfortable being there. I looked forward to my visits and as my knee improved I was able to reduce the number of treatment visits required. I probably have another knee surgery in my near future and I will definitely use Reid and his staff for that therapy as well!

Ann Heatherington

After being diagnosed with sciatica in the fall of 2018, I was referred by my physician to Reid Clinic of Roswell. We all know that most people dread going to physical therapy. I was no exception. However, the experience at Reid Clinic was so pleasant that it made it easy almost to forget that there was pain and work involved in the process. From the very first day, I felt like I was properly diagnosed and assigned an appropriate regimen. After 20 sessions (and doing the exercises at home each day), I felt like my old self. I was able to walk without pain and to do so at my usual fast clip. My treatment was definitely effective. Furthermore, Reid’s staff is exceptional. Everyone there is friendly, nice, and professional. Patients are seen on time and given individual attention. I can confidently recommend this clinic to anyone seeking physical therapy.

Natalie Geisel

kathryn jones

Reid and his staff have helped me greatly to minimize my lower back problems. Reid's approach is very professional and a purist when it comes to physical therapy.

Russ Gibbs

Have completed therapy after hip replacement . The therapy helped me get back to a normal routine very quickly. This program was my best experience with PT . Russ Gibbs

Kathy Schmidt

Reid Sports Physical Therapy Clinic is fantastic!! All the staff at the clinic is very professional and kind! They are interested in YOU and your treatment. Reid is awesome, he knows his stuff and takes time to help his patients. I am so glad that I was referred to him. I would highly recommend this PT to anyone in need.

Chris Smith

Very clean and pleasant environment. Great staff and therapy. Reid and staff are nursing me back to health from a L5 S1 microdiscetomy and foot drop as a result.

Jeremiah Buckley

I strained/sprained my back doing deadlifts at the gym and after two months of ibuprofen went to the Reid Clinic based on others' recommendations. I should have gone sooner, they were able to dramatically improve my situation very quickly and provided a lot of exercises and advice the will help me protect and strengthen my back in the future. As an office worker with decades of gradual back decline, I am feeling better about my back than I have in years. The facility is very nice, well located, and the staff is knowledgable and friendly. Highly recommended.

Margaret Shaw

Personalized, expert and friendly care. That is 100% what you receive at Reid Clinic. A very important thing to me in health care is that I am a partner in the process. Reid takes the time to listen to what YOU tell him the problem is, in addition to a thorough review of what the referral says. And the listening is an integral part of the therapy all the way through, not just at the start. Reid continually asks how the injured or impacted body part is doing, and adjusts his approach if needed. He also is very willing to explain every part of the therapy process; questions are welcome and answers given in language anyone can understand. As others have already noted, the entire clinic staff is friendly and professional. Questions (email, phone or in person) are always answered promptly and with a smile. I would not hesitate to recommend Reid Clinic to anyone - if you are in need of physical therapy you will not find better care anywhere!

Ms. Morris

I had a great experience here! Reid and his entire team are very helpful and efficient and wonderful people to work with. I learned many exercises to do on my own to help with my recovery outside of his clinic and felt the sessions were very beneficial. I would highly recommend Reid Physical Therapy!

Vadine Monroe

Reid is the best physical therapist that I have ever had. He is very thorough in his treatments and very kind and pleasant in all that he does. His staff are always very helpful and kind, and I highly recommend Reid Physical Therapy to every one.

David Fortin

My experience with Reid Clinic Sports Physical Therapy was excellent following an ankle injury. The staff was friendly and worked efficiently and helped me get back into my normal routine as fast as possible. They were interested in my progress and made sure that if I had aches and pains along the way that my program was modified or my exercises suited for my optimal recovery. Thabks, Reid.

Larry Kahn

Reid Kelley and his team are terrific. I came into their offices with a badly inflamed hip in two locations and an attitude that I couldn't afford to ease up too much on my vigorous exercise routine because exercise is the best therapy for my Parkinson's disease. Reid managed my injuries with twice a week physical therapy and my attitude by coaching me on which types of exercises to avoid, adopting a flexible approach that allows me to work hard at the boxing gym when the inflammation recedes and flip to more hip-friendly exercise like the recumbent bike when the joint starts to ache. I liked how he adapted his advice to fit my particular needs.

Liz Waller

Just completed my second round of therapy with Reid. The first was a foot injury and the second a shoulder injury. Love working with a smaller office where everyone is friendly and caring. Wouldn't hesitate to go back if I ever need to.

Jeremy Reagan

Reid and his staff are 5 star all the way! I'm a long time patient for various old sports injuries that get aggravated due to staying active. Reid had both of my knees back to running, dead-lifts, and squats, and coaching basketball after just 6 weeks of going to his practice. They have also worked on both my elbows and my neck after a significant car wreck. The work/therapy helped keep me out of a neck fusion and I've kept my mobility. Reid and his staff are the only place me, my wife, and my in-laws will consider going to. Yes, I've been to other practices before going to Reid... After you experience a 10 service/results you never want to go backwards... So we stay with Reid!

Annette Hicks

The therapists at Reid Clinic are all very pleasant to work with. I was so amazed at how they work together so well. They are very knowledgeable in what they do. I needed balance therapy and they were right there working with me through every challenge.

Mike Peyton

For approximately the past five years, I have been a regular patient of Reid Kelley, PT, of Reid Kelley Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. I was referred to Reid by the late Stephen Disch, Neurosurgeon, from Roswell Georgia. Dr. Disch, one of the most respected surgeons in the Southeastern United States, proclaimed Reid as the best physical therapist that he had ever had the pleasure to work with, and his assessment was completely on point. I personally have had two cervical surgeries in the mid 90's which has necessitated continued follow up with Reid. In addition , I have developed two herniated disks in my lumbar region which began to limit my activities. I have found Reid to be a truly great professional and an experienced practitioner, who has helped me immensely with controlling my pain and avoiding prescription pain killers and more importantly, additional surgeries. Reid is also a GREAT listener and always eager to tailor my treatment plan as necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of allowing me to enjoy a much enhanced quality of life. He also has the ability to put his patients at ease and takes the time to explain his plan of treatment. I highly recommend Reid to anyone seeking Physical Therapy and rest assured that you will receive the ultimate care under his practice and guidance. Sincerely, Mike Peyton

Don Woods

My doctor recommended physical therapy. After shopping around, I was fortunate to locate Reid Physical Therapy in my area. Reid and his staff are the best! I find them all most helpful and knowledgeable with a professional attitude. The facility is also well equipped to accommodate a variety of exercises or for other specific treatments. I am very pleased with my results so far since visiting this facility and highly recommend Reid Physical Therapy.

Suse G

Shannon Holden

I first came to Reid Clinic about two years ago, in excruciating pain from a herniated disk in my neck. I'd seen two neurosurgeons. The first told me I needed fusion surgery and nothing else was worth trying. The 2nd told me he gave me 50/50 odds of needing the surgery within 3 months, but that I could try physical therapy in the meantime to see if it relieved some pain. He was discouraging, but I wanted to do whatever I could to avoid surgery. Reid and his staff were awesome. His clinic offers a friendly and professional environment. I appreciated that he worked directly with me on every visit, so I could trust that I had consistency in my treatment, as opposed to other PT offices I'd been in the past where I saw a different practitioner every time. Reid encouraged me to give it time, consistency and patience, and it did take all three! Some days I was stunned at the relief I felt, and some days my pain was back to a 9 out of 10. But even on those days when I wanted to give up and go for the surgery, Reid talked me off the ledge and helped me work through it. Within about 6 months, my neck pain was down to a tolerable level. In that time, Reid also helped me learn what I was doing in my daily life (posture, sleeping position, even the height of my desk chair and computer monitor) to aggravate my condition, so I could correct those. In less than a year, my neck was 90% better. It only hurt on days I really aggravated it, and I had several pain-free days every week. Now two years later, my neck is 100% healed. I can't even remember the last time I had pain. I am forever thankful for Reid and his staff for helping me avoid surgery!

Sally Letchas

Two years ago Reid guided me through therapy that healed my frozen shoulder. When I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my knee, I didn't hesitate to call Reid for help. He is very knowledgeable, personable and runs a wonderful clinic.


I worked with Reid and his team to rehab my knee. Very insightful and designed exactly the right treatment. If you are looking for an awesome physical therapist surrounded by a great team, look no further! You get individualized attention in a clean and well equipped office. I like being able to work with the same PT for all my visits. I would recommend Reid to my family and friends.

Clark Nickerson

My wife and I have both used the services of Reid Clinic very successfully. My wife, Suzanne, had spinal fusion surgery almost 15 years ago that helped to stabilize her spine, but left her with a need for ongoing physical therapy. Reid Kelley has provided Suzanne with very knowledgeable and compassionate therapy for the last five years. He works on her lumbar and cervical areas, knowing how to approach the pain sites effectively, accurately, and calmly. He listens to her attentively, they collaborate on her treatment plans, and he always relieves the pain. They have developed a very good working relationship together. In her words, "Reid is the BEST physical therapist around!"

Robert Clarke

Reid and his staff were thorough and so very helpful during each visit. I was pleased with the results that I got from therapy.

Jennifer Garrett

During my recovery from an accident involving a four wheeler, (broken leg, dislocated hip, multiple broken ribs and punctured lung) I was referred to the Reid Clinic in Roswell. I had heard good things and the location was very convenient for me. With Reid's help and guidance, I bounced back to 100% in no time. As that injury was recovering, I knew that I would be back. I had been putting off full shoulder replacement surgery (on both) for many years. I knew that with Reid's therapy, I was ready to get it done. Long story short: Left full shoulder replacement, November 2015. Right full shoulder replacement, March 2016. Finished therapy today, June 16, 2016. I am 100%, and pain free. I have excellent mobility, ad I am on the court in the gym regularly now. By the way, his staff is excellent as well. I am kinda going to miss him... Bob Miller

Barbara Newton

Professional services and friendly, caring staff. Clean and inviting facility. Helped me achieve my goal towards healing my injuries. I recommend. A+++

Josh P

Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience considering I was injured.


The Reid Clinic was a fantastic first-experience with physical therapy for me. I went to get help with the nagging remnants of an ankle injury, not really knowing what to expect. Reid and his team were very professional and thorough, and they were always on-time (several times I didn't even sit down in the waiting area). The number of recommended treatments was reasonable, and I have since been able to exercise without giving that ankle a second thought. I would return without hesitation for the reasons stated, but the bonus is that Reid is a super-nice guy!

Stephen Wallace

Reid works with you in each visit and his team helps you recover quickly. Everyone working there is very nice and will make you feel welcome in the clinic. Reid knows what he is doing and can explain what is going on very well. Highly recommend.

Marc Soule

Pam Norris

Reid Physical Therapy will get you back on your feet quickly. I was recommended to Reid by my podiatrist, Dr Dean Kostakos, and it has been a wonderful experience. I would not have known what to do on my own without Reid, Melissa and Itzel's help in teaching me the exercises to do on my own. Reid and his team are knowledgeable, kind and experienced. Sara was a big help with understanding my insurance/payment options. A great experience and highly recommended!!

Josh Robinson

I was absolutely impressed with the Reid Clinic during my sessions there. The staff are professional and friendly and I actually looked forward to my sessions and was a bit sad once I was straightened out since I would no longer get to spend time with them. Reid himself knows his profession and clearly invests a lot of time learning and incorporating the latest techniques and findings in his field. Great location (lots of windows!), clean, nice equipment. If I get banged up from running or playing soccer, I will not hesitate to work with Reid and his team again.


Excellent Physical Therapy and very professional staff. Each visit my foot was progressively better and by the last visit no more pain! Thank you!

Chris Sobieski

Fantastic! Came in not able to stand for more than 30 - 60 seconds due to back. Had been out of work as paramedic/firefighter for a month straight but on and off for three. I love my job. This clinic not only got me back on my feet but returned me to work stronger and safe. Dr. Kelley and staff take the time to put you through a well considered, personalized treatment program. That is something that seems rare in health care. Dr. Kelley's knowledge and competence gave me great confidence to trust him. To me that is huge...I am very reluctant to trust a doctor who won't answer my questions with depth and humility. I trust Dr. Kelley implicitly...which is big, because without my back, I don't have a job! Thank you Reid Clinic staff!!!!

David Gordon

Exceptional expertise and care for my neck problems. All clinicians were professional and knowledgeable. The front desk was cordial and professional. Thank you for my great experiences.

Michael Hurley

Can’t say enough good things about Reid Physical Therapy. Upon my first visit I met with Reid and explained my issues. He was not only attentive but very encouraging. He explained his plan for my therapy and after a short period of time I had amazing results. The office is conveniently located and parking is not an issue. The entire staff were AWESOME They treated you like family and not just another client. I would definitely recommend Reid Physical Therapy . Michael. Alpharetta


Susan Pappas

Reid and the entire clinic staff have helped me rehabilitate after extensive spine surgery. In the last three months, I have gone from being barely able to walk for twenty minutes, to walking daily for 2.5 miles. Because of Reid's expertise, guidance and encouragement, I am able to live an active lifestyle again. Everyone in the clinic is knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. I'm very fortunate to have found this clinic. Thank you Reid!

Anita Nelson

Everyone on staff from Dr. Reid was very polite and caring I could not have made it thru without there help.. great group :)


Outstanding therapy clinic! First referred to Reid in 2015 for recovery from Achilles injury, then again this past August for calf therapy. Far and away, the best physical therapy I have ever experienced! Professional, thorough and definitely on point with recuperative techniques. Appointments, reminders and billing are all done smoothly and efficiently. Lastly, the friendly and competent staff make sessions something to look forward to. Reid runs a first rate operation. Really appreciate what they have done for me.

Dorothy Loyd

I felt my physical therapy experience was worthwhile. The clinic personnel were both friendly and professional, and the environment was calm and encouraging, Reid was patient, and willing to take the time to explain how the therapy was going to work. After my sessions ended, I felt much better.

jayesh udeshi

The staff is very attentive for my physical needs and very courteous

Jane Shalom

When i started i was walking with pain on both knees and limited mobility. After each therapy appointment i felt tangible improvement! Wonderful place to get therapy, clean, not crowded! And state of the art therapy too!!Reid and all the girls there very professional and very gracious!!

Anna Madrigal

This practice is amazing! I have degenerative disc disease and Dr. Reid had me in tiptop shape in eight weeks! The staff is so wonderful and you feel real comfortable with everyone there. I left there with the techniques that will help me throughout my life.

Gay Middleton

kind, considerate personnel- very positive environment!

Marilyn Luter

After shoulder replacement surgery I started physical therapy with Reid Physical Therapy. I have been extraordinarily pleased with the results! Every visit included time with Reid in a private room and then I interacted with his staff for other treatment.l. I found all of the staff to be friendly, professional, compassionate and sincerely concerned with my welfare. The facility is very clean and in a very convenient location. I highly recommend Reid Physical Therapy.

Carli Franceschi

If you need physical therapy…, there is no need to look anywhere else: Reid Clinic is THE BEST!!! After my total knee replacement surgery, I was referred to Reid Clinic and I cannot be more pleased with EVERYTHING. Reid and his very knowledgeable and friendly staff made me look forward to the therapy sessions.

Phil Pearl

Great doctor and staff! They spend the extra time to address your needs and concerns, and customize treatment for your needs. Highly recommend.

Sherry Timko

Reid is a hands on Physical Therapy group. Having shoulder bone spur : Manual therapy, ultrasound, TENS therapy and exercises are what have been used on me. I felt better within 2wks. This is the 2nd time I have been here for 2 different problems. This is a wonder place to get therapy and I highly recommend it!

Sergio De La Torre

It’s been a great experience with Reid and his staff. I’ve had 4 major surgeries throughout the years, and this is the best recovery by far. Reid actively listens and generates the perfect balance of work vs. recovery. I would absolutely recommend Reid clinic to everyone! I have a very complicated major surgery, and Reid has me on the road to recovery ahead of schedule! Thank you!!

Marjorie Osheroff

I had excellent care and therapy at the Reid Clinic. I've had P.T. before at large clinics owned by some of the big Orthopedic groups and it was assembly line therapy- so I was very happy to find the the Reid Clinic had a very personalized approach and all their employees were friendly and helpful!

Jaime Dearth

Reid and his team were great and made me good as new after back surgery! Delighted with the progress I made and personalized attention!

Griffin Ramsey

Reed has helped me get through a very severe knee injury for quite a while now. Overall, the results have been spectacular. He is a very knowledgeable guy with lots of experience and I would recommend to anyone with a serious injury.

Takeshi Mizoguchi

I broke my right leg (multiple fractures on femur) from accident in March 2019. My right leg muscles became so stiff that my knee would hardly bend at that time. I started physical therapy at Reid Physical Therapy in April when I became well enough. I admit I was really struggling, dealing with the recovery not knowing if and when I would be able to walk again. He worked with me patiently making sure that each therapy session was challenging enough and yet not too hard so that there would be real progress. Thanks to his therapy, I am now able to walk again. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Reid.

tina lacombe

I had a wonderful experience here. I learned a lot of what to do and what not to do to keep my back pain free. The staff were wonderful and felt like family. There is nothing negative to say about this place. I would highly recommend!

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