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REVIEWS OF East Athens Physical Therapy (Madison, GA) IN Georgia


The East Athens Therapy group has done an amazing job getting me back on my feet to get me back on the field and keep working hard .

Julie Phillips

Kevin Moses

My experience at this place was Awesome! The staff were friendly, courteous and very supportive. Also, my shoulder is back at 100%. Thanks to Kate and her team! Job well done

Linda Streck

I'm just finishing six weeks therapy at East Athens physical therapy in Madison I went for my shoulder I had very little range of motion and I had a lot of pain .when I left I had great range of motion and my pain level has changed tremendously I loved all the therapist they were terrific and The patients were very nice .I would recommend East Athens physical therapy to anyone who asked me to great place great people and I'm so glad I went.

Jaymi Denson

Everyone's very friendly and always eager to help you!

Amy Hall

As a former patient,was very pleased with my healing.Currently a repeated patient due to new findings for which all the staff here have been extreamly helpful in my recovery process.Would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of feeling better to recovery!

Kemp Crawford

I was pretty sure they were trying to kill me but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. They got my arm working great again so I can try to tear it up again coaching softball

Blayne Harrington

Runette Everson

taylor kinney

ive been there three times and the staff is great and caring. they are understanding to ur needs and the attention they give u is outstanding. if u live in this area then this is the place to go.

Ben Odishoo

Came here after having surgery on the labrum in my left shoulder, the amount of care and attention you receive is top notch. The entire staff is so knowledgeable and is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. By far the best physical therapy experience I have ever had.

Gary Brown

Very professional and polite great staff all around would recommend to family and friends


This was my second time around at East Athens Physical Therapy in Athens, GA. Both times, the staff and facility have been first rate! I had the pleasure of having Chris again and was given the same superb treatment by Michael, Charlie, Annabeth, Caroline and everyone associated with this location. The administrative staff was just as friendly and attentive to my needs as the therapist. I HIGHLY recommend this organization for anyone who needs therapy in the area. On another note, the extra attention and care given to the elderly is EXCEPTIONAL! Same consistent care-5 years later! Thanks to the entire staff!!! Jay Wallace Sr. (U.S. Navy Retired)

Perry Kallam

Extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and helpful staff. My progress was closely monitored at each session, and my therapy adjusted accordingly. Once my therapy was complete, Jim Mike provided a plan to help prevent re-occurrence. I highly recommend this practice.

Fran Martin

Everyone at EAPT focused professionally on my therapy needs, making my PT an effective if not pleasant experience.

Richard Schmidt

I loved it. Just messed star response. They were professional, kind, and helpful. 5 star all the way. Kathie

Mary Alice Gilbert

Individual care professional and concern with committment to total improvement.


When I first started going to East Athens PT I couldn't lift my left arm above my head without it coming back down and smacking me in the head. I had no detectable triceps muscle do to a spinal cord injury. I am now graduated and although it is not back to normal, I have built a 12X16 garden and doing yard work I never thought I would be able to do again just a year ago while I was still in The Shepherd Center. Sarah is a doll and so are all of the other staff. Thanks so much for getting me where I am today!❤️

Melissa Clifton

Excellent staff and we received amazing care and a thorough treatment plan for my son. Highly recommend them. Quick appointment and low wait times.

Karen Martin

East Athens Physical Therapy helped me very much. The staff was friendly and caring. They listened to my concerns and worked to meet my needs. They were very professional and I would recommend your services to anyone! Thanks for all your help.

Cheyenne Hughes

The entire staff of the Madison office of East Athens Physical Therapy is incredibly warm and welcoming. Jim Mike is attentive, thoughtful, and takes great care in helping his patients and it is obvious that he has a passion for helping others. I began my physical therapy treatment skeptical of how much it would help me, considering that most of my pain was likely a flare up of an injury from 10 years prior. However, Jim Mike was able to ease my nerves and help me become confident in my ability to succeed in therapy, as well as prepared me for any future flare ups I may have. Charlie, Annabeth, Chelsea and the other members of the team are also extremely sweet and easy to feel comfortable with. I would highly recommend any office of East Athens Physical Therapy and am appreciative for all that they have done for me on my journey to living pain free.

Kay Powell

My experience with East Athens Physical Therapy was excellent. I have used them for two knee surgeries and now a shoulder/elbow rehab. They are very professional and a total joy to work with.

Leslie Mullins

My shoulder was very painful and movement difficult. The team did a wonderful rehab giving me lots of movement in my shoulder. I was treated very professionally and like a person, not a number.

Diane Anthony

Great staff. They know their job and are skillful. Enjoy going because they are all so personable.

Nancy Launius

I have always found the staff at East Athens Physical Therapy to be very professional and thorough.

Sam Hollis

I started my shoulder pain journey by seeing a surgeon. I had been having pain, weakness and lack of mobility in my shoulder for nearly a year. I thought my days of being active were over and that surgery would be the only option considering the pain and weakness I had. Surprisingly, my Dr. prescribed physical therapy. I was skeptical but figured I would try it, and if it didn’t work move on to injections or surgery. Jim Mike put me on a twice a week stretching and strengthening program for a total of 6 weeks. I also had some home exercises which I did without fail. The result is I have a 100% functioning shoulder and no pain! I’ve returned to playing tennis and the activities I enjoy. I couldn’t recommend East Athens Physical Therapy highly enough!

Jules Binkley

Exceptional physical therapy group. My dad, mother and I have all had physiCal problems that required PT and we found them knowledgeable, empathetic and thorough. I was impressed with everyone I dealt with there from the front desk to the therapists and assistants. They send you home with ways to continue your progress and help you out with a recurrence of pain. Thanks so much Jim Mike and crew!

Larry Taylor

Many thanks to East Athens Physical Therapy in Madison for their professionalism and thoughtfulness in guiding my physical therapy following knee replacement surgery. Kate, Annabeth, Jim Mike, Chelsea, Kirsten and Teal all contributed to my recovery, which was made all the more interesting and tolerable by the lively discussions of favorite foods and football teams among patients and staff. Great job everyone! Joan Taylor

Debbie Hodge

It has been two years since I had physical therapy at East Athens Physical Therapy, however I continue to do the exercises they taught me. My knees have gotten better and better. I did not think those simple exercises would help that much, the people at EAPT are amazing.

Rob Allgood

Great customer service and very cooperative. Take their time to care for each individual patient and their needs. Outstanding group of people!

Lisa Tyree

Melissa Towe

They are awesome to work with. The people are friendly and have great personality

Wendy Meagher

The staff at East Athens PT created a plan for me that was effective and easy to follow. I’m very thankful I chose them instead of surgery!

Eleanor Nasir

This was my first time receiving Physical Therapy at East Athens P.T. I can truly say that they definitely deserve 5 stars. The entire staff was very professional,knowledgeable and caring, I would highly recommend this facility.

Timothy Rice

Great Staff! Third rehab stint and will not go anywhere else!!


I have nothing but praise for the team at East Athens. Sarah evaluated me after surgery and came up with a game plan to get me back to 100%. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable, and positive which helps when you are in a dark place physically after a serious injury. Michael works alongside Sarah and is a strong member of the team. Alex is an extremely positive team member and was always pleasant and inquisitive as to how the recovery was going. I highly recommend the facility and it’s entire crew. Thank you for getting me back , I appreciate it more than you know.

Claude Davis

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very happy with results.

John Evanovichz

very satisfied with the staff and facility.they have directed me to heal myself challenging me to push thru discomfort and coaching us to try and reach our goals, put in the effort and feel the reward. three times they have helped me re-coop from surgeries. i recommend E.A.P.T. to anyone serious about healing.

Jan Manos

I received special care with my injury and walked away healed. The staff is friendly and professional and the facility is clean with lots of natural light!


Mary Eaton

Such a friendly, caring and professional staff. Have been patient several times and always satisfied with therapy sessions.

allison bell

Kate and all the other lady’s here did a great job at making me feel better! I definitely recommend east Athens physical therapy!

Laura Hogan

Very satisfied--have always had good results

Jim Malanowski

Jim Mike and his crew are life family to me! Everyone that works there is pleasant and congenial and they all work to make the experience manageable. The facility is light and airy and well-equipped. Combined with the easy-going atmosphere it's a pleasant experience all the way around. I never knew PT could be so enjoyable!

Angela Bone

Lije Jones

Great folks, professional and thorough.

Cindy Summers

A big THANK YOU to Jim Mike and his staff. I just finished up PT with East Athens- Madison. The staff from the office manager up front to the therapists in the back have been exceptional. The care and attention they give their patients is second to none. They are the most encouraging group of professionals I have ever had taking care of me.

Theresa Stephens

They have the best staff ever from the girl at the desk to all the people in the back. Great place

Kristi Smith

Amazing customer service. Everyone really cares about the patients and there recovery.

jennifer miller

Love everybody there. They take time to get to know you.

Woody Burriss

Dottie Lee

I can describe East Athens Physical therapy Staff in just one word AWESOME!! I went into Madison office with a total left knee replacement bending at maybe 80 degrees , in four weeks they have my knee bending 120 degrees and into my six weeks,I was bending at 138 degrees. I never thought my knee would bend that far again,but thanks to the staff at East Athens Pt. The whole staff helps and works with you, They are just awesome, walking just fine on my knee now , owe it all to the staff thanks so much.

Walter Straus

Great attitude, excellent guidance and encouragement.

Eric Taylor

The East Athens Physical Therapy staff were helpful and very friendly. The quality of their treatment plan was excellent. Each time that I went for PT the therapist was very knowledgeable about what needed to be done and gave good instructions on what I was supposed to do when I was not in therapy. My injury feels so much better, and after 8 weeks I am able to resume school sports. I would reccomend any highschool athlete that needs PT to go to East Athens Physical Therapy.

Jennifer Williams

The therapist are very friendly. They not only are helpful while there but also informative regarding continuity with home therapy as well.

Tammy Stanton

Maryellen Burns

I was very satisfied with the staff and treatment at East Athens PT. It was my first experience with physical therapy and I would not hesitate to use their service again. I had 6 weeks of pt to help with a torn rotator cuff and I gained more mobility and range if motion allowing me to gradually resume daily activities

MikeandPam Gilbert

When I started my therapy I was in a lot of pain and facing another surgery on my lower spine. I was also taking pain meds. I have completed my first six surgeryweeks and I feel great! My pain is minimal,off pain meds. except one that helps when I have muscle spasms. The spasms are not daily anymore. I just had another visit with spine surgeon and she was amazed with my improvements,enough to say I could and should continue with therapy. She said we didn’t need to talk about surgery! As long as I keep improving I won’t need surgery!!! I thank God and my doctor for sending me to this P.T. group!!!Therapy exercises is what can heal chronic pain, my surgeon said! It is so true and I’m proof it really works!!!

johnny Williams

Stan Harrison

Very professional, attentive and friendly... I highly recommend!

Andrea Thomas

I recently completed a course of physical therapy for a knee issue that was keeping me from exercising and playing tennis. Jim Mike set me up with a home program as well as in house exercises with the goal to get me back out on the courts and in the gym. I am happy to say that I am now able to participate in the activities that I have been missing out on. Everyone on staff at East Athens was very friendly, they all knew where I was during my session and could guide me along. They were also very punctual, I never waited more than a minute or two to head back for my sessions. I would definitely choose East Athens again should I ever have a need for physical therapy.

Edgar Perkerson

I badly need a knee replacement; my left knee has been very painful. I've been limiting my walking and using a cane when I do walk. Unfortunately, I'm in some cardiac treatment that precludes having the operation for another eight months. I started seeing East Athens Physical Therapy in an attempt to reduce the pain in my knee until I could have the operation. So far the results have been remarkable. The pain is now greatly reduced and, sometimes, gone altogether. I really do think the world of these people - they've improved the quality of my life greatly.

Nancy Vaughan

I just finished my sessions at East Athens Physical Therapy and will really miss this place! The therapists and all the staff are not only knowledgeable and efficient, but they are also cheerful and listen to your needs. And I'm sure you are wanting to know - did it help? My sessions helped me better deal with the pain from a chronic condition. I find that I can do daily activities that were at one time painful and now I do them with none or much less pain. I'll miss you and promise to keep up with my homework!!

Kerrie Sampson

Jim Mike and his team were amazing. My 8-year old daughter recently received treatment here and she had a fabulous experience, they managed to make it fun and were engaging with her. All the team members were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I totally recommend!

Mark Long

mctrice reid

The staff is wonderful an they are very corresponding to your needs to help you the best way they can to help with your pain and help with your injuries thanks Madison ga Athens physical therapy group keep up the good work if you need a Therapy group they are the place to be.

Kendall Andrade

Top notch people. Very friendly and concerned with your recovery.

Nancy K. Boyer

Really enjoy these very talented & friendly folks. They are skilled & very helpful in helping me with my recovery. We become friends & look forward to my visits.

Michele Miller

5 stars all the way. This is my second time using East Athens, I will definitely use them again. Staff is very friendly and professional.

Tim Monahan

Ms. Butler is a true professional! Her assessment of my issues was exceptional. Her selection of daily exercises was extremely helpful...and enabled me to mend the concerns I had for my left elbow quickly. I highly recommend her for therapy needs. I definitely will be returning to East Athens Therapy should the need arise. Tim Monahan Madison, Ga

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