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REVIEWS OF USA Sports Therapy IN Florida

Chad Mckay

I was in back pain for 2 years, tried several chiropractors and two other physical therapists, nothing worked. Dr. Mills took 90 minutes to evaluate me in the first session, that alone was priceless. I got the 12 session pack and best decision I've ever made. I've gone from fearing picking up a toilet paper roll to confidently getting back into the gym. That nagging fear in the back of my mind about moving wrong is GONE!

Melvin Demers

Frances Arthur

As a former professional women’s soccer player, the constant wear and tear really got to me. I had lingering knee issues, but Dr. Mills really helped me get back on my feet and playing again. Well worth the trips to Miami!

miriam azoulay

Where shall i start ! I came to see Kevin with an injured, swollen, and very painful knee, I decided to start phisiothraphy with him and attended seasion twice a week. With expertise, patience, special exercises amazing manual work, and great personality, Kevin got rid of my swollen knee. Now im able to walk freely with no pain and feel stronger. wow thank you kevin, i was lucky i found you.

Liam Weil

Best physical therapy company in all of south Florida ! I highly recommend them if you are dealing with any type of injury.

Matthew Wismer

The best of the best. USA has a very knowledgeable staff and they demonstrate superior knowledge and experience working with all types of injuries, corrective work and injury prevention. I personally used USA to recover from a moderate hamstring pull and I was back to training my lower body normally in under two weeks. I highly recommend for anyone looking to work with leaders in the industry.

Todd Heustess

I have been dealing with injuries first to my foot and then my back. Aaron and his colleagues are excellent physical therapists and run a first class operation. I saw significant progress with both my injuries and enthusiastically recommend them to anyone needed PT/rehab. They take the time to understand your problem and customize a therapy solution that will work for you and speed up your recovery. They are friendly, professional, and consistently reliable. A welcome addition to the Miami market.

Chad Fabrikant

Best physical therapy in South Florida. Kevin Mills is patient and understand of patients needs. Convenient and state of the art facilities.

Kristina Minkovitz

USA Sports Therapy/Dr.Centofanti !!!! A WIN !!!! After going to numerous chiropractors in over a dozen years I can say without a doubt Dr. Centofanti is the most thorough, compassionate, relatable and talented I have experienced. Being treated like your the only one that matters to him during the treatment is quite amazing in and of itself. He also educated me through the “why” and “how” of what’s going on each step of the way. I use chiropractic care as preventative measures and medicine in addition to managing my long term health goals and athletic lifestyle. I’m thrilled Dr. Centofanti is now a local to Miami!!!!

Faissal B

Mark Kolta

Kevin and his staff are simply remarkable. From deep nutrition knowledge to thereaputic remedies to ailment and injury, the progression has been more rapid as a result. I came for low back and leg pain after a car accident and was pleasantly surprised. Healer and magician.

Sofia Venanzetti

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Reinisch a few months ago and we started working on my shoulder, which has been bothering me for several years. I’m a contortionist and I put my body under a lot of stress: what I really liked about Aaron was his professionalism and interest in helping me to heal instead of telling me to stop doing what I love or take medications! I learned so much about my body since starting therapy with him and we worked on strengthening the weakest links that were the cause of my ongoing pain. My shoulder has gotten so much better and I feel way stronger. His knowledge is extensive and he’ll go out of his way to find the right treatment for you. I highly recommend him!


After visiting multiple chiropractors without success I was referred to Kevin to relieve pain in my left hip from golf. Within a 2 sessions the pain level had dropped signifcantly and after a month the pain was forgotten about. I went in, got treated, and do not have to keep going back month after month like other locations. Because of Kevin, I no longer have to receive any treatment on my hip and if I ever do I will be back to see him. Great help!

Ted Braunstein

For me this was an awesome and positive experience. Suffering with worsening back pain over the last 7 years and having seen two spinal specialist, three chiropractors and three physical therapist I was fortunate to get a referral to Dr Kevin Mills ! This would start my journey to health ! I thought I would need to apply to disability . Over the last 14 months , I have improved so much ! I am now active including my return to the gym . Last weekend I played in our company softball game . That would have been impossible 15 months ago . I am so thrilled with my experience with Kevin Mills and SportsUSA . Thank you all for my return to health !! I am so fortunate to have gotten that referral that started me in my return to my pain free and active life !!!

Allison Feldman

Alex Bellanton

USA Sports Therapy is incredible! I had an Achilles injury that had been bothering me for well over a year and had become pretty debilitating. It had gotten to the point where I considered stopping all physical activity for good. I finally decided to go to USA Sports Therapy and within a month of PT, I was100% pain free! The staff is very knowledgeable and put together a customized plan to help stabilize my Achilles and strengthen the muscles and tendons around it - specifically targeting my problem area. In addition to their expertise, they are among the friendliest and most well-rounded therapists I’ve ever been around. Even though I am no longer a frequent visitor, they follow up with me on a regular basis to make sure that I’m still pain free. I’ve already recommended them to several friends and family members and will continue to do so moving forward. They are truly among the best in the business.

Rafael Olarra

If it wasn't for him I would never knew I had a torned Acl after a motor cicle accident, Now I'm recovering super fast and starting to do my regular activities again,

Andrea Herrera


Dr. Kevin Mills and his team offer outstanding physical therapy services that are personalized, effective and caring. I wouldn’t go to anyone else!

Matthew J. Ferrara

Donato Settanni

I live in New York, NY but I was still referred to USA Sports Therapy by my doctor at HSS. My experience was amazing. I was very nervous about my knee surgery, but under the care of Kevin Mills, I ended up getting back to the tennis court in 2 months!

Alexandra Kaminski

Aaron is phenomenal. Every time I come in with a new ache and pain its easily fixable and he always finds the solution. I started seeing him for a knee issue and we have made huge progress in just a few short months. By far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with. Would highly recommending Aaron and USA Sports Therapy.

Leslie Greenwood

Dr. Mills is an AWESOME PT! I had a complicated surgery, and he is helping me get back on my feet - literally. There has been a big gap between what my surgeons have told me I should be doing at certain points in my recovery and how I can, in practice, build up to and achieve those benchmarks. Dr. Mills has provided me guidance to bridge that gap in a safe and effective way. He has a great ability to pinpoint your issues and devise a logical plan for addressing them. We've used both newer technology and tried and true PT methods. He is professsional and incredibly knowledgeable. Couldn't recommend more highly!

Kelly Walsh

Aaron and Kevin are the best! They've both helped me tremendously over the past year and a half through various injuries and discomfort. They assess to determine the root of the problem and always get me back running safely. Their knowledge and training is top notch. I trust them completely and recommend them to everyone!

Nick Arthur

I injured my shoulder playing basketball and was told I needed rotator cuff surgery. I went to USA Sports Therapy and saw Kevin and Aaron. Within a few weeks, I was back playing basketball and I don't need to have surgery. This practice is definitely the best on Miami Beach!

David Picó

Kevin and his team are excellent professionals. My therapy has been very effective and all the advices I received helped me to improve my physical practices.

Daniel Singer

A great clinic! I went here as well as coral gables and got great care at both. Best physical therapy in Miami by far!

Nawaz Gilani

Incredible! Was able to improve my mobility after decades of problems with herniated disks as well as other neck and back injuries. They know what they're doing and serve you in a friendly, professional environment.

Kristina Perez

If you are searching for a reliable, skilled, professional physical therapist look no further! No, seriously, stop the hunt. USA Sports Therapy will give you everything you want and, more importantly, what your body needs to recover properly. Kevin goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients are well cared for and are completely satisfied with the results. Physical therapy is not easy but having a good coach (doctor) by your side makes it more of an attainable goal in a shorter period of time. I went in for migraines that nobody could seem to find a solution for, until Kevin saw me and said we could fix this. I went from multiple migraines per week to maybe one a month. My fiance happy hip surgery and was recovering 2 weeks ahead of schedule. These guys are well worth checking out. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

Michelle Leve

USA sports therapy and, Aaron in particular, offer top notch physical therapy. Aaron and his team go above and beyond for their clients, explaining treatments, checking in between sessions, and providing appropriate referrals as needed. Aaron’s commitment to his clients and their recovery is rarely seen in Miami. He’s a treasure to have on the beach. He’s first line of treatment for both myself and my clients who have injuries.

Maria Leon

My knee has never felt the same since my surgery until I went to see Aaron at USA Sports Therapy. The blood flow restriction therapy has made a huge difference and has finally gotten my back on the volleyball court!

Nandy Vides

There are no words to describe my experience. I’ve had my fare share of injuries because I follow a really active lifestyle. This past January I had a knee injury, so I had to receive several PT sessions. Kevin is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I was able to keep training while recovering and today I have no more knee pain. Also, he assessed me on some imbalances I was experiencing that helped me have a more complete recovery.

Matt Hopkins

As a fitness professional and personal trainer it can be difficult working with therapists, orthos, etc., but I have been extremely pleased with USA Sports Therapy. They are great therapists and are very professional. I have had fantastic results and many happy clients from working with them.

andrew idowu

I am a physician in Miami so I have access to all of the best physical therapists in town. I was told Dr. Kevin Mills was the best and after being under his care I can now say that this is undoubtedly true. I had chronic right knee pain from a old sports injury and after many failed attempts at treatment I came to see Dr. Mills and I have never felt better. His compassion and attention to detail is unparalleled. Highly recommend.

Lauren Lipcon

Best PT I have ever worked with. I tore my MCL 2 months before a big kitesurfing trip. Kevin worked with me to get me back in action in time to go on my trip and I was able to live my dream kiting in double overhead waves. No knee issues at all on my trip! Highly recommend for athletes.

Sandra Deering

USA Sports Therapy has provided excellent therapy services for my sons. They are highly talented in recovery from injury and injury prevention. I highly recommend them.

Alexander Wechsler

Kevin is the gold standard in physical therapy. I would send my family to him and trust they are in the best hands possible. Highly recommend.

Sandy Edwards

Where Iseric

Amazing group, I owe them everything! Thanks so much to Kevin and the team.


Quality of life changing experience. Kevin Mills did so much for my troubled knee when I was beginning to lose hope I would ever walk normal again. This place was a blessing.

Dan Tyler

Kevin Mills is amazing. When I fist saw Kevin, I could barely lift my arm. My shoulder movement was very limited. I now have almost complete range of motion. Kevin helped my shoulder injury immensely. I would highly recommend Kevin, and his team.

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