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REVIEWS OF Thomas Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy IN Florida

Claire Sadowniczak

Before treatment at Thomas Physical Therapy: I could only turn my head ½ to the right. After one session of deep tissue massage, I can turn it all the way to my shoulder. I could not drive a car due to level 8 knee pain and instability. I am driving again! I could barely walk and tottered from side in side with knee and ankle pain at level 8. I now walk like a normal person with occasional level 1-2 pain. I had to sleep in a recliner due to level 8 back pain. I can now sleep in bed all night and only experience a little stiffness in the morning, which dissipates with one of the PT exercises. After seeing Randy once a week for 5 months, for the first time in 6 years, since my hip replacements, I can put socks on my feet without using a sock helper. My level 8 shoulder pain is gone now that I no longer have to use my arms to push myself up out of chairs. I can even get up from low toilets with no problem. I no longer have to use the handicapped stall. I could not straighten my right leg. There was a 1” gap under my knee above the table. I had to keep a pillow under that knee. After a few deep massage sessions, I can now straighten that leg completely and no longer need a pillow under it. I am more limber and physically stable. I am no longer afraid of falling while standing or walking. My pains are 95% gone. I can pick up things off the floor again! I feel like a new person!

Kasheen Giampietro

I've been going to Thomas Physical Therapy for over a year. When I first started going to PT there, I was having trouble going up 2-3 stairs, now I can go up over 24! They provide an individualized treatment plan so that you can do the activities that you use to do like gardening, walking, exercising and more. As a retired RN I am grateful to the entire staff. They continue to motivate and encourage me to reach new goals.

bruce Bar-ton-e

I have had many orthopedic problems most of my adult life, shoulders, back, legs etc. too many contact sports I guess... given this, I have been to lots of Physical Therapist for a very long time... Iv'e had some very good PTs over the years...But I must say Thomas Physical Therapy is in a class all by itself....The care of the PTs is far above anywhere else I have been. And the office staff is the best. Everyone in this clinic are the most caring, kind and skilled people with what they do....If they can't get you better, your out of luck.

William W Loftin

Thomas is different from any other PT facility I have ever encountered. It is not a place where a 20 year old puts you and an exercise machine and comes back in 30 minutes. And if you are lucky, that 20 year old only has one patient. At Thomas it is hands on. One on one. You will likely not see a machine and you will never be left on one if you do. Randy can handle the most stubborn muscle. Sarah can be very gentle and coax those muscles. And Cheryl knows how each and every muscle is supposed to respond. They are three very talented therapists that are totally hands on. This is unlike any other physical therapy experince you will ever have in the Daytona Beach area. Call my buddy Lisa and the front desk and she will fit you in.

Jessica Squires

Thomas physical therapy has changed my life. With their unique blend of soft tissue mobilization and personalized exercises, they have been able to increase my quality of life. I have tried many other physical therapy clinics in the past, but nothing compares to Thomas’s. Plus, their staff go the extra mile to make sure your experience is perfect and amazing!


Thomas Physical Therapy is the best! I always look forward to my twice weekly early morning sessions with Sarah! I am a 65 year old with 5 horses. Sarah has me back in the saddle. I am truly grateful to her and her delightful, helpful staff.

Jane Presley

After exhausting all options, I started physical therapy with Sarah Thomas and it should have been my first option! I am making great progress and so pleased and encouraged by my results. The entire staff is wonderful especially Sarah who has done wonders. Thank you so much. I would give more stars if possible.

patricia guler

Sarah has been a great help to me after 2 knee replacements and shoulder problems. I wouldn't have the quality life I. Have now without her.

Ursula Amon

Great experience at Thomas Physical Therapy. My whole family has been at the clinic at one time or the other. I am especially grateful for Randy treating my son, who at the time was a teenage soccer player and experienced growth pains. Randy helped him through the pain and improving his game. I can highly recommend TPT.

Marsha Palitz

My physical therapy program has helped my whole body, not just my feet, my main problem area. The therapists take an integrated approach and look at posture, movement, transitions, balance, muscle strength, etc. to identify and treat problems. My husband recommended Thomas PT to me after his treatment there.

Joan Swanson


Diane Alexander

They are the best! They find the root of the problem and treat accordingly.

Robert Guler

Randy the PT and owner has helped me regain my strength after cancer treatment. Very knowledgeable staff here at Thomas pt

Richard Griffing

I was here from MA. For the winter months, had a TKR 4 months ago and needed to use keniseo tape for it. Brought some with us, but not enough. Saw this office listed on google, with very good reviews. Called the office explaining my need to purchase more tape, and was told they were open and that I could certainly purchase the needed tape. Went to the office and they were ever so nice! Would recommend them to all.!!

Kathy Parham

Randy and Sarah Thomas have been treating me for back pain. They are the best

Nk Bushoven

Wonderful therapists. You can learn possible causes and probable methods to relieve many problems that can make your life uncomfortable or miserable. Not only are you taught but are given the rationale and that helps you remember.

Cheryl Wynn

I started with severe pain in my left leg and back that came on every day for months. After only 14 sessions, the pain is gone! I feel much younger than I am. Cheryl and Sarah have been very helpful and considerate. They took MY concerns and relieved them. Thank you Thomas PT!

Gerald Masters

Cheryl did a wonderful job on my back pain and joint stiffness. My pain level went from about 7 to 0 in just a few weeks. I highly recommend Thomas Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy.

Cindy Brandt

Thomas Physical Therapy is a great place to go for your Physical Therapy needs. Lisa and Tina Marie is very helpful and friendly. Cheryl is caring, professional and informative as a therapist and Sarah is very welcoming and amicable. Thank you everyone!

John Kruger

I have had chronic back pain for many years and have been through multiple facilities with different types of PT recommended. Basically no reduction in pain or other aspects of my back pain. I have been coming to Thomas Physical Therapy for about two years. After 6, or so, months, under the care of Randy Thomas, I noticed some difference in lowering my pain level. I was constantly adjusting the seat in my car to gain a comfortable position. At one session, Randy asked me about adjusting my seat. I thought for a few minutes and admitted I don't remember it's been so long. Thsnks Randy, my pain and discomfort has significantly been lowered.

Samuel O'Hara

Cheryl is great, helped rehab my torn ACL

Stacey Hill

Sarah, the PT and owner, has been a godsend and miracle worker on my ankle. She is physically hand-on breaking up decades-only scar tissue, and has rehabbed me and given me hope. The treatment is one-on-one every appointment, and their facility is peaceful. I had surgery in 1992 and over the years my ankle has gotten frozen and painful, and the last 2 years it has impeded my quality of life- socially, work-wise and even vacations. I have known Sarah as an acquaintance for years, and last year when I saw her and I was in terrible pain, I asked if she could possibly help. DUH! I so wish I had asked her that 2 years ago. I apologize for rambling but I wish I could tell everyone who is in pain that Sarah and Randy can really, really help you!

Douglas Collins

Sarah and Randy Thomas are remarkably knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough professionals. They are both a blessing and incredibly effective and affective therapists who are more than dedicated and exemplary professionals.

Robert Sadowniczak

For forty years or so I suffered from headaches. They would usually occur a couple of time a week and would be mild enough to treat with aspirin. On occasion (about once every two or three weeks) the headache would be more severe, lasting 3 to 5 days and would only be dulled with BC Powder or Aleve. About 20 years ago, I had a full upper body X-ray and Imaging performed at a well known orthopedic practice to rule out cancer or tumor. They found nothing wrong and said my headaches must be stress related. I continued to suffer until I began physical therapy at Thomas'. My therapist (Cheryl Wynn) determined I suffered from long term poor posture which was stressing the muscles in my back and neck. She prescribed a series of isometric and non-isometric exercises that have greatly improved my condition. I've had only one major headache in almost three months since starting treatment. Thank you Thomas Orthopedic!

David Parham

Randy is truly amazing and has the best knowledge of how the human body works and how to make feel you better.

Joe Sam

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