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REVIEWS OF South Florida Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab IN Florida

Nick Sesto

This was my first major injury and surgery I have ever had, and in my younger years I considered myself an athlete so I was a little nervous most of the recovery process. I had no idea or direction on where to go for PT and thank god this place with their amazing staff was recommended by my doc. I have had the pleasure with working with two different therapists, Hannah and Ari and have met the rest of their staff. I don't know what other clinics are like, how they operate, deal with patients or the atmosphere but I would NOT recommend anywhere else. Carson and the staff are tops in their field and is just a great environment to get back to doing you! Can't thank everyone enough and going to be a sad day when I'm not alllowed to come anymore!

Malcolm Fontier

I worked with SFPT post knee surgery recovery and they were great. The team is professional and super knowledgeable. They even made doing PT kinda fun!

Karen Bowser

Everyone who works there is amazing! I have gone there for both physical therapy and personal training. Danielle is the best! Carson is tops in his field, and I would not consider going anywhere else.

valerie dilorenzo

I cannot recommend SoFlo highly enough! The entire staff is so pleasant and the place is very clean, appealing and well laid out. In somewhat of an emergency situation, Katherine and Allie helped me out immediately. Allie is a highly skilled, wonderful therapist and I wouldn't hesitate to go back there again. The whole experience was so positive AND they helped me heal my injury. Thank you!

Theodore J Cardasis

Exceptional experience. Very knowledgeable therapists and staff, always willing to help out. Great facility and environment--clean, new equipment, everyone gets along. Highly recommend

Eddie Welch

Hands down the best physical therapy practice around. Not only is Dr. Carson the preeminent physical therapist in Broward County, he is also one of the most caring human beings you will ever meet. Had me fixed up and feeling better than ever in no time! You can't go wrong here, highly recommended.

Shelagh Pritchard

My husband was so thankful to find such an amazing PT/rehabilitation centre and such an amazing Therapist Dr. Carson Kutchief who is well qualified and excellent at his job. Prompt, efficient, one on one From him and his team delivering 5 star service.


I came to see Dr Carson after failed attempts of other physical therapist's trying to help me with my range of motion and pain I was dealing with from my Labrum repair surgery 9 months prior! I felt he was my last hope and I'm thrilled to say after only a couple months, Im almost pain free and my shoulder is actually feeling normal again. His facility is beautiful, it's always clean and its super modern. His staff ( Danielle & Catherine ) are SO nice and friendly. I love coming here, I actually look forward to my visits. If you need a physical therapist , Dr Carson is your guy. I can't thank or recommend him enough.


I’m 3 months post op rotator cuff surgery and Dr. Carson has been my therapist. Due to his competence, experience, patience & instinctive ability, I’m pleased with my recovery. The office atmosphere is professional, cheerful, positive, conveniently located with adequate parking and appointments are easily scheduled.

Shelby Soblick

I couldnt think of a better place to come for physical therapy. Allyson and the entire SoFlo team are amazing and you can always count on it being a super friendly environment. I had ACL surgery back in August and prior to surgery i had done quite a bit of research to find the right place and im certain that i found it! I look forward to coming to PT each week - which says a lot! Ive made incredible progress thanks to Allyson. Great job!

Barbara Buhler Lynes

This facility and its staff are first-rate! I greatly enjoyed working with them, being at the facility, and through their careful direction and care, my problem resolved. I recommend staff and facility without reservation.

holly nealis

I was unfortunate enough to break my Ulnar bone weeks ago. My physician prescribed therapy. The fortunate thing is that I found Hannah at So Flo PT!!!! My recovery has been expedited and the pain is diminishing with each session. My strength is returning and my hope is renewing. Thank you Young Gun!!! You are a life saver. #HannahRocks!!!!

arkeba johnson

SoFlo is the most amazing PT spot ! My progress over the past couple weeks have been great and the employees here are even more spectacular! They make you feel comfortable and encourage you to push harder every step of the way. They even made me want to pursue my career as a physical therapist. I would’nt recommend any other place ! I love the people and the facility!!!!!

Lisa R.

Vivian Rice

Excellent Physical Therapy Office!! I was in need of therapy for a frozen shoulder and found this facility. Hannah was absolutely amazing and after working with me twice a week for three months, I went from having no range of motion back to a surprising full range of motion again! She was patient and kind, and her massage, stretching and strengthening exercises helped me incredibly to get back to normal. The office is super clean and modern and the staff is wonderful and friendly. I highly recommend South Florida Physical Therapy to anyone looking for great care at a great place!

Kimberly Berson

I came here for a shoulder injury, in just 4wks I was completely recovered and regained my strength plus more! Dr. Nick was my therapist and he’s amazing. The entire staff is awesome very professional. Would definitely recommend!

Henry Wald

5 Stars is not enough. From the minute I contacted SoFlo PT communication and scheduling were easy. The staff is top notch in every aspect. The facility is great and its pleasant to be there. Dr. Nick did an incredible job helping my ankle recovery and am almost back to pre-injury stats. Hopefully I won't need physical therapy anytime soon however if I do will be going back to SoFlo. Highly recommend to anyone that needs short or long term PT.

Digital Skratch

I personally have not worked with Carson but have attended his facility dozens of times with my father and a few times with my mother when she had a broken foot. His attention to detail and knowledge of the human body and healing is incredible. Pair that with him being a personable and likable guy - this is the place you need to go for your rehab.

Olivia Hoch

I did Physical Therapy at SoFlo PT for eight months with Nick. He was patient and very knowledgeable. The whole staff was very friendly and even though it was difficult to fit therapy in my schedule, I was always happy to be there. The facility is clean and modern and parking is very easy.

Katherine Osorio

Brian McWilliam

Dear Dr. Avi, I want to thank you for your professionalism and excellent work to get my injured shoulder and elbow functional so quickly. When I first presented to you, my pain level in my shoulder and elbow was significant and kept me from sleeping well and from activities. It is obvious to me from the results that the combination of your programming of exercises along with pushing me hard was spot on. Thank you for being a great listener and effective communicator as that makes all the difference in the end. And kudos to all the supporting staff for their warm and engaging smiles and attitudes. It’s very much appreciated. SoFloPT is the best!! Sincerely, Brian

Chandler Pursell

I suffered a sprained UCL and had reconstruction surgery on October 24, 2018. I started going to SoFlo PT a couple of weeks post op. Carson and his staff were amazing. They tailored a program specifically for me and my advancement of rehabilitation. They were very friendly and kept me informed on what we were doing and how that would help me get back to being 100%. I never felt like I had to do things on my own, there was always someone helping and making sure that I was doing the right exercises. Carson and his team mad rehab enjoyable and made the 6 months I was rehabbing fly by. Would recommend them to anyone needing to rehab any type of sport or non-sport related injury. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You can tell they care about you and creating the right program for you to get back to 100%

Jen Harwin

Great facility, excellent staff, very clean and organised. Ally helped me with recovery after a subluxated patella and the results were amazing. I would definitely recommend SoFlo.

Peter Marzan

The Physical therapy staff at SoFlo Physical Therapy are the best. Hannah, my physical therapist, worked with me several times per week for over two months to address pain, muscle weakness and range of motion issues in my left shoulder after my rotator cuff surgery, keeping close watch on my exercises and my progress. She and the entire staff of PT's and admin folks are very friendly and great to work with. While the therapy sessions are tough, she successfully addressed the problems I had through proper training and made me better! I am so glad I chose them - they are HIGHLY recommended!

Kevin Senecal

Been doing therapy for ACL reconstruction for over 12 weeks. Great group of folks that work well together to help all their clients get better. Everything is organized and super clean. First rate operation. Thanks Carson for helping me get back to full strength!!

Stephanie Nevadunsky

I had an overall great experience with SoFlo PT. I would recommend them to anyone! I worked with Ally Cox on knee issues I was having. I was able to meet and work with other members of the staff as well. They have a wonderful environment and extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff. I will actually miss going to Physical Therapy.

Barbara Mandrisch

Awesome place for rehab everyone is great and super helpful! Would definitely recommend!

Erica Apgar

So Flo Physical Therapy is Outstanding Ally, Carson, Danielle, Catherine whole team work together with you to get results!! the equipment is the best, location is great! I have a frozen shoulder, with tears and Ally is Fabulous she was able to get my arm back to recovery and taught me how to manage she really is good at what she does I am so grateful to Ally Cox !!!!

Lekco Inc

This is one of the best place to recover and for rehabilitation after surgery. Dr Carson is a very good and experienced doctor and a manager as well. He hired a very good team of professionals and leads it to provide the excellent service. The facility is very clean and very well maintained. Higly recommended.

Choose 954

Beth Gembus

Going to rehab at SoFlo PT was the type of appointment I could look forward to! I had a dislocated shoulder, and Ally proved that its condition was "fixable". She and the rest of the SoFlo team are total professionals who take the challenge of a heathy body seriously, and they work to that end with knowledge of the injury, with care, and with understanding. I'll go back to them in the future if ever needed.

Jared Perlmutter

South Florida Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab are the real deal. Carson and his staff provide above and beyond care, compassion, and drive during your rehabilitation process. I am no stranger to physical therapy, as I have had two reconstructive ACL surgeries prior to working with Carson. My third surgery and rehabilitation process (first with Carson) has been, by far, the easiest and most rewarding. Carson provides theory, current research methods, and passion behind his applications of physical therapy. I would recommend anyone and everyone to see Carson and South Florida Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab not only for physical therapy, but for personal training as well. You will not be disappointed.

Steven Livshin

This is my second ACL reconstruction and my goal was to get back to normal and playing sports as quickly as possible. My surgeon recommended South Florida Physical Therapy. Carson and the team are outstanding and I am progressing much quicker than my last rehab. Everyone knows your name, your pt program and try to assist you from day one. Highly recommended!


Nice friendly environment. I tore my ACL and it's been a long 9 weeks for us but he's very patient and kind. I love going to therapy lol ! he makes it fun. You won't even know your working out. He's a great doctor! highly recommended!

Missy Coffey

My experience with SoFlo PT has been great. Dr. Hannah takes the time to explain why we are working on a certain part of the body and helped me to reduce the number of migraines I experience.

B Beck

I saw Dr. Carson Kutuchief in 2011 after my elbow surgeries. His professional treatment and therapy got me back to 100% in no time. After this success, I kept using him for other minor sports injuries and he always treated me in the most professional way. I'm really glad I found Dr. Kutuchief to trust with my recovery and physical therapy needs. To me he is the perfect therapist.

Concha Baquera

Soflo was recommended by Dr. Caldwell after my knee arthroscopy and Dr. Hannah Sweitzer helped me during the four weeks of therapy to get back to my daily routine and I feel so good!! Thanks everybody at SoFlo. The facilities and the staff are A+. The best I've ever been!

Alexander Chaos

So Flo PT has a really great staff, from the Doctors, to the office managers to the trainers, everybody is down for the mission of being the body's best repair shop. Also, it has very modern equipment and a ton of natural light so it's 100% vampire proof.

brandon blair

SoFloPT is amazing!! I am a professional hockey player that had complicated shoulder surgery repairing my rotator cuff and labrum. My shoulder feels stronger than ever now, thanks to SoFloPT. This place has incredible modern environment, team chemistry, and all the doctors are extremely knowledgeable in Sports medicine. I liked that I stayed with the same doctor for the entire duration of PT. Carson, did alot of hands on treatment that helped restore my range of motion quickly. Now I am doing advanced sports specific strengthening to return to hockey. I highly recommend this facility!!

Guillermo Rojas

I like to thank Ally for bringing me up to the level I was before the operation. Thank you so much for all your help . My best regards to the whole TEAM.

ellen gilmore

Staff wonderful in all respects-Ally especially, but everyone friendly and attentive. Great location to all downtown offices-easy in and out-inviting space-couldn't recommend enough

Stephanie Rohrbaugh

I have been going to Carson and his crew to recover from shoulder surgery and I can't say enough good things! Every single person on staff goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and seems to genuinely care about how your recovery is going. When I feel like my progress is going slowly, they keep me from becoming frustrated with a combination of unrelenting positivity and modification to my session if necessary. Catherine, Will, Danielle, Ally, Nick, and Carson are the best physical therapy team in Florida.

Robbin Murdock

Incredible! My husband is having a great recovery because of Dr. Carson and his staff. In addition, the communication between his office and the surgeon office has been seamless. Highly recommended for all PT rehabilitation.

E Whit

SoFlo is AWESOME!!!!! All of the staff are great and the owner is the bomb!! The view is wonderful!! They are informative and knowledgeable. Not to mention had me feeling GREAT in no time at all!! Highly recommend them to EVERYONE.

Christian Candelo

Great group of people. Very clean facility. Satisfy with my experience. Got back to normal from a torn pectoral major thanks to soflo therapy.

Brian Coutu

I tore my ACL in September of last year. Carson and his team were amazing with helping me get back on my feet. Carson was persistent with making sure I hit all of my rehab goals. Thanks so much to Carson and his entire team!

Eric Bor

This place is legit! I have been to several places in Fort Lauderdale to try to get rid of a nagging Tennis elbow injury since February, as well as an AC Joint sprain in August and Avi’s strength training regimen did the trick in just 2 months. They’re very flexible with scheduling, the entire staff is super nice and down to earth, they have a great set up with all the equipment you would need, and they don’t nickel and dime you on time. If you want to stay longer and put more work in to get healthier more quickly they support you! I just wish I had gone there sooner! Thanks Avi, you are the man!

Asa Ambrister

This was the best therapy I have ever had. As soon as you walk in, your greeted with a warm smile and great professionalism from the beautiful coordinator Katherine. The location is very easy to find and has state of the art equipment. Did I tell you about the DPT (Dr. Of physical therapy) Carson? He is like a coach, best friend and trainer as well as your therapist. Friendly, intelligent and genuinely caring. He listens to you, informs and educates you of what is going on, how to treat it and how to prevent further injuries.They made my experience memorable. If I'm in the area, I stop by and say hi. If I have a question, I can call and get an answer. I will never go any where else if I need therapy again. I recommend them to all my family and coworkers.

Marie Palen

This is by far the best place to go if you need physical therapy. I've never had any major knee injuries but had surgery after years of persistent pain and was referred here. No regrets at all! Avi is the best. He's been working with me and I'm more confident now than before to go back to playing soccer. Avi knows exactly what he's doing and knows how to motivate people to fit their personality and is always positive even when you're feeling discouraged. He really analyzes your body to understand what needs to be worked on to get you back to 100%+. The best is, that everyone here really works as a team and works together. This is a great environment to recover in and to get you back to where you were and even more!


This is the best, most supportive and encouraging place to heal and recover! I starting going to SoFloPT 6 weeks after multiple broken bones and two surgeries. I was barely able to walk in with my walker and then graduated from PT literally running and jumping! I was originally told 9-12 months before I could return to work and SoFloPT had me back to working full duty in under 6 months! Thank you Dr. Hannah Sweitzer and the entire SoFloPT team!!!


Having had my share of injury/surgery recoveries I can say unhesitatingly that Soflopt has the best PT team in the Ft. Lauderdale area. Doctor Hannah and the entire staff are highly skilled professionals and super friendly. What more could you want?

Adventures of Eliot

Dr. Carson has a really nice facility here. His staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Here you will get the personalized care that your body needs to recover quickly and successfully from any injury.

Charles Ranson

South Florida Physical Therapy led by Carson and his team are all compassionate, highly trained professionals focused on my rehabilitation and long-term recovery from multiple surgeries. For over 3 months South Florida PT is where I start my day. The clinic's facility is new, bright, high-energy, state-of-the-art equipment all maintained immaculately. When my prescribed round of physical therapy is complete I plan to work with the personal trainer to continue a balanced healthy exercise program in such an amazing environment!!

Deni R

Excellent experience with Soflo PT. Ally was ever kind, patient, and helpful. The place is clean and pleasant, with good location, convenient hours, flexible scheduling, and helpful staff. I couldn't ask for more. Thanks, Soflo, Ally, and staff.

David Wright

I come here for circuit training with Hannah on Tuesdays and I love it. Each week we do various strength training and cardio exercises. Every class is different and Hannah always makes it fun by adding new challenging exercises. These workouts are really intense but Hannah is great at explaining each exercise and she's also great at helping you with the proper form. I highly recommend taking her class!

Jamol Farid

Excellent! Very friendly and professional staff. SoFlo has a great family atmosphere, they actually care about helping the customers reach their goals. The equipment is new, place is always clean and they always have good music playing. I wouldn’t go to any other place to get PT.

Mindy Wolpert

This is an amazing facility in every way. The equipment is new and the facility is very clean. Everyone there is wonderful, from Katherine at the front desk to the rehab aides and doctors. I worked with Ally for the last few months and she is great! I am doing so much better because of her special attention. We are so lucky to have such an amazing facility in Ft Lauderdale, and I totally recommend South Florida PT if you are in need of physical therapy.

Jennifer Hegedus

SoFlo PT is the absolute best. I have been seeing Dr. Carson to rehabilitate my right knee after surgery and after only 2 short months my knee is stronger than ever. The attention to detail, compassion, and support I have been provided from the entire team at SoFlo PT is unparalleled to any physical therapy I have ever seen in South Florida. On top of the warm friendly atmosphere the facility itself is modern, equipped with the best workout machines, caters to every imaginable need you may have, and is spotless. Carson, Ali, Danielle, Nick, Will, & Catherine love what they do and their passion is evident. Everyday is an absolute joy because of the team’s hard work and the enthusiasm they put forth is contagious. I leave every single session with a smile and feeling stronger than the day before. SoFlo PT is amazing, I’m forever grateful to Dr. Carson for creating an environment where I see myself & so many others thrive. Hands down, this is the only place to consider when it comes to physical therapy.

Rik Gill

After my first shoulder surgery (Labral repair) and months of physical therapy, I developed frozen shoulder. When I found out I was going to need a second shoulder surgery to remove the scar tissue, I decided to seek out a different physical therapist. That's when I found SoFlPt. Walking through the door for the first time the place had a good vibe. There was good music playing and TV's everywhere. The receptionist greeted me with a big smile and promptly introduced me to the Dr (no wait at all)! Within the first two minutes of meeting Dr Carson I felt comfortable. He evaluated my shoulder and we started physical therapy the same day. Right off the bat, there was a night and day difference between Dr Carson and my previous physical therapist. He was more knowledgeable and able to explain the mechanics of my shoulder. He customized a plan specifically for me. It wasn't the generic treatment I was getting at the other place. That first week he met with me 6 days in a row. I'll never forget the Saturday when he made a special trip to the office specifically to stretch my shoulder and keep it from tightening up, when he wasn't planning on working that day. I can't say enough great things about this place. Their customer service is second to none.

Evan Snow

Howard Pryor

The level of quality care and professionalism at South Florida Physical Therapy & Rehab is second to none. I've had a few injuries over the years and the therapists at this clinic worked wonders on my shoulder. The equipment is state of the art and their care is truly catered to the specific needs of each patient...thanks for getting me back to full form!


I have been a patient for approx. 1 1/2 months and to say it has been life changing is an understatement. When I began treatment I could not walk without a significant limp, had severe back pain, and was told I was in immediate need of a two level lumbar fusion. I opted to attempt PT prior to undergoing such an invasive procedure. Dr. Hanna Sweitzer has made such a positive change in not only the condition of my back, but my overall health in general. She takes a proactive approach to treatment and I truly believe I would not be enjoying the quality of life I currently have without her encouragement and expertise. The entire staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and I look forward to every visit.

tanease richardson

Great experience. Dr Carson and his team is amazing.!

Merisa Lewis

SoFlo PT has everything you would want and more. Overall the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I’m a neat freak and I really appreciate the time and effort the staff puts in to keep the place clean. After a patient uses a machine it is immediately sprayed with disinfectant, which sold me on the place. My doctor was Carson and he was awesome. I went in for ACL rehab after a delayed PT protocol from my surgeon. After just two weeks I was able to walk without crutches. Carson challenges you in the workouts but it is definitely worth it because your recovery time is faster.

Steffen Rasmussen

Absolute amazing clinic and extremely professional staff. From the second you walk in you are being welcomed with such a passion and professionalism. The clinic's facility has a very clean and healthy environment with new equipment to make your rehabilitation excellent. I definitely made the right decision doing my ACL rehab with SoFlo PT and I would like to give my best recommendation. Especially a huge thanks to Hannah, Carson and Mike and the rest of the team for making my recovery this fast. I couldn't have done it without your helpful, friendly and professional spirit.

Juan Mendez

I had chronic tendonitis in my knee and was convinced I needed surgery but found SoFlo PT and worked with Dr. Avi for a few months and now I am able to play basketball again. Great work guys!

mikel c

Top level care! Rehabbed a surgically repaired TORN ACHILLES. Hannah created a program that got me back to running, jumping and all of my favorite activities. I did not have any formal therapy until 6 months after surgery. I walked in limping, stiff with swelling and a ton of scar tissue. I feared i would re-rupture my achilles. 3 months later i was running on the alter- g (antigravity treadmill). State of the art equipment, world class facility and a professional team that listened and challenged me until i confidently met all my goals. I had an incredible experience and give SoFlo PT my highest recommendation! Thank you Hannah, Carson, Mike and Danielle. Ask about the alter-g treadmill and the blood flow restriction exercises.

Lori Wellins

One of the best PT ever. State of the art equipment and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Nicole Steiner

This physical therapy place was recommended to me by doctor after I had acl reconstruction surgery. Right after I found out that I needed this surgery I was upset but Carson and the whole staff at Soflo Physical Therapy made me realize that I would be back to lacrosse in no time. They also made me realize how important it is to be positive. I am now about 4/5 months postop and I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without them.

Michele Jordan

I had a Hip scope procedure in Minnesota to repair a large labrial tear , pincer release, cam resection in my Right Hip. I went to sunny Ft. Lauderdale to rehab from surgery. I looked online for PT places. I located SoFlPT , they were only 1 mile from the condo. Even though my insurance was non network, Carson told me not to worry and he worked out a payment plan I could afford being out of pocket. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed how neat , clean and organized the facility was. The receptionist put me at ease right away. The Consultation and exam were very through ( because I am RN myself ). The Staff worked as a TEAM to facilitate my recovery. After 5 weeks of consistent work I feel that my recovery was strengthened because of the Physical Therapy help and support I received. I have since returned home to Minnesota and had my 12 week post op checkup. The DR's are very pleased with how far I've progressed. Thank You to the great SoFlPT team. :) Michele

Sasan Sani

Dr. Kutuchief went above and beyond to make sure I was on the right track to success in my treatment. His guidance in nutrition and exercise helped me shed major weight and allowed me to kick start my healthy lifestyle. I am forever grateful.

Ana Laura Olman

Carson is an excellent therapist, very professional and knowledgeable. He is passionate about his work and it is evident that he simply yearns to help people get better. Highly recommended!

Joel de Sousa

This is my favorite workout of the week, great people and lead by a great physical therapist, Hannah. She really knows her stuff. Tuesday’s at 6pm, come check us out!


Highly recommend this place!! I've had lower back pain for many years and felt hopeless before coming here. After working twice a week with Hannah for two months, I feel major improvement! Not only does she use immediate solutions to help with pain like manual therapy and working on those muscles, she then fixes the underlining issues with strength training that specifically targets the problem muscles. My back finally has relief, and I feel way more stable than I have in a long time and can already feel that keeping up this training will heal me for the long term! Hannah is amazing!!! Everyone there is good and you'll be in good hands.

linda alesi

This place was recommended to me and i can see why. I am here for rehab on my left knee. As it will not be back to 100% due to some arthritis i have seen a remarkable change. Thanks to physical therapy. I found the staff and Physical Therapist to be professional, knowledgeable, friendly and fun. The facility is very clean, bright and open. Scheduling is very easy and love the fact i actually receive my reminder texts on time and consistent. Thank you Dr. Hannah for getting me moving longer, faster and easier.

Sydney Cunningham

I have rehabbed at Soflo twice now after having 2 knee injuries and it is the best. The facility is always pristine, the staff is always kind and personable, and all the DPTs are incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Tiffany Lewis

Simply the best! Everyone knows you by name! Dr. Hannah, Dr. Carson, Danielle, all of the staff are friendly and pleasant! Hannah will always encourage and motivate you! She is loving yet stern! You cannot and will not quit once you enter the doors of SoFlo PT! You are in excellent hands!

Kathy Qualls

I had a left reverse shoulder replacement done approximately 6 months ago. As a snowbird, I wanted to find a therapist to continue my efforts to regain full range of motion and strength. Dr. Nick Morales was patient, helpful, attentive and a pleasure to work with. The entire staff made sure each visit was a beneficial as possible. Each of them are a part of a tam that focuses on the patient's need.


Excellent staff, very knowledgeable and kind. Really enjoyed my therapies and felt progressively stronger each time. Thank you Dr. Avon!!

David Oleksa

When I got to SoFlo I was nursing a back injury. Avi got to work right away, found the root of the problem, and had me on a path to recovery quickly. The staff are all very friendly, professional, and they know what they are doing. Do not expect to be babied- they will put you to work! It was difficult and painful overcoming my injury, but the crew at SoFlo did an incredible job making it possible to recover fully. I highly recommend checking them out if you have a nagging, persistent, or degenerative injury.


Just completed my ACL Physical Therapy recovery here. Hannah and everyone here were welcoming, encouraging and supportive throughout the entire journey. Each session was well organized and everyone helped to motivate me through every progressive week. I highly recommend SoFlo PT! It made a huge difference going through this process with a Great team and I finished my 3 months feeling stronger than ever.

Kim Kreitzer

I highly recommend soflo pt for all physical therapy needs. Avi helped not only stabilize my ankle injury, but stabilize my entire lower body to ensure I don’t injure it again. My recovery would not have been as smooth without him and this office.

Lauren Buffington

SoFlo PT is amazing. I had ACL surgery on my right leg in February with Dr. Caldwell and I was recommended to Dr. Carson through Dr. Caldwell. Dr. Carson pays attention to your every need and watches your progress to make sure you hit your goals to reduce the risk of re-injury. He and his team remember every patient's name when they walk in and greet them with a smile. Refreshing when you are in pain from an injury. Dr. Carson cares about his clients even when he is not at the office. One session I had a lot of swelling and while on his vacation he checked in with me to make sure the swelling was reducing. I'm half way through my 14 week recovery and the progress I have made is tremendous and I know I could not have done it without Dr. Carson, Dr. Ally, Dr. Nick, Danielle, Wilmar and Katherine. This team is truly professional and know what they are doing. I highly recommend SoFlo PT.

Martin Cole

I've been receiving treatment from Dr. Carson for a number of years and started recently training with Danielle. Danielle brings a first class attitude to our training sessions...she pushes hard but is always smiling, pleasant and clear in her instructions. Danielle does a great job. My wife also trains with her. The facility is great...clean, modern and has all of the equipment needed for an intense workout. I recommend highly SoFloPT for individual training and PT. It's perfect when you can feel good that your training is not going to cause issues that will then need to be treated by PT. They get ahead of any problems and make sure the training is customized for the client. As an older former athlete, I wanted to make sure I didn't add to my lists of aches and pains...they get it right at SoFloPT.

Lisa Poulsen

They offer fitness classes too! It is awesome to train with a PT who can help you modify work outs to your body's needs and insure proper form. The classes are open to all levels and the community of people are very welcoming! You got to check it out

Kendaya Chin-jackson

Todd Litinsky

Dr. Carson Kutuchief is excellent! I went to see him with some knee traction issues I was having. When we first met, he explained how the physical therapy plan would work. Over the course of the next few weeks we both worked hard and executed on this plan. His guidance was critical in getting me through the knee pain and he offered tons of advice on how to avoid this injury in the future. After working with Carson for the treatment time, I was back to playing tennis full speed. The great thing was Carson also enhanced my treatment by working on specific exercises for playing the sport I love. Carson know his stuff! I am very grateful for his help and would highly recommend him!

Deborah Owens

Awesome staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable. Very clean facility and updated equipment. I love the way the entire staff greets you and interacts with you. Avi Bagley was my PT. He is wonderful. Very kind to his elderly clients too. Great demeanor and personality. Knows his stuff!! Thank you SoFlo PT!!! Deb O

Jack St. Hilaire

I had a complicated knee surgery that required an extensive rehabilitation and recovery process. Doctor Carson helped me with a stress free and speedy recovery. His facility is very clean and welcoming with an incredibly supportive staff. Doctor Carson's experience and expertise has my knee strong and mobile. I highly recommend Doctor Carson's physical therapy services.

Fallon Roy

Dr Carson Kutuchief is brilliant! Thankful for all he's done to fix my shoulder and knee :) His facility is stunning and the staff are one of a kind. Love this place & would recommend it to everyone! There's no facility around like it!

Matt Butler

This place is great! Every tech and therapist are very nice and knowledgeable. Great clean facility with state of the art equipment.

Alanna Lewis

Dr Carson Kutuchief and his team are amazing. Incredibly talented at making recovery as speedy and comfortable as can be. Everyone from Katherine at the front desk to Danielle to Carson are top notch. Friendly environment to be which also makes the process much easier to handle!

Mark Hughes

Dr. Carson Kutuchief was my physical therapists for both my rotator cuff surgeries. He is a gifted physical therapists and has a real passion for his craft. I am sincere when I say that my recovery was successful because of Carson and his treatment protocol. I am in a wheelchair and my shoulder health is of paramount importance. My arms and shoulders are in a sense my "legs". Thank you Carson for the great care and follow up...South Florida is blessed to have a healer like you in our community! Mark Hughes Boca Raton, FL

Henry Langsenkamp

fantastic absolutely beautiful spot one of nicest gyms and physical therapy office i have ever been too and i have been too many of them in my 86 years!Carson has worked on me for a number of years. I have two fake shoulders 1 fake knee and he makes me feel 100% . I always recommend soflo to my family and friends.The best physical therapy and therapist in South Florida.

Bryan Joseph

Top notch...nobody better.

pauline zagari

Excellent customer service. Polite, professional and knowledgeable.

Andrew Stellato

Had my first appointment the other day and Nick was super helpful looking forward to continuing my care and getting back in the gym. Facility is very nice as well and super clean!

Palmer Cosmetic Surgery

Carson and the rest of the staff were outstanding in guiding me through my recovery from rotator cuff surgery. It was a difficult, complex operation which required skilled post op physical therapy and I am pleased to say I have made a full recovery with normal function and no pain. The facility is extremely clean and professional with excellent equipment. I would highly recommend South Florida Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.

Ian Smul

So Flo therapy was just amazing. They have a fantastic facility, with state of the art equipment. An their therapists are so friendly an extremely knowledgeable. They really take the time to understand their patients an I think that makes a huge difference, an is why they are so great at what they do!!! I wouldn’t waste my time going anywhere else....

Ed sue

SoFlo Pt is like no other!! Been to many but this out due all. Staff are warm, friendly and helpful. Dr. Avi Bagley had a lot of patience with this old lady in the 80's, but pushed on and on until success was obtained. Doing things I haven't done in a long time - Thanks to you all!! Helen Seufert

Page Guardabassi

Danielle has been upping my game! She’s very positive, encouraging, and always prepared for my workout. She goes the extra mile for me to keep me strong!

Christina Algeciras

I have been dealing with a "pinch" in my hip on and off for a few years. My doctor recommended PT and after extensive research I decided on South Florida Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab. The location is clean and comfortable and the entire staff is super friendly, helpful, and professional. I worked with Dr. Hannah for about a month and gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of my physical patterns. Dr. Hannah also set me up with a home exercise program so that I can maintain and increase strength in the areas I need so I can correct the issues in my hip. Highly recommended.

Cliff Steffen

The staff is exceptional and the facility is state of the art. All the staff are knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Should I need PT in the future, I would choose South Florida PT in a heartbeat and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Ted Dowding

DR. CARSON KUTUCHIEF Is a world class PT! I have dealt with many PTs in my life in my professional soccer career and playing NCAA D1 sports. Dr Carson has an excellent facility and I highly recommend checking it out for your rehabilitation needs.

Matthew Campbell

Went there after recommendation from my surgeon for ACL reconstruction rehab. Awesome place! Carson is a great PT and very knowledgeable!

Kiersten Crabtree

I came to South Florida Physical Therapy desperate for a solution to my nagging back injury. I was met by a welcoming, friendly staff - everyone from the receptionist to the therapists and assistants made me feel comfortable and at home. Throughout the course of my physical therapy, Ally dedicated herself to my optimal performance - she is professional, knowledgeable, and truly cares to make a difference in the lives of her patients. I am so thankful for this establishment in that I have recovered fully thanks to the hard work and persistence of this team. Thanks SFPT!!


Outstanding & Professional! 10 Stars ********** I came to SoFlo PT and Dr. Carson Kutchief after suffering from a severe knee injury and surgery. SoFlo PT came highly recommended by several orthopedic surgeons. The entire team is extremely professional, caring and supportive. Their modern facility is always clean, neat and very well equipped. Dr. Carson knowlege and positive attitude helped with my recovery process. The entire staff all take pride in their work and their environment. They have a great efficient system set up that you never have to wait. SoFlo PT makes you feel valued as a patient while giving the highest level of care. My recovery has exceeded my expectations. This is the Best place to go!

James Harrell

Anthony and Giovanni are very professional and extremely experienced in their field. I strongly suggest giving them a shot before you try anybody else.

Shane Smith

Worked with Javi to fix golfers elbow. Had previously tried home remedies and another PT practice without much success. He was able to pinpoint the issue quickly and the problem is resolved now. The facility is excellent as well with new equipment and a clean environment.


The facility and skill level of the staff are the best Have been very happy with the results I have had two total knee and two total shoulder replacements and Dr Carson has treated me for all

Ellie Lampert

I chose SoFlo PT when searching for a physical therapist based on the great reviews I read up on the group. I am not disappointed. I had seen several doctors before finally coming here and the last doctor I saw was a surgeon who had recommended immediate surgery. I decided to try physical therapy as a last resort before going the surgical route. When I first walked into the practice I was struggling to balance on my right leg. Within one month of physical therapy my strength was back in my leg somewhat. I have now been coming for 3 months and I am stronger and tougher than I was before my injury occurred. The staff here are all very attentive. The physical therapists (I see Nick) really really know what they are doing. The entire place is always very clean and has a very comfortable feel to it. If you are looking for the perfect place to heal from an injury, this is it.

Lisa Ferrera

South FL PT is one of the most positive and encouraging places I've ever had the privilege of attending. They work patiently and always encourage you achieve the best version of yourself. While I work primarily with Nick, the entire team -Will, Danielle, Ally, Carson and Katherine- is supportive. I feel comfortable exercising, and am confident with my form, because of the instruction and attention I've received. It is an absolute pleasure having PT to look forward to every week. Thank you for helping me build a foundation of knowledge that I will carry for the rest of my life.

Brent Reitman

Carson and his whole staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I was amazed to regain full functionality of my shoulder after showing up with a frozen one! I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience was with So Flo

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