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REVIEWS OF Foundation Physical Therapy IN Florida

Carissa Pars


Dawn Lynch

Exceptional quality care . The therapists listen , and execute the plan according to patients needs. Huge focus on research and evidence did not go unnoticed. You are a person, not a number in a patient mill. Recommend!!

pamela siebert

I am a patient at Foundation Physical therapy. I wanted to take a moment to give a review because I am so incredibly impressed with the care that I receive. Courtney greets you at the front with a warm smile. I don't have words to describe the great care that Gina gives me. There is not a better place in Clearwater if you really desire to be well.

Gale Simons

When I first came to Foundations Physical Therapy, I was experiencing pain in my right hip down my right leg. With the extensive care and treatment I received, I am happy to say, I am feeling so much better. My job is being on my feet most of the time, and now I can stand and walk without pain in my hip or leg. The office staff, Courtney and Megan, are very professional, courteous and helpful. When you chose Foundations Physical Therapy, you will be glad you did because of the personalized attention you receive. Dr. Gina takes a personal interest in each of her clients, not just as a patient, but I felt she has a real heart felt desire to see that I improved. I have recommended Foundations to another friend, and she thanked me, as she also had a great experience as well. Kudos to Dr. Gina, Dr. Gary and their staff. Keep up the good work!!

Rita Duncan

Completely satisfied with the knowledge, guidance and rapport that enabled a return to normal activity

Timothy Wheeler

The following is written by Holly Hall regarding her experience at Foundation Physical Therapy. "I am writing this because I feel so moved by the experience I had at Foundation Therapy. I have experienced pelvic problems off and on for the last 40 years. Over that time I’ve been prescribed a variety of pills, surgeries, and various other treatments I thought might help. All to no avail! About three months ago I learned that Foundation Therapy offered treatment for my problems. I went in with low expectations but the Owner, Gina gave me great hope! I can’t even begin to tell you what a genuine caring professional person she is! Well hope turned to relief beyond anything I could have imagined. I thank God for directing me to Gina and Foundation Therapy. Gina will be a treasured friend forever. Sadly, social media also offers the opportunity for malcontents to unfairly spread lies and distortions. I have read and met the person directing lies and distortions that one individual has directed at Gina, the staff, and foundation Therapy. I am shocked and disappointed that she would decide to purposely engage in such maliciousness. I can only say that my experience with them has been nothing but wonderful. They go the extra mile!"

Jenna Young

Foundation Physical Therapy is absolutely amazing! The staff is great and extremely caring. I've been struggling with a knee problem in my left knee for three years. After seeing Dr. Gina Parsonis, she was able to help me eliminate the pain. Before seeing her, my knee would hurt when I walked or even when I was sitting down. Now, I can play multiple sports and sprint without a problem. I highly recommend going to Foundation Physical Therapy.

Kim Meador

I have been a patient at Foundation Physical Therapy several times because I am very active and unfortunately also very accident prone. Gary and his team always put me back together again. I leave in much better condition that when I came. Their office team is friendly and accommodating. My last injury was an ACL tear/replacement. I was barely walking and absolutely everything was difficult for me. I'm happy to say that I am walking everywhere now...taking stairs and almost back 100% to my normal routine. I'm grateful for the excellent care that I have received there!

Reagan Connolly

There's not enough words to describe Dr. Gina and all the staff at Foundation Physical Therapy. If you have pelvic floor issues, Gina is the doctor to help you and she makes you feel comfortable during the whole process. I wish I could give her 100 stars because she deserves them. "Thank you Gina and staff!"

Doreen DeLyser

Went to FPT for help with my hips. The first visit I saw the PT Gary he evaluated me and that was the last time he saw me. I worked with Samantha almost every time after that. Once in a while with Angie, who is a tech. Samantha was awesome but she had to treat 1 to 2 other people at the same time.Gary showed no interest in my care and I inevitably discharged myself. The equipment is old and outdated. During my time there the upper arm bike was in pieces for months until it was replaced by a piece of junk literally from Walmart. There are facilities here with state of the art equipment where you receive one on one care with professionals who truly show an interest in your care. Gary was always in the office on his computer and didn't even greet me when I arrived for therapy. I suggest you go somewhere else or find a great massage therapist and a personal trainer. That's what I did

Danielle Feinberg

I started going to Foundation Physical Therapy 11 years ago. My primary care doctor referred me to them as he always sends me to the BEST!!! I suffered with neuromuscular neck and upper back pain with bulging disks etc...I went to 2 different physical therapist up north prior, and no one helped me with that debilitating pain until "GINA" treated me. She's the best by far. I was receiving physical therapy for a frozen shoulder 1 year ago. I am able to raise my arm and gained my strength back thanks to "GARY". I will definitely continue to go there in the future if needed. I highly recommend Foundation Physical Therapy. They are thorough, honest and compassionate professionals!!!

Carolyn Valentine

Just discharged after about 4 months of postpartum pelvic floor therapy. I can't get over how far they've brought me (of course with my own work too!) in such a short amount of time. I went from being in constant pain and feeling so fragile to finally feeling and moving like myself again. Thank you so much to Emily and Gina for helping me regain health and strength and making this experience as comfortable as possible. I would recommend these doctors to anyone (and already have)!

Ann Buerger

For the past 4 months, I have been working with Gina to normalize my fecal and bladder incontinence and get rid of my vaginal stenosis. I have had these issues for the past six years due to radiation therapy for anal cancer. It has been a long process. Prior to my sessions with Gina, I have been to other pelvic floor physical therapists with very little or no success. So frustrating and disheartening. However, then I met Gina. My life has taken a turn for the better. I have visited Gina on the average of twice a week. She uses manual therapy, bio feed back, and core strengthening exercises. I do pelvic floor exercises and use an electrical stimulation device at home. I had been wearing protection due to the fact I was not sure if I would have an accident. To my delight, two weeks ago was an “ah-ha” moment. I feel like I have turned the corner. I can pretty much control the urge to have an accident, using Gina’s instructions on how to do that. My pelvic floor has gotten stronger. I’ve even been “sassy” enough to not wear protection and no accidents! Through Gina’s professional guidance, expertise, and kindness, life for me has gotten so much better! 1

Alexandra Kistler

I won't go anywhere else for PT. The doctors here are amazing and really care about each and every patient. I've been to them for two separate treatment areas, been treated by both Gina and Gary, and cannot say enough good things about them!! They are effective, kind, and so good at what they do! They are SO much more hands on than any other PT. They spend a lot of time with you and give you a bunch of different workouts to make sure you're not doing the same thing. 5 stars!!

Sergio Moraton Jr

The Foundation Staff is second to none. When I first started therapy I could barely walk for long periods of time and had lost all of my strength due to my lengthy hospital stay. After 8 weeks I have gained all my strength, balance, coordination, etc.. and then some! I feel like I did when I graduated High School - no joke! Gary's knowledge will provide for results you are looking for and he will give you the knowledge on how to maintain and continuing improving yourself. Samantha is a great asset and keeps sessions fun and efficient! Angie holds down the fort in the front and is as pleasant and helpful as can be, she will step in to help and you will never lose a beat! My stint was not only a complete benefit for my health but truly appreciate the close knit family style approach the entire staff displays. Keep up the phenomenal service you all provide.

Happy Bird

Best physical therapy I have been to. Started seeing results right away. Had been dealing with an issue and have been waiting on surgery for 7 months now and was told I need PT first but wasn't getting anywhere with the other therapists. I have had 4 sessions and looks like I might need only 10 more and I may not even need the surgery after the PT. At the end of my first visit, I was so happy I was crying...and I told my Doctor/PT it was a miracle that I found her...and I believe it was ;)

Todd kathy

Exceptional quality pelvic floor therapy treatment!! I was very uncomfortable going for this type of treatment and was living with pelvic pain most every day. I did not want to have surgery and after meeting with Gina at my first appointment, she made me feel very much at ease and was very encouraging that she could help me with my condition. Gina is a very kind, genuine, and caring professional woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs pelvic floor therapy!!

Savannah Spinello

I began seeing Dr. Gina 3 months ago for pelvic floor therapy and can’t believe how far I’ve come in such short time. Not only did she make therapy as comfortable and painless as possible but is genuinely among one of the nicest people I’ve ever met! My biggest regret is waiting so long to seek help. I highly recommend Dr. Gina and can’t fully express my gratitude for the amazing work she does.

Barbie Kiros

Irena Kapuscinska

The physical therapy with Ms. Gina Parsonis was very helpful for me. After several meetings my pelvic pain was gone. I still do the recommended exercises. Ms. Gina is very gentle, nice and professional therapist.

Don Rogers

Not a very good experience with this place, they try to cram as many appointments as they can all together so they can make as much money possible and while doing so are unable to perform the services necessary to accommodate their patients. Four to five patients at the same time and only one doctor in a small area is not very efficient. They need to either get more staff to assist or schedule their appointments better.

Amanda Goldberg

Dr. Gina is the most amazing woman!! Makes you feel comfortable! not awkward at all! Saved my life and helped me so so so much. Thank you so much! Dr Gina is the is the only doc around for PELVIC FLOOR DYSFUNCTION!!

Nelson Terenzi

My friend referred FPT to me several months ago. Immediately, I loved Gina because of her genuine concern to help me alleviate my pain. . She was absolutely the most caring and trustworthy therapist I have been to. In December, Samantha hooked me up to a traction pad. I suffered in agony on my left side for several weeks. I originally went to FPT for my right side sciatica, not my left. Apparently, she did something wrong or didn't do something right. When I told Gina that I didn't want Samantha to touch me, she informed me that they had let her go. I was pleased to learn that. I found her to be very arrogant and cold. Gina is the best!

Maria M

Dr Gina is a miracle worker! She's very professional and extremely knowledgeable in pelvic floor dysfunction. After having a tough delivery and terrible pain associated with it, I thought I was permanently injured. But thanks to Dr. Gina, she helped me fully recover!

Jessica Fresia

I love foundation therapy! Gina and the entire staff have been so patient and kind. It has truly helped me regain confidence in my health and I look forward to each session because I get better and better!

Dorte Zuckerman

For the second time in five years, I have experienced great recovery from pain at Foundation. My therapist, Dr. Gary is especially skilled in manipulation. The whole staff is friendly and very professional. I can highly recommend this facility.

Debbie Lieberman

A very caring group of people. My son received excellent care there . The owners are genuinely the nicest and caring people we know!

Julie Gold

I cannot recommend FPT enough. I saw Gina in mid-December about an injury related to having a child. Gina and her staff were very professional and caring. After approximately 2 months of physical therapy, I am no longer in pain and I am beyond ecstatic at these results.

bill O'Donnell

Great place. not a big fan of going to pt.usually do myself but I recommend this place. experienced staff and pleasant.thanks Gary

Rachell Balbachan

SO glad I contacted Foundation Physical Therapy after feeling unsure about a surgical procedure my OBGYN said I needed to remove some scar tissue that developed after having my baby. I was told that the procedure was the ONLY way to remove the scar tissue and that I would have to be put under (which is not an ideal or simple situation for a new mom). Gina spoke with me over the phone and encouraged me to try physical therapy first and after about 6 weeks of physical therapy with Gina and Emilee there was NO need for a surgical procedure. I am extremely grateful for Gina's experience with postpartum pelvic floor issues and the opportunity to forgo such an invasive surgical procedure. Gina, Emilee, and the rest of the staff at Foundation Physical Therapy are the best at what they do...healing people!! 5 stars and more!! I would highly recommend them to others and would certainly schedule future visits if needed (especially if more babies are in my future!)

Katie Russo

I was recently just successfully discharged as a patient, after struggling with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction for almost 6 months prior to coming here. Gina was my physical therapist and I have nothing but positive things to say about this place. I have been to many doctors offices, and this one, by far, blew all the others out of the water. I felt welcome, and even felt like their friend when I came. Every single person that works here is amazing. It is a small family owned PT office, and you feel as though you have known them for years. Especially in my situation, where it could have been very uncomfortable, but Gina made me feel so safe and confident we would fix my issue. I thought it would never go away, I was in pain for months, and it was hindering my life because of it. After my body finally stopped being stubborn, we were able to make a breakthrough, and finally I can say I have no pain! I would highly recommend this place to anyone, including my own friends and family, and I don't say this lightly. This is a place of good, honest, and humble people, and I'm so happy I crossed paths.

Malissa Patschureck

Gina is great! Knowledgeable and kind, she makes the experience more comfortable

Joni Pfeifer

I have been a patient of Foundation Physical Therapy intermittently for the last 4 years. I have had multiple orthopedic surgeries, as well as extensive osteoarthritis with chronic pain. Dr. Gina Parsonis is the most skilled manual therapist I have ever met. She and her staff exhibit an exceptional level of professional expertise. As a physical therapist myself I am in a unique position to be able to judge the quality of care. Without Gina's help I would never have been able to continue working in my career. A heartfelt "thank you" from the bottom of my heart! Joni Pfeifer, MPT

Samantha Layland

I don't typically take the time to write reviews, but Pelvic Floor Therapy is something that requires Professional help you can trust! Foundation Physical Therapy provided me with professional care. I appreciate the time Gina took to educate me on what my body was doing. Gina also gained my trust during my first visit and made the time of therapy pass quickly through engaging conversation.:-) Five stars and highly recommended!

Lisa Kerr

Over the years I have received physical therapy from both Gina and Gary at Foundation Physical Therapy. They are both wonderful Physical Therapists who show great concern for their patients. While they treat different conditions they share a common devotion to giving their patients the best care possible. Both were able to help me tremendously and got me back to feeling my best. Anytime I need Physical Therapy I always go to them.

Joann Metropolis

Owners are very thorough and genuinely offer the best healing. When I fist went I was in much pain and left over 95,percent better

Haley Codol

Great staff and wonderful healing environment! I have had 2 successful experiences with Gary and his team at Foundation Physical Therapy! I would recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy. I give them 5 stars and am very happy with my results!!

kenneth McKenzie

The best out there, I quit 5 in the area and found this great place, they are the only place that offers bio feedback and internal message for Prostrat removal, she is the only one that got me back on running and help with my surgery, she is a angel, her name is Gina Parsonis DPT MTC, ow my god after surgery I was so scared and ready to leave this earth, until I found her, my angel, please all out there go to this place, clean, customer excellence, professional, nice and caring, please ask for this place.

Jihi Bustamante

I had a great experience! The staff were great. Gina made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. I started seeing her 9 months after birthing my second child for lingering pelvic floor pain. After the first session I was able to have pain free sex. By the time my sessions were finished I felt back to normal. The progress was amazing and my quality of life is much improved. I recommend Gina for any post partum mom experiencing pelvic pain.

George Rasmussen

Well I can't say enough in regards to Foundation Physical Therapy helping me out with an eight year old tail bone problem and shoulder pain. I was hit by a mini-van back in 2010 and suffered a broken tail bone and two broken knee caps and have been in chronic pain ever since. Until I found these guys. I've been to chiros, massage therapists, and a lot of other doctors. All told me the same thing, nothing can really be done. I was at my wits end. I happened to do an unusual search on GOOGLE and finally found FPT. Thank God! The very first appointment on my tail bone I felt like a new man. It lasted for about six hours only but it was a game changer. I knew I was in the right place. Each appointment's therapy lasted longer each time I went. It didn't take many visits to feel that I was healing on my own. It has been about a month now with no therapy and I feel I am getting my life back. I would highly recommend them. Thanks, guys. -George

Ari Lev

Worst physical therapy ever. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Shaghne Manning

I had a great experience here. You can tell Gary has been at this a while and knows how to teach with patience and push you to do your best. I got stronger and all the employees were courteous and friendly. I would recommend this place to my family and friends.

Christine Kelley

You need to go see Dr. Emilee Sobucki at Foundations Physical Therapy. She was great! I wish I had gone to see her sooner. After 2 kids I just thought this was the way things were. My OBGYN could not figure out what was wrong for almost 2 years. I was a literally in tears the first time I met with Emilee and still afraid no one could help me. Issue: Horrible pelvic floor pain during intercourse After my sessions I was completely pain free! It only took 2 months. So thankful for what they do here. I will tell anyone who will listen you shouldn’t have to live with pain like this. They are here to help!

Danette Rush

Over the past 10 years, I have went to several doctors in the Tampa Bay Area to help with my pain, but with no improvement. I was then referred to Dr. Gina and Foundations Physical Therapy. Over the last 2 years, my health has improved so much. I highly recommend Foundations Physical Therapy!

Christ Rocks

Excellent. Never heard of PELVIC FLOOR THERAPY. Painful sex, BM, etc. This MAY work for you! Gina is WONDERFUL.

Bessie Petalas

Always happy with the results of my PT with Foundation Physical Therapy. I have been a patient of theirs many times. Gina, Gary and staff are very professional, knowledgable and kind. They are genuinely caring people and always put that extra effort towards their patients. Gina made me feel at ease when working with my pelvic floor therapy. I was in a lot of pain when I first arrived and now I am pain-free and couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you! I highly recommend Foundation Physical Therapy!

Carr Jody

Gina is the best out there for pelvic floor. Very knowledgeable

Sara Supernault

Dr. Gina was such a blessing! She is so personable and makes you feel so comfortable. Despite my skepticism, she exceeded my expectations and fixed my pelvic floor complications.

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