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Linda Lucas

Leighton was able to identify my specific problem (injured muscle/soft tissue) and give me very effective exercises to remedy the issue. AFter several months of pain, I began to heal almost immediately after following his advice. He is professional, very knowledgeable, encouraging and a fantastic listener. I have been to PT in the past and he is the best!

Peentz Dubble

Leighton is 100% present as he works with you to assess your needs and is willing to think "outside the box" in order to improve your functionality, strength and mobility. He listens to your feedback, observes your movement, and encourages YOU to participate in your own healing.

Mike Martino

Leighton is not only professional, but extremely good at what he does. We were able to avoid shoulder surgery with specifically targeted excersizes that have left me pain free and feeling better than ever.

Paula Tierney

After weeks of hobbling around on a very tender foot; I visited Leighton for an evaluation. Leighton was thorough in his questions and examination. This really put me at easy and gave me the confidence that I could heal with the treatment recommended. Thank you Leighton!

Scott Schmit

I'm a physical therapist myself, and I sought out Leighton's services after learning he was involved in golf and the TPI system. I was looking to get back into playing more, and wanted another trained PT to take a look at some concerns. I had a great experience with Leighton, and would recommend him to anyone seeking physical therapy services. Hope to continue to foster a relationship with you Leighton!

John Nicholson

My experience working with Leighton Peavler was terrific! I came to him at least 20 pounds overweight, with almost no upper body muscle tone and two painful shoulders. Over the course of about ten weeks (2 sessions weekly) he helped me move the weight around, restore tone and get rid of the pain in my shoulders so that I can once again swim freestyle pain-free. My clothes fit better and I feel much better overall. Leighton listens! He works WITH you to get results. He is NOT "one size fits all." I highly recommend him. (And he is a great guy.)

Barbara Poore

I had severe piriformis syndrome last fall, to the extent that any time I got up from sitting down I had such bad pain in my right buttock that I was almost in tears. Finally I sought help from Leighton. On the first appointment he evaluated me very thoroughly, assessing all my movements and identifying areas of imbalance and weakness (turns out I also had problems in my left upper arm). He was very gentle and forthright. I trusted him immediately. He sent me home with exercises to do three times a week. I did the exercises and gradually felt better. He advised me to go back to the gym, which really helped me turn the corner on my pain. I recommend Leighton with no reservations. Whatever problems you have he will help you solve.

Derek Reams

Leighton was fantastic and quickly diagnosing my particular issue, which was a low back issue, developing a medical plan and then implementing that plan. I followed his recommended medical plan and was back playing golf pain free within just a few weeks. He is extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.

Lisa Pataky

Leighton is a wonderful physical therapist. His knowledge and evaluation skills are of the highest level. All of his treatment sessions were personalized and took steps towards reaching my goals. He gives full one on one attention during all sessions. His manual therapy skills and exercises prescribed were extremely helpful in my feeling better. Highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy to see Leighton.

Jon Kind

Leighton is great. We were struggling with recovery from an elbow dislocation and he got us back on track.

jan foltz

Leighton was very thorough in answering my questions in regard to my husband's therapy. He ensured that he understood what my husband was experiencing before conducting any exercises. I would highly recommend Leighton as he is very knowledge as well as personable, which is just as important.

Nina Marie

Leighton is the best physical therapist I know. Leighton has a compassion for people and is immpecable at finding the solution for any physical issue. Leighton is patient and knowledgeable, accommodating and connects well with clients. Any time I had a physical issue he was able to relieve pain and empower me by giving me exercises to do at home. Leighton is inspiring and lifts people up by educating them and helping them believe they can heal, rather than tell them they are damaged. I am a yoga teacher and have learned so much by working along side him. He is respectful and full of wisdom. I highly recommend Leighton to anyone!

Nydia Lynn

Leighton is the best!! I have worked with other physical therapist's in the past and they either didn't have the knowledge or were to aggressive. Leighton knows what he is doing and extremely kind and truly cares about your needs. He is always on time and understanding of my time. I am not easy to work with and he gets that about me and is understanding and encouraging. He takes his time to get to know you and your needs -if there were 10 stars i would give him 12

Joanna Suhanovsky

I started seeing Leighton because of issues with my Piriformis. In the past, I had tried other avenues such as seeing a chiropractor and a massage therapist. These therapies helped, but the effects didn’t last. When I told Leighton about my issues he immediately started working on a personalized plan and within a few weeks I saw major improvements. He developed a plan that I could work on at home that was easy to do and fit into my schedule. He also has flexible scheduling for one on one sessions with him. When I started seeing him there were days when I could barely walk and now I’m able to run around with my kids again! His explanations are thorough and easy to understand. His knowledge and the tools he provides are invaluable. If I have a flare up, I now have the knowledge to remedy it myself, thanks to Leighton! I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Kelly-Ann Jenkins

Before seeing Leighton, I had significant limitations with my ankle mobility. In just two sessions, he was able to get my ankles into normal range of motion. This made a huge difference in my fitness training, particularly in my squat. I highly recommend Leighton Peavler to any athlete looking to improve their performance or aid their recovery.

Jenny Sutter

Florida Physio really does things differently than most PT clinics. I like how they never double-book and all PT services are done by the Doctor of PT and not a technician or assistant. They raise the bar when it comes to quality. If you value your health care, want your appointments to start on time and be with the same PT each visit, I highly recommend Florida Physio

Blake Mitchell

Leighton was an amazing asset to have and critical in the quick recovery of my ankle fracture. I wanted to get back into running shape as quickly as possible, and he helped me do just that. Each session was structured to make progress, go over exercises, improve my form and ensure I was doing everything possible to aid in my recovery as well as answer any questions. It was a great experience.

Kathryn Copeland-Greiwe

Leighton is great! I was having dizziness when laying down in certain positions. I wasn’t even sure what kind of professional to seek help from. Leighton asked me a few questions about what I was experiencing and immediately knew what it was and how to fix it. Within a few sessions of some maneuvers I was feeling much better. He also went step by step with me on what he was doing so I could do the maneuvers at home if needed. Leighton is extremely knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend him.

Geoff Burdge

Leighton brings unique capabilities to someone trying to perform at his or her optimum. Growing up as a son of a professional golfer, Leighton has honed a professional golf swing from an early age. His sub-scratch golf handicap and tournament performance is a clear testament to that. Starting with a baseline TPI assessment and a detailed discussion of one’s performance goals, Leighton formulates a plan of exercises and stretches to attain those goals. Combining his knowledge of body mechanics as a PhD physical therapist with his profound knowledge of the golf swing, he is able to assess a client’s performance limitations and work to overcome them. For example, for me he has enabled me to turn my head about 65 degrees right and left, which is a minimum angle required to maintain an eye on the ball while making a full back swing with no head movement. Before seeing Leighton, I could only turn my head about 45 degrees right and left. Since golf is a combination of instantaneous speed and power, Leighton is working with me on power moves from the ground up, so that I can increase my club-head speed. His program consists of exercises that can be performed at home or in a gym. Over the years I have visited about four different physical therapists in the St. Pete area; none is as thorough or well-versed in the physical mechanics of the golf swing as Leighton. Leighton is truly a gem!

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