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REVIEWS OF CORA Physical Therapy Palm Bay IN Florida

Alexis Conkling

Amazing stuff awesome time!!

Sharon Dubois

The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. They run "on-schedule", I never have to wait past my appointment time to get started. All the therapists care about the people they are helping.

Yvonne K Martin

The therapy there was extremely helpful I'm looking forward to going again tomorrow.

All About Drains LLC

The staff at Malabar Road are such a great group to work with. They are all very accommodating, compassionate and they know how to push you in the right way to make true growth within your sessions

Donald Peacher

The therapists here and all the staff are wonderful and make you feel like family. They truly care about you and getting you better. I recommend coming here if your in need of physical therapy.

Joyce McMaster

Tania Shimkus

Arden Mays

Alexa K.

Great clinic and staff!


The staff and atmosphere are very welcoming and friendly. I look forward to my sessions and my recovery with Cora.

Susanne Krueger

Friendly & efficient staff working together! When Cheryl & Lashonda were not there, it took several people to carry out each of their duties. They, like the rest of staff, are fantastic.

victor bautista katsalukha

Since my accident Cora has helped me basically to learn how to walk again. I came in the first day on a wheelchair, and after just a month working out my legs in cora I was able to walk, run, jump and even skate again. They showed me everything I needed to do to get better, and I can tell that it helped me more than what I would have ever expected.

Shawn Oliveira

Liv Salomone

I am incredibly happy with the care my son received at Cora in Palm Bay. Every aspect of the business is exceptional, from the friendliness of the staff, the ease of scheduling and canceling appointments, the welcoming environment. The therapists are amazing and really deserve a world of praise. Every one of them were helpful and showed compassion toward my son. One in particular, Ms Courtney, I cannot give enough praise on her professionalism, empathy and compassion. My son looked forward to seeing her and bragged about her to everyone we know. We are forever grateful to the work and energy she put into making therapy fun for him. I would highly recommend this particular location to anyone needing physical therapy.

Kaitlyn Christener

The best place for PT! I recently moved to Florida and this is facility that my workers comp recommended! Aaron and Stephanie are amazing and make PT fun which is important to me because I am here 3x a week! Keep up the great job guys!

Lance Holt

Love the staff and massages for my rehabilitation! And did i say massages!

Jake Garcia

Painfully awesome. Great therapist great atmosphere.

Fl Punjabi Boyz

This place is amazing! The staff is incredible and really take care of their patients! Stephanie worked on me daily and she got me squared away from my injury! The front desk ladies greet you and very helpful with setting up appoitments! The atmosphere in the facility is extremely friendly! Would recommend it to anyone!

Jen Andino

Alene King

Customer service is excellent and the therapists are really good and want you to succeed.

Richard Christie

Thank you all at Cora for your help in my therapy recovery my arm is doing much better thank you again! I know I need a little more therapy I'm not 100% recovered but But I will continue doing my home exercise therapy as instructed! God bless all of you at Cora for helping me. Ricky

Zach Richards

Great facility and staff! 10/10, would recommend.

Mikayla Thomas

Cora’s staff is very friendly and welcoming. The exercises they have me do seem to really be helping strengthen my legs. They know how to push you just enough to where it’s gonna help you without over doing it. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Pamela Reed

Great atmosphere. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. All therapists are very caring and friendly. The whole team is 'involved ' with each client. I've been to several rehab/therapy centers, and CORA in Palm Bay is a cut above the rest. Thank you!


Nicol Matakonis

Wonderful staff. Aaron and Stephanie were my personal favorites for pushing me to meet my goals and massage/scar management. The office staff, Cheryl, was also wonderful trying to work with my insurance. I highly recommend this location.

Sylvia Mease

Have had to have physical therapy several times. Staff always friendly and helpful. Cora is the place of choice when I need therapy.

troy cadieu

I've been to this facility 3 times after various procedures on my back. The staff is always professional, friendly, and encouraging. Cheryl is a wiz when it comes to navigating worker's Comp issues! Aaron and Stephanie always make the workout fun. Plus, DR TURNER is here! And you can even pay a reasonable monthly fee to use the facilities just like a gym after your therapy is completed.

LeBrandon Koonce

The staff at coral reef is awesome and caring. I will recommend anyone to the facility to go through when getting back to normal activities. the women are very big help and also are the men.... ps. im very happy.

Rasheen St. Kitt

Great services. Michelle and Stephanie were very helpful.

S & N Photography

I have been under the care of the team at Cora before and after my surgery. They have brought me a long way in my recovery and we're having a good time doing it. My therapist, Courtney is very knowledgeable equipped with golden hands. Thank you so much for your expertise.

maria dean

Yolanda Rodriguez

I had surgery on my shoulder and the doctor Send me to therapy at Cora rehab .The Therapists are Friendly,Caring,and Very Professional.Each one had there own way of doing therapy and they all did it well am very grateful for them in helping me get better.Thank you all for helping me. Sincerely Yolanda Rodriguez

Lois Bourque

The staff at Malabar Rd, therapists and the office girls, are great. I just finished my therapy and Stephanie worked with me for all but a few sessions and she was great. She answered all my questions, I was very comfortable with her, trusted her and we managed quite a few laughs. Calvin did my initial assessment and was very knowledgeable and helpful. If I should need PT again I would absolutely go back.

John Hammond

The therapists are excellent. They tailor a program based on your needs and any particular preferences you may have. I was concerned about my ability to play golf and they gave me specific exercises to strengthen my core and ability to rotate my trunk. They really care about their patient’s needs. My wife and I have each been there twice and would highly recommend this facility.

Kiersten King

Getting hurt is no fun but the awesome staff at Cora is amazing and vary thorough. Cheryl at the front desk is vary friendly and does her best to get you the appointment times you need. And also Stephanie my therapist was amazing and took great care of me. I would not hesitate to recommend Cora to anyone!

charly scheel


Gross old facility! Paint color is awful and smells bad in there. Poor Infection Control! They are suppose provide wipes to wipe down the equipment after using it to prevent the spread of germs and they do not. The person before you could have a nasty cold and just spread it in to the machine you are using. Irresponsable front desk person who verified insurance. Gave me the wrong breakdown of benefits. Paid as quoted at ever visit then I receive a bill from Cora when I finished my therapy. Then get told by front desk person who verifies, “ you should know your insurance...” I felt worse after therapy and referred to pain management. Waste of time and money at this place. Went there because close to home. Should have used my HealthFirst employee insurance at a Health First PT provider. New facility, new equipment and provide infection control wipes for the equipment. Cora is good for people on the Medicaid Insurances, I paid out of pocket $800, They pay $19.00 or less per visit. Cora exploits patients on private insurance to make up the loses for taking Medicaid. Private insurance people take your business elsewhere!

Marcia Thomas

Very professional and friendly. I had back surgery and was experiencing sciatica pain mainly on my right side. I felt results immediately after my first session! Appointments are on time!


Very polite and knowledgeable staff. They take their time with each individual and thoroughly explain each movement required. Results are felt and seen at Dr first week if patient is faithful.

F34R GamerDude

My physical Therapy has been great. All the exercises are fun and the exercise help me with my muscles that need to get stronger.

Tina Parent

Everyone there is so friendly and helpful.

Andrea Infante

SÚPER PHYSICAL THERAPY! very comfortable and friendly environment. Will recommend to anyone :) Love Tishana, Courtney, Christine and Calvin... the very best!

Kestrel Aka holly

Friendly atmosphere and able staff. PT has helped with back pain issues and has made everyday tasks a bit easier. Unfortunately I still need surgery, but I think my recovery will be quicker due to the work I'm putting in now. Tried chiropractors before and the PT program has been much more beneficial.

montana youtzy

Very welcoming and professional. I’ve had the chance to work with Courtney and she’s absolutely outstanding and understanding. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the need of physical therapy

Bob Burl

Brennen Geib

All workers are great and very professional

Yancey Vazquez

Awesome staff awesome people just an awesome experience definitely recommend it to anyone !

James Woomer

Tricia Tyrer

It was a very nice facility. Everyone was extremely nice, friendly. And caring at every visit. I mostly saw Courtney and or Michelle and both were always hands on put my wellbeing first. I would recommend Cora to anyone needing physical therapy.

Randy Leach

Chloe Tesnow

I have been attending CORA for about 4 months now, and I have already noticed an improvement in my knees already! All of the staff, including Cheryl and Aaron, is filled with positive vibes and great attitudes. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

kalowitee herpaul

My physical therapist name is aaron he is a excellent therapist I highly recommend him to anyone who need a therapist.coea is a wonderful place and the people are too

Amber Benken

The staff at the Palm Bay office are very informative, friendly, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone of any age for their physical therapy needs.

June Eckenrode

Wonderful experience at Cora. Therapist are friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to explain what they are doing and answer questions. Clean and friendly environment.

Pam Taft

The staff is superior to all other physical therapy establishments in the area. I am well on my way to recovery thanks to the Palm Bay therapists!!!

Luis Feliciano

Jeraldine Taylor

Excellent facility. Great staff from therapists to front desk. Friendly, compassionate, very talented and knowledgeable on how to get rid of pain and get you moving. Check it out.

Alberta Charles

I was referred by my family Dr. for P T. Registration went smooth before arrival by front desk Rep ms. Cherlly. My first arrival was 10.18.18 I was welcome by Physical Therapist Chris. I was very impressed with his professionalism and personality during my evaluation. During my therapy session, I must confess I was a little nervous; therapist Chris was abe to assure me with affirming / encouraging positive statements such as "I am @ your side to support you." "Take your time..." Once therapy schedule was completed for my 1st visit, I was scheduled for 3 more p t and asked for Chris to be my therapist and I was very pleased when I was told "OK." Good news! On my second visit for therapy Mr Chris began daily activity and both of us were shocked - I did not experienced a negative response so he had to begin a new activity. As of today, 10.30.18; my PT improvement is beyond... and my final p t will be tomorrow Halloween Day. "Hooray to CORA staff!" I loved the distance from my home to CORA PT location on Malabar and the smooth atmosphere of the facility.

Deuel Fider

I have 4 kids that play sports...over the years we’ve spent a lot of time at CORA. They’ve always done and great job with rehab for us.

Brody Boyer

When I came into Cora I had just gotten the go ahead from my doctor to start physical therapy and I was nervous because I could barely walk. After the first week I already saw improvement and could start to jog. The next week I could start to run and jump. The trainers at Cora are very supportive and know when to work you hard and when to give you time to rest. I'm happy that only a couple months after I got the clear to start physical therapy I can play basketball with no limitations thanks to Cora.

Mary Szeluga

A'kamia Ramsey

They are so kind and friendly great place to go when you need rehab

Jeannette Meshreky

Ever since I've started back physical therapy I couldn't be happier with All of the Therapist here at Cora. They not only help you reach your set goals but encourage and keep you motivated during the process. They have been the Best since day one! So glad I get to set goals and actually reach them with the help of Cora physical therapist. Greatest physical therapy here in Palm Bay Florida! THANK YOU Erin, Stephanie and Michelle

Sharon Bocco

I'm a repeat customer! Cora is always my only choice for my PT care. Carrie and Cheryll are always smiling and welcoming when anyone walks though the door. Courtney, Michelle, Stephanie, and Aaron are patient, understanding and won t stop until you're at your peak. Two thumbs up!

Margarita Ramirez

Dina Toppi

Nicole My love

Everyone at Cora was so helpful, pushed me to help myself. Due to there help I am healing faster than I had thought. I recommend anyone who injured themselves to come to Cora Physical Therapy, they're awesome!

Terese Braun

Flexible appointment times and friendly and effective treatment by qualified therapists.

Lisa Mooty

Rita G

Very Friendly staff. Kevin, Courtney and Sydney are very patient and wonderful therapist. I regret not going after my 1st surgery. Would most definitely recommend this place 100%.

Donna Denman

What a wonderful group of therapists at the Malabar Road location. They work you hard so you make progress but they also make it fun. Lots of smiles from patients and staff as well as encouragement to meet your goals. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.


I have been referred to this office a couple of times for different reasons, I have always been treated with respect, Courtney does an amazing job when stretching me. Whenever I am referred for physical therapy, I always tell my doctor I want to go to CORA in Palm Bay as they are the BEST!!!!!!!!

Candy Nixon

Jessicah Nichols

Robert Bristol

chaotic_solo 36

Fun atmosphere with a great staff!!!!!

Jorge Del Rio

You guys are awesome, thank you for keeping challenged and helping me with my healing

Tina Ioffredo

Awesome, Aaron And Stephanie and reception Cheryll are the best we enjoy coming each week

Ken Parnell

Holly Vinson

They are really good at their job and are amazing at working with different people to get them back to 100% especially Stephanie & Aaron, they are just the best.

Cecelia Knight

Pleasant staff

Cheryel GunnGodHasMyBack

Cheryel Gunn Palm Bay, Fl Cora staff is pleasant and informative. Each time you walk in the front desk greets you by first name. The therapists are patient and work with encouraging your progress although, progress is painful it's comforting knowing they actually care.Going the extra mile flies high the way the work with you makes want to go home and continue to work out they inspire you. Knowing each appointment will bring me closer to my goal of healing because of CORA staff expertise thankyou for your dedication to Physical Therapy. I'll certainly recommend this service to others.


They are very nice at Cora and I feel like I will recover in no time here!!

Danielle DeSapio

The whole staff is very friendly and caring. The receptionist and office personnel are always cheerful and on top of things. The PT on staff, Michelle is always willing to help if any problems surface while you are working tbeir program. All the pt assistants Courtney, Stephanie and Aaron are tough but compassionate. It is a cheerful atmosphere and these employees really get to know their patients. Given a choice I would always choose Cora Palm Bay. Thank you guys for being there during a painful stressful time

Autumn Parrish

Stephanie is the bomb diggity and Aaron is so funny and we always laugh and honestly this is my last day and i will miss it. They are all so amazing and i definitely will miss it and i recommend it all the way.

Emily Phelan

This is the place to go for physical therapy. They work with you to do what’s best for you. Everyone is so nice and funny making the experience much more enjoyable than any other place.

marianne lanzetta

Great team work there

Marsha Mcbee

I am extremely pleased with this facility. Their staff is courteous, professional, helpful and caring. They do their best to help you regain full function and mobility after your surgery/injury. Thank you Cheryl, Carrie, Stephanie, Courtney, Michelle and Aaron I appreciate your help!

Eleanor Sheffiel

Gaby Alfonso

I've had a great experience Cora. My rehab is coming along great and I couldn't have done it without them.

Alli Barta

GREAT physical therapists. Super friendly and comfortable environment. Very easy to schedule appointments and get in contact with them!

Juliane Rose Parguian

Stephanie is super cool. She helped me get better and made it fun for me

Tanya Ramos

Carol Levy

Mechelle Foster

My son had a crazy accident recently and broke his femur! Our doctor told us my son needed physical therapy and suggested CORA. I’ve always heard negative things about therapy. I’m not sure why. (?) The physical therapists at CORA take my son through a strengthening routine that makes him tired, yes, but always leaves him feeling better. He also leaves with a goal in mind and a determination to meet that goal by the next appointment. The staff (administrative included) at CORA is so friendly and compassionate; it’s like they adopt you for the duration of your therapy. I’m impressed! And thankful!

Gabriel Torres

Stephanie rocks

David Deese

Friendly staff

Thara Gauthier

The atmosphere is calming, great, and friendly, the therapists really care about your well being, and the exercises are helpful to your condition. I highly recommend coming here!

Barbara Bromberg

Michele Paccione

Margaret Thornberry

They were great. Staff make you feel at home. Also were very sympathetic to my pain and gave me exercises I can easily do at home. Thank you guys.

Joe Blankenship

They all have been great, for being hurt they make it fun. I am going thru a very bad shoulder problem witch has been very painful but it's better every day largely from the care from them

Alex Karns

Loann Arnauckas

I was recommended to Cora by my Dr. I must say I am very much pleased. The staff is so friendly and they include you in everything. We laugh and have a great time while working on our "problem" areas. They make you feel welcome and they defiantly know what they are doing. My therapist is Aaron and if you are lucky enough to get him, you will be very happy. He is friendly and very knowledgeable. But I am sure whoever you get you will be very much pleased with them. Can't say enough good things about them!!!!!!

Mike Fralin

Very friendly staff! They listen and take great care of you.

Candace Judah

Very patient and caring!!

Jennifer Page

Courtney and Christine were amazing! They took amazing care of mem they got to know me and help me recover frim a trama. They are caring and paaionate about what that they do. The whole staff is amazing!! I will definitely be returning to them if I ever need PT again! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart!!! You all are amazing!!

Tina Rouse

Margaret Sheffield

I have treated at Cora Rehab in Palm Bay twice over the last few years for two separate issues. After treating with Cora both times my pain issues were resolved very quickly. The physical therapists are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Their positive attitude actually makes going to physical therapy a pleasurable experience. The physical therapists work well together to keep your therapy session seamless. There are no unnecessary wait times between exercises. Appointments times are strictly adhered to which makes scheduling around work quite easy. The administrative staff is very helpful and cheerful.

Christi Stella

I have used Cora for a year now for various physical therapy and the people there are wonderful! They are knowledgeable and helpful. I love that they are always in a good mood and make the hard work of therapy a fun experience. Thank you so much to everyone there for all your hard work helping me to feel better!

Paul Halpern

I would given Cora 6:stars if I could. I had doubts whether going to PT was worthwhile. They are giving me exercises to Move my muscles in ways I never considered. I look forward to going for my treatments!

Nancy Sweeney

Juan Maldonado

Daniele Reni

Steve Schoentube

The staff here is really great and friendly. They take care of your needs. This has been my best experience with any physical therapy.

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