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REVIEWS OF Collins Physical Therapy Institute, Inc. IN Florida

Richard Drew

I had a hip replacement 1 1/2 years ago, performed by Robert Zehr, and still suffer on a daily basis. I already went to two physical therapists, with little benefit. Michael White was great. He was thorough in his assessment and evaluation, and is extremely knowledgable. He was committed to exploring different therapeutic methodologies until we found what worked. I highly recommend him. Dick D.

Fran McCarthy

Annette Vulpis

I was a patient at Collins PT for 3 months. I came to the facility in a lot of discomfort hardly able to sit, sleep, bend, lift, walk, etc. Basically i was very uncomfortable from various back and feet issues. I am happy to say that I am feeling so much better. Carrie Fulton, my main PT is excellent. I started out with therapy in the pool. In short order I gradually started other therapy. She listened to what I had to say. She knew how to change my therapy to improve my outcome. When Carrie wasn't taking care of me, Lee and Greg were there to step in and continue with my progress. Now I have a home therapy regiment to follow. I highly recommend Collins PT. from "M" at the front desk to all the excellent physical therapist there, you will get the best care possible.

Barbie Kellam

After ACL surgery, I chose Greg and his team for rehabilitation and am extremely happy with my choice! The team is extremely friendly and professional and make the pain of rehabilitation more enjoyable! It is clear they are passionate at what they do and want to see their patients succeed! I actually look forward to PT and seeing what progress I had made.

Michael Schroeder

Michael White, PT, DPT, was outstanding in his treatment, which included very helpful educational/instructional aspects for self-treatment as well as a thorough and customized physical therapy program for my specific back injury. Treatment was very effective in a relatively short time frame. Highly recommend this therapist/facility.

Laurie Welch

I am an active 64 year old who suffered a season ending quadriceptic tendon tear while playing senior softball in Naples. Michael White, is a knowledgeable, caring physical therapist with a great sense of humour. From the very first appointment, Michael has always devoted each session entirely to me. He has an extensive repertoire of exercises and activities that increased incrementally the range of motion for my knee. Michael follows protocol and contacted my surgeon for collaboration. He knows intuitively how far to push me at each appointment. My progress within the past 6 weeks has been phenomenal. Attending twice a week, I can honestly say that every single session I have improved. My wife and I think so much of this young professional that we would like to take him back to Canada with us. We highly recommend Michael to anyone needing physical therapy. You’re the best, Michael!

Suzan Wharton

Friendly and welcoming. Even when I showed up on the wrong day! ! Clean, well stocked with lots of equipment. Great experience.

Dixie Huey

My family and I recently moved to the area from WA state. One of the things I hated to leave in the PacNW was my excellent physical therapist, and I was worried I wouldn't find another like him. After some trial/error, I found Dr. White and his great team. WOW! Dr. White listened patiently, sought to understand my clinical history and then proceeded to show me specific exercises for my neck problem. The pain I'd been having subsided over a week's time and when it's come back in small amounts, I revert to my exercises and heal myself. I also sustained a knee injury and was afraid to even move it given the pain. Again, Dr. White reassured me this wasn't an issue needing an MRI (saving me plenty of money since we pay out of pocket for diagnostic tests) showed me the correct exercises and after three visits, I had the tools to help heal myself. Collins Physical Therapy is superior and friendly! I give them my absolute highest recommendation.

Landon Miller

I had rotator cuff surgery and expected slow recovery. Michael had me moving my arm full range in 4 weeks. He takes the time to manipulate your arm, shoulder, neck and back to alleviate the pain and increase motion. Excellent.

Kimberly Harrigan

Three months after a gall bladder surgery, my 84 year old mother had pretty much given up on life and was almost to the point of living out the rest of her life in a wheel chair. She had not done the exercises recommended by a physical therapist that had come to the house after the surgery and her muscles had weaken to a point where her balance was jeopardized and her energy level was close to non-existent. As a result, she was experiencing back pain and her doctor recommended she go to Collins Physical Therapy institute to build up her strength and her balance in order to relieve the back pain. Michael was assigned to be her physical therapist the first day she arrived and he kindly but firmly told her she had the option to follow his recommended course of treatment, both at the center and at home, or spend the rest of her life in a wheel chair. His charm and professional personality won her over that first day and after less than two weeks, she could feel and I could see a remarkable improvement! She began walking taller and faster and her entire physiology had changed along with a new attitude and zest for life. I could see her returning to her old self and after only three weeks she was even driving again! We were seeing the return of her spirit. On top of it all, the back pain was even gone! After four weeks, she has only one treatment left before Michael will decide if she needs to work a bit longer with him on her balance (since she is still a bit wobbly at times) or if she can continue on her own at home. Michael and the office manager Jackie, as well as the rest of the staff we have encountered during our visits have made her feel so comfortable and we will highly recommend them to everyone we know! I want to thank them for all they have done and for bringing her back from that dark place she was in! Michael, especially, is responsible for making that happen! Thank you, Michael! You're the greatest!

Elsayed Mokhtar Bakr

Gregg, Lee and Kevin were extremely helpful to my wife who had both hip and knee replaced. The work was great and they all endeavored to boost my wife's spirit. I recommend this wonderful physiotherapy facility to all patients seeking to recover fast. I can say that Gregg and his team were like a nice friends and family to my wife and I. I do really thank them from the bottom of my heart. Thank you guys.

Kelly Nelson

I highly recommend these guys for all of your physical therapy needs. Very knowledgeable, professional staff and an inviting atmosphere. My husband is a walking advertisement for them already so I didn't hesitate to choose them when I needed physical therapy. I've already seen very positive results and look forward to continued improvement.

Frank Ryan

After hip replacement surgery worked with Carrie Fulton who was amazing. My hip pain is now completely gone and my golf game is now back to what it was before the operation. Carrie's technique for stretching the leg muscles worked wonders. Highly recommend Carrie and the entire staff at Collins Physical Therapy.

Judi Sheahan

Having suffered with arthritis for over 40 years, being on a first name basis with multiple orthopedic surgeons and having bilateral knee replacements, I feel that I can give a good appraisal of physical therapists. Currently, I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder with bone on bone shoulder arthritis. This all began about two years ago with a golf injury to the soft pad area below the thumb on my right hand. Within six months it had spread up my arm to my elbow, being diagnosed as bursitis. Eventually, it continued up my arm to my shoulder. I gave up tennis, but continue to play golf. Fortunately, I am rarely in pain, but the lack of range of motion limits my ability to perform a number of motions with my right hand and arm. I have had two cortisone injections and tried physical therapy one other time. Unfortunately, I did not stick with the regimen prescribed to me. Collins Physical Therapy Institute was recommended to me and I am extremely impressed by the staff. Greg Collins, the founder, received his training and degree from The Ohio State University and is well known in the Naples area for his charitable work, having recently returned from Haiti where he assisted several surgeons in knee replacement surgeries. CPTI has a diverse staff that is very capable of assessing all levels of PT needs, all coordinated by their very friendly and capable office manager, Jackie Augustine. I consider myself very fortunate to be working with Michael White, who received his DPT degree in 2014 from Midwestern University. Previous to joining the CPTI team, Michael was an advocate for the Illinois Masonic Rehab Department which is affiliated with The Rehab Institute of Chicago (RIC), a level 1 trauma hospital. Recently, Michael attended an advance seminar in Marietta, Georgia. I have been seeing Michael three times a week for the last six weeks. My PT has consisted of deep tissue massage, manipulation, numerous exercises and always concludes with icing. Michael advocates doing only one exercise at home on the days before my next session. He keeps me talking during the manipulation procedures, that way I am less aware of any discomfort. I am making progress, no longer feeling that hesitant twinge when I engage in actions that were previously limited by my range of motion. I would highly recommend CPTI for all of your PT needs and plan on continuing with Michael White in 2018.

M McDonald

I went there to move a system out

Stephanie Yeakel

I’m 31 years old and was diagnosed with a complete ACL tear after falling on a ski trip at the end of February. After an MRI, X-rays, and visiting two doctors that insisted I would need surgery to get back to a normal level of activity I decided to try physical therapy. My hope was to be able to walk and run unassisted and from all the articles I read online some people had success without reconstruction. I figured it was worth a shot. I have been through physical therapy before but never to this level of care. Michael White and his staff treated me like family. At every phase of recovery he walked me through the mechanics of my body and the cause and effect of different methods. This helped me to understand how to help myself at home and ultimately how continue my own care should certain issues arise in the future. Michael was able to determine that my back was actually the root cause of a lot of my gate and balance issues and this helped accelerate my progress faster than I ever imagined possible. The first doctor I saw told me if I declined surgery it would be at least 6 to 9 months of therapy and that my knee would likely buckle for the rest of my life. Under Michaels care and advice I have been able to return to a normal range of motion and activity level in less than a month! Though he humbly declines to accept the, title I believe he may be a wizard. I would recommend Collins physical therapy to anyone who is experiencing physical limitations or pain regardless of diagnosis.

Landon Reed

Greg, Lee and Dina, I just wanted to take time out of my day to let you all know your business practice is 10 of 10 stars in my book. I don't see the same ole' same ole' in and out practice as I have seen threw out my times in many different professional settings. Each of you, including the 2 dogs that make me smile as I see how you even treat them. You don't get that much more hardly anywhere you do in your daily life. Everyone in your office is so caring and willing to go above and beyond to make you fell comfortable, your listened too, and feel as if y'all have my recovery's interest #1 and I don't just feel as a client number. I will see you tomorrow, have a great day and feel free to involve to share this with all involved. Regards, Landon Reed

Janet Drew

I have had several reconstructive foot surgeries over the past few years. Extensive hardware in both feet has left me with limited motion and in a great deal of pain. This has been a long road for me. Michael was thorough and cautious in his evaluation and treatment plan. He is a dedicated professional and I would highly recommend him.

Samantha Kopren

After suffering for a few weeks, and being unable to move my shoulder, my doctor recommended I visit Collins Physical Therapy. Michael White coordinated my visits around my work schedule and went through many exercises with the goal of regaining my range of motion. Through this he found that the pain was stemming from my spine and taught me how to self treat in case I ever lost my range of motion again. It’s been about a month since I was discharged and I am confident that Michael found the solution to my pain. The staff at Collins is truly out to improve your quality of life and I couldn’t be more grateful for them!

Amelia Tayeh

New to Naples, I was in search of a physical therapist to help alleviate shoulder pain before a booked surgery up North. From the original consult, Micheal and Nicole were attentive, patient, and thorough when treating me. Scheduling sessions around my work schedule, both worked through lunch and never made me feel imposing. In just one month, I have gained full range of motion back and cancelled my surgery!! I highly recommend my new friends at Collins Physical Therapy!

Elena Herndez

Mother in law post stroke recouped her security & is now walking cane free!! Professionalism, friendliness & punctuality. Best place I could I have brought my mother in-law to.

Bonnie Hlucky

Mike White is a magician. For 9 months I had severe ankle pain. 3 visits with Mike and I am pain free. It feels like a miracle. The doctors wanted to do injections and surgery when all the while the pain stemmed from my back and not my ankle at all. Mike knew this immediately and worked it out. He gave me simple excercises to do at home and as necessary. I can’t believe how great I feel. I highly recommend seeing him before you waste your time and money on doctor visits that accomplish nothing. Also, he is very kind and professional.

Julie Maloney

Sandra Moore

Wonderful place with great therapists. All kinds of treatments. Aqua pool is available for therapy. Must like Ohio State!!!!

David Marsh

I've been to a couple places in town but none have had such a positive impact more than the team at Collins Physical Therapy. Michael White is a true professional I would encourage anyone to call them first!

Paul M.

Great team, took care of my issues right away! Come here if you have to!

Catherine Charles

My Primary Doctor insisted that I go to Collins PTI because he said that they were the best. Well, I haven't even had my first appointment yet, but I can tell you, Jackie the Office Manager was able to get me in the day that I called, knowing that my neurosurgeon recommended cervical spinal fusion - which of course, I am trying to avoid. She was fabulous! I'll let you know how my appointment went...

Linda Moffat

In November and December of 2018 I was treated by Michael White, PT, DPT at the Collins Physical Therapy Institute. From the moment I made my appointment with Office Manager Jackie Augustine over the phone, until the last day of my appointments - I was treated with professionalism and great care by Michael. He was very thorough in working with me to get my replaced knee to a level of movement that I had not achieved previously. The institute was open and light filled which I believe added to my experience. I was on vacation and would not hesitate to return if needed in the future. Linda Moffat

meredith maker

I highly recommend Collins PT Institute. After thorough evaluations of both my hip and neck issues, Micheal explained the causes, including a hand drawn diagram. I experienced relief in the first visit and have continued to get stronger with each visit. Nikki has been working with me on strengthening exercises and has given me a home program to keep me going. The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Hands down the best PT place in Naples.

Jackie Kelly

I came to Collins because of the pain in my neck and everyone from Collins seemed to be a caring bunch from the minute you walk in to the minute you walk out. The therapist are great they were able to get my neck feeling a lot better and they also gave my exercises to do at home. I want to thank Collins for a speedy recovery.

Phillip Tibbs

I came to Naples from my home in Lexington, Kentucky, to rehab after my recent knee replacement. Choosing Collins PT was easy due to its excellent reputation. Susan Hosmer was my therapist and did an outstanding job. She was very sensitive about pain issues but achieved excellent range of motion and pain reduction in the several weeks she worked with me. My orthopedic surgeon was very pleased to see the progress we had made. The staff and facilities were efficient and professional.

Russell Hansen

Very professional and accommodating.12 weeks of rehabilitation for a surgically repaired shoulder. Good as new. Highly recommended

Micah Harris

Michael and the team were great! They helped me manage my back pain very well! Thanks! Angela

Alan Walters

Michael is an outstanding physical therapist. He stays with you all the time. He always comes up with innovative exercises to help the patient. Highly recommended.

Carrie Ryan

Great experience! I originally went in with a torn meniscus. I wanted to try physical therapy to try and avoid surgery. On my 3rd appointment Michael suspected that my pain wasn't from a torn meniscus but from derangement in my back. Michael explained in detail how a back problem can cause knee pain and how to reduce and eliminate the pain. After a few weeks of physical therapy with Michael & Yanet my pain disappeared. I highly recommend seeing Michael for any PT needs!

Alexander Daane

The best physical therapy company in SW Florida! I highly recommend Collins PT to all of my clients and friends. Michael White and the entire staff are professional, knowledgeable and are true experts in their field.

Mary Egan

Mike is the best PT person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He helped my back issues tremendously. I’m back on the courts playing


I would highly recommend CPT to all! The people and the service are amazing. I had a big problem with my Achilles tendon (week end warrior related) and they got me in quickly and took great care of me. Jackie got me in and Greg & Carrie really worked my problem. I am now almost ready to start jogging again! I love these guys and I think you will too. They really care!

FD Wilder

Mike has treated both me (58 years old) and my father (85 years old). I am a very active athlete with shoulder issues, and my father is recovering from an injury to his leg. Mike has helped the 2 of us tremendously! He is an expert in the MacKenzie methodology. I highly recommend Mike for any type of physical therapy you may need at any age.

Brian A.

After having surgery in Naples I later returned from up north and discovered Collins Physical Therapy. I was greatly impressed by their profession and welcoming clinic. They were extremely flexible with my work schedule. I worked with all three therapist and they all had excellent skills. Highly recommend Collins Physical Therapy.

Allison Hetrick

I recently moved to Florida and needed physical therapy on my back. After years of gymnastics, I have had my fair share of physical therapy. I came across Collins PTI through my physician and after hearing so many people talk about how professional they were. With all of my physical therapy experience, this clinic really stood out. The doctors accommodated to my schedule and provided individualized care. Dr. White (recently just started) went above and beyond to clearly communicate with me and educate me on how I can continue to strengthen my back/core even after therapy ends. With all of that being said, I highly recommend Collins PTI and all of the staff that work there. It was a huge relief to know that there are medical professionals out there that truly care about their patients and their wellbeing. Thank you Collins PTI!

Miguel Nunez

Michael, one of the best in he’s work, really dedicated and committed to what he do. Really great full to have Michael has my physical therapist.

Carol Graves

I have had an extensive spinal fusion for 7 yrs and have been to several therapist's to improve my gait and reduce pain with poor results. Michael White has been the first one who took the time to study me and design a program that actually has proven to be very beneficial . He explains the exercises in such a way that I can invision how the muscle is or isn't working and understand what I need to do to improve it. He is compassionate , extremely knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. I have a long way to go but can definitely feel the improvements. My pain has decreased and balance is returning.

Mark Karvinen

I got hit by a car—two broken elbows and enough tendon damage to probably even make the heartless cyborgs at Florida Blue Cross shed a single, human-like tear. I started off my therapy at an unnamed franchise across the street, but even under the influence of post-surgery opioids, I could tell my interests might be better served elsewhere. I found Collins PT the next day and couldn’t be happier (and that’s not just the aforementioned opioids talking either). From the friendliness and competence of the front desk to the skill and experience of the technical staff, I can’t recommend these folks enough. Greg Collins, the owner, is pretty much the godfather of Naples physical therapy and has been practicing in the area since back when dinosaurs freely roamed Pine Ridge and only like one or two billionaires had yet to move here. Not only has Greg seen your ailment before, but he’s treated it, fixed it, and probably even sketched it in his leisure time. On top of that, he personally knows your doctor and probably golfs with him/her to boot. But his isnt a one-man show, and the really pleasant surprise has been the quality of the entire staff. Clinical Director, Micheal White, runs a damn tight ship, and seems to have eyes in the back of his head, monitoring all patients and other therapists while continuing to expertly care for his own clients. By a stroke of luck (unlike the one that sent the SUV smashing into my bicycle), Michael also ended up being my therapist for most of my recovery. But regardless of the individual therapist, this is a hands-on place where you are not simply banished to a corner with a checklist and a bouncy ball. These folks are continuously working WITH you (and only you) as you work toward your recovery. And although this is a straight-up, 5-star review (that I rarely give), to be fair and balanced, I should probably knock something so you know I’m not a paid review-bot. So, the chairs in the lobby. What gives? They suck, and they were obviously selected from the Marquis de Sade Wicker & Torture designer catalog. Fortunately, I’m never kept waiting past my appointment time, so I don’t use them much, and I guess they do provide a backhanded motivation to heal. Anyway, there you go: fair and balanced. Seriously, though, I can’t recommend this place enough. First, don’t get hurt. But if you do, don’t go anywhere else but here.

Neo Cavero

Micheal and Nikki have been very helpful in my recovery from my second knee surgery. From putting in extra time and effort to make sure I don’t need to get a third operation. They will make you feel like family and and give you the best service possible, I highly recommend them!

Frann Goldsmith

I hobbled into Collins Physical Therapy and walked out pain free 3 weeks later. My profound gratitude to Michael White for the wonderful care and treatment he provided during my therapy sessions. From his initial evaluation to my last session David provided excellent treatment, encouragement, and a battery of exercises I must continue to perform in order to manage my back issues. A wonderful team of highly qualified professionals I would recommend to anyone needing physical therapy.

Craig Morris


Nancy Moffat

Ginny DeMas

I can't express the tremendous appreciation for the incredibly thorough examination by Greg Collins, owner, to determine the appropriate plan for my recovery from a broken ankle. Greg and Lee (Physical Therapist) work tirelessly each session to explain, execute and move me forward with the goal of full ankle strength & mobility. Pool therapy was essential at first for non weight bearing exercises. I highly recommend Collins Physical Therapy Institute for top notch professionalism, personal interest in patient progress, and first class treatment!

Richard Pelosi

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by your therapy office. Moreover, I appreciate your efficient, gracious patient service, and the level of technical detail you provided on my injury; always ensuring that I was progressing at each scheduled visit. Clearly, you and your entire staff project a very friendly and professional attitude. Again, a special thank you to Michael and Yanette for their continued diagnosis of my Achilles tendon injury and ensuring that I was receiving the correct exercises for the therapy session provided. rp

Mark Demerest

PAY ATTENTION: CHRONIC PAIN? If you live with it daily, you must go and see the team at Collins Physical Therapy Institute! They have a mission that is simple: to show those of us living with pain, to realize it is not what we CAN'T DO, but what we CAN DO! Michael's greatest gift to me was restoring my CONFIDENCE! He showed and taught me that even following eight spine surgeries (5 lumbar & 3 cervical), with a total of 26 screws; four rods and cross clips; two plates; and a huge amount of scarring, that slowly, I could retrain my brain and my body to perform things I hadn't done in years. He taught me that I was still CAPABLE of cardio and strengthening exercises which got me off the couch, out of the chair, and back with my grandchildren doing some of the things they love me to do. They truly WANT US TO SUCCEED in our recovery.

Mackenzie Fluharty

I would easily recommend Michael White to anyone that has pain or discomfort. I have been dealing with Knee Pain since junior high and have had little to know progress with other treatments. Michael was able to get to the true root of the problem, address it and teach me exercises I can do at home to prevent any further pain. I am so happy to finally feel back to normal after 10+ years!

Jo Reed

After a car accident I needed Physical therapy to help deal with my whiplash. Susan was my therapist. She was wonderful in resolving all of my issues. When I visited Collins Physical Therapy Clinic I was always greeted by the smiling and friendly receptionist Jackie. She would put me at ease right away until it was my turn for therapy. All of the therapists were friendly and know their jobs. Thank you for getting rid of my pain and helping me strengthen my muscles.

Missy Perry

Thank you Michael and your team for help me with my vertigo. With exercises at home I should be on the recover to it be gone.

Thomas Sampley

There are great ,very professional, would highly recommended,every customer is treated with kindness and respect, the staff is awesome from the receptionist to the therapist. Why put your recovery in the hands of someone else go to the best!!!!!

Hoff Shelley

I injured my hamstring and shoulder playing pickle ball the week before leaving Iowa for our 9 week stay in Naples. When I arrived in Naples, I visited Collins Physical Therapy and met with Michael White to begin therapy to recover, and regain the strength and mobility I had lost. Over the course of 8 weeks, twice each week, my physical therapist Michael White worked with me to "rebuild me". Michael and the staff at Collins listened to my description of my injuries, and developed a great plan of exercises and therapy that I could do both while at Collins and at home. They were all extremely upbeat, and it was obvious that their main goal was to help me as much as possible through this process. I couldn't be more pleased with the personal attention and the friendliness of everyone at Collins, and I made excellent progress under their care. I highly recommend Michael White and Collins Physical Therapy Institute for anyone recovering from a sports injury.

Krissy Fox

I first found Collins Physical Therapy Institute with a simple search of physical therapists in the Naples area. After sorting through hundreds of reviews, I chose to go with Collins PTI. I could not be more thankful for the choice I made. The AMAZING staff at the southern Naples branch has been nothing short of professional, friendly and informative. I've had a number of knee-ligament tears over the past 10 years with six surgeries up to this point. Not one of my doctors or past PTs have been able to give me a true reasoning for the cause of my continuing issues. That was until I had the chance to work with Michael and his team at Collins. They take the time to explain (in comprehend-able terms) the cause of the underlying issues and the best ways to treat them. Working with Michael and Nickie over the past 10 weeks (since my last ACL replacement surgery) has been a delight. I feel more confident and knowledgeable about ways to protect my joints from further damage/issues than ever. I highly recommend, to anyone needing physical therapy help, give Collins PTI a chance. You won't be disappointed with the friendly and knowledgeable care from the Collins team!

Kelly Lee

The staff at Collins Physical Therapy Institute is ridiculously good. I went in following a knee scope for a torn meniscus, which resulted in the discovery of arthritis in the knee. Michael, along with Susan, Yanet and Jackie were great to work with. With their help, I am back up and "running". When it was time to discharge me from treatment, Michael made sure that I was prepared to continue with the exercises at home to keep me moving and active. I will most definitely return to Collins Physical Therapy when I need treatment in the future.

Tyler Cox

Excellent service. An absolute delight to work with.

Robert Bartenstein

Great place

Wilbur Christiansen

I was referred to Collins PT by my rheumatologist. I was treated by Michael White and Yanet Vasquez. I was very impressed with their knowledgeable approach to my back pain. After a series of treatments I am now completely pain free. Michael didn't just put me through the procedures, but explained how each one was affecting my back. I highly recommend these two therapists.

Lexi Mendes

I have had problems with my ankle for as long as I could remember. I came walking out of PT here with no pain!! I may be a little biased, but this is the best place to come for PT for anything that you need! I have gotten the chance to see my grandma and father recover quickly from here:) only go here for PT and ask for Nikki!!!

Bruce Wilkinson

I fully recommend Collins PT. Came to Collins because of the many positive recommendations and have been very pleased. Was experiencing intermittent, but sharp, bursts of pain in my shoulder. Michael quickly identified the issue, showed me how to self-treat the problem and gave me the at-home exercises I needed to see real improvement quickly. Only needed three visits, and I'm back to my full workout routines, with zero shoulder pain. Many thanks, Michael.

Judy Garland

Almost every person I know is apprehensive about entering physical therapy, and I was no different. I had experienced severe neck pain, and had been to a different PT group in Michigan for treatment. What a difference I had with Michael and the entire group of professionals at Collins Physical Therapy. The environment and friendliness of every person on the staff made me much more relaxed about the treatment. A very personalized plan of care was laid out and followed, and adjustments were made as needed. I very much looked forward to my therapy as a visit with friends who were helping me figure out how to keep my neck in proper alignment. I highly recommend this group, and particularly Michael Whyte to anyone who needs physical therapy services.

Andres bel

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