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REVIEWS OF Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness - Hockessin IN Delaware

Mariella Ross

I broke my distal femur bone in my leg/knee in February. Having had mediocre to unfavorable experiences at other "chain" PT establishments in the area, I heard Performance was good and checked out their website. They are beyond good, they are fantastic. The secret is in the nurturing culture evident in their workplace, both for clients, and staff with each other. Everyone is friendly, extremely helpful, and competent. Each client is assigned a private treatment room, a very nice feature that distinguishes them from others. The staff are highly trained, including the younger assistants still in school, who are eager to learn and to serve. My rehab has come along very well, with progress made at each visit. Everyone warmly greets me each time I visit. I will never use any other PT than Performance. They set the bar for all others.

Mary Jane Prince

After surgery to repair a torn meniscus I began working with Nikki who is an excellent therapist! She pushed me to improve my overall physical condition and inspired me to continue with the fitness program she developed specifically for me. I worked with several therapists and assistants and they all really know what they are doing. I would recommend PPT for any therapy needs!

Nicholas Conaway

They helped a lot on knee problems.

David Rodeck

I had a terrific experience working with Matt and the rest of the team at PPT and Fitness. They came up with a great stretching/workout routine to help my back and I liked that we could practice right away using their gym. Matt is an excellent instructor and followed up with me after our session to make sure I'm keeping up with my exercises. No back trouble since then, thanks to PPT and Fitness!

Jan Miller

Over the years PPT therapists and staff have helped me and my family to heal from various injuries and surgery, and to manage serious conditions (including Fibromyalgia and hypermobility). We have regained use of joints and limbs, and increased mobility leading to overall better health and confidence. My advise is to not delay in seeking their expertise (especially after surgery)!!

Rita Kozic

I was having a lot of discomfort with my left hip and my left knee. I was reluctant to seek help for it with PT and I am so happy that I changed my mind and went to Performance PT! I play a lot of sports and within a few weeks, Steve and Sean had me back to being fit again and playing sports w/o difficulty. So well done. I would highly recommend PPT.

Donald Frisco

Just finished a month of rehab for a knee injury. Amanda Vito and all of the staff who worked with me did a great job. I know what to do now, and will keep my knee in shape. Thanks to all!

Donna Poniatowski

My experience at Performance Physical Therapy has been the most rewarding from the first time that I entered the facility in Hockessin, DE. The staff treat you like you like family, greeting you from the time you arrive, to your departure. I mainly worked with Heena, who was at my side the entire time, coaching me along the way for repair to my IT band.

Mary Maloney

I started PT earlier this month due to a very painful rotator cuff issue. It was so bad that I couldn’t raise my arm in the morning without horrible pain. I met with Steve for initial evaluation, and he told me he was positive that PT could help me. I liked his answer and hoped he was right. He was. The therapist assigned to me is Sean Ruane, who is absolutely amazing! He is patient, kind, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable! I love the way he is always teaching and explaining things and I am learning a lot from him. I’m not totally finished with PT yet, but I can easily raise my arm without pain. I never expected to have such rapid progress so I’m thrilled that I chose Performance Physical Therapy and was fortunate enough to be assigned to Sean. Thank you Steve and Sean. I can’t say enough good about the two of you or Performance Physical Therapy.

William Mentzer

I recently had occasion to use the PT services of PPT in Hockessin for a period of approximately two months. My treatment was overseen by John Bradley. For the majority of the time, I worked with John, Heena Patel, and Lynette although many of the other staff members assisted. I could not find a more competent, pleasant group of people with whom to work. The treatment was clearly explained, effective and the scheduling of my PT sessions was efficient and extremely easy. The facility is easy to get to and also a very pleasant environment. I would highly recommend PPT and the individuals mentioned above.

Nate White

At Performance Physical Therapy, the staff treats you like you're a family member. I felt right at home when I would go to my PT visits for leg strengthening. I mainly worked with Melanie who was very helpful in giving me and showing me ideas how to strengthen my leg. When some exercises weren't applicable to me because I couldn't do them, she came up with a unique way to replicate the exercise. I worked with the night staff, Nikki, Audrey, Ashley, who were a pleasure. There was always a smile on their faces. They took my therapy seriously too. They wanted to make sure I was getting a solid exercise each time by asking me if I could feel the muscles working. Highly recommend going to PPT.

Mac Clark

Fantastic atmosphere, great staff. Matt Phifer has been an excellent trainer and I have seen significant improvements. Would highly reccomend!

Tom Johns

Its hard to believe that I actually looked forward to having my frozen shoulder stretched to its limits three times a week. But Meghan made it almost seem like "Fun"?! Her enthusiasm, professional dedication and great sense of humor actually made PT something to look forward to. The excellent team at Performance PT get excellent results. Many Thanks to Meghan and the entire Performance team.

Mary Bonk

I have had wonderful experiences at Performance Physical Therapy. Years ago I was treated by John Bradley. He did an excellent job - very knowledgeable, kind and professional. This past year I have gone to Melanie for back issues and, most recently, hip replacement therapy. She is miracle worker, same as John. Along with Becca they have been patient, kind and professional... and are dong a great job whipping be back into shape. Teesie Bonk

Gerry Boyle

I was at Performance and worked with Julianne last year for an ACL injury and with her help, I have made a full recovery. I am presently at Performance to recover from surgery for a broken ankle and fibula. I am working with Amanda, Sean, Matt and Nicole. They are all exceptional. They take time with me, monitor my progress and challenge me to make a full recovery. The front desk is very friendly and accomodating with appointments. I am very pleased with everyone at Performance Physical Therapy!

Jean Warren

Cathy listens carefully to personalize my fitness program to help me reach my goals, taking into account the demands of the activities I want to do along with my strengths and limitations.

Ryan McCormick

I've had terrible experiences with PT before, but I didn't have that at Performance. My therapists took the time to listen to the things that were bothering me and catered my exercise regime to meet my needs. Nikki and Jennifer were wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend them to any new patients.

Carolyn Cotter

What a competent, caring and upbeat staff at Performance Physical Therapy! I was fortunate to have both physical therapy before and after a total shoulder replacement. The surgeon was thrilled with the results of both the pre operative and post operative therapy. Needless to say so was I! Thanks to all at PPT.

Dan Galati

Recovering from shoulder surgery this past summer (2015). I worked with John Bradley and staff. They did an incredible job helping me rehab my shoulder and it now feels better than it ever has before!

Keith Chin-A-Loy

Convenient to my house. Excellent, professionals care!

Lynn Worden

I have been going to Performance PT and Fitness for 1.5 years for personal training and have never felt better! My current trainer, Colton, pushes me (which is what I want) but makes the workout fun. The 30 minute sessions fly by. Everyone there is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend going there.

Elaine Kahler

Great place, incredible staff. I like how the exercises changed (rather than simply repeating the same ones for several weeks) as I progressed. Definitely a personalized approach to rehabilitation. I would highly recommend this center to any one needing any sort of rehabilitation, and/or wanting to join a fitness center.

chris thomas

This is an alternate screen name and doesn't appear in PPT's patient records. I just completed my PT with Heena and John after a major car accident near the Pa Dela. border back in Sept. My left arm is almost back to normal and was discharged with at home therapy on my own. I have been following my instructions and I am very grateful to Heena and John for their personal attention. This was my second go round with John the first being a second surgery on my right rotator cuff and was the reason for my return to PPT. 5 stars, staff and experience was top notch. LP

Carol Bernard

I recently had full right knee replacement and started with Performance Physical Therapy just two days out from surgery. Amanda Vito is my PT and she is terrific, gentle and smart! She knows just how far to "push" me to get the best results. She is incredible! Also, the PT techs, Matt, Kerri, and Lynette are fantastic. They are kind, patient and attentive to my level of ability. Even the staff at the front desk is top notch! Prior to my surgery, I had PT at another company and while they were adequate, Performance Physical Therapy is superior in every dimension including the physical equipment and space. I would definitely recommend Performance Physical Therapy to anyone in need of PT.

Carolyn Seaver

My experience at PPT was completely positive. John Bradley and each of the several staff members who assisted me were excellent---knowledgeable, caring, and extremely professional. I highly recommend PPT!!

Jeff W

Therapy on knee after scoping. 3 weeks back to normal. Brian Kalafut was excellent. Individual attention, great exercises and outstanding staff.

Stephen Foor

I went to Performance Physical Therapy for treatment of vertigo (BPPV). Initial treatment from Nicolette Morreale was very successful. I needed follow-up sessions to help with balance and a feeling of dizziness. After a few treatments I now feel good to go. Thanks very much to the Hockessin team!

John Groves

Recently I incurred a lower back injury which was extremely painful and limited my functionality. Over a six week period the personnel provide both compassionate and competent care. I could not of asked for more. My progress improved slowly but steadily Two months latter, I’m playing golf, lifting weights and doing my daily stretching exercises. Thank you Melanie, Heena and Nikki. You guys are very special.

John Martin

I have had two occasions that called for physical therapy. One was for post op knee replacement therapy a year ago and most recently for a back issue. My family physician as well neighbors recommended Performance and I followed through and scheduled them and was quite pleased that I did. The therapists and staff were knowledgeable, caring and professional. John Bradley was my main contact and he knew exactly what to do and what time frame was needed to get results. Each time he was right on the money. If physical therapy is necessary in the future, Performance will be my go to facility.

Patrick Euston

Picked PPT for my post-op therapy based upon reviews and recommendations and was not disappointed. The hours are more than accommodating for any schedule, and the staff were helpful in ensuring my needs were met. Due to my scheduling needs, I worked with three different therapists and a number of additional trainers, yet I experienced perfect continuity of care. Overly helpful and always certain to ask if there was anything else they could do, the team at PPT provided excellent care which has allowed me to smoothly transition back to normal activity levels.

Thomas Christiansen

I would absolutely recommend the entire team at Performance Physical Therapy in Hockessin. Nicki Morreale was very professional and gracious during each visit and most importantly very effective in overseeing my rehabilitation. Special thanks to Heena Patel who watched over the exercises and provided motivation to expedite my recovery. It was a great experience and provided great results!

Sean S

So, I am 21 years old. I had pain in my wrist for three months. It had gotten so bad, that the pain would prevent me from being able to take notes in class, it totally freaked me out at that point. I go to my doctor, low and behold I have Carpel Tunnel in my wrist. Something that I wouldn't imagine getting at 21 years of age. Anyway, my options were surgery or physical therapy. Hating to have to get surgery I went to physical therapy. My father knows the owner at Performance and the owner has even helped my sister with some school work in the past. So I gave them a try. Not only was I greeted with a warm welcoming. They took the time to really understand the pain that I was experiencing. Not only that, but they are also very accommodating to my very work/ School schedule. From either having to make an appointment last minute or cancelling last minute. They were fantastic. Additionally, Sean Ruane, was fantastic. Helping me every step of the way, creating a personal exercise routine to help my wrist. Not to mention, when I made last minute appointments, there were times Sean was all booked up, so I met with Heena who was also fantastic, really amazing. There were also a couple times when I met with Nikki, she was just as great. Performance Physical Therapy has really been a great help. I went from experiencing an immense amount of pain everyday in my wrist to absolutely none. I would recommend anyone to go to them. They offer so much, of which I personally did not need, but they have it. Lastly, to add, the staff is amazing. Even though they weren't primarily working with me everyone there got to know me, spoke to me, had conversations with me. They definitely care at this facility, and are not in it just for a paycheck.

Clair Aiello

I am a patient and will resume gym after PT. Wonderful therapists, feel comfortable, and trust outcome.

Alicia Diaz

My experience at PPT was incredible. he staff was so helpful and kind and I could tell they really anted to help me. Someone would always be there to help me with the exercises and sometimes eve did them with me! After 6 weeks there, my back pain, which had been occurring for a year, got immensely better. I can say with certainty that PPT is a wonderful place whose staff is there to help you. I would recommend 10/10.

David Ferrier

I have to tell you that my experience with everyone I had encountered in both Hockessin and Christiana location was top shelf. I had my first ever experience with PT under the direct care of Melanie, Jennifer, Kerri and many others. Everyone is so very professional, helpful and friendly. In less than 4 weeks of therapy I have fully recovered from my recent mishap and feel great. Think I am going to take a bike ride today and swim laps in the pool 8). Thanks again to everyone at Performance Therapy of Hockessin and Christiana. Your new friend Dave.

Thu Thach

Steve & his team at Performance Physical Therapy were such a dream to work with. I was recommended to Steve by clients of mine & could not be happier with my experience & results. The surgeon who performed my ACL reconstruction was very impressed with my speedy progress & credited it to my physical therapy treatment stating that the surgery was only a tiny portion-- how the rest of my recovery was dependent on physical therapy. I truly felt like a close friend or family member at Performance because their care & diligence went beyond that of a business. When you are under Steve's wing, he will do everything in his power to ensure you are as close to 100% as possible. I never thought physical therapy could be such a fun & enjoyable experience!

eric markl

I cannot recommend PPT highly enough! It’s difficult to find companies that value their patients' needs and feedback and see them as necessary and important. Being my own advocate during my therapy and training was encouraged, appreciated and even expected whether it was before therapy began, or during a therapy or training session. In addition, the sincerity and positivity at PPT makes appointments something to look forward to doing. I see it from Nichole and Desiree behind the desk, Angela, Audrey, Ashley and Jenna as physical therapy aides as well as Amanda and Matt directing my treatments - they get to know you and you feel welcome from the moment you walk in. I’ve struggled with back and leg pain problems for number of years and it wasn’t until I went to performance physical therapy that I found lasting relief. Amanda Vito at the Concord Pike office was my physical therapist and since finishing my therapy with her I’ve continued with Matt Phifer at the Hockessin office for personal training. Matt is as impressive as was Amanda and gives the same level of attention to detail. Their attention to detail showed in their planning of each appointment as well as their ability to use feedback to adjust my treatment on the spot during the appointments. Their genuine interest in my feedback was such a pleasant surprise and so appreciated. I believe that making those adjustments during appointments significantly accelerated my progress. I would recommended PPT to my family and friends and plan on using them on the future should I need physical therapy or personal training.

Whitney Hoffman

I've been to performance PT on fifferent occasions to treat different sports injuries ranging from knee rehab, it band issues and an Achilles' tendon injury. They are always kind, caring and helpful. I could not be happier with my care with the variety of therapists I have had- all have been great!

Lito de tagle

The staff and therapy team was very helpful, accommodating and officious. Am glad that I picked this place for my physical therapy sessions. Nicky, Nicole, Gabby and the others are great!!!

Elliot Parsons

I went to Kim for significant hip pain due to running. She was able to eliminate the pain and taught me how to strengthen my hips and surrounding muscles to avoid future injury. I have gone on to run 4 half marathons and a full marathon in a year and a half with no additional pain. All of the staff were very nice and extremely helpful.

Grace C.

Everyone is so kind & so professional; Amanda, Dee,Heena, Sean, Julianne, Gabby, Rebecca ....great personality & senses of humor all! They watch constantly to make sure I am doing my exercises correctly. They are never short on encouragement. I would recommend this practice to everyone.

Tony Dezzi

Performance Physical Therapy is Amazing!!! Sean and the whole staff are very knowledgeable and compassionate about their clients. When I started therapy for my foot I was in a lot of pain. Now with Sean’s help I am walking normally again. Keep up the Outstanding Work!!!

James Dinnage

I needed help in recovering from an Achilles tendon mishap. The treatment and the staff were outstanding. I was back to full painless walking ability within a month. Thank you! Jim Dinnage

Judy Kelley

I couldn't be more impressed! Everyone in this group is highly competent and they really care about you and your progress. They all seem to love working there and are extremely kind. I went in initially for PT and then joined their fitness program. It couldn't be better!

Jerry Powell

I worked with Nicolette as my DPT and (primarily) Heena as my PT for a shoulder problem. Highest recommendations for both of them--very competent, professional, and effective. And I always enjoy going to PPT in Hockessin--this is my 3rd successful experience there over several years. All of the staff there is friendly, helpful, and competent.

Sally Bachman

Nichole and Heena were very patient with me and always encouraged me when I needed it after breaking my knee and was strengthening the muscles around my patella. Always smiling, I looked forward to seeing them at Performance for the 3xs a week since the beginning of April. Overall a very satisfying experience

Daniel Musselman

I finished my 6 weeks of PT with great results from PPT&F. Primarily working with John and Heena, both were very courteous and professional; the support staff was the same. I would highly recommend PPT&F for your rehabilitation needs. Definitely 5 stars!

bill nye

I take my nephew here from time to time because the PTs are amazing, but I am a bit turned of the office staff. I usually don't write reviews, but I saw one of the blonde haired women reach over the sign-in desk and yell at the worker's behind the desk. I felt very uncomfortable, as I am sure the other people in the waiting room. Seems very tense. I am still going to finish out my nephew's treatment, but would probably avoid this place in the future or go to another location.

Ashley Harris

John at PPT has worked on both my daughter and myself. He was quick to diagnose and offer exercises and a training plan to mediate our issues and to get us back to our physcial activities as quickly as possible. The entire staff at the Yorklyn facility are courteous, professional, friendly and very organized. Would highly recommend John to any athlete who needs to analyze their muscular pain and strengthen a particular muscle group to continue with their daily activities and exercise goals.

Don Straughn

It's no wonder they were voted "Best in Delaware". Steve, Dee, Amanda and all the other folks that work there are the friendliest most capable group you could ever ask for. Would not hesitate to go back.

Al Manganiello - Author, Ravioli Rules

There’s a reason why this office is rated five stars and the best in Delaware, because they focus on world class client and customer satisfaction. I just recently finished up with them and I am amazed how they consistently make you feel like you’re the only customer/client that they have for the day. As the author of an award winning management book on customer engagement and customer satisfaction this team is the best in class. From the welcome of EVERYONE at the front desk to the support of therapists Nikki and Heena, they all smile, are happy and work to improve the health of the client.

kathleen mcvaugh

They work hard to help you back to good health, nice people who care

l mcrae

I came to PPT Hockessin post-surgery for rotator cuff repair. Sean Ruane was my physical therapist. He is such a professional: supportive, encouraging and flexible in tailoring my therapy to my needs and physical progression. He motivated me to work hard and finish my rehab well ahead of my surgeon's expectations. The entire staff was caring and fun. Thanks for all you do!


During hip replacement surgery, my femoral nerve was stretched, leaving me without any quad strength and unable to walk. After some nerve regeneration (took 7 months) I started PT with Amanda Vito and the amazing staff at PPT. It's now been 4 months and all aspects of my life have improved, including walking, doing stairs, balance & leg strengthening. I am in awe of PPT's ability to correctly diagnose and expertly treat even this rare problems such as this. Hat's off to PPT Hockessin!

Samantha Malcomson

I went to Performance PT after a injury to my rotator cuff from softball. The first day I was worked up very thoroughly and talked about my plan to get the strength back up in my shoulder. After every session I was given a cool down period with ice that helped my shoulder. Also I always felt in the loop. It was my PT plan and the therapist really worked with me on what would be best for me and my shoulder. After some time I was able to be back playing softball and doing everyday activities without pain and the strength in my shoulder was finally were it should be! Very pleased and thankful for all the friendly staff and their efforts!

Michael Goudy

Great place to rehab a injury. Tore a hamstring a few years back. They had me up and running after a few weeks. Working on a strained muscle in my hip now. Starting to feel better after a few visits. Great staff.

Lexa Chernin

My experience at Performance Physical Therapy has been excellent. John Bradley is an extremely attentive and effective therapist, and he was able to effectively and quickly help me with the tendonitis in my elbow. I highly recommend John and the entire team at PPT!

joseph hannon

Experiencing limited mobility in my shoulder my doctor recommended PPT for physical therapy and for me it was a stroke of luck. It’s where I met John Bradley who devised a treatment and exercise plan and had me back to normal after just a few visits. Back spasms, frozen shoulder, strained meniscus, mobility issues it didn’t matter what ailed me John and his staff always had a remedy to make me feel better. Having now joined the Fitness Center I can witness on a daily basis the exceptional care and expertise of the entire staff. From the upbeat and courteous greeting at the front desk to the help and encouragement of the Physical Therapists and Personal Trainers. Matt Phifer, the Fitness Center Supervisor, makes a point of checking with members to see if they have any questions regarding their exercise routines and to ensure that their form and technique are correct. The entire staff is courteous and professional and seems to exude the company mantra in their daily interactions with patients and customers and that is to FEEL BETTER!!! I would highly recommend this practice for both Therapy and Fitness.

Devon Almeida

Amongst many of my family members, this was my second time back to PT for a different issue. To no surprise, as much as one can enjoy going to therapy, this staff made it that much easier to wake before work and help myself to recovery. I would recommend this place to all family and friends looking for a speedy recovery. Thank you to John and all the staff here for always being so nice and helping me feel better!

Jennifer Specter

I worked primarily with Nicolette and also with Kristen following knee replacement surgery. They were upbeat, dedicated to my recovery, and extremely patient! I was amazed at the progress I made over a five week period. I really enjoyed working with them, as well as the entire team -- Mike, Gabby, Mary Beth and Lanette. Thank you! I'll be visiting you again soon following my second knee replacement surgery.

Eugene Hartstein

First rate care. Over the past few years, different injuries have created a need for PT. Once I experienced the superior level of professional care and results at Performance Physical Therapy I have decided that they will be my source of care for future needs. That says it all.

Joan Valentine

I want to thank everyone at Performance Physical Therapy who worked with me after my recent knee replacement. Heena Patel was the main therapist who worked with me, and I want to thank her for all her hard work. She was great! In due time I will have my other knee replaced, and I will definitely return to Performance for rehab. Hopefully, Heena will still be there. Also, thanks to all the therapy aides who worked with me on each of my visits. Everyone there was very friendly and very helpful.

Nancy Julian

My physical therapist, Nicolette Morreale, is very knowledgeable and personable. At my first appointment, she understood the areas of my foot and ankle that needed to be addressed. Nicolette knows when to increase the challenge of my exercises. She listens to my feedback and is very patient-focused. If I need physical therapy in the future, I will definitely choose PPT and ask to be scheduled with Nicolette.

Celeste Galati

I just completed physical therapy and benefited greatly from the experience. John Bradley and his staff are not only incredibly professional and knowledgeable but kind and considerate. This is the highest level of quality and service.

George Smith

John Trost

The physical therapy choice following my recent knee replacement surgery was an easy one. Prior therapy at PPT had resolved significant cervical disc issues avoiding surgery and I have remained pain free for seven years. My recent knee rehab results exceeded my orthopedic surgeon's targets. Physical therapist Heena Patel and the team at PPT proved very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Heena's genuine concern for her patient is very evident. She motivates and challenges her patient to achieve the best outcome possible. Thank you Heena and the PPT Team!

Robert Gannon

Ailment: Torn Quadricep Tendon. After being given a script from my Doctor I looked around various PT locations, to see what would work for me as far as hours and location. I dropped in at Performance and they seemed welcoming. I signed up. I went from no movement to being able to bend my knee to 131 degrees over 24 one hour sessions. Stephen and Sean worked on me and Matt, Dennis and T assisted in my exercises, all working together as a team to get me where I am today. Thank you. Location, parking, amenities, cleanliness, atmosphere and client care and interaction all high marks. Recommended.

Chris Hackman

Excellent, highly skilled, professional.and friendly to boot. They listen carefully to each complaint, expertly review test results (x-rays and MRIs in my case) and plan a personal physical therapy schedule to, as quickly and safely as possible, rehabilitate their clients. Got my son walking comfortably after major back surgery in 17 sessions over a period of about six weeks. Five stars...wouldn't go anywhere else for PT!

frank frabizzio

My experience at Performance Physical Therapy was fantastic. I went for three days per week for eight weeks. I had a full knee replacement . I feel that the people that helped me were not only knowledgeable and experienced, but were very friendly and patient with me. Every staff person from the owner to the the trainees were great people. Would recommend this practice to anyone who needs help with physical therapy.

Carl Marenco

I would like to express my appreciation to the physical therapists and staff that helped with my Hip Replacement recovery. Your entire staff is professional and courteous from the front desk to the exercise room. We worked together through the process leading to tremendous strides in a short period of time. Again thanks and I would recommend Performance Physical Therapy to anyone in need.

Barbara Melosh

Grateful for the wonderful care I received at Performance Physical Therapy! Amanda Vito guided my recovery from knee injury with skill and knowledge. It’s actually a pleasure to go there—I know, to physical therapy??—thanks to the courtesy and professionalism of the whole staff.

Linda Mulvihill

I just finished PT after hip surgery with John Bradley from Performance Physical Therapy and could not be more pleased. I have unfortunately have had experience with PT several times over the course of my live in the last several years. This was definitely a different experience and one that I prefer. The main difference is you had privacy, you were not lined up like injured soldiers one after the next. You were assigned your own room for your hour. I started out doing lots of difference exercises that helped strengthen by hip. Each visit a new exercise would be added and easier one eliminated. After you session in the gym you had your one on one with your assigned PT. My PT was John Bradley who was so professional and knowledgable. Every and anything I asked he would sit and explain in length. I would absolutely recommend Performance.

Blaise Taylor

The staff at PPT is what elevates this practice to such a high level of excellence. Their positive attitudes and professionalism shine from your first consultation and are only surpassed by their knowledge and prowess of injuries, care and rehabilitation. I spent months here working to restore my surgically repaired ACL and am back to high level competition. Can't thank PPT enough!

patt leary

Cathy D is a highly qualified personal trainer who consistently goes above and beyond expectations. Having encountered some recent hip and knee issues, I've had to limit some exercises. Both of us were signed up for a pool yoga class that was cancelled, so Cathy took the initiative to look up exercises for wonky knees as we still had pool access. She designed a very helpful pool workout that we went through together this am. Cathy is an terrific example of how PPT folks go above and beyond for their clients. Good all over y’all! PS: She's also fun AND funny! Often when we're working out in the gym our giggling gets a little loud. if you are in the market for a trainer you won't find a better one!

Kevin Meconi

I had a deep tissue massage today with Jennifer and she did an excellent job. She was thorough, sensitive and able to address problem areas. She gave the right of time to all areas of my body that needed attention, and the whole experience was very relaxing. I highly recommend her.

T Brown

UPDATE TO POST (2): Since having received the response from the owner, all subsequent interactions with scheduling, reception, and PT staff have been overwhelmingly positive. I get the impression from these recent interactions, and from the other reviews, that this is probably more the standard for this place; that my initial negative experience was an outlier. Thanks for the concerted effort to turn one person's impression around. Special thanks to the physical therapist, since it was of particular importance to me that I meet with someone who impressed me as competent/helpful/enthusiastic in that role, and that certainly was the case. Looking forward to my next appointment and to getting better. UPDATE TO POST (1): Received a very prompt and courteous follow-up from the owner, who seems determined to right the situation. My thanks to him/her for taking these immediate steps, and I will be happy to further update this post once more information is available to be shared. Original post: I'd requested additional information via the contact form for the Wilmington location on the website, was then contacted by someone from the office staff, and a fitness evaluation was scheduled. Since I specifically navigated to the form under the Wilmington site, I never asked about which location, and it was not mentioned during the scheduling process. I arrived for my appointment at the Wilmington location. The lights were out, so I called the number on the door. The receptionist then told me that my appointment was in Hockessin. There was no word of apology for the ommision of this fairly important information (I am not sure, but I believe it was the same receptionist); no ownership of the mistake on behalf of the company. Instead, I had to ask what my options were, at which point I was told I could come late to the Hockessin site, but that I would lose the time in travel from my appointment. In other words, I was welcome to come pay for a full appointment that I would not receive, due to a mistake that I did not make. I cancelled the appointment. The receptionist wasn't rude in her tone, but the fact that my time had been wasted (and money, had I kept the appointment) was clearly of no consequence to her, and no effort was made to right the situation. There were a lot of good reviews, so perhaps this is an anomaly, but my first impression of this company is not a favorable one.

Margaret Holley

Sean Ruane is excellent -- knowledgeable and attentive. Everyone at Performance is helpful and encouraging. My knee is back in action after one month's therapy. This is my 4th physical therapy practice in several decades and states, and it is undoubtedly the best!

Ronald Gallimore

I was successfully treated for shoulder pain and range-of-motion loss. Five stars were earned and deserved for the following: ample parking and easy access; facilities & atmosphere; up-to-date equipment & technology; professionalism & courtesy of staff; and the expert PT provided by Ms. Amanda Vito. By manner and expertise, Ms. Vito conducts PT with a high degree of competence and professionalism. Because of her warm and winning personality, she increases motivation to perform prescribed exercises both in the facility and at home. Ronald Gallimore

Brian Glanz

This was my second round of PT and the team at Performance Physical Therapy was great. Both Amanda and Brian were very helpful and made sure to give me proper exercises to help me recover from hip resurfacing. The assistants were also very helpful and made the rehab more enjoyable. I would certainly recommend them for post surgery recovery.

William Carson

This was my second PT experience as I have had two hip replacements. My fist PT was in NJ and had a a good experience. That said my experience at Performance Physical Therapy in Hockessin, Delaware far exceeded my experience in NJ. I was treated by Kristen and Sean who were both outstanding. They communicated my progress and needs after each session. Both were knowledgeable, pleasant and very concerned about my progress and pain threshold. All of the staff here is outstanding and so caring. You can see why they are rated #1 in Delaware for PT. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a pleasant PT experience.

Wes Peters

I gave the Performance Physical Therapy at Hockessin a five-star rating because all staff are very professional and courteous. Especially Melanie who was my primary therapist, and Nicki who helped me from time to time, helped me tremendously with my shoulder pain during the past two months. They were very compassionate, symptomatic, warm, and professional. I wanted to thank you all for your kindness and to help me to relieve my pain and suffering. I now can move my left arm normally, which has given me trouble for last two years. I highly recommend the Performance Physical therapy to everyone. Thanks again! S. Peters

Mo Brown

Thank you Performance PT and a special Thank you to my primary PT Nicolette Morreale who has worked wonders on my broken and surgically repaired leg! She skillfully guided me through doubts, encouraged my ability and treated me with great respect. My progress was steady and she always seemed to know when to encourage me to go a little farther or do a few more reps. Dare I say that amidst all the challenges of recovery she kept it light and we had lots of fun and plenty of laughs too! Thank you Nikki. I highly recommend Performance PT and Nikki for your PT needs. I arrived here on the recommendation of my Dr. and I am so glad that this was where they sent me. They work together as a team and you always feel welcome and well cared for during each visit. The road to recovery is long and besides time and effort it really requires a lot of people to keep you motivated. The People, that is where PPT really excels and stands out! I was aided in my recovery as well by Nicole the wonderful massage therapist who has worked wonders on my muscles and my scars too! I wouldn't be where I am today without her as well. Thank You Nicole! What a great staff at PPT, all the great aides, Lanette, Ashley, Gabby, Anthony, the other PT's who looked after me at times, both Sean's, Amanda, Juliann and Heena, the Personal Trainers, Mike and Matt and of course the always warm and welcoming front end staff. Even the other patients at PPT are very friendly, helpful and encouraging. Thanks to all of you for keeping me on track and always allowing me to be successful during each visit. I wish the very best to all of you!

Andrew Cottone

What a difference from another organization!!! Instead of a "cookie cutter" program, a specific therapy regimen was developed to assist me in recovering from hip surgery. After 8 weeks at the company I initially chose there was minimal improvement in walking, hip rotation and endurance. After just 2 weeks at Performance the improvement was dramatic. This is a first rate organization starting with the front desk personnel. They're courteous, helpful and cheerful. The therapy staff, especially Melanie (my therapist) are very knowledge and concerned about getting you back to a normal routine. The owner, Steve, took a few moments to speak to me, welcome me, and to inform him of any questions or concerns. Performance Therapy should be your first choice.

Raymond Poniatowski

I had my 5th spinal surgery on March 9, 2018. It was to remove eight (8) pieces of hardware from previous surgeries and replace them with my bone marrow and other materials. Several weeks after surgery and my post op visit I was given a Rx for PT. I decided to make appointments with several PT facilities and see what each had to offer to help me. After visiting these facilities I chose Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness because I felt they had the best to offer. All of the staff members are very friendly, caring and helpful. They treat me as one of the Family versus just another patient. WOW!! Great organization. I Thank the entire Staff for all your help. My Physical Therapist, Sean Ruane, has been extreamily helpful with his methods of treating me. I have been using Performance Physical Therapy since April 16, 2018 through May 31, 2018 (3 times a week) and feel that I have had about a 40% improvement in this time, but more PT is needed. So, I have scheduled the month of June (2 times a week). They are highly recommend to anyone who is need of PT. Raymond J. Poniatowski

zoé brady

A little over a year ago I had both of my knees replaced at the same time. Luckily a friend recommended Performance Physical Therapy as the "only place to go". And they were right. My #1 goal after my surgery was to start running again after a year. And with the help of the dedicated folks at PPT, I achieved my goal. Several weeks ago I ran my 1st 5K and I have several more coming up. The folks at PPT aren't just good at their jobs, but they are also warm and friendly. While therapy or working out is never "fun", they make the experience the best it can be. I enjoyed the staff and facilities so much, that after I "graduated" physical therapy, I signed up for a gym membership and have been faithfully attending 3 mornings every week. I go with the knowledge that if I have a question about form, equipment, an exercise move or something else, they'll step up and help me. The staff is knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. There's a reason they have been voted #1 PT/Gym in Delaware for several years in a row. Thanks to John, Heena, Sean, Matt, Gabby, Thalita and especially Lanette.

John Hadfield

There's a reason they were voted Best Physical Therapy in Delaware. They are.

Eileen Dawson

My experience at Performance Physical Therapy was gratifying as my level of pain upon movement was successfully treated. All staff members were always polite and professional. I would recommend Performance PT to anyone who needs therapy. As I observed other patients being cared for, I was happy to see the staff fulfilling their duties in a caring manner- no exceptions. Many thanks to S. Ruane DPT for his expert treatment plan and care and professionalism while working with me to improve my health.

Chuck Toppin

After surgery late last year I went to Performance for PT and was absolutely thrilled by the care I received. The outcome was the most positive I could have expected. The entire staff is very knowledgable, and provided a most caring, friendly atmosphere which made the recovery process not only productive but fun as well. Kim in particular had me on a program which, I believe, made all the difference. From reception to billing and everyone in between the overall experience more than exceeded my expectation to the point I looked forward to my sessions. And, it worked in deed, as I have resumed all my normal activities with no issues. I do not believe that would have been possible without Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness. They are the consummate professionals and I highly recommend PPT & F for any physical therapy needs.

Jeanne Gilligan

My shoulder hurt so much from arthritis that I knew it needed to be replaced. But after 3 months at Performance my range of motion and strength have greatly improved. I learned what exercises I need to do to keep my shoulder healthy and usable. I am thrilled with the results. The therapists and staff members were friendly and knowledgeable. They felt like family. I worked with Dee, Steve, Nicole and Julianne.

Lorraine Jackson

I was treated for my neck and shoulders, primarily by Jennifer. I also saw a few other therapists, but not once did I have to repeat my story. The environment of PPT and the friendliness of all the staff made my visits enjoyable! I can’t believe how pain free I am! I’ve been to other therapy places; PPT is TOPS!

Gerald F. Aunet

I went to Performance PT from the beginning of March 2018 to mid-April 2018 to rehab my right hip after hip replacement surgery. Sean Ruane did a great job tailoring my rehab to my physical needs and weaknesses while effectively communicating my progression to me. He also developed an in home program specific to me which expedited my recovery. Thanks again Sean for helping me! Thanks also to Mike and Gabby, who both pushed me to execute my exercises properly for maximum benefit! The entire Performance PT staff always made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my rehab sessions.

Carole Marani

I hurt my shoulder and Performance Physical Therapy helped me work through my issue. Sean Ruane was my life saver and fun to work with as well. The rest of the staff at PPT were great too. I wouldn't hesitate to go back there again if I have another issue in the future (which hopefully won't happen... ;-) )

todd freeman

John, Amanda and the team at PerformancePT impress me weekly. They are incredibly customer focused on my needs and perceptive to the small changes, constantly adjusting my routine for weekly improvement. The at home exercises plus details of in office therapy have my shoulder improving so that there are times I don't even remember the injury and surgery. All the team there are like family and will treat you like it too. Super glad I found Performance Physical Therapy!

mary l

As I wrapped up physical therapy for my son, I realized I could share my experience and positive recommendation for anyone looking for a top-notch Physical Therapist

frank Felicetti


I have had pain in my left hip and leg for two years that is caused by degenerative disc disease in my back. When my PCP first prescribed PT, I went to a different provider that resulted in no improvement. I have since been having injections to relieve my pain. My specialist recommended that I go to John Bradley at Performance Physical Therapy. John had me doing exercises totally different from what I was told previously. I have noticed a continuous improvement in the level of pain. I was impressed by John not only showing me what to do, but more importantly explaining why this particular exercise was going to help me. Furthermore, John created a home program for me so that I can continue to improve. As others have mentioned the staff makes you feel welcome and the facility is neat and clean. I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Performance Physical Therapy in Hockessin.

Jean Agra

After a long year of injuries and illnesses, I was physically weak and discouraged and not serious about getting to the gym at PPT. I finally decided to try a personal training package with Matt and I’m feeling so much stronger. I’m signing up for my second package! The gym may be small but big things happen there. I highly recommend working with a trainer where the time flies as you work through a wide variety of PT and weight machine exercises. And, there is nothing like caring, personal attention to make you feel safe and motivated. I’ve been a PT client off and on for almost 20 years and recommend the care and staff at PPT to anyone seeking quality care or personal training.

Suzanne Denver

Everyone on the staff at Performance Physical Therapy is warm and friendly and I love the private rooms! But the reason I pass by at least a dozen other physical therapy businesses on my way to Performance Physical Therapy is the expertise of the therapists and the monitoring of my exercises by the assistants, making sure I am doing each one correctly. And, of course, the results are wonderful! I appreciate the gift of regaining my mobility and independence! Thank you, PPT!

Camilla Mancari

I've just finished my physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff and could not be more pleased with my experience. The entire staff was professional, friendly, and extremely important to my recovery. They listened to my concerns and worked with me in an encouraging way. Performance Physical Therapy in Hockessin will always be my "go to" for physical well-being.

Norm Powell

If you're reading this, you probably aren't feeling 100%. Maybe you're recovering from an injury or medical procedure, or maybe you just need a better understanding of your body's mechanics - how things work, and how to optimize their performance for the long run. You have a lot of options. How to choose? If you want to be treated with respect, dignity, and genuine caring, consider PPT+F. If you want to work exclusively with professionals whose technical knowledge is unsurpassed, consider PPT+F. If you want a clean and well-appointed environment, consider PPT+F. I marvel at the customer-centric environment, the care with which the staff - all of them - have been selected and acculturated to the guiding vision. It's your body. You can roll the dice, and maybe everything will turn our OK. Or you can try PPT+F, and leave nothing to chance. It's your call.

Marc Gullo

Alyce DeGennaro

Members of my family and I have been patients of PPT off & on since 1993. My most recent therapist was Nicolette Morreale, who did an outstanding job helping me with a hip injury. Every therapist I've seen over the years has been knowledgeable, caring, and genuinely interested in seeing me improve. I recently joined the fitness center, and working out is like going to "Cheers". Everyone knows your name, and you always see someone you know. The entire staff is willing to answer questions and help you keep moving forward with your fitness goals. PPT is a little gem in our community.

Brian P

The quality of care and personal touch are excellent! Very caring people!! I would recommend PPT to anyone, without hesitation!

Stacie Larkin

As a fellow physical therapist, I know good PT - and Performance Physical Therapy has it. Steve Rapposelli, PT has excellent observational skills and takes time to listen to the patient, in order to provide optimal care. The clinic staff are all very personable and professional. An all-around positive experience with excellent outcomes.

Jenna Roman

Gloria Talbot

I’m so glad I chose Performance Physical Therapy, Yorklyn location, after my knee replacement surgery. Sean and Kristen were beyond excellent. They tailored my therapy to me and enabled me to achieve what I hoped for after knee replacement. Now I’m able to do my walks, cardio and yoga at HAC. Today I was able to walk 2.5 miles at Tweed’s Park for the first time in years! I could have gone farther but it was too hot!

June Robbins

I have had 3 different rehabs and belong to the gym to keep physically active. They know how to help you get to your best and make you feel like family. I've also discovered massage therapy. Magic hands ! And bonus.. people also at the gym that come near same times often become friends, too!

Cesar Diaz

The staff is well trained, professional and delightful. The therapy I received for my shoulder replacement was very thorough. I feel great!! Would highly recommend for all your therapy needs.

Myles Margolin

From: Diane Margolin I had by-pass surgery in my right leg on 5/3/19 (aka Fem-Pop). It was a very intense 6 hr. surgery with a long term recovery expected. I started PT the first week of June and my recovery has been unbelievable due to expertise of Nikki, Kristen and all others @ Performance. I easily give them 5 stars and a big thank you !!! I plan to continue using their gym and will recommend them to my friends, family and anyone that will listen!

Dr. Leonard Correale

Barbara Tostrup

Performance Physical therapy was recommended to me by my primary care physician when I was having hip pain. My pain was successfully diagnosed and successfully treated with therapy; full recovery in a short time. Recently. I have been receiving therapy for a up of pain in my shoulder from a previous injury. Once again I have been treated with courtesy and respect by a knowledgeable therapist. HEENA, YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! Thank-you!!

Kathleen Barrowclough

When I first walked in to Performance Physical Therapy, I had sharp lower back pain that interfered with my sleep. After two 6-week PT sessions, I no longer have any back pain. Everyone courteous, professional, and provided individualized treatment.

Deirdra Dougherty

Mary is a top notch massage therapist! She is absolutely amazing! The room is lovely with tall ceilings and large windows that look out onto a small lake. With calming decor and Mary's expertise, you will be transported and cured!

Peter Mrozinski

Ten weeks after double knee replacement surgery I was walking four miles with no knee pain. My surgeon was very impressed with my progress and he attributed it largely to good physical therapy. I visited Performance Physical Therapy before and after surgery. It was immediately obvious that at Performance Physical Therapy the focus is on the patient. I had the opportunity to work with many staff members. Everyone from receptionist, to therapy assistants, to physical therapists, was courteous, knowledgeable and truly concerned about my progress. I credit not only the personalized rehabilitation program, but equally the constant support and concern of the staff for my recovery. Another example of concern for the patient at Performance Physical Therapy is their private evaluation and therapy rooms. During every visit I was guided through a targeted exercise routine in the common gym area, but I also had a private session with a physical therapist for individual treatment, as well as an opportunity to review my progress and therapy plan away from other patients. I was very impressed with both the professional treatment and patient focus at Performance Physical Therapy.

Joseph McElroy

I went to Performance, specifically to see John Bradley, PT for a failed back. John customized a plan for me that would regain my function, reduce my pain and not re-injure myself. There is no cookie cutter approach. After 2 months of physical therapy, and working with other PTs and assistants, I have achieved all three goals. I joined the fitness portion of the program at Performance Physical Therapy. Really reasonable. Not only do you get access to the equipment, but to the staff when needed. I am the only one who can do the work, and it is reassuring to continue my rehabilitation under a watchful eye.

Joan-Alice Burn

Performance has been taking care of me and my family for years. They set the standard for personalized, effective therapy. I recently had shoulder issues that were impacting my ability to do the things I wanted to do. Even though PPT is out of network for me, I didn’t even consider going anywhere else. Nicolette Morreale got me back in the game far faster than I expected. Great therapists, great staff, personalized care.

Patrick Rhodes

I have known Steve and John for almost 25 years. They both are extremely professional and caring. It did not matter what I was there for, whether it was my knee, foot, shoulder, back or neck, their staff worked hard to get me back to "normal". If that is such a thing for me! I am currently being seen by Heena for therapy on my shoulder following rotator cuff surgery. Heena is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, pleasant and enjoyable to work with and talk too. She has a great sense of understanding her patients and how they are responding to their individual treatments. From the front desk staff, Physical Therapist, to the Therapy Assistants there is always a professional, caring and concerned attitude for all of their clients. Highly recommended - 5 stars.

Bill Frame

I started working with PPT mid last year prior to back surgery. The entire staff did a great job, both Pre- Op and Post-Op. Positive attitudes, flexible and efficient, the staff made the experience as good as PT can possibly be! Thank you! In my case my treatment was directed by Nicolette Morreale PT, DPT. Simply stated she is exceptional! Thanks Nicki Bill Frame

Michelle Williard

I came to Performance Physical Therapy to rehab a surgically reconstructed ACL that I tore while skiing. My first appointment after surgery I was unable to complete the exercises set forth in the standard post ACL rehab plan. Without hesitation, Meghan quickly reworked my plan and got my knee moving using a different approach. Through out my entire physical therapy course she proved to be extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and determined to get me back to my pre surgery range of motion. She knew when to push me through the pain to strengthen my knee but also knew the difference when something wasn’t quite right and referred me back to my surgeon. Meghan reworked my therapy regimen at every visit to ensure it was appropriate for how I was progressing. Even when I wouldn’t tell her, she knew exactly which exercises were getting too easy and which were a little too difficult. After I completed my therapy course, my surgeon was extremely impressed with my mobility and range of motion. I scored in the 96th percentile for post ACL repair mobility. All of the staff I encountered at PPT was amazing. They all knew my name and made it a point to ask me how I was doing that day, even if they were not working with me. They took me in and treated me like family, which makes all the difference when you are experiencing the pain of rehabbing an injury. They truly were able to take a life altering injury and rehab me to a place where I am stronger now than I was before my injury. I would highly recommend PPT to anyone who needs therapy!

Paula Muller

Excellent service from receptionist to physical therapist. Amanda is a good PT, caring and full of compassion. Danielle is the best person and book keeper.

Mackenzie Minker

Laurie Kronenberg

What I loved was that PPT did a full assessment of my range of motion, strength, and conformation. Instead of basic strength training exercises I was challenged through unique strength training movements that were tailored to my specific problem. It is the both the customization of the treatment and the full body system evaluation that make PPT stand out among physical therapy groups. I highly recommend PPT.

John Bowman

I just finished 5 weeks of post hip replacement therapy. John laid out a plan that progressed me from 2 days post op to now being able to walk over 3 miles at a normal pace (and no pain). Heena, Gabby, and Lanette were not only personable but they clearly enjoy what they do and are energized by seeing their patients advance. They developed my hip stability and strength beyond that I expected. So glad for their great work, I was clearly “in good hands”!

Maryann D. Younger

Thorough program, kind staff, personalized attention, and great results. Fabulous place!

Chrystal Haas

Melanie is AWESOME!!!

Dino Melone

Sean Ruane did a fantastic job of improving my shoulder mobility. He was fun and great to work with. The whole staff was very positive and energetic especially Nicole, Gabby, Heena, Dee, Amanda, and Matt!

Vincent Lavorante

I highly recommend any of the therapists. I love everybody here and send all my relatives. Sean, Heena, and Kerri and Callie at the front were always ready and willing to help.

Susan Short

Nicole Graham is a life-saver! She is my massage therapist and truly takes the time to LISTEN. She's beyond competent in understanding the workings of my body and all the aches and pains associated with age, arthritis and worn out joints. And she remembers visit to visit. She has healing in her hands for sure and I am beyond grateful.

Rachael Frese

I have done both physical therapy and personal training with Performance. I started here doing physical therapy with Sean Treharne in the North Wilmington location and I can’t say enough good things! I was going through a difficult time during my PT and Sean was always there to lend an ear and to help me get up and moving. I would recommend doing Physical Therapy here to anyone I know! I recently started doing personal training with Mike Boylan, I chose performance because they knew my physical history, and I’m so glad I did because it’s been great. Mike pushes me but also recognizes when we need to pull back in certain areas, but I am getting so much stronger so quickly! It’s really exciting to feel more like a well oiled machine than a crickety old car just putt putting along through life. I can’t thank both Mike and Sean enough for how much of a difference they have and are continuing to make in my daily life!

Joan Van Riper

This is by far the most exceptional place I have ever received PT. All the staff is knowledgable, professional and friendly. Their customer service skills are the best! I believe I have received the best PT available to me. I have a Masters degree in Nursing and worked as a director in customer service and advocacy for a national health care system so I have lots of experience. Amanda is incredible and if all other PT's are the same, which I am sure they are, this is a mighty place!! Joan VR Pearson

Zina Walsh

I absolutely love PPT! I hav e been for therapy and immediately signed up for the gym upon completion of therapy. I feel I am well prepared for my upcoming knee replacement. All the staff knows you and is willing to answer any questions. Size and atmosphere are welcoming and not overwhelming.

Wendy C

Update, February 2019: Since the completion of my physical therapy at Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness in Hockessin in 2016, my knees have continued to do well. So when I recently began having trouble with my shoulder, I did not hesitate to ask my physician for a prescription to Performance. I was so fortunate to work with Nicolette Morreale, who was able to create a plan of stretches and exercises for me that not only strengthened my shoulder, but took into account my earlier knee problems. Nikki's plan was easy to incorporate into my daily "knee workout" and I am happy to report that 3 months after completing my sessions with Nikki, my shoulder is pain-free and I no longer have any problems with everyday activities. Thank you to Nikki and everyone at PPT for their knowledge, encouragement and professionalism! 2016: When my doctor prescribed physical therapy for my knees, I knew that I wanted someplace close to home so that getting to numerous appointments would be more convenient. I was fortunate to find Performance Physical Therapy. My experience there was so much better than I could have anticipated. From my first appointment I knew that I had come to the right place. I was immediately impressed with Sean Treharne, my therapist, who listened carefully to my history and created goals that worked for me. I especially appreciated the fact that he would always explain how and why each exercise worked, which really motivated me to work even harder. The assistants at PPT were so attentive and supportive too; getting through each session was much easier with their encouragement. Everyone there is professional and compassionate; they were sincerely interested in my progress, and seemed to care about me as a person. My physician was extremely pleased with my improvement, and I feel like I have gotten my life back. I have “graduated” from PT, but with my home program of stretches and exercises, I am able to do the daily activities that used to cause me discomfort. I have regained my mobility and self-sufficiency, and I have Sean and Performance Physical Therapy to thank for that!

Gloria Spriggs

From the morning you walk in, you know the staff is there for you. Everyone is friendly, scheduling is flexible, facility is nice and clean and the therapists are so knowledgeable and caring. In just a few weeks, I felt a tremendous improvement. From your initial first visit/consultation, you will know learn what will be done and why. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone! Plenty of parking and easy to get to.

Larry Hansen

Just "graduated" from my third "class" at Performance PT. This time it was the left knee. Over the last couple of years have also been to Performance PT for my right knee and a pinched nerve in my back. Had a different primary therapist for all three problems, and all three courses of treatment ended with successful outcomes. Sean R. was my primary therapist this time. He clearly knows his stuff as do Dee, Amanda and others who've worked on me. Good conversations with Sean and all the support staff helped make the time go faster and the exercises less of a chore. If I ever need PT again. I'll certainly be back at Performance PT.

Millie Brennan

I've returned to PPT 3 times - the first for my neck and twice for my hip. The entire staff is very friendly and supportive. The knowledgeable therapists tailor your therapy to fit your individual needs. They are professional and extremely caring in their approach. My most recent sessions were with Melanie and a few with Heena. Both showed great expertise. Melanie, as my primary therapist has a wonderful talent in making one feel comfortable and cared for while remaining professional and educating me on my condition.

Kathleen Burawski

Great place for physical therapy and massages. Very good staff.

Joyce Schindler

I walked into Performance PT four weeks before a trip that would require a Lot of walking, with both my knees hurting and a groin pull. Steve evaluated my injury and immediately told me they could help me. easing my concerns about my trip. Steve's professionalism and genuine concern showed how much he loved helping people feel better. Steve and Heena oversaw my treatment and were terrific! The entire staff all show the same wonderful traits I found in Steve and Heena. After many years of not getting much exercise they have given me the determination to continue at the gym! THANK YOU!!!!

Stan Lukoff

Recently spent about 10 sessions at Performance Physical Therapy and it was a very positive experience. Worked most with Amanda and occasionally Heena, and their level of expertise was outstanding. This company only has 2 sites, and I think that works to their advantage, unlike some of the other facilities/companies that work in this space. Also, having access to their fitness center is a big advantage. I have not tried the massage services yet but plan on doing that soon. All the support personnel are very friendly and positive. Highly recommended!

Linda Hickman

A welcoming, friendly atmosphere beginning with my 1st phone call. I applaud Sean Ruane, PT for the professional and thorough evaluation session. Also for Diptee Pathak, PTA for her encouragement and positive attitude throughout my therapy sessions. I highly recommend anyone needing PT to contact Performance Physical Therapy. Thank you,

Scott Wycoff

This is not the first time I have come to Performance Therapy for treatment. As always, perfection is the word. No matter whom I work with , the treatment is always way above the norm. I wish there could be a ten star evaluation, the people at Performance deserve all of them. Thank you everyone. Lia Wycoff

Chris Dunphy

I had my right knee replaced due to no cartilage remaining and needed physical therapy to gain full functionality back. Sean Ruane, as well as the entire staff, were a pleasure to work with and I was back in business as quickly as possible. Sean is very knowledgeable and pleasantly works with you to succeed. I have my left knee scheduled to be replaced and look forward to returning to Performance Physical Therapy to work through rehabilitation again with Sean!

P L Dailey

How can I tell you how much I love these wonderful people?!!! They have helped me so many times . I have arrived to see John and Steve in pain , and they have given me what I needed..I leave their care in great shape ALWAYS !!! I am always treated lovingly and with respect . I truly love those people

Chris Phifer

Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness has helped me overcome a severe back injury. I went in without being able to move or bend over but through working with Sean, Amanda, Heena, and Matthew I now can do everyday activities without struggling. I'm a very fit and active person, I like Ju Jitsu and Muay Thai training, this place got me back on my feet and into the gym in no time! Plus, the fitness center is great!

Dan Mahoney

I’ve been a member of the Performance Physical Therapy & Fitness “Family” for well over 10 years. I exercise there every day (cardio and/or weight training) and, when needed, I receive physical therapy from either Steve and John. The facility is wonderful, but I believe the hallmark of place is the cordial, helpful and supportive staff. Going in there every day is a delight.

Larry Tims

Usually you don't think of PT as fun, but the professionals at PPT & Fitness in Hockessin make every effort to "ease your pain" with friendliness plus knowledge. All staff deserve recognition for working together to achieve the best results for their patients and they do it with sincere care. Top notch all the way. Linda Tims

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