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REVIEWS OF SPARK Physical Therapy IN Connecticut

Tamara Paolangeli

Duane spent 90 minutes with my 18 year old, college runner. He evaluated, treated and educated her about her biomechanics, strengths and weaknesses to help improve her running. His use of posting exercises and helpful hints to social media is impressive and they are always in your back pocket. My 18 year old was impressed too :)

Jillian Marchenko

I am eternally grateful to Duane for helping me in my recovery from my latest hip injury. For two months I could barely put pants on. After two visits with Duane, I started to notice a change, and after three, I’m ready to begin to return to my sport! He really knows and understands the body of an athlete which, as an athlete, is extremely valuable. Thanks, Duane!

Vanessa Caswell

I’m thankful I crossed paths with Spark Physical Therapy. I’m a long distance runner who, on average, runs about 100 miles a month. In addition to my running I lift in the gym. I am no stranger to injuries. I’ve seen four different physical therapist in the last two years for running related injuries. I’ve never gotten a reason to why or what was happening other than “you run too many miles and your getting older”. All the PTS said my solution was to “just stop running and going to the gym”. As a 30 year old healthy individual I refused to believe that was my fate. In 2017 I was on this painful cycle of: pts taking care of the pain-feeling awesome to go to feeling the pain again. I clocked in 1,000 miles for the year of 2017 and that’s when my body checked out. I got plantar fasciitis, perineal tendonitis and was sentenced to a boot for what felt like months. I remember when I was seeking care for that injury the PT I was seeing said,”I told you so! Now you shouldn’t run”. I believed this person and I stopped running for a year. I feared damaging my body to the point where I couldn’t do any physical work. For me, running is everything, it shows me my strength and allows me to escape stress. So that year was rough. I started being frightened to even start running again. I mustered up the courage and signed up for four half marathons this year in 2019. I followed everything the PTS have told me, I was dedicated to proper training. I ran 500 training miles for my first half and I felt great! When I ran that half I got my goal PR of 1 hour 51! I proved everyone wrong. Until, A few days after I felt the tendonitis kick in and I questioned myself again, “Am I runner?” I was fortunate enough to have a session with Duane of Spark physical therapy days before my second half marathon. I explained all my issues and fears. Something off the bat that was different about him from other PTS is he said I could run and I don’t need to stop. I was listened to and for the first time really examined. Everything was looked at, from my form to my mechanics. I learned so much about myself in an hour and. Half than I have in years! I learned about the underlying issues not how to treat the pain.are. I feel refocused and excited about my training now that I know what my weakness’s are. it was nice to feel valued, and respected. I didn’t feel like rushed! I highly recommend going to spark physical therapy. Spark really cares about athletes! I even got a pre race warm up during my second half by Duane! Don’t waste your time, go to Spark and be treated properly!

caseykyay .

I have been dealing with a funky lower back since throwing it out in high school. I am someone who tends to ignore a twinge or two, but once it started to really take a turn, I hit up Duane. I had heard incredible things about him from my fellow aerialists and friends, however I didn't realize the extent of the excellent care I would receive ! After two exams, I was able to finally sleep through the night with zero pain and barely waking up!! He took the time to hear out all my concerns, and puts up with all my strange noises as he worked through the rough spots


When I sprained my ankle a few months ago, Spark PT was recommended to me by a friend. Duane is professional, passionate and best of all, really makes a difference! After having months of limited mobility and range of motion, I noticed a difference after my first visit. In just two visits (and with a lot of prescribed exercises to do at home) my mobility increased quite a lot, my pain level decreased, and now I'm happy to report it's a non-issue! I really appreciated Duane's attention to detail and 'after-care' - he makes sure you have exercises you can do on your own, and that you understand them fully. The app he uses for is a welcome addition to the typical PT routine.

Tina McGoldrick

As a physical therapist myself and as a parent of busy children, I was extremely pleased with the therapy, education and flexibility of having Duane come into our home to work with my daughter who is a gymnast. He not only had extensive knowledge of orthopedic physical therapy ( I do pediatrics and work with babies so this was an education for me as well), he also had a very clear understanding of what a gymnast/young athlete needs to be effective and injury free. He was able to not only treat and give an exercise program that targeted treating her injury, but also gave strengthening and stretching activities that would prevent injury elsewhere. She is now able to use the education that she has gotten from Duane and perform the therapeutic activities on her own to maintain proper alignment, flexibility and strength. The app demonstrating the therapeutic activities to be performed was easy to follow and allowed us the ability to do it on our own schedule. We saw Duane four times, a fraction of what we would have had to do if we opted for outpatient which made it very manageable. Since we have a deductible, we actually saved money with Duane. I am extremely happy that I was fortunate enough to access a physical therapist that came to my home who had the specific knowledge of how to provide my gymnast daughter with the therapy that she needed and activities that she will continue to use. I highly recommend Duane and his model for physical therapy.

Amy Figlewski

Duane is excellent working with athletes. As a parent of a gymnast I’m very comfortable with his knowledge and expertise in working with my daughter. He takes the time to understand the injury, treated accordingly and got her back to her sport quickly.

Karen L

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for his expertise, knowledge, dedication toward making sure I was doing my exercises properly, and for his genuine commitment to getting people moving!!! When I hurt my back so bad that I could barely move and certainly couldn't get into a car, I was thrilled to have Duane recommended to me -- he does home visits! His expertise was instantly evident as he quickly diagnosed the issue and began to work on my back to get it back to health. With the combination of manual therapy and the exercises he recommended and showed me how to do, I am now back to full motion and movement . . . which is critical as a working mom of three high energy boys.

James Zarro

I am a triathlete who was battling a knee injury and was starting to question if I would be able to compete in any running/triathlon events again. Thanks to Duane's help, I am back training again without pain. Not only did he help me resolve the issue with my knee, he gave me the knowledge and tools to help strengthen my legs in order to prevent this future injury. I would highly recommend Spark Physical Therapy!

Tara Shaye Lynch

After many chronic dance injuries, Spark was able to identify my weaknesses in order to make me stronger. I am grateful to Spark PT because I am able to transition out of my dance career while maintaining a healthy level of strength for daily life.

Lauren Cieslewski

Duane is an excellent PT! He treated my daughter for a dance injury, and brought a unique perspective to her treatment due to his dance background. I have also seen Duane for a running injury. He got me back to my favorite activity and gave me exercises to continue my care at home. If you need a PT, Duane Scotti @ Scotti Performing Arts PT is the way to go!

Allie Eldridge

I’ve been a dancer my entire life and ended up with my fair share of injuries, leading me to seek Physical Therapy. Duane was always my go to for treatment. For all of the dancers out there, Duane is outstanding in understanding the rigorous nature of the performing arts world. He understands dance terminology and the technique that we’re required to have. Through this, he is able to personalize the rehabilitation for dancers and have them ready for whatever competition or performance that’s coming up. Whether it’s preventive measures so injuries don’t pop up or rehabilitation exercises to get his patients back to their highest potential, Duane is positive, trustworthy and remarkable in his practices. Knowing that Duane fully understands the dance world and what it takes to be a dancer makes physical therapy with him fantastic to work with. Duane’s excitement and passion for Physical Therapy is always visible during appointments. The dedication that He has for getting His patients back to a place of health is one of a kind. I would highly recommend him to any performer and I’m grateful that I’ve had the experience to work with and learn from him!!

Bridget Hill

Great experience. Duane has always done an amazing job for our daughter. Only a phone call away. He has helped her recover and prevent injury throughout her dance career. Watching the great results that she was having I decided to have Duane take a look at my lower back pain I was having. Within a couple weeks I was feeling much better and the pain just about gone. Duane gave me some exercises to continue with for preventative maintenance which have helped keep lower back pain away. As mentioned in his add “can you text your PT the night of a big event”? His availability, professionalism, clinical applications and knowledge is amazing. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you for all you do for our athletes and maybe parents.

Kelley Breyer

As a runner before pregnancy, I was eager to get back on the road after having my daughter. Duane assessed me for weaknesses and imbalances and provided exercises to help correct them. Duane took his time in assessing and explaining/showing me the exercises. I truly believe he will help me become a stronger runner and get some postpartum PRs!

Shepard Stevens

Duane is the best!! He got me back on my feet after a back injury. He’s on time and goes the extra mile in every appointment. Highest recommendation!!!

Brett Yarris

Scotti Performing Arts, led by Dr. Duane Scotti is an unparalleled experience for dancers, gymnasts and movers of any kind. His expertise in helping individuals to move pain free, enhance performance and stay active is crucial to the success of his clients. I personally ask him for consultation with my own clients as he is a resource of knowledge and experience. Beyond all of that, however, is his passion for this work and for the success of his clients. That above all makes Scotti Performing Arts the place to go if you or your loved ones need competent, comprehensive Physical Therapy.

Rebecca Stevens

Dr. Scotti has helped my daughter, a dancer, when NO ONE ELSE seemed to be able to. He told us the exact cause of the problem and gave her the plan for solving it. She is much better. I want to say I found Dr. Scotti by accident but it was no accident. He was the answer I was looking for. It's very difficult when your child is hurting and you can't help. THANK YOU Dr. Duane.

Courtney Billings

Amazingly talented doctor who’s insight and experience with the dance industry truly exemplifies his work and care for all dancers! His comprehensive attention to the specific needs of each dancer coupled with his experience as a physical therapist truly are a perfect marriage. Everyone should have a Dr. Scotti in their Studio! Highly recommend!

Nicole Uvino

Duane is a saving grace!!! About eight years ago, I injured my lower back whiling dancing, which led me to physical therapy. I saw several PTs before seeing Duane and was mislead with techniques and back braces that was masking my injury. After being referred to Duane, my chronic pain in my lower back slowy but surely eased up. Not only did Duane help me specifically with my lower back, but also helped with other areas of my body that contributed to my injury. An overall EXPERIENCE!! I have no more pain and to this day still continue exercises Duane has advised. You can truly see the passion in what he does and he is determined to find a successful route for all his clients. I noticed he is very personalized with his clientele, as well. All exercises and advice is suggested specifically for your own well being. I HIGHLY recommend Duane Scotti for anyone inquiring! You truly will not be disappointed!!

Sydney Billings

Over the past few years I have been going to Duane for multiple injuries. It started when I was in high school performing at my dance studio from lower back pain to pulling my hamstring, Duane ensured I was ready to go, with the fact I was dancing almost six days a week. Now, being a dance instructor, Duane has helped me tremendously with all of the injuries I have gotten from teaching and dancing in college. He has also given me the right tools and tips for when teaching dancers with injuries. How to prevent them in my class, with stretching and dancing, and how to deal with students with injuries, to make sure I do not push them too far. Go to Duane, he is the best!!!!!!

Ramona Eldridge

As the mom of a young dancer i was in search of ways to prevent injury and help my daughter recover from injury to prevent reoccurrence. Dr Scotti was not only able to address both needs but also became a supportive nurturing mentor to a young dancer/performer/student with big dreams! Later when I was suffering with back issues myself, i went to Dr Scotti and found relief. This is not your typical Doctor visit. Dr Scotti truly cares about his patients and it shows in everything he does. Thank you Dr Scotti for everything!!

Lisa lee

Duane has treated both of my daughters and is knowledgeable and kind. He is passionate about his career and takes it to a whole level of care that exceeds anyone else. We recommend him for PT to treat any injury or condition.

Monique Drucker

Duane Scotti has been treating our daughter for the past year for various injuries and therapy needed from rigorous competitive gymnastics training. His evaluations are extremely thorough, and as a result, his individualized treatment programs have been spot on for her strengthening and recovery process. When your child is hurting, you need someone you can 100% trust- this is Duane. Not only have we entrusted our daughter to his care, but my husband has also seen him- they both have responded very well to his treatment and both are healthier and stronger because of his care and guidance. His concierge service is top notch- he responds to your inquiries in an extremely timely manner, and his care for his patients is widely evident in his approach, treatment and follow through. With a competitive athlete in the family, we have seen many physical therapists over the years, but we are so grateful to have found Duane, as he is by far the most knowledgeable, trusted and accessible PT we have known. His deep knowledge of gymnastics, running and dancing coupled with his superieor level of education, training, background and unique concierge service makes him invaluable as a Physical Therapist!

Megan The Gymnast

I am in the middle of my competitive season and was experiencing some low back muscular pain . My mother is a PT that works in the geriatric field and knew that I needed a PT that works specifically with gymnasts. Duanne helped me with the use of specific stretches, dry needling and soft tissue massage. It really helped me get through the times when my back was really bothering me. Thank you her helping me get through my season at CGA!

Nikki Matarazzo

I have needed PT multiple times for knee, hip, and shoulder injuries from dancing, and Duane has helped me recover from each one! Since I will be going to school for PT myself, I have also had the opportunity to learn from Duane and observe his work on multiple occasions. He is so passionate and knowledgeable about his work and he always makes sure to get to know each of his clients. What’s especially nice about working with Duane is that he understands the crazy demands that are placed upon athletes, so he works thoroughly to improve any current injuries and educates you on preventing any future injuries. I highly recommend going to see Duane if you are in need of PT, especially if you’re a dancer, gymnast, or a runner. He is always amazing to work with and I have nothing but positive things to say about my experiences with him!


Duane is great! My daughter is a competitive gymnast and Duane's personalized treatment for her injury enabled her to recover faster. In addition to his skills as a PT he is personable, approachable, and great at communicating with us. Highly recommend!

Jeff Pangaro

Really appreciate Duane’s attention to detail and time he took getting to know our son during diagnosis. Our son is a competitive athlete in three sports and Duane had a lot of knowledge in every facet of the healing process and impact across sports. Rare to get the time and attention Duane provides during any appointment these days!! He will be a regular part of our sons training for years to come.

danibobbilee .

I am an aerialist and had scary shoulder pains happening for about a month before making an appointment with SPARK. After the appointment, I felt a significant difference in my shoulder AND was given substantial exercises to help rectify and prevent injuries. It has been about a month since my appointment and I can happily say that my shoulder is feeling strong again! Duane is thorough from the moment you contact him and even weeks after the appointment. He listens and understand the needs of a creative mover (aerialist, dancer, gymnast...). He is now officially my go-to physical therapy guy! HIGHLY RECOMMEND setting up an appointment even just to check in with your body and discover any preventive measures you can take to help strengthen and continue your practices.

Lissa Merchant

Dr Duane is wonderful! I was looking for a PT with a knowledge of dance and I am thrilled to have found someone so close to home and knowledgable! He is kind, courteous, and extremely knowledgable!

nick segelka

Duane is an excellent PT. He is extremely knowledgeable and always knows what he's talking about. I've worked with a few other PTs and Duane is the first that I felt actually understood my needs as a performer and an athlete. Beyond all of that, Duane is always happy to spend as much time as it takes to get me the information I need and help me solve my problems. The personal attention really stands out and puts Scotti Performing Arts PT far above the rest.

kerry patton

I received several months of treatment from a chiropractor for a hamstring injury. I continued to feel the discomfort and did not feel that the treatment was addressing the concern. Due to the injury and the lack of positive response from the chiropractic treatment I had dramatically decreased my running pace and miles to what I thought would protect the injury from getting worse. I received a recommendation from a friend to contact Duane who had helped her daughter dramatically with injuries sustained from being a competitive gymnast. I contacted Duane to schedule an evaluation and was amazed as to how convenient the service that he offered to come to my home for the evaluation and treatment. Duane took the time to complete an full evaluation which was not what I received in the past. The dry needling treatment and custom program that Duane developed for me dramatically helped my hamstring. The education and knowledge that he provided enhanced my understanding of the importance for strengthening exercises. I responded to the treatment well in half of the time that I should have responded from the previous treater. I continue to build on my goal of increasing my pace and mileage with the goal to run the half marathon on Labor Day. I highly recommend Duane, Scotti Performing Arts PT, LLC to all that are interested in an evaluation and especially have not felt that they have made progress with the current treatment that they may be receiving. Thank you Duane!

Allison McDermott

I had been dealing with a hip injury for several months when I went to Spark Physical Therapy. I started working with Dr. Duane Scotti at the same time as I was seeing an orthopedic surgeon and working on a PT regimen. I felt that SPARK was able to provide more detailed and well-rounded care than I could access working within my medical plan. I appreciate that Duane Scotti is focused, has a variety of tools for treatment and looks for the answers not just at the treatment site, but in the body as a whole. I am no longer in line for surgery and as a professional mover and performer, I will be working with SPARK PT for preventative care and treatment as well. Highly recommend.

Ashley Frament

Duane goes above and beyond for his clients, ensuring that his patients are able to continue being as active as possible throughout treatment. He provides so much valuable information on his social media channels as well, with a lot of enthusiasm and understandable explanations. I highly recommend Spark PT!

Kylie Cardoso

I went to see Duane after I started having calf & shin pain while running. I have had injuries in the past while running competitively at the collegiate level but this injury was different than any I had before. My injury forced me to stop running for a little while, which was tough since I was in the middle of training for a half marathon. The first time I went to see Duane he did a thorough examination and was able to identify what the issue could be. Through hands-on manual therapy and a customized home exercise program, Duane was able to help me get back to running and training for the half marathon. I was hesitant to go through with doing the half marathon because I was scared that the pain would return, but to my pleasant surprise I was able to run the entire half marathon pain-free. Being treated by Duane helped me to be able to reach my goals and allowed me to continue doing the activity that I love. Being a runner himself, he was very knowledgeable about the sport and the proper mechanics that the body needs in order to run with proper form and no pain. The one-on-one time that he was able to offer made a big difference in that hands-on time was optimized and this truly helped to fix the issue that I was having. The home exercise program that he provided me with is something that I can continue to use while training for races to prevent further injuries like this one from occurring. My experience with Duane was great and I would definitely go back to see him if I were to get injured again.

Carlos Esguerra

Duane is an avid runner and dance dad which gives him a unique hands-on understanding of the type injuries and therapy options available to athletes. He's been instrumental in helping me stay healthy as I train for my first full full marathon later this year.

melissa stjean

My daughter stared seeing Duane just over a year ago for chronic hip issues. She was 6 weeks from the end of the year dance recital and was struggling. Duane did not discourage her (like some of her previous therapists) but said he would get her well enough to perform. Six months ago, we began with his independent practice which is fabulous! The undivided attention of having Duane work with one person in the comfort of your own home (OR backyard!) is phenomenal. Nowhere else would you receive the intense personalization as Scotti Performing Arts. Since then, both my husband and I have had therapy sessions for various issues ~ as well as a few friends who have some training-related complaints. We can arrange an afternoon of back to back sessions ~ like today ... 4 in a row! We talk about various topics related to therapy, prevention/prehab, as well as healthcare in general (interjected with plenty of small talk and friendly banter). I would HIGHLY recommend Scotti PT!

Janet Voelpert

I am so happy to have found Spark Physical Therapy. Duane has help me with a running issue. Only a short time and feeling so much improvement. I am running again with no pain. If you're in need I totally recommend this help getting you stronger without pain. Learn proper technique to stretch and strength.

andrea Finta

Duane Scotti has been working with my daughter for the past 2 months for gymnastics flexibility. Not only does he work with her individually, but also has a great program set up for her to go online and do stretches and other exercises at home. The online exercise program is very easy to use and my daughter can navigate on her own and understand what needs to be done. We are very pleased on the results! We highly recommend Duane Scotti!

Denise Terzakis

I contacted Duane because my daughter was struggling with pain in her wrists and she needed someone who understood her world of cheerleading and tumbling that she is passionate about. She was having to decrease her skills and even abstain from them at times. I needed someone to see if she could continue this passion safely and without being in pain. Sure enough with Duane’s help and guidance she is doing what she loves with much less pain. She was able to resume her skills from where she left off and has even began exceling past. I loved that he had no doubt that with the guidance of his program she could continue to do this sport and it put me as a parent at ease knowing that she wasn’t continuing to do something that could have long term negative effects. Duane has been very patient with my daughter, really listens to her and clearly expresses and demonstrates with her what she needs to work on to remedy her Issue. We are very grateful to Duane and can not recommend him enough!

Taryn DiSorbo

I found Scotti Performing Arts PT due to an injury sustained during an obstacle race I had participated in. Working out daily was preventing the injury from healing correctly until I found my physical therapist. I was not going to stop my weight and running training because of the injury and he understood my needs. He worked with me through the initial injury and through several overuse injuries I had been dealing with for years. After seeing my therapist just a few times I felt less (little to none) pain than I had in years and my training and running got back on schedule. The flexibility with scheduling and the fact that the appointment was held at my house made it that much easier to fit into my busy life. I was also able to get specific exercises that were feasible to complete in my house since my therapist knew exactly what I had available and that made it easy to stay on track with the prescribed exercises. Recently I was able to run a 5 mile road race without the aches and pains the next day that I would have had prior to going to Scotti Performing Arts PT. I highly recommend this business and my therapist for any injuries you may have due to an active lifestyle. His personal care and true interest in my well-being makes my experience the best I’ve had with a PT.

Cris Tina

Duane is the *only* PT who gave me any relief from recurring hip pain- after one session. His initial evaluation process was very thorough and his treatment plan was highly effective. If you're a runner like myself and are suffering from pain and/or immobility, skip the doctor recommended PT and head straight to Spark Physical Therapy.

Ashley Rak

Dr. Scotti has been great to work with. He was able to identify my injury and throughly explain the path to recovery! He is a true professional in the PT field and I’d highly reccommed working with him.

Christina Madancy

Eric Beausoleil

Im an avid weightlifter and physical therapist with shoulder pain. Duane takes the time with you assessing the problem and customizing an approach that will improve your function on day 1!

Lucy Kampf

Duane is dedicated, professional and extremely experienced. He examines the anatomy and is able to utilize his techniques to get you healthy an functioning again. Highly recommend giving him a call.

Zana Kulas

Before we started taking therapy sessions, my daughter was unable to perform certain dance moves/positions without feeling a pain in her hip. She had injured her hip a couple weeks in advance during dance. After a few weeks of working with Spark Physical Therapy, my daughter was able to move her hip freely and no longer felt the pain that had been there before. She is now ready for competition season!

Katie Robison

I first went to Duane prior to training for my first full marathon because I had some aches and pains from running that I wanted to sort out. Duane was able to diagnose the problems immediately and I went home pain free. The exercises he prescribed were personalized to my needs and within a few weeks, I felt stronger and pain free while running so I could get to healthy training! It’s great to have a physical therapist who understands athletes and encourages people to continue to stay active. I highly recommend Duane to any person who is looking to stay healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle!

Lauren Uvino

If there's one person I trust when it comes to pain or injuries, It's Duane. Duane has been my physical Therapist for many years and has always worked wonders for my injuries and pains. As an aerial circus artist I've had my fair share of shoulder and upper back pain, as well as lower back and flexibility pain. Whenever something with my body doesn't feel right my PT, Duane, is always there to assess the situation. Duane has given me exercises to do at home to help with injury prevention and has performed dry needling on me within our sessions which works absolute wonders. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs a physical therapist!! 10 out of 10 for sure!!!

Tracy Bocek

My daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at birth and was in a brace for her first year. She started competitive gymnastics about two years ago. Over the past year she has been experiencing some foot and hip discomfort and had been having difficulty with flexibility. I tried all sorts of stretching websites and gym classes. Nothing seemed to work and her complaints kept coming. Her coach recommended us to contact Duane. I am so glad I reached out. Since working with him, she has been pain free at the gym, she has gotten more flexible and is able to do a few new gymnastics “tricks” we never thought she’d be able to accomplish! Duane is pleasant, communicates with me frequently about her progress, has a great rapport with my eight year old and is a wealth of knowledge!

Volunteer Coordinator

My son is a Level 9 gymnast and fractured his ankle and then another bone in the same foot within 2 months. After spending a long time in a boot, Duane worked with Nathaniel to help him regain his strength, stability and range of motion. He also helped him regain his confidence along the way! Nathaniel’s back in the gym getting ready to compete this season. My son really benefitted from the 1:1 treatment and exercises tailored to him he could access on his phone. We highly recommend Duane for gymnasts!

Hannah Rappaport

I came in to see Duane for my shoulder and back pain. As an aerialist, I knew I could not go on with my normal routine with this type of pain. Duane was very accommodating in making an appointment quickly and has given me comprehensive exercises to strengthen these areas of my body. I appreciated his review each session to make sure I was doing the exercises correctly. Through his patience and guidance, I am seeing improvements.

Holly Gilligan

I’ve been a lifelong athlete and highly active person, and have been suffering from chronic low back pain for >10 years. My main form of physical activity over the last few years has been circus arts, training Chinese pole and aerial silks 5 days per week, which involves both flexibility and strength. As a result, I’ve had frequent flare ups in back pain, so severe recently that it became difficult to walk. I finally paid a visit to Scotti Performing Arts and have seen significant improvements in just 2 sessions. My therapist provided a comprehensive assessment, dry needling, manipulation, and an exercise program to work on between visits. His explanations and treatment methods, as well as focus on long term physical success, have not only improved my pain and mobility, but have allowed me to begin working on appropriate strengthening for avoidance of injury in the future. Highly recommended!

Kirsten Schneider

In one word, TRUST. You can trust Duane Scotti to provide you with exceptional healthcare. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and has seen Duane every other week (pretty much) for 6 months. He has treated her for reoccurring heel pain and overall leg flexibility (and other aches and pains here and there). He has kept her in top condition despite the daily abuse her body takes from this relentless sport. He is excellent at listening to the athlete's concerns, treating the problem, teaching the athlete how to maintain her health, and communicating with the parent. I highly recommend Duane, he is beyond exceptional.

Vanessa Mather

Duane is amazing. My daughter injured her back a few days before her dance competition and Duane had her ready to go in time to compete. She is feeling so much better!!! Thank you!!!!

Brittany Dubovick

As a gymnastics coach and a competitive cross-fitter I trust Scotti Performing Arts PT with my athletes as well as my own body. Dr. Scotti's experience with gymnasts, dancers, runners, and weight lifters has allowed him to have an understanding that can not be taught! His knowledge, passion, and experience has allowed him to exceed many patients expectations. From pre-habilitation to injury re-habilitation he will spend a great deal of time with his clients to make sure they are getting what they need. He is extremely flexible & dedicated to making the process extremely positive. I highly recommend Dr. Scotti!

Kevin Grimes

I have been running and swimming for over 40 years and have transition to competing in triathlons for the last few years. I recently came down with a back injury which was debilitating. Duane Scotti went out of his way to make time to evaluate my condition within 24 hours of my request. He quickly concluded that I had herniated the L5 disk and provided an excellent explanation on what my options would be for treatment and advise on how to proceed for the best outcomes. An MRI eventually revealed that I did in fact have an L5 herniation and I was already ahead of the game in deciding treatment. After my initial evaluation Duane has been in regular communication with me providing guidance and answering all my questions. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to starting run again without pain in the next week and I have already begun a healthy level of swimming, biking and yoga to make me confident that I will be able to manage the back issue going forward Kevin

Tam Le

If you’re an athlete (runner, triathlete, cheerleader, dancer, etc) and want to get to the next level, before trying to work harder...Go see Duane. If you’re a former athlete and you want to get back into the game.. go see Duane. Being a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Duane, not only diagnoses your ailments, but will devise the course of treatments that will be specific for your particular need. Thanks to Duane, I have been able to return to full activities as a “slightly over the hill” athlete. The sooner you see Duane, the sooner you will get better.

Stacey Strange

Duane is a fantastic, and holistic PT who has helped me, as well as my friends and fellow aerialists come back stronger from injuries, and prevent injuries by correcting imbalances before they get too far! As an aerialist, or movement based artist in general it's so hard to find a PT that understands the demands you're putting on your body, as well as the level of performance that you need your body to meet daily. Duane looks at your whole body to assess and treat the cause of injury and issue, not just the emergent symptoms. He is generous with his time and treatment, and does tons of fabulous hands on work in addition to prescribing the correct exercises. Cannot recommend him highly enough for any aerialist, gymnast, dancer, or runner!


I’m a runner. I’ve been running a long time (since 1972) and want to continue to run for a long time, but injuries are a reality and I’ve had plenty. I sought treatment from Duane after having been treated for various injuries in the past and felt that I needed a fresh approach to enable me to keep running. I found Duane to be both thorough and extremely expert in diagnosing and treating athletes. I had been treated for high hamstring tendinitis. I was also dealing with a calf strain and knee pain as a result of compensating for deficiencies in my stride. I could feel that I was not running normally. Duane carefully studied my injuries and my running form to determine the root causes and made adjustments to my hip, ankle, calf to effectively realign me to the point where I felt confident to get back on the road. The very next day on my first run I could feel the improvements in my stride. I was moving much more naturally and as a result faster. Duane gave me a regimen of exercises to follow to help stretch and strengthen weak muscle groups. The videos are easy to follow. I have had one follow up visit to continue to adjust a tight ankle. I am committed to periodic return visits to help me maintain a healthy body and allow me to keep on running! I am most grateful to Duane for his commitment and expertise. I highly recommend Duane to any athlete.

Linda Dellacamera

The one on one care is excellent. Going to therapy after my knee surgery I felt I wasn’t getting the attention I needed therapists were working on 2 or 3 people at the same time. So I gave up on it. Duane creates a program for you and works one on one with you. I can feel the progress every day. I highly recommend Spark Physical Therapy.

michele gargiulo

My daughter is a dancer and has had her fair share of injuries.Duane has been hands down the best person to treat her. I highly recommend him due to his professionalism, range of knowledge, and personalization of treatment. Not only does he treat her but he also gives her personalized exercises to gain more strength and stability. He is also easily accessible when an injury occurs in order to triage her right away. Even when we are out of state! His love for what he does definitely comes out in his work! My daughter and I think he is amazing and would recommend him to everyone!!!

maddie whalen

He’s the best! Duane has been by PT for about 7 years now and knows what’s best! As a dancer he understands different styles of dance can impact you in different ways! Always willing to be there for you side by side every step of the way for your recovery! I wouldn’t even think about going to someone else!

Dani Lee

Karli Conzo

I have had a wonderful experience being treated by Duane for my running injuries in the past. I have had tremendous success with his interventions for my hip pain and meeting with him always allows me to get back to running happy and pain free! The one on one time for treatment is so unique and beneficial, as he is extremely attentive during the treatment session, providing feedback on exercises and performing manual techniques that I truly feel help me optimize my performance with running. The home exercise program he provides has been something I continue to use even weeks after treatment for prevention of any issues as I feel it truly works! I am extremely happy with the progress I make from being treated by Duane, and it's a huge relief to have him support me in my running efforts and allow me to run at my best!

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