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REVIEWS OF Pieper Veterinary Emergency & Specialty IN Connecticut

Andrea Ruimerman

The staff at Piper Olson was awesome helping me deal with issues with my much beloved senior dog Molly. Their compassion and care given to myself and Molly was 2nd to none. Through pain management and proper care I will have Molly for a while longer which is amazing to this dog Mom!! Thank you all!

Michelle Rahrig

Yes, 5 stars! Excellent service and staff. Caring and patient, I would't go anywhere else.

Caribbean clear Of New England

I had a very sick cat who is now feeling much better. The vet gave me great insight as how to proceed with my hyperthyroid cat. The intake was fast, and thorough. the pricing was reasonable compared to other ER hospitals. Nothing unnecessary was done in the line of tests. So many other hospitals take advantage of the pet owner with unnecessary tests that I will not use them anymore. I drove 40 minutes to Pieper Memorial instead of using other hospitals within 10 minutes of home

Jo-ann Connelly

I called this practice for a rough estimate for a canine amputation for a dog with osteosarcoma. I did not ask for an accurate quote but a rough idea of the price and no one returned my call. After my third call I was told I would need to schedule a consult to obtain the price. This practice is more concerned about money than pets and pet owners. I doubt this is the type of ethics the founder had when starting this practice or utnever would have grown this big. Shame on you for being greedy and money motivated.


Would never recommend. Owners are not interested in helping our pets and are rude! I could never have imagined them do surgery on my dog with a success rate of

John Lesick

While we are happy with the medical services our Shih Tzu has received from Dr. Regan, I cannot give Pieper Olsen 5 stars. My wife and I boarded our baby, for 5 days, back in May. We left specific instructions on her daily routine, how she only eats when hand fed, and for any medical issues, she’s to be treated right away. When we came to pick her up, a huge clump of peanut butter was thrown on top of her food, (she never ate, and lost 5 pounds), other dogs had use of her bed, (we had to throw it out), all her toys and belongings were left outside of her pen, and she had an eye infection, which Dr. Lord admitted they knew about, but no one treated. Like I’ve said, Dr. Regan is wonderful, but the boarding staff leaves little to be desired. It borderlines abuse and neglect. My Shih Tzu will never stay there again.

Lisa Larensen

Wonderful facility!!! Knowledgeable and caring. I will never bring my animals anywhere else. Can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for us. Top notch!!!

Keri Bonanno

Everyone was so nice and very helpful. Dr. Wood was great. He explained everything and gave us a good plan for our cat. The wait was minimal and worth it. It’s great knowing they are relatively close in case of another emergency.


Wonderful staff. Took us very quickly late at night and my needs were for an exoctic animal. The vet was helpful and quick to greet us. Staff was very friendly and helpful with our animals.

Barbara Rudnick

Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center is like another city. I seriously doubt that there is any illness they are not prepared to treat, with an incredible number of Veterinarians in every specialty imaginable. Over the last few years we have been there for broken bones, cancer and now gall stones. We have always received the best care. Dr. Carolyn Gross is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also very compassionate and I am so happy she is there for our Daisy!

Luther Records

very helpful and informative during emergency visit (and surgery). gave good post surgery instructions and were open for follow up if /when needed.

Casey Rasmussen

Very displeased with my visit to the emergency hospital. Called around 9pm because my dog was having a coughing/wheezing fit; they said come in ASAP. Arrived by 9:20pm and did not leave until 1:20AM!! This would be completelyyy acceptable, but for the work that was done it was not. There were only 2 other patients in the clinic besides me; 1 was there beforehand, the other arrived&left in the same 4 hours of my visit. No work was done for my dog besides 2 prescriptions (a Fish antibiotic & cough suppressant)..... They took my dog’s vitals for 30 minutes, I waited in the lobby with her for 2 hours, waited in the exam room for another hour, THEN waited Another hour just to pay. I cannot believe I paid (any amount of) money for this visit.. Wish I had left and gone to the Connecticut Veterinary Center where they actually care about their patients health, wellbeing & time.

Scott Dunn

Our bulldog had problems walking on Christmas Eve and our regular vet was closed. I went online and Pieper was the highest rated emergency vet center in our area. I can honestly say that their very high rating is well deserved. Everyone from the person we talked with on the phone to the person at the front desk to the assistant to the vet showed sincere concern over our dog’s injury and concern over how we felt. I will absolutely use them again if the need occurs. Very impressed with them!!


If your pet has a complicated condition, please do NOT bring here. Highly disappointed with the care received for my cat - specialty and emergency both. I understand that resources and skills can be limited, but some basic things were missing. The doctors were contradicting themselves multiple times. I spent thousands of dollars (no surgeries) but they did not have the capability to treat him. I should never have brought my baby here. Now I have lost him. Will NEVER go back to this place.

Eric Matthews

Would highly recommend. Wait time can be a pain but very helpful and worked with us for a payment plan. They definitely care about the animals not just money.

Cathy C.

Super nice staff and we had a wonderful experience at their emergency room.

Barbara Keene

as a concerned pet owner we brought our dog in for a pre-surgical consultation. we were very new to the piper memorial center and didn't know what to expect. not only was the staff caring and professional but put us at ease right away. the vet was articulate and kind, caring and easy to talk with. she answered all our questions and went above and beyond to make sure we felt comfortable with a plan for our pet. I would highly recommend Pieper Memorial if they would like a more professional caring approach to veterinary care.

Govar Kuruchi

The original estimates don't include the oncology diagnostics bills that are performed under the same roof. I paid 30% more than the estimates. After the surgery, I have handed the claim form for the insurance and they lost it. Front end staff is very unhelpful. No human touch at all.

Donna Lynch

Great emergency vet clinic. I've had to use it 3 times and I would highly recommend them .they are very knowledgeable and caring. The prices are not too bad considering it's an emergency vet.

Sharon P.

This is one of the cleanest up-to-date vet facilities I have visited. The grounds and physical building are very welcoming and comforting. There is a walking path to utilize before or after your vet visit. We were there for an oncology consult and left feeling that all of our questions had been answered and that we had a solid game plan for treatment. The staff and doctors we interacted with were all friendly and professional.

Robyn Westerkamp

Recently, the staff at the Madison office welcomed us late at night and quickly and kindly took care of our dog Rosie. A few months back, we visited the Middletown office when our sweet Tess was in distress and had to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. I highly recommend the staff at Pieper.

Joey Is Pretty Coolio

Had an emergency with our beloved dog. Rushed her in as our local vet referred us. Staff was professional and calming in a stressful time for us. Still in the midst of the process and awaiting surgery. Word of advice bring money. Wanted entire bill in a deposit before proceeding with care for torn ligament.

Cathie Horan

They take great care of our pup and our kitties!

Kristin Irwin

They took really great care of our rabbit. They were able to get us an appointment right away when we noticed she was sick.

Jessie Kingman

The staff is very friendly and comforting. But I'm very disappointed that I sat there for over 4 hours waiting on a diagnosis that was exactly the same as what I told them when I called. I get that this is an emergency vet and things get prioritized by severity but I sat in the room with my cat for almost 2 hours after being told the doctor would be in in a minute with no one coming in at all. I feel we were forgotten. Edit***5 hours.... I have been here 5 hours... Do I get a longevity discount? This is ridiculous for a cat with constipation. Loss of one star for each hour I sat here watching people come and go while I wait.... This is ridiculous. It is 1am. I've been here since 815. This was the Madison location, I cannot find a separate comment page.


They are Not at all compassionate. Made me feel very uncomfortable. Just in lab test and Xrays we spent about $1000. When I went in I waited for about 5 min to be attended and no one said anything I had to say excuse me I don’t mean to bother but I need to be attended. Also they tried to charge me almost $5000 for my dog to undergo surgery for pyometra and on the paper work it said that it was for a 50 to 60 pound dog. The Doctor said To me that that’s the price for all size dogs and when I told them I can’t afford it pretty much told me they are not a charity place and with out payment they can’t keep their doors open. In no way did I ask for a charity case. I just said I can’t afford that price. I went to the VCA of East Hartford and as soon as I went in the atmosphere alone made me feel good about that place they showed compassion and the best part is the surgery was only going to cost me under $2000

Shon H

I have been taking my boxer to Pieper Memorial since June 2017. Dr. Hammond has been managing her care for a brain tumor. From the moment I took Jasmine to the office as an emergency visit the and providers made me feel like we were in the right place. I appreciate the immediate attention the staff shows when patients walk in, making eye contact, acknowledging their arrival and always asking if they are having and emergency before continuing with their tasks at had. They give the same attention to telephone calls. I know they are put in difficult situation when dealing with patients and their sick/injured pets and appreciate the empathy they give to each and every customer. Dr. Hammond is one of the most genuine providers I have met. Every visit, every call, he has a way of acknowledging my feelings of worry, I just know I, well Jasmine, is getting the best care possible. I would recommend Pieper Memorial to everyone with a pet! Thank you for all you do!!!

Fran Buonanni

Doctors and staff very friendly and helpful. Felt very comfortable leaving my dog Tessie for CT Scan and biopsy. This was her second visit here. She had a similar visit 4-5 years ago and was treated excellent then which is why I didn't hesitate returning.

Thomas Lee

I just called because my dog is in need of emergency services, she has a really big bad infection on her tail and I don't have the money at the moment to pay upfront, so the lady basically just told me there's absolutely nothing they can do so I guess she's just going to die in my home. She's the most sweetest dog in the entire world and I'm watching her suffer. Does anybody know where I can take her???

Kelley Rumovicz

All I can say is that Pieper Memorial Vet Clinic is an amazing place to take your animal!!! The treatment my dog received was top of the line. My dog, Twinkie, had an ultra sound then the following week she had a visit with Internal Medicine. The care that went into my dog was like no other. Sarah Winzelberg VMD is a special Doctor and I would definitely recommend that if you have to see Internal Medicine to schedule an appointment with her. Not only is my dog so much better but the team there trained us how to take her blood sugar so we could monitor her at home. I can’t say enough about how amazing this clinic is.

Steven Struthers

Dr. Amanda Sterman thank you so much for your compassion and support. You will never know how much you have helped us through every pet owners worst day. I needed an angel to help me today and you answered above and beyond. I can’t thank you enough for the time and heartfelt support you gave us today.

mara smith

Brought a cat here post seizures. Although doctors are great and knowledgeable the facility is HIGHLY UNDERSTAFFED!! I had to wait three hours before Doctor came in to treat. Go to Tufts instead!

Will Edwards

All 5 of our babies love Dr Lord.

Amanda Amtmanis

We bring our dogs and our cats to the Marlborough office. Everyone there, from the front desk staff to the doctors and the vet techs, treats us and our animals with caring and compassion. We really appreciate the care we get and the trust we have that they will do everything they can to keep our furry family members healthy.

Melisa Francis

My rabbit had an emergency this morning, and Pieper Memorial was the only place open at 3:30 am that treated rabbits. Dr. James Tipton and staff treated my rabbit with such care and compassion. He was definitely rabbit savvy and I felt good about the care provided. Thank you!

Charlotte Peterson

My little Bichon had an emergency one evening and we rushed her up to Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center - she was immediately taken care of by all the staff who made her very comfortable. The next morning she had surgery which has saved her life. She is now back to her old high energy self. The entire staff are so professional and caring. I can't thank them enough for my best friend's health.

Leslie McGrath

The Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center in Essex is the best I've found in all my years in CT. It's well-staffed; the vets are knowledgeable, unrushed, and very willing to bring in others with more specific expertise when necessary. My cats receive the same level of care as my dog. It matters a lot to me that my pet companions, all elderly, have emergency care available at the same place should they ever need it.

Robert Mitchell

They are a bit pricey but we thought the staff and the experience overall was great. We would recommend and will use them again!

Denise Frezza

Love Pieper Olson Veterinarian! I have been taking my puppies there for a couple decades now. Staff is friendly, our vet is fantastic and very caring. Not to mention the boarding is also phenomenal, my puppies are well taken care of when I board them!

Susan Fullana

Caring, friendly, kind and compassionate. Truly care about animals. So nice to see Dr. Pieper’s legacy lives on!

Winter Ducki

Today I had to bring my special needs patient in with his very sick cat. Unfortunately his cat was terminally ill. The staff was very sympathetic and nurturing to my patient and his cat's needs. They treated him like I have yet to experience. Thank you so much to the kind Dr. And Staff.

Patrick Csora

I have been a client at Pieper Olsen for nearly 20 years. The Dr.s and staff are knowledgeable, concerned and caring. I normally visit the East Haddam location since it is close to home; but have used the main office for special needs. I highly recommend them for your pets care.

JoAnn DeWind

They saved my cat's life! I am very grateful to them all. They are so busy and yet they give full attention to each pets' needs. They alao understand the need to visit a recuperating pet ... both the owner and the pet.

Kristin H

Pieper is incredible at what they do. They've provided really good care for my 3.5 lb fur baby. Staff from front desk to behind the scenes are super. You can't go wrong at Pieper. I bring my dog here for neurological care. Dr Perkins is fantastic.

Roberta Tyska

Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center cares so much about the animals they treat. They are open for extended hours and have given excellent care to my dogs. I highly recommend them!!

Amanda Mount

Pieper Hospitals are the absolute best you can get. I've used Marlborough, Pieper Olson, Pieper Memorial, and East Haddam over the years and I've always felt confident in the care provided. My pets are my world and I know they'll get the best at Pieper.


One of the best vet clinics. The staff is caring, and they do not try to take advantage of you. Honest, knowledgeable doctors and simply a veterinary jewel in Middletown. Love this clinic!

Evelyn Garcia

Neurologist Vet very professional. Explains everything in detail and easy to understand. Staff are friendly and courteous.

Donna Zee

Entire staff is helpful. Dr. March was especially great!

John .Dlugos

I wish I could give this place a gleaming 5 star review, but they are just too busy and no doubt bringing in millions of dollars a year. The people are nice enough but they are just so busy. I had my dog there for many months of chemo with Oncology. Even though he didn't respond well like other dogs did, they continued his chemo for many months until it was complete instead of trying something else. Unfortunately he didn't get much time after his treatments were done. I always felt rushed when the Oncologist came out to talk to me because they had so many other people to see. It was like business as usual and see you next week bye. Some of my concerns that I brought up over and over week after week were brushed off. The very first chemo treatment, we were not given any kind of nausea meds and I didn't know what to expect. There was no reason my dog had to suffer that first week with nausea. This should be the norm for them to give you these meds. I do have to say they are much better than other emergency vets I have been to that will absolutely rip you off. At least at Piper they give you costs and options up front. I will give them that much. My experience has traumatized me so much to the end that unfortunately I can't have another dog. If you go here for cancer care, and have chemo, insist on nausea meds every time you go. If I can help one dog to not suffer the side effects this post will have been worth it. Good luck to all of you.

Erica Norman

Had to take my cat, Lilly, to ER at Pieper. The people who work there so compassionate, from the people at the front desk to the doctors themselves. They truly care about your pet and are there to help and guide you. Lilly had to stay over and I got updates from doctor as well at a clear treatment plan. Whenever I need to get a hold of the doctor via phone he’s always available to take my call. I highly recommend this place!!

samantha bean

I am leaving one star only because I have no choice but to leave one... if I could give them 0 ...I would. I understand this is an emergency room ... I work in an emergency room ... probably the busiest in the state so I know what constitutes an emergency. I also know people or animals should be triaged based on acuities and how life threatening the emergency is. My dog was brought in actively bleeding from an unknown source from his nose and no one blinked an eye. We sat for 30 min until someone finally got his weight. Continued to bleed on their scale and told us to have a seat again and wait to be triaged . After waiting another 20 min I went to the desk to inform them that he really needed to be sen soon... they informed me that it would be a little while. Needless to say I knew my dog did not have that long and ended up driving him to Guilford who immediately got him in. My dog ended up passing away that night but I will never forget how we wasted an hour here and wasn’t even seen or even triaged with his presenting condition. Anyone looking to bring their animals to an emergency room please consider Central in Guilford... they are amazing.

Jack-E W

Very friendly and good with our pets. Very much recommend them.

Marta Werner

We want to thank Dr. Jay and everyone at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center for their kind and expert care of our dog Greta. Greta came to Pieper with a serious diagnosis--a malignant mass in her neck. We were frightened, but we knew that Greta was in the very best possible hands when we met Dr. Jay. She is amazing!! And everyone on her team is too. Today, Greta is home recovering from surgery and nearly back to her wonderful stubborn and loving self. We are profoundly grateful to Dr. Jay and the whole Pieper family for extending her life. It's clear that you put your love of animals first. Thank you, thank you;.


Today was our second visit with our beloved dog Tristan. The entire staff was so caring and compassionate. They all take time to listen and explain. The Dr even worked with us with pricing because we are not well to do. We can't be more pleased! Thank you all!

Joyce Bailey

I have bringing my dogs to this veterinary practice for going on 25 years now. Always clean and friendly, with welcoming staff. I always come away from my dog's visits there, having learned at least one new thing about my pet. I love Dr. DiNapoli and Dr. Zevenney (sp?) .... wouldn't think of going elsewhere!

Simone Ryland

Wonderful and fast care. The team is dedicated and passionate. Highly recommend!

Tatiana Dimovski

STAY AWAY!!! I really wish I was able to give zero stars. I brought my cat in for an emergency visit on 6/6 due to what I thought was a broken leg. They took him in, took X-Rays, etc. They told me that his leg was completely broken through and that I only had two options, "specialized orthopedic surgery" for $4,000+ or complete amputation of his leg for $2,000+. Being completely perplexed, I asked what other options I had in order to figure out what to do to take care of my pet. They told me that they would splint his leg and that would give me 6-8 weeks to see if it would heal or if I, in fact, needed to seek an alternative surgical fix. Two weeks later on 6/21 I was back in having to re-bandage the splint because it was done incorrectly the first time. Last night, 6/28 once again I found myself here having to re-bandage because they never actually redid the splint, they just wrapped his leg in more tape. The vet last night REFUSED CARE to my cat because of "skin irritation" due to the splint NOT BEING DONE CORRECTLY and now he has an infection and is being put on antibiotics. The best part come at the end of all of this. I called Bolton vet first thing this morning to get a second opinion. They immediately referred me to Fenton River (Dr. Morey) who looked at the X-Rays and told me THEY HAD COMPLETELY MIS-DIAGNOSED HIM ORIGINALLY. His ankle joint is actually just dislocated and there is only a very small fracture on the tibia bone. She also told me that there is no surgery needed to repair this unless I wanted to seek a specialized ligament repair (she didn't suggest this was even needed). Now, I have spent well over $600.00 at Pieper Memorial, was completely mis-diagnosed, and NOW I have to spend even more money because my pet has a skin infection on top of everything else. Please stay away from this place! They are money hungry and do not care about the animals brought in. They care solely about the money they make and that is all.

James W

Five Stars all day! Pieper is a blessing to have on the Shoreline.

Linda Pintoff

Amazing experience for us and our dog Logan. We came in as an emergency referral from our longtime regular veterinarian. The neurosurgeon was with us immediately. Within a couple of hours, Logan was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back and on his way to emergency surgery. All the procedures were thoroughly explained along the way. I was kept well informed throughout his surgery, hospitalization and followup. The staff was wonderful and I was able to get frequent updates from his surgeon and the technicians any time I wanted to call. They made a nerve-wracking situation much more calm for us. They offer a comprehensive physical therapy program that has made a big difference in Logan's recovery. He continues to be cared for by the capable and friendly physical therapy staff including a specialized PT veterinarian and her technicians and assistants. I can't say enough about the work they do at Pieper Memorial veterinary hospital. They made a very scary time into a happy ending. Logan is on his way to a complete recovery. He was treated at the Middletown location which is well staffed and open 24 hours/365 days a year. I recommend this hospital unconditionally to anyone who needs special and loving care for their pets.

Jerry T

Don't believe everything you hear. Pieper's prices are very competitive. The staff is excellent and the Middletown facility I visited with my dog was top notch. Sincerely Jerry T


We came here very hopeless as our regular vet failed to diagnosed our Chihuahua Lovely until she was about to die. From the moment we entered the stuff, especially dear Sebastian who alone can be enough reason to come here, been there for us. They are all so kind, compassionate, patient and understanding. I will always be grateful to the stuff with all my heart during the hardest times of our lives as our dogs are not any different to us than our children. Doctors are very experienced and seem to know what they are doing. It was very crowded and everyone had nice things to tell. You have to make all the estimated payments up front so when it comes to that other emergency clinics are a bit more understanding but the rest all awesome.

Christina Petillo

I can’t say enough how welcome I feel with Pieper Memorial. I haven’t even be in yet for my cat, but the vet techs over the phone were so helpful and so sympathetic. The hours are amazing I could never find a place with such long hours during the day, and Saturdays and Sundays. Can’t wait to make this my permanent vet for all future pets.

Karen Roy

I feel they dragged things on for the money. Sorry, that’s my opinion. My cat had no real chance surviving fluid in her brain, and swelling. (Not sure what happened. She was in indoor cat) If I was in my right mind, I should have asked the vet, “if this was your cat what would you do?” But.. they could have lied as well. I was not working (but of course not their issue) and had to pay everything pretty much up front on a credit card . If there was any chance of her surviving I’d continue to pay. They said she was ok to bring home. No ... she was not. !!!! She could not even stand up and cried and cried and cried. It broke me apart. They kept her sedated for a good week. again, I believe for the money! Vet never suggested or said it would be better off euthanizing her due to no chance in surviving . They thought she had some infection (that I can’t remember name of ) but remember reading that no chance in survival . Dr rattled things off with no kindness or sympathy .. all “business” like. staff were at times rude. They are horrible!.

Dylan Anthony

Everyone is friendly and service is great!

Lori Touma

I was referred here from my vet due to piper being a emergency surgical center although when I got the estimate to take off dead tissue on my little dogs ear the amount was so outrageous that i cried and walked outside. I did not have that kind of money at all as well as did not think such is procedure was worth 3,207.00. Another dr came in from general side and said she would do the surgery for 447.00 at the most. Can you believe it? That is much more reasonable. I am grateful for Dr.Michelle Hulse and HER staff for making me feel comfortable. I believe the other people are in it for the money... how could such a procedure b so much!!! I was outraged.. THANK GOD FOR DR HULSE AND STAFF FOR STEPPING IN.. I AM very grateful.. just waiting for the call now to pick my little girl home. I dont really get how there are so many good reviees here. Its so extremely expensive. Like i said 2 seperate places in same building. I did not care for emergency staffers at all. All about collecting money!

SisgoKid .

Excellent facility, Excellent Doctors, and a very caring Staff. Highly Recommended. Signed - "The Most Beautiful Cat in the World"

Donna Nessing

This review comes after three experiences with Pieper Memorial. Two were for surgery for our dog and another to support a friend who had to put her dog to sleep. Not only is the staff very knowledgeable and professional, they are compassionate and really understand the love we have for our pets (tears are ok). The phone call updates were through and assuring. Five star facility!

Jocelyn Vincent

Words cannot express how amazing, professional, and caring Pieper Memorial Veterinary employees are. Nowadays most veterinarian offices that I have ran into only care about their own pocket, well NOT this one, they truly care about your pet! I brought in my 3 year old French Bulldog immediately from my regular vet thinking he had a spinal issue with my regular vet telling me that one wrong move could paralyze him. As terrified as I was, Dr. Perkins recommended an MRI to be performed which we did, while he was under she also did a spinal tap and blood work. Come to find out his results were much better than I expected, he did not have any herniated discs, he ended up having a completely different diagnosis. I would especially like to thank Dr. Jennifer Perkins, Shawn R who really went out of her way helping me with my pet insurance and payment process, Natalie, and Dennis. I am so beyond grateful for you all. Such an amazing team. I highly recommend Pieper Memorial Veterinary for anyone out there that needs true care for there animals!!!

Gayle Farmer

Very prompt and courteous. The staff was very nice, gentle and loving with my little fur baby. Got test results before leaving. In and out in less than an hour with answers!

Kasia Myers

Great staff, very welcoming, lots of vets and plenty to choose from and also they have specialists vets available if your pet needs one! Cost is slightly cheaper than other vets in my town. You don't sit around and wait to be seen - they are pretty quick to get your visit sorted! Very helpful and help with food samples if your pet is allergic to something.

bernie herpst

Good service and care..just bring your bank...not just your wallet..your BANK

Jessica Chmura

Just started using the Essex veterinary hospital - very easy to get an appointment and there’s plenty of parking. Dr Williams took the time to get to know both my dogs and listened to how I’ve been managing the older dog’s Addison’s disease. She offered to have me see a specialist in Middletown if I ever have any concerns about his condition. Overall, a very positive first visit!

Edith Horniak

I started bringing my pets to this veterinary clinic over 20 years ago because I was working in the area and also was thoroughly disgusted with the care my German Shepard was receiving at another facility. The understanding and care my dog received at that time from the Pieper veterinarian gave me reason to change my pets needs to this practice. I am now retired but continue to drive the 25 minutes so that my pets receive the same excellent care. The understanding and compassion received by all personnel is above expectations. The veterinarians are top notch. Many of my friends and family now use this facility for their pet needs because of my recommendations and I will continue to do so.

Jan M

I've been using the Pieper-Olson general practice for years and was happy to see it grow to include the Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center with it's 24 hour emergency care and diverse group of highly trained specialists. One of my labs has multiple diseases which occasionally require consults with different specialists. I feel so fortunate to have access to this independently owned gem. I never feel rushed and my questions are encouraged and always answered. I feel a partnership as we discuss and weigh the best options for my special boy.

Courtney Genovesi

Great veterinary practice if you have rabbits! They have two exotic specialists who are wonderful with my rabbits. Very reasonably priced. They have a good selection of appointment times for people who have varied work schedules as well.

Dana Dettling

This is the only place we feel comfortable boarding our senior pug and deaf pit bull. We drive over 2 hours from Brooklyn just to bring them here. Both of our dogs have special needs that are always accommodated. Amber and Jessica are so helpful when I call with requests and ask for pup-dates. Thank you to the entire Pieper staff for taking such good care of our girls!

Jennifer Modugno

they will make you feel comfortable no matter what you are there for even an emergency.All of the docter are wonderful and really care especially Dr.Ho

Lena Ocansey

Pieper Olson is like a second home to my dog. She’s not thrilled to get her shots and check ups but she loves going to boarding. The staff is warm, friendly, and takes really good care of Lola. The facilities at Pieper are always clean and organized, and their billing and record systems are computerized and easily accessible online. I love that I can also reorder meds and other supplies online.

Becca Lowry

Dr Hammond at Pieper Memorial has been a blessing. He managed to diagnose and treat our dog when no one else could figure out what was wrong with him. He is always willing to explain the rationale for each recommendation, is incredibly patient with us humans, and of course great with the dog too. And the staff at Pieper are all a pleasure to interact with.

Deann Marin

We’ve had a long and happy relationship with Pieper Olson Veterinary Center and personally with Dr. Nunez. It was very obvious from right after our mutual introductions that this was the only place to bring our pets. Dr Nunez’s professionalism, sincere caring and humanity, which is also reflected in everyone who works there, became crystal clear to us. Four of our beloved pets have been cared for and loved by these wonderful people. There has never been any problem with diagnoses, scheduling, or procedures. Our pets have been boarded there, countless times for long and short stays. The kennels are clean, and well taken care of by a detail oriented staff. There are only superlatives to follow after you mention the name Pieper Olson. They place the bar at an all time high when it comes to serving the public.

Pamela Tokarz

I know my pets get best care here. All the staff is very knowledgeable. My guy loves his physical therapy sessions.

Doug Price

Superb facility that has always taken the best care possible of our pets.

Mary Constantine

Excellent care. Everyone, including the front desk personnel, were caring and patient. Dr. Hammond and Dr. Perkins are the best. Would highly recommend this hospital.

Bev Wilkinson

The staff and vets were very caring and compassionate. They went beyond the usual and followed up to insure the treatment was helping my dog and making sure she was feeling better. I am driving 45 mins to see this vet vs my regular vet because they were able to find different options than what we had tried before and it helped.

Kathleen Snyder

Pieper Olsen gave my two cats the best care. I was very glad with how they treated them. They were gentle with how they handled them. Both my babies ended up having kidney failure and had to be put to sleep, one and then the other six months later. The staff were very kind and caring of my feelings. They treated them with the respect and tenderness. They gave me all the time I needed to spend with my babies to say goodbye. Then I received a sympathy card from the doctor who took care of my babies. I will always take my pets to Pieper Olsen in the future. I can't say enough good things about them.

Beth Hillson

So grateful to have found the fine folks at Piper Memorial. Their expertise and great care are tops. Before we discovered this facility, we drove 2 hours to Tufts Veterinary Hospital when our dogs needed special care. Piper Memorial is so much more caring and hospitable to our furry friends and for us. And it's close by. Thank you, Piper Memorial!

Samantha Harkness

They are thurough, acknowledge owner concerns and provide piece of mind and knowledge to care for your pet at home.

Jody Smith

My daughter brought her 10 week old puppy in because he swallowed something he shouldn't, emergency visit on a Saturday. We can't say enough about the entire staff. Administrators were all very friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Both Vets who attended to him were fabulous... both caring, articulate in options and risks, during the diagnosis, and the same prior to and after surgery! In addition to their amazing care, the expense was reasonable and ended up less than expected. I highly recommend Pieper Memorial!

Matt Assa

We brought our bunny in at 9pm due to not be able to move his back legs because he was being eaten alive by maggots...this was an inside bunny who we bathed regularly because his poop would get stuck to his fluffy tail...we drove as fast as possible to get him to Piper because he was crying in pain and making noises we never heard before...we knew he was going to need to he put down... We then waited 3 hours for him to see a vet because a couple dogs came in to be stabilized and a lady’s cat was sneezing... I totally understand the dogs were emergencies and I too have a dog that I would hope would be seen ASAP BUT they let my bunny continue to be eaten alive by bugs while suffering in tiny carrier because they were afraid a dog might come in and chase him.. even though I had been holding him wrapped in 2 beach towels and his back legs didn’t work.. My 11 year old daughter visited the front desk multiple times in tears to ask how much longer it would be to see our bunny...this experience will forever haunt myself and my daughter...Thanks for making a heartbreaking evening a total nightmare - literally..

Kim Napolitano

The staff are wonderful, always very pleasant and obviously animal lovers. The hospital staff are wonderful as well, made my sick boy feel very comfortable and helped us get through one of the toughest times of our lives. The general practice is wonderful, I was so pleased when they accepted us into the practice, my dogs are happy when we go there, they are not nervous as they were in our old practice. I would recommend this practice and hospital to anyone.

Tammy Griffin

Very happy with the care my 5 year old Maltese is receiving from the neurology staff. Dr. Perkins is compassionate, an excellent and clearly well trained, informed specialist who makes me feel like my pet's health truly matters to her! He was diagnosed with immune mediated encephalitis in February of this year. Goes without saying I was a basket case knowing this disease is not easy to treat and can be fatal. It has been a journey, but Dr. Perkins has treated the disease aggressively, not easy for me because the medications are powerful and that worries me too. She has been terrific explaining every detail of the disease and the treatment plan to get him stable and in remission. Even with a small setback he had last week, she had a plan and explained it thoroughly. I cannot thank her and the neurology staff enough. My first visit there was an ER visit because the symptoms came on so suddenly so if I had to pick one thing that could be improved it's staffing more after hours to handle emergencies. I was referred by my own vet, who called ahead for me and when I arrived I waited over 3 hours and ended up going home at midnight with Riley not being seen. It didn't appear to be overly busy so I was a bit perplexed about that. That said, they did check his vitals before I left to be sure he wasn't in any immediate danger and made me an appointment for that morning with neurology. I was seen immediately when we returned and Riley was admitted and scheduled for an MRI. From that point, I have been extremely happy with his care!

Stewart Phillips

First Class From the moment you walk though the door. Caring staff. Make you feel like family

Mia Dockter

I use all their veterinary services and boarding care. My dog is always happy to go to "the vets". All the staff greets us with warm greetings and makes us feel like we are special. We have moved farther away from the Marlborough facility, yet we still drive the distance because of the wonderful care and service. Thank you all.

Helen Hanson

I really like this veterinary. Because of moves, i have had five different vets with my current dog and they are tied for my favorite. Dr. Faye is great and interacts well with big dogs. They are also a large enough practice that it is easy to get an appointment the day you call.

Rebecca Berg

We have been seeing Dr. Deregis for my dog's cancer for the past 3 months. The staff for chemotherapy is absolutely amazing, we've had the same vet tech take care of her every time. They give her so much love and attention on her Chemo days that she is excited to walk into the office. Dr.Deregis and her staff are so patient with me and all my questions and supportive during this emotional time. The facility is very clean and doesn't smell like a typical vet office. They always provide a cost estimate for the services and give you all your options. I highly recommend their oncology department.


We took our dog Hunter in when his back legs started to fail and was seen by Dr. Olson the day after we called. Several other appointments were also as prompt. The waiting room was very large and comfortable, the exam rooms clean, and most important our dog was treated with great kindness and gentleness. Dr. Olson answered every question we had, was extremely professional and friendly, and went out of his way to give us the best advice possible. I want to thank him, and the entire staff of Pieper Memorial, for everything they did for our family.

Amy Ameika

Wonderful Vet with friendly caring staff. We love Dr Von Ehr!

Bob Moreland

We bring Toby to the Marlborough office every 6 weeks for a nail trim. The techs make it look easy ! Toby isn’t a fan of nail trims . Also have his Royal Canin food in stock .


This facility was referred to me by our regular veterinary hospital for an emergency visit. They were very accommodating and professional. They were very prompt in updating our vet regarding the visit. Thankfully, upon examination it was determined that the issue was minor and our dog would be just fine. Again many thanks.

Joan Perrone

Love this place. Everyone is so caring and considerate. I go there for a specific neurological problem for my Shih Tzu; and I would use them for all of our veterinary needs if we didn't have to travel a distance to get there. (we live in East Hartford, and this is in Middletown...lots of highway traffic to delay any estimate of time it takes to get there.)

Bob Koehler

Outstanding professional service from their entire staff. It's reassuring knowing a place like this exists for my pets needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eric Bengston

Caring and concerned staff. Very pleased with treatment of my very senior cat. Dr. Marsh is the best.

Christine Ganter

Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center is amazing. Recently we visited with our Golden Retriever who had lymphoma. Staff was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and empathetic to our dogs needs. They were professional and honest with our dogs prognosis and demonstrated empathy/sympathy to us as we struggled with the idea of euthanizing our beloved Golden.

Sarah M

I recently brought my Siamese cat Silver to Pieper Memorial. She had been gone five weeks, and she is an indoor cat. Well, she showed up Saturday night at midnight, and I brought her to Pieper Memorial Sunday morning. From the moment we walked through the doors we were treated with compassion and the utmost professional care. I was so happy to know that when I left Silver in their care for 24 hours that she was getting the absolute best care possible. I am happy to report that after 24 hours of IV hydration and every possible test run, Silver is home drinking, eating and resting. She is well on her way to recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Pieper Memorial Hospital for all of your pet's needs, large or small. To all of the staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Kip Bergstrom

Extremely responsive. Competent. Courteous. Clean. I trust them to care for my five dogs, who are healthy and happy.

SUE Leighton

The were there for my Bassett hound when she needed emergency surgery on a Sunday and our regular vet was closed. Kind compassionate and understading staff and doctors. Treated all of their patients and owners kindly.

Xin Zhang

This is the second time I come here.There is nice environment and every employee are friendly.My son pang ate fishbone and today he is Slobber and Swollen mouth .Dr Liz Lamperelli is very good doctors and give us suggestions .She check my cat and give my cat soft touch . She is pretty doctors and also have cat that is why she is love my cat and do treatments perfect. Anyway I choose this hospital.That is correct!

Mike Miller

We have a dog we love...but he is not exactly "people friendly" with strangers. This veterinary center and all their employees have been so wonderful, caring and understanding of our sometimes "difficult" dog. I recommend them to everyone I meet!!!

dorothy meerbach

They are very professional and knowledgeable with regards to pet care. I was very satisfied with my recent visit to their facility.

Meghan Philips

I drive out of my way to bring my dog here because they have literally saved his life twice. The amount of love and care they give him is above and beyond what they need to give. I got regular updates that were thorough and informative from the surgical team. Everyone from the er staff to the surgical and internal medicine staff are exceptional. If it weren't for all of them our little Harley wouldn't be with us. We wont go anywhere else

Penelope Deotte

Take great care of my animals.

Elizabeth Murphy

My husband and I took our dog, Mozzie, in the day after he decided to eat most of the leather cover off a chair cushion. The staff were friendly and helpful and Dr. Robinette was fantastic—professional and also kind and reassuring. He went through all of our options, carefully detailing the benefits and risks, and was incredibly kind to Mozzie during a stressful time. He also accommodated my request to take photos of Mozzie’s X-rays to show to my kindergarten class. (No one loves a good story about induced vomiting more than a bunch of five-year-olds!) Bottom line: I highly recommend Pieper and will certainly take Mozzie there again if he ever needs emergency care. (Let’s hope not...)

Tara Casanova

Excellent quick service and amazing knowledgeable staff. They diagnosed my boxer quickly and accurately and prescribed the correct medicine to control a long term recurring infection.

Starzzz z13

Sadly my review is not a good one which I hesitated for a few days before actually posting. I feel this is important information that anyone pet owner should read. About 3 weeks ago I brought my dog in for an oncology consult, he has spindle cell sarcoma in his leg and we had removed several tumors at this point. They recommended amputating the limb to keep the cancer from traveling through the body. We agreed this was a good idea to ensure he lives a better quality of life. We were told the surgery would costs between $2200 -$4400... I asked how can they be such a huge range and I was told, if there were complications and he need blood transfusions it would be toward the high end but if all goes well, it would be the low end. After the surgery they called and SAID EVERYTHING WENT GREAT! NO COMPLICATIONS! Ther kept him for a couple days. On day 3, they called, said he was doing great and was ready to go home. All excited, the kids came to pick him up (we live over an hour away) not only was our bill OVER $4,400... as we were walking out blood began to literaly pour (not drip) out of his wound splashing all over the floor and as we were trying to bring him back in everyone behind the desk stood there having NO CLUE what to do. My kids are horrified and crying thinking their dog is going to die....the techs come out and take him back in and about a half an hour later they said he developed a seroma and it was ok he would be fine. They wanted to keep him for observation. Which we obviously agreed. I dont understand how they released him so soon and why they didnt see thisnis he was properly examined? So 2 more days go by they tell us hes fine the leaking stopped and he was ok to go home....I go to pick him up and my bill was $1500 dollars!!!! We paid it and just left. After we got hom we noticed he was still leaking and the bruising looked worse soni called after we got home with my concerns and inwas told it ok, all normal. By the next morning the leaking is worse theres bloody fluid everywhere, I call again and explain. they said it s normal it will leak dont worry. 3 more days and 3 phones later hes still bleeding I emailed them pictures and still.theybtell me its normal, no worries but if I feel concerned I can bring him texted my regular vet and explained what was going on and she immediately took him in the next morning, we ran labs and she bandaged the wound (which the techs at pieper said not to do). And placed him on clavamox because he clearly had an infection Which labs came back after days later positive!!!!! I took him back to pieper on Friday for hisn2 week post op... they had him in the back for an hour and a half before they called us in....the dr said she wanted to run lads. Reopen his wound and place a drain in!!!!! Are you F$^#^ing kidding me????? 2 weeks later ???? When I was asking EVERY DAY WHY A DRAIN WASNT PUT IN FROM THR BEGINNING?????? I told her I'm not authorizing any more tests or procedures....I took my dog and left. Never ever again will I go there....$7000 later and not one call from the place to even follow up asking how our dog is...thank you to our regular vet for doing someone elses job.

heather Mcdonell

Often I have to bring our shelter cats to see the neurologist, Dr. Hammond. The doctor gets right on the floor with the cat and he is very good with the cat. He is very nice and very knowledgeable. I never leave there feeling confused or unknowing. I highly recommend this practice!!!!!!!

Megan Michaelson

I've been using Pieper for nearly six years for the ER, medical boarding, and specialty doctors and have had wonderful experiences across the board. The doctors are compassionate to both my dog and me and thoughtful in diagnosing issues and presenting treatment options. Do I sometimes have to wait for a while in the waiting room? Sure - it's an ER and if it were my dog with the emergency, I'd be grateful to everyone for seeing him quickly. Once I'm in the room with the doctor, I never feel rushed and my questions are always met with knowledgeable answers (and a lot of patience). My dog is seldom put up on the exam table; instead, the doctors get down to his level (on the floor) so my dog is less nervous. I get follow-up calls when they say I will, and they are always happy to provide updates as often as I want - thank you, Pieper!

Michelle Guinault-Picciotto

Competence and a comforting welcome are essential qualities when your four-legged friend needs serious help. Pieper Memorial Hospital offered us the best care we could hope for. Special thanks to Dr. Ben Olson.

Laurap Parnigoni

Thestaff was wonderful and caring. The place was busy but they never made it seem that they didn't have as much time as WE needed to get the information. The way Rerun was cared for, if he could speak, I am sure he thought it was a 5 star resort! I think they tried to spoil him as much as we do at home.

Linda Maher

We got a rescue dog on 3/29 and as part of the contract we had to take her to a vet within the first 2 weeks. We had heard a lot of good things about Pieper-Olsen so decided to go there. My husband and I are so glad we did! The facility is huge, so clean and well-maintained and the staff couldn't be nicer, from check-in to check-out. Our dog, Maddy, was treated so well, she loved it there! I want to thank Grace, who checked us out, for giving Maddy her new favorite treats, and telling us where to get them (we stopped and got them on the way home, so thank you, Grace). We will be glad to bring Maddy to Pieper-Olsen for all her veterinary needs and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great veterinary practice. Thank you again!

Deborah Holihan

I can never thank Pieper Memorial enough for being there for me and my family when our puppy broke his jaw after hitting a car. Had I known about them then, I would've taken him there immediately. But once I did hear about them from several vets who couldn't do his surgery, they were able to admit him through their emergency center immediately and they proceeded to take excellent care of him. Even though it wasn't inexpensive, they didn't overcharge us. All the follow up visits were covered with the initial payment. We were blessed to be able to make the payment before the procedure, which is required, but unlike other vets who charge you every time you walk through the door, Pieper Memorial doesn't. I thank God for them every time I look at my happy and healthy puppy!!!

Amy Benicewicz

The vets and tech at Pieper provided excellent care for my dog throughout his surgery and recovery. I would definitely recommend Pieper Memorial to all pet parents for excellent specialty care.

Shannon Bernard

As usual, the staff up to the Techs and Doctors you always feel like you are their only client, and your animal is there only patient! When I was really young we used to go to Dr.Pieper he was very caring and sweet! Now in my 40’s taking our daughter with us to every appointment for any one of our 3 dogs! I want her to grow up bringing her animals when she is older to Dr. Olson or any of the doctors there. I feel how proud Dr. Pieper must be so proud of Dr. Olson.

Peter Weisberg

Pieper has always taken great care of my little guy. I am happy with the service and care and will continue to bring him in to see the specialists. Thanks guys!

michelle caccomo

Yesterday we needed to bring our Pom to Pieper Memorial. Taffy has had such a difficult time breathing due to collapsing trachea and I was referred by our veterinarian to bring here there. I called ahead and we were greeted right away with such caring and friendly people. Dr. Robinette was absolutely caring, knowledgeable, and informative about how we could help our girl. Even the desk staff were very helpful. Also the price was very reasonable as well. I would definitely recommend Pieper Memorial!

Gayle Booth

Pieper Veterinary Hospital and emergency care, and especially Dr. James Hammond, has been extremely sensitive, experienced, and caring in treating my precious kitty. I was referred to Pieper Hospital by another emergency hospital that was not equipped to handle my kitty's serious illness. Upon arrival, my kitty was immediately taken in and examined (no waiting whatsoever). Her condition is dire, and she is not expected to survive because of her fatal disease, but I am looking into other avenues of homeopathy alternatives at this time and not entirely giving up yet!

Hannah Blackstone

Always caring and attentive to your pet, always open for an emergency. They take all your fur kids, from cats to rats

Pam Holden

We are very happy with East Haddam Vet and Pieper Memorial. They have always been caring and kind to our pets and to us! The doctor and others in the office always take time to answer questions and help. I highly recommend them.

deanna hackett

Honestly. For emergency visits at night it’s either a hit or a miss. Some of the night staff and vets are absolutely phenomenal, while others provide little to no information regarding your pet and care and avoid eye contact when you’ve been waiting for 4 hours and really just need an update. My first visit the vet couldn’t even be bothered to check over my cat in the room with me. And at no point did I ever even meet the vet that saw my cat. I was given poor care instructions by the woman who cashed me out and at no point did they ever even go over the issues or wounds with me that my cat had. So basically I brought a wounded and sick cat home and didn’t even know half of his injuries or really how to care for him. All that being said I swore I would never go back. But 4 days later when one of my cats paws was double the size it should be with no improvement — at 10pm at night and hardly able to function. I had no choice but to bring him back. From the woman I spoke to on the phone, to the vet, to the woman who cashed me out. I cannot say enough good things. I met the vet- she looked at my cat. Found several wounds that were never addressed originally. She took care of all of his issues and prescribed a new antibiotic since the original one didn’t seem to get the job done- probably since he had more injuries and wasn’t properly diagnosed the first time. 8 hours of my time and over $500. We will see how he recovers. Since my first visit wouldn’t rate any stars at all I think 3 stars is fair. Thank you to everyone who helped with rusty on 6/14 you were phenomenal. Thank you for everything you do.

Tessie Zaczek

My dog and I are very happy with Pieper Olson in Middletown. We have been clients for about a year and have made roughly 7 visits for shots, allergies, a minor injury and an emergency visit after my boy disturbed a nest of yellow jackets. I find them to be friendly, professional, knowledgeable and most of all, they treat us both with respect. The staff is courteous and helpful. I don't know how they compare to other veterinarians in the area as far as cost. I think they are a bit more expensive, but you have to remember that if there's a veterinary procedure to be done they have a specialist to take care of your pet. I highly recommend this clinic.

Sylvia Heffley

Our Dachshund hurt his back and was unable to walk. Pieper Memorial did back surgery and I cannot speak highly enough of this facility and the people who work there. Everyone was so kind and caring. We are still in recovery with our dog, but I am encouraged by his progress and their prognosis for his continued improvement. Our dog Bailey is like family to us and I am so grateful to Pieper for their care and expertise. I would recommend them 100%.

Michael Broe

Our rescue had a puppy that came down with Parvo, the team at Pieper that treated him were amazing. They took wonderful care of him and provided us with constant updates. Pecan is doing great, something that may not have happened had it not been for the Doctors and Staff at Pieper Memorial.

Alison Woodstock

Very caring, friendly and I wouldn't take my cat anywhere else!

Mari Mazzotta

Had my first appointment for my kittens and feel they are in good hands!

Noel Garrett

Our dog, Lucy, was recently hospitalized at Pieper Memorial. The care she received from Dr. Carolyn Gross was beyond what our expectations ever were. Her care and compassion for my little girl was amazing...and this has carried forward into all of her follow up appointments. This came at a time when our primary vet of over ten years sold her practice and moved out of the state. With the immense amount of care shown to our Lucy, we decided to transfer both of our pets to this practice. We are extremely happy, and our girls love their new vet, Dr. Benjamin March! I highly recommend Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center!

Lenny Donofrio

I can’t say enough about the care they gave my cat, Lily. We brought her in on 1/3/19 for an emergency visit, after another Veterinary Center misdiagnosed her. Had I listened to the Dr’s instructions from the first place I brought her, she’d be dead. My cat was very sick, they admitted her, and went to work. Now, I know when my cat is at the vet she becomes extremely hostile and is the spawn of satan. I thank you for dealing with her aggressiveness and helping her. She stayed at Piper for about 3 days and they discharged her. She is home now resting and getting back to normal. We have a few follow up visits and aren’t out of the wood yet. Piper was extremely thorough with all the tests they gave her and I’m glad I brought her in. I see some negative reviews and that will happen, you can’t please everyone. If you have any type of an emergency, or are looking for a vet to care for your animal, I highly recommend this place. Thank You to all the staff that took care of my cat. I know she was a handful, you saved her life...

Trish Larson

The specialist at Pieper Memorial are outstanding. Dr. Ben Olson was extremely caring and an expect on the spinal care of our Abigail. I would highly recommend when the need arises for a specialist!

Kirt Tassmer

Super helpful staff. Doctors took the time to sit with us and explain what was happening. Thanks for taking care of our smallest family member.

Carlos Rivera

Overall great service. Friendly staff, awesome with my dog and the price was fair.

Tricia Lamore

Absolutely wonderful!! We have used Piper Memorial Hospital now for 2 of our furry family members. I can’t say enough wonderful, positive things about the staff and hospital! The emergency department is the most efficient, professional and caring place anyone can ever want in a situation requiring this type of service. Truly a top notch hospital!! Thank you for you service. Our family truly appreciates you.

Jane C

Within a three week time frame, I had two dogs who needed assistance at Piper. I went to the Madison office and they were wonderful, from the first person I saw - at the front desk to the considerate, compassionat veterinary doctors I saw. I would go there again if any of my pets needed medical assistance. The fact that they are open 24/7 is a huge plus.

Maggie Cosgrove

I drive 30 minutes each way to receive the best emergency vet care around. (And I literally live one exit away from a newer, and quite extensive vet hospital.) My fur baby means the world to me and will never get less than the best! Thank you for the great service and care provided for my Happy Pete!

Kathleen Kopylec

I had way to many mis diagnosis at piper, that put my dogs through unnecessary pain, after spending 5000 dollars on 1 dog and asked for alternative ways for the exspene in moving forward and called cheap ,I was told to just put it on another charge card. When I took my 3 dogs to other vets for a 2nd opinion, there was no serious strange diseases that piper found, I feel these vets are all interns and you pay for there mistakes, hind site my dogs have had a new vet for a long time and my vet bills have been miminal, and no Dr Olsen you don't need an xray for a broken toe nail that you missed, and i paid for along with my dogs pain, as for dr breanza perhaps you should take a course in dalecarnige .to Dr lachant so thankfull for 2nd opinions and my dogs mysterious back problem was a normal older labs knee issue.

Jarren Wilcox

The best care for your pet when it's out of the scope of your primary veterinarian. I can't say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Gross. Very helpful and understanding. They have your pets best interest in mind and help you make it through very difficult time. Dr. Gross and all the staff are first class.

Patti Todaro

Dr Sarah Lord and her staff at Piper in Middletown are second to none. She is the kindest most compassionate person and vet I have ever met. The entire staff from phone calls to check in and out cannot be beat. Have been to others vets and NOBODY comes close to the care and compassion of Dr Lord and her team. I give her and Piper ten stars. Very reasonable fees too considering the over and above service you will receive.

Edward Basigalup

My Brittany spaniel is a 14 year patient of pieper Olson, extensive history of care through their facility, never a disappointing moment highly recommend to all who want personal Care ,great value and professionalism, highly recommend , extremely happy to be part of the pieper-olson family.

Zoe Shabenas

My dog Romeo went missing for 5 1/2 days, took him to the vet when we finally got him back and had very elevated kidney and liver functions, was advised to bring him to Pieper Memorial. Their facility is beautiful and the people are more than happy to help. They ran every possible test they could think of on Romeo and turns out he had a hernia that was allowing his intestines into his chest, his kidneys were in the wron place and his liver was damaged. The doctors were wonderful and the surgeons that did his procedure were great as well. They even asked me what kind of food Romeo likes so they could give it to him! Great place, though I hope I never have to go back again, it’ll be the first place I turn to in an emergency.

derek mcgregor

The staff at the Middletown office, takes the time to get to know the pet and the owners., they show great empathy for the situation and put the pet and us parents at ease. The facility is spotless and is abundantly staffed. with people who seem to be pleased to answer any questions in a calming manner. If there were TEN stars, i would certainly award them all

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