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REVIEWS OF Orthopaedic Specialty Group IN Connecticut

Stacy Rodriguez

Amanda Szymanski

Dr. Neil Dunleavy displays kindness and concern for others. He is an excellent doctor to work for. He shows compassion for the patients which is a good quality. He is very knowledgeable in his specialty as well as very detailed. He will always give patients different options of treatment. He is always so pleasant and always says thank you. I would recommend him!

Ryan M

After my car accident they denied me service without a referal. Which I understand. So I get the referral and come back. After giveing me the run around for over a week. My doctor calls. They tell him we don't accept outside referals only people who are members. Took them over a week and multiple phone calls to tell me that they wouldn't except me as i sit in pain which they could have told me the first phone call well over a week ago. Don't waist your time


Dr's are very attentive and do good work. Just be careful about giving them money in advance of surgery. They requested more than they needed to cover co-pay and trying to get back the refund owed to me has been a nightmare. They keep making excuses to delay payment, waiting 2 months and counting.

A Nesbokaj

had 8:40 am appointment, it is now9:30 and have still not seen Doctor Henry Backe! This is total disrespect for people's time!! a doctor that disregards patients time I ask what else does he disregard!

Anabel Perdomo

Horrible is Woman in the group last name is Abraham treat like a animal I never see her in my life

Randall H

Everything was good up till my insurance decided to cut my visits . A particular individual is a narcissist who does not know what he's doing as far of paperwork. Got me "lingering " . I would still away from it unless the " CEO " bans you off the building and treats you to call the Cops. I can’t summarize how many times I reach out to let them know this was a work related injure and to stop billing me !

HA Ahmadi

Great office, great staff and even better doctors. I have been going there for years.

Wendy Ramirez

Wendy Milson

Had surgery on pinky, pinned. What a waste of a personal day off and the down time. Looks the same as if I never had surgery. Then, another time I had a fractured wrist which was hard casted - why I don’t know, soft cast would have been good. Cast on too tight? Lost mobility in my thumb due to lack of oxygen (don’t quote me) any way, wrist healed but now I’m told I need surgery for my thumb! No thanks, I’m going to learn to live with it.

Kyle Wasilewski

I had a shoulder injury that was work related, and the day I went in for my appointment was the day the entire staff was moving into the new office building. I was actually expecting there to be delays because of this, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite of confusion. The entire staff was extremely polite and friendly, very efficient, knowledgable, and they had literally been there for just a couple of hours. The new location at 305 black rock turnpike is absolutely amazing, gorgeous building, everything brand new and stunning. I had to get x rays, then a cortisone shot, the normal paperwork and setup the follow up appointment, and I was still in and out of there in about 30 minutes. I was so impressed with the staff, and the PA who saw me, Kathy Delucia, was fantastic. She explained everything to me, gave me the shot, the x Ray tech was also great. It already seems like a new state of the art well oiled machine. I would highly recommend this office to anyone, extremely impressed.

Jeanne King-Lathrop

The best orthopedic care ever.

Annette Cosme

I went in on a Saturday am as a follow up from a hospital visit. I saw Dr. James. SUPER nice!!!! Made me feel comfortable, attentive, answered all my questions and explained in ways that you’re able to understand what’s going on. Genuinely makes you feel his compassion for your issue! Best doctor I’ve seen for my chronic back pain. (And I’ve seen A LOT in the past 5 years)

Charlie Scholl

I just recently broke my fibula and growth plate and the staff there is so kind and caring

shweetblonde .

wow! what an awful place of business, in plain simple words don't go here! this place will just ad headaches and frustration

Sara LaBella

The BEST experience all around. From the first visit with the Doctor to discuss my son's MRi results/plan all the way to his surgery. Dr Brittis and his staff were extremely friendly, caring and accommodating...Stephanie, Nurse Karen, Nurse Billy, Nurse Leslie, Dr. Doody, the anesthesiologist....amazing! As i left with my son after his surgery I felt a sense of relief because of the smoothness of the day if that makes sense. No hiccups, no mishaps, no confusion. It truly felt like my son was their only patient. They all made a horrible situation feel less overwhelming for me. Professional, warm and caring staff, and a beautiful, and clean surgery center.

Magdalena Gala-Hunter

They are overbooking patients. Evertime I go there with my mom, I have to wait over an hour for my visit. They are not working in patient best interest. The staff is very rude at front desk. Requesting record is a nightmare. Week after appointment Doctor Bindeglass still did not made a report for my mom visit. Also, Doctor Lauren Fabian perform wrong knee injection causing damage and tearing of my mom meniscus. She did not even made note of that incident in my mom file. My mom could not leave the office for few hours because of extreme pain. No one takes any responsibilities of such malpractice. I do not recommend this office. Great new building, however very poor service.

Brian Henthorn

Dr. Henry Backe performed a faciotomy to correct a dyputrens contracture of my left hand (concerning primarily my fifth digit) that was seriously affecting my manual dexterity to the point of total uselessness. The result so far has been in my opinion about a 98% return to complete usage. Keep in mind that this is only 1 month post-operative. In 1 more month I have no reason to expect that I will not regain 100% usage of of my hand to "pre-contracture performance" (I hope I worded that correctly) The entire surgical process from the time I left my home to the time arrived back home was less than 4 hours and was 95% painless. I give my highest regards to Henry Backe & the surgical staff at the Bridgeport Hospital 3rd floor surgical ward as well. Ultimate opinion of Dr. Henry Backe & above mentioned surgical staff....... Extremely high !! Thank You Very Much....... Brian Henthorn

Ruth Santiago

I would not trust my joints to anybody else but Dr. Bindelglass, I had a hip replacement 3 weeks ago and today I accomplished walking one mile without walker or cane. I have been going to that office over 30 years, I feel great. And I can't forget the wonderful staff, who are always there to help

k melody

First of all, Quality of treatment plan is no problem. However OrthoFast receptionist is worst ever. It took more than 40 minutes to start fill out documents for treatment. LaXXX F treated me as if she is a prison guard. I had a car accident and showed her letter from insurance company, she denied my letter which I told to bring to doctor. At a glance, she refused!! I talked with my Insurance representative and comeback, ask the receptionist (LF) please read carefully. She said this is not clearly said " Insurance will pay" even contact information on it. I talked my insurance company again and come back and asked her to call Insurance company. She refused AGAIN !!! Fortunately, other receptionist come and she arranged to call my insurance company and finally I can get in. I believe because of this receptionist, your practice lost many patients. I hope she will change her career to PRISON GUARD, She will be a wonderful guard in there. I guess her main problem is how to understand English. I recommend her to back to middle school and Study English again.

Joyce Barber

Want to give a shout out to Brittany, one of the sign in associates. She was absolutely delightful and helped me to obtain certain medical reports expeditiously. Due to her prompt attention and going above and beyond, she provided materials that I likely would have had to wait for days. Thank you Brittany!!!! you’re the best!!!!


The office is beautiful! I'm going to preface this by saying I have no experience with the actual physical therapists or chiropractors. I simply dropped off my father for his appointment and remained seated in the waiting room. I'm sure the remainder of the staff is lovely. My only qualm is with the women at the front desk. While I waited I was forced to listen to them talk unkindly about patients who were calling in. I was surprised and honestly disappointed. I work in customer service and can understand their frustration. It's absolutely normal! But I would never express my anger in an area where other patients can so blatantly hear. One woman ranted about how annoying a gentleman was because he always call to schedule an appointment and misses them constantly. The other woman quickly jumped in to say she knows exactly who that is and she can't stand him either. That's not what you want to hear ever but especially not during your very first experience with this office. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

Steven Mayerson

After months of x-rays and MRI. I saw 4 different doctors. They didn't give me any information on what I should do for my back. ie- surgery would be 50/50 I asked the last doctor for him to discuss with the other doctors and have one of them call me. No one called. Now I'm in a lot of pain back to square one.

Harmenta Needham

I went in for wrists pain and they do anything for it and refuse to give me anything for pain and the doctor's assistant are clueless to their job.

Jeffrey Dahan

From urgent care to x-ray to surgery to physical therapy, they were great and took care of all of my issues!

Jossi Vazquez

the people in the office do not answer with good attitude ... they do not know how to help people who have speech problems

Elizabeth Sousa

Have been there for multiple issues with multiple doctors and PAs and won’t go anywhere else. From admin down everyone is thorough, friendly and Competent. I am shocked anyone could give a low rating as my experiences over the last 8 years have been excellent.

john m

my doctor partner with osg for 2019 so for billing I have to call osg well I cant get a simple call back! after numerous messages and hold time, I decided to write this review and will write to BBB

Sniperfy100 .

I work here and everyone is friendly and willing to help

Ceri Wilson

Billing department is awful. I went to orthfast and was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture and put into a boot. The total visit was approximately $365. I went back 4 weeks later to see Dr Stanton who literally ordered an xray and said I could be put in a brace. I was charged for the office visit, xray, brace and $900 for surgery which of course I never had. I have spoke to Doreen who is their "Director of Internal Revenue". She was going to follow up and after leaving numerous messages has never to this date returned my call or followed up on my billing query. I am still being billed for $900 surgery which I am now taking with my insurance company!

David Hepworth

I would give OSG a higher rating if I could. I have never been taken care of so efficiently and the staff was all friendly and knowledgeable. I play rugby and am injured constantly, and I have to say out of the nearly dozen orthopedic doctors I have been to this has been the best.

Bonnie Szturma

Most of my family has been here. Their front desk staff is helpful. Their medical assistants are knowledgeable & their doctors , we saw Dr. Lucke this time. He spent a lot of time with my kid, talking to him about sports medicine & injuries to athletes, (which was why we were there). Answered all our questions, & eased our anxiety about the injury.

Meaghan Monahan

The billing department is deplorable. Paid copay at time of visit, yet still 6 months later still being billed. Also billed for services NEVER received. I would never recommend this office to anyone.

Theresa Ruelle

I all of the sudden began feeling pain in my left foot awhile back and due to a hereditary problem had to have surgery! Dr Abraham, her assistant Teresa and Theresa her surgical coordinator were absolutely amazing! Dr. Abraham took the time and explained Everything so I could easily understand the procedure and recovery! Both Her assistants were always available to answer any questions I had! I'm now in therapy and MaryAnn is literally helping me get back on my feet! My whole experience has been nothing but positive from the start!!!

Ofer Holtz

Meg Norrell

I've been a patient with this group for three separate injuries over the last 25 years. The specialists here are excellent at what they do. They start with conservative treatments whenever possible--I have never experienced any "surgery for the sake of surgery" with any of them. In each instance, they are thorough and make sure I know all of my treatment options before we decide how to proceed. And their physical therapy staff is some of the best around--kind, patient, knowledgeable. I know I'm in good hands here.

Amy Leigh

Competent doctors but complete indifference to patients. Bad place to go when you're in terrible pain because they can't dispense pain meds. They don't return calls. My kids went there years ago and I loved it but it's changed so much and is like fast food healthcare.

Lucy Deleon

Ashley Cyr

The two times I’ve been here I’ve waited to see the doctor for at least an hour. Awful experience. Was put in a boot. Had an MRI two days after my appointment. The doctor was booked for over a month out and would not go over the results over the phone. So, was left in a boot without any instruction or direction on what was wrong. I will never come back here or recommend this place. Awful customer service and no genuine human care.

Anthony Gagliardi

Worst experience of my life , this office just wants your money, and can care less if after two years your in no better condition as you arrived , I recommend weighing options before you listen to attorney's and go where they reccomend, this place will show you how to feel like another number rather than a person .

Carl A.

Easy to make appointments, Friendly, Fast, Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Very Caring, CLEAN. THANK YOU!! Recommend Highly.

William Bonilla

I waited longer than actually being seen. Waited for 15 minutes with back pain. Dr walks in and without even examining me determines I have a muscle strain. Prescribes pain med and muscle relaxer and says call me in 2 weeks if pain persists. Here I am 2 weeks later with back pain that is worse. I call to make an appointment and got a voicemail. Never even called back. This place cares for there patients like a factory assembly line. Terrible care for patients. Wish I can give it less than one star

Jacob R. Raitt

I was greeted cordially, courteously and professionally. The wait time was not extensive, and all tests for height, weight and vital functions were done in an exceptional manner. The M.D. who examined me gave me excellent information and advice, and the entire experience was well executed. I have no hesitation in recommending this group.

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