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REVIEWS OF Crossroads Physical Therapy IN Connecticut

davislax9 .

Amazing people!

sylvia lents

After living with on and off chronic pain from an old running injury deep in my left gluteal (butt) muscle it had become constant and I had to stop running. I'm a very physically active person and my past experiences with physical therapy (PT) at other places found it to be ineffective. Crossroads is not a typical PT clinic and utilizes myofascial (soft tissue that connects to bone/joints/spine) release techniques and does a thorough physical assessment with a written and oral history of the problem(s) from the client. My PT person was Michelle and she has a PhD in PT. All therapists there are 1:1 with their clients and give 30 minute to one hour sessions depending on initial problem/treatment plan & individual insurance. Michelle's professional assessment found I had some arthritic changes in my left hip from my body compensating for 56 years of my life with my one leg being just enough shorter to make normal use problematic. My left hip joint was very tight and that effected the muscles from left buttock to my hamstring in the thigh which is why I had repetitive running injuries over the years. After 4 weeks of twice weekly treatments I had no more pain. This spring I pushed myself too hard in working out several times and had a mild recurrence, but Michelle got it back in control. I have learned to listen to my body when it starts giving me signals to slow down. It is wonderful to be pain free and keep being active. I cannot say enough good things about Michelle's professional therapy techniques/treatment, caring and empathic abilities.

m norton buswell

I commute past this place at least 4x a day. I'm thrilled for their profound faith that the Lord will keep them safe, but the people they encourage to exercise in the narrow breakdown lane of Rt 66 pose a traffic hazard to the rest of us. Why they walk side by side, on the wrong side of the 45 mph road, often AT DUSK is mind-boggling. The last one I saw at dusk wasn't even wearing a shirt, let alone bright or reflective clothing. Guys, there is access to a fantastic, well-groomed rails-to-trails section A MILE DOWN THE ROAD at Mackey's. They have parking. Load the people & their kettlebells in a van, drive a minute down the street, AND STAY OFF THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. Please.


I went to Crossroads for PT for my lower back. One of the best in the area!

Barbara Putnam

This practice probably does well with some traditional therapy problems like frozen shoulder, back pain. If you have more complicated problems from neurosurgery their cranial evaluations are not up to the task. I came with cranial issues from neurosurgery complicated by upper neck problems from an accident decades ago. After the first evaluation/ treatment i had rebound symptoms driving, I missed my exit and did not realize it for a good 30 minutes. My initial therapist wanted me to see the owner so I waited 3 months and saw him. He aligned my neck nicely with muscle energy but did no cranial base release, no manual traction and I had no improvement. He did no evaluation of my craniosacral system and when questioned said that my scarring( from my neurosurgery???) would correct itself with treatment of my C3 facet problem .i have heard this BS from chiropracters who told me that soft tissue problems correct themselves if the bones are aligned, so far it has not worked on me. I did not return to the practice . i was also struck by the stunning lack of a physical exam and found out later( by accident) from one of his employees that the owner often bases his treatments on his dreams about his patients. I say that prophet dreams are no substitute for a good history and exam. No help from this practice, I regret the money and time I wasted there. Linda- east Hartford

Holly Hobby

Love this place - it's the ultimate in therapy! When I dislocated my shoulder last year, they worked with me through a series of twice weekly and then once a week sessions using hands-on techniques that helped to reduce the pain naturally and later to rebuild range of motion and strength throughout my whole body so I would be less prone to re-injury. Not only did they address the issue I was aware of but as that area continued to improve, my therapist suggested that we address some other issues she had picked up on. She incorporated canial sacral therapy and also worked on reducing stress in my abdominal area and occasional pains in my left hip. I've never received traditional PT but I've been told that it's a totally different experience and not in a good way. These guys are so amazing. You will not feel neglected and best of all, they will give you tools to get better so that the area of injury can heal completely and you can be active again. It's been just over a year since the injury occurred and 10 months since I completed the therapy sessions. Though I know a dislocation is said to be proned to re-injury and I can feel some looseness at a couple points in my current range of motion, the pain is completely gone and I am able to lift weights again like before and live my life w/o pain.

J Chakulski

I'm only leaving the negative review to help bring to light an issue they can fix internally. I called ahead to check my insurance coverage, was told they accepted my plan, and then took time from work to attend my appointment. Only on arriving did I then learn they did not in fact accept my insurance, which made the trip a waste of my time and leave hours from work. Their treatment may be perfectly fine, but double check insurance so you have the correct information.

Paul Croteau

I haven't been to Crossroads in a few years, but I used to go there for therapy after herniating a disc in my lower back in 2001. After recovering from the acute pain from the herniation, I was a mess with back spasms, weakness in my right leg, and overall chronic pain in my lower. After trying a chiropractor for a few sessions, I determined the relief was short lived and it was something I did not want to do long term. I found Crossroads, and from the first visit I was hooked. Their methods are relaxing and effective. They know the body and how it functions as a whole, and most of all, know how to teach you about your body, your ailment, and how to deal with it long term. I went to crossroads on and off for several years and really enjoyed every session. It was a long process of healing for a problem that took several years to manifest itself as a herniation. Now, its 2018 and I haven't been to Crossroads for several years. They have taught me how to listen to my body and how to relax, exercise, stretch, and realign my back when I need to. They are very talented and caring people and I highly recommend them.

Nancy H

if i could give them zero i would. i was in therapy here for 5 yrs. then when i retired i had to wait for a "cancellation" for an appt. i have been waiting since january, that's 10 months, for an opening. then i had another Rx for treatment and again "they had NO appointments" and whenever i called they had "no openings." so i finally called one last time and when i was given an appt. the gal came back to the phone and said, "oh, sorry, you can't see xx because you need an hour." and again "there were no openings." so basically they were refusing to treat me which i think is against the rules. i am going to file a complaint.

Michael Bragg

Excellent. My wife's case could not be treated in normal PT ways, due to pain issues. Crossroads has been a very positive experience, with progress, finally after false starts in other places. A great find.


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