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REVIEWS OF TurningPoint Medical Group IN Colorado

Debby Miller

TPMG are the best at what they do. They have shown great strides in helping Autism.

Lexi Gray

I was diagnosed with a Chiari Malformation a year ago and I suffered from severe headaches, dizzy spells, fatigue, and much more, for most of my life. I went through two rounds of therapy here and I’ve been headache/dizzy spell free for five months and I have much more energy than ever before! The staff was so kind and understanding and they made sure that I didn’t leave until I was feeling 100%!

Sarah Cozadd

Turning Point has helped me drastically since my accident. Starting with the Gyrostim for dizziness and then exercises to stabilize my back and neck. I highly recommend them. They are fantastic human beings.

Dimas Gutierrez

Turning Point Medical Group changed my life. I was diagnosed at a very young age with ADHD. With this condition, I have been compensating with extra effort in everything that require focus for many years. I scheduled an appointment with Turning Point Medical Group where they confirmed my ADHD condition. They performed rigorous testing with their new technology equipment. After two treatments, the ADHD is completely cured. I don't constantly loop on thoughts anymore and can accomplish way more in one day without a big effort. Best part of all, is that this treatment does not require medication. It sounds unreal but true and I strongly recommend Markus and his staff. I wish this was done to me 30 years ago but it is never too late. Thank you Markus for making a difference with all you do...

Scott Anderson

On July 1, 2017, I fell down our stairs at home when my foot slipped out from underneath me. I immediately felt pain, but thought it would go away. I was wrong. It was very difficult to move, walk, drive, sit, do about anything. I went to see Markus and the caring staff at Turningpoint Medical Group and was feeling much better after the first treatment. I went back 5 days later for a second treatment and will have one more just to make sure it’s better. After the first treatment, I was getting some relief as it turns out that my hamstring muscle was pinching on my sciatic nerve and that was causing the pain. After the second treatment, I was walking normally and able to drive without much pain. Markus did an amazing job of helping me get back together and relieve my pain. I would highly recommend anyone with an injury to seek treatment at Turningpoint Medical Group as they did amazing work for my pain. Sincerely, Scott Anderson President

Rebecca Sangueza

The staff are knowledgeable and so very helpful. My experience here was awesome. This is a research based medical clinic, that has really made a difference in my life. Anyone with vestibular issues, should really go to Turning Point and get a consult. I went to specialists for 3 years and finally found an answer at Turning Point!

Chris Swanson

Super friendly. Super professional. Super caring people. Super physical therapy. Super facility. Simply super!!

Tyler Evans

I’m a Modern Pentathlete representing the USA. I suffered a concussion a week before a competition. The team at Turning Point were amazing! The friendly and welcoming environment extends from the front welcome area and staff, to the therapists providing the treatments! Everyone I worked with was extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I was lucky to be cleared in time to compete in my competition thanks to them. I live in NY and would fly to Colorado in a heart beat if I were to suffer another concussion!! They are the best in the business.

Juliet Ofwono-Miles

Markus with Turning Point Medical Group is the best! I had tennis elbow in both my arms. I went to Markus after not getting results with my primary care physician. After just a few visits I was as good as new, and I did not have to take any medication. Markus knows what he is doing and is passionate about his work. I highly recommend Turning Point Medical Group.

Annie Wardle

Markus Ernst is the best there is for physical therapy in Colorado Springs! Or, if you're suffering from a concussion, their state of the art brain rehabilitation techniques are like none other in the country. This practice is changing lives.

Melody H

TurningPoint Medical Group has an amazing staff that can help in so many ways. Their brain rehabilitation system is cutting edge and is changing people's lives! I would highly recommend anyone needing physical therapy to go to TPMG!

Convolute .Records

They’ve literally changed my life. I used to pray I would get this well and they’ve answered those prayers

Ryan Earl

An amazing staff and facility with great new technology

Cj talerico


Markus is a true gem for the Colorado Springs community. I've yet to meet another individual that breaks the boundaries of medical science and cutting edge techniques. I've actually heard of some of the techniques to treat concussions other trauma-based neurological disorders and though, wow this is great but these will probably never go mainstream since the goal is to not introduce pain medications or long-term rehabilitation programs—but low and behold Markus' goal is to actually cure patiences and rescue them from traditional methods that only treat symptoms. If you know of an athlete who suffered head trauma, or a child who struggles with Autism, every minute spent at Turning Point Medical Group is worth its weight in gold.

octavio cordero

Great experience with every appt I had, The staff is very friendly and make you feel very comfortable. The therapy turned my life back around and I am very satisfied.

Robert Smith

Markus knows how to fix issues and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Morgan Flaharty

I've been going to Turning Point Medical Group for 2 years to help with vestibular therapy and Sport Performance. The Gyrostim has been amazing for me. My symptoms have all diminished and balance significantly improved! Holly has been tracking my progress, administering my program and helping me get the most out of every session! She's so great and she is fun to be around. Markus, the head physician is passionate about Nueroscience and it's application to public health. He goes above and beyond, continually proving why he's an expert in the field. As a competitive athlete himself, he's very disciplined in his approach and application to your care. HIGHLY recommend this place

JoAnn Gadkowski

Markus is caring and enthusiastic in his customer care. He has cutting edge technology that offers amazing results!

Trina Atencio - CDHS

I scheduled a consultation hoping they would be able to help me with my medical issue. The treatment that I needed was not something that they offered. They were very upfront about that, instead of leading me on or scheduling services that would not help my situation. I mentioned that I was new to the area and Kelsey offered to help me find a center that might provide the services that I need. She called me the next day with the names of 2 offices that could help. I appreciate the awesome customer service.

Cristina Phillips

Silvia Hughes

The initial assessment was very professional and thorough. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I can definitely recommend Turning Point to future patients.

Sandra Aldrich

My concussion resulted in loss of creativity for several months. Not a good thing for a multi-published author and international speaker! But after the Gyrostim treatments directed by the knowledgeable and caring Turning Point staff, I have my professional life back. Special thanks to Markus Ernst, Scott Hofer and Holly Snell.

Ashley B

I went to A Turning Point for back pain and was treated with dignity and respect. Markus knows his stuff and did a great job of recommending at home exercises for me to do. They also do amazing work for brain rehabilitation and would tell anyone I know with a concussion. Autism or ADD/ADHD to go see them! We are so lucky to have them in our backyard!

Amber Sherman

great experience .. very professional staff. real discovery and solutions. so grateful for Turning Point Medical Group. Thank you !

Debora Hood

Markus and his staff blend the best in physical therapy treatments with cutting-edge technology for amazing results -- often after patients have been told there is no hope for more improvement of their conditions.A professional who is so enthusiastic about each one of his patients!

Dave Tankersley

Fantastic facility with a great staff. Jenna did a great job in diagnosing my problem which had been overlooked by several other groups.

Don Brown

I recently had surgery on my elbow to remove some obstructions. I chose Turning Point Medical Group because I had worked with Markus Ernst after a knee surgery over 4 years ago. Markus is a caring and listening therapist that fully explains all of my conditions and the treatment he believes will be most beneficial. Already I have more range of motion than I have had in over 10 years, and we have only had 2 appointments so far. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of post accident or surgery therapy.

Jon Martinez

I am a retired Army Veteran that had suffered numerous incidents throughout my career that resulted in TBI's and migraines.Two months ago I experienced a severe bout of vertigo that lasted for three days. Looking on line for medical treatment I found Turning Point Medical Group and called to make an appointment. I was shocked that after 1 treatment of their Gyrostim system I was completely free of any vertigo symptoms. My wife is now a patient there also and is amazed at the physical therapy for her neck that Markus and Fred provide. The greatest experience with the Gyrostim treatment is witnessing our 9 year old son Zackary who is autistic, begin to have conversations with us and others, speaks more clearly now, plays with other kids and interacts with them a lot more, asks questions, sleeps well, and has even been scoring 100% on his spelling tests at school! Truly amazing to witness. All thanks to their professional and very helpful staff- Markus, Fred, Samantha, Holly, Scott, Amanda, Sarah, Kelsy, Alex, and can't forget Buttercup. Thank you all for all that you do.

Matt Davis

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