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REVIEWS OF Physical Therapy of the Rockies-Littleton IN Colorado

Unice Bode

Kelly Hickler

I've had 9 sessions here so far and have nothing but great things to say. The receptionist, Bethany, is wonderful, and so are all the therapists I've worked with... Nicole, Matt, and Jason. They really listen to what I have to say and always come up with new and challenging exercises to help me with my knee pain. I almost wish I wasn't healed so I could keep coming back, haha.

Ibtihaj Biram

peggy papineau

On Sept 4th I fell and broke my hip. On Sept 5th I had a total hip replacement. After some home pt I was ready for outpatient pt and I called pt of the Rockies. I was setup with Kyle and going twice a week. We got started right away on exercises. I told him I liked to challenge myself and he said great I will challenge you. Before I knew it I went from a walker to a cane and was working on getting rid of the cane. I went to my appointment on Sept 29th and my calf was very swollen, painful,and hot. I thought I was just doing to much so I showed Kyle my leg. He looked at it and said that he wanted me to go to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. I went to the er right then and once I got there I was told I had a huge blood clot that went from my groin to half way down my calf. The doctor told me that if my therapist had not caught it I probably would not have made it through the weekend. I am so grateful to Kyle and everyone there. Thank you so much. I would recommend them to everyone.

Physical Therapy

FANTASTIC! Everyone is happy, people are getting healthy, they make life better!

Lisa Travis

Welcoming, comfortable atmosphere with all knowledgeable, caring therapists and staff. I cannot adequately describe the positive experience I had. I seriously wish I could go to this class business regularly.

Jennie Davenport

My experience here was amazing! It helped and the staff was so wonderful. Highly recommend!

Kaitlin Smith

If I could give them more stars I would! I've never seen physical therapists take such painful and hard lives and turn them into fun and healthy ones! Matt and the rest of the team do an amazing job of dealing with any and all types of injuries and sitauons. I wouldn't put my body in anyone else's hands! They also do a great job of making a happy healing environment by keeping the offices clean and professional. I couldn't thank Matt and everyone else enough for all the healing they've helped me through, but I hope this helps!

Natasha Leadem

I'm very disappointed with my visit to Physical Therapy of the Rockies. I went in to get a consult on my shoulder and the therapist was more like a pushy salesman. While he was very knowledgeable, he was not willing to openly share any information about my shoulder until he had suggested 4 to 6 more weeks of PT. I almost had to pry it out of him that I have a compressed vein/artery which is cutting off circulation to my hand. That seems like something a little bit too urgent for pt to help. He was not genuine and I may as well have been a dollar sign than a person with a medical need. As soon as he could sense my hesitation he moved on to the next patient and didn't even so much as say goodbye. My parting gift was what resembled a contract stating "what we expect from you as a patient" in which they wanted me to sign my initials that I would attend all appointments prescribed by my "therapist." I went in for a consult! The best part of this whole thing is that I am a salesperson. I would never treat my customers this way and I was blown away that they can even consider themselves part of the medical field.

Audrey Lynn

I had such a great experience going to PT of the Rockies. Matt and the entire staff are very knowledgeable and concerned with making you feel better. I'm so happy I got referred to them as they've helped me tremendously. Thank you all for everything. Keep wearing the fun socks, Matt.

Gene Dionne

I was referred to PT of the Rockies by my primary care physician as a last ditch attempt to get rid of expanding numbness in my right foot and some dropped foot syndrome before having to undergo back surgery. Allison was my primary PT and she tried back traction using a Saunders device which I have since bought for home use. Numbness/dropped foot went away after about 6-8 sessions. No back surgery! I'm delighted with their care and with their sociability!!!

C arp

Amazing staff. All the people I've interacted with have been so helpful. I would recommend these folks everytime.

Ashley Ross

I had my first experience with Physical Therapy at PT of the Rockies. I was in an auto accident and needed some work on my neck and back. I just completed my treatment and I can say I feel so much better. I was having daily headaches and these have nearly resolved, only occurring once weekly, at most. Matt was wonderful to work with! He was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and kind. All his staff was great as well. I would recommend this place for anyone with PT needs. I hope to not need anymore PT in the future, but if I do, I will return! Thanks for everything Matt and staff at PT of the Rockies!

Melissa Adkins

Great physical therapists! Very comfortable setting!

Brian Nelson

Larry Bell

Ashley Cummings

I had an excellent experience, my therapist was very helpful and charming, I feel better after one visit...... -Gigi H

Danielle Belanger

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff and beautiful facility. I was struggling with debilitating sciatica and they helped me find some relief. Once the sciatica subsided, they designed a plan to help me regain my strength and prevent future injury. I recommend them highly!

Dayna Van Vleet

Patrick Farrand

Laura, Alison,,Megan, Katie and Tim really know their stuff! I'm sure the rest of the crew does as well. Best of luck to Roni. I can only impress on Matt how much the music does!

Eugene Neese

As I get ready for my last PT appt. tomorrow, I just wanted to say Thank You to the whole staff! Everyone uses their best practices taugh to help heal your muscles, joints, bones and body pains. I started out w/a pain level 7 in my lower back, and now I can barely feel the pain and discomfort. Sincerely, Eugene Neese

Thia Chinchen

Wonderful experience

Bill Bacon

Great people and different therapy options. Therapist discuss injury and options.

Dixie Richey

Everyone was so knowledgeable, professional and kind. Pleasant surroundings and easy to access. I highly recommend PT of the Rockies to anyone needing therapy.

Christopher Grant

Kelly Weaver

Very experienced, friendly staff. They also CARE a lot and will see you through whatever you are dealing with. They have an innovative, holistic approach and I really love that.

jim deyo

The staff at Physical Therapy of the Rockies, are terrific, they truly create an atmosphere of healing with the great attitudes and knowledge, I recommend this business to all who are in search of qualified,energetic professionals.

John Manutes

Highly recommend Physical Therapy of the Rockies. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. My therapist was Kyle, and Kyle treated my injury and provided me with a program of stretching and exercises that got me back to my running goals.

Saphire Hoffman

I had 6 weeks of therapy for my left shoulder with Kaitlyn, Matt G and Jason, all 3 were absolutely amazing and made therapy enjoyable. Thank you sooo much for everything 2 years later you all are still stuck with me lol. I still appreciate everything you guys do for me and Kian. Tia Hoffman

Kyle Holland

This is amazing place for healing. Everyone is very knowledgeable and kind. I strongly recommend going here for getting better. I promise you will feel better

Cal G

Amazing, kind and knowledgeable staff! In less than a month they have helped me make a full recovery from joint pain through a wide variety of tools and techniques. Everyone was very courteous and always made sure that my pain levels were manageable. I would highly recommend PT of the Rockies!

James Krefft

Great overall experience. Staff is friendly and communicative. An oasis of healing in the concrete jungle. I highly recommend them as a provider.


As far as the therapists go, I give them 4 stars as I thought they were pretty good. My real issue is when I was in a rush to go home and was stopped by the girl at the desk saying I owe them money. I asked her what she meant because all I knew is they sent me their bill, which matched the EOB I received from my insurer, and they cashed my check. Her response questioned her own company's billing process and then hands me a business card expecting me to spend time calling their billing department on the spot to sort this out. Thought that was unprofessional and a real turn off. Then I get a message at my home the next day from their billing department in Montana about me having questions. I had no questions, but I did call my insurance company, who confirmed all was correct. I haven't been back since, even though my treatment isn't complete. I also felt at times that their main goal was how many appointments they could get because on the couple of occasions I needed to cancel, I felt some pushback. Even had one individual ask me for the specific reason stating he had to enter it. Thought that was intrusive. Thankfully I'm doing pretty well now, but have already investigated other providers in the event I need more follow up.

jen putt

Everyone is Very friendly and helpful and I'm excited to be getting the help I need


The staff were nice but every time I went in they didn't have a way for me to pay, so they said they would just bill me. The bill never came but a summons did! Just bill me so I can pay it like you said you would! I will NEVER recommend people come here!! They will try to harm your credit instead of just billing you LIKE THEY SAID THEY WOULD!

Michael Young

I had the opportunity to work with Matt, Alison, and Tim at PT of the Rockies as a PT student. What a great group of people! This is a great environment for positive experiences and positive results. Every one of their PTs works off the most recent evidence in the field and it is evident in patient outcomes. They employ dry needling, manual therapy, soft tissue massage, static and dynamic cupping, tried and true exercises, as well as various other approaches to get patients back to 100%. PT of the Rockies was by far the best clinical experience I had throughout my affiliations and I would recommend them to any friend looking for an outpatient physical therapist.

Andrew Brodie

I can't even say enough about Matt and his team, I tore my bicep and tendon, and the injury really interferes with almost everything. Matt and team know how to expertly diagnose and treat your body. It's really an amazing experience, and I'm totally shocked how much better I feel after each treatment. If you're in need of PT, go see Matt and team, you'll be glad you did, I am!!!! #superfan

Ashley Van Buskirk

After being in a car accident while pregnant and suffering from a concussion, exacerbating my chronic migraines, I started PT with PT of the Rockies. The staff is always so wonderful, I definitely really enjoy working with them for my continued treatment!! Although my headaches aren’t gone they are far better than before I started treatment!

Stacey Gaker

They have been patient and helpful with helping me work with my elbow issues. There is a wealth of knowledge of different techniques to help their clients. Matthew Casseday sets the mood and attitude for all of his employees and he does a great job. Everyone is energetic, knowledgeable, and caring. There is a real team atmosphere that the clients benefit from. Matthew seems more like a mentor than a boss. I look forward to going to my physical therapy.

Stacy Fredrickson

Everyone at PT of the Rockies is very friendly and knowledgable. I had a great experience.

Frank Tricamo

top notch service and attention to detail. Very fair.

Merlin Samuel

I was referred to this clinic by my primary care doctor for neck pain and although they are out of network with my insurance and the co pay per visit ended up being almost twice the amount than what I was initially informed it would be, I benefited from every PT visit with Allison. She is professional, knowledgeable and so nice. My neck feels so much better and I am very grateful to Allison (and Jake) for helping me. Have a wonderful New Year PT of the Rockies!!!

Jonah Harris

Maureen Parker

I am in awe of this wonderful place to heal! Matt Cassady is professional, kind, approachable, smart, and skilled. His office staff follow suit. As I health care provider, I can attest to his abilities and relationship skills. He is simply the best! He has worked diligently with both family members and patients whom I have known. He gives 110%. If you are fortunate enough to be referred here, consider it a true gift and blessings!

George Rumer

I've only had 2 visits and it has changed my perspective on physical therapy. So far it has been a hands on process of manual therapy directed right at my problem area. Past experiences were different and involved just getting a handout of exercises without much involvement. Everyone I've encountered there is professional and seems to be centered on helping remedy my pain.

Kathryn Bell

Janet Coito

I have only great things to say about Matt and everyone else at PT of the Rockies! They were kind, thorough, and helped me tremendously. I only wish I had gone there sooner! Thank you to all! I highly recommend Physical Therapy of the Rockies to anyone who needs PT help.

kate peters

Michael Sweeney

They have helped me with motion and recovery. They were very helpful and gave me helpful tips to help me deal with my pain and return motion to my acking joints. I would recommend them to anyone who needs it and to any wine who wishes for a fast recovery

Colin Christopher

Matt and Nick have been great in trying to get me back to 100% after I aggravated an old back problem. They really listen and work with me to keep pursuing things that work and setting aside treatments that don't. The clinic itself is a great atmosphere. Matt sets a great tone and it feels like everyone enjoys working together, which makes a huge difference to me as a patient.

john gubbins

Had a little snafu with the insurance, but Matt the owner made it good. Way to go, Matt!!!

Andrew Perkins

I went to see Matt at Physical Therapy of the Rockies for forearm pain due to a gym injury that plagued me for almost a year, I'm stubborn about going to the Dr of any kind, but my coworker wore me down telling me how much he had helped her, so I called Laura at the front desk got me right in she's great! Matt is very knowledgeable and a great guy to work with. the staff is very welcoming as well. best of all my arm healed and feels great!!


Matt is Awesome

Kayla Jurrens

As a physical therapy student, my clinical rotation at Physical Therapy of the Rockies provided me the opportunity to learn and practice alongside very experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate therapists. Everyone there provides a high standard of care for all of their patients based on the latest evidence-based practice to help treat a variety of orthopedic cases. They consistently took time out of their day to teach with a hands-on approach to help me improve my technique and gain confidence in my manual therapy, in addition to teaching creative neuromuscular re-education techniques and innovative therapeutic exercises. Matt and everyone at Physical Therapy of the Rockies provide exceptional care while also maintaining a fun, encouraging environment for everyone who walks in. I had an incredible time learning alongside Matt and the amazing staff at Physical Therapy of the Rockies!

Matt Casseday

Brad Murphy

As a physical therapist in training, I had the opportunity to work at PT of the Rockies. It is an outstanding facility and they are well versed in various ways to treat a number of conditions. I would be happy to recommend PT of the Rockies to anyone needing PT!

Heather Vanover

I irritated an old shoulder injury playing volleyball and Matt and his team were fantastic at getting me back out on the court! The entire staff was friendly and attentive and through a few weeks of therapy and a combination of dry needling and cupping, i was able to not only regain full range of motion in my shoulder but am now pain free and back out swinging. Highly recommended to any one looking for a great PT!

Robin Kenny

Everyone in this office sincerely works together and there is a true team effort. I feel like I am important to their business. Even the times when they are crazy busy, there is the effort put forth to take care of your needs. I would highly recommend this PT office. All the staff are great, friendly, compassionate, and knowledgeable! Continue the wonderful work Matt and staff. Thank you for taking good care of me Sam and the "boys"!! :)

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