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REVIEWS OF South Bay Sports Medicine IN California

Harry Koltun

They're the best

Diane Spellman

I have been going to South Bay Sports Medicine for many physical therapies after surgeries. I have a lot of respect for the therapists that work there especially my therapist, Allen DeWitt. He has made me feel a lot better each time he has worked with me and doesn't give up helping me. I will going back again after I have another knee replacement in November.

Becky Grassl

I love south bay sports medicine. It's the only place I'll go. Very knowledgeable staff.

Timothy Horsey

I am a parent of a son that injured his arm throwing baseballs consistently. Essentially overuse of the arm. The physical therapist was very knowledgeable about throwing injuries. He worked on my son's arm doing various stretches. My son's arm improved very rapidly by the exercises given and the training received. Also, he was given a list of exercises to continue after therapy. It was a great experience watching the improvement of my son's arm. I recommend very highly South Bay Sports Medicine. Everyone one there was nice.

Richard Gill

Can't say thanks enough for PT Gary Coleman. Had major neck surgery w/excruciating pain and Gary within a few visits relieved all the pain and strengthened my neck shoulders arms beyond all expectations. All of the support staff were very professional knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. Excellent experience.

dolores vonbiela

Pam Nelson was the best physical therapist that I have had. She was caring and knowledgeable about how to treat my back. She healed me physically and emotionally. The staff was excellent. Everyone there was caring and professional in every way that you want your experience to be. I would go back if I find myself in need of PT again and would recommend South Bay to anyone needing PT help.

Diana Gavola

Mike Fischvogt was great. He was patient and knowledgeable. Everyone was nice. I would go back and recommend South Bay.

Virginia Pansacola

Greg and the PT assistants are just great!!! They really pay attention to you and to what you are supposed to do to make sure you get the most benefit from all the exercises. I recommend this facility to anyone who needs a therapy.

frank saso

My therapist Greg was great. It was hard but the staff kept me going and worked with me on my schedule.

S He

*** I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE *** ***My sciatic nerve pain was WORSENED after being "treated" at this business, and then the front desk staff did not offer me a proper receipt so that I could get reimbursed by my insurance company, even after I asked them for a receipt more than once*** In July of 2015, I began physical therapy sessions with a physical therapist here, Gary, and he told me that the single most important exercise for me would be to lift my left leg up in a straight position while laying down. I began doing the exercises he told me at home, and I noticed that for the first time, I began developing numbness in my left leg. One month later I developed intense pain in my buttock region and hamstring, and half of my left leg was numb to the point where I could not feel my outer part of my shin or the top portion of my foot. This was not due to any other exercise that I was preforming on my own, or a new injury, or an accident, or any new medication I was taking. This was a direct result of the exercises that I was told to perform at SouthBay Sports Medicine. It got to a point where I couldn't sit down on a chair for more than 5-10 minutes without suffering intense pain. I had a MRI done afterwards, and it was revealed that I have a herniated disc in my L4-L5 region. Because of the intense pain in my left leg, I was not able to attend the majority of my classes since I was not able to sit down on a chair for the duration of my classes. I spent the majority of my time in my dorm room sleeping with a pillow under my left leg. I was forced to spend money on pain medicine, and because of the NSAIDS that I took, I developed stomach upset, in which I was forced to spend additional money on Aloe Vera juice from Whole Foods. I recently had to have an epidural steroid injection because of the intense pain. All of this could have been avoided had I never began the exercises that were recommended by Southbay Sports Medicine. Up until I was "treated" at Southbay Sports Medicine, I could walk without difficulty, and I could sit without difficulty, I only had stiffness and tolerable pain LOCALIZED in my lower back, but once I began the exercises that SouthBay Sports Medicine recommended, the severe pain spread to my left leg and I developed numbness. I NEVER HAD NUMBNESS BEFORE, NOT EVEN A BIT. I am furious that the "treatment" I received at this facility resulted in me having intense pain for the past 5 months. My grades suffered because I was unable to attend numerous classes, I have not been able to exercise for nearly 4 months because if I do, I will develop intense inflammation in my lower back and will develop a flare up. I was able to exercise before I began Gary's recommended exercises. Because of this, I have gained weight and my quality of life has suffered greatly. I would never recommend this place to any of my friends or family, and in my opinion, the front desk staff is unprofessional. I am going to file complaints against SouthBay Sports Medicine with the appropriate regulatory agencies.

o t

My time with my therapist at South Bay was very helpful. I learned stretches and exercises that helped my issue. I went in with extreme pain and if a few weeks i felt so much better. I would recommend them and I'm very grateful to learn new techniques that will keep me fit.

Camilla Bolton

Thanks to getting me back to normal Allen you're the best.

matthew Moody

Pablo Diaz

I had a very good experience

Carmen Avila

I had a wonderful experience going their everyone was very nice and everyone had a smile at all time

Race Dez

Norman Willis

Michael, 1 of the owners, & a Physical Therapist, was responsible for reducing my back pain level from an 8-10 rating down to a 5. His crew is knowledgeable and friendly. I went to South Bay Sports Medicine after each one of my 2 total knee replacements and they, Michael, got me completely mobile in 3 months.


Brandy Topsy

Noah Fickenscher

Excellent care received at South Bay Sports Medicine. I was referred to address a pinched nerve between 4th and 5th vertebra. The numbness in my arm has completely been addressed, and I now have more knowledge of posture and exercises to help keep future issues that are common in the office work / desk job environment from occurring

Janet McKie

Anel Manriquez

Excellent staff.

Pat Corwin

South Bay Sports Medicine continues to be my "go to" place as I have experienced continual success over the years, with rehab for two knee replacements and a hip replacement. Gary and Allen have each put me through "boot camp" pushing & encouraging along the way, which has ultimately enabled me to continue to engage in my passion for surfing at sixty-eight years young. The whole staff at SBSM is friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and professional in every way!


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