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REVIEWS OF Wellness Professionals, Inc. IN Arkansas

Delaney Pfeffer

Love it here! The staff is so kind and helpful. Dr. Dickerson really cares about solving your problem long term. So glad I came here.

Melody Morgan

I’ve been coming to Dr. Dickerson since 2011. He is the best! I highly recommend him and his staff.

Kris Honey

Rebecca is a highly talented massage therapist with excellent technique, instincts & knowledge. She listens to me and always addresses my areas of concern wonderfully. I was so tired of going to therapists who didn’t take the time to care. Those days are over! I’m usually here for some sort of injury & I always feel better when I leave. Thank you Rebecca!!

Dana Magelic

I was terrified about going and had heard all the worst case scenario of the "bone cracker". My neighbor had experience and a great review about Dr. Dickerson. I went because I was in pain and thank god i did. More than just the numbness in my leg was cured. I had been experiencing trouble breathing and had no idea it had to do with my bones. I am happy and only a month of so after my first visit I feel better than ever. I walk out feeling like a new woman every time.

frbesi1 .

My wife and I have both used Wellness Professionals for adjustments and physical therapy after an auto accident. I appreciate their friendliness, professionalism, along with reasonable pricing, and willingness to take the time make sure you are progressing physically toward better health. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Librado Martinez

I went because I need it. I felt the doctor used different methods "unorthodox" than what I had experienced in the past and seen before. I felt uneasy to be honest. The staff was nice and very professional. Lots of open space even in the treatment rooms. Thus far it felt like visiting your bad ex's house. The doctor took about 40 minutes with me. My back didn't budge. The massage and pretzel churning didn't do it right then. I left the office with a little bit of a skepticism. Soon after getting home HOLY COW! I went to work and let me tell you- I felt like a million bucks!!!! My lower back pain was so miniscule that I forgot it was even there. Mind you for the past 5 years, I have been struggling and suffering with lower back pain. Its like getting hit with a police baton and then feeling the sting all day while the edge of it is right at your back on the same point every day. No matter what I did, I could not even bend over to tie my shoe laces most days. Squatting at work to pick up items required appointments, I felt like an old man at my job. Currently, I am a machine operator and do some carpentry work on the side. Getting in and out of my truck was pains taking events. Lifting things is hell. Right now, I can't thank this doctor enough. This was just the first session! I can reach my toes, without pain. I can squat with really no pain. I can get in and out of my truck with no pain. I know I am a work in progress, I get it, I have issues but seriously, I recommend everyone in Wellness Professionals. Don't wait another day, come see and feel the difference in as little as one visit-I am a believer. THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING MY DAY SUCH A GREAT START TO MY WEEK.


Unlike other Chiropractors that I've been to that only do an adjustment, for the same price I receive strength building and stretching assistance to get my body back into working order. Physical therapy, adjustments, and a wonderful staff make me feel better than I have in years. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Jennifer Eby

I have been going to a chiropractor for 14 years of my life and gone here for 7 years now and I have to say Dr. Dickerson it the best!! He is the most gentle chiropractor I have ever used and is the kindest man. I love the entire staff as they are very friendly and accommodating. Even after moving 45 minutes away I still make the drive to see Dr. Dickerson.

Nick Plumb

I've been seeing Dr. Dickerson for several years and have always enjoyed my experience at his office. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Kathy Lewis

An excellent choice for my chiropractic care. Great staff, very professional, caring, easy to work with. Dr. Dickerson has already helped my back pain a lot, in just a short time. He is the best!

Tracy Abshier

I always know I’m going to walk feeling better than when I walked in. I recommend regular visits whether they be monthly or every 6 weeks to prevent misalignment issues. Scheduling is pleasant, and I’m always able to get in soon.

Kate Guendling

I had my first massage at Wellness Professionals, Inc. I am definitely going back for another, it was wonderful.

Sarah Alvarez

1st visit and I felt like my healthcare was important. Dr. Dickerson met with me about my issues, will review X-rays, and set up a care plan. All the services I need under 1 roof.

Spike Snell

Excellent staff and service. Convenient location, and wonderful all around. I went in for a free consultation and was very impressed with all facets of their operation. Came out with many new stretches and techniques to relieve my troubles which have been improving steadily after taking all of their advice. I highly recommend this place!

Erin Peterson

Amazing. Kind. Professional. Dr. Dickerson and his staff are absolutely incredible. They have been caring for my elderly mother for years and when I went to visit I threw my back out. They didn’t hesitate that I wasn’t already a patient or that I lived out of state. They got me in immediately and thanks to his care I was able to enjoy the rest of my vacation. On top of that, when we found out my insurance didn’t cover out of state physicians, they told me to have a nice day and didn’t even charge me for the appointment. Speaks volumes; they aren’t just in it to make money, they do this because they have a calling to. Thank you!

Nikola Smallwood

I've been coming here since 2012 and I won't see another Chiropractor. Dr. Dickerson cares about his patients and their wellbeing. The service is excellent and all the staff are friendly. I would recommend Wellness Professionals to everyone.

Maci Beth Eklund

Dr. Dickerson and the entire staff at Wellness Professionals have helped me with back and neck pain by giving me specific exercises and workouts that I can work on myself, along with their assistance. They have taken time to work with me and find what is best for my individual needs. I highly recommend their care to achieve your desired results.

Mark Sills

The Dr. And staff are wonderful. Nearly pain free, I could barely walk when I started.

Craig Brown

They've done a great job with both my physical therapy and adjustments. I appreciate their friendliness, professionalism, and the willingness to take the time to answer any questions I may have. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Brandy Anderson

A dr and staff that truly care about your well being and your health

Ann Hafar

Everyone is so nice. It's the first time I hve been to a Chiropractor that has in-house physical therapy and therapeutic massage. Dr Dickerson definitely knows what he's doing.

Hillary Wheeler

Dr. Dickerson is so welcoming and helpful. He was able to see what was causing my problems and has helped me work through them over the past year. It has improved my quality of life and I would recommend him and this clinic to anyone.

Lindsay Thompson

Dr. Dickerson is the best chiropractor! I highly recommend him. Gretchen (the physical therapist) is a doll! She is very caring and listens to you. I was so scared I was going to have to get a mri because my back pain was so severe. In just six weeks Dr. Dickerson helped me and healed me. His staff is very helpful and professional. They are very sweet and nice young ladies. His massage therapist is wonderful too. They communicate to ensure you get the massage you need to help in the process of recovery. If you need a chiropractor, Dr. Dickerson is the way to go.

Crystal Shivers

Doctor D saved my jaw! Completely transformed my life and the quality of life I am able to have and enjoy. My wife and I have been coming to him as part of overall health routine since 2011. If you just want a tune-up or if you're struggling with pain, either way, come see Dr. D and his amazing staff.


Dr. Dickerson has taken my migraines down from 2-3 x per week to about 1-2 per month. I appreciate the tips about stretching routines and other strategies that clients can use at home as well. He is a knowledgeable, friendly, consistent, & compassionate person. These are just some of many reasons that I return to Wellness Professionals for chiropractic care.

SA Easley

My experience under Dr. Michael Dickerson's care was very positive. During my twelve visits to get my frozen shoulder and neck free of pain, Dr. Dickerson adjusted, worked with me through physical therapy, and give me several exercises to do at home. As a result, I am close to 100% free of pain. I would definitely recommend Wellness Professionals for chiropractic and therapy treatments. Also, the other office staff/professionals were just as helpful and very kind. I will certainly continue with Wellness Professionals as needed.

Heather Armstrong

Love love love Dr Dickerson, you can always tell when someone loves their job and he sure does. Treats his patients with the best care!! Thank you again for helping me!!

P Mill

Really enjoy going to Wellness Professionals, they do outstanding work and they’re all great people!

Gelynda Johnson

Dr. Dickerson and his staff were absolutely wonderful. Super professional and tailored my treatment plan to my needs. Highly recommend!

Deborah Coffer

Couldn’t live life to the fullest without these guys! Love Dr. Dickerson and the whole WP family.

Tammy Cunningham

Such an amazing group of professionals I. This office. They go above and beyond to make their patients feel as if they are the only patient in the office at that time and are a top priority. They are polite, kind, very genuine, and very professional. Highly recommend this office!!!

Tori Karr

I have been three times now and the staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. I feel like they take the time to get to know each client's individual needs and set up a treatment plan that is unique to each person. I'm very pleased and look forward to returning!

Bryan Snow

The only place I will ever go to. Honest and straight forward

Rebecca Kington

Dr. Dickerson is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. He treats his patients like adults and works carefully with patients to achieve the type of health care they want and need. Great demeanor and respect. Staff lovely.

Kristen Tucker

I am so grateful to have found this place! The staff are amazing and the care is beyond spectacular. I play an intense contact sport and would probably still be laying in bed if it wasn’t for coming here.

jeff allen

The folks here took GREAT care of me from the first time I walked in. Straightened me up and got me feeling better. I highly recommend Wellness Professionals, Inc.

Carrie Melville

The staff are extremely kind and accommodating! I would highly recommend coming here. You will be treated well and out of pain soon! :)

Aleshia Wilson-Manning

I’ve gone here for years to have Dr. Dickerson set me straight, and he is amazing, and he is also very good with my little quirks( I talk about random junk). Today I had a the absolute best ever massage and I will be doing it again. Awesome place

Vicki Craft

Excellent treatment! Friendly people and got me in for an appointment in a timely manner. Not to mention, I’m feeling great after only 3 adjustments. Highly recommend this chiropractor ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Frances Schilmoeller

Been going there almost since they opened. Everyone is very nice and I always feel good after going. love them


I wanted to wait a while before writing a review about Dr. Dickerson and Wellness Professionals. Well here's the status from a year ago on my Facebook page: "I loved going to the chiropractor! I could write a book on the experience. Apparently, I'm a bad case. He says that I'm worse than I think I am and is amazed that I don't feel more pain - God is good. He says that I'm his new project and wants to see me again tomorrow. I could go on and on. I should have went years ago!" Let me repeat that last sentence - I should have went years ago. I used to "throw my back out" at least once every two months. I couldn't walk upright. It was embarrassing. I looked like an old lady. It was really bad when I was pregnant. I no longer have times of throwing my back out. I never thought I'd live to see the day that I could say that. That nearly brings tears to my eyes. My back was messed up during childbirth with my first baby, so I highly recommend moms go see the chiropractor after having a baby - even if you aren't experiencing back problems. Dr. Dickerson can easily treat you, probably only once, and prevent those problems that last the rest of your life. Don't wait 19 years, like I did. If you are afraid to see a chiropractor, all I can say is it's foolish to not at least try. For those of you who don't go because of money and how you have to see the chiropractor for the rest of your life - these were the reasons I put it off so long - insurance pays at least part of it, you should at least ask Wellness Professionals about it. It was expensive initially (first 2-3 weeks, maybe longer depending on how bad it is), because I had to go often. I go every 6 weeks and pay $35 with my insurance. I would so much rather pay $35 every 6 weeks than to have my back go out every 2 months. Like the car salesman says, "Just try me." Just try it! I pray that you have the same result as I did.

Megan Garrison

I had been having some pretty severe neck and upper back pain for a few months before coming to see Dr. Dickerson in January. After just a few apts my headaches and neck pain were significantly better. Now, after finishing my care plan in only 5 weeks I feel like a new person!! I am finally able to play with my boys or workout without causing an intense headache. I highly recommend Dr. Dickerson!

Samantha Reding

Awesome people an I feel better since I have been going to them. Would recommend them to anyone

Dale Hladky

I couldn't hardly walk or stand after 3 visits the pain is nearly completely gone and I'm back at work full time. I went to 4 doctors and the ER first with no luck. great place,great people try them you'll see

Mary Reid

I was in serious need of relief from the pain I've had for numerous years. Gretchen is an amazing therapist, she had me walking with considerably less to no pain in no time! Amazing staff, they are really great to work with, I highly recommend them!

Robert Chaney

My wife and I have been treated by Gretchen Torres for a few months for serious injuries. I am now running a few miles and Mary is walking every morning 2-3 miles. Gretchen is very knowledgeable and has researched thoroughly what other Doctors and Physical Therapists have not been able to figure out. She listens and makes sure we get the best possible treatment. She is kind and always smiling. She remembers the names of our kids and even grandchildren. I am happy that she always wins Best Physical Therapist in Arkansas year after year. She deserves it based on our experience. Very knowledgeable.

katherine brandt

Finally a doctor that is knowledgeable, sensible, and conservative. I've taken both my children to Dr. Dickerson and we are now on a conservative re-visitation treatment plan that is totally on my terms. I've visited other chiropractors that basically prescribe a robust treatment plan and tell you that you need to be seen multiple times per week in order to achieve subluxation. I've always had doubt in these other Chiropractors due to the overzealous treatment plans, but Dr. Dickerson is not one to shove an overwhelming treatment plan down your throat. He addresses the issues, and goes from there to correct it. I would totally be willing to bring my child in on a monthly basis, but he advises against that (in our particular situation), so that means a lot. Other Chiropractors want to do so many other unnecessary things just to make money. His "bedside manor" is remarkable, as he is very knowledgeable, but never patronizing.

Kathy Garcia

Worked wonders on my pain. Would recommend to anyone.


Experienced immediate relief. Very informative and expressed a sincere desire for the well-being of his patients.

Rafael Hammer

My first visit consisted of a lot of paperwork that gave me an anxiety attack, but I understand that the liability paperwork is a must. After meeting Dr. Michael I was much more calm. His professional manner makes it easy to talk to him. He explained their process, and even though I did not receive an adjustment, I felt a little more confident that they would be able to get me back to a homeostasis state within my body system.

Paula Stern

Delighted to have been introduced to the Wellness Pros here. Have had much improved movement in my neck, hip and shoulder and can't thank Dr Mike enough for the continued relief I'm experiencing.

Irene Gonzalez

I enjoy coming here because they make sure you don't injury yourself, by monitoring and making sure you are doing the exercises correctly, they don't just teach you and send you home. The staff here very friendly and professional. They listen and answer any questions you may have. I like the no judgmental environment. I am learning how out of shape I am and the exercises to re-strengthen my body. The constant burning pain in my neck has subsided, I can actually look over my shoulder without pain. Thank You.

Mary Crouch

I made an appointment with Dr Dickerson based on web reviews. From my first visit I knew I had found the right place to get help for my injured hip. I went from hurting so much I couldn't sleep at night to being able to forget all about hip pain, and continue my normal activities! My only reminder of my injury is if I try to sleep on the injured side.....this in just a matter of a few weeks. The staff is helpful and caring.

McKensey Matlock

Had an amazing experience here. Great service and staff! This is the place to go. I will definitely be returning!

Peter Vu

Friendly staff and great chiropractor! They explained everything and it's helped my lingering aches.

Mickey Mitchell

Great Doc ! He listens and is very effective.

Rebecca McBride

Dr Dickerson rocks! He's smart, practical, experienced and a heck of a nice guy. He's the rare kind of professional you can completely trust to hold your head in two hands and twist, then stand up and thank him for it! His staff is great, too, super friendly in house PT available as well as a water massage bed and wobble chairs and all sorts of stretching gizmos. He also knows exactly the kind of stretching you need to be doing at home to fix what ails you. I went from being in pain from neck to hip with severe sciatica pain at age 39 to running my first 5k in less than a year at age 40! I'm so glad I found Wellness Professionals. You should go, just do it. My wellness center dominates your wellness center.

Jake White

I had chronic back pain for nearly a year before visiting Dr. Dickerson. After only two sessions/adjustments, I have not had back pain since. Also of note, their prices are extremely reasonable; particularly considering the results! Highly recommend!

Tommi Ryan

I just finished physical therapy with Gretchen. I have had limited motion especially in my shoulders and neck for the last 20 years. And sharp pain if I extended further. My range of motion increased greatly and also my strength. I am 70 years old and am delighted that I can dress and reach in all directions without pain. And I had a lot of fun at the same time!

Jill D

I am on vacation this week visiting family in Springdale and for the last 3 months have been experiencing terrible neck pain. After the 15 hour car ride it became apparent I needed some help. Ivory, Kyle and Dr D were all very sympathetic and accommodating giving me an appointment the same day I called! They pay close attention to the whole person not just the body part in question. 2 visits and a massage from Shelly and I am ready for the drive home. Thanks, guys!! Jill

Erin D.

I had my first visit yesterday. Very good so far. Nice staff. I like the fact that he is interested incorporating my physical therapy into his overall care plan. And, I feel noticably less pain today. 5 stars from me.

Crystal Reeves

Husband had to drive me in because my back went out and I could not even drive. Was doing much better the next day and seen them two more times and I was doing much better. Very friendly great stuff. Love this place!

Emily Miller

Totally shills for votes and reviews. I think the chiropractic work was adequate, but I don't appreciate how they stand over you while you review them. You absolutely cannot trust these reviews. Probably would end up about a 3.5 or 4 at the most if the reviews were honest.

Esteban Maraboli

There is no better place than this in Northwest Arkansas! It has all you need. They have been giving us an extremely amazing service. Me and my wife are so happy to have found this place since it has all in one place, Chiropractic, physical + speech therapy and massages. We love the fact that their services are personalized, but also that their treatment are fully customize to our needs something that we couldn't find in other places. They are by all means the best caring professionals of Fayetteville!

Jim Walch

I've been a patient here for the past 3+ months. These folks are the best in the industry. I give them a 5 star rating because of the professionalism from each and every member! If you are searching for the relief of back pain, adjustment issues, especially physical therapy, and many others, I would encourage you to research this special chiropractic office. I appreciate all that they do!!!!

Danielle Askins

The entire staff is phenomenal. Everyone is so kind & helpful. Dr. Dickerson & his staff were thorough during examination and put me on a 6 week exercise & adjustment plan to start. I see Gretchen for physical therapy twice a week and have been now for several weeks. She has been so knowledgeable & really cares about the betterment and comfort of her patients. The whole staff does. And with a big smile! They have a facility to accompany many therapeutic needs and ailment & have been so flexible in working with my schedule. 5 stars!

Jessica Hilton

You can tell that the staff and Dr. Dickerson really care about helping people. A couple years ago, I hurt my lower back. Dr. Dickerson went above and beyond to show me different ways to strengthen my core to help with lower back pain relief. I couldn’t imagine using a different chiropractor.

Shelby Davis

I've been coming here for adjustments for a couple of years now and have always been so well taken care of. They don't only offer chiropractic adjustments but also traction, physical therapy, massage, and other services as well. Staff is super friendly and they always fit me in if I have an emergency. Dr. Dickerson really takes an interest in my health and always goes above and beyond.

Violet Trosper

Dr. Dickerson immediately put me at ease with his professionalism and caring attitude. After going through an assortment of less professional chiropractors in Northwest Arkansas, I was relieved to find Wellness Professionals. Dr. Dickerson provides improvement via traditional chiropractic methods blended with modern physical therapy intervention. His fees are very reasonable for the incredible amount of time he spends with the patient and the range of therapies offered. I feel very safe under his knowledgeable care. His practice is well-named, for he truly promotes wellness in a highly professional manner.

Amy Rhodes

The whole staff at Wellness Professionals are amazing! Everyone is kind, patient and very knowledgeable. I came in with a bulging disc in my neck, and was in severe pain. Dr. Micheal Dickerson gave me a two day a week, six week treatment plan, and within just four weeks I was back to normal. Prices are very affordable and they have worked with me in dealing with my high deductible insurance. I highly recommend them!

Deborah Trainor

Very good team!! Professional, caring and they get the job done! They are my place to go for chiropractic and therapy.

Cecil Brock

Great Prices, Great Staff, and Great Dr!!

Jutta Shipley

Very nice staff. They took care of my vertigo problem in 3 sessions. Gretchen is a great PT therapist.

Kelli Langan

I have been seeing Dr. Dickerson and his staff for the past 6 years. They are wonderful! I am greeted individually by Ivory when I arrive and she remembers me. Dr. Dickerson takes care to address each of my needs that I have when I come in. Highly recommend his practice.

Tiffany Henry

Love the staff! Quality services- showing large improvement in pain control of neck & back. My migraines have decreased in frequency, too. You can tell Dr. Dickerson is more concerned about you feeling better & having a better quality of life instead of just upselling you. He also just makes conversation with you vs "preaching". They have always worked with my schedule- even the unexpected. Highly recommended!

Cree Foster

I recently pulled a disc in addition to having long term lower back pain. Not only was the doc able to determine almost immediately what my issue was, he developed a plan for an actual solution. Not just coming back to get adjusted every week. Fantastic place

Rachel Dooley

These folks will take care of you. They care about how you’re feeling.

Kay Dial

When I came to Wellness Professionals i was hurting so badly. Dr. Dickerson spent the time to get to the root of my problem. After just 2 visits with him i noticed an improvement. He and his staff are professional yet make you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Wellness Professionals!

Jessicca Riley

They are awesome as well as making it easier to work with your schedule. Having three kids at home all summer with one being under a year its hard to schedule anything.. they are always polite and professional.

Jessica Feltner

Dr. Dickerson was extremely kind and professional. He was also very thoughtful about cost and explained all aspects of what I was going to be charged before he proceeded with my visit. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a chiropractor!

Aleshia Wilson

My husband and I have been going here for over 3 years and we

Grace Morales

Dr. Dickerson is very thorough. He is not about a quick fix or a temporary solution. He really makes sure you have the tools to continue to heal and strengthen your body. I also love that he uses several approaches to find the best plan of action for my specific needs.

Ben Salmonsen

Went to see the Wellness Professionals today and I I must say I left feeling very relaxed, lively and pain-free! Dr. Dickerson was honest with me about treatment, he didn't try to sell me into more appointments I didn't need. He simply listened to my issues, and then gave me direct and simple instructions on how to get better. I will be back for another round with this organization.

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Great staff, great service. Highly recommended.

Tracy Fortuny

The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is laid back, yet very professional. I have been coming in for the past eight years to get adjusted by Dr. Dickerson. He has the Midas touch! Thank you everyone who makes the experience such a positive one.

Linda Porter

I started seeing results immediately! Everyone there is friendly and helpful! So glad my doctor referred me to Dr. Dickerson!

Misty Cagle

I started going to Dr Dickerson when my friend told me about him, he is very nice and Actually takes the time to listen to you, And his staff is very nice, very laid back atmosphere, Would recommend him to anyone, y'all check him out!

Steph B

Dr. Dickerson really cares about his patients and puts in the time and effort needed to help fix your problem. He listens and adjusts treatments as necessary. The prices are very fair, and you won't be nickel and dimed like at some other chiropractors.

Blake Curtis

Great staff and service. Timely. Would recommend to anyone.

angela clyne

The care and compassion Dr Dickerson and his staff have is amazing. They truly care for their patients and it shows in all they do.

Kendra Murphy

Best Chiropractor in Northwest Arkansas. Dr. Dickerson was the best referral I have ever received for a doctor. He's knowledgeable and patient with your independent needs for chiropractic care. I recommend him to everyone and I recommend him to you!!! He's been my go to since 2011.

Kim Moore

I was in a fender bender a few years ago and that was the first time I went to see them. Dr. Dickerson is amazing! ! He's very knowledgeable and only concerned with getting you better. I recently started going again for lower back pain. He talks you through what is causing the pain and explains the treatment course. They also use physical therapy and stretching to help limber and strengthen so you can heal properly. He's very affordable and reasonably priced for the services received.

Paula Sylvester

Very professional and it clean and they very helpful and explain everything you. I felt better after 2 visit.

Robin Lenogue

Fairly cheap ($38 - $75) and really good chiropractor. Great rehabilitators and physiotherapists that can make you work on thousands of exercises, nice offices and very friendly staff.

Ashley Kruger

All the staff here are friendly and helpful. The Chiropractor does amazing work, no complaints. I have a pretty busy schedule sometimes and they are always accommodating when I need to move things around.

Zahra al-rumaih

I love this place. The staff is friendly. I have been having pain for years and tried different chiropractic clinics, but Dr. Dickerson was the most helpful. I have been there for a month now, my pain has started to get better already.

Carson Massey

I had a wonderful experience at wellness! I had just a small issue with my back but through their adjustments and exercises they gave me, I started feeling better immediately. Also, they are very professional and flexible with scheduling appointments.

Joe Jones

Mom couldn't be happier with massage she gets every week working out all the hidden deep pains she didn't even know she had. Excellent chiropractor and staff always wearing smiles, as she has seen them all over her visits for the past several months.

Kyle Goss

Dr. Dickerson and his staff have been a blessing to a long time back injury. They compliment each other very well during your healing process. He is very good at reading the patients reactions during your visit along with x-rays to determine the best path of recovery. Quality service at an affordable price!

Cynthia VanBibber

Dr. Dickerson has really helped me to live a more functional life. He always goes the extra to ensure I'm on a healing path. His program is comprehensive unlike many programs out there, involving half the battle: getting your muscles trained to keep adjustments and change and keep a health posture. I highly recommend him and his team.

Margo Dunham

A friend recommended Dr. Dickerson to me after I'd gone to my primary care doctor who told me I'd have to have extensive back surgery for a pinched nerve in my lower spine. I said no way I'm going to a chiropractor. I have a lot going on in my back & even Doc wasn't sure how much he could help me but he said he'd try. I liked that. Its been about a month & already i have movement back in my "frozen" foot & ankle & I'm walking without my cane. Doc & the wonderful ladies in physical therapy have been fabulious. I highly recommend Wellness Professionals. Oh & they really work with you on cost & payment.

Tracy Kimball

Great staff! Very attentive and caring.

Lena Harrison

Dr. Dickerson and his staff are always incredibly kind, professional and easy to work with. I would describe Dr. Dickerson as a chiropractor who is willing to go above and beyond-- he doesn't just adjust you and send you on your way. Instead, he works to get to the root of the problem and to help you build the strength you need so that your body holds the adjustments. I began going to Wellness Professionals a couple years ago for some lower back pain, which is now alleviated. I now go for just about anything that comes up (from a severe cough that wouldn't go away to problems with carpal tunnel) as Dr. Dickerson has always proved to be knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend Wellness Professionals to anyone!

Kristin Lumpkin

Dr. Dickerson is wonderful! Always very professional and personable! I recommend him all the time.

Liz Thompson

Dr. Dickerson is very knowledgeable and really cares about his patients. He often works me in when I need it without an appointment. He's helped me quite a bit thru the years. I like his method of incorporating exercises to strengthen muscles as well giving me an adjustment. He's often printed out exercise instructions for me that target areas that I need to strengthen. His staff is super and always friendly. I highly recommend him.

Haylee James

I've been so extremely blessed to have found this office and these professionals! I've never had a bad experience, and actually have found that every single one of my regular visits have been extraordinary. Everything from customer service, to knowledge of my condition and advice to help better it, to the amazing care and facility I've been amazed. I always suggest this office to everyone I know!

Richard Redfearn

Dr. Dickerson provides improvement for even "average to good" backs like mine that do not need extensive chiropractic care. He uses traditional chiropractic methods blended with modern physical therapies, and is obviously trying to continuously improve his knowledge. His practice is well-named, for he truly promotes wellness in a highly professional manner.

Lynn Patton

Wonderful staff. Excellent PT and lots of great advice to help you feel better.

Jason Hendrix

They do amazing work Thanks Dr D. Called Dr D. At like 6:15pm was hurting really bad he said come on. Not 100 percent but much better. Always friendly and has never turned me down any time I have called or walked in.

Winnie Shivers

We have been going to Dr. Dr for over 7 years and we love it. I had terrible neck problems and my wife had TMJ and he made us better! Great staff, very friendly, and we love going there.

Jayme Dohrn

As a disabled person dealing with many chronic conditions, one being degenerative disc disease. I can assure you I have seen my fair share of MD.s, specialist, and therapist over the last two decades. They ALL pale in comparison to the level of professionalism, skill, results, and just sheer compassion that Dr. Dickerson and his wonderful staff extol to their patients. Dr. Dickerson has rescued me from pain, discomfort, and discouragement one more than one occasion. I can't recommend him enough! Simply stated if you're not seeing the good folks at Wellness Professionals, you're not seeing the best. All my gratitude goes to Dr. Dickerson and his tremendous staff. Thanks you so much!!!

Molly Johnson

I have honestly never been more pleased or impressed with my treatment. Chiropractors I've been to in the past have adjusted me and sent me on my way. At Wellness Professionals they spent the time to really figure out why I was having pain and tailored an at home program to increase the strength and flexibility of my lower back along with adjustments. You will get as much out of this treatment as you put in, but if you're willing to commit you will be on your way to feeling better in no time.

Anthony Zadoorian

Attentive staff actually listened to me and made a plan to fix my specific problem. They won’t just pop your back, they also do therapy exercises.

Robert Martin

Great massage!!


I really enjoyed all of the staff at Wellness Professionals and feel helped by the adjustments I received. I came to this place during a time of great change in my life and the adjustments were a key cornerstone of navigating those changes with grace in addition to increasing my mobility and comfort in my hips and low back. I would recommend and when I am in the area again will make additional appointments.

H Ellis

Highly recommended. Professional staff, very skilled Chiropractor Dr. Dickerson. You will feel so much better after you leave here post-treatment. They know what they are doing!

Bonni Behrend

The services and staff at Wellness Professionals are the best. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and kind from start to finish. I have been receiving chiropractic services for ten years, and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Betty Wright

When I came to Dr. Dickerson, my only other recourse was going to a pain management doctor. I had already made several lifestyle changes because of pain. I experienced dramatic pain relief the very first visit and in a few short weeks I am now resuming my normal lifestyle with hopes of improving even more. During this time, I also enjoyed a physically challenging vacation with family. This would not have been possible without Dr. Dickerson's knowledge, skill, and personal attention. I am very thankful. HE IS THE BEST!

Gregory Raglon

I am a new patient and I must say that I am genuinely impress with the service and treatment that I am receiving. The staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I would gladly recommend this clinic to my friends and loved ones!

Trace Henley

I have been coming to Wellness Professionals for more than six years now. Dr. Dickerson and Gretchen have been life savers for me! After years of struggle with two herniated discs, I’ve finally found a chiropractic physician who listens to what my body is experiencing and knows how to provide the right intervention to alleviate pain and provide the maintenance to prevent further issues. In addition, I have learned invaluable PT exercises to strengthen my back. Since coming to Dr. Dickerson and Gretchen, I have reduced the number of times I’ve aggravated my discs and decreased the severity when it has occurred. The staff is friendly and professional, and ready to help. I’m grateful for the care and relief I get at Wellness Professionals, and I would highly recommend them to anyone with back or neck pain!

Shelley Thornsberry

I was really timid to start my PT but as Gretchen taught me I am now doing some stretches etc at home! Everyone there are so nice! I talked to Dr. Dickerson about my toes and he was confident he could help me!

Michael cross

Very professional and friendly staff. After only a couple of visits I started seeing an improvement in a long standing problem

Karah Youtsey

Always a great experience, they really take care of any little thing that’s bothering you and work with you not just to manage your pain but make you stronger.

Jose Hernandez

I have been visiting this office for a month now and have noticed huge improvements in my back, neck, and knees. Dr. Dickerson and his staff are very nice, knowledgable and the visits are very affordable.

John Reeves

I started coming here when my back and hip had completely gone out on me. I could not even walk across the parking lot. Just on my first visit I felt so much better. I had already been to a general doctor with no luck. I have been going back for a couple of months for adjustments and I feel 1000 times better. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I have been to other chiropractors in the past with not much luck. This place changed my mind. I highly recommend this place. Great people and great work!!!

Tia Lindo

I've been Seeing Dr. Dickerson since October 2014. Hes very caring, continues his education and will take the time for his patients. This is the best chiropractic center in the area.

john griesse

Dr. Dickerson has been great every visit! I've seen substantial improvement in my neck and back. I would highly recommend to anyone! I've even called last minute after an injury and they were able to get me in within an hour to help with my lower back.

Mary Charlton

Dr. Dickerson is highly qualified and skilled in treating a variety of disorders. On two different occasions, he has freed me from pain and limited mobility with his treatments. Not only is he a healer, but his kind and compassion manner put me at ease.

Kathleen Price

I would truly describe Dr. Dickerson and his staff as healers. After suffering very painful lower back trauma, visiting his office for treatment provided the only relief I have experienced. My sincerest thanks to everyone at Wellness Professionals who have contributed to my recovery.

David Noordzy

I would like to thank Dr. Dickerson and his staff for truly professional assistance with my Lower back and hip issues. Dr. Dickerson has been able to help with other symptoms as well, including Asthma and Sinus issues this spring. Not only is the pain better, but so are my other chronic issues I struggle with throughout the year!

spencer loos

Very friendly staff, easy to get you scheduled in advance or last min!! Dr Dickerson is the BEST!! Domt bother with anyone else in town he will get you fixed and out of pain quick!!

Cody Hagstrom

Loved everything! Very friendly staff also very thorough! Not just a fix ya send you on your way kind of place, they get to know you so they can quickly and efficiently get you feeling better! Best part is after first visit I left feeling much better then I did when I walked through the door!

Clay Cawood

I am the number 1 fan of this place & its the people who make it great. I was involved in an accident in 2009 & was told by a friend I should go here for my physical therapy & Chiropractic treatments & I am truly greatful I went because the level of personal care you will receive is second to none. And the quality of life I gained from the many different treatment options available is unbelievable. I just returned after almost 10 years from my initial experience & it has only gotten better. I returned after my ACDF (Neck Fusion) surgery & they tailored a treatment plan just for me & my needs. They never forced me to participate in anything I didn't feel would benefit me & they always go above & beyond to make sure im comfortable during my treatment. I am 35 years old & I couldn't thank them enough for what they have done & are doing for me. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. Truly blessed to have such amazing care. Clay Cawood

Paul Moehring

The Doc there is quite concerned about my condition, I'm now 73 and tired of the pain in the neck and lower back. His treatments are helping me and we have a plan that is working, quite satisfied!!

Tracy Porter

Dr Dickerson is super accommodating. Always works with my crazy schedule.

Ann Waggoner

I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received from Dr. Dickerson and his entire staff. I have been treated with great compassion and concern, and although my treatment is ongoing I have seen great results. I would recommend Wellness Professionals to anyone needing chiropractic help.

Craig Rennie

I recently suffered crippling lower back pain that extended into my upper and lower leg - I could hardly stand, walk, sit, or lie down, and had to get a cane. Wellness Professionals' physical therapy, Dr. Dickerson's re-sets, and traction completely cured me. These people truly are professionals - they are the best!!!

Nicole Ferguson

Great experience with the staff here every time I visit. I went in one time a few years ago for an injury and haven't stopped going since! Dr. Dickerson is always very attentive to my needs and makes sure my adjustment is exactly as it should be. I would highly recommend to anyone who asks!

Sally Hennis

Dr. Dickerson and his staff have been wonderful. Hoping to get relief from pain I tried other methods that were not satisfactory. Wellness Professionals was recommended to me and I am grateful for that recommendation. Besides treating you in the office I was given exercises to do daily to help speed up my recovery and aid in prevention of recurrence. I am one lucky girl to have found these folks.

Elizabeth Hendrix

A HUGE SHOUT OUT !! My husband was in desperate need of an adjustment. It was already 6:00pm we called hoping that someone was still there considering they close at 6:00pm.They were there and took him in. They have always gone out of their way to take care of the Clients. Truly care about your wellness.

Marilynn Curry

I have always received excellent care at my visits with Dr. Dickerson. All his staff are very professional and still caring about me as a person. I would highly recommend Dr. Dickerson and Wellness Professionals to anyone seeking chiropractic care. Two years later and I still see Dr. Dickerson and staff at least once a month. I always leave the office feeling much better than when I arrived. Still recommend Wellness Professionals to everyone I meet who is looking for chiropractic care.

Heather Hurshman

Clean office, friendly staff. Dr. D is fantastic

Robert Maze

This place is great , always treated great!!! Will continue to use them and always recommend them to friends and family!!!

Barbara Root

Excellent care from caring individuals...they are genuinely interested in the health and well being of their clients. Dr. Dickerson and his staff of health professionals treat everyone with respect and kindness. They are thorough and I am listened to and not just rushed in and nice to go to a place that truly cares about the individual...

alison hansen

Wonderful office. Dr. Dickerson and staff go above and beyond!

Stephanie Niccum

When i first came in, i had chronic headaches, back and neck pain in just short 4 weeks I feel 10 times better!! Thank you Dr. D. I would definitely recommend them!!

Xavier Wills

It's a great business with friendly people that provides the service and treatment you need with care. They provide a fast service at request if you only have time over you lunch. I would definitely recommend!

Trey Antonetti

After living in NWA for 10 years, and bouncing around to several different clinics for adjustments and therapy, I was referred to Wellness Professionals. Going on five months now and don’t see myself leaving anytime soon. The team is well trained, polite, and I never leave feeling anything but 100%. If you’re in the area and in need of a chiropractor, wellness professionals should be your first, and finals stop for help!

Steve Smith

This office is awesome, friendly staff and great services

Hope Houle

Best chiropractor ever!!!! Very caring and outgoing. Dr. Dickerson treats you like a person and not just a subject. I'd recommend him to anyone

Ross Carpenter

Dr.Dickerson has helped me get my back back to normal highly recommend.

Randi Smith

Kind, attentive, and effective— they always get me right in, and take very good care of me. Dr Dickerson is very understanding and an excellent chiropractor. Highly recommend!

John Sams

Best chiropractor I have ever been to by far. Not to mention the staff is friendly and inviting. They are very relaxed here. I have been early, late, and in a rush and they as always accommodate me. Dr. Dickerson is amazing I would recommend him to anyone.

Dennis Conner

Over a period of months, I had developed increasing discomfort and pain in my neck, back and hands from constant picking up and moving of my disabled brother. (I'm 70 years old.) Advil has always been my drug of choice for minor aches and pains. However, I had to keep increasing the number of Advil that I took until I noticed that, for a few months, I had been taking about 15 Advil a day, which is way too many. Even with all of those pills, the pain in my neck and hands was still waking me up at night. I am new to Fayetteville, checked online and saw great reviews of Dr. Dickerson's work. The first appointment was great, so I continued once a week for several (5 or 6 or 7, I don't remember) weeks, mostly all covered by Medicare and Supplement. By that time, I was down to 1 or 2 Advil a day. Now I pay out of pocket once a month for continued adjustments. Worth every penny. Great Doctor. Great place.

Brenna Keck

I recommend Wellness Professionals to everyone I know because they really care, it's a friendly environment, and the Chiropractor does a great job at targeting your individual issues and solving them! I suffer from a traumatic brain injury amongst many complications due to a motorcycle wreck back in 2015, including migraines, and severe back and neck pain. Mr. Dickerson has been helping me to relieve the pain and with his help, I can turn my neck to the right further than I've been able to since my wreck! He is extremely helpful and really cares! Also, because of my wonderful neck adjustments, he has helped me reduce the severity and frequency of my migraines! I experience memory loss, and missed an appointment once, not only did they not charge me, but was very kind assisting me to schedule another appointment! I've also been as early as an hour to my appointment, and they worked me in with no problems! The receptionist is very nice! They have really helped me improve my quality of life! Thanks, Brenna Keck

Michael Willis

Very receptive to all the back pain issues I've had over the years, always leave the office with a spring in my step.

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