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Angelo Volpi

Brian was a huge help to my mother. Arthritis has limited her mobility for quite some time, and he was able to help her walk without pain after just the first session! He also gave her some exercises she could do on her own, taught my father how to help her with the exercises, and gave her an app to help keep her on track. He helped both my parents feel comfortable with the exercises, and motivated my mother to keep going on her own too. I highly recommend him!

Butte Co

I started with Brian Murphy for a meniscus tear rehab post surgery. My rehab went great thanks to Brian. All the exercises and stretching combined with Brians knowledge of the body was extremely beneficial. If you have to have rehab for anything Brian is incredibly well trained and his enthusiasm for what he does is contagious. It makes a big difference when you are going through rehab. Next we moved on the golf. Range of motion issues are huge when you are swinging a golf club. Brian can measure range of motion, determine the shortcomings in your swing, and stretch or work out those joints or muscles that need it. This is how the pros generate club head speed! Overall I was extremely impressed with Brian Murphy, and Pinnacle Physical Therapy

Dan Deem

I connected with Dr. Murphy through the Chenal Country Club fitness center, Dr. Murphy recently teamed up with the club to provide personal fitness training. I was looking for some help to get started on an exercise program that was appropriate for my age, condition and that I would not get hurt in the process. We set up weekly appointments to concentrate on key areas of upper body, lower body and core exercises. Dr. Murphy set me up on each exercise with the proper settings and weight amounts week by week. He also help me with a bum elbow and knee issues through some special exercises that only a skilled physical therapist would know. Throughout my program I received “check in” emails from Dr. Murphy to check on my progress and to be sure that I did not have any questions or issues along the way. The program that he has me on is working; I feel much better, I can move around better, I am sleeping better and even starting to lose a few pounds along the way. Dr. Murphy has been great for me, he is kind and concerned about his patients.

Darrel Russell

A friend suggested I go see Brian. At 65 years old, my goals were simply to try to lose some weight and get more flexible so I can swing my clubs with less restriction. I had no idea what a great decision I was making. Just completed my sessions with Brian and what a difference it has made. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and more importantly my flexibility has dramatically improved. Brian was able to quickly diagnose my trouble spots and we got busy. He made the process easy, adapted a program for my skill level and provided accountability, which I needed. My biggest surprise was how quickly I started seeing results. Stronger core, improved strength in arms and legs and just feel so much better. Brian has kick started my journey to improved health and I am so glad that I hooked up with him. I strongly recommend that if you’re at a point where you’re ready for better body health, you go see Brian. You will be glad you did.

Crystal Herring

Dr. Murphy is great. I hurt my shoulder at the lake in July and was in pain with mobility issues. Dr. Murphy assessed my should and gave me a simple exercise to do at home... I was back in business in about a week.

Jack Meghreblian

I wanted to know how to gain muscle as well as learn new exercises for all areas of the body and Brian Murphy has been wonderful help. He is easy to talk to and is very knowledgable on how you can achieve your goals. Totally recommend him!

Matthew West

I reached out to Dr. Murphy through the Chenal Country Club which he is currently aligned with. I was suffering from pain in my right knee while running which had already led to extended downtime. Dr. Murphy assessed my knee as well as other ailments I was experiencing. Within a couple weeks I was running again without any pain! I was very impressed with Dr. Murphy knowledge and hands on approach from my treatment. His treatment didn’t stop once our appointments were complete as he would provide personalized home therapy workouts through emails and apps. I have since continued to work with Dr. Murphy on a strength training program and would recommend him to anyone!

laurice taylor

I contacted Dr. Murphy because I was experiencing very limited movement in my right rotator cuff and shoulder. He was able to assess, through an assessment grid , the root cause of my limitations and to proceed with treatment to alleviate my problem. Dr. Murphy over six (6) visits was able to provide me with exercises, both in the therapy sessions and a home exercise program, that proved to be beneficial in my recovery and allowed me to experience a greater range of motion and for that I am grateful. I was very impressed with the follow up text and emails that kept me accountable to the plan. I feel confident that I will continue to receive periodic follow up in the future. I will recommend Dr. Murphy/Pinnacle Physical Therapy to others that are in need of a very professional, knowledgeable, and caring physical therapist.

james fose

Was professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

Bob Russell

Brian Murphy has helped change my life and at 55 years old that’s a tall task. At the start of this year, I set a goal of losing 20 lbs for the year and commit to exercising for the first time in years. With Brian’s guidance and support I have lost 25 lbs in the first 6 months, set a new goal for weight loss and am in the best shape I have been in 15 years. I have been to other personal trainers and hated every minute. I usually quit within a month. Brian is the trainer at my country club so I thought I would give him a shot. He combines his expertise as a physical therapist and a trainer to customize a plan that works just for me. In addition, My golf fitness and endurance levels have increased to where I am striking the ball harder with more flexibility and am more consistent. Thanks to Brian I am healthier, have a new lifestyle around diet and exercise, and am excited to see how I progress in the future under his guidance.

Erik Mueller

If you are in the market for a Physical Therapist who critically appraises the literature, focuses on functional application through various rehabilitation techniques, and truly understands the anatomical/biomechanical aspects related to human movement, than I would highly recommend reaching out to Brain. He is a respected clinician in his field and a true advocate for his patients. I have no doubt he will assist you in reaching your goals.

Ann Hollings

I have been working with Brian for 6 weeks. I was having problems with my right rotator cuff. He saw an impairment in the strength of the muscles which we have addressed. My goal is to be able to carry a 24 pack of water, and I feel I am well on my way. I had a bout of vertigo which was limiting my ability to do certain exercises. Brian has special training in treating a type of vertigo called BPPV. He did one treatment and it is gone! I would highly recommend him and I have enjoyed working with him.

Kyler Tate

I was in Little Rock for the Southern Am golf tournament hosted at Chenal. Brian at Pinnacle was a great help and I saw him 3 or 4 times over the course of the tournament. I struggle with thoracic tightness from just the structure of my spine. Brain was able to assess my situation and help loosen me up for the tournament. Being on the road sometimes is difficult because you may not have your normal trainer to work on your but Brain was a great help to me. I would recommend Pinnacle for anyone who plays golf and has pain or just in general looking to improve their body and get stronger on and off the course! He is TPI certified and very knowledgeable about how the body works and what you should do to improve your body. Kyler Tate Former Golfer for the University of Central Florida

Kelli Campbell

Dr. Murphy is so passionate about what he does. He's truly an advocate for his patients!

Terrie Root

I came in due to balance issues, and I wanted to increase bone mass and build strength. I chose Brian because I had observed his work with others in the Chenal Country Club Fitness Center. I liked his process and the personalization of each plan for individual needs. I was amazed at how quickly I saw results, less than a month and it continues to get better. The plan he designed for me was safe yet challenging. I continue to set and reach new goals with my specialized program. Brian's approach is different and much better than those I have experienced in the past. He truly listens and creates a specialized program tailored to your individual needs. There is no '1 size fits all' with Brian, it is unique. I am happy to encourage others to meet with Brian. He is very knowledgeable and provides a fantastic base to continually build upon as you meet and set your personal fitness goals.

Ashley West

I am a mother of 2. I have experienced consistent back back since the birth of my first child. I heard of Brian and his credentials and thought he sounded like the perfect fit for what I was looking for. I needed someone who could help me gain strength and muscle mass safely and effectively. He has done above and beyond what I expected from a trainer and therapist. He has not only worked with me in the gym but also help me to come up with a personalized home routine as well being aware of things I am doing daily that could easily be altered and a benefit to my pain and posture. I would recommend him to anyone who is committed and serious about improving their body and their health. He is committed to his patients and puts them as a top priority. I have been more than pleased with my results and my experience.

Kim Harpole

I recently underwent surgery for a torn meniscus in the left knee. Upon completion of physical therapy @ an orthopedic clinic, I discovered that Brian Murphy, who has a doctorate in physical therapy, was available for hire by Chenal Country Club Fitness Center members. I met with Dr. Murphy & he came up with a personalized plan of care after assessing my condition. This involved hands on treatment to the knee as well as home and fitness regimens geared toward the strengthening and mobility of the knee. Measurements of the knee were taken periodically to determine the best protocol necessary to improve the knee function. Dr. Murphy provided excellent care and he was easily accessible through texts and emails. He was kind, conscientious, and patient. He also sent email video demonstrations and detailed instructions for each exercise. I was so pleased with the improvements in my ability to perform my normal daily activities after hiring him. I started a fitness program with him after we finished physical therapy and feel better than ever!

Rhonda Dunavant

I met Brian through Chenal Country Club. I wanted to gain strength and stamina. He has helped me with this for when I start my golf lessons.. Before I would have to take breaks to get in two miles on the treadmill. Now I can do it without a break. I have gained strength and coordination through his individual program tailored for me.

Christopher Lawlis

Dr. Murphy is professional, competent, and kind. His fund of knowledge in the discipline of physical therapy is immense. He has helped me develop both increased flexibility and core-strength, which I believe will help with performance and sustainability over time in the game of golf that I love. I highly recommend him for any of your physical therapy needs, especially as it relates to the golfing-body. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Cliff Hays

Dr Brian Murphy has brought new life to my golf game. For the last two years I have lost strength and thought I would never get my game back. Dr Murphy has given me new life in my game and more. I’m a dentist and we are prone to have back trouble. He is so knowledgeable. He’s the best!!

Brice Bishop

I am so happy that I found Dr. Murphy. As a life long martial artist, he has helped me immensely. Unlike some doctors who just prescribe "bandaids", Dr. Murphy listens, assesses and comes up with a REAL plan to solve and prevent issues!

Jessica Brogdon

My son Ben is a competitive junior golfer, and his swing speed with his driver increased about 15 mph after working with Brian for a few months. Brian is very knowledgeable about what a golfer needs to increase distance and stay injury-free. I'm thankful we found him and I highly recommend him!

James Levisee

Dr. Brian Murphy is incredible at what he does. I super like this guy! His approach to golf health is easy to understand and apply. I recommend Brain to anyone who is wanting to improve their golf game! 5 Stars!

Ralph Teed

I had knee replacement surgery a little over two weeks ago. I’ve been seeing Dr. Brian Murphy three times a week for my physical therapy. On my off days I do the exercises he recommends. I’m seeing improvement every day and can see myself back hitting golf balls in another 3-4 weeks!

Harry Dunavant

Recently joined Chenal Country Club and found out about Brian’s skills. I had my initial meeting with Brian and he assessed my needs and long-term goals. Together we started a program that addressed all my weaknesses and over the last few months he has helped me train properly to keep from hurting myself or performing the workouts wrong. The thing I really like about Brian is that he would push you but keep you encouraged. The final plan was left open to allow me to increase repetition and weights as I continue to improve. Hopefully my golf game will also improve.

Kathleen Cargill

I went to see Brian Murphy at Chenal Country Club for an issue with my left hip that I have been struggling with for years. Brian is fairly new to the country club and I found him to be courteous and professional each time I saw him in the fitness center. I had sought help for my hip in the past from my general practitioner, asking for Cortizone shots. I was told that was not a good option for me and my situation. I set up my initial consultation with Brian and was extremely pleased with his concentration and focus on my symptoms in the search for relief for me. Brian spent about an hour and a half talking with me and observing me doing certain exercises. He then recommended some activities/exercises/stretches to help my specific hip issue. After just my second visit, I felt pain-free! I have a big trip coming up and my goal was to be able to walk comfortably. Brian has checked back with me several times to make certain that I am still pain-free and I am pleased to tell him “yes.” I would definitely encourage anyone who is in pain or in need of a physical therapist, to do themselves a favor and call Brian right now!

Donna Bishop

After not being able to train in martial arts for a year due to shoulder surgery, I pulled my groin muscle. I was totally frustrated. Dr. Murphy was genuinely interested in getting me back to doing what I love. He assessed me, gave me some exercises and followed up consistently and helped be to be patient as I healed, by helping me not feel helpless during the process. As an active, 50 something year old adult, I no longer cringe every time I feel a pinch or discomfort somewhere. I shrug it off because I know Dr. Murphy is only a phone call away and I don't need to fear an injury or toughing through pain . I can simply have him assess me, treat me and get back to what I love doing, training hard!

Dorina Morcan

Dr. Murphy helped me manage my neck and shoulder pain due to too much driving. He was very effective in treating my neck problems which were limiting my movement. I have been helped here at Pinnacle Physical Therapy and I can't say thank you enough!

Mary Pierson

I chose to see Brian after surgery. I am an avid golfer and wanted my range of motion and strength I had before surgery. Brian’s background in the Titleist Golf program and his advanced degree in physical therapy is unique to this area and was a perfect combination for me. Brain performed an assessment and gave me a plan of attack. In addition, he helped me with a rotator cuff issue. He is very knowledgeable about the human body and the mechanics of the golf swing. I noticed a difference in the first couple weeks. And it is getting better! I highly recommend Brian to my friends. The knowledge he has imparted to me is still being used long after I stopped seeing him.

Ryan Ennis

I chose Dr. Murphy because of his passion and expertise in rehab/pre-hab specifically for golfers. As an avid (and competitive) golfer who has struggled through some injuries and surgery, I was eager to get my body back into its best possible shape for golf. His use of TPI (Titleist Performance Imsititute) screenings and singularly committed approach has me on my way to being the most mobile and strong (and pain free!) I've ever been in just 2 months time. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Pinnacle Physical Therapy.

Scott Saunders

I found out about Brian by a post he did on Facebook. I had a torn bicep that happened while working out with light weights at the gym. I saw an Ortho doctor and received 3 weeks of physical therapy. It helped some but I still had continuing pain that started to wake me up during the night. Brian gave me a very thorough initial assessment and during follow up visits he introduced an ever evolving program of exercises and stretching that has alleviated the pain. He was very articulate in his explanations of what he was trying to accomplish. I am retired and play a lot of Golf. With the program he has laid out for me, I am confident that I can continue to do so without fear of aggravating the previous injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a sports related injury issue.

Justin Johnson

Great program for those returning to workouts. The plan was easy and simple to follow with exercises that were "easy" on the body and produced results.

LeRoy Booe

I have a complex spine condition which has been fairly assymptomatic over the years. About 10 months ago, I started having chronic symptom manifestions of the condition. This required neurologic as well as neurosurgical consultation in order to confirm that the spine was indeed causing these ongoing aggravating symptoms. I am a medical provider and researched therapy options. My close friend and colleague (as well as his wife) had used Pinnacle Physical Therapy(Brian Murphy) with very good results and in turn strongly recommended PPT(Brian). I self referred myself in hopes that he could help me. This turned out to be a very good move! Brian spent long periods of time taking my history as well as evaluating my symptoms. He initiated a physical therapy program that helped my spine condition and returned my physical status to what it was before the PT was started. Again, I must reinterate that this was after MONTHS of ongoing chronic symptoms . I am so very pleased with my results with what Brian has done for me. Brian is the ultimate professional. He is very intelligent, compassionate, communicative, approachable, and very understanding. I am very grateful to him for what he has done for me.I would STRONGLY recommend him to all who seek physical therapy for their medical conditions which require such intervention.

Barry Steger

A friend asked me to join him to help us improve our golf game. At 67, I thought, right. When I found it it involved balanced, stretching, conditioning I was certainly not sure. However, after meeting Brian, understanding his knowledge of the game and being a Physical Therapist I made a great choice to enter the 6 week program. Brian made it fun, enjoyable and he held back from laughing at me especially when I was working on balance stances. I highly recommend Brain, not only for this program but for any Physical Therapy needs you might have.

CorvetteCF bauer

I am a 52 year old golfer and recently retired Police Lieutenant for 30 years. Until recently I haven’t been able to play golf in 4 years due to thoracic back pain. I have seen several of the so called best pain doctors and physical therapist in Little Rock to no avail. Then one day I got a message through FB from Brian Murphy about his qualifications and care. So I emailed him and told him my story and History. Dr. Murphy saw me and evaluated my entire movements of the body, not just my back. He is by far the best health care giver I’ve ever seen. Never had to wait a minute past my appointment time ( try that at your doctors office) and he has me back to playing golf again. I would recommend him to anyone that has chronic pain, or other issues outside of just athletics, like posture issues from being seated at a desk all day to other job related pain issues. Dr. Murphy is a kind and knowledgeable person who cares about you getting better. Go see him, you will be surprised by the level of hands on care and healing you receive.

Jeannie Belew

Saw Brian for pain down my leg.....In ONE session, the pain went away and hasn't returned 6 months later! He was very caring, professional and took as much time as I required. Highly recommend!!

Adrienne Kulousek

I recently went to see Dr Murphy as I had been diagnosed with shoulder impingement and had been experience pain and limited range of motion for over a year. As a retiree, I have experienced other physical therapy clinics and didn’t hold out much hope of improvement. Was I wrong! Dr Murphy offers amazing, personalized care and after only one week I could feel a marked improvement that continues today. He takes the time to do a thorough and complete exam and really listens, while at the same time being so relaxed, encouraging and friendly. He provides a home exercise program by e mail with detailed instructions and reminders, so all “homework”can be done safely and correctly. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone who wants to stay active. His care is truly outstanding.

Malea Hargett

Brian did a superb job treating my 16-year-old son. He injured his back and needed to get better quickly before the end of the baseball season. He was able to relate well to him and give him exercises at home to help the injured area and to prevent future shoulder and back injuries. In between appointments, Brian was checking personally on my son and how he was progressing.

BrentandRachael Smith

I scheduled an appointment to see Dr. Murphy after spraining my ankle for the second time in a year. I was beginning training for a triathlon and needed to get my ankle strong quick. Dr. Murphy was able to get me right in and in only 3 visits, with home exercise training, I have been able to train with full recovery of my ankle. He gives very personalized care and checks up with you between visits. He is accessible by text or email at any time there is a question or issue. He provides excellent, personalized care and I would recommend him to anyone!

Andrew P

I injured my shoulder at work. I chose Brian Murphy at Pinnacle Physical Therapy because he had a flexible schedule and could make time to devote his personal attention to my recovery. The care is different from other physical therapy that I've received in the past in that he gave me numerous exercises to do at home with detailed instructions that really helped me enjoy a speedy recovery. I've been through physical therapy twice for my back, and never got such quality care and personal attention before. Pinnacle offers the best, most effective and holistic methods of treatment. He also fixed my neck pain! I started seeing results improving my condition in less than a week. What a blessing it is that I can now play catch with my son for over two hours, pain-free, without needing a break! I'm so stoked! I couldn't even buckle my seatbelt, answer a phone, open a door or get in my pocket without severe shoulder pain before I started treatment at Pinnacle Physical Therapy. I will forever recommend Brian Murphy at Pinnacle Physical Therapy to anyone needing treatment for knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, hip pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, or wrist pain. Thank you so much!

greg clark

During the course of moving to Little Rock, I injured my knee. An MRI indicated I had torn both muscle and cartilage on a knee that was already stressed from the degenerative effect of arthritis. Dr. Murphy has a partnership with Chenal Country Club where I am employed as the General Manager. My physician in Florida had prescribed pain medications, and therapy with the hopes of avoiding surgery so I decided to work with Brian to get a better understanding of his skills. I was impressed throughout the time that I worked with Brian with his ability to listen to my description of my injury and its impact on my ability move. Brian worked with me to identify strategies that strengthened my knee and the muscle groups that facilitate walking, bending and lifting. He also worked with me on some other issues I was experiencing with my back and shoulders. Within a few weeks of therapy and the exercise plan Brian prescribed I begin to regain full use of my knee and the pain from my injury had greatly diminished. Before moving to Little Rock I had worked with another therapist on my shoulder and back issues. He was ineffective as he was not able to observe, listen and properly diagnose a treatment plan for me based on my injuries and symptoms. Brian is a true professional who I have great confidence in given the results he has helped me achieve. He is also a good coach, following up to keep me on task and the plan.

Cheryl Rainey

I went to see Dr. Brian Murphy at Pinnacle Physical Therapy because I was experiencing hip pain due to fluid build up on my IT band, and physical therapy was recommended by my orthopedic surgeon. I chose Pinnacle, initially, because it was close to our home in west Little Rock, but realized very quickly that it was a great choice. On my first visit Brian was very thorough in his assessment, and immediately started my therapy. He gave me exercises to do at home, which I did without fail. I saw him two days a week for two weeks and then an additional day in the third week. By the third week, I was 100% better and he was very honest that he thought I could stop therapy and continue my home exercises, which my surgeon agreed with. I would, without question, recommend Brian and Pinnacle Physical Therapy to my friends and family. I cannot imagine seeing anyone else, in the future, should I need additional physical therapy.

Julie Enns Hansen

I met Dr. Brian Murphy at a nursing expo and just from speaking to him and hearing his methods of treating patients made me want to see him. He is very much unlike any other physical therapist that I have seen in the area. He doesn’t pass you off to a PT Tech after a few minutes with you at each appointment like the others I’ve seen. He works with you the entire appointment to help figure out what will work for you on an individual basis. He tries different things to see what your body will respond to. He also checks to see how you are doing throughout the week when you aren’t at his office. I highly recommend him and wouldn’t go anywhere else for any of my future PT needs. He truly cares for his patients and is phenomenal at what he does!

Mark White

Began working with Brian about 5 weeks ago. Wanted to strengthen core, lower back, flexibility, and balance. Program has met my expectations for goals to date and Brian’s knowledge has been very useful in moving toward goals and preventing any injury. I am completely satisfied and recommend him highly, regardless of your age or individual needs.

Mark Dolven

As a middle aged golfer that's looking to remain competitive and increase the longevity of my ability to play the game at a high level, I started working with Brian to do just this. After taking his golf specific assessment, we identified and prioritized a few mobility restrictions that were holding me back. After an 8 week program, I saw significant improvement in the areas that we worked on and he gave me a custom, hand-tailored program for me to continue improving the areas we worked on. Brian knows his stuff and he can improve your game no matter the skill level. He's a great communicator and truly puts you first while listening to what you are wanting to accomplish. I have recommended Brian to all of my friends and would do the same to anyone that plays the game. You can't hit your fancy new Driver or irons if you are hindered by mobility issues. The TPI stuff is the real deal and Brian is the most well versed expert in the state. We are blessed to have his expertise available to us in the natural state.

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