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REVIEWS OF Physical Therapy Institute IN Arkansas

Mimi Ambrose

Under the care of the staff here, my condition has improved immensely. I certainly feel stronger every day. A knowledgeable professional has always been there to guide me through the next step of my therapy process. I've never had to wait. The staff is friendly, upbeat, and genuinely concerned. I would definitely recommend this facility.

Cathy Mayton

Professional is an understatement! The therapists are attentive and patient throughout the entire process. The one-on-one training made all the difference in my recovery. Highly recommend.

Tina Zeller

They are the best. Wouldn't go any place else.

Kaylee Eifling

slmclem .

Absolutely the most professional, respectful, caring individuals in the business. They’re referred by some of the most respected physicians in Central Arkansas. Sports therapy or general PT, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve been to both Little Rock and Maumelle locations, both awesome!

Claire Fiser

The PTI staff is amazing and so is the facility! The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and they want the best for you! I have been there for multiple injuries and have loved my experience every time!

Gail Bolden

Everyone is treated with respect. I would recommend PTI to anyone. I especially enjoyed working with Jessica. She made the hard work seem fun.

Katina Brown

PTI made my therapy so much better, I really appreciate the time they took each visit to make me feel better about myself while helping me to heal from a knee replacement. Graham, Jackie and Bobby are the most AWESUM group of people very patient and understanding they allow you days to be down because they would pick up back up. Can't thank them enough for putting me on the right track with my knee.

doug menz

My experience with PTI was exceptional. Derek was dedicated, attentive and very knowledgeable. The staff was very helpful and friendly, almost felt like family the short time I was there, thank you Dylan, Rush and Jessica.The facility on Hinson Loop was clean and very up to date with everything needed to get my back (bulging disk) back in shape quickly. I would strongly recommend this group for any therapy needs!

Gail Burks

My time with PTI-Little Rock was the best! The staff were personable and attentive to your needs, they made sure your time with them was the BEST..I was sad to leave/graduate today because I didn't want to leave the staff. Kudos to Derek and his staff! Highly recommend if you ever need physical therapy

Courtney Heyl

PTI is great! Amazing service and patient centered care! I won't go anywhere else.

Gary Childers

If you are looking for professionalism, the latest in equipment/technology (check out their zero gravity running machine) and staff that’s fun to be around, PTI on Hinson Loop is perfect physical therapy team for you. I used all of my physical therapy visits on my insurance plan, but I’m still able to attend therapy at PTI because of their care and generosity. They know how to make it affordable in each situation.

Anders Nowell

By far the best physical therapy I’ve ever been to. They are extremely friendly, personal, and care about every patient that comes in. They healed me up quickly and effectively. You won’t be disappointed with your results here.

J Beach

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. They have experience working with athletes to help get you healthy and back on the field/court.

Leslie Dodge

Haley Reynolds

Casey Schmalzried is a wonderful physical therapist! Nice facility & staff!

Carly Moseley

The PTI staff is amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and very encouraging.They take such good care of their patients and make you feel like part of the family! I would highly recommend them to anyone recovering from an injury or needing physical therapy of any kind!

Stephen Q Shannon

Have you ever said, “I look forward to going to a health care provider?” Physical Therapy Institute of Delray Beach is my “go to” destination twice a week because their staff team led by Doctor Krystal Schoch, AND fellow-patients, genuinely want to be there too. Results? Effective personalized care and they welcome you by name as you enter the front door. Imagine that!

terry weiner

Steve Daugherty

The best PT I’ve experienced. I will recommend them to anyone.

Antonio Mosby

Patty Barnett

If you are in need of somewhere to go for physical therapy, look no further. I have been to PTI for four different issues and I have been happy with the results each time. The staff is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. From the minute you walk in the door until the time you leave you are taken care of. The therapist (Derek & Casey) are thorough, they answer your questions and take the time to explain things to you. The PTA (Jessica) & PT Techs (Rush & Andrew) work with your therapists to assist you with your treatment and they support you in your rehab. They are excellent at helping you complete your exercises using the proper form. The entire staff encourages you and congratulates you when you reach new goals. You truly feel like you have a team working to support you. Last but not least, Crystal & Courtney, who work up front are the BEST! They always greet you when you arrive, assist you with making appointments and help out with your insurance needs. They are true professionals in every way. I have been to several other physical therapy facilities over the years prior to finding out about PTI. While I received the necessary treatment, none of them rate as high as PTI. The service, dedication & the facility are in my opinion, the best Little Rock has to offer. Give them a try. You will be pleased!

Garry Teeter

Great people and very compassionate!

Hallie Martin

Derek is a great pt and really has helped me strengthen my arm with the exercises that were planned out for me.

Justin Minton

I have had the privilege of representing professional athletes who received excellent treatment from the good folks at PTI. Highly recommend them.

Janet Colleran

I would definitely recommend PTI. The therapists work as a team and provide their knowledge & equipment specifically for your injury. In the short time I have been there I am beyond happy with my progress.

Joy White

I have loved every minute of my rehab! I came in following a compressed fracture in my vertebrae with a lot of pain and loss of strength. I am steadily regaining my strength and balance with their assistance. The “team” is all so helpful and knowledgeable!

Michelle Bolin

I started going to PTI after having already undergone a surgery for a herniated disc. Two years after surgery the back pain I had experienced started to really bother me again. After consistent physical therapy my core strength is much stronger and I have not been waking up with the daily pain I was accustomed to having. Staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and have made the whole experience enjoyable. Would absolutely recommend this facility!

Lauren Langston

Donna Helms

Derek and team explain treatment, how it relates to your injury, and great demonstration of the therapy needed. They listen and respond and you get better!

Sara Schaffhauser

PTI is great! I started going in December due to lower back problems. Everyone there is extremely knowledgeable and professional. They are easy to make an appointment with, and are always willing to work around my ever changing schedule. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Pam Carrico

My daughter plays volleyball and had a knee injury and has had a great experience with PTI. The staff is so kind and helpful! Dylan was our main Therapist and he is awesome! I am now doing PT with him for my RA. Thank you to Dylan and all the PTI staff for help with our healing journeys! We highly recommend this crew!

Simi Sahu

This place truly deserves five stars and more. Even before I came in for my first appointment - they helped me figure out how best to get in touch with my insurance company, recommended a doctor who gave me the correct diagnosis after being diagnosed incorrectly for 4 years and then helped heal my rotator cuff in about 4-5 weeks. They are an amazing team: from the receptionist, to billing, to the interns, to the physical therapist (I had Michelle Z) - they all know what they are doing + they are on their feet + upbeat + make you feel comfortable. I had many good matured random conversation with other patients because the way they are set up makes for reduced stress where most would be upset due to their physical injuries. So grateful that I was told about this place - highly recommend it to anyone!

Daniel Sanz

Fantastic facility. Super clean, bright, open and incredibly welcoming. I've had rehabilitation there twice, including therapy for surgery to repair a torn Achilles. The therapists are wonderful, they are extremely personable and they make you feel comfortable while working on your exercise. I had Phil both times and he is extremely professional and a great conversationalist as well. I HIGHLY recommend the Physical Therapy Institute.

Linda Mackey

I must say from the receptionist Ellen to my Physical Therapist Krystal, to the techs Hilary and Hailey, you you couldn’t ask for a better place to go. They are all very caring and work hard to get you better. They care about you the person and not the dollar. My experience here was with a caring staff. Thank You all for all your caring, friendship and help. Linda M

Richard Nestrud

Excellent facility! Top notch personnel! I went 3X/week for a month for severe deconditioning post long term ICU. I highly recommend PTI for anyone needing rehab.

Cathy Crass

PTI is a wonderful place for therapy. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and genuinely care about their patients. The faculty is very attractive, clean and comfortable. I highly recommend!

Colin Omara

Derek has been a huge help over the years! I have come in countless times and he has always been accommodating, supportive, and attentive each visit. PTI is a great facility too. It has all the equipment you could need, from an alter g treadmill to 5lb dumbbells (which is Derek’s max for bicep curls).

Lydia Grace

I am 14 years old and have been going to PTI since I was 10. They are absolutely amazing!! Mr. Derek and all the PTs know what they are talking about and will try there hardest to make you well. All the PTAs are very nice and explain things very well. Their facility is very clean and they do amazing work!!

Nadja Button

Jonathan Edwards

After suffering a major trauma I was sent to PTI to help rehabilitate me. The physical therapist I have been working with, Dylan has done a great job so far at helping me regain strength and coming up with functional exercises to help me get back to doing the things that I want to do.

Angelica Wolf

They truly know what they are doing and it's excellent service!

Jordan Murdoch

Excellent group here at PTI! I’ve seen Derek and his crew on and off for over a year and they are great! Highly competent in what they do with a great office staff to back them up. Without them I would not have completed my first Olympic distance triathlon last year nor would my training be on track to compete in my first half Ironman this year.

Chris Hildebrand

Edward Curry

Emilee Mote

Amazing group of people! I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Megan Kilgore

I have been going to physical therapy here for awhile and they are just simply the best. The staff is incredibly friendly knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone!

Richard Cocca

People are very nice very professional! Really helpful for myself with DR BECKY and for my wife for TMJ of Excellent results . Receptionists are great and make you feel part of a family . Ellen is spectacular as are the other girls too ! The assistants are great to directing yuh where to go to what station . Hillary is great ! And Julia too ! The WiFi stinks

Arden Leder

From the moment you step into the reception office, you were greeted with smiles from Ellen. My husband had a massive stroke 2 years ago. He felt comfortable & enjoyed working with Dr Becky. He said she “Got him” and knew how to push his limits for success. He is now walking without assistance. I highly recommend the Physical Therapy Institute.

Dawn Ward

Michelle is amazing!! I wish I had found PTI sooner! Highly recommend!!

S. Kline

Had my right leg amputated below the knee. Went to a physical therapy rehab near my home. Didn't have a clue how to get better & walk with my prosthetic? They would tell me what to do & not show me.I wasn't getting better? I couldn't figure it out until I went to PT of Delray Beach. The hands on & showing me I found with the PT of Delray Beach was like Elementary School vs College. BIG difference! The attention, care & concern for me was what I needed. I would rate this rehab a 10+ I am very thankful for their help & being there. (I'm NOT one for writing reviews either!)

Angie Hopper

Brett Gastman

great place for sports rehab or general rehab with a great staff that cares

S Bruning

You guys are the BEST! When my Rheumatologist recommended going to PT I was a a bit skeptical. He gave me this piece of paper and said go here. So, I called and made my appointment and it was the best decision ever.


Our family has been working with PTI for three years. Their staff is great! They have assessed our individual needs, listened to our goals, and crafted exercises to help us reach them. Highly recommend.

Tonya Myers

I had a great experience at PTI, and know that whole I'm not back to 100%, that I am well on my way. Derek and Rush where great to work with, and extremely polite and professional. I would highly recommend them!

Samantha Eifling

Derek and the rest of the staff at PTI are wonderful. My daughter was not where she wanted to be at 6 months post ACL surgery and worked with Derek 3 days a week for about 7 weeks. Her quad strength increased 45% and she has been released just in time for her senior year!

Ashley Hopper

Derek and the staff at PTI are very professional, knowledgeable, and genuinely care for their patients. I have been so satisfied with the treatment a PTI. Would recommend to anyone with sport or general rehab needs.

Becky Doan

Wow! Great place that has highly skilled and friendly staff. They pay attention to individual needs. Rush Hemphill, personal trainer, is the best!

Stephen Havard

Chris L

This is a great place!! Everyone that works there is very nice and they always make sure that you are comfortable when doing the workouts. I feel like they care about their patients and they try their best to help you with anything you need.

Anna Breeding

Circy Gastman

Derek and his team have provided my son with the absolute best care over the last year since his shoulder surgery. Derek is attentive to his patients’ needs and truly cares about their rehab. Courtney and Crystal in the office couldn’t be more helpful. I have been extremely happy with PTI and would recommend it to anyone!!

James Carey

This rehab experience has been pleasant here at PTI. Their facility is clean, the staff are very courteous, and they've done everything they could to bring me back to full strength. I really appreciate their hard work.

Bethany Sprouse

I can not say enough things about this place! All the therapists are AMAZING! Derrick, Dylan and Casey listened to all my concerns every single time! Rush & Andrew are excellent at encouraging you to follow all the PT recommendations & exercises! Also they have a zero gravity treadmill!! Soooo cool

Michael Bolin

VIP SERVICE ALL THE WAY!!! I'm a recovering hairstylist that came to them with a broken body from working 14 yrs on my feet! I wasn't quit sure what physical therapy truly in tailed . What I gained was never to be expected. I entered in to what can only be explained as a tight nit family environment with a range of ages from adolescent to elderly. Everyone is made to feel individually important but apart of a group recovery. I apologize I don't remember everyone's name but I always entering in to a smiling crystal and courtney who booked my appointments. Then I would get my back worked on by the MASTERS Casey or Jessica. Then next step was my workout with Rush who had such great patience with my slow pace in the beginning. The other great experience was that they constantly checked in with one another to make sure my evolving program was continuing to progress. The owners Derrick and his wife were always there working with a smile and checking on everyone. I'm now able to start strength training because of this team. I'm so great full that during a hard time my physical recover this family took me in as one of their own!!! Now I'm joining their private gym so that I can continue my journey. Everyone should be so LUCKY to join the PSI FAMILY because my body will forever be GRATEFUL!

Chad Fellers

Friendly, caring, , flexible, forward-thinking group of Providers. Highly recommended

Elena Giudice

Annie Knapp

In the last two years my husband had 2 knees replaced and his amazing recovery and use of his knees is attributed to an excellent surgeon but the end results are all attributed to the hands on treatment, as a member of their family by the staff, their sincere ability to listen to his concerns and listening to my observations, when he was not in therapy. All the therapists are so truly involved in the rehabilitation of their patient’s to their normal life style. They will not push you beyond your limit but will challenge you so you can achieve your maximum normal lifestyle. I observed how therapists worked with individuals on their first visit and how they put the patient at ease with their tone of voice and concern for them as individuals. There is no place else I would recommend. In fact, I am trying to get a friend to come here to FL to have her knee replacement therapy here since it is by far the best.

Juliana Otalora

Friendly staff. It makes you feel like home!

Barbara Ruben

I highly reccomend physical therapy institute amazing staff who know what they are doing! Professional and pleasant always! Not to mention they fixed me up in 5 weeks! If you need physical therapy this is the place to go!

lynn galdston

Thank you for staying overtime for my mother the other night and helping her. You really care about patients and went the extra mile. thank you

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