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REVIEWS OF iAM Physical Therapy IN Arkansas

Stephanie Schriner

The most important quality in a physical therapist is their knowledge of how to heal the body. Dr. Christian, Dr. Kyle and Dr. Kara are experts in their field and persistent in working with their clients to gain mobility and strength. The entire staff is personable and supportive. If you have been referred or need to see your doctor about a referral, iAM Physical Therapy is the place to attain your goals.

Rich Allensworth

This place is amazing, I wish I could have skipped the multiple doctors visits, MRI's and X=Rays to hear their guess on what was causing my pain! Kara was able to listen to my symptons, examine how it felt when she moved my neck, arm and shoulder in different directions and pin pointed the problem and immediately started the rehab. She and the entire staff are amazing and if you need rehabilitation, I recommend you do it here!

Vernie Welch

Taylor Haddock

Alright so let me just give ya’ll a little back story, bear with me this could get lengthy but hopefully worth the read to someone who might have the same issues. I had originally had some concerns with my left knee, which I had ACL surgery on several years ago and nothing about my knee or quad muscles have been right ever since (muscles not firing, having a hard time building muscles, etc.). After coming in and talking with Christian about my issues, he simply asked “what other pain issues do you have that I need to know about?” to which I replied that I have sciatic pain (same side). The next reply he gave me was “well that’s your issue”. Christian broke it down for me since I don’t know much about anatomy and how those muscles are all connected, and it was affecting the quad muscles in my left leg. Makes sense as everything is related right? I had just assumed the pain I had been experiencing for the past 3 years was my life now, living in pain and nothing could fix it. DO NOT settling with the pain, DO NOT ignore it, this CAN be fixed. For the past 6 weeks we have been focusing on strengthening my hip muscles as well as dry needling. I know that sounds scary but let me tell you it doesn’t hurt, and you feel so relieved after doing the dry needling for only a few minutes. Starting week 1 with a 9-pain level to barely any pain at all in just 6 weeks. We have also been doing BFR (blood flow restriction) cuffs on my legs to help build up the muscles and surprisingly my left leg is almost caught up to my right leg (with over an inch growth in 6 weeks!). I was blown away with these results in such a short time period. I am so impressed by the results that I bought my own BFR cuffs so I can continue to do my own rehab and keep the progress rolling. Christian and his team really knows what they are doing.

Jillian Books

I came across That’s The Knot Physical Therapy when researching some pain I was having and read Dr. Christian’s blog outlining an individual who experienced pain somewhat similar to mine and obtaining relief via Dry Needling. I emailed Dr. Christian outlining my own issues and asking if he had recommendations for me since I’m states away. He took the time out of his schedule to call me and discuss the problems I was having, then proceeded to assist me and guide me in finding a therapist closer to myself who is certified to do the same type of work. Because of Dr. Christian’s willingness to go above and beyond for someone would is way too far away to consider being a patient - I’ve received relief from pain that I haven’t experienced in almost two years. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be jumping from one doctor to another, having more tests run and still without a solution. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Christian if you’re blessed to be close enough to do so. I’m confident he will do anything he can to get you back to 100% and back to do what you love most without any pain. I cannot thank you enough!!!!

Susan Wildman

I highly recommend going here for physical therapy. I went to Kara for rehab twice a week for 3 months after having rotator cuff surgery. She is excellent! She is knowledgeable and explains everything clearly. Not only that, she is encouraging and caring. I am happy with my progress and glad that Dr. Dougherty sent me there. The entire staff is also friendly and fun!

Irma Resendez

Alison Lionberger

If the words "dry needling" have you worried or nervous, DON'T BE. Dr. Christian explains everything before, during and after. The procedure is so easy. I went in for neck pain that radiated down my arm. I emailed Dr. Christian and he responded very quickly. I scheduled an appointment and even after the first session, I was able to blow dry my hair again!!! (Something I had not done in a few weeks.) He is very kind and truly wants to help you get better.

Diane Giannini

I would highly recommend That’s The Knot to anyone who is in need of Physical Therapy. In one month, eight sessions I made great progress. Now I am almost back to the physical condition I was in prior to my accident. Dr. Robertozzi was so helpful and made me realize that I was much stronger than I thought. The work on my surgery scar and the cupping on the bruise were helpful in getting me back to my normal walking five miles a day!

Kaala House

For years since I had my son and before I have had hip pain. Numbness in my toes and pain in my toes when I run. I have tried a lot of different things to fix this and basically learned to live with it. I went to see Dr Christian Robertozzi and I am actually able to run without pain in my toes and the numbness is gone. Dr is extremely caring and has a passion for helping people.

M Jerome

First experience with dry needling. It was great. The knot and shooting pain that had been bothering me for days vanished. The process didn't hurt at all and Christian was great at explaining how and why everything works. Total professional. If you are dealing with chronic back/neck issues and suffer sore and stiff muscles, knots and what not, try it.

Brennan Hile

Dr. Christian is excellent. When I started I was unable to stand or sit for long periods of time and could not drive without pain. Through the use of dry needling and a lot of stretching for 8 weeks I am now pain free. Before Dr. Christian the outcome was surgery and through his help that has been avoided.

josh Moffett

I went in with Tendonitis and bursitis of shoulder. My Dr. was wanting to do steroid injections but I wanted to try dry needling first. Christian is truly amazing.. My pain level went from a 5 to a zero within minutes!!.. I will recommend dry needling to anyone with these issues!!. Super excited to get back to the gym without horrible pain. Thank you so much Christian!!.

Alex Spositi

Recently I have been experiencing back pain from my new desk job. At first it was tolerable, but within the last month this pain has caused great discomfort with my breathing. Dr. Christian performed dry-needling on my back, which relieved the majority of my pain. I continued exercising and stretching my back to avoid any relapses, but I have been pain free for 4 months now. I would recommend TTK to anyone!

Rebecca Baker

Kimberlie Whaley

When I first started going to see Dr. Christian I was having severe pain in my lower back into my right hip and down my leg, which has been going on for well over a year. It has been just over a month since I began therapy and for the first time, in a long time, I have been pain free for 4 consecutive days. With everything I’ve been through, chiropractic, acupuncture, pain management and a little bit of everything in between I didn’t think this would be possible. Thanks so much for your time, care and concern in getting me back to feeling normal again. Oh, to top it off I road my bike for the first time in a long time with no pain afterward!!

Chris Hamner

I have been visiting iAM for my knee arthroscopy for approximately 8 weeks now (ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair). I have had a great experience with the entire staff, their expertise, advise, and up-to-date physical therapy techniques. There is always something new with physical therapy and it feels as though they are using the latest methods. I do not want to have another surgery, of any kind, but if I did then I would choose them again, hands down.

Juan Delgado

When I came in with my pulled calf muscle, they had to carry me in. There was no way for me to stand. Dr. Robertozzi told me he can get me walking in an hour. I honestly did not believe him. In 30 minutes in his session, I was able to stand. After the full hour I was walking with a limp! He gave me stretches to do at home and by the next day I was jumping on my leg like nothing happen. No medication was needed. I am a firm believer in what they do and I will be recommending them to anyone.

Misti Cain

I was in AR visiting a friend and had already been suffering from an exercise/tight hamstring-related injury and tight hips. Those two things alone had been causing me severe glute and leg pain for 3+ months. Combine that with a five-hour flight and you can imagine the discomfort I was feeling (think 6-7 out of 10 level of pain). I made an appointment with Dr. Robertozzi the day before I was leaving because the pain was getting too much to bear. He said he'd see what he could do in one session but was honest in the fact that he couldn't promise 100% recovery or complete pain elimination. The treatment included dry needling with e-stem in my glute and hamstring. Oh. My. Gosh. My hamstring pain completely went away and my glute pain was reduced from a 6-7 level to about 1-2. I could sit, walk, climb stairs, and stand without the previous stabbing, tingling, and aching sensations. While I'm not completely healed after the one treatment, the pain is dramatically reduced because of it (and the stretching techniques Dr. Robertozzi suggested). Dry needling isn't available in my state but I would definitely recommend it if you have muscle pain. Thank you Dr. Robertozzi!

Abhiram Reddy Cheruku

Stephanie Burns

Katie Thornberry

Mercedez Wagner

The staff is all very friendly and accomadating. I came in hurting all of the time and by the time I was 2 weeks in it was already better. I am leaving here 100% better and I highly recommend for anyone who needs physical therapy to come here.

Jonathan Sanchez

Threw my back out for the second time in 3 years. Came to iAM hoping for a fast and more permanent recovery. I got just that. Within a few weeks, I went from not even being able to dress myself to being back on my bike doing long rides.

Cole Wright

Highly recommend! I went in with 2+ years of neck and shoulder pain and I noticed improvement from the dry needling almost immediately. Great staff and environment.


My orthopedic surgeon sent me here saying, "They're doing some really cool things there." I'm getting ArpWave treatment that eases my pain during each session. It allows me to be able to stretch and strengthen areas that were too painful to work on before. Katie explains each step as we go and she encourages rather than pushes. It's a laid back, come as you are kind of place. I'm going to ask our doctor for a referral for my teenager.

Chris Bell

I had a great overall experience here. The receptionist was friendly and efficient. I feel like they are on the leading edge as far as the techniques they employ. I was pleased with the results I achieved. I did try the dry needling and was very impressed with those results as well. I would highly recommended Dr. Christian for any of your PT needs.

Carl Sperling

These doctors are top notch. They will get you tuned up and back in action. Trained, professional, and certified.

Candice Perry

Dr. Christian is very attentive and problem focused. He will make sure to address your problem before you leave!

Joshua Grall

Danielle Woods

As an avid fitness goer there are the usual aches and pains with the lifestyle. I'm always on the look out for ways to relieve pain or to gain mobility. My sister referred me to a new Physical Therapy office in Bentonville, Thats The Knot. I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain and my family Dr couldn't help so he gave me a script for PT. I've gone to see Dr. Chris a few times now and my lower back pain is nearly gone. Not only is he professional (and the office smells so nice and clean) but he is also very knowledgeable in my sport and has helped me above and beyond my lower back issue. Just by giving me simple stretches to do at home or in the gym! FIVE Star review!

Holly Parlier

I am impressed with my experience with this office. I would recommend Dr Robertozzi to anyone dealing with trigger point and muscle weakness. Office is also great with accommodating busy schedules.

Cameron Bodily

I had this pain in my back that just wouldn't go away. So I came into Dr. Robertozzi. After his therapy, it's hard to explain, but it just feels good! So glad that I did it!

Amanda Pruitt

I have definitely experienced relief from my back pain. Dr. Robertozzi is caring and always helpful. He truly wants what is best for his patients.

Janna Simpson

Christian and his staff are fantastic. Booking an appointment was easy and quick. The receptionist are very welcoming and even staff members came over introduced themselves and chatted with me while i waited. Although i didnt wait long it was refreshing to be surrounded by such a pleasant environment. Walked in with pain, walked out pain free thanks to Christian and his treatments. If u need dry needling... hands down go to iAM Physical Therapy!

William Desler

Elizabeth Ann Florer

This has been a great experience! My shoulder has improved beyond my expectations. Dr. Kara, Katie, and the rest of the staff are encouraging, kind, friendly and caring.

Norm Roesener

September 2018 I have had physical therapy in the past with other physical therapists, but, have never experienced such professionalism and personal interaction as I did at iAMPT. Dr. Christian Robertozzi was fantastic in determining my physical therapy needs. With the assistance of Alex Spositi they put me through the various workouts/exercises via advanced techniques to address my shoulder needs. I would highly recommend iAMPT for any of your physical therapy needs. August 2019 I'm back at iAM Physical therapy for treatment of my IT Band on my right side. Once again the therapists (Alex and Denver) were very professional and provided lots of interaction with me as I did the exercises. Dr. Christian ended each session with a cocoa butter "boomerang" massage of the IT band. Dr. Christian also performed "dry needling" during the last two sessions to help the with pain. This experience was as before quite good and I will continue to recommend iAMPT for any type of physical therapy needs.

Paul Still

Dino Layton

I am 54 years of age and have had a back problem since I was 18. I have gone to every type of doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, pain management specialist, and even had surgery without success or relief. I started going to Dr. Robertozzi approximately 3 months ago. Under his direction I have been able to increase the quality of my life significantly through treatment and home exercises. He listens and is always tailoring a plan to fit my needs, and avoiding things that have not worked. I am hiking, walking, and mowing the lawn, and I have hope. While I still have a back problem, Dr. Robertozzi has done what none of the many other medical professions have been able to do: make my life better. Did I mention that Dr. Robertozzi has affordable plans to? I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Robertozzi.

Anthony Henrichsen

I had a great experience at iAM Physical Therapy. Very nice facility and friendly service all around. Highly recommend the dry needling.... AMAZING!!

Ashley Martin

Have had great success reducing my hip and knee pain. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend!

Deborah Shaw

I love the way Dr. Christian has educated me on the process of healing. I am getting better fast and excited about the fast results I am getting! This has been a great experience!

Janice Mathias

Started in 8.6.18 Bad left foot ,cant walk on my heel Well 2day 8.29.18 Walking better Thanks 2 these great team of people

Kayla Switzer

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Christian (one of the physical therapist there) was amazing! He was super professional. The dry needling I was very skeptical and nervous about, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The pain I had in my calf before the dry needling was stopping me from doing my daily gym routine, and within 24 hrs after the dry needling the pain was completely gone!

Tracie Grall

Dr. Christian is amazing! My hip and lower back had given me problems since delivering my third child in 2013 preventing me from doing several things that I enjoyed. Since the first session I saw improvement and I am now pain free with the knowledge of how to keep those muscles in good shape. I now have control of my life again thanks to Dr. Christian!

L Richard

Great staff and pleasant environment!! HIGHLY recommend the Dry Needling!!! Works wonders!!

christine ahern

I went to see Dr. Christian for plantar fasciitis in my left heel. Pain was soo bad that I couldn't put any pressure on my heel. After 1st visit feeling soo much better. I just wish I had seen him sooner. I'm a believer in the power of this dry needle healing after today. He really took the time with me, never felt rushed and explained and demonstrated everything thoroughly.

Geoff Blake

I had hip arthroscopic surgery and with first visit knew I hit the right place to rehab my hip...from start to finish they were receptive, educational, personal and cared about my recovery. A tremendous team of go getters that in my opinion are a step above and on cutting edge of therapy and rehabilitation. Always attentive to my needs they talked me through the exercises and left me feeling good after each session. If I ever need to use a therapist again, this is my team to go to.

Trendel Herndon

Dr. Robertizzi was friendly, professional, and compassionate while treating me. My pain was relieved immediately. The office was clean, crisp and very inviting.

chris mcclintock

Very professional and knowledgeable, helping to fix up my knee and making great progress

Troy Leffler

I have been to many PHysical therapy places in the last 4 yrs for my legs/knees. I was about to give up until my orthopedic referred me to That’s the knot. My first appt I walked in and was greeted by the receptionist and she was so nice. Then I met Dr Robertozzi. We went over what had happen and then we came up with a treatment plan. He explained what dry needling was. Before my appt I did research on dry needling. My first experience was a very good one The dry needling didn’t hurt. I walked out of the office without hurting, and I am on my way to being pain-free Thank you!!

Jennifer Geren

Dr. Robertozzi is amazing. He is professional and listens to what you have to say. I had heard about dry needling therapy and thought I would give it a try. I have had chronic lower back pain for years. After one treatment I immediately had relief that I hadn’t felt in forever. I am a firm believer!!! I cannot wait until my next appt. for the first time since I can remember I did not crawl out of bed.

Jeremy Ward

I had a knot in shoulder for 4 days and was unable to raise my arm above my should. Dr. Robertozzi was able to give me relief in just a few minutes. If you have pain or need therapy from surgery. Go see him!

Wade Redding

This procedure instantly helped my back to feel good as new. I could not reccomend it highly enough, it is a godsend.

Erika Saito

I absolutely LOVE this place!! I first went in with a hurt hip flexor from Crossfit. I had gone to a chiropractor for a few sessions beforehand but did not solve my issue. After the first session, I went from not being able to squat below parallel to being able to squat normally again. My hip is now back to normal! This place is amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone with an injury!!

Sandra Angel

The staff is awesone. They are warm ,friendly and experts at what they do. Recommend them very highly.

Philip Platt

Best physical therapy place I've ever been to and I've been to quite a few.

Melissa Bosch

Staff is amazing, friendly and knowledgable! My son went from pain of 8 and not able to run, to no pain and excited to get back out there running! Dry needling is crazy but so worth it! Highly recommended!!

Dustin Doty

I suffered a partially torn Achilles tendon and Achilles tendinitis, and needed physical therapy. I am an active person and wanted to get back up and going fairly quick. Christian and the entire staff at iAm Physical Therapy did just that. Christian was very attentive, timely, knowledgeable, and helpful. Christian helped me understand early on my limitations as I worked through physical therapy, what I could do to stay active, and he kept me informed about my progress and anticipated recovery. My experience with iAM was fantastic and I will recommend them to anyone in need of excellent PT!

Ike Rogers

Great! I had a lot of back pains from carrying a shoulder bag all the time, I spent 30 minutes here and it solved everything for me. Definitely would go back! Dr. Robertozzi is super friendly and knows his stuff.

Family Jang

It was amazing!!! Dr.Christian kindly explained the reasons of pain and the therapy. He did a great job. Thank you Dr.Christian!

Jill Vaughan

I am so thrilled at results after just the first time. Dr Christian did a great job describing in detail as to how dry needling works to help calm my fear.

Cordell Zalenski

Bad a great time, he is very knowledgeable and makes me excited for my therapy! Go see him!

Jennifer Toms

Gracen Hannah

I was extremely pleased with the service at That’t The Knot. All of the staff is super friendly and outgoing. The environment is also very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Christian was recommended through my general practitioner due to my back pain. My back pain prevented me from dancing to my fullest capability. I started seeing significant results of relief after my first session with Dr.Cristian. Dr. Christian is sincere in wanting to see your complete well- being. I was always asked if anything was painful or how I was doing. Comfort is a top priority at That’s The Knot. I highly recommend dry needling as well. Dry needling gave me the instant relief I needed. Not only was I given treatment to relieve my pain, I was also given exercises to stabilize my back, so I could continue dancing without constant aching. If I ever have undesired pain again, Dr.Christian is the first person I would contact. Overall, my experience at That’s The Knot was outstanding, and if anyone has any type of pain I highly recommend That’s The Knot physical therapy.

Roni Ray

Following 2 fractures of my right arm, I was referred to this facility for physical therapy. I found the staff to be motivating and thorough. At the same time, they demonstrated patience and compassion. The receptionist was efficient and personable. The facility was always clean and comfortable. Having had physical therapy at two other times in the past at other facilities, I would always return here if needed over any of the others.

Heather Brownstone

Living with fibromyalgia, pain is constant and unforgiving. Dr. Christian understood and made recommendations for improving my life beyond treatment in house. I really appreciate having met the team and while I can't say I look forward to the next time I have to visit with him (who would?), I know the care I receive will be top notch and I am fully prepared, knowing that all my questions and concerns will be addressed fully and promptly.

Arun Chawla

This is the first time I've ever had to do physical therapy and the staff here made me feel very comfortable. I had an ACL and meniscus surgery and was unable to move at the start, but they got me moving in not time. They provided quality care and ongoing motivation. I highly recommend this place. Everyone is so professional and they genuinely care for your well being. They deserve way more than 5 stars.

Kim Rowan

Alex, Katie and Christian were amazing. I couldn’t have met my goals without them. Truly awesome people to be with!!

Dustin Rash

Dr Robertozzi is a very personable professional. He made the treatments enjoyable while resolving my issue. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jessica Sabados

I had a lingering pain in my shoulder that I thought would go away with time. After a month of just hoping the pain would go away on its own I was referred to iAM Therapy. Within just a few weeks Dr. Christian and staff were able to help me get rid of the pain. It felt like night and day! No matter how minor or major of injury I would very highly recommend going to iAM. The office is nice, new, and clean. The entire staff are very friendly. It made the experience of going to physical therapy extremely pleasant.

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