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REVIEWS OF Spooner Physical Therapy - Ahwatukee IN Arizona

Jerry Farro

Megan Sween, my Therapist, is as professional as they come. ....technical proficiency coupled with a superb attitude toward patients.... and toward the goal of rehabilitation. Knowledgeable and couples an excellent "bedside manner' with a sense of humor. You always feel that she loves her job and career even though her smiling at my off-beat humor may be too much to ask of any Therapist.

Ralph Hernandez

My wife went to Spooner Physical Therapy for treatment. The folks at Spooner Physical Therapy are professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for all your Physical Therapy needs. Ralph Hernandez Major, United States Army Retired

Karen Martin

Jeff, Josh and Danica are fantastic!

Erna Taylor

Teresa David

Very helpful and supportive!

Traci Murphy

From the very first phone call to each and every moment spent rebuilding after surgery, Spooner Physical Therapy Ahwatukee has provided outstanding, compassionate and professional care. Anthony is amazing at providing the exact framework to meet your personal and medical recovery goals. Physical therapy is hard hard work but I wouldnt dream of missing one moment! Thank you!

Lorie Fisher

My PT's, LaRissa and Aaron have really made a huge difference in helping my complex back pain. I am extremely grateful that they have come up with a plan of care that is actually working. 5 Stars for sure!

Greysen Schlax

The people at Spooner Physical Therapy are so friendly and welcoming! I never thought I'd say this, but I look forward to going to physical therapy every week. It's amazing!

Dolores Skold

This was my second time using Spooner Physical Therapy in Ahwatukee. This time I needed therapy on my left arm due to an injury. Sharmece Pierce used some wonderful techniques and brought relief for me. Her Assistant, Crystal, is also very knoweldegeable and both are friendly and ready to answer questions! Spooner is the choice for physical therapy!

Annmarie Baldwin

Matt, Fabio, Laura and Mary Ellen have provided exceptional customer service and care in regards to my post-op physical therapy. In the beginning after my injury, I was grumpy and frustrated because of the limitations imposed by surgery. But now, after several tireless weeks I've regained movement as well as some strength. I know credit is due to those who pushed me through the most difficult moments of the my rehab. Thank you! I sincerely appreciate their patience, skill and positive attitudes. I would gladly recommend anyone to Spooner Physical Therapy off of 40th Street in Ahwatukee!

Ihab Abujarad

Thank you Erica and Brandon. I really recommend this place!

Jeff Mitchell

Highly recommend Megan Sween PT. I'm feeling better every day.

Virginia Barnard

Wonderful people! Totally helpful when you need the guidance.

Katharine Klein

Jerry Lynch

I was really happy with the care that Allison provided. I found her to be knowledgeable, thorough, personable, and caring. The treatment plan was well presented in a manner that was instructive and designed to facilitate ongoing therapy at home. I will certainly continue any needed PT with Spooner in general and Allison in particular and give my recommendation completely.

Kathy Darling

Elliott White

The whole team at Spooner is amazing! From the front desk working with my insurance company to the physical therapist & assistants putting together a plan to get me active again. I cannot thank them enough especially my PT Allison! Allison provides me with excellent care & then streamline my process to see an orthopedic. Thank you!

Coraline Todechine

Front desk is very informative polite great customer service and explains everything far as benefits. They are all very welcoming. Cassie is very Informative and know exactly what she is doing. She treat you as a person first and always instead of a customer. She truely care about your health and care. She wants to work with you to accomplish your goals and mobility for a healthier you. There is also a positive vibe which makes it a comfortable environment to improve. Entire staff is awesome!

Angela Saurini

Everyone is friendly and helpful. Great doctors.

Slick Dj

Kudos to The Spooner team! Got me out of a bind on two different occasions. Having a joint replacement is not fun! My therapist Larissa did the right thing with Heather always there to help out! Call out to PT Pete as well! Got me up and running in no time! Highly recommended if you should need any type of physical therapy. From front office, right through to the therapists... Great team...

Larry Wood

Great place to rehab. They know their stuff. Friendly and caring about how your progressing. I'd recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.

Matt Stovall

Percy Smith

Helpful, friendly, cheerful

Belen Oaxaca

I just started my therapy at Spooner but I can tell this place is a cut above the rest. Great customer experience from the moment you schedule an appointment. I highly recommend them!

Tammy Dockter

OT Sharniece and her OT PT staff were very professional and worked to help me improve from my injury. I highly recommend Spooner!

lisa carter

Ken Reed

Spooner people are great, especially Rachel. She cares.

kathy markham

The front office is excellent and the capable therapists provide a positive environment for rehabilitation.

Jove Cummings

Having a great experience with my recovery here. I can see a positive impact with my shoulder after surgery. Currently working on getting my movement and rotation back.

Mark Ibarra

Chris Hood

Spooners at Pecos Road and 40th Street is a great place to get your life back. After 2 partial knee replacements within 6 weeks of each other, I had the privilege of working with Jenna and her assistant Maria. Together they helped me set goals and developed a routine for me to get me walking confidently and with little pain. This Spooners is full of experienced and inspirational physical therapists who truly love working with their clients in helping them succeed!


Everyone is helpful and very professional

Mary Lou Giaquint

Jenna and her associates, Maria and Jason are first rate. Very helpful, very friendly and very good at what they do. I highly recommend them.

Howard Harris

I gave Rachel Pederson a 5-star rating because she is competent, kind, considerate, and she knows how to help me recover. She is very aware how my age factors into my injuries and just how aggressive she can be on the therapy program she has laid out for me.

Tawna Stapley

I am sad that I had to leave Spooner PT. This was the best physical therapy place I've been to by far. Jenna and Maria took excellent care of me and treated me with respect. They listened to me and adapted stretches as needed. I could not be happier with my experience.

Missy Martin

Awesome service! Really helped my son recover from a broken foot so he could get back to playing baseball!

Faye Verska

The therapists are wonderful and have solved my issues on 2 occasions. Love Jenna.

Leslie Pozo

It's just a lovely place where professional amd warm staff takes care of you. Highly recomended.

Rob Previte

I have had to go through physical therapy a few times in my life when I lived back in Ohio. The places I went to made you feel like a number and it was the same exercises every time and many times unsupervised At Spooner Ahwatukee I have always felt that they truly care to find ways to accelerate my progression of rehab in a safe yet rewarding way. PT Jenna and her assistant PT Maria are exceptional at what they do! I know walking in their facility that I am going to work hard and they stay with me thr evtute time pushing me to do new exercises based on my progression. I feel and am told that I am ahead of schedule of where I should be after my rotstor cuff surgery and I owe it to these ladies at Spooner. And s shout out to Becca and all the girls at the front desk that are always so cheerful and open to a 30 second conversation on how the weekend was etc! Highly recommend !

Gina Meinen

Great attention with gentle work.

Tony Valenzuela

As a person who came to Spooner's with a posture issue, I was pleased by his knowledge. Immediately, Matt began working on my hips and thorax region. But what make Matt standout, was his willingness to answer every question about every routine, in an understandable and pleasant way. I never felt uncomfortable asking why and I had many. The relationship between knowledge, emotional well being and physical health are critical and Matt answered the call. I always leave Spooner's feeling better that when I arrived

Arfa Johar

I absolutely love this clinic. Ive seen multiple therapists for my condition but Larissa is by far the BEST. She goes above and beyond every time I come in and I love her positive attitude. Also, all of her techniques are very helpful, she definitely knows what she is doing.

Christy T

Miss Megan is the best

Mark Lierley

Spooner is fantastic. My PT’s Aaron and Austin have been phenomenal. I feel like I’ve made great progress and appreciate how much they personalized the care plan they have developed for me.

Sally Maly

The people that direct and work in this place are the friendliest and most sincere Physical Therapists I’ve ever worked with. The front desk staff greets me - by name! - when I arrive and I’m immediately welcomed by my therapist into the therapy room. Everywhere, you see happy, effective therapists and assistants providing excellent care to their patients. The atmosphere is charged! I love going and recommend it highly!

Katrina Tekunata

Great facility and wonderful staff members! Jenna who did my initial assessment was informative and did a great job! Thank you!

Victoria Salazar

I would like to thank everyone at Spooner's for a great experience! Special thanks to Sharniece & Crystal for helping me recover from a right bicep tendon rupture. Their knowledge, patience, and advice made for a speedy recovery. Thank you for helping me get over the mental and physical hurdles.

Annie Dube

I've had a great experience at Spooner and would recommend to anyone in need of a good PT. I am a distance runner with plantar fasciitis and Jenna has helped me push through my marathon training with specialized treatments and stretches that help ease my pain. Thanks!

Tom/Jeanne Rogers

Great service and relief from pain.

Susan Smith

I am so fortunate to have the "A" team, Aaron and Austin taking care of me following my shoulder surgery. They are wonderful! Also the office staff is amazing. They are patient and kind and so cheerful.

Megan Timmer

Spooner Physical Therapy is a great place! First of all it is a great environment, all the therapist and assistants create a relationship with you and are super friendly. The therapist are also very professional, they know what they are doing and are good at what they do. I have had the opportunity to work with Jenna Rempe. She has been my therapist now for 7 months now and will be for another 5 or so. She has helped me recover from surgery so well. I have seen real improvement since going to Spooner Physical Therapy and seeing Jenna. I am always super excited to go to therapy and will be very sad when I no longer have to go, but I know I will always be welcomed back to say hi!!

Deborah Piluri

So happy with my choice for outpatient therapy after my recent hip fracture. Staff are professional, caring, friendly and always very accommodating with the therapy schedule. They truly take into account your goals and support you so that you achieve them.

George Yassopoulos

Paul Vizcarra

Physical theraspist are nice, but I was told that I did not have a copay several times. Then they sent me a bill a few months later saying I did. That is wrong, tell me cost up front. Also, they sent me a "free" ems and all of a sudden I'm getting a bill from that company. Complete rip off, they do not take responsibly for their incompetence.

Craig Smith

The staff at Spooner (Ahwatukee) is extremely friendly and helpful. They treat you not only as a patient but as if you were an injured family member as well. Also, they take the time to listen to your needs so you can return to a normal life sooner. My therapist in particular Megan, and her associate Tess are true professionals who are both sincerely dedicated to helping people get better after their injury. I would highly recommend Spooner to anyone who needs this type of service. FIVE STARS!!!!!

Marty diehl

Great staff!

Steve Ogle

Tracy Hill has been my physical therapist for at least three different injuries. She has also worked with three of my family members. She is an incredible physical therapist and an awesome human being! Spooner is just a great place to visit when you have an injury because everybody around is very friendly which makes the atmosphere very comfortable! I would recommend them to anybody!

Darrell Porath

The Therapists at Spooner are terrific! They possess excellent communication skills and are knowledgeable, professional, courteous & friendly. I can't image working with therapists anywhere else that would exceed or rival those at Spooner.

N Deninno

Megan is great! She is very respectful and you can tell she cares about each of her patients. The type of therapy I have to receive is pelvic floor rehab. And Megan made me feel so comfortable. Her student is also very sweet!


Very friendly, knowledgeable staff Felt like they listened to my concerns and were responsive to my reactions to each exercise we did. Eric was very sensitive to my needs and limitations. Felt challenged but never pushed or encouraged to endure pain. Highly recommend Spooner and Eric Brown.

Paul McCollum

Megan Sween is my mother's PT. My mother, Norma, just LOVES Megan. She tells me that Megan is thoughtful, caring and "sweet". My mother also says Megan is VERY good at her job and that my mother is lucky to have her as her physical therapist. Well Done, Megan !!!

jill ulik

Justin McIntosh

The physical therapist at Spooner Physical Therapy know exactly how to get you back in to shape and back to yourself if your in need of physical therapy try Spooner.

Mary Morgan

Matt and the team gave care and concern for my physical therapy and recovery to my mobility.

Judilch Crisi

Excellent! Post Op care. Regained ROM and use fairly quickly. Highly recommend. And Pete has worked with my surgeon's patients before. What a great therapist and motivator.

Tim Teserio

Great staff all around, getting me back to work and running again.

Sarah Blyton

Great staff and attention to detail is amazing.

Marjorie Mead

lots of fun. everyone is so helpful and caring. lots of encouragement to make successful progress. Give Erica and Brandon kudos for us. MMM and Jim

Sharon Burns

I love going to Spooner Physical Therapy for all my PT. I have had back issues, torn rotator cuff and now for my elbow. From the front staff to your therapist, you are made to feel welcome and really cared for. I will always come here for my PT needs!

Jill H Remington

Mallory is the best therapist I have ever had. Having PT from California to Philadelphia I can attest to her adept skills. She is very measured in her personalized treatments and quite knowledgeable.Her intuition along with her years of experience makes her one of the best in her field. I highly recommend her to anyone with serious pain. Five Stars!!!!

Ashley Robota

Awesome place for PT! Warm and welcoming facility. I developed a nagging behind the knee injury in prep for my first ulta marathon. Anthony was amazing at listening to my concerns, getting to know about the injury, explaining and educating me about the best way to treat (and prevent) it, and provided dry needling and exercises for me to do! Will definitely recommend Spooner to my teammates, friends, and family!

Faith Scaggs

My experience at the Laveen practice has been nothing but amazing...Matthew does an amazing job and makes me feel comfortable. The other staff members there are also nice and welcoming. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Hazel Chase

I will definitely highly recommend Spooner Ahwatukee. Allison, my PT is super knowledgeable and very helpful. As an endurance athlete, it is very important for me to heal faster, improve my range of motion and continue my conditioning so I can come back stronger. So grateful of the exceptional service and knowledge!!!

Dave Lewis

Awesome Peps that are very knowledgeable and caring

John Stefanello

Matthew Getz and the whole staff in the Laveen facility are so friendly and knowledgeable. They really care about all their patients. I was so pleased they were able to get me in right away when I injured myself. I couldn't be any happier with the care and service!! Gina Stefanello

Greg Fitchet

Jillian Adams

They are really nice and always able to put a smile on my face even when I'm in pain. They also have a very amazing coworker relationships so it makes the atmosphere much more comfortable.

Bert Hustad

Friendly, Knowledgeable staff diagnosed my shoulder injury quickly, came up with a treatment program that got me back on the courts feeling stronger and pain free!! Thank you Spooner!

Grace Cisneros

Steven Powers

Giselle Fox

Megan is a caring, compassionate PT and knows her stuff! I highly recommend her and Spooner Physical Therapy in Ahwatukee if you need some serious rehab!

Paula Kaper

Everyone I've worked with at Spooner Physical Therapy has been knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. I would recommend them without reservation.

Kelly Wold

Spooner physical therapy in Ahwatukee is fantastic! Meghan was amazing. I cannot more highly recommend this place. So professional, friendly, and helpful. If I could give more than five stars, I would!

Kim Klein

I have used Spooner physical therapy on two separate occasions, several years apart. Both times, my experiences were great. Physical therapy is never fun, but the entire staff puts their hearts and souls into making it a positive experience. They cheer you on for the tiniest advances - the very first person who greets you at the door seems so happy to see YOU when you walk in.

Gary Gentry

At 1st session Aaron listened carefully to my description of problem, developed a plan and saw it through. Therapists paid close attention to my exercises ensuring I did them correctly.

Kimberly miller

My Mother is working with Rachel who is doing an outstanding job, working on her balance, strength and movement. Thank you so much and will continue visiting Spooner as long as we are able to. Thank you.

Jeannie & Alex Ryan

Erica is very thorough explaining things when describing your injury. She is very caring and gives you exercises to help promote a better long-term lifestyle.

Julien Cuyeu

I came into Spooner thinking that maybe I could get better. I've been having foot problems for awhile and wanted to see how Spooner would be able to treat me. So far, its been going smoothly. Progress is progress no matter how slow things go. I'm improving every week with the help of Anthony Celio and the staff. I'd recommend the services of Spooner PT!

Chris Riley

The staff are fantastic! Everyone is really friendly and proactive. The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and will treat the root cause instead of just the symptoms. They will also work on preventative exercises to keep you injury free. I highly recommend Spooner Physical Therapy in Ahwatukee.

Benjamin Minor

David Portillo

Appreciate the attention to detail in providing the best program possible to get one back in shape, how the therapist put their interest and education into putting together the best care for me. Office staff is equally fantastic in getting you set up for your appointments with all the insurance/payment requirements taken care of. Been to a few PT's, this has been the best experience for me!

Ray Palomaa

Very thorough and personable. Eric provided a good PT regiment and honest feedback. IMO he did all he could to help my situation.

Delight Burrus

The best I love the entire staff and the all the therapist

Adam Brenner

Rarely do you see a physical therapist, and come out with immediately noticeable results on day one, but with Spooner, you do. I have low and upper back issues, and have seen two PTs and two of their assistants. I'm not yet ready to drag a truck down the street, but with their help and guidance, I'm pretty sure I'll get there. Hey Spooner, you rock! ========Update I have now seen three PTs at Spooner. I have the ability to live a full life, vs sit in pain and lose out on time with my wife and children. I am heavy into sports that would have been prohibitive in my previous condition.

Marisol Gandee

One time treatment with Aaron worked miracles for my mom!


I wonder sometimes how a person chooses a defining career for it gift or ability that you're naturally born with. I've seen LaRissa, my physical therapist, handling infants as they receive therapy.. Her hands helping their tiny little bodies, you see calmness on their faces ...what a humbling experience to see her skills at work. Also, LaRissa's listening skill further defines her unique professional abilities. I'm blessed to have her as my therapist. Felice

Peter Menor

This is my second treatment with Spooner PT in Ahwatukee, once for hand and now for lower back. Very professional and personable facility and staff. They really care about you. Rachel, my therapist, is the ultimate professional and so knowledgeable in her work. I know this as I had over 40 years in healthcare before I retired. One area of my responsibility was a hospital rehab department and all I can say is that I wish I had Rachel in my employ when I was working so our patients could have experienced what I have been fortunate to experience. If anyone needs PT, I highly recommend Spooner PT and Rachel. You will not be disappointed.

Charles Bonstelle

My wife had serious traumatic brain injury (TBI) last February. She is receiving both speech and physical therapy. At Spooner Juli has worked on strengthening my wife's leg muscle and doing exercises to improve my's balance. Juli discovered that my wife was getting worse rather than better. She talked with my wife's internist about what else could be done and suggested that my wife see a new Neurologist that specializes in TBI. Juli will also be talking with my wife's speech therapist to see if there were physical therapy elements that would be helpful. Juli is an angel. I can't thank her and praise her enough.

Amy Derzanski

The staff is very friendly and truly cares about your well-being

kathleen daurio

I am currently under the care of Jenna and her very competent assistants for my shoulder impingement and inflammation. I came to Spooner anticipating surgery and am thrilled that under their care, I have made significant progress such that surgery may not be needed. Thank you, Jenna, her assistants and the helpful front desk personnel.

Tirsa Nel

Michelle Moe

The therapists and technicians are knowledgeable and professional. They really listen to my concerns and work with me. The clinic has a wide array of equipment to help patients get stronger and more flexible. I would recommend Spooner Physical Therapy to anyone recovering from injury or surgery.

Ginger Noschka

Carrie was kind and respectful as she lead me to strengthen my pelvic floor. I am amazed at how much more comfortable it is to run around with the kids on the playground and how much more mindful I am now. I wish this was a routine part of care for women after giving birth. I am grateful!

Tracy Lessard

The staff is very friendly and Carrie is awesome! It might hurt but it's really going to help.

Randall Lout

Both Peter and Mandy are exceptional clinicians. Both practitioners are thorough and comprehensive in the therapy they have provided. Knowledgeable, friendly, yet very professional and compassionate. So far, the physical therapy experience has been impressive and positive.

Pamela Peake

Sharneice is the hand specialist at Spooner that has treated me for recovery from a broken bone in my hand. She is very knowledgeable and I am gaining back use each day. All the people at Spooner have been excellent, as other family members have been treated for various issues. Spooner will continue to be our choice for Physical Therapy.

Linda Black

I had to have physical therapy for a frozen shoulder (capsulitis) that i let go for far too long. Not only did I get amazing treatment, but every time I go in I feel surrounded by friends who not only care about my progress, but are interested in me as a person. It's been a fun experience that I will never delay therapy again, and I will choose Spooner again for any future needs that may arise. I highly recommend them to anyone who would like a friendly, concerned, and helpful atmosphere for their specific needs in physical therapy.

MJ Calderón

The staff is very kind and friendly, I’ve been bringing my mom here for about a week and since there is a language barrier they allow me to translate for her to make her feel more comfortable. I sit by her the whole time she is having treatment done and they accommodate her with anything that is needed. They try to communicate with her as best they can, I’m very impressed with how professional and caring everyone here is.

karla velez

I have loved my experience here. At the beginning you get a full assessment test to get a specialized workout based on your needs and pain. The team has a great chemistry and they are always cheering you on to get better. They are always aware of how you do the exercise and if you feel pain or if a movement can be aggravating your lesion. They quickly modify that particular exercise and do massages on your site of injury to alleviate the pain. I have lower back pain due to disc protrusion and since I have been going there it has been getting better and better. It has improve my quality of life and I feel getting back to normal life. Thank you Aaron and Austin! Completely grateful of this incredible team!

Katie Wilson

Carrie is an outstanding and exceptional therapist. She has an understanding of the human body as well as the emotion that goes a long with chronic pain. She is understanding, patient, and thorough with treatment, questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her. The staff at the north Phoenix office is wonderful. Being sure to check and recheck insurance, request preauths from insurance and do their very best to see that much needed care is available to those who seek a different approach to wellness.

Kristine Horacek

I love my experience here!! They listen and want to learn everything they can to better help heal you. The staff was welcoming and the physicians made me comfortable and hopeful. I'd suggest Spooner Ahwatukee time and time again.

Jonny Brown

Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly staff and a wide variety of equipment. I'm so glad my doctor recommended LaRissa and Heather to me.

A Google User

Therese Schmisseur

Amazing service - professional and friendly staff!

Josh Lind

They are amazing at what they do and they treat you like family. What else could you want? Highly, highly recommend!!!


Very friendly staff clean facility

Carl Seburn

Friendly, knowledgable and effective staff with clean facilities.

Jonathan Penley

Aaron ad Austin were great. Attentive and professional, they helped me feel better and get my back stronger.

Joe Popma

Tracy was able to help me walk a full half hour and before I could never walk any longer than one or two minutes. SHE IS AWESOME! Joe Popma

Leon Manfredi

Tracy helped me fix my mobility issues and now I'm back to running! I'll definitely be going back if I have any more issues.

Lissa Swazey

Great place for physical therapy! I had a hip replacement and Larissa and Tracy did a great job getting me back in motion! They listened and adjusted my exercises based on my concerns and goals each time I came in. The staff are all friendly and helpful. Thank you Spooner!

Ted R

The staff at Spooner's are very knowledgeable physical therapist. They are friendly and precise while performing there task at hand. I would highly recommend this facility for physical therapy or any physical corrections that are recommended by your physician for a follow up.

Mark Perkins

Very knowledgeable, great care and friendly service.

Ernesto Ramirez jr.

Spooner Physical Therapy Ahwatukee is a great place to rehabilitate. Personnel are fantastic and are really interested in helping you, especially Sharniece the hand specialist. I look forward to my next appointment.

Don Braby

Everyone who has helped me with my therapy has been very friendly. And the therapist I have knows exactly what I need to get my shoulder feeling better. Very pleased.

Al Stein

Good listeners, set up specific programs for your needs. Staff is concerned and skilled.

Elsie Soto

(Translated by Google) Excellent! (Original) Excelent!

Randall Neumann

I went to Spooner more or less in desperation because I was continuously rein jurist my back playing softball. Chiropractors would help ease the pain, but on my return to the field, I would suffer the same injury.pulled muscles in my lower back. The workout regimen that the Spooner techs devised for me were the cure!

Jessica Elliott

In the nicest way possible, the people at Spooner are some of my favorite people that I hope to never see again! It was a delight to do my PT post-op with Spooner. I felt challenged, but supported and appreciated that we worked not just on my ankle, but the rest of the muscles that it would take to have a strong and stable ankle. I went into it **REALLY** afraid of trying to go to fast or pushing myself too far and injuring myself again or setting my recovery back. Chad and Ashley were able to keep me at the perfect spot of working hard enough to keep the recovery moving forward, but never to the point of going past my limits. And I knew it would be a great, friendly environment when on the 2nd or 3rd visit, all of the ladies up front knew my name. The patients seem to develop a camaraderie and by the time I was done, even other staff I worked with remember not only my name, but interests to ask me about. That environment meant a lot to me compared to other times I've done PT and felt like I was just coming in weekly to test if I could do certain exercises, rather than having a welcoming place where it's clear that progress isn't linear. Like I said, I hope I never see them again (because I don't want to be hurt again), but if I need PT, I will definitely go back to Spooner. Plus I like when they played country music :)

Toni Kohan

Jessica is on time which very important to me. She is knowledgeable and helpful, she gives me exercises to do at home. I have started to see results for a problem I have had for 30 years. I am confident with time she will fix my problem. I would recommend her to anyone with IC.

Sheldon Hoffman

Knowable, effective, expedient, and courteous in aiding my back pains.

Courtney Guzman

Friendly staff, very helpful

Beverly Yantorno

Knowledgeable and highly skilled PTs and technicians. Upbeat, clean facility & front staff is great!

Allen Moore

Very much made me feel like they genuinely care about my recovery.

Irene Navarro

These people are amazing with my mom every time she goes for her therapy after her knee surgery she’s sore and hurting afterwards but she says it feels better and is super happy with her knee/leg mobility afterwards! Thank you guys so much, I really appreciate it. Little by little she’s progressing, slow recovery but she’s getting there. She appreciates the massages (that’s her favorite part she says) lol

Robin Zill

Great experience, clean and professional

Eric Verska

Every therapist and assistant I have worked with at Spooner really knows their stuff. Great experience. Nice environment and friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Mavis Jones

Great professional team

art Wimmer

Great service with a very professional and friendly staff!

Gayle Milek

Aaron is a fantastic trainer!! He’s also a super nice guy. He’s working with my son and strengthening his core, ensuring proper lifting technique, and identifying weak areas that can be improved. My son is a Junior and enjoys working out with Aaron. I highly recommend Aaron.

George Kolb

Good facilities, talented therapists and numerous locations make the choice for Spooner PT easy. My experience in getting PT for my total knee replacement has been very positive. My progress is moving very quickly. PT Therapist Rachel is awesome, challenges me where appropriate and listens to my needs. Great place to recover from injury or surgery.

Ameet Nainani

Sharniece and the Spooner PT team are wonderful people to work with. They are excellent, professional, on time, friendly take care of the patients extremely well. I highly recommend them.

Clara Dubash

Great care of Sports injuries. The experience to work on a fast rehab

anne green

Very professional I am making great progress staff is very attentive the patient recovery is very important to them. If you are scheduled for a appointment they make sure that they are working with you for your allotted time. I am glad I choose Spooner

Mark Beltran

Peter is awesome! The facilities are clean and the staff is friendly.

Teresa Taylor

The Chandler clinic rocks ! It's more like exercise based physical therapy and puts you on the path to recovery from the very first visit !! They challenge you and encourage you and make you feel good about yourself! All the therapists are great and the front desk ladies are exceptional !!

Verl Curtiss

The staff at Spooner Physical Therapy North Phoenix are outstanding. Julie, my PT is very knowledgeable and professional. She always answers all my questions and gives me helpful suggestions. Her assistant is always there to work with me and encourages me to do all I can with a very caring attitude. All of the PTs and assistants make my therapy a tolerable experience. Very friendly people!! The front staff always greets me with a smile and welcome. They know the ins and outs of insurance procedures, which helps a lot. Physical Therapy is not always pleasant, but challenges delivered with a caring attitude helps tremendously. Spooner will always be my first choice for Physical Therapy.

marissa smith

The personnel at the Spooner facility in Ahwatukee are very organised and personable.

Bev Crossland

I had a great experience at Spooner. The front desk staff and administrative professionals were polite, helpful and fast getting me scheduled and my insurance approved and processed. My therapy and rehab team were caring and progressive getting my injury turned around and resolved in a short time. I felt that we all worked together to help build my strength and flexibility within my pain limits we discussed together and worked through each session. I'm so impressed with everyone at Spooner, and couldn't be more pleased with the quick and satisfactory results. They have reached out to me after completion to make sure I'm still doing ok and continuing to improve. I feel they continue to genuinely care, I've made friends there and I will recommend Spooner to anyone.

Debbie Naderer

The front office is amazing and very helpful! Tracy Hill is an excellent therapist demonstrating knowledge and compassion. Tess, her assistant is patient in demonstrating the techniques. Highly recommend Spooner Ahwatukee.

Lynwood Islaub

Well equipped facility and a very highly trained staff. I always feel that the care is as if I was the center of attention while I'm there. I've tried other PT facilities in the valley and this one is by far the best.

Julie Stephenson

I cannot express enough good things to say about my Physical Therapy experience. Allison (PT) is truly the BEST. She listens and understands. Very helpful with all of her suggestions.

PM Salazar

The staff are friendly and caring and I feel very welcome

Geri Dempsey

Eric Brown and his assistant Sierra are the best! I could not ask for a better team. They are helpful, kind and encouraging as I go through therapy for my shoulders. You could not ask for better care.

kristine collins

Very nice people.

Mary J Shumate

Amazing service from making the appointment, setting up a treatment plan and knowledgeable therapist. Their attention to detail regarding my issues have genuinely been met and I feel I am on my way to recovery. During my treatment plan my therapist stay with me questioning how I'm feeling to assess the exercise I'm doing as well as explaining the process. It has been a great experience and I feel they care about my well-being as a patient. The facility is clean, the staff works as a team and each and everyone I have come in contact with has the spirit to serve and love what they are doing.

Vesna Cvoro

Larry Hilliard

ankle feeling lots better - great folks providing great service!!!

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