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REVIEWS OF Apple Summit Mall IN Ohio

Tracey Krska

The best customer service ever. Plenty of staff and they know their stuff. There really isn't a stupid question in this place.

Vinay Asher

It was just perfect

Cathy H

Not helpful

Hannah Cyrus

We went today to get an apple watch.. The store was crazy busy and April helped us. She had people swarming at her and she stayed calm and so helpful. She even remembered my son’s name and said bye to him as we left...This girl deserves a raise! lol

John Harris

$49 to replace my iPhone battery. Was it worth it I'm still having mixed feelings. Last year it cost $26 or $28. The original cost is $75. I'll just pay $49 and go.

jeremy jeandervin

Absolutely awful. Bought a new iPhone that arrived broke. Took it to the store and spent about two hours just to find out they had to send it in. When it was fixed I asked if I could make an appointment and they said it was not necessary as I would just quickly swap the phones. When I arrived I waited 30 minutes just to be told that I would need to wait another 20 just to receive my fixed phone that was laying on the table in front of me. Will probably never buy another apple product. Terrible customer service.

Marc Carroll

Being disabled, I asked my son to return and exchange my defective EarPods, that were still under warrante. Because he didn’t have my iPhone with him, for them to check the serial number, they would not Exchange my DEFECTIVE EarPods . Thanks for aggravating my son and myself He left for Walmart to buy some. If I could give you a negative star rating, that’s what you to have.

Cornel R

So....I just heard from a friend of mine that Apple is exchanging the batteries for iPhone 6 and up for $29 all included. Nice!!!!!Called Apple and they run a diagnostic and told me that I should go in the store for replacement.No least thats what i tought. Wrong!!!! I made an appointment over the phone with the Apple representative. Just before I left home i called the store to confirm the appointment and to ask how long would it take. The guy on the phone told me that would take at the most 1(one) hour and everything is set !!!! I live about 50 miles away, a little bit of it took me about 1 hour and 20 min to get there ,then another 40 min waiting for a "genius" who just told that they DO NOT have the battery on hand , and has to be ordered and would take somewhere from 3 to 5 business days to get it and THEY would call me .REALLY??????? Beside that the guys over there were kind of.......what the heck are you expecting??? pay only $29 and you wanted fast also??? have an iPhone so shut up and move on.... Excuse me???? I lived in Portland,OR until a couple months ago and my experience with Apple stores over there were pretty good....this guys here are the WORST....I can not see my self going over there again after i will exchange my battery. Looks like almost anyone in this store is either lazy or just (please excuse my french) they do not care. Everyone...PLEASE try to avoid this store(if possible ) like PEST

Ionut Gavris

Very nice people

Richard C

It's alright. A lot of whistles and bells for basic service.

Karen Burketh

Just browsing. They were very busy, too congested. 2 of the employees didn't like that we were just looking. Got an attitude.

Chris Stark

The girl was very friendly and nice and handle the issue perfectly

Candy Urbanek

Very slow service.

Jessica Cole

We was greeted and helped upon walk in. The service was fast, polite and convient with our time frame.


As an avid Apple buyer I was very excited to step foot in the Fairlawn location. You can imagine my disappointment when I approached a rep to assist me and in the middle of my question she greeted and assisted someone else. Very disrespectful and made me felt unimportant as a customer. This happened twice... Will not be returning.

Courtney Pavona

Spent my morning with some very smart people!!! The tech and team lead who helped me were thorough and knowledgeable! They were going to replace my phone (I was 4 days out of warranty!) but through some investigating. . .found out Verizon would do it for no charge. Win Win! Thanks again! I enjoyed my morning with you ;)

Kristen Burdett

Very helpful staff. Had a problem with an apple watch and they took care of it and made the situation right.

Fayez Alanazi

Products always available but customer service is poor in this store

Ann M Sibila

Just looking. Helpful. Technical support was quick to respond to questions and issues on someone's phone

David Boehm

Great job fixed my wife phone right up

Arta Moss

I invested in a bad Mac! What a nightmare it has been. There are so many issues but the biggie is that it has needed three new hard drives in two years. The warranty just ran out when I needed my third, and response of the employee I saw was pretty much the equivalent of an apathetic shoulder shrug. She never acknowledged the other issues my computer had, but instead wrote on the assessment sheet that my computer looked unkempt. It was pretty normal, trust me, but she made it sound like I was suspect for not having it sparkling clean at that moment. I am going to get the new hard drive then sell it. I'll send Apple headquarters a letter of my experiences and am contemplating if I even want another Mac. They seem to be in denial of how to make a great computer anymore, and how to treat their loyal customers.

Celeste Elabiad

Nice people


I called for an appointment to get batteries for two of my iPhone 6. I came in on a Saturday afternoon it was very busy. I was treated in a very professional manner and picked up the phones after shopping and eating lunch. Everything worked out great.

Nathan Hinkle

Went there earlier today to get my phone battery replaced, Everyone there that helped me were very professional, I got my phone in and out within 40min (give or take..) They took me in earlier than my "appointment" too which was nice.

Greg Klamert

Really nice people. Great service

David Conroy

Had a problem with my sons iPhone 7. Brought it there for a no service warranty repair. They gave my son a loaner while they sent it out for repair. The gentleman that did that was polite and courteous. Gave them my number and email. They said I would be contacted with status updates. I received one when it arrived at their facility and one when they said they needed more time. Both by email. Flash forward a couple weeks I haven’t heard anything from them then received an email saying service was complete and ready for pick up. When I arrived they told me it could not be repaired because of unauthorized service had been performed on it. Now, I bought this off Amazon do buyer beware. I did ask if they could tell me what service had been performed that voided the warranty. They couldn’t and then said they had tried to reach me by phone. I told them I don’t answer numbers I don’t know. Then they said they left three voicemails. They didn’t. No voicemails. They did call. I’m fine with everything except the attitude the associate gave me when asked about what voided the warranty and the BS about the voicemails.

Jr Drones

i scheduled an appointment to get my brand new macbook fixed and they "forgot" to check me in as i wated an insane amount of time to see someone. They clearly don't care about fixing broken things but they will be happy to sell you a new one.

Ashley Milleson

Love this place. Best customer service ever!’n

TJ Manoluks

Staff is condescending and dishonest. Apple is disingenuous in regards to their products and does not stand behind the functionality of their products. Any water resistant item isn’t truly resistant for Apple isn’t willing to back this claim up. Any specific claim they make about the specifics of any device is protected by legalese.

Brandon Dean

Long wait, poor service, asked for help, just got a sales pitch. Over crowded and over priced, this is why I'm switching to Android

Omar Tareen

Its aiight

Jessica Dean

Very nice staff that I worked with, however they told me they could not fix my screen because of a millimeter difference between the frame and screen. Granted, I’m not a phone person so this could have made a huge difference...but I was annoyed when I walked five steps down the way to a kiosk who fixed it in twenty minutes. Yes, yes I know it’s not “authentic” but it works and I didn’t lose my phone or pay a lot to get it fixed!

KATE Faggella

Helpful in set up of new iPad worked with rusn


It’s an extremely busy store since it’s the only Apple store in akron. Staff is helpful thou

Cody Hypes

Friendly employees and an overall great experience as expected from an Apple store. It does tend to be really busy most of the time however.

Travis Yingling

Taylor was exceptional in her services and information. Definitely exceed my expectations upon walking in.

Rick Maroon

I like the store -- electronics, computer and devices are cool --- the computer guys are knowledgeble --- but I always feel like Apple is "working me" -- it's like buying a car having never driven -- everyone knows more and there's a clear system of how to "deal" with the customer - get 'em in, sell 'em stuff, and get 'em out --- they are extraordinary devices but it sorta feels like a millennial sales approach --- I like to feel like giving my business to a company matters but clearly it doesn't because 5 million other people bought the same thing --- anyhow I like the merchandise and respect the intelligence of the workers AND they are very kind and friendly but it's kinda a cold atmosphere not as people-focused as I would like considering how much money you are going to spend

Jack Drago

Good food court and selection of stores

Phyllis Carpenter

Quite a lot of empty stores.

Rick Roush

Mikey Lovell is Great!!! I just bought a new phone from Verizon. I visited the Apple store at Summit Mall too transfer data from My wife's phone to the new phone. I wasn't sure what to expect since I did not buy the phone from the Apple store. I was pleasantly surprised when my wife and I met Mikey Lovell. Mike went out of his way to help us. He was polite and very friendly. Mike worked with both of us for almost an hour. I was so impressed with his knowledge and willingness to help. I am a business owner with over eighty five employees. I would hope that my employees took care of my customers with as much genuine concern and professionalism as Mikey Lowell did my wife and I. Thank you Mikey for all of your help and representing a great product with such great customer service!

James Asplin

I have never before taken the time to leave a review on any product or place in my entire life. With that being said, I took the time to leave this one star review because THIS IS HANDS DOWN THE WORST APPLE STORE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I’ve been to 10+ stores and have been an avid apple user for around ten years. Just all around awful employees, awful service, dirtier than most apple stores. Likely will close down soon once it’s evaluated by corporate.

Winston Byrd

Well kept and run Apple Store

Anthony Covarrubia

Never liked Apple. Your asking wrong person but I will say they need more older representatives to help the older generation. I feel that having a multitude of young representatives, you leave the older generation out. Which can be a great market!

Keagan Bailey

Very helpful staff. I swear phones magically start working again every time you walk through the door

Madi S

Workers here are very friendly and they always try their best to help you.

christy lee

Hide costs on trade-in items. Don't change it.

Andy Williams

Fantastic staff....very friendly!

sauccyboii LB

Great place awesome Staff they help you and they have very knowledgeable people there. They take care of everything from I Phones to I Pads and watches!!!!

Justin Beichner

Michael was awesome!

Sasha Klim

4 stars. Because the employee was completely rude to me and didn’t want to do a few extra steps to add a line on my account. Had to speak to a manager who confirmed my request wasn’t against any sort of policy. 4 stars for having great management. UPDATE August 28, 2019 Sent my sister in to get iPhone XS MAX 512GB, I purposely gave her cash because I knew she couldn’t pay with my card, since the names didn’t match. Employee asked her a million questions, pressured her into accessories and AppleCare and when she said no to AppleCare, they REFUSED to sell her the phone stating...”nobody really needs 512GB, this is suspicious”. Lol? What’s suspicious about someone buying a product and paying in cash. It would suspicious if we financed it or paid with a card. Idiots. I called customer support and they got me my phone no problem. Someone needs retrained.

The Tech Librarian

I will say the I have had good and bad experiences at this location, I am going to speak on my last visit at this time. Both Ryan and Denver went above and beyond what they had to do to help me solve the issues with my girlfriends phone, they both deserve the recognition.

Gabriela Lisboa

From outside you can't say there's a mall here! But when you are inside, you have everything you need, and more! I spend a good time here buying some souvenirs for my family, and they loved!

Elizabeth McDuffie

Great location. Friendly staff

Emanuel Saraceno

Appointments mean nothing, you are just put in a line. First come first serve.

virginia iler

Great service....nice store.

Zach Rasile

Suffering Through harassment on every visit and getting nothing but run arounds, I won't ever waste my time on apple products again. I understand accidents happen with products, but what isn't acceptable is the fact I have to pay MORE money to get a new phone when I was sold the worst phone I ever owned. If you have to subjugate yourself to apple products, I would reccomend a real store. The employees are nothing but stuck up and rude, would give negative stars or even 0 of I could.

John Rausch

Helpful staff, good location

PETREY Official

Extremely happy with how they prioritized my fix! Both managers were spot on helpful

Lenka Salamadija


Heather Smith

Such a fantastic crew

Joe Schuman

These guys know their stuff.

Nick Lees

Good service and helpful staff.

Cindy Stanton

I enjoyed being at the Mall

Gramsky Pest Solutions

Replaced my damaged business phone with no issues, great service!

Nick Munas

The parking lot must be resurfaced, enjoy the mall, but hate the parking lot

Jim steiger

Always a mad house but they move the crowd through effectively

Phil Gray

They seem to fix things, which earned a second star. Still, if you’re having a great day and you want to even out your mood, then drop by this place.

April Golden

Bought my daughters each a new iPhone 8 plus!

Shadeep Ghimire

Amazing place and amazing customer service

Vince Mancuso

Customer service was great

lynne shannon

It was recommended that I get help to set up my new ipad. Excited to have help. Wanted to tell Cathy Hogan that Brian fixes apple products for a fee. He is on Kent rd in Stow. Close to Holy family church

Kelly Davis

You have an employee named Kevin, make him a manager immediately! He is a shining example of what Customer Service should be. He was literally perfect. After he was done fixing my iPhone I bought something I didn’t even need just because I had such a great experience. Apple should be proud to have him as an employee.

Alan Larris

Impossible to speak to live person. Very difficult to make appointment. Customer Service sucks

Justin Joy

Always very busy, but staff is always very attentive and helpful. Best to have an appointment if you are wanting to get a device looked at or ask questions about. Have always had a positive experience dealing with service and staff in regards to issues.

Kenneth Hughes

Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Cynthia Mason

Busy busy busy. Staff very helpful.

Lloyd Williams

Surprised by the amount of staff. Tech support was great and friendly. Clearly able and willing to handle multiple needs at once. Also able to educate customers about their own individual product of choice.

T Pipher

Standard apple store, getting a bit outdated by apple standards. But it has everything apple you need. But can take a bit of time to get help, but then thats apple!

Eli Mama

Rude, snotty employees. Horribly long wait. Expensive.

Ashley Edwards

Is there an option to leave 0? It is very concerning that the largest tech company is not be able to repair your products when they break. Your option is a replacement at your cost. WOW thank you for the great service!!!

Stephanie Swain

The geniuses at this Apple store are just that. GENIUSES! I have been bringing in my apple products since it opened. Everyone is helpful, even when it’s super busy. Buying gadgets and accessories there is easy too. The Genius Bar is the place to be when you have problems with just about anything.

Tim Viering

Crazy busy all the time. Not enough employees to get help in a timely fashion.

Brian G

This location has some really nice employees that really try their best to match your needs with their products. I have purchased a Mac, iPad and other products from them and have had all positive experiences. Plus, they have a really diverse staff and that is awesome to see!

Josh Foster

Was in and out in no time. The whole process was very smooth and I barely had to take a couple steps into the door. Everyone was very friendly despite how busy it was.

vicky luong

Why does it seem this place doesn’t welcome “ASAIN” or doesn’t even care if one walked in??whenever I walk in this place “ONONE” would greet me ?? But any American who came after me always get greet first..oh by the way..please warn ur employees to “DO NOT CHEW THIER DAMN GUM AND TALK AT THE SAME TIME” it’s SO UNPROFESSIONAL and DISRESPECTFUL...

Joshua Tokich

Called Sobarro for a last min. pizza order and picked it up 15 min before closing. Excellent

Karl Regan

Normally a great experience with knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Last night at approximately 7pm they were mobbed with customers. The greeter admitted they were quite short on staff last night. I did not hang around for the wait. Earlier in the day is the time to visit the Apple store.

Tim Sams

If you have nothing but time, this is the place for you. Every time we go to this store for service it takes a minimum of 90 minutes. Told to come back to pick up phone at a certain time and took 30 minutes longer. Staff is friendly though but seem to have standard lines to say to ensure you everything is being taken care of.

Andrew Jackson

Very friendly and helpful staff. Missing some item demos, like the Roli products, but overall a great place to go if you want to see what apple has to offer.

Rick Rick

Mark Eliazo the “Senior Manager” knows nothing about customer service. Surprised the General Manager still has this person employed. Store is hurting Apples great reputation.

Khristine Bowser

My favorite of all the Apple locations, just a great, knowledgeable team. I stop often and have never had any issues. Just a tip for the negative nancy reviewers, because it's almost funny. It's an Apple store, it's busy. Bring a butt cushion if you need to. Don't lose a year of your life to stressing about it.

lenny stanton

over priced repairs. decided to take my business to a independent repair shop


Cook please do not make my iPhone work slow ......

Stephen Wallace

It's all just overpriced status symbol stuff

Dave Newman

I would prefer to leave 0 stars if I could. There is ZERO organization. I stood to wait for assistance for an hour. Instead of a first come first serve basis, they randomly walk from person to person, including those who just walked in. Needless to say I left. I guess it is time to leave Apple.

Travis Bauman

The representative was professional and courteous, and showed empathy for my issue. I could tell it was out of their hands to provide me with a suitable solution. My issue is I took my iPhone into the Apple Store at Summit Mall to have the battery replaced under the $29 program that is going on, and I waited the hour and a half as requested. When I returned to the store to pick up my phone, they informed me that my phone showed two small liquid indicators were triggered and they were unable to replace my battery. I expressed my disappointment and upon inspecting my phone discovered a sticky residue on the top left corner where the screen and frame of the phone meet. I asked the representative that was helping me what this was and he replied, it must be something sticky from the table. I tried to rub this substance off, and it came off in a way that made me feel like it was coming from inside the device. I asked the representative if this could be part of a seal that was not properly put back when the service department put my device back together. He said it could be and he would need to check with them. He went in the back and asked them if they could fix the problem and they said they could not because if they did they would have to remove the screen and because of the liquid damage indicators, if they did so it could cause the phone to become inoperable. I was extremely upset by this answer, as this is not the level of service I have grown to expect from Apple. I took my iPhone into the store expecting to leave with a device that worked better than when I left, not have a device that was damaged by the professionals at the Apple Store and then told I was out of luck! I am co-owner of a retail store and if I was to take a customers product into the back room and return it in a condition other than what they gave it to me, I would have to fix the issue or lose a customer. I left the store with a phone that is not in the same condition as when I arrived at the store that day. Later that evening I decided to call Apple and see if Apple Care support could do anything for me, as I still could not believe this is how Apple would treat their customer. I received the solution that the store would replace the water resistant seal in my phone, however I would have to sign off that if the phone didn't work after they did this, that it would not be there fault and I would have a non-working iPhone. This is also unacceptable, as I did not cause this issue with the seal in my phone, the Apple Store did! I was not looking for a free phone, just for them to fix my phone in whatever manner necessary to give it back to me in the condition I turned it into them. As I stated above, if I treated my customers this way, I would lose customers, and that is what Apple has done, they have lost me as a customer. Samsung here I come!

ahmedmoftah13 .

I read some comments before i leave rating. I have prior knowledge how the staff treat customers and its true. There is a problem here

Jenna Faiella

After being on the phone with apple support for about 30 minutes, they told me that they were not sure of the problem and I would probably have to send my phone in to see if it was fixable. Not wanting to do so just yet, I then tried to go to the Apple Store so that somebody could look at the problem hands on to see if they could figure it out without me sending it in. At first, the sales associate (Leona? not sure of correct spelling), was trying multiple different approaches to try and fix the problem, as it was something that has only occurred on iPads and not iPhones. After about 10 minutes of trying multiple solutions, she contacted Apple to call me because it was an issue with my iCloud account that they had to go into my account and fix for me. After I got a call from them, the guy on the phone I was talking to had absolutely no idea what he was doing, the sales associate even put in notes about the problem so that it would be easy to figure out. However, after multiple times explaining the situation, I gave the phone to Leona to see if maybe she could explain it better... however, the guy still wasn't getting it and he was a lost cause. Leona then talked to another associate to bounce some ideas off of each other and eventually figured out what was wrong with my phone and got it working back to normal. She was EXTREMELY helpful, very knowledgable and patient, and I would not hesitate to recommend this location because of her. (Also - Sorry if I spelled your name wrong!)

Jordan Lacy

Best Apple Store! Their staff is always so welcoming and helpful. You guys rock!


Staff there are really helpful, and they have a good selection of items. Would be five stars however every time I am there I wait an average of an hour. Takes way too long for service + checkout.

Todd Knisley

A business associate and I visited the Apple Store at Summit Mall and had the pleasure of being helped by Jackie Kennedy. She answered every question and gave us the buying assistance we we're looking for. You can not get this level of professional, educated, personable help when buying online. Jackie made our buying experience wonderful, a true ten out of ten (10/10). I have always had a great customer experience at this store over several years of visiting it for various needs. Stop in, you will be glad that you did.

Greg McDonald

Amazingly inept associates! Came in on a Sunday afternoon for an appointment at 4:40 to get my battery replaced due to Apple requiring me to invest in my iPhone SE to get the same performance out of it I did a few weeks ago by buying a new battery. Walked into the joint and was met by some clown that told me their appointments for the day were all taken. I assured the little princess that I had made an appointment a week ago for this time to replace my battery and she let me cross over the threshold into the realm of chaos and pointed me towards another 'genius' halfway towards the alter. This 'genius' took my name and asked me to wait underneath the picture of the man climbing the mountain. Which I did. And I did. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. I then opened my laptop and started looking for alternatives to Apple. And I continued to wait, and wait, and wait, and search for a new phone that didn't start with an A, and wait, and wait, and wait. After 40 minutes of waiting, I asked yet a third 'genius' when I would be helped for my appointment 40 minutes ago. She argued my appointment time had yet to come, as she saw it as 5:30. I assured her she was wrong and offered to show her my email confirmation of 4:40. To which she simply responded "Let me get someone to help you now." I asked for a manager and learned his associates screwed up by not attending to me quicker. He suggested I wait patiently in a corner, at which time I became loud and visibly aggravated. That evolved into a 'we can help you now' which I questioned why one had to get all angry and loud to get their appointment, which by now was almost an hour delayed? Hearing no good answer, I realized the only solution for me was to cut the cord from Apple and run, not walk, from their proprietary programs and service to an open architecture based system where anyone could help me, not just the 'genius' drones at a few select locations. At the end of the day I resolved my power problem with my phone. I drove to Best Buy in my home town and bought a Samsung S8. To hell with Apple and their proprietary BS and crappy service. It took me less time to make my purchase at Best Buy as it did just to walk to the Apple Store from the parking lot.

Dis B King

Nice well kept up mall.

Matthew Peterson

Always super busy, but impeccable customer service in the store

Michael Kodish

Always very helpful. I'd suggest making an appointment if at all possible.

Clayton Kasson

the most worthless store they do not help all

Adam K

People there are nice and go out of their way to help you.

matthew plute

World class place!

Michael Semuga

Horrible experience! Both "techs" wouldn't spend 3 minutes with me to even look at my phone to help me. They basically told me that there was nothing that I could do for me and wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars for the newest iPhone when mine isn't even that old. I walked out in tears. Luckily I found a nice little place 5 minutes down the road and the nice man fixed my phone in 10 minutes. He was great. I will never go to apple again. When Jimmy at the Apple Store smirked at me when I asked him a question that made me feel even worse. Thank you so much apple for not helping me. This really makes me question if I ever want to buy another apple product again. Thank goodness for the man down the street who helped me. He will get my business from now on for sure!

Plastic Clan

On Tuesday I brought my computer to the apple store and today on Thursday I just got it back! They have really fast shipping. I sent it late Tuesday and got it earlier today! They replaced my my whole laptop monitor for free! The apple store is awesome!

Mike Wiegandt

If you are looking for Apple products this is the place to go. They have all the products you could ever want and the knowledge to back them up. If you need support or just have a general question about your phone or computer they can help you out. The only complaint is that it's easy to get overlooked when the store is busy and they don't have an efficient way to manage customer flow, but this seems to be a problem with all Apple stores in my experience.

Dana Holowell

Bigger than expected

sri kanth

One stop for all apple solution in my view

polizi 212

It is a busy location, I reccomend you schedule and appointment. They help me with an old ipod. By help I mean tell me there is nothing they can do, which I understand it's old but still an apple product. Staff were friendly. I'm not an apple user so I dont have much to offer on my expectations or weather I would visit again.

Bud Buxton

I have been to this store a number of times with good success. But my most recent experience was horrendous and I was extremely inconvenienced as was my friend. First I am greeted and waited on by a young lady with multiple long wire piercings (looked like a piece of barbed wire) throughout her nose and septum area that was very distracting and repulsive as I talked to her. Getting beyond that she was not knowledgeable at all and constantly had to seek advice from others on a simple store pick-up and activation of a new phone purchased on-line. Then she provided inaccurate information multiple ways that required me to make a return trip to the store requiring a 30 mile drive each way. I own many Apple devices and my company owns over a hundred. Being very competent from a technical standpoint I clearly knew much more on this subject than half the employees there...but my friend had some had number migration issues I could not help on. Beyond that they were more hindrance than help...and their customer service people are absolutely clueless. When we finally got to a person that knew what they are doing things went better but their was still a tremendous amount of stress, inconvenience and frustration involved. I used to really enjoy going to this store but these days they seem more concerned with employee diversity and equality to all types than competence and knowledge. From now on I will do my purchasing on-line and save my trips there for the most difficult tech issues that would be handled at their "genius bar." They have lost site of the fact Steve Jobs built Apple on the basis of outstanding innovation and quality products. Their service and some of the people at this store ..represent either. Come to this store and there is a good chance you are going to leave in a pretty bad mood. I have heard this is the worst Apple store in the region...I no agree and strongly believe the entire store needs a Jobs style housecleaning.

Michael Chase

Getting in and out of the Apple Store isn't super quick, but I was able to buy an iPad in about 5 minutes knowing exactly what I wanted. I like how each customer gets their own sort-of representative to help people buy what they need, and Apple takes care of it's customers, which is something I really appreciate.The employees are competent, and know what they're doing for the most part, at least well enough for 99% of the people who walk in that store. Since I'm a tech nerd, I've stumped the "geniuses" a several times, but in the end, my issues have always been resoled.

Ken Hickman

The Apple store has a lot of friendly associates. Had to buy gift cards for Graduation

Greg Sheil

Disappointing. Genius Bar confirmed logic board failure on iPhone due to recent phone update. Can’t make calls unless indefinitely connected to Bluetooth. Was told I would have to purchase a new phone, they wouldn’t replace it. When I asked the manager about not being able to call 911 in the middle of the night, she said well you’re just gonna have to roll the dice. THANKS.

Al Morris

Wanted to keep my 5s. Needed a new battery, they gave me a Brand New 5s and battery for 69 bucks..!!

vernon king jr

Way to slow. Lots of greeter's

Dragan Jovic

Apple as a company, is top-notch. However, their genius bar and the representatives working at the Summit Mall location should take another course or two on customer service. On top of their rudeness that I experienced, they also made me wait an extra 15 minutes over my scheduled appointment time. Scheduling an appointment defeats the purpose when you make the customer wait past their scheduled time. I love Apple as a company and I support their products but I will no longer be going to this location for my service needs. I will drive the extra hour to the next closest genius bar next time I need something.


Way to long of a wait don't back there phones up

Susan Summerville

Great experience. I will shop there again.

James Williams

The only place that makes the dmv look like a fast process

Victor Liao

Great place to buy a new phone. But if you need a phone fixed, go to the Cellphone Repair (CPR) store, down the street next to awok. The guy in there works insanely quick and fixes your phone in record speeds. He knows what hes doing and figured out what was wrong with my phone in 5 min. Highly recommend that place if you have a problem with a repair.

Jeremy Cox

I was told my appointment would be 15 minutes and it ended up being 2 hours.

Terry Priester

Take alot of money

Abigail Kerecz

I have gone here multiple times for purchases and technology support. Everyone there has always been extremely helpful and friendly. I am not a fan of the recent changes Apple has made to their devices, but the support I receive from the Apple store is what keeps me coming back. Five years with them and I don't have a single complaint.

Kirsten Holt

I just called this store to see how much it would cost for them to get a bunch of viruses off my computer - Alexander helped me using screen share and I was able to do it all right at home free of charge. He was very knowledgeable and obviously very helpful!


I have yet to have a positive experience here. When my iPad with cellular just stopped powering on, the freak show covered in tattoos, piercings, and blue hair that they call a genius kept trying to sell me a new one that he insisted on calling the "same model." It is not the same model genius! The base model does not have cellular capabilities and has 224 less gigs of space. My iPad cost over $800 and now it is worthless! When I brought my iPhone 6 here to have the battery replaced, another know-it-all so called genius ran the ridiculous diagnostic just to tell me that the battery needed replaced. Everyone with an iPhone 5 or later is well aware of Apple's deceitful forced obsolescence practices and already understands that the battery that worked just fine prior to the throttling updates now needs to be replaced, genius! Ultimately I was told that I was not eligible for the $29 battery and they refused to replace the battery all together, contrary to Apple's response to the multitude of class action lawsuits resulting from throttling. Over half of Apple's revenues come from the iPhone alone and they need consumers to consistently upgrade their devices to keep driving revenues. After each of these experiences I drove elsewhere and purchased a Microsoft Surface Book to replace the iPad and I am typing this review on a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (which is incredibly more functional than any iPhone my family has ever owned). Calling these fools geniuses is an insult to every customer who walks past the threshold because the employees immediately have a false sense of entitlement, intelligence, and apathetic nature toward your questions, concerns, and issues with their products. Not to mention they automatically think that you are stupid and oblivious to technology. They are trained to sell you new products and place whatever blame they can back on the consumer. They are trained to ignore and never acknowledge ongoing issues with their products. In the end, it's your fault, you need a new one, and that's the only solution.... besides abandoning Apple all together. I chose the latter and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Good riddance tattooed, pierced, and blue haired geniuses!


Today I went to get my IPhone 7 Plus batterie fixed, after they said the would replace it for free because they slowed it down or something, I got in there at 3 and left by 3:30 with a brand new phone at a 0$ charge to me. Even if apple lied about slowing batteries I won’t go to Samsung, it sucks, I will stay with apple. Then later in the day I called apple customer service, because I had to reset my Apple Watch because I locked myself out of it, and there was a helpful man that told me every step even with while helping someone else. He was great. It took me 10 minutes to do that. I am so satisfied with the summit mall apple location. Also I LOVE APPLE PRODUCTS!!!

John Heer

Well, they had Apple products, but I was sorely disappointed. The crowds were unbearable. I don't know how anyone operates in that chaos. When I was finally seen 15 minutes after my reserved time had passed, they used a diagnostic tool to discover my iMac had a bad hard drive. 5 days later, they called me on because it was ready. However, again with the lines and crowd, so I waited 20 minutes to pick up my fixed machine that was ready for pickup. When I finally was helped, they brought out my machine without the wires and without the box and Styrofoam I had brought in. They didn't even wipe off the display, so it looked in the same shape as it was when I left it for repair. It would have taken 2 minutes to wipe it down with a duster and put it back in the protective box I brought it in. Instead, they brought out my box and let me put it back in the box. After I had paid them $300 to fix it. Poor customer service. Especially for Apple.

Dorene Boyd

What a wonderful and pleasant experience. They fixed my cracked iPhone screen while I waited. Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Apple Store!

Katelyn Rinella

Nice place. Always busy. Great product selection and staff are really nice. It can take a long time to get helped tho due to all the business

Andriy Gavyuk

Bought for gifts on January 3 - iPhone 8 Plus and on January 4 - iPhone Xs and both days store didn't have even an apple bag or any bags :(. That is not a big issue but anyway it shouldn't be a problem like that for the apple store especially for some kind of expensive gifts. Sorry, that's why only one star for management of the store.

Greg Hook

Very happy with the way were treated.They helped us with our daughters phone issues.And got use a new phone same day

Beth Layton

Over crowded and poor customer service

Cole Wilson

Had my phone stop charging on me a couple months ago and this store was great. Though it’s always hectic and crazy because it’s the only one around for miles, it still was quite easy to talk to one of the geniuses and have my phone swapped and out of the store within 20 mins (with an appointment) nonetheless. Still 5 stars from me!

Kevin Katanik

Terrible experience, pretty much told Me I had to pay $600 for a new phone. Went to the apple store at Crocker and without replacing the phone at all they we’re able to diagnose the issue and fix it.

Erik Adams

The staff is super helpful

Joseph Veltri

Been trying to get a hold of Apple several times throughout the day. Battery is shot and my replacement is there but Apple will not reply to my questions on a cracked screen to replace the battery. Poor communication skills,of any at all.

Debi Rhodes

Very slow even if you have an appointment a little disappointing since we also pay monthly for Apple care!

srimanth yaragorla

Bought IPhone x and had issue with the signal dropping to 0 bars from day1 they exchanged the the phone and it worked fine for a while and again had same issue. When went to apple regarding the issue they gave me two options, 1 pay 549 dollar and get a new phone or trade in for $400 with another phone. Paid $1100 for iphone and it is not even 15 months old and again I should pay more money. Very rude and cannot imagine these kind of behavior. We are using Iphones from 10 years and never had this issue..

Karl Plunkert

We had phone emergency, no appointment, my son leaving on a trip, his phone died. We got there at 830. The staff went out of v their way to help us, we got the phone fixed. This is why we buy Apple. Thank you so much!

Eric Steckel

Excellent help from friendly knowledgeable staff!

Sam Hudock

Loved how quickly they worked. Got my iPhone screen fix very swiftly; at least faster than expected. I always walk out a happy costumer.

Tom Townsend

Great place to get your phone fixed

Ellise Presutto

fixed my phone screen in an hour- great service and kind people!! thank you so much!

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