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REVIEWS OF Target IN Michigan

Todd myers

Had to do an exchange it was easy and lines were light

April Decker

I like the store and products. Usually, the service is good. But it tends to fall off near closing time.

Jessica Follett

Kristen Kennedy

This location might be the worst Target I’ve ever been in to. Unfortunately it’s the only one within 40 mins from my house so I’ve been obligated to go twice. The first time I forgave them for. I thought the lack of stock and messy store could have had something to do with end of summer sales and back to school shopping, but then I went a few weeks later and it was worse than the first time. Workers block aisles with carts for restocking, and when you run your cart into it to see if they notice they don’t flinch or even acknowledge your presence. And it wasn’t the younger employees that weren’t working... it was the middle aged workers doing absolutely nothing. This store needs new management and workers clearly, because it currently looks like it’s going out of business.

Taylor Packer

Love it, but every time I go there they seem to be out of stock of what I need or they constantly move things so I never can find them again.

Glinda Reelman

Very friendly offer to help me when I was standing there

Shawn McFall


Candice DeZeeuw

Clean & Very Helpful Staff

Jake St.Amour

This is a good target, always clean with polite employees

David Jourden

Quick checkouts.

Jason Nguyen

Bunch of morons. Disgusting customer service.

Mark Streeter

Stylish yet affordable

Kristy VanderMeulen

Great prices, great deals.

Scott Wydeck painting

Great shopping..

Keaveya Jones

I love all the great deals I find when I’m in the store

Chelsea Gonzalez

Organized store, easy to find merchandise

Bobbie D

Pricey, now I remember why I don't shop there

Shuri Wiltenburg

As much as I love your selection, your employees are what I truly love about your store. They are always so helpful and make the all difference.

Melissa Franks

Love target can get everything I need

Amy Teske

Great visit! Got a ton of help from literally your best employee- Sky. WOW! She literally gave us the top service, helped us move our giant desk and bookcase and chair on a flatbed, and even helped us load the car. Talk about someone who understands customer service. Give her a raise immediately! Thank you for such a great experience Sky.

Laurie Johnson

I love Target! I use my Target debit card and get 5% off my bill!

Eric Hooker

Nice clean store friendly people. Checkout experience could be faster.

David Turtlebert

Never realized why I didn't shop here since my last visit years ago, seeing it recently solved the mystery: racially exclusive, products are cheap Chinese counterfeits, manic operator is constantly yelling at her subordinates over a walkie talkie. Pros: Parking lot is nice and ... uh ... it's not as busy as good local Michigan businesses and popular items are usually out of stock, so you can finish shopping quickly and leave. Will be shuttered like Kmart soon enough, that's a plus, too! The interior and exterior are well lit.

Erin M

Love target, love the prices and pick up was a lifesaver!!

Justin Farber

Fast cheack out just don't like that there the only store who enter is on left and exit is on right.

Roger Wright

Awesome store friendly associates

Paula R

Love shopping at Target! However, we had to order online and wait a week. Great customer service.

Jacki Murrey

the speed of the pick up

daryl johns

easy pickup!!

Sally Howell

The store is very organized and neat and clean. The workers are very friendly and helpful. I Love Target!

Michael Nardi


Mari Rose

Target is wonderful

Derell Griffin

I love Target!

Joe Montgomery

Expensive but worth it

April Showers

Target has always been a favorite shopping destination. However, I'm disappointed I must have a mobile device for the barcode when on-line ordering. As yet, I don't have one....possibly never will!! loll But, Amanda at guest service assured me it wasn't necessary for the barcode, but it was nice when I could just print it and bring it in when picking up my order.

Jason Martin

It's Target, lol.

Andy Mazur

Always enjoy a trip to Target. The Muskegon location seems to be kept up nicely. Employees are usually easily available for help or questions.

Amanda Rabidoux

Always have great product

Elizabeth Grzegorczyk

Kara May

Love the baby clothes.

Lori Leybourne

Nancy Davis

Diane Warner

I love this store! The employees are always friendly and helpful and the atmosphere of the store is relaxing and fun to shop in.

Cynthia Swan


Jeff J

Bought a dvd player it died within warranty, they wouldn't take it back because I didn't have the box it came in. Save your box for a year. Are you kidding me. Shop Walmart now!!!

Kris Engel

Meh, it's a target

Tracy VanderVelde

Unclear where to go and employee was rude

Brooke Ambrosio

Target has an excellent selection of products at great prices. It's one of my absolute favorite places to shop!

Heather Hopkins

Because I love target!!!!!!

Alex Doty

Brian Christoffersen

You good old fashioned Target store. For those who don't know, Target is one of the best places to purchase a new phone. More often than not, the big popular phones can easily be found here when the big carriers are completely out. Not only that, but there are usually so many amazing offers that go along with that, like huge gift cards, trade-in specials, all kinds of stuff.

Nathan Cramblet

Great guest service!

Samantha Ly

Great place to look around and pick up miscellaneous items. Love their clearance sales but I do end up with a lot of things I didn't come for.

Yvonne wilson

I had lost my phone in the store and so many staff were involved in the hunt to find it! It was found because of them. Wonderful staff!

Stephanie Kuberski

Love target

Sandy DeJonge

It was convenient and good selection.

shannon wade

The store is clean and the Employees are there to help if you ask them. I have gone to them twice this week and was always helped when needed. The prices were good too on the items.

Brian Esparsa

Not as good clothes selection as some other Targets

Gena Shepherd

Do NOT register here! Apparently they have you register for things that are unavailable even though online says they have it. They also price things way higher than online and refuse to honor the online Target price. I thought I got attitude from the customer service reps. Nope the store manager was way worse!

Jeff Wood

7-17-18 After asking the electronics person a question about cell phones, decided to purchase elsewhere.

Susan Armstrong

Great store. Always clean. Friendly staff.

Rick the Painter

Friendly staff. Helpful.

Bethany Weyeneth

Shout out to Michael. I walked in Tuesday evening in one of those "don't talk to me moods" after a terrible day. When I walked in I was greeted with such a happy sincere greeting that I just had to smile. I appreciate that. Thanks

Brent Chorny

Employee had an awesome attitude for drive up order. Definitely one to keep around.

Rebecca Stone

Great deals and cute kids fashion

Daniel Long

It's a little tricky finding someone to assist you it seems otherwise, good experience.

Zak Kubicek

It's not usually too crowded

Kayla Jourdan

Norton Shores

Store manager is overworked. Target needs to hire extra help so she can cheer up a bit. She's been there a while, kind of controlling and we try to avoid her when we are in the store. If need management help or override, it's a surprise as to the kind of mood she's in.

Jamel Grant

I love the quality of your products and prices!

Deonna Elzy

Great prices

Abby Allman

Target is life.

James Wallor

antonio belmarez

Great place to shop

matthew grimes

It's target...

kate Hecksel

short check out lines and good in store stock

sara erbland

Love targets style, convenience, prices and atmosphere. Staff is friendly and well knowledged. Only reason I didn't give it five starts is there is an unpleasant strong odor in certain places if the store I cannot identify that makes me sick to my stomach, also their return and exchange policy is quite troubling.

Samantha Michmerhuizen

Angela Wabindato

Live it there

Heather Reyes

Great prices and fantastic customer service!

Greg Wade

It seems like this Target never has what I'm looking for in stock.

Sam Rau

Samuel Lindsey

Went in to buy earbuds for work had to go to restroom. I left the earbuds with my buddy so they wouldnt think anything they then began to question him why I was in the bathroom then continued to follow us both! Never stole in my life felt very disrespected will continue to go to Walmart!!!! TARGET IS BS

Sam Ventocilla

The staff there tried hard to find my items for me, great customer service

esteban largaespada

Everything i. One place

Michelle Terpenning

Quality products and service.

reyen9553 .

Rude staff and the store policies make we not want to shop there. In addition I feel the prices are inflated.

mike ivinson

nice target, clean and a fresh inventory makes for good shopping

Fox_Ray Daty

Nice clean store

Amanda Shunta

Love the Pharmacy and the staff there!!

Jai Pratt

Love this store!

Brenda Kolenda

Friendly and convenient

joshua twiest

I always enjoy coming here.

Nicole Cramblit

I love Target!!!

Jude's Barbershop Grand Haven

Cashier Chris gave me a 2 star, so right back at ya.

Daniel Moran

Good selection. House wares, apparel, pharmacy and some grocery. Very popular.

Kendra Terrell

I don't think the service could've been any better or more efficient!

Mike Wagner

Great prices on good products

Turner Sale

Cleaner but a bit smaller than the Meijer down the road.

Lesley Kibiloski

Quick, easy and conveniece.

Morgan Buck

Love Target!

Morgan Kemp

Best store in the world

Evander Guy

Do not use their 'mobile station' cellular sales. Very unknowledgeable and highly disfunctional. Pre-ordering online and securing sale may be sold to walk-in customer If they arrive before you. When their system has error (doesn't recognize account password) they tell YOU to call your carrier. Afterwards Target services admits system may lock password, but please just re-initiate sale from beginning, ok. Then Target requires entire social security number (not initially when purchased online) + drivers license number even when carrier does not. Claims they've had fraud issues, not so reassuring Target!

Staci McGinn

The store staff was amazing!!!! Each one I encountered was very friendly!!!

Nancy Kubon

Good prices on everything!!

Nathan Baldwin

Good selection

Curtis Bolt

Target has a good selection of things for purchase. Their prices are comparable to other retailers like Walmart and Meijer. They are pretty good about price matching their site and I think I have got them to price match competitors as well. The employees are fairly friendly at this Target.

Anthony George

Clean, good service

Travis VerBeek

Nice store

Lori Jane Mittlestadt

My checkout employee was excellent.

Janelle Castro

Great customer service and order was always correct

Paige Lilly

The comflict with the bathrooms has made me a little weary of going here. I wouldnt bring my kid here. Its a good store though. Everything is a bit expensive.

Ethan Boucon

Prices are about level with other competing stores. Store is well maintained and easy to navigate. Products are easy to find. Employees are friendly and always ready to answer any questions you may have. Customer service is always understanding and trying to help resolve any issue right away.

Mr. 747

It's a target

john bunton

Really nice store. Never very busy. I always stop here hoping to find something in their ad but they never seem to have what I want. Shelves consistently are not stocked fully. Also why do I have to price match stuff that I buy at the Target store to prices on the Target website. If it's 18 dollars on the Target website why am I paying 25 dollars in store.

Tony Marshall

Great place to find quality items, the store is easy to navigate and staff is always helpful and friendly.

Tracy Kemmerling

I love target but the store needs to work on their electronics department . I was told to show up at 8 AM when the store opens to purchase an item . SHOCKER! It wasn’t available. I was given the same advice and the second time was greeted with grumbles groans not my job and don’t know what to tell you come back tomorrow

Tasha Zeigler

Actually had quite the experience today the store had no power. So I shopped in the dark, actually was quiet fun

Nancy Gross

I had the BEST people helping me in the cosmetic department. From the extremely informative gal working the department to the store manager, Sara. Great job, Target!

Jay Shawl

Convenient, well kept, sells toy, shoes, cloths, games, music, book, food, and seasonal decorations

Christy Langlois


David Bradshaw

They've got so much stuff.

Wendy Baylor

The items we’re readily avail early

Ethan Wehman

Clean and not very crowded great selection of inventory.

tyquil .

It's always so clean and well stocked. I swear I could spend all day just walking around and looking at stuff. It has a very comfortable and relaxed feel. You don't feel like anyone is breathing down your neck, but they are around to help when you need it.

michael ricco

Usually have what I want

linzy llewellyn

I love Target! This Target has a great pharmacy and also has a Starbucks inside.

Wm A.

Pretty good Target store. Not the biggest but there's usually a good selection of items not found elsewhere in the area. Good for toy shopping year round when you don't want to go into Toys R Us.

Kevyn Aguilera

Target always has what I need, clothing, games, movies, electronics, food, decorations, home goods, Target has it all. The staff is friendly and always helpful. I have yet to have a negative experience at any Target location especially this one.

Brian Zuber

Great staff and amazing prices. Regular prices here are usually priced the same as sale prices everywhere else. I wish they were a lot larger so they could add a produce section.

Mary Ann Correll

Target almost always has everything I want and more than I might need at reasonable prices. I prefer Target to other discount stores for the atmosphere and cleanliness in all of the ones I have shopped.

Danielle Vossekuil

A very friendly place where the community is very helpful and respectful, and has a lot of savings.

Daniel Jacobovitz

Right next to the hotel I was staying at. Had to walk all the way around. Looks like it used to have an outside restaurant, but no longer. I was able to get what I needed quickly.

Lisa Pelfresne

Just spent the last 2 hours on their site and my cart was full of items.....Funny how their one day sale for online deals is today and it happens to NOT work. "Server error" it says. I tried my smart phone, laptop and desktop all with fail. What a waste of time. Walmart site is up and running.

Heidi George

Ann Saari

I was looking for all occasion cards for my needs and I walked in and found them all! Wasn't able to find them at Hallmark stores.

Miles Praay

Clean store, but doesn't carry produce.

Anita Bleeve

Busy season to be at any store. However, shelves were stocked and they kept opening up registers when needed to keep lines moving. Friendly staff.

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