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Andrea R

The service at this store , which used to be excellent is non-existent now. No Genius Bar, for a good reason. Sit around on wooden stools waiting to be called. Employees are very nonchalant, and seem to be more involved in talking to each other than helping customers. I waited so long I'm switching to Samsung. Zero reason to come here now.

Rich Visser

My charger cable stopped working and I stopped in to get it replaced. The two employees who greeted me at the front of the store were really nice, but directed me to a long line so that I could sign up for an appointment (even though both weren't doing anything and were both holding ipads, they couldn't sign me up or help me). After waiting in line for 20 minutes I got to the person who was going to sign me up, and he told me it would be a 45 minute wait before anyone could help! I understand they have "processes" and "procedures", but I knew what the issue was and just needed my charger replaced. After asking to speak with a manager another associate stepped in and helped me so I was out of there in 5 minutes with a new cable. What a frustrating experience.

M Fountain

Purchased an Apple Watch. While there I saw someone trading in a phone. I asked my sales person about it, telling him I had two iPhones at home no longer in use. He said I had two weeks to bring them in, and they would credit their used value back on my debit card. I live about 40-45 minutes away, so I don’t go often. I went back the next day, and was told that they do not do that. They can only trade in one, and the other they could give me a gift card to the store. When I explained what the sales guy told me the day before, I was snidely told that they were sorry I misunderstood. I had another person with me when I was told I could bring them both in for credit back on my card. I told the sales guy the two types of phones I had to trade it, and his exact words were to bring them in and they would put their value back on my card. Horrible customer service! Dishonest, unprofessional, and untrustworthy. I would take your business elsewhere.

David Hoeflinger

Not helpful, Apple does not stand behind their products. I have used apple for long time and I'm done. You can't just expect to "be cool" and hope that customer service and quality experience come second. 2 thumbs down.

Kevin Dyer

Much more knowledgeable than people at Apple support

Ultimate Touch Cleaning

Awesome store! They’ve got some of the BEST customer service ever! The team is great, the products are awesome. It’s literally everything you’d expect from Apple. The only negative thing is that this store seems to ALWAYS be packed. So expect a few minutes delay when you walk in, but there’s plenty of staff that make sure you don’t wait too long.

Tiera Jones

Long wait, but good service!

Pimpcess Glitter


Steve Eckert

Ordered an item online & selected in store pick up. Was informed that item was available to pick up. Arrived at store and proceeded to wait for 30 minutes for item to be brought out to me. The place was busy, but a lot of staff walking around. Was asked multiple times if I needed help and was told it should be coming soon. When item finally came out, the staff member apologized for how long it took. Would definitely return, but will not order online and pick up in store again.

Dave B

Continually disappointed by the service here. Nowhere near what it was when I first started buying devices here 10 years ago, let alone 2. When buying new phones the associate failed to check something prior to wife trading in phone and I had to sit in the store for 3 hours. Fast forward to a year later. Issues with when I was supposed to come in were brushed off by associates (long story). I gave them 4 days prior to appointment to have replacement part ready. Only to find out AFTER dropping off my phone and waiting an hour they did not have the part. didn’t even offer another solution. And to think i was heavily considering pickin up and iPad Pro today. Service like this is helping me strongly consider another phone manufacturer.

MD Sebastian

Today, chaos reigned. After making an appointment to replace the battery in my iPhone, and to buy an Apple Watch, the store went ‘blank’, unable to service or sell anything. The ability to be of service to the 60-70 people in the store vanished. Not sure if the staff couldn’t write whatever down on paper to enter once they got their network to work or not. Next time I will phone the store to make sure they can service and sell.

Lynn Hardy

Very busy store, but once you get service.... It's a fast trip

dustin havinga

Was told they could install a new battery on my phone that was having a battery that would last around 1/2 day, came back two hours later ro a broken screen and a phone that doesn't work whatsoever. They claimed that this wouldn't have happened if it didn't have moisture damage inside. I knew apple was quickly becoming an less and less loved product but this service was the worst i've had in years. Especially after he tried to show me new phones I could buy after they break mine!

Zaria Morgan

For people who love apple you'll love this place they give you the chance to text out there new product also great at helping you out

John Kelley

I've now been to this store twice and have had similar experiences both times. To start, your wait time will never be less than 2 hours, 1 if your lucky. For example, my girlfriend has had issues with her phone lately so we want yesterday, and was given an estimate of a 4 hours wait. It's also worth mentioning that Apple had 24 employees on the sales floor alone, no idea how many were in the back. Absolutely insane how the wait is always this long. However, they are usually able to solve the issue, but almost all carry an attitude of "I don't want to be here". I just try and get in and out as quick as I can here.

Austen Duyser

The manager of this store was incredibly rude to my mother on the phone and wouldn’t even let her express her concerns. There are plenty of other places to buy iPhones, i won’t buy another one here.

Lindsay Hummel

Just hate Apple in general! This place is always packed and hard to get into! Not worth the hassle of owning an Apple product.

Brian Hazeltine

Apple’s service is always great. They work hard to fix whatever problem you have. The store can be quite crowded at times, so it is wise to pick your times carefully.

Jeff Ruddick

I love Apple products but the expirences I have had at the Apple store have been quite frustrating. Recently, I set up an appointment to replace batteries in our two business laptops. The tech tested both and a quoted a 7-10 day turnaround for laptop repair to receive the full warranty. Replacing a batteries required shipment to a separate site and a week or more wait time. He also warned us that we may be charged more as one of the laptops received a “passable rating” in their diagnostic software. This same laptop dies unexpectedly when the charge reaches below ~30%. The whole expirence was disappointing as I have been an Apple fan since 1986! I wish Tim Cook and his senior leadership team would use the Apple store for their own personal devices. My hope is that they would realize the danger these service issues are causing to their brand.

Nicholas Knebl

Excellent service and support. Mason did an outstanding job helping us navigate our MacBook options!

Kushtrim Fazliu

Very good costumer service

Joel Skok

When I go to Apple Woodland, usually I am in crisis mode. The help I receive to solve my problem or point me in the right direction is always superb. The technicians have such a friendly attitude and boundless energy to multi-task in that noisy and crowded place. How they can manage to do so is something I cannot fathom. They are so competent and so personable I am left wondering if I treat my customers in the same winsome manner. Kudos to all you guys!

Lorin Blain

I waited a lot less time than I thought with the volume of people that are always in the store. The girl that helped me was super awesome and I got a brand new phone for having Apple Care. Woohoo! Did I mention that I didn’t have to pay a cent?!

Ben Sayles

I came to return a phone (I just didn't like IOS after coming from android). The place was pretty packed and they still had me in and out in under 3 minutes. Very efficient and friendly employees.

Lupe Sosa

Fast and courteous costumer service.

Lonny Cruff

What good is an appointment if you have to wait an hour anyway? Once it was my turn, the help and information was spot on.

Phillip Vincent

I made an appointment to the Apple Store to get a new battery for my phone. I was on time to my "appointment" but still sat and waited for 10-15 minutes to be helped. It was extremely busy for a weekday early afternoon. There were probably 20 sales people walking around answering questions about new products. There were probably 6-8 employees helping customers like me who had an issue. Long story short, I finally got with an employee who was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. He ordered my battery for me and said they'd let me know in a few weeks when I could come in. A couple days ago I received a call from an Apple employee who told me my battery was there and I could come in to have it installed. Well, there were also about 15 different details about timing, how long I can expect to wait, when it's best to drop it off, etc. Really helpful stuff. I remember a fraction of it, so you better write it down. In trying to set up an appointment to go get my battery, I waited on hold for about 15 minutes. Finally Kia picked up and helped me figure out who to call and how to set up an appointment. Again, this is for a 1-2 minute battery swap. She had to call the store (the number this store provides is a general Apple customer service number) and connect me with another customer service person so I could tell them I wanted to come in to get my battery. Ironically, she put me on hold while SHE was on hold with Apple Woodland. At this point, I'm laughing my ass off. It's hilarious to me how complicated this has been. Seriously, I can't even be mad because it's so damn funny that this tech giant Apple hasn't figured out how to streamline helping people with really simple issues. *UPDATE - When I returned to the store to retrieve my phone it was not ready; I was given an ETA of 4pm and I waited until 6pm to give them extra time, but apparently that wasn't enough. I had to sit and wait at the store while I waited for a "technician" to replace my battery (again I counted 25+ sales people on the floor, many standing around doing nothing except yawning or chatting with coworkers).

Slightly Off

Personally loved my experience here. Guy that helped me out, Edgar, was real helpful and went through anything I wanted to know with speed and accuracy, the problem I came there with was resolved quickly, and the whole experience was a plus because of exceptional customer service. Would recommend 20/10!

Brennan Greenacre

The door person didn't see us when we came in, so we wandered without service for about 15 minutes, but once we got started buying the iPad, everything was great! The sales associate was very nice.

Sergio De Los Rios

I have a warranty replacement on an iPhone X smart case. It's been over 3.5 weeks and still have not gotten a call if it's in for pick-up. It is such a hassle to talk to someone directly at the store to see what the status is. Currently on my 4th time getting rerouted to the national support apple directory, which will transfer to the store, which will transfer me to someone, which will transfer me to an apple genius. The first 2 times the call has been picked up and hung up right away...

Meegan Willi

If I could give no stars to a store I would give the Apple store zero stars. The greeter was very rude, she told me that I would not be able to do what I wanted and seemed to want to send me right out the door. (You don't sell expensive Apple products that way!!) I insisted on being able to speak with someone - the precise reason I was there, to get information from an Apple expert. I was rather rudely told to go wait over by the iPads and someone would help me. The Apple employee who did eventually help me was much nicer, but did not really answer my questions. I will avoid this particular store (if not all Apple stores) at all costs. This was a complete waste of my time.

Heather Allen

I'm a 14 year old who's is interested in iPhones, I brought in my phone to get some help, but was given about 30 seconds, although there was no one in line behind me he pretty much didn't even give me information and quickly dismissed me, I'm really bummed


I had a very positive experience with this store. I tried to take my Mac to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they told me it was going to be approximately the cost of a new Macbook to get it fixed. I decided to bring it to the Apple store at Woodland Mall and they sent it off to be fixed that day. It cost FAR less than getting a new laptop entirely. Additionally they had estimated the repair would take 3-5 business days and I got the call that it was ready for pick up earlier than that! I really appreciate the staff who assisted me during my time in the store. They were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them for similar situations!

Fior Vasquez

I went to the Apple store to get help and the only thing I got was horrible customer service. The guy who spoke to me was treating me like I was the problem. They didn't help me at all and I have been using Apple devices for a long time. Now because of this horrible treatment customer service gave me I feel like I wont be purchasing I-phone's or any Apple devices no longer.

Heather Vinson

Horrible customer service, long waits, and a very uncomfortable environment. I would highly recommend driving to a different store.

smiley4uto .

Helpful, always a wait.

Derek Blok

Service was amazing and fast

Lynn Iacopelli

Went there on a Saturday afternoon to buy an Apple Watch. The store looked very busy so I expected to have a long wait to meet with a sales associate, however to my surprise I was able to see a sales associate in a few minutes and was out the door with my Apple Watch in about 30 minutes. The Apple staff was helpful and answered all my questions. Also go me set up on the Watch. I would definitely recommend this Apple store.

Chambers Federation

Probably the fastest service of any Apple store I’ve been to around the world.

Troy Caris

I don’t even want to give you a one star rating but I guess I have no choice

Linda Knisley

Not helpful, condescending, no repair options unless we paid $320, then only a 90 day warranty for a replacement. My next phone will not be an Apple product!

Abdelsalam Abed

Great service there they highly experienced techs

Anthony Wolfram

The situation that brought me into the store absolutely sucked....the hard drive on my MacBook Pro crashed. However, the staff was very friendly and I did not have to wait very long for a technician (I had scheduled an appointment the day before). The technician was very knowledgeable, courteous and considerate. He did a great job explaining things and unfortunately confirmed what I already knew. The cost for having repair work done was a little high, but it was almost exactky what I was expecting. The cost of a new hard drive was reasonable. The turnaround time was acceptable.

Jack Camenga

I love this place, I come here all the time!

bill thomas

Apple has a unique sales store. Buy new. All I wanted was a repair. I believe I'll buy an android next time.

Stephen Richardson

Great with customers. Very busy store.

Ingrid Anastasiu

Unhelpful. Unavailable. Uncooperative. Link to Genius schedule hidden somewhere on their site. next appointment in 3 days? Only Apple can afford this service. Too bad.

Daryl Holwerda

We were concerned that it was going to take forever. But within 5 minutes of coming to the store we were being helped.

Kyle Menchhofer

This place is hard to get into. They are constantly busy. You must make an appointment. It can get frustrating.

Carole Roberts

Super friendly very helpful couldn't ask for more

Michael W

Had an incredible experience with Bud - from start to finish he handled my tech support issue with no wait and I was in and out under an hour. Super to deal with and will be back soon.

Harvey Muller

I am not a fan of Apple or it's products, it created a burgeoning electronics industry overseas at the expense of American labor. But when I stepped into their bright store to get a replacement item for my spouse, it was a pleasant experience. It was welcoming and not predatory, service was attentive and quick.

Terry Gray

Place was extremely busy but they got you taken care of quickly with a large amount of personnel that work there. Very friendly, most of all very knowledgeable

Austin Sweers

I had an absolutely phenomenal experience with Apple. My MacBook had a fault in it and I was fortunately under warranty. They got me in very quickly, they assessed and fixed the problem, and I had my laptop back and fixed in 3 days. Staff was very kind and helpful. I normally don’t enjoy going to places to havethings repaired because it’s usually a negative experience. But Woodland Apple made it quite easy and I can say I’m glad to be a user of their products.

Valerie Nelson

Scheduled an appointment with tech support online. Showed up for my appointment and the guy checking me in, couldn’t find it. I showed him my confirmation email proving I was there the proper day and time. He said because I had an appointment I would be at the the top of the list. Almost an hour later....I asked with the guy up front who I checked in with if I was still in the list as I watched everyone else in the store he helped. He then argued with me about my spot in the que. a few minutes after that, someone FINALLY spoke to me. This dude, blew me off within the first 40 seconds of talking to me and said the also didn’t have the part I needed. The only thing he could do was dispose of the exploded battery. Literally the absolute worst customer service I have ever had in my entire life. Order whatever you need from the internet to avoid wasting any time at this store.

LanDest021 Official

Help my iPod is overheating.

Annie Wiseman

Inconsistent with information given behind repairs.

JaCoyia Jackson

Bit of a wait but great service nonetheless ! Both associates were helpful and friendly, two check in employees were nice. My phone was diagnosed and they replaced my screen under warranty in about an hour.

Lindsay Hoeflinger

The Apple store employees do not help you but that's because their hands are tied by an awful company who does not stand behind their product. Manufacturer defects or not, they don't care. Innovation is dead at apple, and so is caring about anything other than money, like creating quality products that you spend so much money on.

Porche Gilbert

I usually don’t make it a point to complete reviews, unless I’m extremely disappointed with services. But this is an exception. I purchased an iPhone XR this week and was extremely satisfied with the salesperson’s customer service and knowledge about the products. Had a small hiccup when I sent to activate the phone with my carrier, so I returned and the issue was resolved immediately. Thank you Kyle and the rest of the Apple Team

Jaclyn Brohl

You can’t get better service!!! Love this Apple store

Dallas Dingman

I drove here 2 hours, got here a half hour before my appointment to simply drop my phone off, and waited a half hour to get to even check in my phone. The replacement took 4 hours. This store was never intended to replace anything in this sort of volume. But, that’s not my problem, that’s the store’s problem.

Jan DeVries

I received the most amazing service yesterday when I came in with a battery problem. Employee/Genius Austin truly went above and beyond, and made my day! Thanks to Austin and the Woodland Mall Apple store for such an excellent customer experience.

Erik Helsper

Way to busy... No one approached me so they lost a customer... About the worst business I've been in for a long time... It's supposed to be a buisness not a hang out..

jodi potgeter

Don't see what all the hype is about apple stuff

Drianna Smith

I was worried after reading all these reviews. But after calling and making an appointment, and my phone being ready when they stated, I felt like sharing! My experience was great. I got in, came back three hours later (like they told me) and it was ready right when I arrived. Everyone was pleasant and helpful.

Marianne Paskiewicz

First time I was there. It was really interesting. Very chic setup. Friendly people there.

William Caldwell

The store is in a good location and has lots to offer but with that said, make sure you have plenty of time to get what you need. I have been to this location a few times and they always have lots of workers but most are not helping and will make you wait for nothing. If you get an appointment things will go a bit faster but still expect to wait when you get there. Again get used to seeing workers standing around and not helping customers like they should. To say the least I would go to the Ann Arbor location before coming back to this location again.

Volleyball Gyrl

Thank you for fixing my phone that another repair shop messed up. I'm only coming to you from now on!

Nanc McGorman

Funny story. Going down the escalator with my kid. He has a freak out and jumps off while I'm still on. Awesome worker dude helped him get on the elevator. so yeah, thanks dude.

Michael Williams

Staff was friendly and helpful, spent all the time necessary to answer all of my questions and solve my problem.

Derek Carlisle

Once you actually get service they are usually quite helpful, but the wait times at this store are ridiculous. Minimum hour wait no matter when you go. West Michigan needs more Apple support!!!!

Nevin Rudloff

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I checked in without an appointment and was told my wait would be an hour and a half. I said that was ok, and proceeded to walk the mall and waste time. Went back in after an hour and a half, and still nothing. I finally got the great “your next, please check in so you don’t lose your turn” text. I immediately checked in, and was told I was up soon. Proceeded to sit for another 30 minuets. I noticed several employees huddled around in little click like circles, laughing and having a great time, while we all continued our wait. Oh, and if you get pissed about your wait, all you have to do is let the main guy know your mad, and he will jump you to the front of the line. If you’re quiet and wait patiently like I did, you just keep getting bumped to the end of the line by the pissed people. Won’t be returning to this store.

Lilia Bakker

Great place to find great deals! Especially at Payless shoes and Jcpenny!

Charis Cooper

I brought in my laptop for repair and Gary was the one to try and help troubleshoot the issue. He was super kind and helpful and went above and beyond to get things figure out for me. I genuinely appreciated my interaction with him.

Sally Cardenas

I went to the Apple store with my husband & we were greeted by a Technician named Rick Stratton, He was so friendly & helpful getting us signed up for our new phones, Explained every thing so well & went above & beyond his duties, for us, put our new screen scratch protections on our phones & did a job of perfection. We were so impressed with his customer service we received, We give him 10 Stars, Thankyou Rick.

Philip Bare

Went in to replace a phone through my insurance because it was damaged. I was told since they don’t sell new iPhone Xs anymore I would get a refurbished one so I recurved a faulty phone and no matter what I do I can’t get ahold of a store associate on the phone to see my options and I won’t drive an hour for it. Not impressed and frustrated I can’t even receive a properly working phone after I have to pay money to receive it.

Jonathan Someone

A stark reminder of why I moved out of Michigan when I could. I counted four other people that were helped ahead of me. As in ... I was in the store first, the employees saw it ... yet decided to help them first; it was clear they did not have an appointment as I wasn’t near the “Genius Bar” and they had generic merchandise questions. Unbelievable that I was ignored, even when I directly approached and asked employees a question, while in the store. FIVE different employees did this until the sixth (and this employee happened not to be white. Hmm). Service is unacceptably bad, no employee at the entrance greets and directs traffic or grabs the nearest available employee to assist. Location doesn’t hold as much inventory as stores in other areas.

paritosh prasai

Talked with Micheal . He did very good job. I wish every apple store had that personality. I highly recommend .

Cindi Wheeler

The customer service is the best here,they really care about their customers and treating each one of us like a individual

Dominic Nicolai

Wow! Quite busy but many workers helping customers. I bought online and picked up in the store. Less than 10 minutes to pick up my purchase.

Mike Nubie

Went in for a battery replacement for iPhone 6S about a week ago, and everyone I encountered was super friendly and helpful. Even though the place was packed, had someone working with me quickly, and was able to get the replacement process started right away. I was impressed with the entire experience, even when the phone was brought to me on completion, was with smiles and helpful information. I left there feeling good, overall an unexpected great experience.

John Williams

We really had a great experience here. They are respectful of your time. You can check in then run other errands and they will text you when it’s your turn. The phone battery was replaced and is working wonderfully again. Thanks

Mark Veneman

I can’t believe after waiting 3+ hours for my new battery in my iPhone 6. That the new battery was only charged at 35%. Pathetic

Carl Timmons

I am so disappointed with the experience I have had with the battery fiasco and trying to remedy the situation. My previous experience with this apple store and the employees has been positive except for the wait times. This time was more like a clown show. After an appointment to confirm the need for a new battery I was told it would be four to seven days to get the battery and they would contact me. After two weeks I called and was told they failed to contact me but I could bring it in for repair. I dropped it off today. I returned tonight to pick up my phone. I was told they would not replace the battery because there were signs that moisture had got in the phone. He told me they won’t repair a phone that shows any moisture intrusion and that I had to buy a new phone. I’m not asking for them to repair anything. I want them to just put the $29.99 battery that they are offering to fix a problem they created in a otherwise perfectly working phone! They had the the phone apart and a battery that I waited weeks for to fix a problem they created and refused to put it in! I’m sorry I don’t have the billions of dollars apple has so I can just buy a new phone. Part of the clown show. When I was walking towards the entrance the table alarm went off. Three young men about ran me over coming running out of the store. Nobody even paid attention. Eventually a employee went over to shut off the alarm still not concerned until they finally realized the kids ripped it off the cords and ran out. As I’m standing there watching the clown show nobody noticed I had been standing there waiting for somebody to help me. Nobody approached me so I had to go find somebody and ask for help. Over a $29 battery I will no longer use Apple and not recommend them to anybody else.

cole fueslein

Super friendly and patient staff! Wait times really aren’t terrible and their products speak for themselves!

Marie Koontz

Horrible experience with Apple, the products, communication, and customer service. They withhold important information you need to know, lie to you, and make things very inconvenient. I ordered a new battery for my iPhone 6. The closest Apple store to me is in GR which is an hour away. I called to check on the status of my order since it had been over two weeks and every time I get transferred to the call center where I am on hold for 30+ minutes. Today It was 45 minutes to which the call center op said “please hold while I call the woodland store for you.” She told me that they had called to let me know it was in (which is a lie- I never got a call or VM) she informed me that I don’t need an appointment and that I can stop in anytime and get my battery replaced right then and there, same day. So I make a day trip of it to go there, get there around 2pm, only to be told “I’m sorry but we Can’t do it today, we’ll have to take your phone and you’ll need to pick it up in a couple of days” Apple employees need to get on the same page so they can relay the right information. Horrible experience with them as they were very untruthful and unaccommodating. Wish I would have known this would happen, might as well just take it to Best Buy now to get my battery replaced instead of dealing with all of this again. I will think again about buying Apple products in the future since the whole reason I’m in this predicament is because Apple purposefully slows down the devices to get you to buy more. Ridiculous.

Rand D

Each one of my experiences here was excellent! Excellent classes plus world class customer service! My battery was going out on my computer and they replaced it within a week! It is the busiest store in the mall however they are quite effective in handling customer or browsers!

Ashley Berzley

They have really cool stuff the staff is always willing to help but I feel like some of their items are way over priced

Lemond Simpson

Darnal or Darnell big tall Oder iPhone Representative really help me to get back up and running and he took it to boost. it was great

Jesus Bonilla

Maravilloso Place to Be

Nathan Koets

Is there any better customer service on the planet than one receives at an Apple store? Cody did not disappoint, resolving our forgotten password issue with kindness, a smile and with super speed. The cost? A handshake and thanks. Amazing! ❤️

Chris Rigozzi


robert aguirre

The facility staff is knowledgeable and take the time to explain in detail the products that you are considering. There are seminars for training and introduction to your computer and components. We selected the smaller screen computer for it's proformance and travel capacity.

jonica stinebower

The staff while seems friendly was incredibly unhelpful and rude when I began asking the status of a phone. We were told a specific time (4 hour wait) and it was not done at that point. So they said 10 minutes. Another 20 minutes later it’s another 15-30 minutes and refusal to check for a status update so we have a general idea of timing. I worked retail I understand busy but refusing to get a general update after driving 35 minutes and waiting 5 hours is ridiculous. I would rather go even farther out of the way and HOPEFULLY get better customer service at the least.

Ethan Hunter

I have never not had a good experience here. They take good care of their customers and they dang well should at the cost of apple products. I love them. I use them every day. Keep training good employees.

Melinda Gomer

Very friendly staff and excellent service!

mali jane

Long story short - they sent me to Best Buy to get my Mac Book Pro fixed and to purchase another one. Don’t waste your trip. Just go to Best Buy.

casey rauser

Worst customer service sat for an hour was passed by 5 people to get told theres nothing they can do. Will never go back and reccomend no one else goes

thomas Norton

Wow best service ever.

Maleah Mursch

Awful customer service. I was super disappointed with the entire experience, minus "check in". The girl who checked us in was very polite & professional, however everything else after that was just terrible. The wait time was long, even with an appointment. The techs going around & "helping" people didn't do much helping. They were basically trying to make more sales out of people's misfortunes. Apple products are already expensive, & when you have an issue with a product you'd expect some decent help, or guidance. That's not the case here. The techs on the floor are just trying to drive up sales which I understand since I come from a sales background but it was just awful. I overheard numerous conversations & a college student was trying to get his BRAND NEW laptop to work, something kept shutting it down. He clearly stated that it's never left his dorm, he's never gotten it wet etc. the only time he's taken it out of the room was to bring it here (Apple store). The tech seen an opportunity & instantly started questioning him "are you sure it didn't get wet on the way here..." If he had an appointment already for an issue with his computer, tell me how in the heck would he have spilled something on it in the car on the way to his already scheduled appointment!? Well the tech confused this poor kid & started twisting his words & by the end of his appointment he either had to buy a new one or pay a crazy amount of money to fix it because his warranty didn't cover whatever happened... which I can't stress enough, READ THE WARRANTIES & COVERAGE options on your Apple products. There are so many loopholes it's insane. Our brand new ipad ended up cracking (on its own) & after two appointments with the Apple store & numerous phone calls, a senior agent had us send over photos & by the end of this long journey we got a new iPad. Which was our goal in the first place because it was a product fault, & we just wanted it fixed. I truly love Apple products & continue to support the Apple brand but your Apple stores need some serious help with customer service.

Ryan Engemann

One star isn’t low enough to rate the hell that is an apple store. I dealt with probably 5 people and 2 of them were really good! Which is literally the nicest thing I can say. Fake people trying to be trendy. 4 different musics playing loudly. Excessive wait times. Poor service. And when you do finally get help, the poor person is trying to help 2 people at once. I am a nice person and don’t have mean enough words to describe an apple store. Plus you have to go to the mall.

Bob Reichert

Love this place.

Melanie McKuen

We would be considered the 'right demographic' for variety of apple products that are over priced. Busy lives for both spouses with children not tech savvy at all. That's why we chose apple products to begin with. One laptop went bad after 2-3 yrs...pretty much threw it away. Bought another latest model. Couldn't login to the device after 1 year or less. Life is so busy and their wait time to so long, it just sat there for months. So finally we both made it there. It was our turn! The expert they hired from best buy was the rudest apple employee I have seen. His resolution to our problem- take the device to another business partner and pay to back up the device before they do anything. Would we do that? No. It took us months to get to our appointment. Now this. Your product Apple! And you can't backup before fixing! Oh my. So other than iphone all other apple devices and solutions were more like a ... let me just 'show offy' for us. So that day, we said good bye to Apple products for good, except iphone! But waiting for samsung to catch up ;-)

Travis Lark

The service was timely considering I was a walk in on a Sunday afternoon.

Tech Inst

Have had good experiences and bad. Frustrations occurs with the fact that they do not answer the phone at the store. Corporate answers the phone and is unable to answer questions at the store level. They send calls to the store and the store does not answer.

Zach Denn

Amazing Products, amazing people, just so much more!

Jacobo Rodriguez

Great service, I love this store and their products

Alex Yee

Best apple experience I have had. I have always been a fan of apple’s customer service, but they went over the top. Would highly recommend this store.

Jordan Neuhaus

Although I am an Andriod user, my wife loves Apple products. We had to bring it in because her device was not charging very well. The apple employees were able to fix the problem without fail (or cost) in about 2 hours (they were pretty busy when we went in). I was very satisfied with the service and I wife was happy her phone was working well.

Benjamin Davis

After reading some of the reviews I was almost afraid to go there but I didn’t have an appointment and walked in and only had to wait about 20 minutes. I cracked my iPad and with apple care they just gave me a new one for $49 with no hassle at all.

Samantha Green

Had an appointment to replace a faulty battery on my Mac book but I wasn’t greeted or checked in when I got to the store. After 30 minutes I finally interrupted someone who said my appointment was canceled because I wasn’t checked in. Got checked in (now 30 minutes late) and last in line. Wouldn’t recommend this location if you don’t have an entire day to wait

Bernard Sheperd

Fast friendly personable service had 3 people ready to help no waiting in line to checkout loved it had the adapter I needed

Clarissa Cole

Very Nice Mall


Very well protected computer's. I recommend this to all business workers who need a high functioning ,modern day computer.

Eddie Johns

The Apple rep was attentive when we arrived and not pushy. Very knowledgeable about the phones and upgrades available.

Jonathan vander pol

I bought AppleCare for my phone then when I went to get a new phone had to wait over an hour to get a new phone. They should warn you if you purchase AppleCare insurance you will have to wait over an hour to get to use it. What a joke. Don’t buy an iPhone

Reggie BigYakG Phason

I received an email stating that my battery for my iPhone was in. After speaking with an Apple Care representative I was informed I could just go into the store to have my phone repaired. I insisted on making an appointment and was told multiple times that I did not need an appointment. I drove over an hour to the Woodland Mall Apple store only to be told that my phone could not be repaired. Wasted my time with no compensation or concerns. They were only anxious to get me out the store and deal with the next customer.

CJ Romig III

What can I say? They are always super helpful!!!!

Ryan Bonnema

I walked right in and was kindly greeted. This was already a great start to customer service. Almost instantly, I was directed to the technician for the Boot Loop issue with the iPhone 6s. The technician was very helpful and patient as we went through the process of getting a free trade-in with warranty. Very energetic and engaging, which helped the process go even quicker. They even called my service provider to get the phone set up for me, so that I wouldn't have to wait until the next day to set up the phone at a store location. I was very thankful for that, but unfortunately, we were not able to set up the phone at that specific time. Going against some of the 1 star reviews, there are employees specifically for certain fields of service in the store. The employee(s) seen standing around may not have been the worker that could specifically assist you in your category. Yes, getting help does take time but that's just part of dealing with this type of business. Overall, great customer service and patience from the employees. I went in with a single task and walked out with that single task completed.

Karen Parker

I went in to get the Iphone XR last night. It was very busy and I was afraid it would take forever. I was immediately greeted and had Michael helping me in less that 2 minutes. He was extremely helpful and friendly. He gave me lots of information without feeling overwhelmed or pressured in any way. I don't enjoy making purchases like this (especially at Verizon), but Michael made the entire experience great. Thanks for great customer service, I will be back!

jake en

Went in there to get an AirPod replaced and expected to be there for half hour or more but they were super quick and I was out in less than 10 minutes. All the employees are very kind and polite

Dr.Greens CBDoils

This place is packed and uncomfortable.

Cecil Robbins

They know what they are doing.

Bella Perez

Ive been a apple guy since 16 im 24 first iphone i used was the 4 hehe now the Apple store is efficient busy lots of friendly helpful reps. I dont mimd checking out what’s going with the new products while waiting for service. Now what creeps me out is right in front of the entrance sometimes theres random weird people as u get ready to walk in which to me creeps me out lol. But apple is awesome great products no complaints u get what u pay for.

Pamela Buckner

Awesome place to shop very helpful

M Moore

The staff consists of complete idiots. I went in there to pick up a computer that I had ordered online, some woman stops me at the door and asks if she can help me. I told her I was there to pick up my computer and she tells me to stand by the table and someone will help me. When I finally get some help, I show my ID and the guy tells me my computer isn't there. Obviously playing some type of game with me. When I tell him it most certainly is there, he tells me there is no computer there for a person with my name. So, I pull out my iPad and show him my Apple account which shows that the computer is there. Suddenly the computer is magically there and low and behold, it was under my correct name. Apple is not doing itself any favors by hiring these idiots to represent them. The guy was condescending the whole time. That's why I chose to order my computer online in the first place, so I wouldn't have to deal with their salespeople for any length of time.

Huy Nguyen

Good service

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