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REVIEWS OF Apple Somerset IN Michigan

Peter Fordstrom

Long waits for repairs, but what do expect. Everyone needs their phone fixed first. They did a good job, I felt like the price was reasonable for apple and Oem parts.

Mathew Harrison

Had an issue with my iPhone X, I walked in and showed them the problem and they were able to replace it free within like 5 minutes! Great help around the store as well and I was able to get a screen protector set up and a case as well! Apple did great today and I am a happy customer

Cas Guzdziol

Extremely helpful. The place was packed when I walked in, but there was plenty of people staffed. Sam asked me if I needed help and I explained my phone crashed and I didn't remember my iCloud name. She was able to find it (some how) and restart my phone. I have to say, probably the best experience I've had in a long time. Sam exceeded my expectations.

Ritchie Ray Moya Jr.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, I wouldn’t have got my issue fixed without them!

Anamul Islam

I come here at least once a year. The place is always overcrowded with people. Even without an appointment I am usually in and out within 30-40 minutes. The staff is always friendly and you can really see them hustling to get people service!

Pramod Verma

Went to buy Iphone MaxR and it was good experience. Had to wait for 10min but understandable. The Sales guy explained everything and was pretty quick in closing the sale.

Scott Mercer

My wife went there because her mic wasn't working on her iphone. The phone is 2 years old. They said "oh that's not good, not good..." the gave her two different 300 dollar options, fix or buy new. She came home to think it over. I turned off her blue tooth and fixed her situation. Her mic wasn't working because it was blue tooth enabled instead of mic.

Katie McFadden

I had an appointment and still had to wait twenty minutes to be helped. A guy checked in right after me and they put us at the same table to wait for a tech and he was helped first and if it wasn’t for him flagging down another Apple associate I probably would of never been helped. Although I felt the lady that helped me was nice. I shouldn’t of had to wait that long. Plus she tried to leave. Which no. I had waited long enough. I hope I never have to go back and if I do. I won’t

ADORE1069 .

Excellent service everytime I visit. Don't let the crowd discourage you from stopping in. Service is fast and organized although it doesn't look like it. Although its not necessary to make an appointment I recommend it.

Mohemmed Al-Ansari

Apple store, pretty big they have all the things. Almost always crowded.

Ricardo Avalos

Staff is extremely friendly. Even though the store is usually packed,service is quick and they got my computer repaired in less than a week

goddess ford

The employees was friendly and informative. I truly considering getting a iPhone. The prices was reasonable too

Allison Sandvig

Amazing customer service at check in and with product sales - Danny is charming, patient, very knowledgeable and fun! Best service at a tech store ever! Very happy with purchase of iPad Pro.

Mike F

As if I need another reason to never buy anything Apple... Took my mother over there to drop HER phone off for a replacement battery. Had to wait an eternity for the pompous clerk to not listen to what he was being told. Which we had to go over multiple times because he decided discussing other subjects with coworkers was more important. Of course he wanted my mother's phone number to contact her when the phone was ready. Had to explain that he couldn't call her because HE HAD THE PHONE. Gave him my number. 24 hours later I'm getting calls from spoofed Apple store numbers with some clown trying to tell me my Apple account has been hacked.... News flash I don't have one. Serious security concerns with customer data there.

joshua huelsenbeck

Had to reset my phone after the password got entered wrong too many times. Fast service and straight to the point help. Loved it!

Veronica Seward

Wonderful experience per usual. The staff was very friendly and I was able to be in and out of the store within 45 mins with a new device

Myra Tucker

They're professional, proficient and personable. A very positive encounter.

Rose Anne Laske

Well you're stuck going there but they run a smooth ship. I was there a week before Christmas when nobody wants to be at a mall but there was help and guidance everywhere. The employees wore red so they stuck out. And I found out you can schedule appts!

Rachelle Harris

Long wait. Unorganized. Very few staff who actually know what they are doing. Three staff members roamed the room pretending to be busy when the store was overrun with customers who needed repairs or help setting up devices. They really should devise a more efficient system.

Jeff Wozniak

Real fast place was packed with people in and out with new phone friendly people

Chris Wright

Great customer service. Very friendly and make your shopping experience a great one

Joseph Scally

Not fun getting issues resolved but Josh, my technician, was professional and great to work with. He got my problem diagnosed and got sent in for repairs. Great service

Francesca Sobeck

Always very busy, but it goes quick and they are very helpful

Lyanne Bermudez

This ppl mess my phone up when they change the screen, i when back and they say was my fault take it to another apple store and they say whan they tek the screen the mess the frame letting both screens out

Elizabeth Parks

Very positive experience with employee named Lauren. This was my second time making an appt with Apple to solve the issue with my Macbook Pro not starting up. The first time I went in around middle of September, the man helping me quickly ran a test on my laptop and told me that it was an issue with the hardware and would cost $475 to send in and repair. I asked what it was that was causing the issue, and he blatantly said he did know. So, I walked out of there very upset. I thought on it for a while and decided to make another appt at Apple this past Friday. The lady that was helping us was named Lauren. She was very knowledgeable and willing to get down to the bottom of my issue. Immediately she got the computer to start and ran several more tests than the first guy that helped us did. She found that it was probably complications with Malware on my computer, as well as storage space, and told me to update the software. Immediately, my computer was working like normal and Lauren even provided us with an external hard drive free of charge, to make up for the previous bad experience I had the first time. This showed excellent customer service and dedicated to us being customers of Apple, and I really do appreciate it. However, seems like there needs to be more training with some Apple employees since he gave me SUCH a false diagnosis the first time around.

tommy klein

I went into the store because I wasn’t getting sms messages on my new phone I talked to Joshua who was very helpful and patient he helped resolve the issue. Even though it took a while and it kept him after 9 he kept a smile on his face the whole time. He definitely deserves a raise!

Mike Green

Completly out of place there and no help. Saw lots of employees doing nothing but no help I'm not impressed with apple store mite just go get something else

Paul Cummings Jr

The apple store is incredibly efficient to say the least. Every one is very tech savvy and very polite. We ordered and paid online at home drove down there no waiting in line showed our order number and we were off to dinner 5 star all the way will go back P S my daughter got them for great grades she loves her air pods

dstockumich .

Very busy today, but they were able to help me within 10 minutes or so. Very friendly service.

Oscar Barba

always you find nice people

A Malonson

they got cool devices but pricey.

Angelo Rivera

I went into this Apple store and for starters I knew the service was going to be bad because they forgot about me to begin with. So I waited about an extra 40 minutes longer than I had to. So I was having issues with my phone and I thought it was maybe connection issues but that Apple tech team was telling me that it was my Apple account and I had to restart my phone and create a new account so I would lose all my photos, text messages, and contacts. This did not seem right to me and I refuse to do it because I knew that was not the issue, it had to be the phone. They would not listen to me and would not replace my phone because they said the same issues would happen with my next phone if I use the same account. So sadly I had to put out a whole bunch of money and just go back to my phone company and buy a new Iphone myself and I am not having any issues just like I was trying to tell the technicians. So thank you Apple for nothing and now I am out of money because you couldn’t keep to your warranty and tried to give me false information. I would never recommend this store again.

Karin Abel

I need a new phone. I was at the genius bar on Tuesday where they confirmed my phone was dead but there was not enough time to set up a new phone because it takes an hour. I called today, and they do not make appointments to set up a new phone even though it takes an hour. So, I have to go and sit at the genius bar once again and wait, and wait, and wait and who knows if there will be enough time since I have to do it after work or wait until the weekend. It kind of sucks. And, whoever answered the phone was not very pleasant.

Jeff Jaje

How do non Apple fans scoop at an Apple store? There are no tags or identification on the products. So I don't know which phone I'm looking at. There is no information listed of specifications so I can not compare relative value. Therr are no prices listed, so I can't automatically ignore stuff out of the budget. And that was the whole store. Thanks Apple for a waste of my time.

Gail Talley

Fast and efficient service

L.G. L

Slow And poor service expect to be in store an hour or more. They love to hand you off to other Apple techies who seem to know less than the first guy/gal you were already working with. I truly hate coming here.

Skylar Laney

I visited the apple store to purchase an iPhone X, which I am very pleased with. The service was exceptional. Prices were pretty expensive but I honestly think it was worth it

Jerry C

i feel like these apple store workers are always so many in the store, as soon as you walk in. they are like flys just attack/attract you to help you before you even know what's going on.

Sotero Lopez II

The rep who got my info to replace my battery was rude unfriendly and not service oriented. He said to come back in an hour to pick my phone up. His name is “JERRY”. He said if they find water damage it will be denied. I said can I call later but before waiting an hour and see if it’s denied? He said no come in an hour. I said so I have to waste an hour just to find out it was denied? He said come in an hour again. I said there’s no number to call here and find out? That makes no sense. He kept sarcastically and robotically repeating himself and said no it’s an hour regardless. He then asked me to type in my Apple ID password to turn off Find My Phone. I did. Then I asked why do we have to do that? He said “security “. I asked what do u mean security. He said “security” once again sarcastically and robotically like I’m an idiot. I said that makes no sense. What do u mean “security “. He looked at me stared cold and said like an irritated robot “security “. I was upset at this point and said you don’t have to be rude and cold and you don’t seem to have patience for human beings but what does saying “security “ mean. He then in showing his annoyance said to make sure it’s my phone. I said “THATS the answer. Not just saying security. This guy is rude and should not be in this position. Maybe he should be in the back replacing barrieres so he doesn’t have human contact. I’m starting to hate Apple more and since since Steve Jobs died. It’s gone downhill.

shreepal chanduri

As every other Apple store the staff are extremely friendly and every Apple product is available. The location is super busy all the time so if you’re planning to get things done or by if possible go online and schedule an appointment.

Daija Ginyard

I had an appointment with the Genius Bar on Nov 20, 2018. The place was extremely busy and I spent about fifteen minutes being passed over by staff. When I was finally helped, for some reason the Genius "boss" (I'm guessing) was hovering over the Genius helping me. I didn't get why he was there. No other employee had a boss hovering over them. Anyway, my 6 was experiencing a No Service, Searching problem. Their solution was to tell me my phone was bent and get me to purchase another one at $299. Why is a four year old phone $300? I ended up fixing the phone myself. Just had to remove the SIM, turn off the phone, put it back in, and turn the phone back on. Service back. Had I listened to them, I would've been thinking something major was required for my device. Don't go here. Whatever your device is, they'll just try to make you buy a new one.

John Gallien

I have to say...going to the Apple Store is now officially worse than going to the DMV (or Secretary of State office, if you live in Michigan). I can say that because changing my drivers license was ONLY a 90 minute process , today replacing my "AppleCare" iPhone is 144 minutes, and counting. The waits are long, the "restore from backup" process will literally take much of a day away from your family and friends, and the inability of a "genius" to answer a question that pops up on a "failed to restore from backup" message makes the entire experience a painful, painful joke. I will now, from now on, only interact with Apple online and via mail, and in the worst case scenario that I must enter one of these nightmares of store again, it will not be the Somerset store. Tim Cook, I believe and applaud your company's stance on privacy. I do not believe on the abject misery that are your stores, and it has fractured my relationship with your company. Also, while I'm at it, what the F is a an iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X, Xr Xs, Xsmax??? Please, just offer the limited, high quality product line that saved apple from the dustbin of history. That is all.

Benjamin Turner

What a cool store

Michelle Perry

I went thete to vet my granddaughters phone fixed s nd he did it in 5 minutes...i eas so happy...Thank you for being so helpful to us...

David LaBenne

Great place, great product, awesome people

Sydney Mcgaughey

Friendly workers but busy environment which caused a 45 minute wait while employees continuously walked around.

Nick Elzerman

Don’t ever go here they will waste your time and make you spend double the money while you wait a week for it to come back i had placed an order online for pickup i got my confrontation that it was ready so I went in. it was busy but there were employees just standing there not even greeting me for at least 20 mins then as I give him the order number he tells me there’s a problem and he has to call customer scervice... like really my order is ready just sitting there and I can’t have it because they messed up so I stood there for 45 mins while this guy was on hold I asked for a manager 3 times never got one so he comes back and says there customer scervice line is offline and that all I can do is pay again and cancel the order and wait for the money that I don’t have to come back to my account so I paid 2times for the same item and i have to wait 7 days for my refund of the other one which by the way took another hour to get ahold of someone to refund it for me stood around for about and hour wasting my time I will never walk in that store again and I don’t suggest you do either the employees are no help and the managers have a lower iq score than my left toe nail if there was a -5 star score this store would have it

Stachia Safford

Well.. after we got in the store and waited for almost 10 mins I had to ask for help because everyone was just standing and looking around even at us...

Gabe Grosse

Informative and extremely helpful.

Nicholas Wiatrak

Summary:If you're just going in to buy something, there's not much they can mess up. Once you start getting into repair and warranty work, that's where issues arise. I brought my 2017 MacBook Pro in for a keyboard recall. I was told that this was considered a next-day service and I would have my computer back by Saturday (this was on a Friday). I told them that was fine, I would need it back at the latest by Sunday since I was going out-of-state Monday morning. I was told no problem, and they even put a note down on it. Heard nothing on Saturday, come to find out they were completely closed on Sunday. Called again on Monday after rearranging my departure to find that it was done, but that no one had gotten around to contacting me. The lead Genius I spoke to was rude and dismissive of my concerns and had nothing to offer other than, "What do you want me to do about it?". To their credit the work was done correctly, but even the little things like cleaning the computer when returning it is no longer present.

Bev Banks

Have been waiting 1 and a half hours for a tech to look at my laptop. Meanwhile dozens of sales people are on the floor not able to assist since they have no tech training. Why doesn't apple train everyone on tech issues too.This is ridiculous!

Alexis Simpson

I get great service at this store!! Keep it up;) when is the last time you saw an android store? Never!!

Amr Mostafa

1 star for the help I finally received after having to wait FOREVER to pickup my airpods. Ignorant sales manager all the way....

June Jones

So I found myself at this location today for what I thought was going to be a repair! I ended up having to get a new phone,

Ben Boulus

At first i had fixed my iphone 6s battery when I noticed my home button stopped working. I waited patiently to get the problem solved, when repairing it still was no solution to what happened. Abe happily assisted me and the apple crew understood the situation. Abe agreed to replace the same exact phone under the apple policy. They stand behind their products and company morale is excellent. Thank you for your business and will stay with apple forever!

Ervin Hegge

I had problems with my iPad. As I entered the apple store, I immediately was addressed and brought to someone who could help me. Her name is Morgan. She was fantastic.. she took care of the problem and was very patient with answering my questions as she repaired my iPad. Thank you.

Joann Bouldes

Helpful and knowledgeable.

johnny rhodes

This store was packed wall to wall. There were at least 100 people at the genius bar trying to repair apple products. I had an appointment that I arrived early for, and waited an extra hour after the stated time before I even got to talk to a tech. Needless to say, they did not resolve my problem and I left extremely dissatisfied with the Apple company. From my own experience with a $1000 device that malfunctioned after the first 2 months and not having the manufacturer back up their product, I will never purchase anything from Apple or Itunes for the rest of my life. I would encourage any other consumer to do the same. They are not a company worth doing business with. It kind of reminds me of GM in the late 80's and early 90's when quality wasn't a concern. After seeing all of the upset customers at the Apple Store my feelings were confirmed about the fact Apple does not care about their customers.

Siham Kanba


Linda Swanson

Very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient, patient. With in-person tech support like this, I’m never going back to a PC.

Garrett Dugan

My AirPods quit charging and are still under manufacturer warranty. Upon arrival to the store, I was greeted and given instructions to sit at a specific table and someone would be with me shortly. The wait time was unacceptable and I had to leave without receiving the service that I needed. Realistic wait time should be given the the customer - my wait was much longer than I would define as “shortly.”

Lena Marquise

When you pick up your repair, you are told to sit at a table which more often than not has no seats. I made the horrid mistake of saying I will take the closest available seat (1ft away). After you sit, your last name will be taken and logged, then they will walk around in circles putting in the order for your device to be brought out. Do not attempt to sit at the neighboring table that has available seats, which they in no way will dissuade you in doing. Even if you point out your location (1ft to left of designated table), twice, as they walk around punching it numbers to their comm units. You will be overlooked. The original cs rep will not check in on you. No one will regard your puzzled and increasingly frantic gaze at all the employees for help. You will be glued to your seat hoping someone mumbles your name (or something close to it) soon and gives you what you came for, for an indefinite period of time. For the 30min I sat waiting for my device to surface, not one employee of Apple (a ratio of which was 1:1 per customer the whole time), checked in to see what I was waiting for. If loitering was allowed in an apple store, I would have understood. But in a place so well attended, it's hard to believe I was not systematically overlooked, because I could not follow a protocol which was not made known to me. When 30min elapsed, I flagged down a rep and verbalized my concern, to which (upon return of my device) I was told that they don't return devices to any table except the one that was consistently at capacity. Does said table also have an invisible sound proof wall which mutes all names called? No apologies were given. Just explanations of what I had done wrong. Poor form Apple Somerset. Poor form.

Ron Hanoudi

Terrible products. $400 apple watch cracked after 4 months. 299 to fix from store. How could such amazing products break/crack. Dont think I'll b buying apple products again.

Wayne Washington

I went to the Apple store to pick up a pair of iPods, parking was convenient, I walked right into Apple after I ordered online.. pick them up and walked right back out I was not in there more than 5 minutes.

Shifa SK

Good time pass .. good mall

Dave .

Had scheduled for a screen replacement through Apple care at this store. Checked in fast and no problem. Somehow employees here could not do any services on my iPhone X. Apple care is still valid. Been told their system won’t allow to touch this phone as soon as typing in imei number. It is a original sealed apple product. Anyway I told them that I will pay the damage to replace this screen. No they can’t. System won’t let them go any further. I had to borrow a phone to contact Apple care and wait for like 45min, this broken screen phone was replaced through Apple care after. What a waste of time! 3 hours in total plus driving. Never come back here. I will switch to android products once this Iphine x is my X. Thank you.

Shelly Thams

My experience at Apple at Somerset Mall was excellent. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Sara is the tech that helped me. She was so thoughtful and patient with me. I appreciate Apple having such a qualified and personable staff.

Abu Qadim Haqq

Too busy to give good customer service. Waiting in line too long for service. They gave an estimate of repair that was still off by several days. Apple is no longer held in high regard with me. They've gotten too big to care

houda elfatni

Kyle ruined my phone while doing a reset. Spoke to manager Jon who is a total jerk. Complained to corporate and they are shocked by the service of this place. These people give Apple a bad reputation.

Lakita Nixon

Has good customer traffic and crowded on weekends.. Great Apple products..

Nathaniel T

Okay so I was trading in my phone for something better but when they were checking it they said that “ because your battery was tampered with and is not an apple battery we won’t be taking it” but then when we went to an Xfinity store to see if we could trade it in there they said that battery was the same battery and that it was all ok. So basically the person at woman at apple was a lair and a jerk I’m not going there again.

Nolen G

I don't really like apple however I was given an iPhone. It had some issues so I took it in (was under warranty) and was thrown into a wild goose chase with it. They kept sending the phone back and each time I received it, it came back in worse condition. I had sent it in and got it fixed four times before I ended up giving up and selling the phone. Only reason I have it an extra star was because the person who was working on my case did end up sending me an apple pencil for free as compensation.

Jevonna Ramsey

I was surprisingly in and out considering how packed it was. Quick and friendly staff.

Gale Graham

The clerk Michael did all he could. I am disappointed in Apple lack of willingness to unlock a phone while in person at the store with all security info and having only made the appointment to do so per the phone techs suggestion. I traveled 60 miles after exhasting all on line and phone tech support options only to be told I had to wait 6 additional days, receive a text and reset a password? And had ID. I would not recommend Apple iphone to anyone...but I'm sure what I think doesn't matter. That was made clear.

Jazib N.

Clean and bright store. It takes a while to get help here because it’s so busy (hence the four stars).

Magdy Essak

Often find the right answers and support from the professional staff at the Apple store

sudhir sorout

The only place where we can go if we want to go apple store. Store is big with always crowded. Apple representatives always greet you good and take care of any problem you are facing with your phone.

Erin Roddis

This store is awesome, I walked in at 5:15 and was being helped by 5:17. Andrew was so helpful. He was able to get my phone to turn on. I left the store at 5:50pm and my phone stopped working again. I walked into the store 10 minutes after 6 when they were supposed to close and Andrew replaced my phone within 20 minutes. He was so helpful and personable. I will be returning to this store for all my Apple needs.

HerZong Her

Lots of people, long waiting to get help. Have to wait two 2 1/2 hours for my phone to get battery changed. After waiting for 2 1/2 hours still have to wait another 30 minutes for a guy to get my phone from from the back. Apple is a big company and popular products but very poor in person service. This store needs a new manager to change the way they service their customers. I don’t want to go to this store but I have no other choice.

Karen Ewing

My husband & I visited the Apple Store at Somerset on Fri. July 26. Diagnosis: iPhone PW not working. Prognosis: 3 day PW-recovery time w/o phone. #BrillantBrandon~creatively solved the problem by asking questions. Solution: Used current phone carrier app to verify IMEI #. Phone unlocked. Yippie. Truly a Genius Bar. Thank you #BrillantBrandon

Daniel Sottile

Usually I do not give 5 stars to places. While Apple corporate and their prices, software policies, and compatability issues galore, along with asinine online support, is a terrible and greedy corporation, the Apple store is the rare exception. They were super knowlegeble with diagnosing what I assumed was a bad GPU, and sympathetic to the fact that the entire motherboard has to be replaced on modern macbook pro devices. They even threw the replacement battery in for what would essentially be free. ...or at least I thought that's all they would throw in. For unknown reasons, they also replaced for free: my 1TB SSD drive, the heat sync, the bottom panel of the macbook, and the keyboard. Essentially a brand new machine outside of the top screen and cover (I can confirm it is the original device because of a previous dent). For $600, I basically got a new machine because of one small graphics failure. In a sense, Apple corporate had to eat those profits because of badly designed hardware. And Apple store at Sommerset made all the evils right again. 6/5 stars

JoAnn Smith

Very helpful! Great customer service!

Jordan Syrowik

Was like a zoo in there. Moderately helpful. Two guys helping us snickered and made jokes the entire time. Didn't seem like they wanted to be there. Good reason to switch to a different phone!

Zaron Frumin

June 2019: Ed provided outstanding customer service! Thank you! July 2019: I try to recognize great service whenever I experience it. Tommy S provided quick, outstanding customer service today, helping me avoid a major issue with my iPhone.

Blaine Harris

Very unhappy with this location and Apple in general. My IPhone 8 just died on me today and would not charge or turn on. I took it in the “genius” bar same day and they tell me that the brain of the phone is dead and there is nothing they can do about. There was no water damage nor any fault of my own to why this phone died yet I would have to pay for a new one out of pocket. As I mentioned before I am very unhappy with this situation and the lack of support from Apple when it comes to their faulty product. This just pushed me to take my business to the competitor from here on out. Goodbye Apple and thanks for nothing.

Charbel Eljallad

Let me start off by saying, I was absolutely disgusted with the way I was treated by the Manager of the Apple store team of the Somerset Mall in Troy, Mi named Lauren! I came in for a 2:40 appointment on oct 2,2018 to have my iPhone X camera fixed or replaced as it my phone taking very poor quality and blurry photos. They took my phone after examining it and seeing that the camera needed to be replaced. I was told to come back to pick up my phone in 90 minutes. So by my 5:00 o’clock I came back to the store, excited to pick up my phone and looking forward to take nice pictures with it. Only to found out I was being handed my phone back with a totally shattered screen. The associate rushed to make me sign in on the iPad that I have received my phone and everything was good. I said wait a minute, this isn’t my phone, I had to check the photos to make sure it was my phone, then I said to her you guys broke my screen, she replied “it was like this when you dropped it” I said no it was not, and pointed to another Apple store member and I said you need to get her here, because she’s the one who helped me when I walked in and I’m sure she would remember that my phone screen was not shattered at all!! So she leaves and go talk to her and takes for ever, I was boiling on the inside and totally shocked at Apple store, and never thought in a million years that they would be dishonest and liars! I stood there waiting with my husband and 2 babies under the age of two years old! They took long and I felt I was totally being ignored, so I asked to see the manager. Few minutes later, the lady who helped us at first came and talked to us and admit that the phone screen was not shattered or damaged and we were right! With all this being said, the Manager (Lauren) still did not want to admit it was the staffs fault, so she came back saying “we don’t know, but we are going to fix it and it will take 30 minutes”. So we decided to wait there since it’s only gonna be half an hour. We ending up standing there, for an hour and half instead! Through out that whole time, The Manager (Lauren) she would walk right by us numerous times and totally ignore us and try to avoid us. My husband and I, felt we being very humiliated by her in public setting. She was very snobby and rude. Condescending and impatient. You would think for someone who manage such a big and known Apple store to have some communications skills or at least be somehow nicer to her customers. So while we were being ignored I asked if there was another manager working and that’s when we were introduced to Julie. OMG, what a difference we have found in them two! It was like day and night. Julie was very professional and understanding! She went to check on the phone status multiple time and apologized for the long wait and the frustration the other manager caused it. She also offered us a screen protection on the phone and asked her staff to replace it for me. Thanks Julie, for assisting me and provided me with an excellent customer service. You made my day whole lot better, I wish Apple would hire more mangers like you.

David Schenk

Large crowd very busy, best if you go with an appointment. There was not a clear indication of a line. The Apple Care associate was friendly and helpful.

Scott Mason

Quick easy service even though it was busy

james langridge

This place was amazing, I had a Broken IPhone XR and hey replaces for free with a brand new iPhone XR within half an hour

Jon Murrell

Ahh...the Apple Store at Somerset. Somerset being one of the last beacons of hope that the American Dream can still be purchased at a shopping mall. The Apple Store is a pretty awful experience overall. I don't know if it's part of their shtick because honestly I have never been to any other Apple Stores, but somehow this one ALWAYS smells awful. Most of the time it smells like marijuana, sweat, body odor, also known as essence of hipster. Had to go in to get a new phone for my wife. Kindly gave our name to the attendant who then had us stand around in the way of the main entrance to wait for some other person to help us. While we waited, I counted at least 3 groups of 3 store employees who were having a chat amongst themselves, giggling, not helping anyone else do anything. In all seriousness, the girl who finally showed up to help us was pleasant, not overly pushy on the upsell of Apple Care or Apple Music, which was a change of pace. I just hate going into this overcrowded, smelly store. Do yourself a favor and order your Apple products online and have them shipped to your house. Make the store close down so the people in it are forced to go home and bathe. Seriously, it always smells in there. Always.

Trooper Long

Bought my iPhone here -- I appreciate the service, as it was a busy Sunday, and I didn't mind waiting... I know weekends are the busiest times to get help here. I wasn't disappointed. Team effort to get me on my way, satisfied customer!

The Tee Tribe

I rarely go into the store because every time I walk by it's packed with people and crowds like that sometimes annoy me especially when I have no reason to go inside the store because I have my HP laptops and my Samsung cell phones. But this particular time I wanted to go in and get some earpods but I found out they were somewhere between 100 and 25 and $200... and I honestly don't remember what it was because I ran out so fast when she uttered those words of a hundred and... it would be silly for me to spend that type of money when I always lose things stuck in my ear.

Chris Buck

My daughter was told she could have her ear buds replaced free of charge just bring them. Yesterday, we came into the store for replacement at 8:30 (30 minutes before they close). I talked to a manager. She said they are not taking any more walk-ins today. It literally takes about 2 to 3 minutes to go to the back and get a new pair of ear buds. There is no diagnosing the problem, no test to run, etc. If you buy a defective shirt from Macy's and bring it back 30 minutes before closing, they not going to give you bs about we are not taking any more walks. Especially with the amount of people that Apple had standing around doing nothing.

Bill Lynch

If you have to get your overpriced Apple equipment fixed, this is the place to be. They are friendly and helpful.

Jaleesa Warren-Reid

The association was very helpful and extremely sweet. Loved the whole experience. It was my first time and he made me feel comfortable and provide excellent information to help with my ideal purchase.

Paul Timmins

My Apple Care claim on my laptop was handled well and I'm satisfied with the repair. Took a few days because they had to send it out, but I lived.

Ed Bowles

We were a walk in and expected a ridiculous wait but received great service from Shari, thank you.

Javin Phung

This is really easy to spot, but there is a lot of people inside the store and it takes very long to get anything done. I'd recommend going somewhere else.

Gurpreet Singh

They have good team in this store, they take care of your requests.

Jeffrey Bloom

Always a great experience, apple rocks

Chris Stpatrick

THIS IS A ZERO STAR RATING. By far, the worst experience I’ve ever had!!! I arrived just before 5pm on Christmas Eve. And was refused service by 2 employees who then taunted me as I stood aside to write this review. The Caucasian heavier set gal was the rudest. The darker completion African American man kept insisting “its family time” and that “he wanted to go home”. After treating me like a fool and humiliated me in a public setting, they loudly and abruptly started saying certain indirect comments towards me. (I choose to not disclose what was said to me) These two specific employees are the only reason I am giving this review. I informed them all I needed was to complete my purchase... After being told at 4pm to get the phone erased and come back to complete the purchase. I simply needed to complete my purchase. That’s all. Respectfully, A Loyal Customer


Had warranty still deniying to repair the phone. Would go to the other store. Time is wasted diagnosing the phone rather than looking for the actual issue with the phone.

Noel Montales

Went in for a screen repair. The experience was pleasant and the staff was both friendly and knowledgeable. The biggest defense local shopping has against Amazon is good customer service. I enjoyed how they actually encouraged my son to TOUCH the stuff, knowing he is the customer of tomorrow. I had to subtract one star due to having to wait over 30 minutes past my appointment time. Given all the data Apple has you would think they could optimize scheduled appointments just like restaurants do with call ahead seating.

Jason Bauer

Another bad experience. The place was chaotic and the one person helping me stopped helping me midway and was helping someone else. Very bad customer service.

Himanshu Choudhary

Helpful people. They always greet you and my pickup was quick in just 3 minutes picked my online order completing all the formalities and all.

Will Grayson

Love this Apple store and would not know what to do without it. I could spend hours in this store and not get tired of it. One of my favorite stores in the world!

Jeffrey Bahri

John the manager was very unprofessional here. When I asked a simple question he didn't know the answer to he became very flustered and irritated. If you don't know how to conduct business with clients John than I can give you some friendly advice, get a new job!!!

Kizhakepat Sukumaran

I was impressed by the team who manages the need s of costumers. They know the technology and apply them proficiently.

Ahmed Jaber

Prepare yourself for a long waiting time


The store is very lively and always full! Staff is very friendly and items on display are well maintained. Genius Bar is packed, that’s the only con I can think of.

zmohamme zmohamme

Danie is so sweet and helpful! She made sure to hook me up with a location to fix my phone that was near me. This girl needs a raise, for real.

Benjamin W

Went in for a screen repair. Slight bend which they claim never happens prevents it from being repaired. Don't waste your time or money. Billy the "tech" will argue with you and talk over you constantly.

Expert opinion

very slow and always a wait go only if you don't mind waiting make an appointment you still may wait this store is always full

Linda Burnett

Made an appointment and was attended to even before appointment time. Great and knowledgeable service people. Worth the 25 mile drive.


Nice store. Sometimes you have to wait longer than expected

Rich Basher

Set up a Genius appointment. Got there early and checked in and they started early. Phone was 4 days out of warranty but they took care of me and covered the charge. Nice Christmas gift! Very patient and helpful. All they need is a coffee bar to go with theGenius bar!

Matt Simcox

The people are great willing to help and get you what you need. Thanks Apple!

Tyler Arthur

This store told me to drive 2 hours to their location for a new battery, and not to worry about previous water damage. When I arrive they tell me there is nothing they can do but sell me a new phone. Apple lies to get you into their store to buy newer products. This store is a joke and ran like a zoo.

Caroline Cavanaugh

Bad experience - had an appointment, didn’t seem to matter as I sat there for 20 min while 5000 people who worked there ignored me. I needed a battery fixed in my laptop - the tech couldn’t give me a straight answer as to when it would be done or of it would be done at the store location or be sent out of house. Totally annoyed, it makes me rethink my 20 years of working and trusting Apple.

Martins ModernLife

Very helpful and accomidating when I went to troubleshoot my macbook air

R Ashad

Only 3* because the wait is too long- what's the point of an appointment. However the customer service rep. Tracy was awesome - v personable and knowledgeable. Apple open another store in the area and staff it accordingly to assist the customers timely!! No excuse with $1 Trillion dollar valuation!

Frans Assy

The worst service and product

Mikey Squeeze

Staff was very helpful. Didn't try to get me to buy in store if I could find it cheaper elsewhere. Seemed to actually have my best interests in mind.

Dustin Metz

Occasionally they run late on the appointment times so thats annoying cuz getting into the stores a pain in itself. Otherwise I've always had a good experience with all the employees and their all very knowledgable. They will try to sell u tho.

Jacob McKervey

Julie the manager was completely unhelpful, she treated and talked to my girlfriend and I like we were children over a simple issue. I would never do business with her. On the other hand, Mara was amazing and stepped up to help us get the issue resolved. Mara should be a Manager over Julie, her customer service skills are superb.

Cruz Brooks

Just wanted to say that I had a really good experience talking to Nick! I did not spend a ton of time in the store because I was just doing a pick up of a phone that I bought online, but Nick still managed to give me a fantastic experience by being immensely personable and helpful!

Alex Vinall

Lauren and Justin were both really helpful, Justin in particular was very patient whilst helping me out with my iPhone, at the same time as helping two other customers with other issues. The wait time in here is usually very short, and there are plenty of staff on hand. They even let me try on some Airpods before buying, which apparently not all Apple Stores do.

Zandrea MarketingRep

To busy but the service is good. They need to open one in the Genesee County area.

Joan Horvath-Rybinski

Was in and out in less then an hour with a packed store. Service was awesome and everyone was supper friendly.

Isabella Kerivan

I’ve never been more upset in my life over customer service. I am never going back to this store and this is why. I left my phone backing up and they said they would take care of it. When I went to get my phone back they said I needed a new phone. I wanted to restore from my iCloud and when I did I lost all my photos. I had over 100 gigs of info to store in iCloud on my old phone. Now my phone is finished restoring and I only have 20. I am positive they messed with my back up and I lost all my photos because of them. My vacations, screenshots of doctors information, family pictures, EVERYTHING GONE because they messed with my back up. Never trust these people to work on your devices. Go to a different apple store and avoid this place.

J King

Super rude staff didn’t care about my issues treated me very poorly wouldn’t buy another Apple product due to customer service alone used to be much better

Jackie Post

Brought in my ipad to be fixed and they took care of me immediately. The guy that helped me was friendly and got me on my way as quick as possible with the problem being fixed perfectly! I would definitely go back to this location if I need more assistance with any of my apple products!

Gary Strong

Walked in to buy a $9.00 connector so I could use my wired headphones with my iPhone. Was there told I needed an appointment and was turned away.

Kimmie Brown

The time spent was not so bad.... however we were told Iphone id out of warranty!!! Although I received a replacement phone from Patridgre Creek...

Anessa Kertesz

Thanks to our technician for helping me out when my 70yo mother locked herself out of her new iPhone. She's never owned an iPhone either so it was a true experience for everyone lol great service and patience we had on our visit. Thanks again

will carpenter

Hey, Nice setup! Go Go gadget everything!!

kwschnautz .

This was my first visit to an Apple Store. I was thoroughly impressed. I made a reservation and shortly after arriving, Lauren was assigned my case. She was super friendly within about half an hour, we had reached a reasonable solution. I also showed her my iPhone, which. had its screen suddenly crack. We determine it was a battery fault, and I walked away with a free replacement iPhone. This was a super experience. I can’t wait to return later!

David Eash

I sat in this place with a scheduled appointment for half an hour and literally not a single employee helped me they all just ignored me, standing and talking and helping everyone else around me. I was trying to get my macbook fixed. Ended up sitting there for another hour fixing it myself.


These guys at this Genius Bar are quite polite. I’ve been to other Genius Bars where the “geniuses” are vastly over-paid for their skills and customer service practices, but not here. This Apple Store has very friendly staff who are prompt in their attention and, for my problem at least, knowledgeable and efficient. I was able to get my problem resolved quite quickly, and quite painlessly. Whatever it is that the folks at Apple are paying the store employees here, they deserve more. TL;DR: Fast, friendly, knowledgeable service with a smile.

Johnny Bazi

Excellent place to shop around

Brian Michael

Staff super friendly however after 3 different techs 45min to an hour each and 2 hours on the phone they were clueless to the problem. Maybe re think using the title “ Genius team”.

Scott LaRose

Its on par or slightly better than the other stores that are Apple Stores.

Kathryn McCauley

After 3 days of working with Verizon technical support on an issue with my NEW phone, we called Apple tech support. They made us an appointment with a Genius at this store for further support or replacement. Dennis was our Genius and 5 stars is not nearly enough to say how wonderful he was to work with. He listened to everything we explained about our experience, tested the phone and talked us through every step he was taking to find the problem. While we waited for some of the updates, he kept us talking about fun things (he saw our pictures of our Airstream and our dogs) and just made this a really pleasant experience. He assured us we were going to walk out of there happy, no matter what. We certainly were happy with him. This is pretty much how every person who works there treats us every time we go in, whether to purchase some new accessory or just to browse the new models. They ALWAYS take time to answer every question and to explain every detail. We have also taken classes there and are very pleased with the knowledge and helpfulness of the teachers. Love this store.

Ms Udoroh

This place was PACKED!!! For it to be a Sunday, it amazed me at how many people were in there. I asked our associate if there was some kind of event going on or if there was some kind of upgrade or something. He said no it was typical for a Sunday to have that many people there and sometimes more. I did like the way that customers were grouped together with their assistants when trying to get service. The drawback was that there was not enough seating for all the customers and the layout did not allow for them to stand in line, pull a number or anything like that. You just have to wait for someone to become available and either the customer had to approach the representative or the representative approached the customer. The wait was not that long and we were out of there within about 30 minutes.

Tom Walsh

Fixed my watch for no charge. Great staff

Anthony Debay

Took my girlfriend here, the service was good/helpful, and it wasn't too long of a wait for help or checkout, considering the crowds. I'm an Android person, and I still rated it highly haha!

n v

Apple has turned in to a hipster marketing trend for people who don't know anything about technology. I went in thinking I was about to make the switch from Android and Microsoft, ready to get the latest iphone, watch, latptop, headphones, chargers, and other accessories. I'm an IT major and work in test and validation of user interfaces. So when I started asking a few minor questions,. I was surprised at the condescending attitude of one of the employees. Along with the insecurely smug vibe of the store, I've decided not to make the switch.

dan fistler

I don’t go here often My experience yesterday was fantastic

Monique Foote

I hate going in there!!!

Michael Harrison

The worst result I have ever had walking out of an Apple Store... an hour sitting at the Genius Bar, fine we were walk-ins... no problems, but we told them it was purely a mechanical or hardware issue and Frank, our Genius, took one look. Went into the back, said he hooked it up to something and came back out and told us it was a Faulty ribbon cable on the 10.5 Smart Keyboard a year and a half old and he would be Happy to sell us a new one... Faulty ribbon cable and he would be Happy to sell us a new one. Apple sure doesn't seem to care about quality or customers any more.

Frank Nemecek

Fantastic service. Professional staff who are truly experts

Amir Mohammed

I disagree with some of the other comments... I thought my service, considering there was a lot of people in store was quick. They did there best to help me, and did! I came in with an issue with the battery of my phone. Issue was fixed and I was out of the store within 25 minutes.

Alisa LC

Always excellent service.

Victor Dagher-Tweedly

Love the store but apple just isn't as good as it used to be

Krysenda Slayton

Fast and quick service. Staff was friendly. No problems at all. Was in and out very quickly.

Georgis Yaldo

Worst apple store ever. Staff are super rude and cut you off to talk to other employees

Margaret Peters

Two of staffs are amazing cooperation with my phone issue. They handed me a free iphone to replace a devices, and they shared their reasonable why they have to change the device. No complain at all! (:


TERRIBLE TERRIBLE SERVICE! The manager here is rude and does not support customer service. They lie to you in here about the policies. Go to a different Apple location. Also, almost every employee here can’t speak for themselves and only knows how to take out a charging cord to plug it in.

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