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Store hours are posted as open on New Years Day. Drove 30 miles to find it closed; You’d think a company as large as apple wouldn’t have an issue ensuring accurate hours. I sincerely appreciate the waste of my time, I’ll be returning the multiple products I purchased first thing in the morning.

Prabhleen Pawar

Very helpful they are really hands on and have classes for kids

Andy Im

I had my iPhone replaced with a factory issued one because of an issue. Paid $350 for it. About 6 months later it breaks down, and they're saying I need to purchase a new phone. I've been with Apple for 15+ years. This is very disappointing. For the first time, I'm going to consider other options. Apple has let me down multiple times within a span of a year. I can see why my friends are switching. Apple has lost a very very loyal customer. Saddens me. Just not the same without Steve Jobs. PERIOD.

Joe Maas

Hey gang. I was in a couple days ago. I got to work with a new guy Andrew and his trainer Brad. I was in to get a new Apple Watch. Man this thing is a beauty had to get the Apple Care on it. They were both very patient and knowledgeable during the setup process. I can't wait to start using my new watch. Excellent staff and service here. Two super chill dudes! They opened the door for me!

William Borja

Great service, nice store, generally a 45+min wait to be helped.

Chris Oliver

Great customer support

Gabe Griggs

A great store with a helpful staff! Still love the building design by the way :) Living by Steve's legacy :)

Jason N

In and out a lot quicker than expected. They do a great job working with their customers in a timely manner.

Shwanna Shree Wilson

I can't blame the employee at the Apple store for Apple prices, so my review gets two stars. My MacBook turns off randomly & to send it off to get checked cost $495. Apple said no matter what they will fix it & give a 90 day Limited warranty on their work. I took & dropped it off to the Mac Men in East Lansing, they give a six month warranty. And, they have a 4.9 rating & awesome reviews on Google.

DaLaynna Collyer

I would love to give them 5 stars but I can’t after today experience. Few months ago I had come to the apple store get my phone fix not one but twice and I drove little over hour they did amazing fix my problem and now I haven’t had any issue since. So that’s 5 stars Now today I had come get my fiancé phone fix drove over an hour everything went amazing got in there at 2:15p done by 2:30p he told me come back at 330p get the phone okay cool. I went in there at 330p the lady said you have to pick it up at 4:55 I’m like no the guy told me 3:30 she told me I was done at 4:15p no I didn’t she looked up she said it’s isn’t ready I’m like I don’t have time I’m on time limit the guy said 330p nope she didn’t even go back check. Now I have to sit in the car with two young kids until 4:55 and I am not from Lansing. So overall I’m going to give them 3 stars

Amanda Franklin

Great place to go and check out the latest!

Andrea Parker

Excellent customer service. You knew exactly everything that was to happen next. This means great communication

Michael St. Newby

Efficient. Well staffed. Lengthy hours. I hate going to place like this but these humans made it a lot easier. Week done folks.

Genzhi Hu

Really good service! Nice place!

Narender Rao

Great service.

Katherine Broyles

Excellent customer service!

Kim Walker

Sheneva is a awesome server our experience was awesome.

Manoj Mohan

Apple used to be great. Now its just over priced, limited options, employees that look tired and annoyed. Maybe time to sell some Apple shares... going to plummet at some point. What goes up must come down.

Wise Abilities

Great staff and highly organized as always!

Tim Brock

The place is like walking into a cult center. It's way too hot and while it looks like all the workers are busy, most just walk around looking at their apple device seemingly with no purpose.

Isabela Garcia

The woman, Annie helped me and my mom and she was incredible!! So much patience and very kind! My phone wasn't working and I had to drive an hour from college to barely make it to the apple store at 8:30pm when Annie had to backup my iphone before giving us a loaner phone and it took so long! We were the last ones in the store when they were all closed down and she never rushed us and still answered all my questions! Just a fantastic customer service, everyone was very helpful as well but I really appreciated her!

maureen howell

I am changing my rating from a 1 to a 4. See the last paragraph. we have phones that have all been affected by the recent battery issue. Made appointment after being told they had replacement batteries at all stores. Drove 3 hours round trip. “No batteries. Will have them in 10 Days”. Just got a call and now won’t be until April or May. They are losing customers right and left! I am a nurse caring for a patient and need emergency access when traveling with him (frequently). Very frustrating having the phone die at 30% battery or turn itself off then restart in the middle of using it. Okay. I am updating my review. The batteries came in early and we were treated very well. Now I am changing from a 1 to a 4. See I’m flexible when treated right.

Zhao No

I went to store at the beginning of January to replace iPhone battery because my CPU frequency decreases to 600 MHz by apple, it runs like tortoise, takes about 5s to 10s or even more time to open an app, and then I was told battery was out of stock, got to wait 7~14 days, after 14 days I called them, now I'm told to wait until March or April, what's the point if you announce the policy in December while I have to wait until March? I'm considering Google Pixel 2 now, apple is not the same apple anymore after Steve Jobs, it's now run by a completely business man.

Ryan Graham

This place is so slow. I thought i was at Black Friday. All people no help at all. Waiting hours and hours. ugh......

Ryan Hagan

I usually never leave bad reviews but I had an iPhone 7, which for those of you who don’t know, Apple manufactured them so that they say there is “no service” even when they have service. Kinda like the battery life of iPhones deteriorates after a while so that you have to upgrade. They gave me a loaner phone which was the iPhone 6. My case didn’t fit the 6. While I had the loaner I cracked the screen and they charged me $300!!! Never purchasing an Apple product ever again.

Kathy Partlow

The screw on my keyboard would not come off. They young man who helped us, John, was wonderful. I fully expected to have to buy a new keyboard. Though the warranty was expired (for sone time), he gave us a new keyboard at no cost. He was so helpful and took care of us immediately. Great experience!!!

John Reck

The worst Apple store I’ve ever been in. Staff thinks there all of that!

Spencer Staudacher

Unless you feel like spending 3 hours to get nothing accomplished don’t go here. Not sure if the techs there know the difference between a iPhone and toaster. Wish that was a joke.

- VSNzero -

Amazing store but could use some more of the Apple signature touch and feel on the inside

laura clemons

They were so helpful and friendly! I was truly dreading going in to have my sons phone fixed and they made it painless and easy! Thank you!

Jetanie Knight

After many good years in dealing with associates of the Apple Store of Eastwood Towne Centre, I have had the unfortunate disgrace of being accused of retail fraud at their location. After dealing with the police and showing my proof of purchases and invoices, no charges were filed and the store’s manager’s claims were unfounded. Did I receive an apology? No I did not. I just heard him say that I did not pick up my items in the process that they do at that store.. and directly caused a false store stock inventory on their end. No apology but still my fault even though I spent my hard earned money at your store. I am also a shareholder with Apple. My next step is letting the corporate executives know.

Brandon H

Terrible service, multi touch went out on an iPhone 7 Plus. I called the store and asked them if I should make an appointment they said don’t worry about it they talk walk ins. Got there, said it would be $169 to fix and that I would have to come back tomorrow. It was an over an hour drive with 4 kids. Looks like I’ll be using a note 9!


Exceptional customer service! The move quick! Extremely knowledgeable of their products And latest updates! They have resolved all off my concerns in a timely manner!

Lisa Ferreira

I've taken my daughter here several times to fix her phone. Their costomer service is something people could learn from. They greet you right away and send you to the next person who greets you by name with a plce to sit. From then on, any given person who walks by aknowledges you and telks you who will be with you. You don't have time to feel forgotten or overlooked becayse even if you have to wait a bit, someone is always checking in. In a world where people seem to be afraid or annoyed or indifferent in costomer service, it is nice.. ecen if it instilled in training and is scripted.. still nice.

Patrick Garlick

Took my MacBook Pro into this location a couple of years ago to fix a hard drive cable in my mid-2012 model. The Apple 'geniuses' suggested I got an entirely new motherboard, hard drive, and hard drive cable all together (almost $900 without labor costs). After they told me this I took my computer from their hands and walked out immediately. Went home and ordered a new hard drive cable for $30 on Amazon. Two days later it comes in the mail and I fixed it myself after watching a simple YouTube video. People of Lansing, please for the love of God do not rely on the Apple store for repairs. Use a local repair shop like the Mac Men on Grand River if you are not comfortable operating on your own computer. Repairs can be very simple but Apple would rather charge you for an entirely new device instead of going through the effort of fixing it while maintaining existing parts. Oh yeah, the wait time was atrocious when I was there too. Hopefully it has gotten better since then, or I was just there on a bad day. Either way I'm never stepping foot into that establishment again. :)

Lido D

I’ve been to a lot of Apple store world wide, this is by far one of my favorite. The service was very fast, I had issues with 2 devices & the specialist was amazing. I think he was special needs from the way he spoke, but the information that came out of him and the service I got from him was definitely special, by that I mean he was amazing, and among the best I’ve ever dealt with. I wish I can remember his name so I can give him a shoutout.

Robert Doyle

Always crowded, pretty dis organized. Difficult to find someone to help you. Better off to buy online from Apple com


I have purchased my iPhone 7 from this location, taken their free classes and been in just to check out the keyboards and mice/touch pads available. Always a nice experience and kind workers.

Hassan Shareef

Fast service

Paul DeBusschere

It was quicker for me to drive from Ann Arbor all the way to the Lansing Apple store then to use the Apple Store in Ann Arbor because of the lying and the service in Ann Arbor. Hoodoos to Lansing Apple Store

Elijah Adame

Great customer service solved our issue very fast, easy, stress free!

Victoria Recker

Thank you to Javier for being extremely patient and helping me for over two hours on why my watch wasn’t working. Exceptional service!

Mary Ann Metler

Excellent place, excellent service

phil spicer

The store was clean. The staff was friendly. Not a fan of apples prices but that's not a knock on this location.

Diane Korte

The people their are so nice, and so helpful. Thanks Guys

lorilynn aldrich

Lots of stores to shop in with a variety for everyone linking

Thomas Buonodono

The team here does an exceptional job of taking care of the me. The trip is worth it.

Morgan Momberg

Went in because the camera on my iPhone 7 was “jumping” side to side. They took a look and said the camera needed to be replaced. It only took an hour and when I came back, my phone was good as new. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. :)

Cody Martin

Terrible experience. I know how apple does business and have been a customer for years. However the disrespect paid to me at this location was beyond anything I have experienced. They were rude in the delivery of bad news which just made things so much worse. I had a phone with a known to apple issue but because I was outside apple care they would not service the device at all. They admited directly that it was a known apple issue but would do nothing about it. Drive to Novi, the twelve oaks mall is so much better. At least they know how to talk to customers.

jYc workswellwithothers

So I’m standing in the store, no employee even asks if I need help. Is this for real? I feel like I’m on a prank tv show. Guy finally says I can order and pay online.. for a phone case.

Huy Tuong

Good services

je bh

This problem I'm having is a manufacturers defect ! They refuse to warranty or cover my damages, and are saying i had water contact on a water resistant phone. DO NOT buy any iphone that says they are water resistance, they are not & they will void any warranties or problems with the phone. shame on them! I AM GOING TO SAMSUNG!!! YOU CAN TELL THEY HAVE A COMPANY THAT BURIES THEIR COMPLAINT ISSUES!!! MINE KEEPS GETTING BURIED!

Benjamen Warren

Friendly, outgoing and helpful staff, felt welcome from the moment the greeter opened the door for me. I had made an appointment before going into the store which seemed to help the process move a little more quickly. They are always busy, so if your going in for repairs or need any type of service for your device, I don't recommend just showing up, your wait could be long. I had visited the store to get my old 6 plus fixed before returning it to Sprint for credit after upgrading. The phone was non-repairable, and the associate sold me a display model for the same price quoted to fix my phone saving from a huge penalty from Sprint. Very grateful and happy with my whole experience.

Adam Thompson

The store’s customer service is pretty top notch. They always try to do what’s best for you. However they don’t know what they’re doing in there half the time. I went in there just to activate my own phone, and it took an hour and a half. The IOS 13 update took so long that they had me restore my phone through a MacBook so I literally lost ALL of my settings. I get misguided and different information from different people. It’s honestly hit or miss and depends on the person you get.

David S.

Friendly and good service that is relatively quick considering the amount of people usually here

Jordan Cermak

I LOVE this place! The staff is always very helpful and friendly. They have a huge variety of products! Not just Apple products either. A large variety of drones, go pro, Beats, and many other products!

Natalie Marzonie

Got helpful advice over phone, and made an appointment right away. Fast service when I got to the store. In and out in one hour for repair.

Mr Mcd

Have an issue with my daughters I phone not being able to make or recieve calls. Started in july. thought it was because of a cracked screen. went to apple store and told them about issues. They say get a new screen and it will be fine , so replaced screen for $158 and still cant make calls. 3 trips to apple store and now they say she needs a new phone for over $300 and wont even put the $158 towards the new one. Wouldnt have spent $158 for a new screen for a phone that dosent work but they said it would work when done. I feel like they scammed me for $158. Then I hear the phone doesn't work because of an update from apple which caused the hardware to fail. Very very unhappy with apple and will be switching all my family's phones back to android.

Tom S

Very friendly and helpful staff. The store was packed and I didn't make an appointment, so i figured I would be there a while. I was helped in less than 10 minutes! I would highly recommend this store.

Marissa McNamara

Every time I come in here, their products to fix iphones, or inventory is low or not working. I have to drive pretty far to get their service, expecting it to be phenomenal considering how much I pay for their products and how much they hype it up but it sucks. I need my phone screen fixed soon & I wanted to be able to reach out to Apple and their calibrator to fix phones is broken. This has happened before and to several of my friends. They should stay on top of maintenance, especially for things that actually fix their products. Done wasting my time with them.

Gordon Satoh

This Apple Store operates like an IT business should be run. Awesome, personable, service, informed answers, and an end result that comes with a smile. Although the Genius Bar may take 25 to 30 minutes to reach, it is worth the wait. Karim and Sean are excellent resources. The manager, Tim, is personable and helps to resolve issues with efficiency. The classes here are well organized and always come with ideas which far exceed the original scope. The Garage Band course was excellent, and Eli takes the time to explain the details and promotes sharing of your creations! Overall, I highly recommend this place and the Apple ecosystem!

Jennifer Kline

Lots of premium stores on sale now!

caleb hester

The worst experience today it change my mind to go with another brand of phone!!!!!! Loud music and some guy talking on a mic about an apple watch NO ONE was listening to made it near possible to hear our sales rep.

Hanna Sajdak

Wonderful environment! From the moment I walked in, they held the door open for me and treated me with the utmost care. They handled me efficiently and politely, and despite not having an appointment, they were able to fix my iPhone in an hour. Thank you!

Robin Miner-Swartz

Phenomenal support experience. Amara solved all my problems!

Sheryl Keller

Called ahead of time before driving all the way here. I have a very busy schedule. Talked to sales rep they claimed they could help me fix my refurbished iPhone I purchased from there. Beforehand I had it looked at, at a local cellphone repair company. The cellphone repair company did nothing to the phone just looked at it. Brought it to the Apple store after talking to the sales rep who said they could fix it and mentioned before driving there I did have it looked at they said it wouldn’t be a problem. When arriving at the store they told me there was nothing they could do since it had been looked at and when I asked the sales rep what I do with it he said nothing there’s nothing they can do. So when I asked if I should throw the phone in the trash he then again said well there’s nothing that can be done so it’s worth nothing. So my $600 phone was thrown away and the Apple store lied to me and then wouldn’t help me fix it these people lie and don’t help with the problems that they claim they can help with.

Cathy Kennedy

Way too many people waiting for help, and very few staff, or staff that know what they’re doing.

Jared Power

Place was PACKED, we went in to see why the phone won't charge or turn on, never been dropped no water damage prestine condition, all they did was plug it into their computer and when it inevitably didn't respond said it must be water damage without checking for evidence of water damage. Basically a big "I Dont Know, I Dont Care, just buy a new phone".

Joshua Truax

Pleasantly surprised after my last visit to the EastWood Apple Care store. I came to the store to have my Beats headphones checked out and see what they would do. I have always had them replaced on the spot by Best Buy before Apple purchased the company. I have had trouble getting Apple to have the same standard with customer service. After all they wanted to keep the same name, it should be the same experience....right? So the same customer service representative came to wait on me as three weeks prior. We immediately acknowledged that we had seen each other a few weeks ago. Bam, we're off to a great start. So, I go into detail about how the headphones are failing and when. He says "Hummmm, we're going to have to send these out to have them looked at", to that I reply "what do you think Steve Job's would do" Woah !! that's way above my pay grade" he say's. I reply "can I speak to a manager", Yeah, but I'm not sure what he'll do for you. Well to make a long story short I walked out with a new pair. That made me happy Apple. Thank you!

Jazlynn Maxon

Mida was so nice and helpful!! We were there for awhile due to our own complications and she helped clear everything up and was very patient and easy to talk to!

Kevin Durkee

Great customer service!

Scott Merryfield

I would put 1 star for the service that the doorman Josh provided. He practically kicked me out of the store because I was asking for something that "wasn't possible". I called Apple and they confirmed what I wanted was reasonable. I went back in the store and ignored Josh the poser with flamboyant hair who was trying very hard to get me to talk to him and spoke to Jake instead. Jake gets 5 stars averaging this review to 3 stars because he went above and beyond to listen to my needs and figure out a way to make it possible. After what seemed like an eternity, I was able to leave the store feeling happy and taken care of. I do not remember the name of the tech that Jake brought to help me, but he did a good job. The whole atmosphere of the store is weird and unwelcoming to me. Just some tables in a big empty room with a bunch of people in a mass. Some guy was giving a presentation that sounded to me like what those travelling salespeople who offer free products. Very strange. But alas I am not really an Apple customer as the only device we have was given to us for free. I'd ignore the doorman and talk to someone else.


Went into today after my iPhone 8 just purchased in September completely died and wouldn’t power on at all while on vacation out of state this week. I was worried my phone had gotten a virus. Set up an appt upon returning to Michigan. Jeff at this store is wonderful! He diagnosed my phone (internal hardware problem it turned out), exchanged for brand new phone (at $0 cost due to warranty), continued to work with me while handling two other customers at the same table and still managed to be super nice and patient with all of us. Definitely will go back to this location if I experience any more issues. The distance is the same for me whether it’s here or Woodland Mall. Appreciated the help today after five days of being phone-less! Thank you, Jeff.

Rita Walters

Aaron was very helpful - patient with all our questions, professional, and kind. Awesome service!

Jesse Near

Great customer service! My wife had a refurbished iPhone 7 and it had many problems and complications. And we had to drive an hour just to get to the store. The technician was very understanding and helped us out and we were very pleased. He stayed late for us and answered all our questions. Great technician unfortunately didn't catch his name but he should be given a raise. Thank you!

Alexis Dey

Very happy with the service and help my husband and I received. Our rep was Karim, and he knew exactly what he was doing with us and with 4+ customers at our table. I thought my MacBook had a hardware issue, but he was able to solve the problem without any issue and without us having to drop a dime. Very nice and educated guy. Extremely satisfied walking out of there today!

Anna Bensel

Friendly and helpful.

Lynne Davis

Very clean outdoor mall with perfect selection of stores.

Sophie Lin

I don't feel like the staffs there are very willing to help. They didn't seem patient, and not being sincere at all.

Theresa gray

I have been there twice and both experiences were very good. The team there is amazing and was so helpful. I was so impressed by the staff that it makes me really want to buy more Apple products. This place really knows about customer service and does an amazing job with meeting the needs of their customers.

Emily N.

Very friendly, attentive staff.

Bel Martin

I've been calling the number listed for the store repeatably. I'm constantly transferred to a tech support dept. and they REFUSE to transfer me to an actual person at this Eastwood Towne Center store. I don't want to waste a trip if they can't offer the service I need. I asked "so Apple doesn't have a direct phone number that leads me to my local apple store", the representative on the phone said "no, we don't do that".

Mark Dingwell

Was unable to help with my problem like I understood but he did not even attempt to come up with an alternate solution to my problem he did said nothing I can do and left it at that so that's why I use android and not Apple

Carol Miller

Even though i am extremely brand loyal to Apple, I have never had or operated a Mac/MacBook. A lovely team member named Jessica made the transition of setting up my MacBook seamless and quick. She was also extremely friendly, outgoing, and most importantly, knowledgeable about any questions I had. Thank you Jessica :)

Wisam Zeineh

Not really sure why it takes so long. Figure I have to take a whole day off work to get a phone warranty issue dealt with. Dont expect to go in and get out quick ever. Im pretty much done with apple.

Molly Griffin

I've always had a great experience with the employees here. I recently dropped my phone and that caused a whole host of problems. When I walked into the store, I was immediately greeted and helped. I only had to wait about 10 minutes in line for an employee to sit down with me and address my concerns. My phone was repaired on the same day and was ready within a few hours. All of the employees are super kind and helpful!

Angela Camarena

The staff here is always friendly always help. The business team it's so helpful and so willing to answer questions and keeps in contact you when you're waiting to buy something. I love my Apple stuff and the fact that they're willing to answer my questions. I never feel bad for asking questions. If you need Apple stuff whether it's for big business or small business for sure talk with apple business team at the Eastwood Towne Center they're so good at answering questions and help you know where to look for things or help you find it before you get off a phone call. This is the only Apple Store I go to because of the service every time I go.


6 employees standing around having personal conversations, 4 people who arrived after me were serviced first and I only needed a new iPhone ‘approved’. Terrible mismanagement.

Jackson Bigirimana

The store was a waste of time I came in there and i waited for 20 mins then i wait another 40 mins to here the words "You have to pay 360$ to replace the phone" I told them no and then when i came out the phone couldn't even turn on it kept going into recovery mode they broke my phone I really don't like this.

Scott Hargus

Like most Apple stores, it was very busy but there were plenty of staff to take care of shoppers. Staff were very friendly, offering us a variety of options and explaining in great detail the differences.

Henry Phillips

Great store, wait times are not bad!!

Doug Beck

Great shopping center

David May

This Apple store is much easier to get to and usually less busy than the other stores that are within driving distance from me. Very pleased with the incredible staff here that always takes time to ensure you’re making the correct purchase. 10/5 stars

Tim Peck

Typical Apple Store with good customer service and a good location for the Greater Lansing area. This is my go to store due to distance.

Vinnie D


Liam O'Hare

The Service is amazing! My iPhone 6 was having trouble charging so I decided to take it in. They told me they must take it back and open it because it was so dirty. It only took about 1 minute to get it fixed. The service was so fast. The even better part is that it was free!

Pete Bland

Typical apple store the staff were very helpful and friendly which bumped up the star rating for me.

Moses Terry

They had me in and out in 10 min. They rock!

Samip Patel

Very happy with their service. Knowledge staff. Not too much wait time. Persons who Took care our concern is awesome. Excellent !!!

marksartor .

Went to get my iPhone 7 Plus battery replaced @ 10:30AM Monday Morning, Dec. 10, 2018 - I had an Appointment. The place was crowded and a good number of people wanted their iPhone Batteries replaced! The staff was awesome, and the poor guy or gal In the back replacing batteries did a quick and great job for me! I had my iPhone back within 1 hour! Apple has set up a Great system for handling the large numbers of people who flock to their stores to Buy items, or get repairs etc. VERY satisfied! Thanks Apple, and the Great Crew at the Apple Store in the Eastwood mall in Lansing MI!

American 08

In my opinion this location gets an F. Technician's don't have a single clue how to fix computers. Rude to anyone who go aginst their advice to replace rather than repair. This place is a leftists circus.

Joy Michael

Awesome customer service and will help you fix any product issues you have to the best of their ability. Also if they like you they give you free headphones or something else small.

Fred Wieting

Great, they solved all my problems.

Manny Marz

Thumbs down with customer service. I was ignored by 2 reps and 1 stood right next to me straightening out a drawer..... I took my business to Verizon.

Michael Conway

Very busy but helpful and professional.

jim randels

Extremely disappointed with my experience today. I used my AppleCare in December. I was given a brand new phone for only $99.00. That was fine and expected. Now 111 days after receiving that new phone we find it is defective and cannot be repaired. Our only options are purchase a new phone or settle for a phone that does not function. To me that is unacceptable! Defects happen in every product, it is to be expected from time to time. What also is to be expected is that the company would stand by their product. Even be embarrassed that they produced something below standard. Well not Apple today, they were fine with this. So if you purchase your phone for full price you get one year manufacturers warranty from these possibilities. If you purchase your phone with AppleCare you only get 90 days. Unlike many companies with high standards of quality, they seem to only care about the products you pay full price for. What’s the point of AppleCare I asked if I am getting an inferior product back? Manager Aaron told me that unlike my carrier insurance plan, I am guaranteed genuine Apple products and parts with AppleCare. That’s funny because it seems those genuine products are only good for 3 months!

Kyle Mcgauley

Excellent experience, I was helped very quickly and everyone was very friendly. My technician Daniel was incredible, very knowledgeable and made my day. Thank you so much for everything, I'll be back when it's time for a new device.

Ted F

Super friendly and helpful staff here. She made the buying experience so much easier and was very helpful with setup and transfer from older devices. I highly recommend shopping here if you're in the market for new Apple products.

Mary Troxell

They know their stuff

Brenten Kelly

Creepers. Asked too many personal questions.

Thomas Farr

Very Helpful Staff!

richard nerkowski

This place is great , staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Has all the great new products that is on the market. Staff fixed problem promptly.

Steve Jakubos

Very helpful staff! Reasonably short wait.

arsena 20

After talking to Verizon, I wasn't very excited to bring my smashed phone to Apple. But from the second I walked through the door I was welcomed and helped immediately, even though it was busy. It ended up being cheaper and took a lot shorter than I thought it would. The staff was very friendly and helpful. A very good experience.

Jackie Mccormick

Great Apple Store lots of knowledgeable and helpful workers.

Penny Sinclair

We had great service at this store. Isaiah helped us download files and pictures off an older MAC to my newer MAC and set the old MAC so my granddaughter could use it as her computer. He suggested we buy a drive in order to do this and use the drive as a back-up. Isaiah was very patient helping us get this done.

James Fogarty

Excellent customer service. The Apple store employees know their stuff. I was there for a short while asking questions and they were able to answer all of them.

Swapna Sindhu Mishra

It's a nice store, but when I went to get an order picked up last time, the place was packed and I had to wait in line. It seems like it usually is the place. I hope the place was bigger and they had more people working for them. The people are very professional and good salesmen though. It's not hard to see why Apple sells. They don't sell phones, they try to sell you an experience.


The wife likes stopping at the stores in here.

James L

Great Mall if you're going to Apple Store go early

Daisy Tapley

i loved the storr


We visited the Apple store in Eastwood Towne Center to purchase new Ipad Pro's, & it was a great experience for us. We were greeted immediately upon entering the store, & the sales associate that helped us with our purchase was beyond accommodating & friendly. He was great. He didn't try to persuade us into buying something we didn't want, like many other sales associates try to do in places like this. We knew what we wanted before we even walked thru the door, & he made that transaction quick & pleasant for us. We shopped there again a month later to get a new computer for my daughter, & we got the same sales associate, & our experience was just as pleasant. Will shop here again. Will recommend to others.

Jay Patel

I was a walk-in and they replaced my Macbook's broken keys in less than 20 minutes. My warranty expired 3 years ago but they didn't charge me a single cent, and they held the door for me as I left! The whole experience left me very content. Sure Apple charges more for laptops, but mine has lasted 4 years and I continue to receive stellar customer support at no additional cost. I don't think I've ever been treated this well by a big company before.

Carolann Kent

I have been to this store a few times for repairs and purchases. Very pleased. Went there on 9/9/18 with issues on a Mac Book Pro, iPhone X and an iPad air. We only waited 10 minutes for a tech. Everything was fixed in 30 minutes. I'm closer to Novi, but will always go to this location.

Laurie Harris

The service was awesome. It was worth the 3 hour trip down.

Jason M Martin

By far the worst Apple store trip of my life I have never seen such poorly trained rude employees inside an Apple store in my life there is absolutely no excuse for how I was treated. To top it off I was told the new phone wasnt any better and basically I was waiting $1600 to upgrade from the X to get the larger screen. Also I would like to point out on your Google Business page it said 7 PM for your close time last night Sunday and I watched the employee tell someone they could not enter when the store was still full all they needed was a charger and it might have been 6:01 but I do not believe that it was even 6. They told them it says 7 PM online and were rudely talked to and I said I seen it also on Google they Business was turned away it's your stores responsibility to correct those things and I drove an hour and a half if I would have got turned away like that when its your fault your Business page has the wrong time I would have been irate. Now that Apple is selling on Amazon I dont see why they need these Apple stores with what appeared to be a poorly dressed walmart employee rejects that had no idea how to sell anything the fact the phones and macs sell themselves saves them from having to do anything. Lucky I made it back to the door in time or else I wouldnt have been aloud to exchange the case they sold me for the new phone which sadly they gave me the smaller case to the phone they sold me. Blows my mind. Shop online save yourself the trouble.

Rebecca Robbe

Went here for a repair and experienced great, timely service.

Mike Djavid

They do a Great job and they are very busy always. NEED MORE EMPLOYEES THERE GUYS...!!?

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