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REVIEWS OF Pak Mail IN Alabama

Travis Leier

Awesome people

Josué R. López

Good service

Mark Dehaven

Kati was very happy to be of service.

Elizabeth Novick

Caleb Maynard

Great place. Service for everyone.

Melissa Alexander

Clifford Story

Yesterday I went into my local Pak Mail For the First Time and I had a wonderful experience. The staff was courteous respectful and and very helpful. I will continue to use their services and I would recommend their services to anyone who needs all the many things that they offer.

Maggie Wright

Best ever people very friendly

Peter Warren

Brian Johnson

Great place good people easy to deal with

Tomas Dawson

I always bring my packages with postage (ups) already on them and they are always happy to take them.

Sherma Lopez

Friendly and professional Staff

Narlyne Desir

Friendly and Fair All Pakmail stores must pay the carriers a fee for pickups. As a courtesy, customers are allowed to drop off packages for free. However, PakMail dropoffs are similar to Drop Boxes. The customer must have the package sealed, ready for shipment. Should the customer require assistance with packaging or a receipt, then a fee is charged accordingly. This information is posted inside the store.

Corinne Bix

I had many items to ship after our online auction fundraiser for The United Way of Union County. Mark Denney, Store Manager, was very helpful and efficient. Great customer service!

Judy Greene

Fantastic place. Had Christmas presents to ship around the country. I came in with three large bags of gifts to be boxed. They boxed everything and figured the best way to ship to the different locations. Couldn't have been easier! Friendly service on top of everything.

MJ Baker

Not impressed

chassity Pylant

Nigel Clarke

I have been a customer of theirs for a few years now, and they are extremely professional and courteous. They offer many services and will go out of their way to help however they can. When sending out a package they will always advise on the best and most cost effective options. The companies I dealt with previously (before I moved into the area) don't compare with the service I get here.

Fadi Miro

Location on maps is not correctb its not at walmart, but on the shopping center next to it, between Davita Dialysis and Memorial wound care.

Omar Molina

La atención fue buena y el manejo de lo que envié llegó a tiempo

Sam H.

Matthew Andrews

Leia Perez

Sally Summers

I've been dropping off packages here for about 2 years now. Most of them online returns with prepaid shipping. I don't know how much he benefits from me dropping off my packages-probably more of a hassle than anything- yet the owner has always been so kind and always has a smile on his face. It's raining cats and dogs right now and after dropping off 2 wet packages he tells me "thank you" and to "be careful." Yay for decent people. They still exist and should be acknowledged as such.

Joshua Romanik

Anne is extremely rude. I wouldn't do business with her if she begged me.

Stay Dry Ohio

Mark was very helpful.

Joe Porter

This guy apparently doesn't care about customer service. I had a few heavy books to ship and he just looked at me and said he has another customer. He didn't want to deal with simply weighing the books. He was very rude about it.


Pretty worthless business. Can't make a simple amazon return here. Get with the times.

G Mitchell

Very High Ship rates.. wanted $49 to ship my package with UPS... I went 1/2 mile away and shipped with another Large UPS "retailer" for only $25.00! $24.00 savings! Later ,I checked on UPS site and sure enough the listed shipping rate(listed on website) was $25.. but some shady "retailers" add very LARGE additional fees.. Beware of pakmail

Adrienne Corna

Bryan Oxley

Shipped a laptop with a pre-paid UPS lapel. Guy at the counter was rude and seemed annoyed when people were walking in. I ask him if he could tape an end on my box and he said in a rude voice I will do it later I am busy! My first and last time here! I will make sure I tell small town Marysville to stay away from this place!

Michele P

For all your mail and package needs, this is the best place. All the staff is friendly, helpful, and professional.

Bradley Owens

It's alright.

Rafael Arias

todd peterson

2nd time the employees have been rude to me and a family member. I will take packages elsewhere to send. I dont mind paying for sealing a package, but to be rude about it is senseless. The position is customer service.

Jon Daly

A great place to pack and ship items. I’ve used them to ship items worldwide with no issues.

Nathan Dodge

Tried to mail a box of gifts to Germany. The guy at the counter was helpful, but when he entered the info, the cost was going to be $237!!! I repeated $237??? He said, "well, it's going all the way to Germany!" I walked out with said box, and mailed it via USPS for $66. It was a 7 lb box. Nice enough guy, but WAY over priced. Do some homework. Protect your money.

Peter Matev

Taylor L

Would NEVER use this shipping company again. They get one star for offering to drive to my house to pick up a large item and for packing the item with care. Other than that I am not satisfied. Even after a small discount provided their service is inadequate. They were given measurements weight totals etc (which I over stated) and I was provided with a quote. By the time everything was done (the pick up from my house , the packaging etc) I expected it to be a little more but they charged me an extrodinary amount above and beyond what is acceptable. Not taking the packing and delivery charge into account the shipping cost alone exceeded their quote. Very unhappy will not return and do not advise anyone to utilize this company.

M Kennedy

Always attentive and nice.

todd holland

I was dropping off over 10 packages a week for two years. Then they started charging me two dollars a package over 20 pounds I called corporate and it is not the policy other stores do not charge that the guy was there his name is Mark very rude will not help you at the door stairs at you when I charge you another two dollars a box I have another business partner that sell same things that we do she does not get charged to two dollars a box extra do not take your package to this place they overcharge you if you want to ship take it to Ace Hardware or Walgreens. I had talk to the owner of the store they have another one in Columbus and he hung up on me he do not want to hear about the two dollar extra charge.

Iryna Brown

Great place to go if you need anything shipped or notarized! Fast and friendly service!

Summer Todd

Came in desperate 1 minute before closing time and the lady helped me and never once acted bothered by helping me. This place is great because of the ladies that work there!!

Eboni Lowe

I get off work at 5 and rush to get here so I can pay my rent on time. They are completely closed, lights off, doors locked at 5:20. Need to update their hours if they don't bother to stay until the listed time.

Jeremy Mandile

Great experience. Fast and easy services

Lee L

If you want reasonable shipping prices, avoid this place like the plague. Wow!!!!!!

Alex Patterson

Aaron Milton

Charged me 2700.00 to ship my company products via FedEx but sent snail mail! Ignoring calls and products never made it! Ann is very unprofessional and has defrauded my company causing serious problems!

Perry Albright

They charged me $1.00 for a UPS Receipt, and on top of that my package will be delivered a day late! No very impressed with this location. Last time I will go to this location. Paid for two overnight am packages.

Chuck Friend

Do not use this business to ship a package. Use Ace Hardware instead. My wife sent a package and Pak Mail charged her twice as much as Ace would have.

Chelsea T

This location don't have any way of printing shipping labels. The store is so behind on technology. How do you have such a business that ships packages but doesn't have a printer to print the labels?

Kathreen Coleman

Great service. Always gives me the cheapest mail options. I ship weekly.

Gary Hyde III

I’m sure they might be nice people. BUT never have I been told it’s $2 for a receipt that I dropped off a package for a package service... AND asked to bring the package behind the counter to drop it off. If I don’t have to I’ll probably never come back.

Amanda Havely

Absolutely sad. Misinformed, ignorant. Waste of time and money for the company. If I was the employer I would be upset. Will not ever return. Some businesses thrive when they mind their own businesses.

tl extreme

I wish I could give a 0 star. Very, very rude customer service, they charge for every little thing, like to tape a box, or if the package is over x pounds. That is an absurd! They are UPS authorized store, but they don't even have the scan to read the UPS codes. Very poorly managed. They absolutely dont care about their customer. If you want to receive a bad service go tho PakMail. I think UPS should really know what they are doing because UPS is great, and they obviously dont have the same principles.

Ernesto Alicea

Great Customer Service

Chris Fichter

Yoel Espinal

Horrible customer service, Anne was very rude and demanding. Offered no options and spoke with a threatening attitude on every call. Avoid this store, its not worth the trouble.

Christy Guest

Soleil Fernandez

Nice atmosphere.

Marie Nichols

This location does not have a notary and Mark says they never had. I'll save you the phone call!

Ethic Grind

Great services

Stephanie Pugh

Very nice lady

Keith Taylor

Frederic Labadie

I tried to send a letter to France. I got there about 30 minutes before close. No line. Walked up. Gave the guy the address and other information. He entered it then told me the system wouldn’t take it. Didn’t know why. Said he needed to restart several times. I looked at the computer screen it was restarted. Left half an hour later, I’m leaving with my letter in hand as he’s listing ups and FedEx locations in Dublin.

Ashley Jade Brooks

Terrible owner. We are military and I needed to get a private mail box to forward our mail after selling our house in Delaware. I called around to the local private boxes and Ann (the owner) seemed so nice over the phone, she told me to DEF use her company bc she treats the military right (BAHHAHA) she told me her store was "right outside the gate" I was like sweet! There is always a plaza off every base, guess what her location is 20 mins AWAY from the closest gate. Not only did she lie about her location, she was always rude and pushy in store. The other two employees were always a joy, but the owner. BE WARE. our last straw, which warrants this review, months after we closed on our house and closed our account with them, after giving them our forwarding address to have any mail that slipped past us. Well, as luck would have it we are waiting for an escrow check that has never came, and today Carolyn called to let me know my husband had a check that arrived and she didn't want to forward it to us, to quickly come get it so that her boss didn't send it back. So I immediately told my husband and he went hours later after work to get it, and wouldn't you know THE OWNER, Ann, SENT IT BACK, the SAME DAY we were told about it. With that being said, I would NEVER tell anyone to use this store. That is a TERRIBLE way to run a business and I would never do that to customers. If I could give her no stars I would.

Jimmy Howard

Kent Peter

Convenient place to get your stuff packed and mailed. I had a decorative item to send as a gift and didn't feel safe making my own box that would make the shipping without being damaged. On their tv display they have packaged some large odd shaped items so if you need it done they might be able to help.

Corey Kuykendall

The place is a real dump, the guy wasn't very helpful. I went in because I was told that was the best way to ship my package back. The guy behind the counter was rude, and started to leak dip spit out his his mouth. I wanted to find a way to send a package back, not get belittled because I'm not a drop ship expert!

Danielle Harrison

I just stopped into my local pak mail in town and the gentleman behind the counter was so pleasant and helpful! I brought a box and a return item but needed some bubble wrap and tape and he initially said he’d only charge me the Bubble wrap which was only $2. Once I realized I didn’t have any cash (it was $5 minimum credit card charge) he graciously said he’d help me out. This truly made my day and so happy to see generous employees like this!

scott ray

Ibi Yi

Rude People. Expensive Prices. No Thanks.

Laura Carpenter

Really nice owners wrkng there & very helpful! They have EVERYTHING u need like Western Union, computer use, fax & copying & much more!!

Sarah Mae Abangan Rodriguez

Very friendly and super helpful!

Frank Castle

Very friendly and courteous staff, tremendously helpful in shipping my bulky packages.

Jason Smith

More expensive than other shipping places, even for UPS. Another UPS shipping place in Marysville was $40 less for same item. RIP OFF!

Richard Holubowicz

I have had many things shipped to the Caribbean and everything has made it down with no damage. Wonderful packing and crating. Steve is great to deal with.

Catherine Reed

So very helpful ALWAYS!!!!

Kat Semones

Pak Mail is OPEN! 491A Colemans Crossing

First Last

cirel egelman

I had some precious items to ship on Dec. 4th. Jen was so helpful and informative. Terrific gal.

Gary Joseph Stier

Poor parking but really tries to give good service

Eddy Desir

This is a Business Center. They ship anywhere even is South America. It is the best for our community.

Cari Foley

After my mom passed away I had to ship some of her heirlooms to Florida. I was really worried and nervous to send it through the regular postal system, so I used Pak Mail. Jenn totally understood and built a box so that there was no way for it to get broken. It arrived safe and sound in FL within a couple days! Thank you Jenn and Gary for making something so difficult, waaay easier.

Lakeyah Parks

Paul Daniel

Mary Lang

They are always friendly and try to help the customers as much as possible.

Erica Jackson

The Pak Mail on Union in Memphis used to be a decent place to ship packages. However, they are unfortunately now under new management. I've never had any problems with them until they got new management. I usually go here to return books back to book renting businesses and they used to put the tape on your box as long as you had everything prepared. Sadly, I came in there, with everything already prepared, expecting the employee to put tape on my package. I was shocked when the man (I assume the manager) had a rude attitude and hectically rushed me to put tape on the box myself (as if I was his employee or something). The man seemed to be so upset that he took my books out of the boxes and mixed them up. Because of his attitude, I now have to pay late fees to the book rental companies because of the trouble of getting the books sent back and returning them to the right company. I called him to complain but he only said that he was not held responsible. I wouldn't recommend anyone come to the Pak Mail on Union if you don't have to. Unfortunately, the other ones are out of my way and I just have my packages already fully prepared to be shipped so that I don't have to go through this hassle anymore. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PAK MAIL PLEASE!

Linda Gamboa

Nice place, nice people and reliable.


Really bad service. Never go to this place.

Belinda Heerwagen

Do not use this shipping company!!! Here is why: YOU HAVE OTHER CHOICES. Why would anyone go to a company that charges rates higher than either UPS or FEDEX and then without letting you know, takes 7 days to pack your package and who knows by what method they are shipping it!!! I bought a ceramic rooster at Rich Designs. They use this company to ship items. Bought it on 20 JUL and they got it to PaK Mail on 23 JUL. My credit card was billed for $198 on 24 JUL. It is now 02 AUG, no rooster. The bird could have flown himself here by now! I wrote to Gary at Pak Mail who said he was sorry but he's been back logged and just shipped it yesterday, 01 AUG. Really???!!! He offered me a $20 refund for my "inconvenience". Ridiculous is the word that keeps playing in my head. Please go somewhere else to do your shipping just because, there are companies out there that will charge you a more realistic amount and give you better service...end of story.

Keith Hunt

Kelly Kristine Griffin

I have to give a shout out to Alexis. Thank you Alexis for your patience with me. You went above and beyond doing the notary for me. You didn't lose your cool and you worked on me until you found the answer. Very friendly, and I appreciate your time Alexis.


I worked at pakmail I really enjoyed working there meeting people from all over it was like a family there. So I thought, I was shunned, back stabbed, lied too, betraded by co- workers and my boss I thought we were close almost like good friends were I could confide with, all that was a smoke screen. Anne the owner and boss I thought she cared about me God really liked working there, then she went on vacation came back and fired me for getting into a confrontatsionin with Ross Auction where they cheated me out of my beautiful antiques wreath so much more then $74 dollars that he gave me for 10 pieces of nice stuff so if you want to give your stuff away that's the place to go cause they will screw you over big time. Anyway I got upset with him and Anne are a so-called team of some sort and had her fire me or he wouldn't do business with her anymore more,," bribery" so thats how that played out so if you want to get ripped off by anyone of these companies that the place cause she over charges all who walks in her shop as well as Ross auction stay clear there bad people with no heart.

Jean Miller

Took a bag there to be boxed and sent. Paid $23.18 for next day delivery to Columbus. The receipt said it would be there by noon. It's now 4 PM and still not there. We called the store and the guy, Mark, said it wasn't there and that maybe the driver didn't scan the box?? He was not helpful at all. Will never go there again. This was Oct. 15-16.

Bradly Bradshaw


The owner has always been kind as well as patient with me! He speaks and talks to my daughters all the Time. This is the only place I go to drop off packages and purchase envelopes. I have no compliants.

Jeannie Kim

Dropped off perishable package for my son in Seattle on Tuesday morning. It cost arm and a leg to be delivered on Friday. The young guy was very helpful. The package was not delivered on Friday and I did not get a phone call. I called Saturday morning to find out what had happened and I got a very rude person, Mark, on the other end telling me there was nothing he can do. He blamed UPS. They didn't deliver it because they didn't have a unit number. It was Unit A or B. They could have gone to the door and asked or called me. It has been the worse experience. I will never use them or recommend them.

Erika Merlos

Derek Nehring

They took the package and sent it..well done!

Becky Callen

NEGATIVE STAR RATING!!!!!!! This is the WORST U-haul rental office ever!! Although I purchased the accident insurance and know for a fact there was no damage on the van I rented when I returned it after hours on Friday, June 1st, I received a damage charge of $125.07 and am just supposed to take their word for it that the van even had damage on it, they never called me or anything, just realized the charge when I looked on;line at my bank account. SAVE YOURSELF MONEY AND HEADACHES GO ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE!!

Alexis Sandoval

Jodene Beck

I have had pretty good experiences with this establishment until today. I arrived 10 minutes prior to the posted close time (sign still said open) and was abruptly told with a scowl by the woman who came from the back that they were getting ready to close. When I asked if we should leave she asked what we wanted to do, I said mail these items.... and she shook her head and with attitude said yes we're closing. Once we left, she turned the sign to closed.....8 minutes before the posted close time. I will take my business else where. The really nasty attitude was the worst part. There are a LOT of better ways to go about turning away paying customers, if that's your preferred business model.

Stacy Turner

Slow and inaccurate services. I'd rather take it to USPS. That says a lot.

Ray Mead Kissimmee. Florida

Must be the most friendliest Pack an Ship Place Anywhere. I have been going there regularly at least once a week for probably 2 years now, ALWAYS a friendly smile and greeting. Not sure where the Bad reviewers are going but it cannot be to this store. Keep it up and I will see you this week again

Dan Barnhart

DR1 Ross

They have been convenient when I needed to send a fax. They never seem to have fax cover sheets, though. They're very over priced for shipping though.

Anne Andres

The service that I have received has been friendly and professional.

Heather Wharram

Best PO Box in Colorado! Mr. & Mrs. Wharram Love You Anne!

Mike Dannevik

Always friendly and fast

Delaney Wickwire

A Google User

Edwin Alvarado

I dropped off two prepaid UPS parcels. I took pictures of the parcels and the display with the store, Pak mail. The owner of the store confronted me and told me that I couldn't take pictures inside his store and insisted to see the pictures that I took. I show him the pictures and there was no one face in it. He didn't even apologized..There were no signs in the store indicating not to take photos. The owner apparently has a chip on his shoulder alluding all the time that he is the owner of the store. I never been scolded for taking a picture in a post office UPS store much less at a restaurant or any store for that matter. He was very rude and disrespectful. I would never go back to that store.

Taylor Swift

I wish I could give less than one star. Every single day there are people waiting outside. I had a package that was supposed to be delivered early AM, and they don't open until 12. Their website doesn't say that, and they refuse to update their hours. Ann is also very rude when you ask her about it. They are also always taking vacations, and are always closed. You're better off going directly to UPS or Fed Ex. This place is ridiculous.

Richard Averbeck

Steve was very knowledgeable and informative in helping my daughter move from Milwaukee to Seattle. He gave specifics, made suggestions, and showed ways to reduce or hold costs down. The move was very successful on both ends thanks to Steve's coaching. We have used his services over the past couple of years and we regularly go to him with our mailings. We recomend his service very highly. Riichard

Sarah Capps

Great fast hones service, if the USPS can do it cheaper, they will let you know. But usually I'm there because I don't want to wait in line at the USPS

Rose Simpson

The lady behind the counter is ridiculously and unnecessarily rude. She muttered under her breath every time I asked her anything. Upon witnessing her toss my package to the ground I asked for a fragile label and got an eyeroll in return.

Billy Hooper

Horrible customer service. Rude employees and they try to charge for services, that at any other UPS authorized location would do complimentary. Unfortunately I can't give a zero star review, but the star that's given its not deserved.

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