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Janusz Tucholski

Not very impressive customer service. Too many people, I guess. But also apple online customer service in not exactly stellar. I am trying to get a battery replacement for my iPhone 6S. Takes forever.... How company with such a customer service can be the most valuable American company?

Jim Russell

Based on public demand, this is the best establishment in northern Alabama. They took care of our repair needs while we waited. Staff was friendly, personable, and accommodating. We visited on two afternoons, a Sunday and a Monday, crowded both times but Sunday was literally elbow to elbow.

Marshall Mooney

The Apple Store is extremely white. It is very clean and laid out very well. The people are very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. They were so excited to help bring out a new Macbook Pro for my son. He was so excited when they came out with his MacBook Pro. He jumped up and down, giggled, and clapped like a seal. It was quite an emotional experience. I will be forever grateful to the people in this Apple Store for making the day so special for my son. If it weren't for the fact that they look at me so strangely when I ask for their address, I would send them a Christmas card.

Ryan Stevenson

In and out real fast

Geoffrey Hennies

Nice store, very busy, but very organized. Only waited a couple of minutes.


A busy place but efficient and helpful.

Christopher Mosley

I was greeted swiftly when I entered but after that my experience was not pleasant. I was told to wait by the iPads as I was attempting to return my iPad Air to Upgrade it to the iPad Pro. I waited 20 minutes by the iPads and no one ever came to help me. Several employees who didn’t seem to be busy or helping other customers walked right by me without making eye contact purposely after I know they saw me standing there. It got to the point where new customers were walking in and getting serviced before me. I even asked for helped once and they told me they would be with me shortly. This same experience happened to me twice in the same day. I shouldn’t have to chase down an employee to spend my hard earned money. Please improve your process for helping customers when they enter this is unacceptable.

Eddie Snow

Horrible. I took 2 phones to simply have everything transferred over. After 3 hours of sitting watching my associate skip from customer to customer they said mine was complete. Once to my car trying to send a text, that didn’t send, I noticed most of my photos, about all my text and some contacts weren’t transferred. Back inside store where I was told the iCloud couldn’t hold my text without purchasing a massive data package. So I had no choice but to accept the fact I had to lose contacts, apps, text, emails,games, photos. So all and all I ended up with a blank phone plus my old phone that wasn’t cleared as I asked could they do. Unreal managed store, they DO NOT spend time with customers or obliviously listen. Thanks.

Andria B

Went to store last Saturday they didn’t offer to help me at all maybe because I’m black idk they asked everyone if they needed help if they were older or white. A man just came up to the laptops I wanted to get. The salesman was helping this lady with her cellphone so after he finished he instantly offer to help him after I been standing there for a good 15 mins. Will not be returning and I had the money to buy anything in that store. And I already have Apple products (iMac, Tablets, and IPhone) I just wanted a mini MacBook Pro. Going elsewhere.

Matt Speer

Friendly place to purchase apple products

Stephen Rowe

I set up an appointment a week in advance to have an iphone fixed. I got to the store 5 minutes before my appointment time and spoke with someone immediately when I walked in. I ended up waiting 45 minutes to see somebody. There were several employees walking around just chit-chatting and no one even approached me to ask if they could help. In the end they couldn't even fix my phone and I had to buy a new one.... I would give negative stars if possible.

Robert Ryan

This was the worst experience in have ever had in a retail store. I think they need to learn what customer service is!

George William

Not a good experience. After being assured that my phone was saved to a laptop, I had a repair to my phone camera. When I returned it was wiped to factory settings. The technician said “it’s easy. Just select these apps and load them”. In the store they used nearly 3G of my data doing so because it wasn’t connected to WiFi. Now I must pay for extra data because it pushed me over my limit. Then it took hours to enter my user name and passwords for each and every app. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

Brian Williams

Unbelievably bad! Made appointment for battery replacement, sat in the overcrowded waiting area for 30 minutes. Advisor comes and then proceeds to tell me they will have to order a battery. Manager says he “can’t control inventory levels”. Lol !! It’s not an inventory issue, don’t make the appointment to change a battery if you don’t have batteries in stock!! Wow. Wasted our time Nice employees though.

brian haynes

Went in to have my battery replaced in my iPhone. The Apple Specialist said it wasn’t possible without replacing the screen for an additional $150 due to a small chip. I brought the phone to another repair shop and they said the chip wasn’t a problem at all!

Laura Cooper

This Apple Store has a phenomenal crew working there. I’ve been in for phone issues a few times and have had exceptional customer service every time. Today I was there for 4.5 hours while they fixed a technical issue, then puzzled through an impressively complicated billing situation. Employees stayed after their shifts and no one called it quits until everything was straightened out. They’re resourceful, smart, personable, and funny. I don’t go to the Apple Store expecting a quick fix. I go expecting them to be able to help me - as long as it takes. I’m satisfied every time I have to make the trip to Birmingham. I can’t recommend the employees at this store highly enough.

Becca Phillips Harris

Staff members are nice and helpful. Best to call ahead and schedule an appointment because it is always busy! They are very organized and knowledgeable, though.

Kelton Gardner

Trish is a great employee she stayed on the phone with me for 2 hours trying to setup and back up my new iPhone

Andrew Barrett

Needed a battery replacement for my IPhone 6, set up an appointment specifically for battery replacement on getsupport/apple website. The lady in the store ran a diagnostic on my phone saying I did indeed need a replacement battery but they didn’t have any and it would be 6-8 weeks. I drove from out of town because I had an appointment to replace the battery, I told her that and she acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about and that all my appointment was good for was a diagnosis. My iPhone did that on its own when it repeatedly shut down with 40% left. Extremely unhelpful and disappointing. Did not fulfill their promise or make an attempt to rectify the situation.

Kristie Witt

Called and was on hold for 15 minutes. Nobody answered, so I hung up. Called back and still the same thing. Why can’t we just get an actual person at a store instead of being transferred here and there?! Smh

Anna Askew

There were a lot of people there. We got there at 10am when they first opened. My husband was there to buy an Apple watch. We live in Montgomery so hopefully sometime in the near future, Apple will expand their stores and open one here in Montgomery.


I drove from the Montgomery area to have my daughter’s laptop repaired. I didn’t know that I needed to make an appointment. Dashia at the help desk told me there would be a 2 hour wait before I could be helped. After telling her that I drove a long way, she asked one of their technicians to assist me. The technician came over immediately, wrote up my issue and took my laptop. I was on my way back home in about 15 minutes. Thanks to Dashia

Neely neelymarissa

Breathtaking how little the crew cares about customers. They spent longer checking me in than looking at my computer. I was told, "I'm sorry". Which I could have heard after an hour on hold. Don't waste your time.

Resa T

Very poor customer service. All the money that this business make you would think that they would treat their customers better. They do not care about their customers at all.

Tiffany Birmingham

The employees are friendly. Just wish it wasnt an hour away to get something fixed.especially when it isnt fixed the first time


Wait is too long, even with an appointment. Once service is given, customer service is great.


Appointments are set up quickly, staff is courteous.

Lawanda Moreland

The attendant was exellant. The time spent of about 4 hrs. was pure hell. Will never, at what ever the cost, go back to the store again.

David Kerr

I want to give a shout out to Jessica for outstanding customer service to me yesterday. Very knowledgable, humorous, and friendly. She helped me get my Mac Book Pro back. I appreciate her, check her and the store out. Great people!


Excellent customer service.

Zack Burdeshaw

Really good store. Staff was very knowledgeable.

kyle dostica

1 hour wait everytime. we have went and it's been in the middle of the day on a random tues or thursday , I dont own anything Apple and never will if this is the only way to get service. If I could only get my teenage daughters to realize Apple products are underpowered and overpriced junk.

Serene Chen

Friendly efficient service. They couldn’t replace my laptop battery because the model is now considered ‘vintage’, but pointed me in the direction of a third party who could.

Coby King

Terrible experience just terrible.

Erick Njoka

Excellent service, even when crowded.

C K Gamble

I had an appointment for 1pm. My issue with my apple device was not addressed until 2:15pm. The Genius Bar was packed with clients. My Ipad was connected to a computer by a salesperson working the floor who stated that he was not a technician. Later, he returned and stated my Ipad was beyond repair and attempted to sell me a new device . A technician never looked at my device. I thought the point of having an appointment was so that a technician could troubleshoot my device not a salesperson.

Cynthia Timmerman

Great help just takes FOREVER. 2 and a half hours.

Kyle Lindamood

Extremely busy but they worked diligently to get everyone taken care of. Great staff, great service and all with a smile! Great place and staff

Misty Helms

Amazing team! Always takes such good care of me!

Angelica S.

Word to the wise, Apple doesn't care if you get a refund or not! I purchased an app called "Don't Call Me" in attempt to block unwanted calls. I paid $1.99 for this app! Long story short, the app misrepresented its capabilities and I asked for a refund. I was told "no" by their senior iTunes support person who goes by Jimi. He refused to tell me why. When I told him it is my right as a consumer to get a refund for something that is falsely advertised and to know WHY I cannot get one, he ended the chat. I then chatted again, this time after filing a formal complaint with both the FTC and BBB, this time I spoke to Amanda who told me the same thing. All she kept telling me was all sales are final. She didn't care that they have an app on their App Store that falsely advertises itself. She didn't care that I'm not the only person who wanted their money back. She didn't even care that I filed a complaint against them! They are so greedy they would rather stick to policy and keep $2, then do what is right by the people who pay over $1K for their phones! No way! Be weary, don't buy apps from Apple unless you have no other choice. I've been an Apple girl since the 3GS. Now I'm considering selling my phone and going to android. ***UPDATE*** 2 weeks after this review, I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S9+...and I won't be going back anytime soon.

Andrew Henderson

Went in to find a USB adapter. I was told to wait by the accessory wall and that someone would come help me. Waited 10 minutes, asked a couple of people if they could help, they kept telling me someone would be over shortly. After I’d stood by a wall asking for help for 15-20 minutes, it turned out I had time to find my answers via Google on my phone. Found the product I needed, ordered on Amazon, and left the store. I gave them two stars because they let me use their air-conditioning while I did my online shopping.

Shelby Harlow

I have an appointment at 4:30, got here about 4:07. Thinking it would be no big deal to check in 20 minutes early and all seems fine at first then the greeter guy comes back and says that I need to leave the store for 15 minutes until my appointment time. Nope not happening buddy, I’ve worked all day too and I’m sitting my happy butt over here waiting for one of these knock offs to hopefully fix my watch that had the apple death logo

Lindsay Stager

Tomorrow will be the third time I have taken my computer into this store for the same problem. The previous two times I was assured the computer was fixed, however, the computer remains far from functioning. The last time I took it in they sent it away and charged me $500 for repairs. When I got home it wouldn't even turn on... Now that it has turned on (miraculously) none of the keys on the keyboard work (this was not even an issue when I took it in). I am a graduate student who has now been without a laptop for over a week thanks to this store's incompetence. I deeply regret trusting this company with my computer and wish I had simply bought a new one from a different company when they suggested a $500 repair. I will not be buying any more of their products but cannot afford to shop elsewhere at the moment due to their incredibly high "repair" costs. If you need a working computer do not go here.

Maleek Townsend

The manager is so rude they are unprofessional if you have any problems don't trust this store i was told lies for days they won’t replacemy ipad battery even if the cuz was after the new ios 12 update and it was a year and a week or two old they won’t replace my battery I have to pay a whole iPad replacement cost $379 even though it was only two week after my warranty expires The second thing they lied to me saying the iPad battery is not replaceable where I replaced it At a third-party store witch apple don’t recommend you and tell your they not trained to work on there products for as low $75 and it took them a couple hours and my iPad back working like new also my iPhone x face id stop working for an unknown reason and because it was out of warranty I have to replace the whole screen for $270 plus tax witch i also took it to the same store who fix my iPad battery replaced the proximity sensor and my face ID is back working in only cost me 69+ tax in more more issues my family have experience on iPhone 7 plus audio problem iPhone 7 network problem iPhone 6 Plus touch problem iphone 6s battery drain with that being said i learned my lesson and I'm sharing my experience, it is very disappointed that all these smiler or identical experience that people had & share & complained and still that location is open .

Jacque Test

Staff always very knowledgeable and quick to help. My daughter had to have her Mac sent for repairs, shipped out on Friday evening from this location computer was returned late Saturday evening.

Markeese Cammon

They are very clean great service, speedy service, and friendly staff. But only have Apple products so they don't get the last star #Samsung #SamsungS10

John Higginbotham

Apple products literally control my house. With that said, I am not such a fan boy to the point where I like to be treated like I'm stupid and like I don't matter. This place seems to hire mostly entitled, chip on their shoulders associates. Not all of them have this attitude, many (over half) have excellent people skills and can-do attitudes. Management is to blame here and a shake up wouldn't be the worst thing if Apple is to keep their reputation that they have worked too hard to build.


My sister and I had a wonderful woman named Bre working with us who went above and beyond to help us fix our problem. There is quite a bit of a wait but you can still tell that every employee is working hard to help as many people as they can as efficiently as they can.

Craig Winn

Very well staffed. Lots of apple stuff. I was a little disappointed to learn they do not sell phone plans with the phone. Not a huge deal but still kinda of weird that if you don’t have a plan you can’t walk out talking on your new phone. They always seem to be busy. Genius bar was overwhelmed tonight.

Jeffery King

Great service and personal attention.

Joseph Gray

In the past my experience here has been second to none. I love the way things are structured so that every person gets the individual attention they ask for and gets treated with respect. Recently I scheduled an appointment with a specialist to look into a common issue with my 6plus. The camera was shaking rapidly rendering it useless- an issue which has been reported across most 6plus models. The specialist I saw said my iPhone did not qualify for repairs under the warranty and that I'd have to pay out of pocket. I chose to decline the offer. The specialist was nice but his hands were tied. In the apple survey email I expressed my disappointment in the situation and soon got an email from the manager of this location asking if I'd be willing to meet. I happily replied "yes" and got nothing in return. After almost a week I sent another email asking if they would like to schedule a weekend. Still nothing. Since this is extremely uncharacteristic of apple I feel it reflects poorly on the entire organization.

Keith Dukes

Worst store I have ever been to. Every time I go in whether I have an appointment or not I'm told to come back. Then when I finally get to genius desk I'm told nothing's wrong. So I'm forced to contact cooperate. When I contact cooperate I send my device in and they find issues wrong with it. Take today for instance. I had a 11:40am appointment. I arrived early at 11:10. I was told to come back 15 minutes before my appointment. I arrived back at 11:25 am. I didn't get a rep until 12:16 after I asked someone at 12:08 when I was going to be seen. The guy told me that someone was showing to be already helping me. There was a guy who came in at 11:50 that was seen at 11:55. There was another guy who came in at 11:54am that was seen at 11:59 both before me. Now a lady. They both checked in after my scheduled appointment. There was 5 genius reps talking to each other in a circle before they all went to the back for 10 minutes when 3 came back out. There was approx. 30 people in the store. The reps on the floor was assisting the people not waiting for the Genius Bar. There was approx. 7 people including me waiting for the bar at 11:30. This is why I totally dislike this location.

Susan Aguiar

DO NOT BUY Apple unless you want no service, and no help if you have a problem and live where there is no Apple store. Drive to a store and be told sorry we can’t help you, even take the computer to figure out what is wrong. VERY frustrating, if you can’t tell by my post!

Dominique Hudson

I’m from Huntsville so I’ve never been to this one before until yesterday, and let me say I was blown away by the amazing friendliness and customer service i got compared to the Huntsville location at bridge street! These people actually wanted to help me and didn’t shoo me away asap like Huntsville always does. Kya was amazing and so sweet!!! I loved her friendly, positive attitude! Fred was a great helper as well! Very patient and understanding. I definitely will be back whenever I need to!

Blake Sheffield

Quite busy, as almost all Apple Stores are, but the wait time went by reasonably quickly, and the purchasing process was surprisingly painless.

David Bailey

If I could give a lower rating I would. While at the store today (12.20.18) around 10:30 - 10:45 am an employee (he stated he was the manager) took the liberty to eavesdrop on my personal phone conversation and interject himself into my conversation in a effort to change the outcome of my conversation. This is a clear invasion and abuse of privacy. If an Apple store manager (as he indicated) would do this, who's to say what they or Apple would do with our private information.

Anneka Jones

I live in Montgomery,Al and was calling simply mac here in my area and was calling the store and they were not picking up so I started to drive up there... I called this mac store just to get a simple answer to my question and was on the phone with Monique and she was not only friendly but helped resolve my problem quickly. She was amazing! I didn't even have to drive up the the simply mac anymore she helped me find my AirPods.

akrem fadel

The Rudest customer service I ever had with so called store manger clovice very rude I hate going to that store I wouldn’t recommend anyone to not take your business there or not to trust that store there customer services is garbage Shame on you apple you shouldn’t let them represent you and should take their certificate of business I use to love apple products I swear this store make me hate it I went to the store three time for warranty and the keep having different excuse first by telling that there something wrong with my device and then when I told them to fixe it there is nothing wrong with it and the there is physical damage to my device and what is the physical damage that someone poke the mic with pointy thing and she was just using a screw driver

Margie McClenny

I went to two free classes today on how to use features on my new iPad. The instructor was very knowledgable and helpful. I will definitely be going to more.

Mary Mwai

Justin was very helpful great communication and efficiency.

Samuel Rainer

My wife bought an Apple watch. Two people helped her set it up. They were both knowledgeable and very helpful.

Leola Gibson

Very very very busy office! This two associates that assisted me were patient and professional, but only half of my issue was solved because I have Moto phone from consumer Cellular.

Ruth Curtis

We were greeted and taken to a place to be helped. Our helper was very good. She was courteous and kind. She knew exactly how to help us.

Christopher Harris

The reservations process is extremely flawed and a complete waste of time. I cannot tell you how angry I am after setting up an appointment TO REPAIR MY BATTERY AND SELECT MY EXACT PHONE MODEL TO BE TURNED AWAY WHEN I ARRIVE. Used to be a huge fan of Apple products but now the products and company as a whole are a HUGE disappointment.

Casey Below

Staff was helpful, even though the store was very busy.

zena garrison

It took a very long time to get help from someone

Tim Ashley

I walked into a very crowded store and was met at the door by a smiling salesperson. I told him exactly what I wanted, and I was out the door with my new phone in less than 10 minutes!

Tamika Alexander

Staff was very helpful and wait time was very short

Preston Joiner

Apple is one of the busiest places I've ever seen they stay busy but somehow they manage to get to everyone just make sure you have a appointment and they will be able to get to you they have a beautiful store filled with all the latest products so if you're thinking about getting something you can go here and try out the computer or tablet or whatever it is and get a feel for it plus whoever is helping you can show you all the new features

Leanne Dillard

I travel for work and have a very busy schedule.. they are hard to work with when their products are not working... I keep reordering a defective ipad keyboard and because of their schedule and it not working with Mine when I travel I’ve had a broken device for 5 months... wish I worked with a more consumer friendly business.

Preston Coles

With this being the only Apple Store in probably all of Alabama, they handle the crowds very well. With that being said, it seems to be busy every time we go. But Apple has great products and great customer service! You just have to fight the crowd.

Jean Page

Quick, expert diagnosis, and very minimal wait time.

Izz Noland

Always very busy, and the staff isn't as knowledgeable as I expect.

Logan Wright

This store/ employees were not helpful at all. We had to return to the store multiple times (due to lack of help). The first employee slipped up and explained to us the iPhone had an internal error. It was nothing we had done, the logic board of the phone had shut down. The second employee said the phone was obviously damaged when the screen had cracked. When we explained what her coworker said she called a tech guy in from the back. He said that due to the logic board not working there was no way to tell, and since the phone was bought over a month ago the check for a new phone would come from us. So no matter how the phone was damaged 2/3 people working for this store were wrong. It is no surprise to me so many people are switching to prepaid cards. The employees were not the least bit helpful. Imagine bringing your car to a mechanic and all he can say is well it won't crank, I know you bought it less than a year ago but you should probably just buy another one. The one thing all the employees could agree on was that we should buy one of the newer more expensive phones (While continuing to pay for the phone that doesn't work). So if you do visit this store and buy a phone be prepared to cough up extra cash (monthly) for an expensive insurance policy, because if you don't and the phone breaks through no fault of your own you are screwed. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

Aaron Piya

Service sucks , never going back.

Johnna White

I was in the store for 20 minutes without anyone welcoming me. I stood by the MacBook Air laptops during this time searching for someone to come over. 10 employees walked by without making eye contact and asking if I was finding everything alright. If you need Apple product you’re better off driving 3.5 hours to the Madison ms location because you won’t make it 3 feet into the store without someone welcoming you. I truly felt like they didn’t care about the satisfaction of everyone who walked in.

Christian Stern

Always greeted at the door so you can be connected with the perfect employee / skill set, for the reason you're visiting.

Alexea Phillippo

I made an appointment for 4:40, I was speaking with a technician (Danielle) within ten minutes despite how busy the store was. She was very helpful, and went above and beyond to help me with my issue. I was very pleased with my visit! Thanks Danielle!

Shannon m

This store is ALWAYS crazy busy. I went in without any expectations. The lady that helped me was really nice. She didn’t pressure me at all, which I appreciated.

Blue Magic

There’s always a lot of people here when I come but they move quickly to get whatever you need taken care of!

Kalila Sankey

Great customer service traveled from Montgomery

Carol Roberts

My daughter's iPhone died while still under warranty, and the closest store to us was the Birmingham one, 90 miles away. So we took a day trip to the Summit as we have shopped there many times before. The rep at Apple Care recommended we arrive early and we did, half an hour before they opened. They had staff waiting outside, taking names and setting appointments .We had a short wait so we went shopping while we waited for their text, which came within an hour. We were shown to a technician who checked out our phone and proceeded to give us a new one. He then let us set up the phone and check for any problems before leaving the store. I was pleased with the outcome.

Rolanda Anwar

The store is so efficient. It is crazy!!! Set your appointment on your phone anyway, though. Nationwide, I have found that it is always best to set your appointment via your iphone.

Dominik Howard

Waste of time. I recently purchased an iPhone X sealed, opened it and found it had the green line of death (LCD) which is clearly a manufacturer defect. I sent the device to Apples repair center in Texas who simply returned the device and stated it could not be repaired. I then drove 1.5 hours to the summit's Apple store hoping for a device swap. The plastic is still on my phone, never used. They instead decide to conduct an in store repair. So I wait another hour. Upon receiving the device I find the plastic has been removed and there are now scratches on the device. Waste of time and I should have received a swap due to a clear manufacturer defect.

Georgette Mcelreath

I had a wonderful experience at Belks

Susan Johnson

Make an appointment! Apple Genius was very knowledgeable. He checked my iPhone battery; moved around some things to free up space, did an update and even drew this Senior Citizen a picture to explain the iCloud! I didn’t need the picture; but I had fun watching him draw it!

Regina Hall

Very nice people, takes a long time though.

chris schwendeman

Had an issue with a malfunctioning airpod. Was in and out within 20 minutes with a new one in hand. Good customer service

Tommie Marie TV

Of course the place was very crowded but I took a trip there from Montgomery to have my phone looked at. My Bluetooth just stopped working and that’s a big deal when that’s how your other devices connect to your phone. Long story short, they ended up replacing my phone with a new one since it was still under warranty. I was pleased with my experience.

sharon reid

The people at this store were so totally awesome. So helpful - didnt mind all my questions - answered all my questions. Very knowledgeable, friendly and they checked on us while we downloaded what I needed - just the best shopping experience I ever had in my life. I can't say how great they were.

Mary-Meighan Riley Warren

I went into the store to deal with the battery issue on iPhone 6s’s. I didn’t find out until recently, as I don’t use social media and also never received a notification directly from Apple, that my phone was affected by bad batteries Apple was putting in their phones. I had an appointment and was greeted by someone before my appt time which was good. What was not good is the employee was on the defensive when we broached the subject. She didn’t listen, said ma’am about ten times as I’m trying to describe my frustration and ultimately was no help. I’m still talking when she interrupted me and said I’m trying to explain. How about the fact that I’m talking and you should listen to the customer and let them explain their frustration before you get defensive. How about hear out the customer first, sympathize, then explain how you can help. Instead, I asked for a manager. My mother was with me and said the same. When she came back with Clovis, the manager, he was extremely unhelpful. I said, “I have 200$ before the phone’s paid off, now I have to pay 50$ to fix something that Apple did wrong.” He said, and I quote, “ma’am, you can talk over me all you want, it’s not going to change anything.” WOW. I was only speaking louder because he wasn’t listening. I will never be back to this store. If they had handled this appropriately, I would have understood and paid to have my phone fixed. But the manner is which I was treated is unacceptable. Shame on them.

Kristal Cox

This is the worst customer service that I have dealt with in a long time. I went in the store to return a pair of broken headphones that are under warranty. It took over an hour just to speak with someone about them. The store was busy but not horrible. There were about 6 employees just standing around shooting the bull at the front of the store but none would help me. Then it took forever for the guy to put an order in to exchange the headphones (over an hour). He told me they would be at my door in 3 to 5 business days. Here I am a week later and no headphones! I call to try to track my headphones and after being transferred 3 times, I have been on hold 40 minutes off and on and their is still no clue when I will be getting them. Apple's customer service has become horrible and is making me want to get rid of all my apple products. Ridiculous!!

Michele Bailey, Realtor, ISell30A, Hilary&Reverie

The first step is admitting you have a problem lol...and have probably 20 more devices amongst the family at home. Got help syncing all my tech finally! If you had to evacuate from a hurricane (I live on 30a) make the best of a Genius Bar close by. No matter how imperfect some aspects may be from Reading reviews I promise you if your closest store was four and a half hours away they wouldn’t matter in the least! Good service to help in a pinch!

Lisa Smith

I have been pleased on each of the several times I have been here, both with an appointment for technical assistance and without an appointment to buy a new item. Until now. My rep, a gentleman named Todd and I use gentleman loosly, hounded me and continued to ask if we could have drinks. This experience was awful and has scared me since he has my info. This man seemed to have reaked of beer.

joan White

Apple store employees are great! Wonderful experience.

Reed mac

My wife had an appointment at the store today to have her phone repaired. As her phone is broken she can not receive calls. I called the store and spoke with an employee “Mike”. I asked him if I could speak with her hoping he could connect me. He then proceeded to laugh at me saying “I don’t know how I could know if she is at the store”. He then hung up on me after i asked if he could look at the appointment board or just look out at the customers in his store. Terrible customer service

pJ Smitherman

Used this store on multiple occassuons and it’s always efficient and friendly

erica nelson

This place is always packed, don’t don’t get discouraged there are so many helping employees. You really do get in and out pretty quickly.

Jimmie Walton

Busy! Staff is very attentive, determines very quickly whether you are there to browse or to buy

Paul Anderson

Very busy when we came in, service was fast though.

chase waters

Called the store because I had Kane simple question about an iPhone warranty. Was on hold for 27 minutes so I decided to go ahead and drive to the store in the meantime. Got to the store and there is 8 apple employees standing around doing absolutely nothing. I come into the store and have to make an “appointment” and I’m currently waiting on someone from the “Genius Bar” to help me while the same 8 employees stand around. Sorry but somethings not right.

Erin Belk

Everyone who works here knows a ton about Apple products and can help with pretty much anything you need. It’s usually really crowded but I’ve never had to wait too long.

Donado Paez

Usually they has great service

Aaron Pierce

I had a problem with my phone after I repaired the glass. I stood in line for a few minutes to talk to someone at the Genius Bar, but due to the long wait time, I was put on a call back list. I hung out for a few minutes after and looked at a few models of new iPhones and iPads. The store associates were really friendly and Mark specifically helped me out when comparing my old iPhone to the newer models.

Nathan Bishop

Extremely crowded; standing room only. Never ever seen a store this crowded before. I’ve been to many Apple Stores and by far this was the worst. Service for an accessory was relatively fast though.

Mitchell Watts

Recently I have had to visit this store for multiple repairs. The employees at this store actually care about your issue. Every time (all three times) I have had to come in within the last month, they have bent over backwards to take care of you! Only suggestion would be to have more appointments available. But either way, you can’t complain when the company actually cares about the consumers experience. Love this place.

Jan Jones

Horrible customer service horrible management. The manager guy was no help whatsoever

sylviash2 .

The most rude & unprofessional people EVER!!. I have a store employee on video saying, you have had 4 DEFECTIVE iPhone 8's and I want to RENEW YOUR FAITH in Apple. He said let me work on getting you an iPhone XR (which is actually cheaper than my iPhone 8). After waiting 30 minutes, he comes back and asks me to stop recording him. I pretended like I stopped, but as soon as he thought he was off camera it was all just a BUNCH of LIES. He replaced my iPhone 8 with one that was broken out of the box. The phone would not recognize an Apple charging chord and it took a long time for the phone to start up. I immediately told the employee something was not right and I didn't want this one. He was full of excuses and would not switch out for another one out of the box. I got in my car and wanted to charge it. As I plugged it in my car, again the Apple charging chord was not recognized by the phone, as well as it was continuously glitching. Within a few days the battery health was down to 97%. I had him on record because I am TIRED of being lied to by Apple. Let's first preface this issue by stating that I had a warranty and all of my iPhone replacements were as a result of Apple Customer Care INSTRUCTING me that I needed a replacement. MY IPHONE 8 WILL NOT GO TO SLEEP AFTER SENDING AN IMESSAGE. My teenage nephew picked up my phone when I wasn't looking and sent a very inappropriate message to EVERYONE in my contacts. It is now March and I have tried called Apple Customer Care since August. I was sent to the Summit store and had a horrible situation where the employee saw the issue of the phone not going to sleep and that my battery health percentage is now at 96% on a two month old phone. I told him that I was going to write on a piece of paper that my issue was replicated but no one here at the store was going to help me. The employee laughed and condescendingly said let me get that paper and pen for you. I have included the pics of the incident below. I am exhausted, time and time you contact Apple Customer Care, they instruct you to go to the Apple Store and what happens ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Who has AUTHORITY?? It is one excuse after the other and NOTHING gets resolved. I contacted Apple Customer Care, again I was on the phone for over 3 hours, the guy seemed helpful and after being on the phone with him I got cut off, he called me back and the phone disconnected again. I did not have a contact number for him, therefore I had to start AGAIN. Come to find out that he NEVER took any notes on the situation. My third call back I was transferred to a Senior Advisor (Ashai Ext 1141416) who promised me that she was going to help me, we will get this resolved, if not I will make sure that you get another phone. She diagnosed the phone and asked me to back up on iCloud and restore the phone. I did as she instructed and an appointment was set up a few days later. I also sent her pictures of the incident at the Summit store that I am including below. She never called back herself, she had someone else call me back. I told this customer care person that I would like to speak to Ashai. Guess what, they closed out my case. I left a message for Ashai and she finally called me, to inform me that she couldn't get me another phone because I have had MY ONE TIME EXCEPTION!!! WHAT EXCEPTION?? Apparently Apple keeps a STRIKE record against you for requests for help.


James (nice, older gentleman) helped me today with some purchases and a trade-in. He was super patient and happy to help with all of my questions/requests and made me feel like I was talking to a friend. It was a really busy day in the store, but I never felt rushed or pressured. I usually hate shopping retail, but will keep the Apple store on my “safe list!”

tcbain1668 .

Disappointing, brought phone in to replace the battery they ended up breaking my phone and gave me a refurbished one to replace it. I figured the apple store would do it right, but I guess I was wrong. Lost my data and pictures, they told me it was a slim chance something could go wrong since it was just a battery replacement.

Antony Pasangna

Not a fun place to shop. When it comes to customer experience, contrasting difference from other Apple Stores I have been. The nearest BestBuy could be our BestBet!

Richard Ngemah Cudjoe

Great customer service

Pranav Shroti

This place is just amazing.. open spaces... multiple options to eat... Apple store... and cinema hall as well... it’s situated at a hill top that’s why the name summit ... on weekend atmosphere is great... some Jazz band playing...sometimes rock band as well... be aware.. tax is 10% here so shop accordingly... on weekends traffic leading to summit mall is too much sometimes... all an all a great place to hang out...

Nikki Keith

This store in Birmingham is awesome I love it‼️

Druhan Hills

Just absolutely awful. Apple does not care about people. Only money.

lawrence taylor

I tried to get my battery replaced on my apple iphone, but i need to talk to tech doing the repair.. i was then told by store employee that i would have to make an appointment and it would be 2 weeks before i could talk to a tech... SO i just turned around and left the store.. WORST customer service i have ever encountered in my entire life.. ! ! P.S. My phone was completely dead.. ?? Could you go 2 weeks without your cell phone ??

Randee-Corinne Vance

Just needed a battery that is due because of iPhone 5 defect. Did not have an hour to wait. Apple Summit, you can do better...

Leasharichards Richards

Apple iTunes has horrible customer service. There is a charge on my account that is not allowing me to make any more free downloads for apps and they are refusing to get rid of the charge and trying to make me pay for it!! No wonder their stocks are dropping!! I will be switching. Worst customer service experience ever!!

Khalid Arafeh

Apple advertises water resistance but failed to tell me that water resistance may not last longer than 1 year; water resistance is temporary. My watch stopped working today after I swam for the first time after owning it for one year and 4 months. The watch is 4 months out of warranty and the technician said that water resistance does not exist for a lifetime, so it costs around $250 to repair. I think it’s poor practice for Apple to make people think that they can swim in the pool with their watches on without informing customers that the watch needs to be less than a year old to swim with it on. I highly suggest to stay away from Apple watches if you are going to use it as Apple advertises.

Rhonda Dorsett

Great customer service, very efficient to go right to the issue you may have.. A customer service employee stayed with us throughout entire transaction. Very impressed with this place !!

Brian W. Kittrell

I have been pleased on each of the several times I have been here, both with an appointment for technical assistance and without an appointment to buy a new item. They were always incredibly busy and still was able to see someone within minutes of my appointment times or my arrival for purchases. It seems impossible that they work as efficiently as they do but I believe that they work hard to employ friendly and knowledgeable associates and are worthy of 5 stars.

Andrew Mickle

I could not get on page to make appointment at Genius Bar. Took me 45 min to get to page. Saw this was a problem for many, many people. Then went and tried to change it and never could get back to page. You would think Apple had the ability to make it easy to make a reservation online. Nearly impossible. It that on purpose? They want you to come ino store to make an appointment and want you to make purchase?

Kirk Epstein

They worked me in and installed the operating system very quickly.

Raul Barajas Linares

Great place and friendly personnel

Ryan D

Iv always been on Friday's and Saturday's when its pretty busy but I still get handled and out of there fairly fast. I also bought the iPhone X here and the guy who I dealt with was awesome. Very friendly and talked me through the whole process.

Dikembe Dorris

My local Apple Store always treats me right. I love Apple products but I really love them in GOLD! This Apple Store always has my gold in stock!


If I could rate this store zero stars I definitely would! Workers were very rude, conversing about customers negatively and showing little to no respect for the elders as well. Pretty sure I could get more respect and courteousy from a raccoon than this store. Do not waste your time.


It was time consuming. Even with a reservation, it will take 20 - 30 minutes to see someone. Besides that....great customer service. Lane is the best, knows how to resolve a problem quickly! She was quick and easy to work with.

Mathew Griswould

To crowded for me. Was not told by the person that answered the phone that they stop taki g walkins at a certain time. Wasted trip it was for me.

Hunter Mathews

This is more of a review for all apple products, they are made to break shorty after purchase so you can spend more money. Nothing ever works like that say it will, all the updates crash and make you spend more money to get it fixed. If you call it is almost impossible to get a human, they try to fix every problem with a computer answering machine. They do not care about the customers. It is a terrible company that treats employees worse that customers. Very sad, the originals of this company would be extremely disappointed.

Joey Amberson

Great store with great workers who have always been super friendly and helpful when I've had issues with my phone, laptop, or any other products. Pricey items, but well worth it as all of my products from Apple have lasted for up to 5+ years.

Keith Conner

I went in to have my screen repaired. Was seated, then waited 20 min before they came to see what we were there for. There were plenty of people to hel however they were too busy with their personal conversations. When the agent came to help, they acted as if they were afraid to talk to us and help us. They can do better to be more efficient, especially if I am early for my appointment

Carrie Fountain

Friendly staff but always so busy you can barely get around.

Todd Smith

15 minutes and counting on hold for a quick question. No humans have been bothered by my call yet..... while I wait, I’m reading these reviews. Eye opening.

Buddha 3g

Busy but fast.


It has great technology I love apple and Iim going back soon for an iPhone x and a tablet

Jamshed Arslan

Got what I wanted. Good environment.

Cayla Colclasure

SCAM. IOS 12.1.2 crippled my iPhone. I can no longer access cellular data or receive any calls or texts. After being on the phone with Apple support for an hour, I was told I would need to drive for an hour to the nearest Apple store in order to get my phone repaired. The Apple support person told me that my phone model number was part of a factory recall, meaning it could be repaired for free. When I arrived at the Apple store at the Summit in Birmingham, Alabama, they told me that my phone would actually NOT be eligible for a repair because I had my screen replaced last year by a third party. My only option, they said, was to swap my phone for $400. This was after I had driven an hour because I was told the repair would be free. My phone malfunctioned at no fault of my own and Apple won't fix it. This is a complete and total scam. They should have explained the limitations/conditions for free repair BEFORE I drove an hour to get it fixed. Don't trust these people, they were just pressuring me to pay them an inordinate amount of money for a "new" phone.

Micah Harris

If you update your old phone with the newest update your phone will become unusable. DO NOT DO IT. There’s no way to fix it. This is Apples way to make you buy a new phone

Tiffany Mayhall

I have been lied to multiple times during this process. I sent my watch it and it would atleast turn on I got it back and it wouldn’t turn back on. I contacted support again they said to send it back I would get a replacement. I sent it and they sent me an email again saying they “couldn’t fix my watch” and sent it back. This is the worst service and support ever. One representative told me I got a replacement and the email was wrong then turned around and said oh never mind it’s your old watch. Nobody knows what they are doing and it’s so very frustrating. My watch was broken by Apple and they refuse to fix it now.

Clay Earnest

My wife was turned away by the staff at the apple store. While looking online there are a bunch of basic troubleshooting guides for her specific problem. This is a lesson learned... Dont buy apple products. The combination of proprietary software and their continued dedication to built in obsolescence is sickening. Apple wont be getting any more of our money. Good luck taking your devices to a company that intentionally works against the customer

Jinan Chaarani

Shockingly good customer service for a super busy super packed store. I've been to a lot of Apple stores but this one is by far my favorite for customer service. They also open during some holidays when most other stores are closed and you need a last minute gift. The only reason I wouldn't give 5 stars is that their Genius bar has never been able to help us fix anything including 3 phones and 2 laptops.

Wade Garrett

Nothing's ever quick, simple, or easy at The Apple Store regardless the situation.

John Mizzell

Friendly, prompt service. Never thought I'd like coming to an Apple Store, but I do.

Kenneth Fortenberry

I'm not an Apple user. But my wife and kids are. But our time there was great,with a helpful staff!!

Cheryl Mize

Couldn't help us.

Jeff C

The recent ios12.0 update caused my problem free iPhone 7 battery to run down very quickly and take a lot longer to recharge. The iOS 12.0.1 update was supposed to fix those very issues, but it did not on my phone. I called Apple support for help with an issue with my IPhone 7. They couldn’t help, but set me up with an appointment at the Apple Store for a deep diagnostic test of my phone. I arrived more than 30 minutes early for my appointment, and was told that they “couldn’t check” me in because I was early. This is the computer age, so...that was a head scratcher. I was told to wander around the store and check things out, and they would get back with me. I just found a spot, and stayed put. Numerous Apple employees were walking by me and asked everyone else if they needed help, but not one employee asked me if I needed help or even spoke to me. My appointment time came and passed, and I just walked out. I won’t go back or recommend to others. I would have given less than 1 star, but that wasn’t an option. My IPhone still has significant issues. Not happy. Very bad customer service.

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