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idk Smart

My iPhone wouldnt start and wouldnt charge. The Apple Employees quickly looked for the cheapest fix for them, didn't work. They didnt give me a replacement until 2 weeks after i initially went there, because its not cheap for them. Good and quick service, and the atmosphere is beautiful.

Deborah O'Neal

Everyone was very nice and attentive to us, even though the store was quite busy. I'm also very happy with the work done on my device.

Zach Johnson

They were out of apples

Keith Jackson

This is a typical Apple store, with typical Apple store employees. They're helpful, knowledgeable, and try their best to defend Apple products. The place is always busy, but also very well staffed. They host classes on how to use their products (including an iPhone photography classes) so that's kind of cool. Great location as well. Would go again.

Geoffrey Hennies

Very nice store with very friendly staff!

Charlotte M. Ellett

Small location, but nice and helpful staff that worked to answer all of my questions. I can't really speak about their new products or their repair services, however.

Evan Jones

Small and cramped store. I have never had good service here. Employees are quick to turn their noses up to you like you are the dumbest person on the planet. I've had 2 iPhone's mess up and both times that they told me that they couldn't fix or replace the device that was still under warranty. Said it was caused by human error and I was responsible. So when I take it an hour and half drive north to the Apple Store at Cool Springs Galleria in Cool Spring Tennessee, They sit down and test the devices and determine that it is internal problems and replace my devices right away with no questions asked. Like I said this happened twice. It seems like they don't have time for their customers problems.

Cyrus Cathey

Staff was great. The only reason they don’t get a 5 is the lack of parking. If you can get past that your set.

Matt Linart

The staff was super friendly, the wait was not bad at all. They fixed my mac book and I couldn't be happier.

Barbee Emmons

Outstanding customer service

Lauren Rigby

Scheduled an appointment to have my Apple Watch looked at. My appointment was at 1:10 (I arrived at 1:08) and was promptly checked in. However, I did not have anyone else come and talk to me for over 1.5 hours. I left following that. I will not be scheduling an appointment at this store again.

Ariana Martinez

I called in to see if they offered student discounts and Amanda Segar answered! She made the process super easy for me and I was able to buy the MacBook Pro and Beats right after the phone call.

Cody Wilson

I was able to go in during an insanely busy time and get exactly what I needed almost right away. Great and knowledgeable employees there. I would recommend this store to everyone.

Sales Gearsnmore

Very cool staff. long wait for service. super busy most times.

Alex Hester

Excellent customer service!

Sean Hagood

Great staff bought my first Mac and I love it. They helped set up and show me how to use it till I was comfortable with browsing. Thanks for you help and keep up the good work. It shows I'm glad you were able to help me find the perfect computer for my needs.

Hank Allen

Very good service even though the store was packed. Fixed my MacBook Air for free.

Sadie Smith

The staff was very helpful and friendly helping with my iPhone 7! I had dropped it and broken the screen and was worried to take it anywhere else. They only charged me $30 because I have apple care I’m not sure how much they’ll charge without Apple care. I really appreciate how helpful they were!

Austin Casteel

Tons of people go in here daily you can even make an appointment here(:

brice chambers

Love the phones but for 1252 I got the xs last year. Other day the touch started to go out when I was out of town right after the new phones came out. When i took it to the apple to to see if it was still under warranty before I tried to fix it at my part time job (cellairis in Decatur mall) I took it to apple they said it “looked” like water damage but they can put a new screen on it but I’d have to pay for it they couldn’t just check it because it would ruin the screen. That’s not true we do it at my job all the time to try and help people save money. But I asked about the warranty and they said I was late by 5 days. They wouldn’t swing me a deal on a new phone because my old one didn’t work and even tho I had been out of town wouldn’t warranty it. I had just paid off my phone and then it craps out when the new ones come out and didn’t even have a scratch on it

Alex Chessor

I was in and out fairly quickly. The only reason I'm not giving 5-stars is because they didn't replace my phone and it was a manufacturers defect.. But to be fair, it was outside of the manufacturer's warranty. But apple makes plenty of money- they could have done a little more I think.


I like Apple products but I hate this store and the experience/vibe/whatever it is they are trying to go for. I stopped in on my lunch hour to make a purchase. (I had already researched online and knew exactly what I wanted.) I was told that I had been added to the “purchasing wait list” and someone would be with me in about 20-30 minutes. Really? I left and went to Best Buy. I was in and out of there with my new iPad in under five minutes.

Billy Yarbrough

Great customer service

Steven Stiles

David Park is the genius I encountered at the Genius Bar. He applied his wizardry to get my iPhone going exactly as I wanted. Hope you choose this as your career. Thanks, David!!


Excellent service. Well organised, knowledgeable staff.

Arham Jamal

Prefer buying my Apple products from here. Have had good experience with the geniuses most of the times. Apart from one visit.

Dré Co

I was given opinionated answers and was not impressed by the knowledge give into me by certain Associates I'm pretty sure they're very accurate with some of their descriptions what when an answer is inaccurate attempts to leave a negative impression

Annie Agha

Terrible customer service. Standing here 20 minutes now, watching 3 employees standing around chatting . Granted didn't have an appointment but it's not like they are doing anything except stand. Would have gone elsewhere had there been options.

Hunter Cowing

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Weren't overly pushy either trying to sell me the most expensive products - much appreciated! Will return for future purchases again.

Justin Damron

I can’t talk to the hiring manager or even get a chance to atleast ask when a hiring event is, this is ridiculous and makes me wonder why they wouldn’t hire someone or atleast call someone who does show passion and the drive that they say they want.

Mike Selby

Slow to get to Customers with an appointment & somewhat distracted due to the amount of customers they are handling at one time. Slow to call in technical help when faced with a real challenge?

From TN to Tokyo

I've seen some reviews slagging off the Bridge Street Apple Store. I just have to wonder what they're smoking to even think that. The service was very fast and courteous. I had no less than 3 people ask to help me as soon as I walked in the door. The staff was so great that I bought a new MacBook Pro that same day. I'd like to give a special thank-you to Randy. He was awesome. I'll definitely be buying from this store again!

joanne govan

I didn't wait long for someone to help me even though it was a lot of people. The staff are very informative, even I was able to understand and I am not computer savvy.

M. Young

Rude, unhelpful, poorly trained. I called to get a replacement duckhead, as I have a European one but would like to get a US one. The person said I would have to make a genius bar appointment, since they don't stock it. I explained that it's not really environmental conscious (as Apple pretends they are) to make people keep buying whole new adapters (which are no longer interchangeable) nor good customer service, and the young man hung up on me. Nice. He should at least say, "I'm sorry I can't help you. Thanks for calling." So, let's just get better service from Ebay sellers who practically give these things away. I don't see why people think Apple is such a great company.

Kary Avila

Good customer service, but I didn’t like that I didn’t get to open my brand new phone, he opened it and peeled everything off. I didn’t get to have that pleasure of unboxing my new twelve hundred dollar phone. Then I asked for a case and he went ahead and opened that too I wanted the case for months later and he went ahead and put it on my phone. Like that was my case that I wanted to open not you.

Clarence Moreland

Fast and courteous.

Steve Peterson

Quick, efficient, knowledgeable, helpful. Only used pickup-in-store and add-on purchases on-site services.

Robert Tindale

Very friendly and helpful

Sabas vLogs

Nice YouTube@Sabas vlogs

Caitlyn Kenny

made an appointment for a battery replacement for my iPhone and was told they didn't have any in stock when I arrived. The sales person told me they would order one and give me a call when they got it, he said it would be about two weeks. Here I am nearly two months later and have not heard a word from them.

Beverly Lang

As an Android user for more years than I am willing to admit - I made the switch to Apple. I can't express enough how pleased I am with the service I received from Brittany McDuffie at the Bridge Street location. She has been with me every step of the way and made the transition, learning process and hiccups with hardware a pleasant experience. Thanks so much!

Robert Smith

Hate Apple and their products. Love their staff. Hard working and knowledgeable, but thay have to work with an overated and outrageously priced product.

regina groppi

had an appt to get phone drove 2 hours for them to tell us they didnt have that phone and we would have to come back what a joke they knew what we were coming for too

Mike L

Nicest folks ever. Very knowledgeable too!

Alissa Corinne

Alex was super friendly and helpful! It was pretty busy at the time but she was awesome with getting me in and out of there. Super nice staff!!

Hunter Watson

It was fun to go look at all the apple stuff but the time I spent in there was way to much. The wait times were a bit to much for me

Mickey Brown

Excellent very knowledgeable and professional solved issues

Jeffery Robison

Wonderful store with amazing selection and the staff is confident and knowledgeable

Ben Boles

Cannot thank Eli and his Business Development team enough for their constant support. We have no major troubles, but when the minor ones happen, they are very prompt and supportive - even willing to do the work with me to resolve our problems. It's really awesome to have an advocate for us with Apple - Eli is the one to ask for in North Alabama - you can find him at the Bridge Street Apple store.

Jeff Woodall

Service was pretty good but they were a little stingy with the sauce.

Tre Perdue

i bought my First IMac from a worker named Mike that works here. He was super helpful in the process of ordering it with meand knowledgeable on his product plus helped me and recommended to me to upgrade my computer for what i was going to use it for (Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro) he was a super honest guy and glad he was there when i picked my imac up yesterday. i recommend seeing him when you go in, Thanks Mike!

Austin Thomas

Overall great experience with the store I just don't trust one of their employees named Brandon. He sold a faulty iPhone on the side to one of my friends, took the product back and then refused to give back the money, essentially robbing them. Don't trust him working on any of my devices.

liqian Zhang

Applecare no longer covers the defective/broken charging cord and /or headphones. Way different compare to the old time.

Fred Chu

Very friendly, but long line to get to a "genius" during holiday shopping season.

Parker Grace

My mother, 10 year old sister and I went in today to fix her glitching screen. The ipad was unusable and the screen was not legible at all. (My mother called hours earlier to make an appointment). We went in the the apple store, we were not greeted nor acknowledged. all of the young employees were at the back of the store. My mother had to come up to them first and tell about the appointment. The employee said nothing, scrolling throught the ipad. We waited for a specialist For numerous minutes, then a 20ish year old boy came. We told them about the terrible sudden change in the Ipad. He said that it must have been stepped on, sat on. etc. which it was not. We informed him that this was not true. We have only had this ipad for 4 months. He even went to look my innocent, 10 year old sister dead and the eye and said that it was her fault. We had a terrible experience at the bridge street Apple store and were not helped and treated badly by the rude employees. If i were the manager I would speak to your coworkers about their etiquette and how the can provide better overall service.

Dana DeBardelaben

I went in to get a new iPad. They asked me what I was going to use it for. I explained that I do underwater swim evaluations and I wanted to be able to show the video to the athlete poolside. They put me in touch with their "business team". They were INCREDIBLY helpful. Basically they asked me what kinds of problems I had as a business. I threw out a couple of things I would like to be able to do better. They researched and found solutions for me!! It's like having a personal assistant!!

Kathy Weaver

In escorting my mother there, we were given a process to go through in order to get her brand new iPhone 7 to work on speakerphone. As an end result her speakerphone does not work, and the store said they have done all they will do, she spent several hundred on a phone for a which a major feature does not function.

Christopher Lamar

Stopped by to take a listen to the new Home Pod. The sales man said He had to turn it down. My wife and I were like “Really?” If I’m looking to buy one, I want to see how it performs at higher volumes. Apple talks about how great the sound quality is, but won’t let you get the full experience without buying it. I get to test drive a car before I buy it. Thought we were at an Apple store, not a library.

Seth Rigsby

The Apple store at Bridgestreet is awesome. They've always been great, and made my experience there a pleasant one.

Amanda Hathcock

I had such incredible service from a young man named Kyle a few months ago. He made the switch from Android to Apple the quickest, most painless experience ever. He did a great job not pushing me into anything yet informing of what might work for me based on the information I shared with him. This was some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced!

Terrish Orr

Vanessa was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She was so professional, nice, and engaged my entire family as we asked questions while getting my daughters phone set back up after using apple care. She was so knowledgeable she convinced the only android user to swap over and signed my mother up to come and attend classes. Thank you again we'll see you soon!!!

Chris Topher

Life savers! The employees here have saved me on multiple occasions. I kept pushing for a free MBA charger..but couldn't get away with that on :-) They have been extremely helpful!

Leah Hudson

As most other Apple Stores, it's always a packed house. Despite this, sales associates are always extremely attentive and helpful, and support staff is quick in diagnosing issues and advising on what is necessary to resolve.

Olli Veit

Everyone Apple employee tells you another story, for example buying an iPhone or want to have a refund because of broken screen protector... So ask more than one of them...

Vamsheedhar Reddy

Staff is very nice Resolved my issue

Kelsey Mann

Intelligent staff. Usually need an appointment before going. I haven’t had any issues getting my problems resolved every time I visit.

T Chambers

I just help my iPad is broken

Jeff Compton

They are friendly and greet you when you come in. I guess my problem is really with Apple corporate policy and not this store. If you don't know your Apple ID, or your password they can't, or wont, help you. I'd say write your info down and keep up with it if you have Apple. But overall, this store was friendly, if not specifically helpful.

Devan Lowe

Big thanks to Jacob! He got my iPhone back up and running in a short amount of time and was very knowledgeable. Best experience I've had at an Apple Store. Kendall

JimCody47 .

Good service from the Genius Bar and in most cases the service is free if it’s just a software issue. The replaced my battery on my 6s and broke my display. The replaced the display but wouldn’t replace my screen protector because it was not purchased at the store.

Sarah Willis

I have tried to contact this store multiple times to find out about iPhone 5 being in stock. I call and the call never gets picked up. I've been using the phone number given on Apple's website, and there's an automated pick-up that directs me to another line. I've never gotten a response. I've walked into the store not twenty minutes later and found at least five employees standing around without any customers. Can they not answer the phone?

D Hua

Greta Apple store inside a very nice shopping center. They put on my screen protector for my iPhone X with a very cool Belkin flush fitting screen protector machine that made sure my screen protector was on very nicely. It is a nice Apple store and the staff is very friendly and nice, would go back if needed.

Ladarius Petty

where the hell they hire these people, they rude af! one employee asked me in a rude way “what did you call me” how professional is that. basically she comforted me

Thomas Radzinski

Every time I visited the Apple store on Bridge Street I came away with whatever I visited there solved. Staff top drawer. Greeting staff are super and have solved my anticipated problems at the front door. Keep up the excellent service.

ubermonkeyking .

Nice location and great staff.

Tre' P

I purchased a 21.5 iMac 4k yesterday and got what I thought was a suspicious email saying I needed to verify my information on my credit card, I called apple today and had a women named Davi that helped me make sure it wasnt fraud and cleared everything up for me. Now my mind is at ease and cant wait to get my new iMac! Thank you Davi

Tim Adams

Very nice lady that helped me but they sent my phone off for a known IPhone problem that they explained to me. But now they want 319.00 to replace my phone due to internal damage and would not give any other details on what the damage was. I’m going to a Samsung Note9. Done with Apple products. Update. Bridge Street Apple store still no help. Called Verizon and they called Apple support and I ended up talking to a Senior Advisor at Apple and she took care of me and had my phone replaced. Wish it didn’t take 4 hrs on the phone to get to this point.

Joshua Smith

We recently purchased our first Mac computer from here.The computer is wonderful!!The staff is super friendly an very eager to answer all of your questions.They have a wide selection of Apple devices to choose from,and they also offer classes that i think are free that range from how to use your computer to specific advanced classes.I highly reccomend bying your next apple product from The Bridge Street Apple store!

tiffany benefield

Needs more employees.

illumeon digital

I have had good and bad experiences at this location. Good when employees let me know that my apple care covers my defective battery in my phone and replacing my broken screen. Bad when I made an appointment to get my battery replaced and I get to the store to drop off my phone and they don't have any batteries in stock. Things happen so I understand. I will still visit this store.

Lyndon Applewhite

Horrible customer service. Ridiculous wait times. Arrived at the store at 6pm for an my 6pm appointment. Was made to wait 45 min before I was checked in by a rep although i was told the day prior i would simply need to drop my phone off for a repair. Another 45 min passed before I was attended to. Another 30 min before my device was taken to be repaired although I had a service call logged in the system from the day before. I was told my repair would take 40 min. Still waiting at the store to have my phone repaired and it is after closing time. Last time Apple will ever see me or my money.

Carla Davis

Apple is a neat store where you can not only purchase Apple Iphones, computers and iPad's but also where you can learn to use them on live demos and hands on classes. Sales person's are nice, educated and attentive.

Savitha Venkatesh

Very cordial people. Have been put on hold for 20 minutes now...second time calling...hoping they will pick up the phone by closing time (it is 7:37 now, I've been on the phone since 7:15). The call is with regards to my battery replacement order. It has been a little over a week, and I have received no communication...At the least I would have appreciated an email stating that the order was on its way or an update as to when it would be ready so I can drop my phone off. Slightly disappointed. UPDATE: According to my phone, FORTY-SIX MINUTES LATER, a person from Apple Technical Support (not the Apple Store in Huntsville, AL, even though the number that I called was to the local Apple Store) answered the phone just to tell me she couldn't help me with my issue, since she had no way of knowing the store's inventory or their shipment arrivals. I have never ever by a doctor's office, pharmacy, international companies' customer care, local stores (even extremely busy ones like Apple), or by any other customer care been put on hold for so long. Moreover, I receive no updates or communication with regards to my order that was placed 11 days ago. Changing from a 3 to a 1 star rating. I became quite frustrated with not hearing about my order since my phone had started dying every 30 minutes and it was already failing to begin with. I contacted Apple Customer Care thru chat message via their website and the Advisors Anesha and Amanda were so helpful! Anesha patiently listened to my issue and tried to help me solve this issue without having to drive 40 minutes and wait three hours to get help at my local store in the midst of my busy schedule. She directed me to her senior advisor Amanda, and Amanda has done a wonderful job of helping me with my situation and stated that I should have received an email that with regards to the estimated turn around time for my wait for the battery order. A shoutout to these two from the main customer care for helping me with this. I’m still extremely disappointed with my local Apple store for the horrendous service.

Mark Toland

Useless staff too busy goofing around.

Hector Cruz

Wonderful staff and great service

Joe Kennedy

Excellent service to get my wife's iPhone battery replaced.

Zachary Dowling

I’ve been 4 times in the past year and it is always the same issue. Each time I make an appointment and even call in advance to make sure they remember I am coming. Something that should be the other way around. Every time I end up waiting abt least an hour. They seem to never be organized or there is a lack of communication amongst employees. They have an apparent problem with the paperwork never being ready, finding me in the system, or that my product isn’t even ready. The employees seem to be extremely incompetent. I own multiple Apple products and I am honestly thinking about switching them all out for another company’s products.

Huy Pham

Good service and always have my product every time i need it! They also entertain me when i have to wait a period of time to get in touch with a representative.

Ailsa Dean

Very nice stuff.

Dhrumil patel

Great services

Charlie Donner

Very WELL set up

JD Kennamer

They said we need a battery, so we bought it. No fix. They said we need a new board, but financing another phone would be cheaper. We get to keep the new battery in the broken phone. Thanks, we trusted you.

Michael Ponder

I had my wifes battery replaced. Went from a 3/4 working Home button to no working home button. She was already using a widget. They said it would take replacement of LCD to replace the home button which is bull shiet.( $150) Upon looking at the repair they left one screw out of the case and the other one was barely hanging on. I found a kit online for 5 bucks and replaced the home button. The one I removed looked like they smashed the connector trying to put it back together. I will never take anything to the shiet hole store again.

Renson Dalizu

Friendly staff and very informative

Ashley Harrell

Apple I'm so disappointed in you. I bought an iPhone 7 plus only to have it go through a reboot loop (this happened outside of the warranty) they tried to fix it only to tell me that it is now useless and even though I did nothing to cause the loop.... they aren't willing to do anything to rectify the situation either. Oh the my backup iPhone 6 Plus had a software glitch and freezes constantly and they couldn't fix that... I'm glad we had an old iPhone 5 left because I'm not throwing anymore money down the "apple rabbit hole"! Now I have a really expensive rose gold #apple paperweight. Thanks Apple... they reached out only to basically tell me I need a repair when the Genius Bar tech was honest and told me the phone is unfixable...

Mohamed Altabali

Nice place to visit

Nicole W.

Busy place. Friendly staff. Quickly found the power cord I needed.

stacey scott

The absolute worst service ever. Was greeted at the door by a super nice young man but it went down hill from there. The "technician" acted bored and did not even attempt to help us with an iPhone 7 that wouldn't stop searching for service. She checked the software on the phone and sent us out the door. It never once worked but I refused to deal with her another second. Honestly the rudest customer service I have ever suffered through.

Ken Dickerson

Tried several times to make a reservation, but when I took a chance and drove over without a reservation I saw why no one ever answered my calls. This store is AWESOME. John the greeter was great and made me an appointment at 11:15 a.m. It was 10:45 a.m. I was pleasantly surprise when I told them my issues and their first response was no problem when will replace your device right now. You could have knocked me over with a feather. My phone was still in warranty. Kevin was my technician and he also put my screen protector and my new phone case on for me. I was out the door with my brand new phone in less than an hour. No attitudes, no condescending comments about not being "tech savvy." Just pure professionalism and courtesy. I'm totally impressed with this Apple Store. Thanks John and Kevin. These two deserve a RAISE! Keep up the good work. I'll be back. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Good job Apple!!!

Sabas Ck

Beautiful place to shop,walk,eat,watching movies plus go spend that money

Muchy Muchy

I went there and borrow fine I’ve been losing signal all the time I send it back to Apple they send it back to me he said take it Apple store I did take They said they can’t help me I spent $1000

Joshua Romans

Friendly staff and they don't try to push anything on you as far as getting something other than what you're there for. Keep up the good work!

Raymond Sloan

Best place to buy computers and eat in the Chinese restaurant

Jacob Wiles

Hate this place decent customer service horrible products and services

Adrienne Fujihara

Very helpful

Ken L

Bought a Mac mini there, still never worked right after two trips back for service........

Leticia Corado

My phone was glitching they called it ghost touch went and had them take a look at it and they fixed it in an hour for free love that place !!! Thank you

Lisa Marie Walker

Always a super long wait, don’t make plans elsewhere when you have an appointment here

Dylan Hillis

They were really nice and extremely helpful. Mason was the one who helped me and he broke it down and tried absolutely everything to fix it. Other than having a phone that has reached its doom I am pleased with all they did for me. -Alyssa

Rodney Mathews

In and out easy, staff is always helpful.

Tom V.

This is a nice clean modern store but it is always crowed because Apple products seem to always be having issues so everyone is in there trying to get something fixed. Do not go without and appointment. The staff was friendly and helpful once they finally get to you. Had an appointment this waited at least 30 minutes to see anyone.

zachary mccrary

Great service nice people didn't get the young lady name but very nice an helpful

Damian Lively

LEMON. I’ve not been satisfied with the performance of the Mac mini since I bought it - Apple Care has been useless - 3 times on the phone with support. Left with store for 4 days, they rebuilt hard drive. Slightly fixes the issues, but the apps continue to load very slow, apps lockup, took 14 minutes to shutdown. Longtime fan of Apple - 2008 iMac performs better than this 2018 model. Also have had 2 dozen Apple devices and this is the first real Lemon - and it's for business use. I can't get back the hours spent on the phone or in the store. I've politely asked multiple times can they credit my account towards a new unit as this one obviously has some defects. Each time they just want to analyze or bring in for repair. I'm tired of such - especially since I've always paid extra to have Apple Care and this is the first since 2008 that I've ever needed Apple to meet me in the middle. Disgusted with their latest support. Might I add my business Iphone is only a year old and the battery has just been discharging and shutting down within minutes - made appointment at this store, was there before stated time and still waited over 35 minutes after checking in for service technician. Apple seems to be losing their way fast - can't think our business will continue with Apple products due to the poor performance and service. I've another coming appointment for this computer, but thinking hard of cutting my losses and just leaving there for them to share with Senior leaders on what not to do and case study on how to lose lifetime customers. Buyer beware of Lemon runaround.

Mechelle McWhirter

Excellent service. Kyle helped us...very professional

Todd and Jennifer Morgan

Very poor customer service from the “genius” bar. VERY Slow and you get passed from one person to the next without actually getting help from any of them. I thought it was just me but I just ended up leaving without any help and bought new air pods on eBay for half the price of the single replacement one from store. And eBay was quick and easy.

Brian Brown

The Best !!

Sherrie Davis

Michael provided excellent customer service!

Dillon Lowery

A lady I know had an issue with her Email app that I didn’t know how to fix. When I called Apple, the employee on the phone helped us out without hesitation and was very friendly. I greatly appreciate Chelsea for taking her time and being patient with us!

Josh Snowboarder

This store is going down the pan. I went to the store to pick up my order which I placed online and guess what when I went in there, the store guys were busy talking to themselves and there wasn't anyone to guide me through the check out process. For most part they were either talking to each other or fiddling with their tablets like robots and even if you go and stand in front of them they would totally ignore you. So, I stood there for half and hour until some guy showed up. This wasn't the experience I had when I visited 2-3 yrs ago. I wouldn't visit the store and I would try buying stuff online. Oh wait, not to mention they never ever pick up calls. Minimum hold time is an hour or more. Definitely the worst store.

Dr pepper

It broke my friends phone

Max K

My 2nd generation AirPods were faulty. Going into this store made the change easy. Even though I bought them two weeks earlier at an unnamed retailer and in another state, the manager realized that I would have a problem with the switch. Understanding these unusual circumstances, the replacement was made. Thank you so much for the friendly and supportive staff. That’s why we continue to buy

Tipawan Gallo

The gentlemen who helped me, I think his name was John or Jonathan. Anyway, he was excellent. Provided amazing customer service and while there was a hold up on AT&T's end to process my upgrade, he made the wait seamless. THANKS! I went on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Not too busy..

Jerrold Tucker

Always a great experience!

Cristian Pesina Garcia

i dont like dis store because irt has

Gheymarne Woodson

Amazing amazing amazing staff that worked with the kids. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge and instruction of the tasks completed. The kids learned how to create art, blending colors layering their photos for the parks they developed. I only wish they had this class for teenagers as well. I did learn of other courses available and was told I could even use my galaxy in the class although there would be differences in the software. I am not an apple used I am team android but watching the things the instructors did with the devices and iphones has me seriously considering joining team apple iphone. Especially if they offer classes to teach me to adjust to the new equipment. I was wowed by the dementional use of the devices the kids learned on has me very intrigued to see if apple could work for me. AIRDROP SERIOUSLY IMPRESSED ME!

Goldfish .

I bought a 27 inch iMac and the staff was very polite and it was a good store.

William Smart

If you live in North Alabama you must go to Bridge Street at least once. Take a date.

Chris Pittson

Apple Pen. My daughter loves it

Kay Sommerkamp

I was frustrated when I got there. I was getting a cheap replacement battery, the life of which was apparently shorted by the IOS software. Tried to back up my phone before going and managed to render my phone inoperable.... but the ladies, Morgan and Alex, were so nice and helpful that the trip ended up being pleasant and productive. 5 stars for their great customer assistance!

norman stiegler

Norman and his employees did a tremendous job helping me with my iPhone issue. Great service and extremely helpful.

Eduardo Esqueda

Apple should be proud of the employees this location has. Best service ever! This helps customers to keep buying more Apple products.

Jeremy Pickett

Always great service at the Apple store

Tom Matheney

I have been disappointed by the staff every time I've shopped here. Tonight they closed 30 minutes early to have a staff meeting. Most places would schedule a meeting after hours.

Brian Danylo

Walked over to this location from work on 7/25, I had a 5:15 reserved appointment. The store was absolutely slammed maybe 40-50 people inside. I thought no way I'm getting out of here any time soon. I checked in and took a seat at the Genius Bar, I was about 15 min. early. At EXACTLY 5:15 I was greeted by Garrett. He was in the middle of another transaction but let me know I was next and he would be right with me. Garrett quickly diagnosed my daughter's dead phone but needed some info that I didn't have, and I didn't have another phone to retrieve it with. I was the one who was unprepared, no problem, he provided a store phone. All said and done, I walked out at 6:00 with a brand new phone (old one still under warranty) with a new appreciation for great customer service. Nice job Garrett, I wouldn't hesitate to return to this location.

Courtney Long

Had an appointment for 4:10 to have a phone battery replaced in my sons phone. Checked in at appointment time, and still waited half an hour for someone to address me. They confirmed that yes, I need a new battery, and tell me it’ll take an hour. Okay, not what I expected since I have an appointment, but okay. I leave for an hour. Come back, wait another 45 minutes on them to bring my phone out, only to be told they were refusing the repair. They had all of my contact info. It just seems like someone would have let me know. Totally a waste of time. I’ll never go back.

Jacquese Acklin

Great customer service. Was never a apple fan but after the fast customer service and friendly sales representative I am happy to be apart of the apple family.

Stephanie Sprinkle

Bought a tablet. $1200, will not play. Took it back and they reset it. Said to bring it back in 2wks if that didn’t fix the problem and they’d give me a new one. WILL NOT PLAY. They are not doing a thing. Basically said tough. We got your money and we do not care anymore.

Larica Clark

Long wait time expensive and the customers and service is needing to be better

P Comeens

Great customer service. Fixed my iPad super fast. Friendly, knowledgable staff.

Bill Ezell

Why is it dark in the Apple store? Because they don't have windows!

Perry Johnson

I’m done with Apple products, I just waited 2hrs with an apt for simple battery change, while my dinner went to waste, after being told three time it was almost ready, started to loose my patients then find out it was done sitting in the back with no runner, to bring it up, because all the runners are selling new products. Don’t buy Apple and don’t use the bridge steeet Apple store.

sattik basu

A great place with awesome staff. Made sure i was satisfied with my choices. Got my iPhone and AirPods from there. They also fixed issues that I personally had with my device. Friendliest staff i have ever seen.

Destinee Parks

The guy that helped my fiance was very polite. He made buying our products very easy. He answered all of my questions. I felt secure purchasing from him.

MaRiVi Egde

Very good

Paula Sanders

The people are so good and helpful

David Szeremi

An attractive Apple Store aren't they all

Chelsea Decker

Seems as if they have a lot of new people or just people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Was told many things that aren’t true from this store. Taking my business elsewhere.

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