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REVIEWS OF Albertsons IN Nevada

Valinda Williams

Peter Riva

Always helpful... Great supermarket.

Lorraine Trujillo

I have really enjoyed using the Albertsons U coupon app. I seem to learn something new about the app and the savings it offers that are available thru this app.

Shai Bates

Easy to get to great people

Blake Woolstenhulme

Such great service! I had a limited amount of time to shop during my lunch break, the manager and his staff heped me find all the items for my lunches for the week, buy them and I still had time to eat!


Nice, not perfect, maybe understaffed?

Catalina Mendoza

The only grocery store in town that actually has sales! Their regular prices are ok and can be somewhat expensive, but when they have a sale you really are saving! Wonderful employees!

Carolyn Truscott

Nice grocery, but a little pricey.

Leslie Sagginario

Got baked and fried chicken it was delicious!!! Mustard potatoe salad was amazing as well. Great service and friendly!

Wendi Mrozinski

Good fresh produce. Excellent deals on meat. Helpful employees.

Ken Williams

This place is quick for me to go to as the customer service talking about other employees should not be done at the register. Also I said go to see you again to one of the managers and he totally ignored me and kept talking about other employees. I think I'll try the other one kinda sad because im new to town.

connie shivner

Great srrvicr

Diane Fausser

this is the best market here. All the people working are very helpful and pleasant. The new rewards program is great. I do all my shopping at this store.

Angela O'Donnell

Awsome selection and loving the new app for coupons!

Donna mae Kenny

Best grocery shopping

Walter L Cook Sr

Economic, helpful, curtious.

Kristina Hecht

Many grocery options, great deli, and an awesome bakery full of great cakes right now during Cheyenne Frontier Days. Their customer service is great.

Jordan Evans

It is a pretty standard grocery store but the fresh sushi is, believe it or not, the best in town.

Pete Salas Jr

Great service. Prices are very high (negative).

jim hoag

Clean quick and discounts for seniors on Wednesdays

Alice Failoni

Typical grocery store. Nothing extraordinary.

Heather Mora

Great selection. Love their deli and bakery.

Rach Campbell

Expensive but quiet grocery store. No crowds and no lines. Great produce and meat selection.

William Lyons

Highly annoyed with Albertsons tonight. Went in to order an 8 piece chicken. They didnt have any and didnt have any cooking because they were closing several hours early. They had a call out and couldn’t get it covered and the manager wasn’t willling to do it themselves apparently. Not only is this a strong sign of bad management, I ended up paying more than 2x as much money to get enough chicken strips for my family supper and they arent fricking fresh either. Ridiculous customer service and management practices. Plus their supposedly fresh sushi made my wife sick so many times that she now drives across town to King Soopers to get her sushi. If this rating could be a zero, it would be. Get it together Albertsons

Jason Boardman

One of the better grocery stores in town.

Yvonne Winsell

I just wish it was closer love this store

Candy Snead

The store is well stocked but the stop is not always friendly.

DeeDee Clay

The only store where I can purchase Blue Bird Flour. Makes the best tortillas

Sam Baker

Clean, nice, large selection of products groceries.

David Escobar

Fresh French bread daily. They also have a great choice I the meat department.

Patricia Fennelly

Although I understand you may not be legally liable, while at your store on Yellowstone Rd in Cheyenne Wyoming, today March 15th, the parking lot had not been plowed after a major snow storm. My husband asked if they had plowed and was told no. He said someone might fall, and was told well we didn't tell you to come shop here. What kind of customer service is this. I am very disappointed and will think twice about shopping there.

Tanya Forte

I love this store because I can run in and get what I need and get out.

Dietrich Holzapfel

This location is laid out incorrectly (my opinion).

Teresa Rowland

Great services

Doris Brown

High price on some things. I do like the meat and fish.Best place to buy good beef,good selection.

carlos tijerina

Good experience here. Everything you need all in one store if you making a gourmet plates or just hotdogs. The staff is nice and welcoming.

Bob Frisco

Just like home.

Andy Ramirez

Great store nice employee's my favorite here in Silvercity

Luke Christensen

They have some good deals

Victoria Plasencio

Was a Very pleasant place. Service was great!

E. Nigma

Great grocery store

Debbie Vermillion

Well set up, clean, ample amount of registers! Will continue to shop here

Tony Quintana

I like the friendly service and great deals.

Lisa Confetti

Good prices and selection. Look for the discounted bakery rack by the seafood.

Chiemi Ash

Way over priced

Ronnie Chavez

Good produce

Robert Horsley

Kinda pricey, but over all good.

Lehnanne Gibbs Kidd

Dimly lit, weird odor around the fresh meats, narrow aisles and generally messy.

Rachel King

Good grocery store. Food is reasonably priced, but non food items are very over priced.

Sharon Miller

Very nice produce and meat. Friendly helpful staff. Good supply of organic and healthy foods. Reasonable prices. Good alternative to wal-mart.

pamela turpin

It doesn't have to many people and close to home

James Lugg

Best grocery store sushi in Cheyenne.

Diane Isch

Albertson's is a great store. It's always clean and we'll stocked. And their employees are always smiling, and asking if I need help with anything. Their fresh produce is always fresh and looks inviting. It's my favorite grocery store.

Ed Martinez

Awesome one stop shopping! Ifound everything I needed for making my version of wor wonton soup.

Carla Hegi

Beautiful store, and very happy that it is here. The fresh fruits and vegetables are fresh. I try to shop the sales because the regular prices are a lot higher than elsewhere, and they do have a lot of items on sale. That is why I only gave it 4 stars.

Tom Froiland

Albertsons is virtually the only store I shop at for groceries in Silver City. Good quality produce & meats and the employees are the best. Polite, pleasant and professional.

Vickie Ogas

Nice store and friendly people

Julienne Smith

Everyone there very nice and helpful......


The employees are always helpful. Rarely ever out of what I am shopping for. The store is clean and organized. It is always a great experience, even when it gets busy!

John Gates

Great service

Gary Weathemon

I shop at 6:00 am. So easy ask any employee and me and him are the best they will personally help u find it.. soooo much better than King Soopers...

Shawn Funk

Rude accusing staff never go again

Timber Flip

This lady in the parking lot who had 3 wedlock children was mean to me

J Lopez

Great at keeping things stocked

Kenny Donna

Clean friendly and great coupons

Gabeful Dead

This Albertsons has been around for as long as I've been in this town, since before the Wal-Mart became a Super Wal-Mart and moved to it's present location. It is definately less hustle-bustle than Wal-Mart.

Jolene M. Kelly

Excellent customer service!

Jeraldine Sierra

Albertsons is my favorite place to shop for groceries,the people here are very friendly and customer service is great.

lench granadino

In and out quick

Bhuvan Eshwar

Pharmacy is great. Staff are friendly. Bit expensive.

mr squiggels

Good service

Tina Blanchard

It's a clean store. Polite staff, but kind of high-priced.

Lee Upton

Great food choices fresh produce at a moderate price

Rena Kilgore

Clean store and we'll stocked. Thank you so much for carrying low / no fat cheeses and meats. Seems Walmart has no idea how important that is to some of us. The staff was very friendly, the nice guy at the meat counter greeted us with a smile and when we walked back across his path he even told us where the bread was in the store. The cashier was also very nice as was the young man bagging stuff. It's nice to still see a store who understands the value of helping cashiers do that consistently those poor folks at Walmart have to do it all. I think I'll just shop there from now on, just a better store and experience overall. Thank you!



John Forward

Great clean store. Helpful polite employees. Open long hours. Great selection and quality. Reasonable prices. Not the lowest, but you get what you pay for. Better than most.

Linda Andrews

The clerk did not know how to figure the digital discount on the products that were on sale.

Mama Cat Loaf

I saw a great selection of food

Zachary Scott Godfrey

Good customer service, cheap prices.

Zach Berry

Decent store

Kat Warren

Fresh produce is good!

John Bonomo

Typical grocery store. Sub par meat compared to other stores in town.

Albert Arzola

Fresh produce and their Fried Chicken, really good.

Don Harris

I go for the fried chicken in the Deli area. I think their best Fried chicken is the best in Silver City.

Frances Jimenez

Love,love, love our local Albertsons. Great prices and wonderful people. Don't forget to join their U coupon club.

Scott Carlass

The only reason I go here is to use the Western Union because there are far better stores for food shopping. They have helped me a few times, which is why I've given them two stars, but if you're looking to go to a place where people know how to do their job quickly or just in general, look elsewhere. The Walgreens down the road does Western Union for cheaper, there's a kiosk that you use personally so as to avoid the incompetence of the slack-jawed idiot at Albertson's and on top of that it's cheaper. If you're looking to get ripped off by stupid people who have no clue, look no farther than Albertson's!

Andrew lopez

Great deals on food, the buy one get three free on meat is the best!

Cathy Parker

I enjoyed my recent trip to Albertson's because of the nice employees! I frequent this store weekly, & usually I enjoy myself.

McKenzie Patterson

I love their produce and bakery selections !

J0nathan Sigman

Not one in Deming Nm 88030

Jeka On

We've got good tuna, fresh

Kathy Stevenson

Great place to shop for really good deals

Lisa Murillo

The one place you can find just about any specialty food.Clean and clerk was really nice

Joseph Muñoz

Your average grocery store, good selection and depending on the day good lines

Alfred Flores

Found what I was looking for!

Marie Senne

Great place to shop. Love the digital offers.

Mi Viaje My Journey

The best grocery store in town. Friendly service and they are very helpful as well. Great staff.

Chris Hinkley

Pharmacy is excellent

Amber Cotton-Fraser

Great store, nice staff but a little expensive.

Jake Laird

Nice grocery store. They have good selection, but what really stands out is the employees. Very helpful staff, and very friendly as well.

Bryan U


Sarah Chavez

Best grocery store in town

Alexandra Bryden

Always better quality and more money.

Chip t

Clean store. Friendly staff always courteous.

Cynthia Gentry

Difficult to safely enter & exit the parking lot. Parking is scare.

Kelly Randall

Prices are a little expensive and the produce is hit and miss

John Benediktson

fair assortment of products, good prices when on sale, good produce. Corporate coupon system is hard to use, store has no public WiFi.

Dean Segal

It's always clean


Best place to shop for groceries in Silver City. Great produce ! Very friendly people working there ! Go there as often as I can.


Friendly staff. Great deli food.

Lorr Wiirre

What died in every Albertsons meats section I've ever been to. Go there if you're on a diet & are hungry. Your appetite will vanish with one quick stroll through the meat section!

Carlee Russell

Normal, nice grocery store! They have some specialty items like great sushi, but lacking in others like fresh fish. It's super busy evenings and weekends but well staffed and well stocked.

Michelle Brzezowski

Great produce... fresh food.

David Collyer

Very nice and well-stocked, I found everything I needed...

James Kapptie

Always feels like things are moved. convenient location.

Debbie Bott

It gives to for groceries and we like the Starbucks kiosk located there.

D. M.

Good, but pricier than other stores?

Charles Hayes

Updated shelving, display and checkout areas. Food products at competitive prices.

joel mindrup

English muffins were one day away from experation date

Chris Rogers

This store looked amazing and the service was great. Even though it was a pit stop on the way here

Josh Fischer

The employees were very helpful and they had a Starbucks

Lawrence Clark

The people working there are all friendly and helpful. All the shelves are well stocked and I really enjoy their deli

Donald P.

Identical to Safeway foods. High prices, smaller portions, average food.

Cathy Barta

I love the nice helpful people that work there in the good prices and sales. I love the fresh new look the remodels giving it

Jennifer Rider

I am thankful to have this store in town. They have a few specialty items that I cannot get anywhere else.

Laura Hutchins

My regular grocery store. Friendly employees. Clean and well stocked. Great sales.

Stephanie Olsen

Store is always busy. Sometimes they need to open more registers and dont, Employees seem friendly. Compared to another store seems expensive

bill alan

Great staff clean store

Gail Herd

Very nice store. Prices are a little high compared to Wallmart.

Michael Rash

Friendly staff, closest to where I was staying, and good prices.

Priscilla Camcho

I don't like shopping but here was a enjoyment. Everyone was very helpful and had great deals.

James Dominguez

Albertsons always has good food selections, and I never mind shopping here. My dad used to work here, up to the day he passed away, and it may just be me, but I have a soft spot for albertsons and highly recommend this store for quality meats, seafood, and deli.

Butchergurl Smasher

Cashiers are polite helpful always enjoy coming here

Jennie Finch

I enjoyed my trip today to our local Albertson's. Both the cashier and bagger were very friendly. One of the visiting managers insisted he put the groceries on the checker belt so I was grateful for that. Thanks to all of you and congratulations on you grand re-opening!


This Place was pretty good.. Actually the prices I think we're cheaper than Walmart and some of the other places too... The lady that helped me was very kind and courteous and check out was really easy and simple everybody was pleasant and for what I bought - it was cheap .. :-)..

Trenton Escalera

Shopping in general is not my cup of tea. It is good for what it does though.

Scott Hull

From the Deli ! The Best Chicken Pot Pie I've ever had and The Santiago's Green Chili is PHENOMENAL !

ruben Maldonado

Always find what I need at a good price.

Jonathan Archer

Save time and shop here. Fast checkouts. Plenty of staff working if you need help.

Darlene Buchanan

Very poor service.

Jennifer Ballesteros

It was a good shopping experience. Although alot of shelves were empty, employees were kind of in the way because they are trying to stock shelves in the afternoon rush hour time. Crowded store and shelf stocking at the same time is dangerous and frustrating to customers. Lots of grumpy customers but i figured they probably just got off of work. Overall the visit was good and this location is my favorite in cheyenne.

shawn farmer

Great store!

Barbara Simmons

Well organized, easy to read signs and employees always available.


Nice staff, good produce, and for me prices on food good, easy in and out.

Haley Blancett

Never have been treated so awful as I had by Darrell Britton, the store manager. Other than that, fantastic

William Berg

Very clean, well stocked and carries a variety of foods

Peter Martinez

Slow service

Tom Maxfeldt

This Albertson's is a nice alternative to Walmart. I would have given them 5 stars if their prices were a little more competitive.

Al Caudillo

Prefer king Soopers

Jaime Burke

People that work there are helpful and very nice

Matthew Sprague

Very nice grocery store. Kinda pricey though.

Katharine Krueger

I ride a bike and most use a backpack. I loooove that they don't look at me like a criminal shoplifter. That gets old. Always very kind to me and helpful. I appreciate that on so many levels.

Tiffany McCarty

Great prices, friendly, helpful staff. Was glad to find Alex who is from my hometown in rural central Kentucky. Will continue to be a customer for a long time despite the 100 mile round trip from Deming.

Rene Feliu

Good food options. They love blocking the fire exit with baked goods. Always a line at checkout.

Shaydle Mendoza

Staff is super friendly. They have amazing sales

Brian Miller

Would give 5 stars if there were more checkers.

Rhiannon Leinius

The best place to shop for local goods and cheap products.

Jesse James

Usually out of stock of the one thing I come to buy and also a bit more expensive for me compared to other grocery stores.

Ray Heil

This is the best you will find in this town but not great like a larger city grocery store, very dated

Charles Kuckel

Usually DON'T shop here BUT I needed something not available elsewhere. Prices are higher than my usual store.

Richard Maxey

The store on Lohman is the nicest of the three the one on Main Street is nice to

Mary Jane Barko

Just simply love this store

Julie Smith

The women's restroom was disgusting. Both toilets were filthy and stinky. Some yogurt containers were outdated. There was quite a wait to checkout

Juliaann Landon

Love the produce selection always fresh.

David Bry

Service is good, selection is good, a bit on the higher priced side compared to other grocery stores.

Annette Acosta

My experience at Albertsons has always been good. The upgrades in technology is nice. Most of the employees are very courteous and give great customer care. My rating would have been five stars although the deli did have an employee who was not very nice courteous nor professional.

James Torrence

Probably the best choice for grocery shopping in Silver City. If you shop the sales flyers like I do, there are lots of different items to choose from every week. Parking is easy and the staff was friendly.

Fruity Pebbles

I love the butchers at Albertsons! I wish I could tip them.

Fox Logistics

Nice store, nice people.

April Squires

I shop here frequently because it's in my neighborhood. This is the second time I've experienced horrible service and food in the deli. I bought the fried chicken meal for my son's birthday dinner. The Last time I purchased this, the chicken was very dry. This time the fried chicken was undercooked (bloody), I got expired Hawaiian rolls and the potato wedges were extremely stale as if they'd been there for hours and hours. Everything went in the trash. My sons birthday dinner became cupcakes and ice cream. The guy who helped me was rude to the lady in front of me and then wasn't so pleasant to me either. Next time, I'll make the drive and go to king soopers.

Julie Madrid

Awesome service in produce and Josie the cashier was very friendly

Silverio Torres

Always good service

Melissa Martin

Austin was so helpful when I was in during the weekend.

Ronald Davis

Albertsons and affiliates seem to be about the only places that still have great sales for special occasions and holidays.

Taylor Rossetti

Found everything very quickly.

David Piroutek

Great place to shop very friendly staff and a great selection, for Cheyenne.

James Olson

A little pricey, but with the app and shopping for only whats on sale, its a bennifit.

Carlene Jimenez

Great store, prices & employees!

Stephen Adolf

Very professional! Employee's are more than willing to assist and answer questions. Highly recommend


Prices are to high.

dah clark

They are good clean store but need better sales

Charise Thompson

Our favorite grocery store when we can't get to the Military Commissary. Employees are always helpful and friendly. Sales and specials are awesome!

Kyle Crater

Better then Walmart prices are low

Charry Ivans

Very friendly place to shop Good produce and meat

tracy e

These people can not make up which lie they want to tell. The refuse to allow you to use your Blue FCU debit card by signing for purchases they insist that you can only use your pin number. In one breath the GM says they are working with their IT department and then tries to tell me it is by the direction of Blue. Jokes on you Albertsons, I spoke to Blue and they would rather you sign for debit purchases. I hope that everyone who banks with Blue will STOP shopping at Yellowstone Albertsons, BTW I spoke with GM at Pershing and he told me you can sign for debit purchases!

Cynthia Clark

Great customer service and nice atmosphere. Really enjoy shopping here.

Elizabeth Melendez Tinajero

Friendly staff

Tina Salmon

Always great!

Shirley Willis

The Employees are so friendly and helpful. I just moved to Cheyenne and they are great at helping me find what I'm looking for. I won't shop anywhere else.

Evelyn Grey

Clean and friendly place I can go for quick grocery shopping, inexpensive single sodas in the front fridge, a good organic selection, and specialty items. Super friendly cashiers each time.

Bobby Triviso

Friendly store, nice and clean, stocked nicely, very clean and well organized. Easy in and out. Love the store

Lois Crowson

This place has a large selection of items. It's always busy but you never have to wait too long.

annabelle Van Lancker

I always find what I need

Juan Avelar

Good for there sales

Little Sparrow

Good selection of Organic foods. I guess I'm a little spoiled as far as beer selection goes but they did have a New Belgium gluten free beer there that is really good.

Michael Kelley

Recently remodeled, they have most food items we need.

Kelly crowe

Clean, plenty of choices and reasonable prices

Justin Lewis

Friendly people and it's easy to find anything you may need

Tim Hamilton

My favorite store in Silver City. Good quality groceries and wonderful staff!

Wanda Kishman

The only pharmaceutical store I usr

Charmaine Riedel

Staff very friendly and helpful

Beej Smith

Always good! Great sales for father's day. And it's $5 Friday. Awesome sale. Got to see my favorite checker, Beth. A great Albertson day.

Alexis Arp

I really love it here for quick shopping visits but they don't have great selection in some areas, it's ridden with high schoolers between 11:00 and 1:15 on week days sometimes.


Noticeably more expensive than the place on the hill, but IMO, they have the best meat, like steaks and ribs. There is usually more than one register open so checkout is a breeze. Deli is decent too.

Janel Flynn

Usually cleaner then the Pershing store. But both stores always have a strong fish smell soon as you enter.

Meagan Pfaff

The store is always very clean, the staff is very helpful my husband and I love shopping at Albertsons there produce is the best intown

Overseer Posha Johnson

Love to shop here. Good seafood you can order fish they don't offer, they will order it for you.

Sara Montoya

So many new faces..where has has everbody many pallates on the floor...I've never seen this store in such chaos....the moral of the store is down...who's the new manager? How

Dorothy Hardy

Albertsons a Ok!! great 3 min from home!!

Dennis Drake

This is my favorite Grocery store. Great Prices Too.

Zach Ly my point

Long time customer. Been around ever since I can remember.

Scott Bird

Quick in and out shopping stop in Cheyenne, WY. Bought two awesome rib-eye steaks on sale for 6.99 lb. normally 15.99lb. and a few other odds and ends to grill on the 4th of July. Oh so good!!!

Kelly Bates

Understood and smelled bad.

Ester Talamantes

Friendly people and fast service

Aletha Current

Very friendly lady named Beth in the customer service booth, helped me with bill pay.

Dave Tollefson

Always friendly, great app for saving!

Stacey Hundstad

Easy to find most items. Moderate selection

David C Wheeler Jr

Good place for groceries new deals every week

Tracy McPherson

Always have what I am looking fir.

Cathy Gilliam

Best store-bought fried chicken in town. Good salads in the deli.

minutes ago edited

Great employees, and the produce has improved massively. Thanks!

Jason mittlieder

I love this albertsons. Its a block away, its rearranged in an uncommon way. Everything I eat (meat, cheese, fruit) is on the same side, so I dont have to trapse all over the store!

Sandra Bush

Cashier was ringing up my purchases when she came upon my ' Summer's Eve', she examined the box and asked what it was? I told her to put it down that was personal and my purchase was none of her business. The bagger said she would explain after I left, and I told her I'll do it. I explained to the cashier it was a vaginal douche and thanks for the embarrassment. Albertsons is where I prefer to shop because unfortunately it is the best we have to chose from, which doesn't say much. I now will go to some other sh.. Hole than shop there

Christine Lopez

Liking this Albertson store

Lacey Fruit

Smells so weird. I will not shop here because of the smell.

Jason Bogstie

I eat lunch here a lot. Good food.

Marilyn A. Walker Vollmer


Becky Hutton

Albertson is not my main store but is a nice change once in awhile

Karla Rogers

Great food. For a great low price.

Damita Rambo

Somewhat pricey. The produce is very fresh and the store is clean.

Luis Trujillo

Albertsons always has everything I am looking for, very clean and organized, and lots of great sales.

Rozalind Wood

Staff is always extremely helpful and willing to accommodate! Pharmacy staff is spectacular! They are extremely professional and helpful with a small town feel!

Linda S Sandoval

I buy all my Meats there.

Jena Carver

Special orders welcome prices are outstanding friendly helpful staff

Lesley DeBono

Great local grocery store with hard to find items

Kristine Wright

Clean store and Very sweet employees!


Love late night shopping! Few customers, shelves stocked, no rush!

Shaun Williams

Amanda Schottmuller

Love the produce and meat, far surpasses any other grocer in town in terms of selection. They also have an excellent labeling system for people avoiding gluten and an excellent gluten free section which is better than Wal Mart's. Cashier's are friendly and helpful. Store is clean, carts are nice.


Fresh produce and great service.


They have some of the most nice workers there! They are very nice and are happy to help. Its always been good when I go there and that's where I'll continue to go.

Kenneth Woolums

Convenient, but certain things are pricey

monique gulick

Nice selection of groceries, fast checkouts.

Kris Stewart

Cashier was awesome! Very helpful, went out of her way to get a cake for a special friend I really appreciated all her help! Hopefully her boss will see this and know what a valuable employee he has! Thank you!

Doug Miranda

Love this store. Things are easy to find convenient

Dan Gillgannon

No spot for all your groceries

Alberta Stevens

Not very competitive pricing. Sales could definitely be improved. Excellent sales staff.

Melissa Keys

Always nice friendly courteous employes prices are ok they are beyond good on weekly specials

Gabriel Arroyo

Able to get great deals on meat! Their buy 1 get 2 free is amazing!!

Eric Rupp

Great service and they are friendly and helpful

Jesus Garza

Great place to shop it has my favorite soft drink and all that need.

Mike Brown

I'm a long time customer that continues to be satisfied. They have always had a helpful, cheerful staff.

Dan Martin

Nice selection, good butcher and deli.

Tanya B

We bought 170- worth of groceries. The store was adequately staffed, well lit and included top-notch, freshest possible produce and meat. This is the most pleasant grocery shopping experience in Cheyenne.

floyd smith

Very pleasant people and very nice place

sandi grant

No rhyme or reason to where things are and their out of stock all the time.

Janine Kozak

Great place to shop

Terryann Bravo

Girl at the bakery very friendly an helpful

Deborah Causey

Great store with a great staff, especially Austin and Carmen!!

Jo Ann Simpson

They have great produce, the meats are fresh and the store is pretty clean . The only drawback, most employee s are extremely rude. Shop there only for the produce n meats.

Holly Lamoreaux

I like the relaxed shopping plus the produce is always great

Maggie Scott

Typical Albertson's. Good for getting a couple things and leaving.

Nate Fuller

Good selection of food, has organic produce, pretty fair selection of wines and beverages. The store is kept pretty clean. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the lines always at the registers!

Delores Fierro


Jacob Herring

It's Albertsons. Good customer service.

Joseph Martinez

Busy good got the food we needed

Millie Soto

love to shop for my meat here

Gerald Strack

Found what I needed that Walmart had run out of.

Sandra Wertz

A lot of variety and good service.

Dr. Mark Faulk

Such An Improvement! Better Selection; More Organics; Better Prices; More Pleasant Employees!

Bryon Blake West Dyk III Hamburger

A true inspiration to Albert Einstein and his children of Albertson's grocery chain. MC 2

Amanda Bates

The store is clean nice selection of produce.

Sandra Riva

Staff very helpful


Seems to have gotten more expensive since the Safeway merger. The only gas station where I can use my fuel points is all the way across town and not really worth the drive to save a few cents. Albertson's is typically more expensive than other stores in town but it is close to my house so I pop in after work for some things we need right away. The people who work here are friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs.

Maranatha Mulhern

Good selection, like their staff

Sandy Armstrong

Nice place to shop and friendly employees.

Debra McDowell

Staff was very helpful

Abe Long

Fantastic meat department

Cyrus West

Just your average grocery store! The food is usually of a higher quality than Walmart, but there is less of a variety.

Amy Potts

This Albertsons is always clean and the staff is friendly. The manager is always friendly, smiling, and willing to lend a hand.

Dorris Ashley

Please price all your orchids.

Barbara Vasquez

They always have great sales. Love this store

David Arias

Great friendly staff & best butcher block in town

dee dixon

There is always good selection and good produce there. A good option to Walmart, their option is service, depends on mgr.

Shari B

Easy to get in and out and get what you need.

Sue B

Usually just a quick stop for a gallon of milk as they are over priced on or don't stock the products I use regularly.

George Nuhn

Really good place to shop!

Susan Bryant

The friendliest staff, the best fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of Organics, and a nice place to shop!

Barb Larson

Gary at Osco pharmacy is awesome. Thanks for getting the prescription filled for my husband so quickly.

Lea Olsen

I have been shopping here for years. The store is clean and easy to move around in. I love the Butcher Block meat counter, friendly and fast service. Custom cut meat if you wish. Seafood. There is also a deli counter ready to slice it thick or thin for you. Let's not forget the sweet stuff at bakery. There is a pharmacy as well.

Bruce Sawatsky

Great local store for groceries. Decent selection, very friendly staff.

Brenda Bush

Higher priced than other stores but very clean and pleasant.

Jay Urbaniak

Wide variety of products offered. All Quality. Some hard to find ingredients

Janet Bashus

What? I never said I hated it here The only thing I find alittle bad, its an old store and its kind of dingy. people that work there are very nice and helpful.

Jacob Evans

Everything is easy to find

Louise Engelstad

Awful. Food falling out of the freezers when I opened the doors (pizzas). Staff totally inattentive, having private conversations and careless with the groceries during checkout. Deli was closed at 8:00. Won't go there again.

Nicole Ross

Good store and good employees

Dean Link Jr

I love this store

Sterling Hamilton

Generally a good experience. I prefer their produce to the other grocery stores.

Bryan Stevens

While the selection isn't quite what it is at Kroger, Albertson's covers 99% of what I need. Prices are fair, staff is friendly, and the new remodel makes for a great grocery experience!

Shane Oneill

Awesome a d everyone was so helpful bod bless everyone who stopped in that day

Christopher Coluci

A whole lot less stressful than Walmart, a lot better meat lot better produce

Judy O'neil

For a quick pick up I go here

Les Gershmel

Neighborhood charm & some of the best damn customer service around. I've been going to this particular Albertson's for several years & instead of being treated like a number, the employees treat you like a valued customer. Yes, I may be partial towards this Albertson's because of my years of doing business with them but I've been to both the Albertson's on Pershing & since the merger even Safeway on South Greeley. Both of them have some strong points but if you want the whole package, then this is the place to do your grocery shopping.

Gina Romero

Deli women was nasty and rude!


Wonderful lady at the register.

Samaritan MMXII

I would give this store a 5 star review, but it's just over priced. It's hard to compete with bigger chains like Walmart. I feel like there is never anyone around to help find items. Maybe they could use a couple more floor people to help point things out.

Tommy Rueda

Great experience

Shareen Muldrow

Prices are pretty good.

Jeffrey Greene

Very nice people easy to find what I need.

Rachael Rogers

Good grocery store. The fresh chicken breasts at the deli are almost always a good price. Store is clean, and staff are always kind and helpful.

Ryan Carpenter

Nice store. Just got done with a remodel and added self check outs!

Ira Craig

Our go-to grocery, very good selection.

Rachel lavach

Great grocery store. They have a large variety and great prices. Their produce is amazing. A good place to go when you want to get in and out quickly or to do your weekly large grocery shopping

Richard Villarreal

It was good but had trouble finding spaghetti

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