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emma moritz

Staff is very helpful and very willing to help! Esspecially with fish. There was a specific worker who usually helps me.

Katelynn Day

The salon portion of this facility is a joke. My friend went to take in her dog to have a full grooming service and after not being acknowledged for over 20 minutes, was told that they "normally do not work on rescues." As a company that has several stores that support the ARL, which is a rescue facility, this was appalling news. Why would you physically offer adoptions of rescue animals at your facility, then state that you do not offer service to them? Then to top it off, she was told that the vaccination paperwork she had provided did not have sufficient information because it didn't include the expiration date of her dog's vaccinations. Everything has been administered well within the year mark, and as a facility that has access to this information daily, I would assume that they would know that most vaccinations are good for at least a year - especially since the dog is only 13 months old. I have had good experiences at another PetSmart facility, but this experience definitely puts a new view on where I would consider taking my pets for grooming services.

Gokul Krish

Good place for entry level Fish enthusiastic..

Bill Polson

The Vet's at Pet Smart (Banfield) are great with your pets, they treat them as they are their own. After you drop your pet off there is no need to worry about them they are in good hands.

Traci Lee

Clean. Helpful staff.

Darrin Lull

Best place to shop for your furkids.

Jerry Smart

Nice store. First time at this store. Very busy, but staff was very nice and helpful.

Darla Davison

Great place to take your pet! The prices arw good too.

Laura Frye

Always a great selection of the vast products I need. I've been getting just a few cans of good at a time at the grocery store, but here I was able to purchase three cases of it, in different varieties. I had to find Sunriver to ring me up, though, which was disappointing.

DeAnna Payne

Slow service, hard to locate anyone but the overwhelmed cashier, and prices are a bit high on supplies for pets. Critters are cute though and seemed content

Judy Snowden

Haven’t been there but the girl that helped me on the phone was very upbeat and friendly and happily found the product I was wanting. She was unusually helpful..

Diane Reeser

Very wonderful staff

Carol Barth

Has great stuff fo r most pets

K3N1977 .

If you find a better price online at Pet Smart or Chewy, they will match it at the register.

comaletta smart

Very nice and attentive people.

Carla Diaz

Most of staff is always friendly. Appreciate when they help with deals and stuff I need.

Lucas Hartwell


Sara Anderson

Great shopping experience at the West Des Moines/Clive location, today. Associates were helpful and friendly, even carrying out a larger item to my car. Clean store. I will be back again for our pet needs.

Justine Desmond

Their Doggie Day Camp is great! Mia and Teddy love it!!!

Courtney Arthur

Always love taking my two pups here for their grooming! The grooming department does a wonderful job of taking care of my babies and they’re always so personal when I go to pick them up! Absolutely would keep recommending their grooming department!

Alesha Patton

We have a Awesome and knowledgeable dog trainer.

Christy Anne Camden

Helpful staff and fair prices

Samantha Bequette

Very good selection, was greeted right as I walked in the door. Was approached and my questions were answered fully with very good customer service.

Mark Ehlers

My German shepherd loves this place!

Katie Rascon

Awesome place to take your pets shopping great customer service

Trent Thomas

Awesome staff! Really helped us with our German shepherd! :D

Heather Peters

Love this store! We went in with my daughter to get a Beta fish. The gal that helped us was fantastic, a wealth of information and very friendly!

jenny benge

Awesome customer service great employees keep up the good work

Karli DeM

Clean store. Great options for pet supplies.

jon bird

Always great service when I come in.

Heidi McBurney

Very helpful. Better than Petco

Natasha Kamerick

Always like Petsmart better than Petco.

Nick Wiese

Got 3 hermit crabs. Turbo, Shelly and King Kong. Turbo is a bit on the pinchy side. All in all a good visit. Helpful staff too.


Always have what I need in stock!! Super friendly employees that after always willing to help

Larry Shyman

Great place if you have pet needs. Very knowledgeable staff

Joseph Stewart

Had to wait for quite some time before I was able to track down an employee that was free enough to tell me they were out of the item I was there for. And I also wasn't acknowledged by any of the staff members. There was an employee headed towards me and it seemed like when he seen me, he turned around and walked back down the isle.. could have been doing something else but I think I'll just stick with Petco where no matter what they acknowledge you and get you taken care of asap no matter how busy they are.

Sharon Rodriguez

Rating my experience from today... (0 stars

Deb Smith

All staff are so helpful & friendly as I am training my dog Danny!!!

Gregory Ingram

I've enjoyed taking my pup to PetSmart's Doggy Day Camp. It's a very affordable price, and the dogs are all enabled a couple play sessions throughout the day. They'll even feed your fur friend.

Billie Logan

There was an employer stationed at the entrance to provide assistance in locating various items.

Caleb Smith

Service is meh, was waiting at checkout and this worker saw me, didn't ask me for help, just left, another worker was on the phone too. Took 5 minutes to find someone just to check out a tank divider. Employees need to improve their helpfulness... Great items though, just really expensive

Chris White

Sent 3 dogs in for dogie Daycare and 2 dogs came out with Kennel Cough, (I'm sure I will have one more start coughing here soon) Went to tell Pet Smart about them , Got NO help from them, They didn't care, So I don't think we will be going back to them, My Dogs were caught up on all shots, I Guess someone else was not , I have been using Pet Smart Day care for years, But Since I got no help from them I WON'T BE USING THEM ANY MORE, ( My Dogs were there on Thursday the 30th of June 2019 )

Tonia Oliver

Had a couple questions in regards to cat food and nutrition for a nursing cat and it seemed as if the clerk wasn't that confident of their own recommendation on food and vitamins protein.

Tasha Miner

The prices aren't good, Petco's prices are better usually; but the staff are always very friendly and helpful

Matt Deiters

Had what I needes

Roberto Lopez

Took our dog for grooming, everyone was friendly, groomer did an excellent job

Madeleine Moody

I bring my dog to the grooming salon here. The staff are fantastic, especially Allison (that’s who my dog usually sees)! They are super friendly and make me feel that I’m leaving my dog in great hands. They even introduced me to a new shampoo they have that makes my dog’s hair super soft (and smells great). Thank you for being wonderful!

Carrie Morris

I was looking at treats and was so pleased to get an offer to help from one of the associates there. He was very helpful and showed me what to look for on the labels. I'm so grateful!

kaylee Pals

Had my cat mango here for the first time today and they did a FANTASTIC job at grooming him and very friendly staff! Will be bring him back in the future!

Tami Degutis

You are so understanding of what midnight and I want for a hair cut and the stuff we need to make life easier. You rock

ft. by

Leanne is my go to groomer at Petsmart. She always does an excellent job grooming and styling Gizmo

Evy Si-can

It's been 4months I haven't been here. They called me to reminded me about how much they miss my dog. Always satisfied with his grooming

ALICIA Gutierrez Hall

A clean store with a large variety of aquatic fish, small reptiles, cat/dog food, toys and accessories for cats, dogs and small animals. They have a pet hotel, doggie daycare and a dog grooming salon. Banfield Vet Clinic is located within the store. Great outing for your pets, as they are welcome to browse with you. They have cats for adoption.

charlene chanen

Clean store and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Renee Smith

Called 3 times to ask if they boarded dogs. The person who answered the phone each time had no idea what I was asking since he spoke little English. That in itself is not bad, but answering the phone, maybe not so much.

Devyn Sacrison

We scheduled an appointment for Sunday. We got a call Friday evening that we were late for the appointment. After ed CD explaining to them that it was on Sunday they said they had no more openings Sunday but they could still get us in. We took our dogs the 45 minute drive, got there and they told us it took too long to get there so they cancelled the appointment. Then they changed their mind and said they would do it. When we came back for our dogs they didnt even look at us when we walked in, they just continued with their conversation until my husband asked if they were ready. They handed us the papers and said go pay first and when you come back they'll be ready. When we went to pay about 4 other families walked in and they continued to ignore multiple people. They never did call my dogs by their correct names and you can forget about them telling us how they did during their appointments.

My Name Is Echo

Its okay! I got my first Guinea Pig Delirious here and he was the only one in the cage, he was stressed so of course I adopted him. I would suggest adopting from them again! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Easy to find everything I needed to!

Andrea Rodgers

Have gone above & beyond to help me several times! I’ve shopped this store for 8 years for 4 different pets and it’s been 100% positive experience every time!

Debra McCrae

They will certainly have anything you would need for your pets.

Bill Bistrican

Great deal on a cat tower. Good service too!

Beyond 4 Walls

My dogs loves to hang out here prices are fair

Rebecca Huther

Staff is always nice and very helpful. Store is clean and we'll organized

Harrison Mason

Nice employees. The store is always clean and the service they provide is top notch!

Vance Abbott

Return easy.

Taran P

- Customer Service: Excellent - Product Quality: Great Went to pick up food, toys, and litter for a new cat. The staff helped us w give what we were looking for, and answered our questions about food to get for our cat. There were plenty of adorable pets there, both visiting with their owners, and ready for adoption! Definitely check out the pets they have available for adoption!

Michele Hegna

Very nice and friendly employees at the daycamp!! Our little kids just LOVE going there!!

Kamy Herbst

Staff is helpful. I've never returned anything for my cats but they hated the new good I bought, I took it in and asked if they would exchange it and they said no problem.

Benjamin Fuller

Quick in and out for what we needed. Clean and professional experience.

Ernie Mueller

My dog loves the staff and the day care

Jason Haase

Good place to get stuff for the fur babies

Catie Garber

The staff was great and very helpful with my questions. I even found a big orthopedic bed for my dog on sale and they helped me size a dog door. They loved my dogs and great customer service.

Ryan Bunday

I dont know what's up with their fish but I bought 2 angelfish, they both died within a day, and infected my 3 older ones with some sort of disease, killing one of them. My fault for not quarantining them, but still. Employees here are nice though, very friendly.

Sprockets Monkey

In and out for dog nail trimming, thanks for the quick visit.

Evelyn Nourse

I & my pet are treated well.Well, differently of course no doubt.

Lisa Youngblut

Unbelievable customer service. I was at checkout and trying to reach husband. He said he needed 20 feeder fish, and before I could finish checking out my current purchase, the girls at the counter had someone filling my order. I didn't even hear them do it, but they saved me time! Thanks for proving me over the top customer service!

Jon R

Today, 4/2/19, Nick at the Petsmart-Clive, Ia location was extremely helpful, attentive and professional. Very pleased every visit but today was above and beyond. Thank you, Nick!

Greg Dostal

The staff was super helpful and attentive this visit. There was not many fish in the tanks.

Joe Brooks

The salon is rude and do a horrible

Russ Bickett

Knowledgeable staff, lots of variety.

Jaime Hollifield

I want to buy my dog everything, downfall everytime I leave this place I'm at least 100.00 lesser than before. So much you want to get but a bit pricey

Fred Marsh

Same as the one in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Kathy Hudson

Enjoy going to petsmart

Crystal S

Always a good place to get supplies. Adopts out animals for local shelters.

Brian Bertness

Amy is a phenomenal dog trainer!

matthew mckee

Nothing exotic or fun. Wish they had sea horses and puffer fish

Lori Swearingen

The pet hospital there is great!

Tony Richards

My dog loves to go there.

Angie Wolfe

Wonderful help , thank you

Travis Staab

Nice selection of betta fish, sooner unique ones.

Georgia Ann Draeger

I was able to get what I needed however I was overcharged for items on sale. I checked my receipt at the register and caught it before I left the register.

Kirk Andrews

Convenient, prices a little high

Jon Sullivan

Pet friendly, staff are helpful... Prices are reasonable...

Nathan B

I love PetSmart. And this one had some extra great staff. They helped me get a few things and pick the right brands for some stuff I needed. And then took down the display model for me when they didn't have the size kennel I needed. Thank you all that helped me here!

Jennifer Goodman

I take my two dachshunds here for doggy daycare. The staff is always friendly and happy to see my boys. My dogs are always excited to go and I love reading their “Pawgress” report at the end of the day.

Anthony Larson

Absolutely wonderful place. The kind lady in the cat section let us come in and play with the kitties until after closing time. Everyone was so nice.

Jay Ginsberg

Nice store with lots of pet stuff. Taking a star off for limited help and knowledge from the staff.

Brian Phillips

Great employees,great place to get everything I need for all of my little friends.

Jacob Halfpop

Great staff that is eager to help. Prices really are not that bad.

Nicole Hruska

Always great

Cindy McKim

Staff was knowledgeable, organized, reassuring, and help ease my puppy into her first puppy play date. They even helped ease my children's apprehension of letting Goldie go in by herself without them.

d Kaiser

Krissy always does an excellent job with Teddy. Highly recommend her.

Deb Fulton

We love our Dog Groonmer, Dawn! She is attentive, compassionate with animals & does excellent work! I've requested Dawn since our first visit many years ago! Dawn is the only reason we take our dog to Pet Smart!

Kay Johnston

We found everything we were looking for. Fast friendly servicr.

Angela Robinson

Liked it was my 1st trip ever

tiffany flournoy

Awesome service and very clean store. Asked for help and got educated answer.

Anne With A Change Of Original Plan Ogg

Place is always well stocked as far as cat and dog stuff goes the only problem is the prices are a bit ridiculous, but if you find a cheaper price on their website they will honor it you just have to show proof. The birds and reptiles appear to be well taken care of my only concern is the temperature for the bearded dragons should be warmer especially at the basking spot 80° doesn't cut it it needs to be at minimum 90° ultimately 95°-105° at basking point. I'm sure it's harder to maintain in a larger environment and the cages allow for a lot of heat to escape, but if an employee would be resorceful and figure out how to cover part of the cage (like a piece of cardboard) to retain the heat then they wouldn't have to pile a top one another for warmth. They should never be a darker color all the time that means they are cold or someone could maybe knit them sweaters or something idk, just saying.

Chris Hulsebus

The service is always great, haven’t had any problems & had a great time at the puppy training class.

Susan Evans

Great place to shop for pet supplies. Great prices. Even cheaper if you order online & pick up in store. Very convenient.

Daniel Yang

Selection of available fish is small, many of the tanks are empty. Betta fish are always a decent price and the staff was helpful and friendly. It should also be said that many of the tanks that were stocked were stocked nicely with many fish looking healthy. However, I would advise not buying any decor from this place as the prices don't beat those of other competitors when compared on sale.

Gracie Hutchins

I love looking at the animals

Taylor Connett

I am so pleased with the way my dogs haircut turned out! I have been struggling to find a good place to take him. I tried PetSmart on the south side and they did a terrible job. Then I went to a few different private places and still never liked the cut. Yesterday I took him to PetSmart Clive and Adrienne cut his hair. He looks so cute and it’s the best job he’s ever had done! He looks excellent!!

Nina H

Employees are friendly and helpful. Many options to choose from.

Raquel Pinter

Love our Clive Petsmart Grooming Salon. In particular, with groomer Rhyann! We are very impressed with her skills. She killed it! Thanks for taking amazing care of our furry child - he seems to feel happy and looks super cute.

Linda Wilson

It was good.


They were not very helpful at all! I was in a hurry and I had to wonder around the store on my own and find what I needed

Liz Tarr

My favorite pet store in the metro. The store is always clean and well stocked. I never wait in line too long as they will quickly open more registers if necessary. I have also used their grooming service, specifically groomer Linnea, for quite a few years now on my last dog (yorkie) and my current dog (havanese bichon). She is absolutely amazing and always has my dog looking her best! Grooming here has also been cheaper for me than any other place. Highly recommend this store and Linnea in grooming!

Evern Nelson

My girlfriend and I were picking up some supplies for our new chinchilla. They had everything we were looking for and the associate that checked us out was very friendly and helpful.

John Cloughly

Better prices than the sister company.

jk kk

Mandy grooms our Shih Tzu's and she does a great job! The staff that checks you in, and retrieves the dogs are so friendly. Everyone seems to enjoy working there, which makes for a nice atmosphere.

Anita Yates

Very helpful service

Desarae Veit

I like buying dog stuff here. I don’t like the hotel or groomers. Had a couple not great experiences. I love Banfield.

Diamond Guy Jake

Great selection and a fantastic location. The staff has avoided to help locate items amongst the numerous products they offer here and that would be the only negative aspect. Store was clean and well lit. Great spot to take your puppy to so they can pick out their toys.

Ryan N. Ludwig

So much better than any PetCo. hands down.

Jane S

The groomers at Pet Smart do a great job of grooming my dog, Brandi.

Tony Smith

Staff was awesome! Even spent some of his lunch time trading stories and helping me find what I needed!

Angie Simmering

I just like that I can bring my dog inside. She has a good time!

Terry Ann Phipps

Way to pricey..

Malissa B

So friendly! Wish we had a local place like this.

Joe Bowman

Edit 9/30/18 Place is still slow. Customer server is basically non existent and checkouts take over 20 minutes for 3 people. I hate coming here. Original Prices are fine but service is atrocious. Cashiers can't figure out how to scan multiple items, so 20 cans of cat food is scanned one. At. A. Time. Checking out usually is the bulk of my time here. There is only just enough cashiers to make you wait and asking for help is next to impossible. Sometimes you do get a high school student who doesn't hate their life and are very helpful! The checkout though is just stupid. Pet Perks is a joke, the process is slow and the people don't care.

Tony Lohner

I was looking for swimming stuff and they had so in stock plus other things I was interested

Felicia Muncy

very good prices. went to petco to find their prices were more than double of yours. bought a large pet crate for 69.99 from you all and couldn't be happier.

Melissa Ceron

Very knowledgable and helpful staff

Alison Troutman

I bought two small koi and they died in just over 24h. They wanted me to keep the fish even though I had flushed them. They told me I should have put them in the freezer. Well I live in a dorm room and am not able to do that. I just wanted new fish or a refund.

patti hart

The last two experiences with their grooming department has been a bad experience and the manager was not helpful in resolving concerns on top of calling my husband a liar. They charged us for services we did not consent to, as well as, charged us more than what we were quoted. They lost a customer who spends an average of 120 to 150 a month over a 10 dollar charge. The time before that they groomed my dog so poorly she was bleeding and looked a mess.

Grant Porter

Sometimes hard to find help, but usually knowledgeable once you find someone.

Ashley Sheeder

A little busy with I've register open. They did quickly open another register. Went to get some new cat food dishes. It's kind of hard to find what you're looking for. So ask an associate if you have no idea where it is, it speeds up your shopping experience.

Stephanie Novak

Great place to buy itens for your pet but watch and compare prices to other stores offering the same products.

Rebecca Culp

I am not happy bad hair cut and not bathed my $45 some how turned into $78 bad service all the way around Clive Ia.

Tammy Simpson

One employee was extremely rude when my daughter and I asked for help with fish. The next employee was asked was much more polite and explained that he needed to help someone else and then would be right over. We don't mind waiting - tell your employees to explain in a simple and polite way. It works. We don't need to know that you are low staffed or whatever the rude gentleman was saying, just state politely that you will be right over after you help someone who may be in front of us.

Stacie Hayes

They always take such wonderful care of my Muffy

Isaac Coddington

One of the better selection of dog food in Des Moines. Also have a groomer and vet services.

Barbie Brightman

Great selection of cat food and awesome staff!

Deborah SeitzSisler


Judy Archer Brucker

5 star if the lines weren't so long

Amy Blaess

I made an online order that had some bizarre issue in system and got lost. The person who helped resolved and checked me out so i didn't have to wait in long line which i appreciated.

Erick Millan

Took our 8 week old puppy to the store to get him his food and start up supplies and the staff was great and said hi when we walked in, they asked us if there was anything that we needed help with and were really friendly. We shopped and one thing I noticed when I was there was that they keep the store really clean specially since they have pets there all the time. When we were looking for a leash our dog had an accident I went to get some paper towels but by the time I came back a staff member had picked it up already, overall great experience and really friendly staff and the prices here are a lot cheaper that at Petco I bough a XL dog cage and it was $67 after tax and at Petco we saw the same one for $80 dollars.

Jackie Petrak

It was the first time coming to this pet smart. I thought they did a Fantastic Job on Lola’s haircut and nails! It was also very fast, 3 hours vs my last few 4-5 hr experiences

Corrie Goforth

Had what special foos I needed here. And I neesed it on Easter, having picked him up from ISU emergency on the same day.

Ledandredhead .

I always find what I need in this place, staff Is always extremely helpful and understanding about my pets. I have rats and everyone is always excited to see them as I bring one specific one to shop with me. I even got my dog a hair appointment here same day care and it was fairly inexpensive for a bath, nail trim and ear cleaning. 10/10

EvoXXX Bih

Worse petsmart ever i been to all of them in the metro area this one by far worse customer service they make you feel like they hate life and like they dont like helping no one out! Also they sold me fish that had ich and then tried to say they didn’t when the other petsmart on e14 took them back and confirmed with me they had disease. Stay away from this Petsmart the one in ankeny or e14 is the one to go to!!

Kelly Karr

This pet smart was the best I've been to. More variety of dog toys than others. The staff was friendly and helpful and I loved how they had the cats looking for homes at the front of the store instead of the far back like most of the other stores. It was a very clean store and we will definately be going back for more things for our cats and puppy.

Joy C

Fantastic customer service

rachel Willier

Very nice people

Kirsten Kim

We were looking for a new dog food for our chihuahua who we've been struggling to find a food for because she's really picky and the manager (or assistant manager?) asked if we needed help. He asked a few questions about our dog and showed us right to a food that fit all our requirements and said we could bring it back for a full refund if she didn't like it (at any time since we don't live nearby). Our dog absolutely loved the food! All the employees asked if we needed help the rest of the time we were browsing and all seemed very knowledgeable.

Misty DeBoer

Very Helpful! Love looking at different pets.

Mike Patterson

The staff are very helpful and very knowledgable. The store has a great selection to choose from.

Paec% 44

Not really easy to find what we needed.

Jean Hobbie

Didn't have a place even left on the shelf for a product they, too, use in their Grooming Salon / blade wash for dog clippers. Must go to Jordan Creek or Ankeny, very unhappy.

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