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REVIEWS OF Whitworth Pest Solutions Inc IN Washington

Naomi Trice

Prompt and knowledgeable service

Jane Tollett

Have not seen any unwanted critters.

Molly Loveland

Athalia Rosen

Micheal Conroy

The ants are gone and the Whitworth team are still around, when we need them! Highly recommend.

Matt Means

I have used them many times with clients, whether a buyer or a seller, and EVERYONE has been satisfied with not only their work, but with them educating the buyers and sellers!

Larry Evans

The service provided three times a year has been very positive!! We've had your company service us since July 1993. Willie is super in explaining what will be done or has been done.

Dee Frender

Always there when we need them. Very professional and very good

Marek Vronsky

The best service on market. Easy to schedule, nice personnel and most important our garden is bugs free.

Kevin Moser

The technicians are nice but scheduling is a night mare. You can't get a set time and they lack concern over being able to accommodate the customers schedule. When you have to vacate your space for 4 hours and you are a business you think they would be more inclined to work with you. You would think they would take this into account when bidding the work. Like I said there techs seem knowledgeable and friendly. If you can work around the scheduling headache they do a good job.

Brenda Anderson

These guys are great!

Allan Ponio

Knowlegeable staff, on point solutions with no overselling, great communication and satisfied clients. What more can you ask for. I've worked with all the major companies doing this sort of work. If you're getting bids for pest exclusion work and/or attic/crawl cleaning and reinsulating - don't bother getting other bids - just call Whitworth.

Linda Wagner

Addressed our concerns and explained services in layman's terms. Assured us in safety with pets.

Jon Teabo

Excellent company with top notch services. Highly recommended. They do an excellent job taking care of pests and making my lawn look great.

sherry nagel

Always on time when scheduled and performs a thorough job.

Judy H.

Tyson Kilstrom was great. He explained everything to me very thoroughly and was courteous and helpful. I will recommend Whitworth to my friends.


Whitworth did a great job. Very thorough. Cody took the time to address any concerns I had down to the smallest detail. I’m glad I chose them and recommend them to others.

Jasmine Eppens

Great service! They tell you exactly what you need and provide the service right away. Rates are comparable and easy payment via online. Awesome

Karen Fenton

S Poore

Started spraying program early summer; was assured if any issues I would just call and they'd be on it. Fruit trees initially looked great, lots of apples/plums...then sudden fruit drop and tons of holes in leaves; Splitting cherry bark with tons of sap ooze, Let Jason know; he came out right away and said he'd let me know a plan of action in 2 days. No further contact from him for about 2 weeks; trees got worse. I called, he said "Oh yeah, let me check with WSU on this". No further word for almost another month. Today they call to schedule another service; I ask to speak to Jason. He remembers the conversation, can't find my emails. I let him know it's still going on. All he can say is he's short of staff. No apologies given. I promptly ask to stop further care from their company. Profound disappointment....BUYER BEWARE!!!!! Not the way to run a business.

Tony Wolfe

They came out to handle a bee nest in attic. Tech was very professional and honest communication was very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend to others.

Ethan Donato

Eric b

Best looking yard on the block with their custom blended yard fertilizer.

Debbie Seamans

Just before we moved to Port Orchard 11 years ago, we asked our current pest control guy to recommend someone down here. He recommended Whitworth Pest Solutions and we have been very happy with their service for the past 10 years. The crew is always friendly and have helped with a variety of pest issues from carpenter ants (new construction and in the woods!) as well as sugar ants, wasp/hornet nests and rodent control. I definitely recommend their services.

Siham Bankson

The initial visit took place 2 days after Jim came out to give us a quote for service. I will refer all of my clients to Whitworth.

Mary Muth

I have used this company for over ten years. They are reliable, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. I can recommend them without hesitation.

Betsy Sarsfield

Martha Gerstmann

Shahna Glover

Very honest about findings during the initial inspection. Pricing is fair and not pushy on upgrades that are not necessary. And the products they are using at our home are quality and safe around our children and pets.

Marlys Wright

stephanie Ann

Don’t go to this place!! The guy who tried to give me an estimate gave me attitude And told me cause that cause he had 27 years of experience I don’t know what I need. He completely disrespected me in my house. I told him what I needed and all they are trying to do is get more money out of you. Go somewhere eles!!!!

Bill Sprague

The ants are gone!

Leslie Kjosen

G Bolar

Lisa Thatcher

Office Manager

Professional reliable service that helps keep our community pest free!

Tony Cepeda

Chill Air

Mallory Sashko

Kathleen Wolf

Always do a good job. See almost no bugs, and the ant problem I had is gone

Dennis Lawson

Unfortunately we have been dealing with the small sugar ants in a couple areas of our house. Although it's been just about 10 days since the treatment we have seen no signs of the ants. Thus far we are pleased and looking forward to see the outcome in the next 30 to 60 days. Hoping for the best.

Gary Sigmen

Reliable reasonable service.

Elizabeth B

Mike W. was a great consultant. He was patient and thorough in his inspection, and made this uncomfortable situation more comfortable.

Kay A

We had ants all over our house, hired another company but they didn’t stop the ants. Hired Whitworth, and the ants haven’t returned. Yes, it was expensive, but worth the price. Daniel, our serviceman, comes once a month. He always announces his arrival, asks about problems and is always polite. I recommend this company. K

Wesley Strange

Tyler Pagenkopf

Extremely responsive

Rick Gunderson

Always professional. Great service. Effective.

jon robinson

Great local company and knowledgeable technicians. They take the time to fix the problem, not just sign you up on a program that’s just a bandaid of your problem and a constant monthly revenue for them. Prices are very fair for the work they do.

Zaran Sayre

Claudia Scott

Lani Petersen

I love these guys! They do a wonderful job and are all very friendly. We have dogs and they always call us ahead of time so that we can make sure our pets are inside when they arrive. Their prices are very reasonable, as well. I would highly recommend Whitworth Pest Solutions. We’ve used their services for years! Lani Petersen

Leon Titus

We have used Whitworth Pest Solutions for our quarterly tree spraying. We have found them fast, efficient, and very courteous when they are at our house. A good company to work with.

Patty Knodel

I have rental properties and have used 3 different services. Whitworth is the most professional, knowledgeable and reliable. A 5 star company!

Valerie Anderson

The Whitworth sales staff, reception and technicians are all extremely professional and have done an excellent job. We had issues with some odorous house ants and after trying to take care of it myself, I finally decided to go with the pros. We’ve had almost no major issues since our first visit and I have some piece of mind at last! Would definitely recommend to all who need a one time treatment or ongoing maintenance.

Neyana Williams

Jon Roberts

James Knox

They are well organized, they communicate extremely well, and they do a good job.

Aubin B Duncan

Very fast, efficient, and friendly service. We had some trenching done along our foundation and I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the project only took one day. Follow up visits have been easy to schedule and handle. Highly recommend!

Michelle Iwaszuk

Lynwood Commons

Whitworth Pest Solutions is an EXCELLENT company! I highly recommend them. Daniel is the tech that came out to my property, he's very knowledgeable, very friendly, and easy to work with.

Christopher Waldron

We welcomed Spring with Semi Annual air filter change. When I accessed our crawl space we found that some rodents set up camp. We called Whitworth Pest Solutions and they came out to our house for a inspection and identified access points for us to seal up. They have laid traps and we signed up for the monthly service. From the call center, to the inspector, to the technician they were are all professional, on time, and did a great job. Highly recommend them!

I Murakami

The first week, Whitworth Pest Solutions caught 8 large rats. Yuck....I didn't realize I had such a problem. They helped plug up holes where the rats were getting under the house & in the crawl space around my chimney. It gave me peace of mind to know the pests were being taken care of.

Charlene Ebbs

They do a fine job. They always ring the bell and check in before starting. While we may never get rid of the rodent problem at least we don't see the critters.

Patricia Sanderson

Seemed complete. Very courteous and got right to work.


Great experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff who are quick to act.

shelly farris

Mindi Morin

Nancy Atwood


Jim home Stevens

Paula Hemphill

Conscientious, knowledgeable techs.

Doug McCollum

Always the best.

Shari Hernandez

I had a huge hornets nest inside the closet of my office. The hornets had eaten through the plaster board and began to escape! I had to ask a neighbor who to call for help. He said Whitworth they were the best at pest control, and yard maintenance. I called and they sent someone out immediately. The man who came suited up to protect himself from the hornets and within 15 Minutes he had stunned the hive and had them bagged. The nest was the size of two basket balls stacked one on top of the other. I have since had Whitworth for regular pest control, worth every penny for the peace of mind. Whitworth also does yard maintenance to keep the lawn and plants healthy. Also well worth the money. Very glad I found Whitworth!


Great Service, Whitworth does my pest control around my home. They also treat my lawn, trees and shrubs, the lawn has never looks so green and lush!! Thanks again for taking care of my new home and landscape!!

Gwen B

Michael came out to perform our pest control service yesterday. He was very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciate him taking the time when he was through to answer my questions.

Amanda Smith

We have been using Whitworth for years, plus I have referred them to many of my clients when they buy houses. We love how perfessional thetpeople are when they show up to our house. They do the job, and answer all my questions. They even take care of the webs on the doors and windows. There prices are reasonable and the techs are nice. I would highly recommend them as a pest control company.

Jeanne Lesperance

Eddie Heyman

Stacy Kidd

Great service. My son was traumatized when yellowjackets ate a hole through his bedroom ceiling last fall. Whitworth's inspector took time to educate my kids about life cycle and habitat of wasps and yellowjackets. He explained their products and how our bees would be safe, but the danger of having flying insects in our house would be prevented. Thank you, David!!

Amber Tanner

Very nice people, they listen well and seem to care. Great customer service and the team so far has been wonderful.

Will Sims

Very consistent and effective. Great service.

Diane Morton

Daniel has been great in solving our pest problem!

Dawn Plourde

good experience with both the initial quote process and the work

Shepherd Hill

Diane Brenan

Ronnie Mack

Heather Dumas

We have used Whitworth Pest Solution for more than 20 years. Always the service technitions have been knowledgeable, professional AND thorough. I highly recommend them.

LaWanda Cartwright

jeff fraychineaud

Julie L. Ball

Whitworth has been a part of our personal and professional life for many years. They are thorough and very easy going and ready to help! We use them as preventive maintenance and highly recommend that.

Valarie Pedlar

Always professional.

Darrin Tracy

Whitworth Pest Solutions was professional, and courteous. The bid for the job was fair as the inspector did a thorough job looking at the area, and giving us a great idea of what we had going on. Cody, the technician, was also very professional. He was also able to give me an idea of other issues under our house as well as complete the job in a timely manner. We will recommend Whitworth Pest Solutions.

David Warby

Knowledgeable, personable staff. They sealed my crawl space and set traps and no more signs of rodents. Only a few days after spraying for carpenter ants no more ant activity around the house.

Dean Roberts

Very friendly and responsive. Willing to answer all my questions.

Nova Fiana

We are so satisfied with their service! They are so easy to work with and they took care of the problem in one spray. They are helpful and very thorough.

anastasia chase

Always Friendly perfectly professional and nice,

TYC Sail Chair

Kathy Suttell


Very professional and customer focused.

Russ Weeks

The folks at Whitworth Pest Solutions are amazing. They are professional, extremely courteous, and go above and beyond. They call before coming and always arrive on time. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Frank Rodriguez

I have recommended Whitworth Pest Solution on several occasions. Honest, informative and not looking to oversell services. Always returns my calls and my Tech shows up at my place every time I suspect an issue and investigates at no additional charge. Awesome.

Mark Zovko

Scott Gibson

Guy Berenstein

Whitworth solutions helped me control an ant infestation that is in my home.

Kym Johnson

Fast, courteous, and no nonsense ask at a fair price.

Andrew Etter

Tom McKinney

Very knowledgeable employees, courteous, always get a debriefing after treatment.

Jann Celski

We hired Whitworth last year and our yard has never looked so nice. They are wonderful to work with and call every time before they come. I would definitely refer them to everyone!!

Carol Gregory


Helped my shrubs and trees over the last two years, they all looked very healthy and the flowers were very bright this spring.

sEd Sharp

I have been using Whitworth for 2 years now. We had been over taken by the little black ants. No amount of clean mattered. Once Whitworth started, it was an immediate win and we are ant free for 2 years. Using the basic maintenance plan. Best call I ever made. Last service I would ever discontinue! THANK YOU!

Mariann Crow

They did a great job taking care if the weeds in my yard. I definitely will use them again.

Nika Fate-Dixon

Wonderful service. Friendly and informative about our particular pest issues. Worked together to create plan and eliminated problem! Would definitely recommend!

Carol Skinner

I had the early spring treatment on my lawn. It looks wonderful. Weeds and moss are dead and the lawn is a dark healthy green.

Minion Dave

Always responsive to requests.

LuLaRoe Megan Wallace

Anita Knight

I was pleasantly surprised to see such well dressed pest control folks show up. They were kind and professional, and took the time to answer all the questions I had. They showed up within the week to do the work. I was so encouraged by the experience, why I hadn't tackled this area sooner!

Jacob Connors

Great service!


Ellen Knowlen

Had a neighbor last year help me with my rat problem in the barn, no luck. One week with Whitworth's traps and 7 killed so far.

Louis A Diamond

Patty Petermann

I've always received great service from Whitworth Pest Control and I highly recommend them.

Rowena Peterson

Thank you for your assistance. My house sold and needed inspection and follow up. Your work was timely and allowed for closing . Good job. I expect to be doing more business with your company Rowena g Peterson

Celia Hacker

Peter Newcomb

Very pleased with the personnel and service after having to change from another service due to declining service after many years,

Tiegs Property Services

Hands down, one of the best service providers at all of the properties in my portfolio! They take very good care of their customers.

Cheri Gillette

Mindy Gamble

They have been very professional each time they came out. I appreciate their knowledge about our pest issues. Every time I had a question it got answered even if they went back to the office to research for me.

Saltwater Tim

Wendy Guillory

Incredible company. Explained everything about what they were doing and what I would see after treatment. Spot on and the guys that came to do the inspection and our treatment perfect gentlemen.


Whitworth Pest Solutions has provided us reliable and consistent service at fair prices. I recommend them without reservation.


Prompt, courteous and professional!

Jenny Shoaf

Whitworth Pest Solutions is a great company to work with. The technicians are professional courteous and on time and the office staff is friendly and helpful. We haven't seen a single spider since we started working with Whitworth. They do a great job.

Cathy Phillips

They fully explained all services and chemicals to be used. My yard looks GREAT.

Waynie Bates

S0arahè Harvey

I have had Whitworth come out and spray a few times. Once for Thatcher Ants and another time for yellow jackets. I actually just scheduled another appointment for them to spray another Thatcher ant nest for me. They are prompt and affordable as well.

Jim Kennington

Ellis Rousseau

Keith Yale

Aline Carnahan

I have been using them for over 16 years and they are very reliable, professional and do a great job. Highly recommend them!

Shelly Ham

The service we have received has been excellent. They know their business and are very professional and courteous.

Steady Property Management

Whitworth has always been easy to work with and done an excellent job. Thank you!

Todd Johnson

Denise Lucero

Paul Mac

Whitworth Pest Solutions helped us with a very complicated rodent issue. They were diligent at addressing the issue and used a variety of strategies to solve the problem. Their ongoing service has kept rats away from our home which has made us very happy customers!

Beth Joyce

Whitworth arrived early for a rodent problem we've been having. We had removed a tree that hung over our house, but upon further inspection, the rep felt we were doing everything they would have recommended, believing the tree was probably the problem. He didn't charge us, nor would he take a tip or even a cool drink. He was very thorough and professional.

margaret cole

I have been very satisfied with Whitworth's service for several years. They are very cooperative when scheduling, get me help VERY quickly when needed ie: yellow jackets, rodents, etc!..The technicians have all been competent and courteous.........

Charlie Vantramp

José is professional, thorough, respectful and always responds to my concerns when asked. Years ago when I first started using Whitworth, their technician Mike is the one who spotted mildew in the crawlspace of our he hadn't noticed, we would not have been aware until severe damage had been done!

Victoria O'Neill

Rachel Hall

Always professional, friendly, and excellent at their jobs

Elaine VanEycke

I have been a customer of Whitworth Pest Control for a little over a year now and I really like them. I have no insects in the house now and the rat problem & mouse problem are solved! I would recommend them to anyone.

Pamela Rupers

Mary Connolly

From the first evaluation the guys have taken care of us. They boarded up places that might allow entrance and set traps. They came regularly and kept us up on what they found. Everyone was competent and cared about what we needed and what they were doing from the phone calls letting us know who and when they were coming to each person who came to help us.

Vivian Smiley

Kind and accommodating.


6 months of service so far and we couldn't be happier! They have been on time every time and have provided us great service. We would highly recommend Whitworth to any of our friends and family.

Amy McBride

Whitworth charges a contract cancellation fee that is expensive! After months of not capturing any rats in the traps, I couldn't afford to keep up the monthly payments and was still charged close to 200 bucks for the "pleasure" of not having the service anymore. When you feel under duress and infested by vermin, pay attention to the contract!

Elizabeth Gallaway


Never have i gone so long without seeing bugs an we went through some hard times and couldn't afford servive and spiders started crawling outa the woodwork. Paid our bill an now they are back, i am a happy camper, more too come? Lol

Vince Strojon

Great team of tech's. Especially Jose and Cody! We have been loyal customers for 15 years.

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