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Here you will see all the opinions of real people who are buying the services of Terminix Termite & Pest Control (Pest Control) near to the state of Washington.

At this moment the business receives a rating of 4.6 over 5 and the score was based on 217 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Terminix Termite & Pest Control IN Washington

Cheri Wickstrom

I always feel safe and protected with Terminix looking out for my business & home. Thank you Dean.

jessica woma

Worst communication and service. I called 3x, each time setting up an appt. No one ever came or cancelled the appt, after I had rearranged my schedule. Went with another company that was prompt and professional.

William Hooper

The best service and so helpful with knowledge.

Liviu Siteanu

Great service. Arrived on time, explained everything and did an awesome job.

Cherie Tolliver

Thank you Mike or your services to Artesia by the Lake. You are very professional, efficient, friendly and effective!! We enjoy having you as our Terminex Tech.

Bijan Dorri

They charged my credit card for a service they said they completed, but apparently they never did. When I called, they simply said they are sorry and they will refund me until they actually do the service. Don't trust them with your credit card.

Grace Collier

The representative on the phone is always courteous and has made timely appointments for issues to be taken care of. I appreciate the continuity of care that most of the time the same employee does our treatments and gets to know us and our house.

Monique Soto

We recently called the 800 number to make an appt with Terminix on the 5th. We called on the 7th when we did not receive a phone call and was told callbacks are between 24-48 hours and to give them another day. Today is the 10th and we still did not receive a phone call. When I called the 800 number again I was informed that they have a single manager who could not guarantee a callback today. This is the second time that I have tried to set up an appt with this company. Come to find out the manager had a 425 area code phone number which is nearly 300 miles away from our home. I'm not sure if the distance plays a part in the delay, but the fact is we are not receiving any contact from the local company to show that we have some scale of importance. As such, they have deemed themselves unreliable and we have moved our services and money to Orkin. One call and we received same day service. For the future, make sure you are calling your customers especially if your guarantee callback time frame is between 24 and 48 hours. We shouldn't have to call the 800 number to get your local number.

Joan Yoshitomi

We have had little resurface of ants in the house since we've had this service. The people we have dealt with are prompt, communicative, and listen to our concerns. Thank you

Diane Oertli

I terminated my contract today after three+ years of service. Three no show appointments this past week is unacceptable.

Martina Dalton

Terminix always does a great job. The technicians are professional and friendly. In fact, we've never had a technician that didn't do a great job, and we've been customers for many, many years. Kyle, our current technician is awesome! After Terminix did a clean-out of our crawlspace, plugged all the holes there, and put down new plastic, we've had a lot less problems with rats and mice underneath our house. They've also tackled the problem we'd been having with moisture ants. (They are persistent little buggers!)

Mike D

Our technician, Sergio, is very thorough and accommodating. Having the same technician with each service makes things easier as he is already aware of all our concerns and past issues.

P Munoz

linda pearson

experienced technician. solved ant problem. will stay with them. happy so far.

LeeAnne Lang

I have recommended Terminex to several new neighbors because of the positive experiences I have had with technician John Douglas over the last decade. He is always helpful if I have questions during his quarterly visit. He is also very responsive if we need emergency service, such as removing a wasp nest. He is a great ambassador for your company.

Chelsea Nelson

dont use them, their employees steal your info and solicit their side businesses to you. your information is not safe here

Nicole Baughn

Dean is great!!!! We are very happy with our service from Terminix

David Witus

I've always been satisfied with Terminix, There are dozens of competitors and probably dozens of points of comparison so I would highly recommend them but also say there may well be other vendors that better suit your needs, depending on what factors are important to you.


Mike is the best!!!

P Estes

Agnes Tuason

Mary Smith

One of my neighbors wanted me to write this review as she does not use the internet. I told her that when one is happy with a service they should tell everyone, especially because we live in a thankless society. So this is in her words what Terminix has done for her: I have been using pest control service for 23 years after discovering an ant problem. No one has gotten the ant problem under control. I have lived in my home a total of 52 years. I went with several companies. The last company got bought out by Terminix, I was prepared to cancel my service as I have had Terminix in the past and was not impressed. A tech named Don, came out to my house in North Seattle. He took all the items out of my cupboard and put a product inside my cabinets, he then took all the plates off the light switches and treated there. Finally he treated my doors and baseboards. This is the first time in 23 years, I am ant free! If any of you ever get Don from Terminix inside your home, you will see results! Thank you Terminix for training to be better than what they were! I will continue to say good things about your service, I have not seen an ant in 2 months inside my kitchen! I am happy!

Rhona Kwiram

I found your service provider, Allen Chapman, to be very knowledgeable and responsive to my needs.

MD d'Angelo

Kyle did a first class job in addressing our issue with creepy crawlers & did an outstanding professional job.

Julie Favil

When we bought our home, it was a fixer upper. My first call's were to a chimney guy, and terminix. Terminix took care of the issue we had, and kept the unwelcome guests away. Later on we had them take care of our crawl space. Thank you

hend rickson

Dean is a great associate! Super Knowledgeable! Very Helpful!

Shannon Tait

Michael Wagner

We've had a membership with Terminix for their mole service, and have used them every summer for the past 5 years. After making an appointment for mole service, the day of service I get a call saying they no longer handle moles. I never received any notification of this supposed change in my contract. The branch manager said something about the treatment being ineffective, but it has always been effective for us. Probably some stupid cost-cutting decision. Yet, mole service is described on their webpage. Ridiculous.

Maranda Kuehn

Mike N is top notch! He has always gone above and beyond with all of our properties, keeping them rodent and insect free!

Jon Bertsch

Kenny Williams

Nancy Pietromonaco

Doug Nelson

Kent Lindor

Great service every time!

Paul Peterson

Easton Court

Love these guys! They are awesome!

Peter Olney

Dependable Service is KEY in the business world and Terminix delivers. You are there, by e-mail, phone and in person once each quarter, faithful as !clock-work. Thank you!

Doug Irwin

We need to work on spiders, tech needs to make contact on phone a few days ahead.

Bruce McCorkle

We've been with this outfit' prior to they being pickup by Terminix. Joe has been our service rep. since day one. Joe knows his stuff and answers all question that I might have. He is very helpful in getting rid of our pesty rats and other critters.

Ren Vernon

Susan Bloch

John is professional, diligent and trustworthy.

Justen Britain

Terminix has exceeded my expectations over the course of the last year. Their techs seem to be genuinely interested in being helpful and are always courteous. The service seems to do it's job and we never have any issues with billing.

Joseph Connor

Great professional and knowledgeable technicians. Also great customer service.

Harvey Kanter


The product works, but your employees are amazing! Ted Wiegert was our first point of contact and he is wonderful to work with. His team, which includes Joseph Kahono, are top notch at what they do. Now, we're using Dennis Hedahl for regular spraying services at our new house. We love everyone that we've made contact with and are absolutely pleased with the services received! Thank you for having such a great team to take care of our needs.

Joe C

Lucretia Gary

Terminix is supposed to be the best service however this is not true, and it doesn't seem like anyone cares about the customers time what so ever.

Kirkland Crossing

Mike Noque is truly the best in the business! I've been working with him for the past 8 years and he has followed me to set up service at all of my properties. I continue to refer him to other properties in my portfolio and they are all just as happy with his and Terminix's services. Thanks for helping our properties look great!

Brian Starr

The service Andrew Serles provides is excellent. The communication with the office is great. And best of all, we have less insects in and around the house. Thank you!

Denise Garcia

The Service Technicians always call ahead to remind us that they will be here for service. All the service technicians that have been out to our home have been very helpful and professional.

Minh Erickson

Neslie T

Great quality service! Very thorough indoor (crawl space) and outdoor checks.

Christianne McKee

The technicians arrive on time, ask if I have seen any bug activity, ask if I have any questions, and LISTEN when I do. And always Courteous service. Keep up the good work!

Sue Butler

Diana Hart

Kayla Dockter

Anna Parry

ling-wen teng

Robert Fromer

Curtis is very thorough when he treats our property. Always on time. And if the sugar ants come back between scheduled treatments Terminix responds promptly. I've used them for many years.

Jason Wickland

John Fehr

For us the Terminix service has been ideal. We do not need to be home the house is simply protected on schedule as needed. We receive a report indicating any possible concerns otherwise it simply works!

Michelle Retherford

Dewie Haydostian

I am very pleased with the promptness, professionalism and courtesy of my technician, Curtis, that recently came out.
He explained everything he was doing so that I could understand why he was doing certain things. We even had some small talk while he was working.
I have not had another ant issue since he arrived, right on time I want to add.

Jeanne Desozier

Sergio is wonderful!

Do Co

Highly recommend being on their service if you own a home.

Neil Mortensen

Samir Khadra

Jeff Balzer

Terrible customer service. They came for a rodent inspection, gave me a pricey quote of over $2,200, and told me they would call within a day or two to schedule service. No one called and I had to contact them myself to make the appointment. It was scheduled for 8:00 today so I arranged to be at home. They called me 5 minutes before they were supposed to be here and told me they needed to reschedule for 1:00 or 2:00. Now I'm stuck here all day. I regret signing their contract and wish I had called someone else.

alan rosebrock

Andrea Armstrong

Teriminix are pure professionals. They give you honest feedback on maintaining your pest problem. I am so thankful to have this service in my life.

Maryellen Johnson

I have complete peace of mind with our quarterly service from Terminix! Our specialist is so professional and trustworthy and it is assuring to know that carpenter ants, rats and hornets (not to mention spiders) are controlled surrounding our home!

Bryant Paulsen

Our experience with our Terminix technician has been excellent; he's always on-time, professional, and courteous whenever he services our home.

mike hallock

Great people to work with. Easy to talk to on any items that is going on with you house. Thanks terinix for all your help Mike

Tashana Murphy

Mike Nouque is our service technician and we absolutely love him! He is always available when we need him and always gets the job done! My Regional Manager was so impressed with him that she now uses him at all of her properties!

Justin Lowe

Best serviceman around! Thank you John!

John Fields

Mark M

Billy Brackett

BRIAN K was very professional and explained everything in detail.

Brook L. Nunn

We have had fabulous service from Terminix. They text before they arrive, and then, when they are leaving, they text me a report. We have been very happy with their service, and especially Justin!

Anne Bridges

The technician arrived on time and greeted me at the door. He read my note about ants by the olive tree and sprayed for them. He also sprayed inside the garage at my request. he was personable and acted professionally.

Stephanie Paplin

Kaitlyn Dodge

I've been working with Mike Nouque from Terminix for years now, and he is truly the best vendor I get to work with. He communicates well with us, is always available for emergencies, and helps us understand the treatment process so we can get it right the first time and save money. I wish all of our vendors took care of us and our residents like he does!


I been using Bothell Terminix for 15 years and they haven't let me down yet. My tech Dave goes above and beyond keeping my home free of pests. I would recommend Bothell Terminix to my family and friends.

Christina Lazoritz

My experience after being a customer for 12 years has ended. Recently I had an infestation of ants. I called the Bothell office which is where my service is based. Apparently there is a central call center which handles everything. After trying for two weeks to contact my service technician, I have cancelled my contract. I have contracted with a new service who pointed out to me several issues that Terminix had not been keeping up with. For Example: cleaning off spider webs and cobwebs from doorways, pulling out mouse traps that were full of mice. Looking for places of entry for both mice and ants. I tried to contact the manager of the local office as well as my service tech, I spoke to supervisors at the call center etc. I never received a call back from the local office. i question the authenticity of the reviews that have been posted. There is no way to speak to a local person under this situation where the telephone calls are going to a service center.

Rene Crader

They we efficient, thorough and professional. I appreciate the service and find the price very reasonable.

Quincey Yarbrough

My Tech Kyle with Terminix makes this contract a keeper. He is the best at searching out sources of pest issues. He searches on his hands and knees even to check under the house or the attic. I know that when Kyle has finished the service that I am in good shape to keep pests under control. He will even suggest a follow up visit if needed to check any issue he has identified. For 2+ years I have put my faith in Terminix and Kyle has never let me down. A+ Kyle!!

Peter Topalian

Safe Shield was a great pest control company but since they were conglomerated by Terminix, it's all gone downhill. I finally terminated Terminix effective yesterday due to the following couple of events in the past few months: last January a Terminix technician just showed up at our house to do our service with no prior appointment notification (phone message or text) and last Monday I had a 1-5pm appointment window and nobody even showed up period. That was the last straw. Goodbye Terminix.

Renee Del Castillo

Well I had no problem with your service and people were on time and friendly, all of them and I had a chance to deal with several, for we were battling cockroaches[ the little bastards]. I think Alan who came several times, finally, did them in. Thank you.

Cielito P TransmissionMeditation

One middle of the night in 2005, I heard scratching noise in the basement. I went to poke the source of the noise with a stick. It caused rushing sounds. I knew those were "unwanted" guests. I called Terminix that hour, they sent their technician the next day. They got rid of those guests (pests). Up to this day, I keep the service of Terminix to keep our environment free of any kind of pest.

karri lange

Curtis is a great technician and treats our house like his own. He is always polite to me, sweet to the dog, listens to our concerns and most importantly when we had someone snooping around the house while he was here he called me and helped chase the guy away!

Saidababu Chanda

Scheduled and called them twice to confirm but no show. 18283 NE 97th way- 98052 area.

Mahyar Sajadi

I called them three times but and they told me we will call you and make appointment in next hour but they didn't. They don't have enough staffs to make their appointments.

John Moist

James Yen

Andrew was very pleasant to deal with. Was professional and informative. Very clear on what he was going to do and took care of the issues I had.

Sarah Parker

Our guy is Mike, and he is awesome and responsive and does a great job! When I got to this community, I thought about changing over to vendors I had a relationship with already, but Mike showed that he does a great job, he's reliable, and extremely responsive. Thanks for everything!

Debra Dawson

Our technician, Sergio Lopez, is the best! Very thorough, professional and friendly. We have been very happy with him. Thank you!

Conor Gallagher

Debbi Larocque

These guys really know about bugs and work hard to eliminate!!

Del Quackenbush

reliable prior assigned agent, Sergio Lopez, is back on this route. In spite of some ups and downs about who is assigned to my account, now settled. Terminix tries to have same agent on account over time and this is important for obvious reasons and appreciated. Not all pest companies do that.

Jovita McConnell

I’m so happy with the work your guys did for me. They cleaned out my attic and crawl space. It was no easy task and it was really hot the days they were here working. The guys were very professional and did awesome work. Destry was the first guy over to go over the process and he did awesome explaining what needed to be done. The cost to have the work done was so worth it too.

Doug Williams

My technician has currently and as in the past performed a very adequate service. He knows his position and shares all and any results.

Matt Goltz

Didn’t show up for 8-10am inspection or rescheduled 10-12pm inspection. What a waste of four hours. Highly unprofessional.

Ernie Kindle

Jeremy was timely as usual. He addressed the issues that were present and brought possible issues to our attention that may cause bigger pest issues. He is a wealth of knowledge and available whenever we need him.

B. G.

Called to make an appointment and agreed on a day and time that worked and was pleased with how soon they could come out. Then receive a text message from them a day later saying they could come out a week later at a time that would not work for me. What is the point in scheduling an appointment over the phone, if they have no intention to sticking to it?

Mark Stone

They are consistent, and I have few if any bugs getting into the house, and the third house i have used them.

Seto Kaiba

Rachel Cvetkovich

Our regular technician Kyle does a fantastic job every time he comes out to our house. He is very personable, helpful and knowledgeable.

michelle johnson

Outstanding service every time, our guy Mike N. is always professional and quick to respond in an emergency. Top notch service. Thank you Terminex. You guys Rock.

Ty S

They no called, no showed. This happened before but we tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and try again.Last time when they finally came the service was fine. Technician was not reachable after several tries by headquarters. Jokes on us and kiddo has to avoid waspy play area in the back yard.

Cheryl Phelps

I chose Terminix because they notify me before the appt, then notify me after the appt. They then send me the report of what was done on the appt. Just what I wanted!

Joseph Samora

We have two toddlers and their safety is always in mind. We have had the service done three times and are extremely satisfied. Our technician, James Abrahamson is fast, efficient and professional. Thank you Terminix for your amazing service.

Robert S. Eby

The overall experience with sales, customer service and service technicians has been 10 out of 10 stars completely excellent!! Thank you, Robert Eby

Tanya Benvenuti

I love knowing that any issue that comes up, I can count on Terminix to come take care of it. Our tech Dennis is very helpful and truly cares about doing a good job. I highly recommend Terminix!

Kevin Sheneman

The service is too expensive and too irregular to be effective.

Denise Macias

Scott Peterson is an excellent pest control specialist!

Susan Ferstl

For 2 years we had large black ants living inside a post that was attached to our home and occasionally smaller black ants in the house. Shortly after calling Terminex the ants have not been seen for all the years we have used them. Their employees are always courteous and professional and it's been easy to deal with customer service when I have had questions.

Deanna Wong

Toi Irvan


Conde H

Always an awesome, very friendly, professional and informative gentleman who services our home. Don't recall his name right now though

Donn Gabrielson

They control pests. That is what I pay them for...

Michelle Molan

Sam S

New technician was great he listened to my concerns and actually fix the issues previous technicians just said ok and never followed up with my concerns. This new guy is great you must keep him........


Dean, our "Terminix Guy", is great to work with. We can always call him when we have out of the ordinary pest occurrences, and he is friendly and helpful. I appreciate his customer service.

Glen W

Luis Moran

So bad . I scheduled appointment for the free estimate they said on their website for 3 times and they never came, I called them an they said they will callme back next day for a new appointment, this is an a really serious company? I don’t think so ,

Julie Porter

Michael Murphy

Did not show up; although I took the day off work to be here. The guy said he would be able to come the following day in the morning - but I have a job and I can't take two days off in a row. These guys need to get it together and keep their commitments. Very unprofessional.

Pam Berg

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